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ALL 50-Point Dunks In NBA Slam Dunk Contest History

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Relive all of the mesmerizing, jaw-dropping dunks that have received perfect scores in the slam dunk contest!
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14-Fev, 2018



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Jay Reno
Jay Reno 4 soat oldin
Whats the point of dunking over on 3 people at once.. they don't have the same height. Lol
Dylan D'Ambrosio
Dylan D'Ambrosio 8 soat oldin
2016 dunk contest has to be in the top 5 best dunk contests of all time
nativewood 8 soat oldin
They need to bring back the mascot dunk contest.
Gerald Gray
Gerald Gray 4 kun oldin
I Swear Jordan did the same dunk like 17 different times
Gerald Gray
Gerald Gray 4 kun oldin
No chance that Ceballos couldn't see. Dude put pantyhose on his face, and thought he fooled everybody!
Syaddad Al Jufri
Syaddad Al Jufri 4 kun oldin
Spud webb and nate robinson
velvetsmack 6 kun oldin
I'm with a lot of you here - VC was incredible, Spud with precision , totally impressed with LaVine - but I grew up in the 80's and if you wanted the fastest, hardest, in your face thing going it was Dominique Wilkins all the way. He should be getting more respect in here. This was a time where the rims weren't as forgiving too. I'd hate to be under the rim when he dunked. Shout out the Kemp as well for that.
Vince Carter's is 100points!
Shmoint 6 kun oldin
12:18 CJ is that you!?!?
Mr Slate
Mr Slate 6 kun oldin
Harold Miner? Kobe Bryant? J.R. Rider? Shawn Kemp?
M Ortiz
M Ortiz 18 soat oldin
Rider was first to do between thw legs in an NBA slam dunk contest
Nyonyo Reservoir
Nyonyo Reservoir 7 kun oldin
The jumping of Spud Webb
christopher abellera
richardson dunk is the best of all
Urboi JB
Urboi JB 10 kun oldin
Vince carter: *médiocre dunk* Judges:*smacks table* it’s over, that’s a fifty
abdel alam
abdel alam 10 kun oldin
The Lavine & Gordon Match up was the Best oooooh so Great
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 10 kun oldin
9:01 Lavine almost dunked from the free throw line
Jason Andrew
Jason Andrew 10 kun oldin
I haven't watched the dunk contest since 2000, holy shit. 5:16 this is crazy
Pomer Law
Pomer Law 11 kun oldin
Can't believe Kemp never had a 50...
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan 11 kun oldin
Jordan’s were average, 8s these days
vegitausa 12 kun oldin
That first dwight howard superman wasnt that impressive to me
thats just like ur opinion man
0:48 anybody think he pushed off the head to get that high lol
thats just like ur opinion man
0:48 its crazy cause he has low calves too
Justin Miller
Justin Miller 12 kun oldin
LJ Tube
LJ Tube 13 kun oldin
He didn’t even touch the rim 5:37
Засланный Казачок
это пиздец товарищи
Night Power
Night Power 14 kun oldin
when nba dunk contest was an actual contest...good times.
Camron Holdcroft
Camron Holdcroft 14 kun oldin
10:03 “you ain’t gonna make it!!!”😂😂😂
Moses Slater
Moses Slater 14 kun oldin
Maximum respect goes out to Dominique Wilkins the real Slam Dunk champion. Mike only was the favorite but Dominique is the man.
Dhack Dhack Doroteo
Dhack Dhack Doroteo 14 kun oldin
Why no kobe bryant???
Double07 14 kun oldin
Most are the same smh who ever made this slap you're self
Paul White
Paul White 14 kun oldin
Jordan had the element of grace... the slow motion of that base line windmill is surreal. It's what he did with his legs that stands out so much from everyone else. Levine has a bit of that grace except he his doing more complicated maneuvers... I bet he could mimic that base line windmill of Jordan's unlike anyone else. Wilkins jumped off two feet and had reach and power... a lot of his dunks are about the distance from the rim he creates.. he had to extend and reach to complete a lot of his dunk.. all done with room still to spare and Frances too. Vince was the combo of grace and power which is why I give him the #1 spot. Plus he's 6'6. At a time when we needed something fresh, in comes VC! Spud..... heroic! Dunking has gone through an evolution. Remember the flip phone used to be dope too. I can't wait to see what dudes come up with next.
