Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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10-Yan, 2019



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Keyinroq ko‘rish
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MrSilverFox 2 soat oldin
This was an amazing video.
Anthony Sandoval
Anthony Sandoval 4 soat oldin
Dude ure tweaking 5:21-5:51
Tforce Sims
Tforce Sims Kun oldin
2/10 not nuff thermal paste.
yul merced
yul merced Kun oldin
omg what's with the thermal paste
Shinyaia Kun oldin
0:50 2080ti with 6 gb gddr6 memory whattt????
Shinyaia 6 soat oldin
+JViello 11gb gddr6
JViello Kun oldin
Um...yeah. What were you expecting?
Jason S
Jason S 2 kun oldin
Impressive machine. It's about time someone worked toward what we want
Brian Lauretta
Brian Lauretta 2 kun oldin
I would never buy an Alienware 👽 again, I had bought a m14 r2 in the past I customize for over $2,000 and when I got it I tried to game on it but could never game cause temps got to 95 to 100 degrees Celsius throttling right away and couldn't enjoy no good games on it, I only could use as like only a regular laptop for UZvid and browsing. Now today I just bought a Sagar NP8356, I can't wait to get and try it. Hopefully I have better success to game with and do other stuff with it. This will be my 2nd gaming laptop after I had bad luck with Alienware.
Christian Latoja
Christian Latoja 3 kun oldin
i9900k and Rtx 2080ti inside but 1080p 144hz panel WTF
PhatLonelySkater PLS
Alienware ❤️
Logan Ronzone
Logan Ronzone 6 kun oldin
If you wanted to go cheap on the graphics card (2060) could you later shove in 2080?
Intelligence Injection
That employee guy is just a slave bee they send to the conference, he’s not even an engineer and he doesn’t know anything profound
t jones
t jones 7 kun oldin
maxed out right this moment around 5500$ USD
Eric Chan
Eric Chan 8 kun oldin
What a stupid idea upgradeable laptop. Technology improves. There’s really no point to upgrade a laptop unless its ram or storage. That’s it. Everything else is a waste of time. Power envelope of gpu changes. Who makes mxm cards anymore? It’s a noble idea but a stupid idea nevertheless
Arturo Tabera
Arturo Tabera 9 kun oldin
So the CPU is not TDP limited at all!?
E W 10 kun oldin
What’s that thing to the left
trusstee1 10 kun oldin
you should add the product name to the fucking title of the video. "proverbial money shot" earned the like
Wong Elfski
Wong Elfski 11 kun oldin
Dude you’re gettin a Dell
Gibson299 11 kun oldin
ya this thing is an overpriced waste of money. for one nobody is going to be needing to go from a 9900 in 4 years, and that GPU is proprietary and any future new ones would have to be custom made for this particular computer, witch would probably be bloody expensive. this hardly compares to the wonderful upgradability of a desktop where i can physically take any video card out their now and in the future and put one in guranteed within the next 5 years, hell More to be honest. i could take a 10 year old tower with a pci express x16 slot and fit a new 2060 in, your telling me their will be new video cards for this laptop around then? nah, just get a new lapotp.
Ohmloud 11 kun oldin
Why cut..3 ahahah, 4 ahahah, 5 ahahah, 6 ahahah, 7 ahahah, 8 ahahah, 9 ahahah, 10 ahahah, 11, ahahah, 12 ahahah, 13 ahahah, 14 ahahah, 15, ahahah, 16 ahahah, 17 ahahah and 18 ahahah? That kild my boner..
houston texas
houston texas 11 kun oldin
S Dj
S Dj 11 kun oldin
Lose fucking macro keys its useless and makes you lose feeling of where real keys are. Wtf its 2019 and still useless macro keys. Also oval design at the back doesnt make any sense. Besides that its pretty amazing!
