Alienware's CRAZY upgradeable laptop

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10-Yan, 2019




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yao shun
yao shun Soat oldin
cooling system still same as ten years ago. most company just put the badass hardware in to the box. don't care users experience. especially the keyboard layout.
Will Ch
Will Ch 3 soat oldin
can i put a threadripper 2990XW & a RTX quadro 8000 on a 51m?? im really interesed on a laptop like that.
Pooch's PC Pandemic
Pooch's PC Pandemic 3 soat oldin
This is unbelievable. Imagine 10 years into the future, we'll have 128GB worth of ram, 1PB in terms of SSD M.2 storage, a core i11 (if they exist) and dual RTX 2080TI's with 20GB on each card... as an available option for those who love overkill, all in a laptop! Made super "easy", by your friends at Alienware! Have you guys seen their overkill pc towers? :D
Jimmy Tech
Jimmy Tech 5 soat oldin
Linus was like a Kid on Christmas on this video :D
Abbas Raza Nasir
Abbas Raza Nasir 10 soat oldin
Linus you dumb f... stop being a control freak and unplug the antenna cables that way i would have been easier for you to put it back in and you wouldnt have to ask em to assemble it for ya
globulas 11 soat oldin
Wondering why, if you are called Linus Tech Tips .. you have to ask how to disassemble a fairly obvious modular system!!
MrT33CEE 12 soat oldin
I Bought an Alienware back in the 00s I think 2006 the top of the range ALX with the custom spray job. Amazing Laptop, however after just 4 years there was an issue with the main motherboard which couldnt be replaced or fixed.... £2500 laptop turned into an expensive drinks mat.... I would never buy another ever again...
Jason howe
Jason howe 12 soat oldin
beggers wanted to ask why not goto to a dimm slot for gpu ram and a gpu socket style for the gpu
Dafaq_U Meen
Dafaq_U Meen 17 soat oldin
Oh god Linus, Be careful! Don't drop it. Lol
KDingo81 18 soat oldin
I can already foresee a huge increase in security for CES 2020, as they need them to keep an eye on linus to not disassemble all the hardware that is showcased. "I wasn´t supposed to disassemble that? Ok, well here have this bag of screws and those pieces, i may or may not have dropped some of them."
HUGEGUTS! 22 soat oldin
Dell/Alienware's site says the max GPU config is a GTX 1080. Is the RTX 2080 TI a future config?
Bear Sketches
Bear Sketches 23 soat oldin
is no one going to mention the RGB trackpad?
SMaze17 Kun oldin
We want benchmarks!!! Great video yet again Linus.
10:12 Really? she think this is some kind of reality show or what? hahahahahah TF clap clap clap pfgahaha
Alex Simon
Alex Simon Kun oldin
Conan the Barbarian
llSithKain Kun oldin
I checked out Dbrand, from the link in the description - they have no Nokia skins. I google 'dbrand nokia' and it comes up with a link stating Dbrand said "Nokia phones belong in the trash" well, fuck me I guess. No Dbrand skin for my phone!
KParaD Kun oldin
Screw the laptop *where can I buy that rgb chair????*
Daikataro Kamegawa
Did... did DELL just allow you to tear down a several hundred bucks computer with bare hands? On a carpeted floor? With no ESD strap or any other means of grounding?
Gajendra Ambi
Gajendra Ambi Kun oldin
what is it missing? up-gradable screen, up-gradable keyboard, up-gradable motherboard. Having worked at HP, DELL and now IBM, I can confidently say that this is clearly possible at the same or smaller form factor; but they won't do it yet unless they have to, to survive.
PickeringSamuel Kun oldin
Love you Linus 😍
Chris McDonald
Chris McDonald Kun oldin
We have to give dell credit on this. But I see Nivida blocking this some how Idk why but i do.
Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan Akkoyun Kun oldin
This is more than VR ready Does it have an PCI express slot? xD
veleriphon Kun oldin
How many seconds does it run at full draw?
NeonClaws Kun oldin
Can't believe i will never be able to buy this laptop. Im sad :(
Hero Murda
Hero Murda Kun oldin
how can comeone so clumsy like you being professional reviewer of gadget? anyway, i still like your video. keep going.
Chessy Strikes
Chessy Strikes Kun oldin
wow it can upgrade plot twist : it's intel y know how it goes
Jacques B
Jacques B Kun oldin
that Alienware dude smile.... linus took it appart
hitmon126 Kun oldin
at the low low cost of an arm and a leg
Toan Ho
Toan Ho Kun oldin
another bull in chinashop moment
roberto fromamino
roberto fromamino 2 kun oldin
it's great to see you so exited about a new product
SomeTechBloke 2 kun oldin
This needs to be a standard in laptops, Think of all the E-Waste that can be cut down if we had some sort of standards like this in laptops today instead of constant soldered on jobs
FullSpectrumTech Carroll
Alright...who shit on the CPU and GPU socket?
