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Time for round 3 of the best kind of golf... All Sports Golf!
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Comment: all sports golf 4 should have the editors in it!!
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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 25 523
David Valencia
David Valencia 6 soat oldin
Soccer ball allows you to advance more than they do...
gori shil
gori shil 6 soat oldin
it was funny
Queze show Behanan
Queze show Behanan 7 soat oldin
Following me back thank u guy
Queze show Behanan
Queze show Behanan 7 soat oldin
I love y’all guy I love your tricks shoot
Varaganti Prudhvi
Varaganti Prudhvi 9 soat oldin
Some cricket trick shots and battle bro
Therandomcat247 11 soat oldin
5:39 I thought he threw the turtle XD
GhostxxSniper Wilson
GhostxxSniper Wilson 11 soat oldin
Cory left his bag on the course during ALL SPORTS GOLF BATTLE 2 love ya cor
JAYDEN NORRIS 12 soat oldin
This vid is 💩💩🎅
Gita Mahanta
Gita Mahanta 12 soat oldin
What a aim Tyler have
kakashi hatake
kakashi hatake 14 soat oldin
for a second there i thought he threw the turtle
TJ Moore
TJ Moore 15 soat oldin
I wonder if any body realizes that every song on there videos is a Christian song
Vance Sheffield
Vance Sheffield 17 soat oldin
That place is insane like if h agree😮😦
Junior Medina
Junior Medina 17 soat oldin
Who things garrett should be a fisher man
Tristan Me
Tristan Me 17 soat oldin
I like Garrett's Color Purple that is kind of my favorite color I also like blue
Logan c
Logan c 18 soat oldin
I love dude perfect they are christan they don't cuss they do cool things what more could you ask for
Lily O
Lily O 18 soat oldin
I’m Team Co_y
Conor Tanner
Conor Tanner 18 soat oldin
I’m 12 I’ve been watching sense I was 4
Puppets R Us
Puppets R Us 19 soat oldin
Nice job purple Hoser
Dax Ledbetter
Dax Ledbetter 21 soat oldin
Anyone team Cody
michael taylor
michael taylor 22 soat oldin
i want cory to win one i feel bad for him
Extreme Videos
Extreme Videos 22 soat oldin
Cory is terrible at all of the battles dude perfect does
MC. Thunder
MC. Thunder 23 soat oldin
Racket Ball? Have you guys lost your mind? It’s Tennis...
Panda Savage
Panda Savage Kun oldin
Can I get 50 likes for Cory
Nadia Schneller
Nadia Schneller Kun oldin
team purple hoser forever, go garrett
SpoopyJash Kun oldin
5:38 fight for turtle cruelty (you don’t look close enough it looks like the turtles been thrown
Tommo Hasu
Tommo Hasu Kun oldin
I thought that Tyler threw the turtle!!!😱😱
Beth O'Brien
Beth O'Brien Kun oldin
Go purple hoser
Racer977191 Kun oldin
Has anyone noticed that Garrett kicks with his left foot but uses his right for everything else??
jerome koh
jerome koh Kun oldin
I thought that Tyler threw the turtle..at 5:30
Mohammed Zain
Mohammed Zain Kun oldin
I thought Tyler was going to throw Spot😂😂😂
Isaiah King
Isaiah King Kun oldin
I dont think I'm correct but is ty the shorest
Spock Spock
Spock Spock Kun oldin
Rayees Ahmedkhan
U r awesome
Kingsknight Cool
I'm kinda confused how Cory forgot his bag at the airport, because how did carry all of his stuff
David Poon
David Poon Kun oldin
I thought he threw the turtle across the field for a second. O.o
Matthew M
Matthew M Kun oldin
Ty paid Cory $50 to not use the bag
Jace Gallardo
Jace Gallardo Kun oldin
1 like = 1 bag for Cory
spookyxd Kun oldin
Nvm lb L 8
Natalia Monsalve
When someone says yes for prom 6:18
Tiger pranks
Tiger pranks Kun oldin
You Boys Gotta make a movie
mj city
mj city 2 kun oldin
5:30 I thought he throw the turtle
Aidan DeLucia
Aidan DeLucia 2 kun oldin
1:35 “I out drove him”
charmander Plays
charmander Plays 2 kun oldin
1 like = a prayer dislike for people that do this
Tom Minh Duy
Tom Minh Duy 2 kun oldin
Do overtime 6
Super Awkward
Super Awkward 2 kun oldin
Tanya Hiss
Tanya Hiss 2 kun oldin
Muzz Hyperz
Muzz Hyperz 2 kun oldin
I been team coby for three years straight now!!