Clay Kann
Clay Kann 12 kun oldin
I bet the temps are insane! My msi ge75 with a I7 8750 gets pretty warm. I cant imagine this beast!
cody 3629
cody 3629 14 kun oldin
the person that made this lives next to me
Gaetan Denis
Gaetan Denis 14 kun oldin
Waring to anyone buying this system thinking it is an easy upgrade to a new gpu. Dell is selling this system with 3 different heat pipe setups. So if you are thinking of saving money now and getting the 2060 or 2070 and want to upgrade in the future you will need to buy a new heat pipes also. Don't forget a new power brick too. There is a 7 pipe config, 8 pipe config and a 8 pipe config with side pipes. Dell is not advertising this.
w[eibfocb 15 kun oldin
7:42 linus is going bald
JB Duarte
JB Duarte 16 kun oldin
Oh sorry i commented about this today in another video
Omgwtfpwnd 16 kun oldin
Should I wait to buy this later when the screen is updated(?) or nah?
Omgwtfpwnd 15 kun oldin
eQuALiZeR Is it true though that around June there will be an “updated” screen? Like OLED or some shit. As if it mattered.
eQuALiZeR 15 kun oldin
Omgwtfpwnd yeah, 240hz is just a little smoother than 144hz, but not that much
alfredoandroid357 17 kun oldin
Thanks for the video.. Funny stuff " Yes Linus their is a Fuxxkin I9 processer ..." lol
Chinh Phan
Chinh Phan 18 kun oldin
Someone needs to make an itx/atx laptop case with different screen/monitor MHz accessories. There is a market for it, matter of fact it could get rid of most of the bullshit laptops on the market.
Chinh Phan
Chinh Phan 17 kun oldin
+reza wahyu what are you babbling about still? Get standardized then talk.
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 17 kun oldin
Chinh Phan UPDATE it seems m17x r4 could run rtx series better than 1080 since it has lower power requirements cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/375444941905854464/553912396054396929/csm_36922_bf0ca3acad.jpg Taken from eurocom discord.
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 17 kun oldin
Chinh Phan but we have m15x, m17x r4 and this thing, they using the standard 3.0b in fact almost 70% of these kind of laptops were using 3.0b and 3.1b, that's standardization you're looking for.
Chinh Phan
Chinh Phan 17 kun oldin
+reza wahyu look, I believe we both want the same thing here. A fully customizable laptop. This can not happen until there is a standardization of components. This starts at the base aka motherboard. The smallest form factor supported by AMD and Intel is the itx, it sounds like a good starting point.
Chinh Phan
Chinh Phan 17 kun oldin
+reza wahyu read my last comment about MXM3 Riser's made by Eurocom for itx boards to use mxm gpus. You're late
Randall Rash
Randall Rash 20 kun oldin
I am disappointed that Linus hasn’t yet got one himself yet to review in full.
Rospin Casocl
Rospin Casocl 21 kun oldin
The other "M2.5" label is the screw size lmao
Vi Xi
Vi Xi 21 kun oldin
OMG, when he removed the heat sink from the mobo, the sloppy thermal paste all over the side of the socket surprised me. Also, not surprised to see that Dell hasn't done anything to improve their crappy monitor hinges. I had an MX-14 R1, within 3 months of using it the plastic hinges cracked. I superglued that hinge back together and got rid of it asap. Since then I've never considered an Alienware laptop ever again.
MiniGamer1205 22 kun oldin
I love the fact that it’s white
Christopher Moodaley
Alienware non affordable laptop
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
Christopher Moodaley forum.notebookreview.com/threads/successful-mxm-gpu-upgraded-laptops.805136/ there you go Anyway an used m17x r4 would cost probably 200usd or 300usd While a gtx 1080 for laptop probably as much as 800usd.
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
Christopher Moodaley I give you the thread where you can find all successful gpu upgrades but keep in mind if you're looking to re-build a barebook like that Alienware you needs a lot of research first.
Christopher Moodaley
reza wahyu hmmm that might work thanks
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
Christopher Moodaley forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m17x-r4-with-gtx-1080-gddr5x-8gb.822707/ Alienware have been being the most flexible barebook from 2008 with m15x. This not even new
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
Christopher Moodaley get the older ones then
ASM Kalrizion
ASM Kalrizion 22 kun oldin
I really want to see more laptops like this, future proof laptops not only brings a good opportunity for competition in the pc market, but also allows for the benefits of a laptop without the shortcomings.
