All 12 boys, coach rescued from Thai cave

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The last remaining member of the Wild Boars soccer team and his coach have been pulled out of a flooded cave in Thailand, bringing an end to a near three-week ordeal that prompted a huge international recuse effort.



10-Iyl, 2018

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Diego Turcios
Diego Turcios 2 kun oldin
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мαιиα тσlσтα
Amen yay I’m so happy thanx you everyone
Robert Ratskywatsky
That coach has some questions to answer. I think he brought the boys into the cave to die. The official story makes no sense.
Asmaa Souma
Asmaa Souma 5 kun oldin
Is coach crazy, what was he looking for inside, stupid
Donnie Elam
Donnie Elam 5 kun oldin
I'm surprised CNN could get this right bunch of idiots
Jefferson Steelflex
CNN is fake news..disliked
The Goat
The Goat 5 kun oldin
Put it to cnn to make a real story seem like FAKE NEWS.
artbydesignofkc Joey
Matthew Guidry
Matthew Guidry 6 kun oldin
How the seal team get in but can’t get out?
Brian Murarik
Brian Murarik 6 kun oldin
This is horrible news lol the news anchor doesn't even know what to talk about
infantryman2004 6 kun oldin
Finally some good fuckin news for once.
LMAO ROFL 6 kun oldin
How many the coach molested?
Madison Wright
Madison Wright 5 kun oldin
As sad as it is I had the same thought. From the story I've heard it was his idea to go into the cave to "look around".... They need to look into him bc something isn't right
BarfyCat 6 kun oldin
I love trump
Maria De La Torre
Maria De La Torre 6 kun oldin
Thank you Lord all of them made it out. And RIP Navy Seal Saman Kunan
z z
z z 6 kun oldin
Quantum resonance Frequencies
Fake news😜 The weather Channel has more viewers then CNN.
V for VENDETTA V 7 kun oldin
Fake news
V for VENDETTA V 7 kun oldin
Fake news
V for VENDETTA V 7 kun oldin
Fake news
DSkehan2004 7 kun oldin
Thank God.👏
- BreyerBalletFun -
YAYYY! I am so glad they are out! :D
MandaloreCrusader 7 kun oldin
Fake News CNN
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
MandaloreCrusader Were the boys not saved then?
Mason Atkinson
Mason Atkinson 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thought of the Allegory of the Cave when you heard about this?
SonicJuice Central
SonicJuice Central 7 kun oldin
The crystals in the thumbnail look like Sonic the Hedgehog. Take a close look at it...
Bontong Lee
Bontong Lee 7 kun oldin
Why do they go to the cave in the first place. ......
nathan hensn
nathan hensn 7 kun oldin
I wonder if this story finally brought CNN's ratings above the Food Network.
Sahajan Sahajan
Sahajan Sahajan 4 kun oldin
sharkmaster 7 kun oldin
Remember the navy seal diver who risked life in death(R.I.P for the one who didn’t make it)to save those kid and the coach.
sharkmaster 7 kun oldin
The coach made a accident and was help full during the time they where stuck but was the one to lead the kid into the cave so some blame should still go to him.
slime lady
slime lady 7 kun oldin
In a cave i can't survive There will be nothing to do no Internet connection no free wifi no TV no nothing just a dark room thats it Bravo!! Boys you can survive there May God continue to bless you
The Skrella
The Skrella 7 kun oldin
3:59 🎶🎵
LlamaLlama SpitGreenSpit
So sad that a person had to die doing this. At least we can honor him knowing he wanted to help these young kids.
C"mon man
C"mon man 7 kun oldin
Hey it's over and with a happy ending...that's special. May I now redirect your attentiont deficit disorder combined with cognative dissonant brain matter to what they are distracting you from? Shhh..our government...it appears they have gone rouge (you know..the new world order and shit) beware agenda 2030..
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
Dude. Chill the fuck out.
MiningLedgends 7 kun oldin
This is getting so dumb, all the Religious people and Atheists arguing. “God did” “Divers did” can we not just leave each other alone and appreciate the fact that the team is safe?
