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Hey Everyone! Thank you so much for watching my brush video! let me know any other questions you have!
click this link
& enter "LJW2013" at check out for a discount
(free gift when you spend $30)
F80 - Flat top synthetic kabuki brush
F82 - Round kabuki brush
F84 - Flat angled kabuki brush
(there are two other brushes included in this synthetic collection. I forgot to include them in the video. The round kabuki is great! its a little smaller than the F80 and gets around the nose really well. its my moms favorite! haha)
Synthetic precision kit:
P80 - Precision Flat
P82 - Precision Round
P84 - Precision Angled
P86 - Precision Tapered
E65 - Best eyeliner brush to exist!
E40 - Better version of MAC 224
Premium Kit:
E10 - Small Eye Liner
E15 - Flat Definer - (what I use for my brows)
E20 - Short Shader - blending out the lower lash line
E25 - Blending - like the MAC 217
E35 - Tapered Blending - like the MAC 222
E45 - Small Tapered Blending
E50 - Large Fluff - 227
F10 - Powder/Blush - like MAC 129
F15 - Duo Fibre - light blush application
F20 - Large Powder like MAC 134
F25 - Tapered Face - like MAC 138
F35 - Tapered Highlighter - to set under eye concealer with powder
F75 - Concealer - like MAC 195
L05 - Lip
Spa brush cleaning glove $39.00
242 shader brush (there is a larger version of this brush, dont get them confused. make sure its 242)
also I love the 228 - mini shader brush ( I use it for my inner corner highlight and under the brow!)
(extremely similar to my Kourtney Kardashian Makeup Tutorial.
Tan Pigment
Saddle e/s
embark e/s
coppertone blush
NYX buttergloss lip color
Hi I'm Jaclyn Hill from JaclynHill1 on UZvid. I am a professional makeup artist. I'm young, ambitious & full of life. I post makeup tutorials and makeup reviews on all different holidays and themes, like smokey eye tutorials, how to shape and sculpt brow tutorials, challenges/tags, celebrity makeup tutorials like the Kardashians and Jenners along with other celebrity makeup looks, hair tutorials and more! I hope you love my makeup tutorials.

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26-Mar, 2013



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Karina Fonseca
Karina Fonseca 22 kun oldin
KTM Perera
KTM Perera 2 oy oldin
Best selling eye shadows from Amazon: BS-MALL Makeup Brushes Premium Synthetic Foundation Powder Concealers Eye Shadows. View using this link amzn.to/2RAXQd8
Oliver and Olive
Oliver and Olive 2 oy oldin
The giant triangles under your eyes.... ugh
Oliver and Olive
Oliver and Olive 2 oy oldin
"expecially" ugh
Dawn Capitain
Dawn Capitain 2 oy oldin
Can you do a tutorial on the makeup you are wearing in this video. It's absolutely beautiful. I have terminal cancer and finding makeup that works with my chemo face is hard, but your full face makeup you use seems to work and makes me look pretty, hides the blemishes...I thank you for these videos. You're such a special person to do this and you are so much fun to watch and so sincere to your fan base, that's why I like watching you. ❤
Melinda Marr
Melinda Marr 3 oy oldin
You had some really windy weather in the background !
Maya Loveday
Maya Loveday 3 oy oldin
Can you PUUUHHHHLEEEAAASSEEEE do an updated version of this video????
cindy Santos
cindy Santos 3 oy oldin
Miss this Jacklyn, before the fillers gave her bubble brain
Aquenea Vida
Aquenea Vida 3 oy oldin
cindy santoyo she look real and genuine. She try so hard nowadays and the fillers are getting just ridiculous
Erlie Bernardo
Erlie Bernardo 3 oy oldin
When i bought my first set of brushes, i decided to invest on a Sigma kit. So happy with my decision. Sigma brushes transformed the way i put on my makeup. It is really an amazing brush. I got myself few Morphe brushes to try but i keep on coming back with my Sigma Brushes. More power, i love your palettes. Im obsessed. 😊
Charina Zabala
Charina Zabala 4 oy oldin
Peg E
Peg E 4 oy oldin
I love using Purity for cleaning my brushes! And love Sigma brushes, especially my 3DHD Kabuki! - which I rarely hear anyone talk about.
