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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

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Relive all of the mesmerizing, jaw-dropping dunks that have received perfect scores in the slam dunk contest!
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14-Fev, 2018

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MemeDealerDavid 13 soat oldin
Lavine and Gordon’s dunks were good like 8% of the time
MemeDealerDavid 13 soat oldin
The ones shown in 2000-2018 some like 88% do NOT deserve 50
George Giannakopoulos
George Giannakopoulos 17 soat oldin
Dwight Howard didn’t even dunk that
Eugene Showers
Eugene Showers 19 soat oldin
Michael Jordan is a beast
Rawr5649 Kun oldin
those dunks from the free throw line were meh
The Realist
The Realist Kun oldin
Lavine never beat Gordon. Lavine robbed Gordon.
The Realist
The Realist Kun oldin
The Jordon and Julius jump from the line are the best of all time, for tradition. But Gordon got robbed in his contest. That sitting position, under the legs, over the mascot, windmill, reverse dunk.
Barış Akpınar
All of the Jordans dunks sameee. ...
Speedstar 9467
Speedstar 9467 Kun oldin
Nate Robsinsons dunk is overrated I understand he’s small but giannis jumped over 6”6 Tim harddaway jr in a game
Joseph Ibarra
Joseph Ibarra Kun oldin
Ibaka dunked from the free throw
nhk9PenSpinning Kun oldin
That Steve Francis dunk isn't worth 50. The best is still MJ's foul-line dunk w/o a doubt. The VC dunk comes 2nd.
kotaro nakano
kotaro nakano 2 kun oldin
obviously dunks in these days are waaaay better than one in the past. look at it, MJ is like mediocre you can see his dunks everywhere now. I'm done with "the good-old" rubbish
Christian Scarabelli
Zach Lavine and Jason Richardson 💥💥💥💥
Teddi Hern
Teddi Hern 2 kun oldin
Jason Richardson so underrated in the dunk.contest, had so.much power
Judy Chen
Judy Chen 2 kun oldin
0:23 4:13 7:47
Irate People
Irate People 2 kun oldin
That Cedric Ceballos one was such bullshit...he could clearly see through the blindfold.
Oh my Lavine!
Michael Zen
Michael Zen 2 kun oldin
Wilkins and Carter....game over. DW could power Georgia with those windmills
Bones Mccoy
Bones Mccoy 2 kun oldin
No east bay funk?
Їжак Сопливий
Rudhi Suryanto
Rudhi Suryanto 3 kun oldin
Good dunk🏀
TC Swag
TC Swag 3 kun oldin
Nobody could windmill like Jason Richardson .
TC Swag
TC Swag 3 kun oldin
Not one of those dunks had the power of Wilkins . J Richardson way underrated
AJ Marietta
AJ Marietta 4 kun oldin
5:23 Steve Nash plays soccer remember Drummond's dunk
Parker Figueroa
Parker Figueroa 4 kun oldin
Micheal Jordan did the same dunk ever year
Parker Figueroa
Parker Figueroa 4 kun oldin
If you ever find yourself in a dunk contest go in between the legs and you'll get 50
Kris Marsh
Kris Marsh 4 kun oldin
Zach Lavine, that's my man
N00B_ SAIB00T 5 kun oldin
Stupid sport
real american
real american 5 kun oldin
Only to have them all shamed after Jordan Kilganons dunks
O G 5 kun oldin
Aaron Gordon should've scored 150 on that 😤
red kookaburra
red kookaburra 5 kun oldin
Mj vote😘 michael jordan
KJ Farmer
KJ Farmer 5 kun oldin
Bartu Karadeniz
Bartu Karadeniz 5 kun oldin
Aaron Gordon's dunk is the hardest but Vinces dunk is the best for its time
Big_ G
Big_ G 6 kun oldin
this is for everybody saying michael jordan's dunks weren't all that great please watch this uzvid.com/video/video-k-rzzbyeYUg.html then tell me they are not that great...
Chesscom Support
Chesscom Support 6 kun oldin
New to basketball here. So if someone dunks the ball, they score 50 points for their team?
#trill 6 kun oldin
Michael Jordan's dunks were lame af all from the free throw line 🤔 ...not impressed
Zack A
Zack A 6 kun oldin
Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon are clearly in a league of their own. This should be an olympic competition.
ReactionShot 6 kun oldin
Spud Webb was 5'6" 130 lbs. They should give him 75 points for a dunk.
William Wonka
William Wonka 6 kun oldin
Ok.. We all gotta admit. Spud Webb has fucking BOUNCE
Chandler Steele
Chandler Steele 7 kun oldin
A lot of people are complaining about the dunk contests in the past few years which is understandable. They have been awful. But people should take into consideration there is only so much you can do for dunks. I also believe that they are just choosing the wrong candidates for these contests.
Chandler Steele
Chandler Steele 7 kun oldin
VC is truly a freak of nature.
Damiano Russo
Damiano Russo 7 kun oldin
atsuko s
atsuko s 7 kun oldin
M.J the G.O.A.T
Joe Hollywood
Joe Hollywood 7 kun oldin
10:02 LOL
Frequently Flyer
Frequently Flyer 7 kun oldin
Where's Harold Miner?
D2K Prime
D2K Prime 8 kun oldin
*Ultimate Dunk Contest* (In Their Primes) Michael Jordan Dominique Wilkins Vince Carter Jason Richardson Zach Lavine On a side note, no one gives any love to Jason Richardson for how fire he was in these dunk contests.
MGTOW Skeptic
MGTOW Skeptic 8 kun oldin
Bunch of edgy know-nothing teenagers in the comments.
Patrick carter
Patrick carter 8 kun oldin
No Dee Brown dunks . Nor RJ Rider . Too many Dwight Howard dunks . Zach and Vince are the best dunkers of NBA all-star history .
Lo Lingo
Lo Lingo 8 kun oldin
All mikes dunks were the same lol