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
ASM Kalrizion so don't be surprised if this laptop would be the next immortal Laptop like m15x 2008 and m17x r4.
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
ASM Kalrizion please note that this laptop were the successor of the m17x r4 2012 That thing still able to run gtx 1080 at full power with i7 3920xm. forum.notebookreview.com/threads/m17x-r4-with-gtx-1080-gddr5x-8gb.822707/
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
ASM Kalrizion these kind of thing already exists from long long time ago, the current standards for laptop gpu were 3.0 for low watt laptops and 3.1 for higher watt laptops. forum.notebookreview.com/threads/successful-mxm-gpu-upgraded-laptops.805136/
Bryan Brunnemeyer
Bryan Brunnemeyer 23 kun oldin
I don't need a new gaming laptop but on the other hand I NEED a new gaming laptop.
aldoph glinkler
aldoph glinkler 24 kun oldin
I bought one when they go out of date and are replaced or i break mine im gonna try and put it inside the shell of a toughbook and if i do im gonna slap one with it and proced to sit on top of them and play fallout 4 as i take a shit on the case for fallout 76 Also linus try and achive 120 fps in fallout 3 i bet you cant on the most overkill pc ill give u a copule hints 1: run windows 7 2: try to keep less than 2 threeds 3: run it in a vm with less than 8 gb ram it refused to run for me on my desktop with a gtx 1080 original gtx 1080 A i9 9990 and a fuck ton of ram when did we switch ram to hdds i dont know all i know is it only has 4gb ram but i used two diffrent week pcs with 1tb ram each so i could get 2 tb of ram it can un pack those unpacking virus things till win rar says fuck you or i run out of hdd space higly unlikley if i unpack it to my sever of 500 tb sever
Feral Adventures
Feral Adventures 24 kun oldin
i want that chair instead
Tom [GD]
Tom [GD] 25 kun oldin
Alienware created a beast of a computer. But this power is so OP than a predator 21X
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
Tom [GD] the most overpowered laptop we had currently came from clevo laptops, since they use desktop CPUs and removable GPU.
J Doe
J Doe 25 kun oldin
Looks like it still has that sweet Alien keyboard. Love that thing. Thumbs up, Linus. Thanks for the great review!
yu-ri-_-y 26 kun oldin
Alienware Area-51m came to Japan ​uzvid.com/video/video-8ZZmPhAenNY.html I watch an animation, and -_-y Alienware Area-51m which I order it, and came today is cool
Zandersen 26 kun oldin
how about the screen?
Robert Bugar
Robert Bugar 28 kun oldin
looool the termo thermal paste on CPU !! 7:54
Pushkar Nath
Pushkar Nath 29 kun oldin
The biggest boost i found is with the use of of an SSD, I used Kingston SSD amzn.to/2GH2H7D found now my boot-up time came as quick as 8 seconds.
nathan kennedy
nathan kennedy 29 kun oldin
6gb gddr6 for a 2080ti?
Seid Latifi
Seid Latifi 29 kun oldin
I can see some good engineers inside that Laptop :D
Brian Walker
Brian Walker 29 kun oldin
what model (detailed) is?
carlinho00720 Oy oldin
I have seen a news that alienware will present in March oled monitors 4k for desktop computers and laptops, I would like to know if this is true and if you can see this screen in the area of 51 m. I would settle for placing the 4k screen of the m17 since this is the reason that prevents me from buying it, since I find it disappointing that the most powerful laptop in the world has a total HD resolution.
Harrison Marsh
That thermal paste is disgusting...
Aequitas Vox
Aequitas Vox Oy oldin
17x R5 was semi upgradable and great gaming but with all these improvements I’ll have to save up again. Thanks Dell you’re alienware laptops are awesome.
Andreon Smith
Andreon Smith 4 kun oldin
Sir I have that laptop. What do u mean semi upgradeable??
Ahmed Mokhtar
Ahmed Mokhtar Oy oldin
You are amazing, man
Rando Calrissian
that thermal paste job tho was disgusting
Lanse1984 Oy oldin
$8000 laptop
Colin King
Colin King Oy oldin
3:10 I thought I was the only one that counted like the Count from Sesame Street!