ManBirdCat 7 kun oldin
Bitch ass cnn
Greg Gatsby
Greg Gatsby 7 kun oldin
We seriously need to talk about the sexism within the Thai Navy Seals. Notice how it was all men, who saved a boys swim team. Not one woman is in sight. (Sarcasm)
Tha YoungWolf
Tha YoungWolf 7 kun oldin
*Salesman slaps cave* : you can fit so many lost kids in this bad boy
James Wormsley
James Wormsley 7 kun oldin
incredible work,god bless every rescue crew especially the fallen thai navy seal
z g h
z g h 7 kun oldin
i don’t understand any of this
Vanessa Billion
Vanessa Billion 7 kun oldin
Thank God their all ok.
RabidRounds785 7 kun oldin
I'm glad they're ok. *Scrolls down into comments* "That's a lot of god comments."
Claude Makelele
Claude Makelele 7 kun oldin
Thank God they are safe now.
Vanessa Billion
Vanessa Billion 7 kun oldin
Anthony Guzman
Anthony Guzman 7 kun oldin
Olivia Lynn Love
Olivia Lynn Love 7 kun oldin
Thank god everyone got out safely. Rest in peace Navy seal diver 🙏
Vanessa Billion
Vanessa Billion 7 kun oldin
white sea
white sea 7 kun oldin
this should be a fortnite dance
Rayray1001 7 kun oldin
Cuckold news network
chase 7 kun oldin
Damn it CNN. Answer the dang question... Why were the Navy Seals even there in the first place? Thailand can't handle a simple dive rescue on their own? They've got all the gear. And why is this even in the news in the USA? No good news from here? Or are you too busy stirring up shit.
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
chase Are you stupid? They’re Thai Navy Seals.
Wile E Coyote
Wile E Coyote 7 kun oldin
So now a movie because they were stupid. Unreal
Bogus Bozo
Bogus Bozo 7 kun oldin
im glad they was found and rescued!
soccerfreak 24
soccerfreak 24 7 kun oldin
If only the navy seal who passed away would have waited a little longer to get try to get those kids, he would still be alive!!
Vanessa Billion
Vanessa Billion 7 kun oldin
I think the Navy Seal person died because he may have killed someone in war. Karma without repenting doesn't pay.
cothan VN
cothan VN 7 kun oldin
These tiny Thai boys are hardly sport materials. The coach must be an idiot to bring them deep inside a cave and cause so much lost energy and the life of a rescuer. I came from Vietnam and I know all too well about Asians in soccer. It is a shame to see weak people trying to venture into dangerous places.
mo 4mo
mo 4mo 7 kun oldin
12 boys no food 18 days no food sure it wasnt 13 boys
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 7 kun oldin
Why is this news
SaleenE34 7 kun oldin
THIS JUST IN FROM CNN!!! President Trump actually put those boys in that cave! 🙄🙄🙄
Don Ehrgott
Don Ehrgott 7 kun oldin
Oh my god this channel actually published real news for once that wasn’t completely bias bullshit CNN still is the home of FAKE NEWS
The Man
The Man 7 kun oldin
Wow CNN is actually doing a story that's Not about Stormy Daniels NASTY SNATCH, Oh wait that horrible deathly cave IS Stormy's Nasty Snatch, Those poor Boys, Thank God they got them out of that SKANK. 😱
The Man
The Man 7 kun oldin
PhoenixPalmer CNN's obsession with that Porn star is exhausting, Just thought I would give them a taste of their own medicine, Do you want to help me with that? The Left is trying to turn America into Babylon, And I will fight it as hard as I can for our children, To keep it from turning into a country full of Caitlyn Jenner's and Anderson Pooper lovers.
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
The Man Yikes. It has to be exhausting to be that angry all the time. To the point where you dont even talk to people anymore, just angrily type out capitalized insults at people. Hope you find help, man.
The Man
The Man 7 kun oldin
PhoenixPalmer Go play in Skanky Daniels NASTY SNATCH, Retard
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
The Man Dude someone’s real upset. Chill the fuck out.