Slime Kun
Slime Kun 14 kun oldin
idatekatemoss 14 kun oldin
AARON GORDON GOT ROBBED! forever that will be true
Ay Ay
Ay Ay 14 kun oldin
How do you dunk blind folded? I still dont believe that’s possible.
vinceaircanada15 15 kun oldin
Old Seer
Old Seer 16 kun oldin
I've seen monkeys in the tops of much taller trees pull off better tricks as a normal way of life.
torr85 16 kun oldin
Is this people from earth?
Genryu 16 kun oldin
12:05 Who is she?!
Jc C
Jc C 17 kun oldin
C'mon Man what about the Blake Griffin dunk???
ResidentEvil302cuba rican215
Lavine snapped
ResidentEvil302cuba rican215
I love the dunk contest i hope they never run out of dunks
ResidentEvil302cuba rican215
I remember that andre igadula dunk 76ers wen they had AI was the best 76ers is my team
ResidentEvil302cuba rican215
Vince Carter was crazy i remember watchn him as a kid n dunk contests
muhammadridwanul akbar
zach lavine , vince carter , and aaron gordon is the top 3 dunker in my opinion
OBiFLY 17 kun oldin
I would have won slam dunk during Jordan's Era. For real check my channel. uzvid.com/video/video-NJNM5PWbAQY.html
Brent Nelson
Brent Nelson 17 kun oldin
I think I'm honestly more impressed with Spud Webb than anyone else. Anyone who is 6'10" can jump, dunk, and make it flashy. Webb's dunking required insane precision timing. He's barely getting up there. But the fact that he is at 5'7" and delivering those dunks is insanely impressive to me.
Martin Gordon
Martin Gordon 14 kun oldin
The one he did where it wouldn't have been a travel. That is the best one. Where he just casually dribbles up and does that nasty one handed 360 8:08. So damned impressive. Nate's one over Spud was insane as well. 6:11
Dave Barista
Dave Barista 17 kun oldin
I never seen anyone dunk well as Vince does. He got power and height.
lazy horse
lazy horse 18 kun oldin
lavine and spud webb are my favorite.
Rene Alicea
Rene Alicea 18 kun oldin
That spud webb dunk was trash
Charlie P
Charlie P 18 kun oldin
Top 5: 1. Zach Lavine 2. Vince Carter 3. Michael Jordan 4. Dominique Wilkins 5. Spud Webb
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz 18 kun oldin
That steve nash pass was crazy
Nate Cruz
Nate Cruz 18 kun oldin
If you had the 2019 judges they would have given these 70/50 because they gave 50's to average dunks.
House of Clyde
House of Clyde 19 kun oldin
Where’s LeBron? LMAO
ramces resto
ramces resto 20 kun oldin
Jordan is so over rated this lik dude Zach lavine dunk was better than all Jordan’s dunks straight up stop dick riding him that bumb ass nigga played with multiple hall of famers during his career
Elias Kap
Elias Kap 21 kun oldin
Jason Richardson !
Carter Franco
Carter Franco 21 kun oldin
Who pissed off Jason Richardson in 2003
2 Big Heads and 1 Egg Head Gaming
I can watch JRich’s dunk and Kenny saying “that is sick” all day.
ChaoPow 21 kun oldin
Vinsanity. Best dunker of NBA.
Modesto Hernández Jiménez
BroskyWhoDatedHoski 21 kun oldin
Crowds. Have. Been judging more then the judges since the. 80s.
Jd Dillard
Jd Dillard 22 kun oldin
Where is Kobe?!!!!!!
lobo00712 22 kun oldin
Were there no 50s in the 90s?
jefftassone30 22 kun oldin
some of these I wouldn't even give 9's to and Dwight howard's "dunk" that he simply threw in and never touched the rim I would've given a lower score to.......the real dunker I'd pay to see take every modern day basketball player 2 school In a dunk contest is Jordan kilganon!
Haywired 22 kun oldin
Wait, Harold Miner never got a 50?
Minoe Mann
Minoe Mann 23 kun oldin
I remember being in statue mode when Vince put his arm in the rim.
Voice of REASON
Voice of REASON 23 kun oldin
Carter was just on a whole different level... well, Richardson was there too! Stoudamire and Nash was creative tho as was Gordon. Ok ok Lavine is beastly and that Oladipo 360 reverse was sick as well lmao!