Wendy Ramirez
Wendy Ramirez 5 oy oldin
2013: "you don't need this many brushes" 2018: "you need 20 blending brushes, each one is different, you will need all of them " :(
lala lalala
lala lalala 6 oy oldin
Jessap brushes are the same and much cheaper.
lala lalala
lala lalala 6 oy oldin
My god, her face was so beautiful.
Amy 5 oy oldin
La Bonita
La Bonita 6 oy oldin
The air must be really strong... I c so many trees moving so violently in the background reflection.
Dakota Sabrynah
Dakota Sabrynah 6 oy oldin
I love her blouse 😍😍😍😍
Valery Olguin
Valery Olguin 6 oy oldin
She looks so sweet and so down to earth
Madison Huff
Madison Huff 6 oy oldin
She is suuuch an angel 💜💜💚💛💚💜💜
ABC doodles
ABC doodles 6 oy oldin
2018 anyone?
Shady Franco
Shady Franco 6 oy oldin
Maria Walters
Maria Walters 6 oy oldin
Yes please 💄
Quince 7 oy oldin
klaudia hennessy
klaudia hennessy 7 oy oldin
Sigma and morphe brushes are absolute garbage. You’re great at drawing your viewers into your sale pitch you sneak into every video you make.
Kathleen Kavanagh
Best ever brush video! Thank you so much Jacelyn!
Wîłd.fłöwēr •
I’m in love with this video! Thank you so much! 💘😈
Maria S.
Maria S. 8 oy oldin
Still The Best Video Ever
Samantha Drinks
Samantha Drinks 9 oy oldin
Here I am coming back 3 years later to still watch a video YOU made 5 years ago. You're a great teacher, Jaclyn fam forever ❤️
makeupamesten 9 oy oldin
Watching this today and remembering the day i actually learnt all about brushes☺thanku Jaclyn..from here my makeup lessons started🤓and also got the exact sigma e40 e25 n a flat brush😃omg u r amazing Jaclyn..lysm😚💖
Maria S.
Maria S. 9 oy oldin
Still her best video 💝
ruth Clark
ruth Clark 9 oy oldin
Sophie.jae 9 oy oldin
So cute i love foetus jaclyn!!!!
GlamGirl #1
GlamGirl #1 9 oy oldin
An updated video would be great. Thanks.
Jordan Tice
Jordan Tice 9 oy oldin
First video I ever saw of yours! Bought brushes right after😂 love you boo boo!!!!❤️💃🏻😊
geewhiz747 10 oy oldin
I use Dr Bronners Castille Soap to clean my brushes
NaTaLiE343 10 oy oldin
I'm such a dork I love that you mentioned 'the container store' hahah
Dhrubajyoti Rajkhowa
Get this $24. Makeup Brush FREE...click the link bit.ly/2IgyARe
Donny Rao
Donny Rao 10 oy oldin
hi, do you interested do one video for me? i have one product need video, (skype: donnycastilla) (mail: donny182359586@gmail.com)
Silverpanda 21
Silverpanda 21 10 oy oldin
This is the Jaclyn we love.
ShantiHeartsMakeup 10 oy oldin
Sigma is so expensive now 😢 I’d rather just buy mac.
Just Jasmine
Just Jasmine 10 oy oldin
I've heard that laying brushes flat to dry can lead to water getting into the base of the brush. What are your thoughts on laying flat to dry vs. hanging bristles side down?
Sara Whelan
Sara Whelan 10 oy oldin
I just posted a video on my channel reviewing free makeup bushes that I ordered! Feel free to check it out and subscribe!!!