Callme V
Callme V 7 kun oldin
12 Thai boys went in. 7 boys and 5 girls came out. Ooooo Thailand.
mack black187
mack black187 7 kun oldin
Praise God
Justin Case
Justin Case 7 kun oldin
Coach probs got sewed...😐😛
Andrew Adricatico
Andrew Adricatico 7 kun oldin
Why is cnn not blaming this on trump?????
ēL pøtat
ēL pøtat 8 kun oldin
Cam Dude
Cam Dude 8 kun oldin
Yeah "thank God" not the men and women who rescued them. Thank the same god who trapped them in that cave. Idiots. All of you.
Cam Dude
Cam Dude 3 kun oldin
PhoenixPalmer and oh the point of religion is to believe without any evidence ? Its funny to me that religious people would need proof for ANYTHING else in life to believe it, but when it comes to the origin of life and this universe ...you guys are like "nah fuck that proof shit u just need faith' lol Faith isnt a commendable thing.
Cam Dude
Cam Dude 3 kun oldin
PhoenixPalmer "i think you miss the point in why people thank God" . You interacted with me first and have still yet to show me what that "point" is.
PhoenixPalmer 4 kun oldin
Cam Dude That's cool dude. I'm not trying to prove anything to you. That's kinda why I stopped replying. That's the point of religion. It's called faith for a reason. If you dont believe that's totally cool, but theres really little reason to run around trying to shove that down people's throats.
Cam Dude
Cam Dude 4 kun oldin
PhoenixPalmer You cant prove to me or anyone else that God was involved in this situation or any situation. There is no proof. The only evidence shows it was ONLY the HUMAN BEINGS involved that saved the team.
Cam Dude
Cam Dude 7 kun oldin
PhoenixPalmer how is that a jab?
jam 8 kun oldin
Why did they go inside the cave
jam 7 kun oldin
All of the news there was about them being rescued
Jay P.
Jay P. 7 kun oldin
jam google?
Kaden D
Kaden D 8 kun oldin
That coach isn’t going to win coach of the year........
Seveux 8 kun oldin
Why do Americans act like they care so much about this so much, when America doesn't care about thier own citizens in Peurto Rico, Flint Michigan or New Orleans....fake ass racists!!! ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ 😊 😎 😋
Tina Burton
Tina Burton 8 kun oldin
Yes, thank goodness that they are all fine. But, if they would have stayed the hell out of there or, at least, not go that far in, like all the warnings suggested, none of this, including the person that lost his life trying to save them, would have happened. Parents should be billed for all the rescue efforts.
Angela Larson
Angela Larson 8 kun oldin
Miriam Hoffmann
Miriam Hoffmann 8 kun oldin
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AS REAL AS IT GETS 8 kun oldin
Anyone wonder why only CNN's story is the only 1 Trending. Seems a little suspicious.
SMIZZLE BEATZ 8 kun oldin
Great the team all made. Hard to hear that someone did die though to save them. They are a hero.
TheGuess2D 8 kun oldin
No, seems CNN has already forgotten about the Thai Navy SEAL who died trying to save them. "Best possible variety" my ass. Edit: he mentioned it at 2:10, still think she, the anchor, should have mentioned it at first.
Bunmi SAL
Bunmi SAL 8 kun oldin
God is good
Melany Rahel Toussaint Sosa
*Thanks God* 🙏🙏
Sky Blue Waters
Sky Blue Waters 8 kun oldin
Fire the idiot coach
Pin VEVO 8 kun oldin
film79 8 kun oldin
I wonder which kid Tom Hanks will play?
gettinginutube 8 kun oldin
BILLY BOBCAT JR 8 kun oldin
Why does God let children die from cancer and abuse. Why does he save some but not others.
83Henno 8 kun oldin
Congratulations to the boys and the rescue team, but this might be the worst cable news interview I’ve ever seen.
BILLY BOBCAT JR 8 kun oldin
Johnca48 8 kun oldin
I’ll have to check this out. CNN rarely reports true facts.