Tristin Lees
Tristin Lees 2 kun oldin
Nerdddddd porn M
Aodhan Browning
Aodhan Browning 2 kun oldin
Can we just talk about how ugly that thermal paste job is on the CPU?
RetroGamerVX 2 kun oldin
Seems funny to hear a Canadian say "The bloody thing" lol
zackandcameron 2 kun oldin
"And they're actually going to allow me to open this" and that was their first mistake
Foxtrot Delta
Foxtrot Delta 2 kun oldin
Those women back there seem to be very impressed by linus's skills and humorous charms!
MEUProductions 2 kun oldin
Dell is awesome for letting you do this. This is the stuff I like to see from companies.
Adventure TV
Adventure TV 2 kun oldin
10:12 girl behind almost started claping for Linus :)
Rhydonify 2 kun oldin
Just 23000 dollar 😋😂👌
It's Akile
It's Akile 2 kun oldin
Its unreal the human that is Linus, love that guy
SnickerSnack 2 kun oldin
You keep saying desktop but you mean laptop?
Oalmax 2 kun oldin
*Finally! Alienware is back with overpriced hardware! Just what we needed*
Eden 2 kun oldin
You had me at upgradable
Bagdadsky_Hornik 2 kun oldin
what? FULL 2080ti with 6GB vram???
ShinTsu 2 kun oldin
wow epic laptop
iDiminished 2 kun oldin
* _Apple feeling really edgy about Right to Repair Legislation right about now_ *
harry martin
harry martin 2 kun oldin
what's with the subliminal glitch of you holding the laptop?
R Cajavus
R Cajavus 2 kun oldin
I'Dd smack you over your face if I saw you poining at motherboard components with metal screwdriver
Fluttershy 2 kun oldin
I'm surprised a company let Linus take apart a prototype laptop with screws that small. Linus is already known to drop things. Is allowing him to take apart a laptop a good idea?
Ron Flood
Ron Flood 2 kun oldin
its nice to see happy excited Linus.. would be nice to see him more often...
burtoner 2 kun oldin
I really thought at the start Linus isn't going to put this back together lol :D
Jacques Fernandes
Jacques Fernandes 2 kun oldin
No one? Really? 6:57 "You comin out baby? Yea you are. You want to" I lost it XD
Anonymous Pallas Cat
wasnt there a eurocom laptop somewhere that was really nice?
Silvan Paul
Silvan Paul 2 kun oldin
this laptop is the laptop that many people wanted including me, it sucks that you can't upgrade your laptop nowadays because of the sacrifices that have been made for the thinner standards. I just don't want my graphics card and CPU soldered on to my motherboard.
Christian Wijaya
Christian Wijaya 2 kun oldin
Why you need to upgrade that monster Laptop desktop anyway. People must have so much money.
krum1985 2 kun oldin
now THAT is one sexy laptop =) I bought a alienware laptop 6-ish years ago, and it was the best laptop I've had (but also ridiculously expensive xD). My biggest gripe with it was the lack of upgrade-ability, so when I felt the need to upgrade, I went back to a desktop PC. This laptop is probably not for me, as I don't "game on the go" much anymore, and it probably would cost me more than a whole years worth of disposable income xD
Ben The Shrubber
Ben The Shrubber 2 kun oldin
that poor poor flex at the bottom left..
PH Crownguard
PH Crownguard 2 kun oldin
i see it 1:29 skip frame! in my 57hz refresh rate 720p hd screen using youtube vanced
Theodor Samoladas
Theodor Samoladas 2 kun oldin
Tightly packaging great components is of no use when you realize afterwards that the CPU is throttling down in any workload over 20%
ekel38 2 kun oldin
Why'd you keep focusing on his balding head LOL.
Luis Serrano
Luis Serrano 2 kun oldin
Now I want an Alien Ware.
Jonathan Delarosa
Jonathan Delarosa 2 kun oldin
Hahaha saw that ending coming. No way he would put it back together lol
Arif Rizky
Arif Rizky 2 kun oldin
Can't wait for full size gpu in laptop.
mythical orange
mythical orange 3 kun oldin
If we also had upgradable phones
Maxwell Udemba
Maxwell Udemba 3 kun oldin
can you put the i9 extreme injside
Maxwell Udemba
Maxwell Udemba 3 kun oldin
did you say 2080 ti? really ti
HomebrewDr M
HomebrewDr M 3 kun oldin
So this is just like the eurocom supermachines that have been out for years. Wait for the heat tests, and the wifi connector breakage issue due to heat, and the unreasonably expensive GPU upgrade options.