ViZu Restart
ViZu Restart 23 kun oldin
Can we take a moment to admire that Spud Webb is 5’7” and was dunking better than Michael Jordan
R L 23 kun oldin
How long Kenny been hiding don't contest lol?
刘俊青 24 kun oldin
what a beautiful thing can human beings do! look at them, beautiful!
GoNzO GoNzO 24 kun oldin
0:26 shaq just shaqued himself
席阳 24 kun oldin
When episode 4 will come out?
Lord Harry Balls
Lord Harry Balls 25 kun oldin
1st dunk was garbage but the 80s was garbage
Remmark Sunga
Remmark Sunga 25 kun oldin
Dwight Howards "Superman" dunk isn't even a dunk, he just threw it in
Pika _
Pika _ 25 kun oldin
Zach LaVine Best dunked ever Next to Vincsanity
jake nogard
jake nogard 25 kun oldin
Zach Dunking in the freethrow between the legs is immortal. I never seen like that before.
ncs ncs
ncs ncs 25 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-ptXZi-yA8jk.html uzvid.com/video/video-ijv69Zg8z1Y.html
Ryan Nijjar
Ryan Nijjar 25 kun oldin
Zach lavine's dunks were clean asf
yeetboi 25 kun oldin
all these young ass kids dont know shit about some of these dunks. I remember freaking the fuck out when Vince pulled off that reverse 360
Rendy Jul
Rendy Jul 25 kun oldin
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julio lg
julio lg 25 kun oldin
Jordan King of the NBA!
WorldsWorstBoy 25 kun oldin
Shout out to the guy who wore the Space Jam Jordan Jersey
Orteth 25 kun oldin
I prefer Spudd Webb.
Saidhar Pinapati
Saidhar Pinapati 25 kun oldin
Jordan doesn’t deserve a 10, he just did the same dunk each time
Orlando Johnson
Orlando Johnson 26 kun oldin
Nate jumping over a standing Spud Webb was cool!!! Vince is one of my favorites!!! lol Jordan doing same dunk several times!? Inside the free throw line....meanwhile josh smith does same thing with 2 hands & gets a 41 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️.... Lame!!! Note to self... always get the crowd behind your performance/dunks.
Buggy Bugson
Buggy Bugson 26 kun oldin
Jordan could fly god damn
Edson Pinas
Edson Pinas 26 kun oldin
Oladipo 2015😍😍
Emilien Daulhiac
Emilien Daulhiac 26 kun oldin
This video is lit. Some dunks are Savage!!! Follow my instagram for dunk like that: instagram.com/highflyingdunks/?hl=fr
Michael H
Michael H 26 kun oldin
Aaron Gordon got robbed that year!!
Malik Mack
Malik Mack 26 kun oldin
Spud Webb a walking pojo stick 😭
Malik Mack
Malik Mack 26 kun oldin
That blindfolded dunk shoulda been a 100 😂😂
Ant ACCELERATIN 26 kun oldin
VC best dunker frfr
Torque Talk
Torque Talk 26 kun oldin
Must feel amazing to dunk, too bad I was born short as fuh.
YELLOW BRAIN 27 kun oldin
Lavine break the record free throw dunk of Jordan
Dud 2000
Dud 2000 27 kun oldin
Dunking will always be more creative year after year. It's not fair to compare dunkers like Jordan and Dominic to Aaron Gordon and Vince Carter. Obviously if you've been watching what other people are doing for the last 20 years it's going to be a lot easier to be creative than if you were one of the original contestants. Jordan is without a doubt the best player of all time, but Aaron Gordon and Vince Carter are probably the two most creative dunkers ever. Best dunks of all time still belong to And1. NBA hasn't caught up yet, and probably never will b/c those guys just practice dunking all day.
Sarin Kim
Sarin Kim 27 kun oldin
If these people can get 50 point dunks in real life why am i only getting 20-30 points in 2K for some really flashy dunk
SoCal Rc Guy
SoCal Rc Guy 27 kun oldin
This video show how jordan wasnt that good at all, those men did way better as in so much better
brennan gum
brennan gum 27 kun oldin
That dude for the wolves was an awesome dunker. Who is he?
Nuclear Icecream
Nuclear Icecream 27 kun oldin
Vince Carter remains as the king. No one dunked like he did, in the situations he did. Authority comebacks. (not even talking about his contest dunks)
Rigo J
Rigo J 27 kun oldin
Why was Dwight Howard in this bicth. His shit was trash.
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