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
Johnca48 Right, because actually the kids are still in the cave.
TheAlbanianDude 8 kun oldin
Sooo..... How the hell did they get out? Worst news report I've seen in a long time.
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
TheAlbanianDude They’ve been reporting on the rescue efforts pretty consistently, giving models of the cave and methods of rescue. It’d be pretty dumb to go over it all again. They’re just saying that all of them are out now.
Internite Land
Internite Land 8 kun oldin
Thank the Maker.
Seveux 8 kun oldin
Why do Americans act like they care so much about this so much, when America doesn't care about thier own citizens in Peurto Rico, Flint Michigan or New Orleans....fake ass racists!!! ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ 😊 😎 😋
Seveux 7 kun oldin
( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ 😊 😎 😋
Cisumeht Esresre
Cisumeht Esresre 7 kun oldin
Seveux :(
Seveux 7 kun oldin
Seveux 7 kun oldin
Cisumeht Esresre - FUCK YOU CRACKER AMERICAN'S WITH TRUMP's DICK, HONKY!!!! ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ 😊 😎 😋
Seveux 7 kun oldin
Cisumeht Esresre - Pray for your fat ass cracker mother, CRACKER ASS CRACKER!!!! ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)╭∩╮ 😊 😎 😋
loren roberts
loren roberts 8 kun oldin
I don't understand why this is all over international news
Ashmar Mckenzie
Ashmar Mckenzie 8 kun oldin
im so happy they rescued as off them.rip.to the soldger
Yelo Bird
Yelo Bird 8 kun oldin
Good job
Obvious XM Radio
Obvious XM Radio 8 kun oldin
Let's hear it. How is it Trump's fault that this happened? I'm listening.
LeBron James
LeBron James 7 kun oldin
Obvious XM Radio fuck Trump
WeLiveforAges 8 kun oldin
Thankfully they are all ok. Could never imagine how bad it must have been, down in there. RIP to the Thai Royal Navy Seal diver.
Syrian Eagle
Syrian Eagle 8 kun oldin
When the humanity comes to be fake. The whole world was worrying about those 12 kids and couch. Thanks god they saved them. But please remember that there are more than 12 kids dies in Syria every days and no one of you cares about them.
A C 8 kun oldin
Thank You Jesus!
01 00
01 00 8 kun oldin
wow you reported some news that isnt fake. you deserve a golf clap for that
Katie Alyssa
Katie Alyssa 8 kun oldin
Next time don’t go exploring shit
Jay P.
Jay P. 7 kun oldin
Katie Alyssa tell that to the millions of people who are not fortunate enough to have a disneyland.
YUKI INU 8 kun oldin
I'm really surprised that Trump didn't say "I wore scuba tanks and I personally brought out all 12 kids and their coach".
Cisumeht Esresre
Cisumeht Esresre 8 kun oldin
YUKI INU Suprised CNN hasnt blamed him yet...
Guidance 8 kun oldin
The whole world came to rescue these 12 boys from that cave in Thailand, yet we in USA have been kidnapping 3000 children from their parents and we are so relaxed about it? It all has to do with those white men who migrated to this land some 300 years ago. First they killed 10 million Native Americans together with their Buffalos, and then they brought Blacks as slaves to this land and lynching them. Then bombing Hiroshima, and killing Vietnamese, then starting 80 years ago we have been killing middle easterners. How come scientists with all of these technology and advancement in science cannot figure out from the DNA of these white men that why they are so inhuman, cruel, vicious, and arrogant?
William Bruce
William Bruce 8 kun oldin
Why were they that deep in a cave?
Meme Goldbars
Meme Goldbars 8 kun oldin
How did they get food
Jay P.
Jay P. 7 kun oldin
Meme Goldbars there was a McDonalds in a nearby chamber.
Coco Man
Coco Man 8 kun oldin
PhoenixPalmer 7 kun oldin
Coco Man YIKES
Banana Dance Games
Banana Dance Games 8 kun oldin
Hope they rest well and recover quickly. R.I.P. to the diver that died bringing oxygen to the kids. 🙏 Died a hero.