Bryan Webb
Bryan Webb Oy oldin
when will you run that though the ringer plz lets see what its made of and i mean be mean lets see if its worth the price
Sk the gamer
Sk the gamer Oy oldin
Crazy idea, but why don't I just build a micro atx for several grand less with the same parts?
Wotb Beast
Wotb Beast Oy oldin
Bootgamer Oy oldin
Remember the HP Elitebook 8540p ? We had all of this upgradeability once!
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
Bootgamer the best budget platform to build is m17x r4 m15x and hp 8770w. They cost 300usd or lower.
Been watching you for a about half a decade now. And still gets excited to every of your upload. Learning a lot of tech stuff from you I just started my first year in college. (Computer Engineering) and you're my biggest inspiration. I wish someday I can afford those kind of techs you have hahahah (I own a potato laptop. Lenovo thinkpad edge e420 been using this for years now hehhe) Thank you and please continue your good work. 😊
Game Hunt103
Game Hunt103 Oy oldin
Everytime he waved that screwdriver over the mobo, my heart skipped a beat. Literally.
Pavel Sapehin
Pavel Sapehin Oy oldin
TOC created with smb.page.link/store 01:55 Upgradable graphics (looking inside) 02:50 Going deeper 05:53 Dismounting the cooling system 07:50 gpu
Mike O.
Mike O. Oy oldin
The future is here!
Not Available
Not Available Oy oldin
Linus you scare me......
L T Oy oldin
The one and lonly PC u will ever need. !
Evans Oy oldin
let's face it, no one is going to upgrade the cpu on this. The CPU's of today will last for a long time before anyone needs to upgrade them for gaming, the only part that kinda makes sense to upgrade on a laptop like this is the graphics card since in like 5-6 years time they may not run every new game on ultra. But since this is a 1080p display i doubt a 2080ti will have any problems running games in 1080p on high details even 6 years from now.
onefree76 Oy oldin
really bad to see how shaking your hand with screwdriver... XD
AssimilatorX Oy oldin
Dell has already tried this approach in 2007/2008 with their "beast" Dell XPS M1730 laptops and it has failed miserably with their propertiary 8800GTX pcb that was kept failing until they dropped back to single 8700GT's. But my experience with these dells are this, the upgrade will be more expensive then actually getting a new laptop. Just like it was in 2008 when i wanted to upgrade my XPS 1730 to 9800GTX it would cost me £1500 and the laptop was worth £1998. We can expect the same now, for an upgrade. That you'll pay £3000 for the laptop itself with rtx2080 and later you can spend another 2000 to upgrade it to ??rtx3080?? also you will end up with a propertiary part that will be difficult to sell if not impossible. Unlike the MXM3b was interchangable and widely adopted. For market like that to work dell would need to convince other manufacturers to follow suit, more to use the same sockets and pinouts in their own design. Only then this can live and strive again, not sure what happened with MXM3b standard and why its dropped. I still like alienware and keep using my old Alienware M17X-R2 upgraded to GTX980M (LOL thats a standard MXM3b) and my new 17-R4 GTX 1080 version (scarce upgrade path i was barely able to cram a 4TB seagate drive in it) And for portablility i have my latitude 14 Rugged. Both of them superb for what i need them for. I love dell and probably never going to use any other brand again
AssimilatorX 14 kun oldin
+reza wahyu I have a i7-920XM too but mine is an ES model SLBLW not the retail ,it cost much less and have more unlocked features like the capability of upgrade microcode directly in it I run it with microcode of the 940XM without issues. LOL
reza wahyu
reza wahyu 18 kun oldin
My current m15x from 2008 running 980m and 920xm at 4,1ghz
R Harrington
R Harrington Oy oldin
9:10 Linus, you lazy cow
Pierre Andersson
Dissassembly on a static mat. Fail!
Travel Guys
Travel Guys Oy oldin
Linus review it how they manage with cooling this hardware ?
nhannon9 Oy oldin
Finally, not only a manufacturer offering massive tech innovations (on consumer grounds), but a Linus video where he gets to take it apart. Big respect to Dell.