ASMR Mystic Healer
ASMR Mystic Healer 10 oy oldin
Is this a really honest review?? Because now it’s all morphe since morphe is the one paying you. And before it was sigma. You’re doing the same now. It’s kind of hard to believe unless we try them now. Honestly the morphe brushes are crap. Most of them at least. There’s only a couple decent ones
Amanda Hainey
Amanda Hainey 10 oy oldin
Living for this video u look gorgeous 💕💕
Ana Imani
Ana Imani 11 oy oldin
Did the prices go up? Do a morphe vs sigma review lol
Jay Honatzis
Jay Honatzis 11 oy oldin
Where did u get that shirt?
Isobel Dougan
Isobel Dougan 11 oy oldin
Awww you look so cute here ❤️ 5 years ago wowww
Karina and joselyn montes
you call yourself a makeup artist?
Melinda Matthews
Melinda Matthews 11 oy oldin
This is when JH was working...
Michele Graves
Michele Graves Yil oldin
Can you do a tutorial of this eye look
Stephanie Danes79
Omg. I just found a premium Sigma professional makeup kit, eyeshadow kit, liner and shader brush from Winner's. I am super excited. Thank you so much for your videos. Love you.
Trina Kiser
Trina Kiser Yil oldin
Question, is skone a good brand of brushes?
Anna Julian
Anna Julian Yil oldin
Pure Ivory soap bar is great to wash brushes once a week or every other week. Only .99 cents for 3 bars of soap and unscented.
Donovan Peeling
Donovan Peeling Yil oldin
Gurl "all your imperfections" do not exist lol
Nidhi Tattitali
Nidhi Tattitali Yil oldin
That time when flashback was common
Luonnonkosmetiikka With Deli
MissTia777 Yil oldin
The price for those brushes is too damn high! Youre basically paying for a name! Ebay is WAY better!
MrRafels Yil oldin
Here you can get a makeup brush free bit.ly/2ooL7ui
gabby Christopher
how do you feel about BH cosmetics brushes?
spinfan1 Yil oldin
I've heard Bedellum brushes are really good as well.
Dannus MK
Dannus MK Yil oldin
Talk too fast..Slow down gurl
Carolina Diaz
Carolina Diaz Yil oldin
You have come a long way. You are the reason I got into makeup. Please do more make up tutorials .. you are beautiful xoxo
Chio Yil oldin
“Me in my iPad, starbucks, omg” 😭😭😭😭
Agrata Shukla
Agrata Shukla Yil oldin
Hey friends ,get makeup brushes for free from here bit.ly/2EtboNP
Holly E
Holly E Yil oldin
Love your eye shadow here! 💜
Erin Robertson
Erin Robertson Yil oldin
Do you want to make money ,TODAY, giving away FREE makeup brushes to everyone you know!? That a WIN, WIN. Free Money and Free Makeup Brushes! Check it out!melodramaticendeavors.com/FreeMakeupBrush
carolg007 Yil oldin
This is the longest Sigma infomercial ever...
JoBisbee Yil oldin
I am getting back into make up after being away for years. An update on brushes would be wonderful. Thank you Joanne 1/28/18.
Caitlin Gorton
Caitlin Gorton Yil oldin
how do you tell if a brush is natural or synthetic?
Oanh Vo
Oanh Vo 7 oy oldin
Caity Gorton the company will say
Jelynn Harding
Jelynn Harding Yil oldin
Great video! And your eye makeup is perfection!
kathryn shaw
kathryn shaw Yil oldin
5 years ago, my GOD!