I like Pie
I like Pie 3 kun oldin
Basically, it’s the opposite to a MacBook
Zoltán Kozma
Zoltán Kozma 3 kun oldin
This takes me back. You know this used to be quite the norm as little as 10 years ago before the overpromising and underwhelming ultrabooks obliterated the laptop market because people are into designer handbags rather than reliable and future proofed machines.
StaelTek 3 kun oldin
RTX 2080 TI and 6GB GDDR6? Something is clearly not right here
a64750 3 kun oldin
two cheap laptops both failed in 4 years - Desktops forever!
Kervin 3 kun oldin
ASUS won't even let people run benchmarks on their 'Mothership' laptop but Dell let Linus dismantle their machine.
Volta 3 kun oldin
- proprietary gpu connector (instead of available MXM3) - Intel LGA socket and chipset "Upgradeable" my ass
Bamfhammer 3 kun oldin
Looks like a Threadripper mounting mechanism around the intel socket.
Nate fishes
Nate fishes 3 kun oldin
Finally an Alienware worth purchasing
James Neave
James Neave 3 kun oldin
Should have asked if dbrand are going to put my laptop back together.
9Cyberman 3 kun oldin
WOW, man! I hope that the screen is also upgradeable if it isn't active pen ready now. The Chuwi 2-in-1, 10.8" Tablet PC was such but degraded by its almost unusable docking keyboard case which is a pity.
Steven Farmer
Steven Farmer 3 kun oldin
Clevo has been doing the i9-9900k since it came out. AW is not as powerful as Clevo. Clevo has been able to be upgradable for ages too.
It's Just Ryan
It's Just Ryan 3 kun oldin
I could imagine being friends with Linus, and as we're just chatting and having a normal conversation he just segues right in to a DBrand ad and then slips right back in to the topic at hand. lol
Rock Star
Rock Star 3 kun oldin
dell are shit, (alienware) anyone that guys it is a retard and new to computers!, HP (worst of the worst) Dell (second worst of the worst)
The Sad Potato
The Sad Potato 3 kun oldin
Very flipping cool! I just wish it was as easy to upgrade to future CPU's as it is for GPU's. That isn't even a laptop problem though.
Angela Walker
Angela Walker 3 kun oldin
...Up to a 2080ti with 6GB GDDR6? That HAS TO BE A MISTAKE at 0:50! All other sources say the top GPU will be a regular 2080 with 8GB of memory. I'd LOVE to believe in the rumor of an eventual mobile 2080ti GPU but there's no way it would ever have 6GB of VRAM. That doesn't compute. I think Linus just oopsied and nobody caught it.
Nicu Ciuhrii
Nicu Ciuhrii 3 kun oldin
Can't wait to play with the insides of laptops !
Rolando Gomez
Rolando Gomez 3 kun oldin
I hope you didn't really leave the Del guys hanging... 🤣 Good video!
Vincent Mendoza
Vincent Mendoza 3 kun oldin
Why am I watching something I couldn't buy?
4G12 3 kun oldin
No, this is the exact opposite of crazy. This the RATIONAL way to design a laptop and in fact, they should have gone all the way and used standardized MXM GPUs.
lilrush151 3 kun oldin
Nothing screams cocaine like Linus tech
d k
d k 3 kun oldin
Am not gonna lie the entire video I was waiting for him to tell the people he was leaving and they were stuck putting it together! :D
Lippy Kindle
Lippy Kindle 3 kun oldin
It'd be neat if they did a Ryzen version. What's the bet AM4 stays supported for longer?
zanderboy 3 kun oldin
keep yourself grounded Linus, i know you're "Humble" with your Chevy Volt and socks and sandals but there are signs of arrogance creeping in. Keep up the good work.
Vlada Karovic
Vlada Karovic 3 kun oldin
The i7 9900K uses (max) 95 W of power, and the 2080 Ti (desktop version) around 280 W (also max)... I don't know how much power that large 4k screen and MB need, but those will add few Watts as well. With 90 Wh battery? For how long can it work just by using it? 30 minutes in power saving mode?
Comrades川普 3 kun oldin
Tay Gumi
Tay Gumi 3 kun oldin
My next Machine will be a DELL. :DD
GingerDuck 4.0
GingerDuck 4.0 3 kun oldin
Thats why i love alienware 👽
Firdaus Mego
Firdaus Mego 3 kun oldin
J. D. Ridenour
J. D. Ridenour 3 kun oldin
We've seen this before, though. Is MSI still supporting their Titan? And remember the OCZ DIY barebones laptop? I'll believe it when I see it. It's easy to say "we'll try and let you upgrade" then just, you know, not do that.
Sai Ram
Sai Ram 3 kun oldin
I'm playing games with 21 FPS dude.
Samuel Ling
Samuel Ling 3 kun oldin
i came here to see if linus dropped it
Bryan Beals
Bryan Beals 3 kun oldin
did you check for burn marks on the bottom?
Fool me once...
7 kun oldin