John Castillo
John Castillo Oy oldin
They use to have replaceable GPU Cards Then they stopped it. R1 R2 had them also 2-3 M.2 slots as well as 2.5 HDD Drive.
Darkstarr One
Darkstarr One Oy oldin
So aint nobody gonna comment on the thermal paste job on the CPU??? lolll
PadeJuan Oy oldin
What’s that chair on the background?! It’s so cool!!
Drew P.
Drew P. Oy oldin
The M2.5 label is the size of the screws.
D Connett
D Connett Oy oldin
Serite Ross
Serite Ross Oy oldin
Wow. What's the price of their cheapest model? Lol. Btw, I had no idea Aliens are was a part of Dell. I thought they were completely separate companies all these years!
Serite Ross
Serite Ross Oy oldin
Wow. What's the price of their cheapest model? Lol. Btw, I had no idea Aliens are was a part of Dell. I thought they were completely separate companies all these years!
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Oy oldin
That thing looks awesome, and the specs are totally good enough to replace a desktop system. Bet that battery gives a good 10 to 20 minutes of runtime too! Bonus points to Linus for not dropping it :-)
iyot1020 Oy oldin
Great alienware is back to where they were before dell bought them
Noah Archuleta
Can i play apex legends?
Gustavo Henrique dos Santos
eurocom has been doing this for too many years and no one talks about... alienware make a laptop that already exists and linus makes a video talking how innovative this laptop is... look for eurocom sky x9c
Josha Smith
Josha Smith Oy oldin
I bought one
17sB34s7 Oy oldin
The TIM application on the CPU makes me uncomfortable.
Andrea Prudente
people can't upgrade the i9 9900k...this socket die with this cpu ;););)
Riidwan Rahat
Riidwan Rahat Oy oldin
if its price under 2500 dollar i will buy it
ray vida
ray vida Oy oldin
What about the display! Are they going to let us upgrade it? I want a 4k screen.
Brian Woodard
Brian Woodard Oy oldin
Tropsele Oy oldin
1:29 Did you see it?
Dean Oy oldin
Most of the existing Alienware r4 + are upgradeable. I have an Alienware 18 r4 with dual gpu, recently my gpus have bitten the dust (2 x nvidia geforce gtx 770m) can you suggest what the best Gpu is that i can upgrade this to @LinusTechTips ?
Dragonbreak Oy oldin
0:55 - Yes it's GDDR6... Which willl degrade in 3 months of usage. Good Luck RTX users. Say goodbye to your cards because you wont be able to even run tetris on this! >:|
FrnchFriez Oy oldin
Its commendable that they made an 'upgradeable' laptop but what about the price / availability / performance of laptop GPUs, I mean one laptop came out with the ability to change the GPU which pretty much means they'll charge an arm and a leg ABOVE what is already available for the parts for this laptop.... I hope more companies follow suit so this becomes more of a standard.
SamuelXD9 Oy oldin
8mil subs u have more subs than markass (mkbhd) now Impressive...!!!
SamuelXD9 Oy oldin
8mil subs u have more subs than markass (mkbhd) now Impressive...!!!
SamuelXD9 Oy oldin
8mil subs u have more subs than markass (mkbhd) now Impressive...!!!
SamuelXD9 Oy oldin
8mil subs u have more subs than markass (mkbhd) now Impressive...!!!
Jason Liu
Jason Liu Oy oldin
Linus seems really not knowing how to teardown a laptop
James Aron
James Aron Oy oldin
Great concept and a long time coming but Dell needs a new team in the styling department. That is one of the worst looking gaming laptops I've seen. Thankfully, its performance should eclipse the aesthetics.
Suronal802 Oy oldin
Good Stuff ! :D
Not Sure
Not Sure Oy oldin
To be honest - I'm ready to buy, but there is no way I'm buying another 1080 pixel screen - as that is the ONE thing I will be stuck unable to change. And don't give me all that 'plug it into a monitor cr@P', I have a Desktop PC at home already. So again, I wait....
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