Jennifer M Smith
E65 sigma for $9.80 right now at sigma.com
Yaz Mia
Yaz Mia Yil oldin
Holdup the container store. I'm upssesed with containers Idk why though. *grabs phone and walet and runs to this heavenly store. Lol jk but I am a freak for containers
tara moriarty
tara moriarty Yil oldin
please do an updated brush video with Morphe brushes and powder brushes
Antonella Decaro
I love how you explain, not to mention how much I appreciate it! I'm starting a beauty channel and you have no idea how useful this video is to me.( just like the one on highlighting, baking etc) You, just like Nikki, Chloe and Tati are one of my favorite beauty influencers! Again, thank you so0o0o0o0 much!
Chelsea Willet
Chelsea Willet Yil oldin
Is that a picture of a ferret in the background??
Karace McLaughlin
Lol, I’m so distracted by the hurricane winds in the background😂 Jesus those trees and such were getting it 😅
La Cobraa
La Cobraa Yil oldin
Omg 2013 I watched u in 2013!!! And now your a big person with a amazing palette Congratulations
Leigh Judy
Leigh Judy Yil oldin
This is the humbled Jaclyn, I fell in love with!
Linda King
Linda King Yil oldin
I am wanting to buy a sigma kit. What do you think about this set by sigma that is part of their holiday sets. The one I'm looking at is a 3 piece eye set. It's got E25 E40 & E55. I'm ask wanting an angled bronzing or contouring brush. But basically I'm looking for a kit that has what I need for both skin and eyes? Can you give me some advice on which set I should get. And lastly, are you only using morphe brushes now? Did you use them at the time that you made this video?
bethysue87 Yil oldin
Could you do a makeup tutorial with all the brushes in this kit?
Melissa Lynn Olson
you have no clue how bad i needed this!
rita anderson
rita anderson Yil oldin
I must say every since I've been following you I have learn you have taught me so much thank you I feel like I want to give you a big hugs you are a great teacher if you ever come to St. Louis I hope I am able to come may God bless you and keep up the Great work❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jessica Howard
Jessica Howard Yil oldin
You seem so much happier now than in this video! Proud of you & your growth! Love you! 💕
Rolphine Vales
Rolphine Vales Yil oldin
This is the most informative video I’ve ever seen on brushes. Learned a lot.
Tina marie
Tina marie Yil oldin
Omg her concealer is WAYYY too light and her blush and bronzer are too harsh 😂
Oanh Vo
Oanh Vo 7 oy oldin
Tiny Tee it is in 2013
Kaylie McClain
Kaylie McClain Yil oldin
did you go to beauty school? idk i just wonder sometimes if the youtubers i watch went to beauty school or are self taught
Carla Feliciano
Carla Feliciano Yil oldin
Do an updated brush video!!!!!!
Dainette irizarry
this really really helped me out i actually just bought 2 morphe sets and one was vegan wasnt sure how to feel about it but ill try cleaning them out first ! thanks Jaclyn!!!
Deya Lim
Deya Lim Yil oldin
Hi, Jaclyn. Can you please upload an updated brush video 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Daily makeup
Daily makeup Yil oldin
Recently I came accross this ... A high quality make up brush given away for free. Soft brush with flawless coverage.. claim your burh here www.secrettipss.net/freemakeupbrush
leira E.
leira E. Yil oldin
You should do a video for a makeup beginner's brushes.
The Real Unicorn
You are so fun to watch. "You work for me" ---too funny.
Autumn Jean
Autumn Jean Yil oldin
Yo its 2017 and i want a new brush vid!!!! Please oml
Arshad Mahmood
Arshad Mahmood Yil oldin
Love the hair
Heather Elzinga
Heather Elzinga Yil oldin
I miss this girl. So professional and genuine.
Lucca Scionz
Lucca Scionz Yil oldin
Wow your so pretty
Naesa King
Naesa King Yil oldin
Savanna Vickers
Savanna Vickers Yil oldin
Updated brush video?? 😃
Katie Stauffer
Katie Stauffer Yil oldin
do an updated brush video 😘😘😘
ingrid magana
ingrid magana Yil oldin
Now it would be all morphe she doesn’t even mention it here lol 😂
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