Anton Swe
Anton Swe 2 kun oldin
5:38 i thought he trew the turtle first 😂
Robert Rodriguez
Robert Rodriguez 2 kun oldin
If Cory never wins a challenge why is he in Dude Perfect
Sammie Li
Sammie Li 2 kun oldin
I punch u
Brenna Phelps
Brenna Phelps 2 kun oldin
U guys are amazin
Brenna Phelps
Brenna Phelps 2 kun oldin
How did u forget your bag Cor
Brenna Phelps
Brenna Phelps 2 kun oldin
Lol Cory
La Dybala
La Dybala 2 kun oldin
How is it that Coby was at 5 strokes and just went to 7 America explain.
Matthew Breslin
Matthew Breslin 2 kun oldin
Why does Coby always take the L?
Spinner Plays
Spinner Plays 2 kun oldin
I live in Missouri
Justin Zenteno
Justin Zenteno 2 kun oldin
Ofentse Mwase Films
You guys have such brilliant ideas! haha
Opalina Khanna
Opalina Khanna 2 kun oldin
All sports golf is their best series Like if you agree
Peter Vang
Peter Vang 2 kun oldin
Hey dp why isn’t panda in this video
slashgear gaming
slashgear gaming 2 kun oldin
for a secod i thought he was going to throw the turtul
Triston Ellis
Triston Ellis 2 kun oldin
But I thought Cody was "The Magical Ball Finder" from Golf Stereotypes?
black blades
black blades 2 kun oldin
5:37 i was thinking that he threw that turtle
xhayd254 2 kun oldin
When you threw the clay pigeon I thought you threw the turtle LOL
Sundar Raj
Sundar Raj 2 kun oldin
If your Watching in 2017,2018,2019,2020 and 2021 Like
_ CyFiber _
_ CyFiber _ 2 kun oldin
U said all sports that’s not all them hurling Galic
maurice schweizer
maurice schweizer 2 kun oldin
As a sugggestion, you could do a fan vid where fans send their shots and you create a video
I’m True
I’m True 2 kun oldin
I hate cory
Jackie O'Connell
Jackie O'Connell 2 kun oldin
I love sports
Zulfaqar Mohd
Zulfaqar Mohd 2 kun oldin
i really like the intro Read More
Ibrahim Zaen
Ibrahim Zaen 2 kun oldin
Play the 4th one but the players buy its tools to go closer to the putt
Omega God
Omega God 2 kun oldin
at 5:38 did anyone thoutgh he was gonna throw the turtle
Mr. Awesome Cuber
Mr. Awesome Cuber 2 kun oldin
it looks like it is a green screen
Connor Brown
Connor Brown 2 kun oldin
5:39 legit thought you threw spot
MrKingsman 2 kun oldin
same here
I'm Bored
I'm Bored 2 kun oldin
Bull Shark
Bull Shark 2 kun oldin
1like=win for coby
RoYcE Kenton
RoYcE Kenton 2 kun oldin
Oh watching in 2018
Sandimals S.D.
Sandimals S.D. 2 kun oldin
all sports golf 4 should have the editors in it! Read desc
Pika Chu
Pika Chu 2 kun oldin
I don’t understand how they are so skilled lol
The Evan Diaz
The Evan Diaz 2 kun oldin
Fun or fuckor
Jacob Froese
Jacob Froese 2 kun oldin
Who is Team Coby
Mystic 2 kun oldin
5:38 I thought he threw the turtle
Ronan McKerrow
Ronan McKerrow 2 kun oldin
Wyatt Lenzi
Wyatt Lenzi 2 kun oldin
There dicks to coby wtf
TapWater 2 kun oldin
5:43 Tyler’s veins looks like he be taking roids
Eli TheBeeLi
Eli TheBeeLi 2 kun oldin
My fave is Garrett but how do you not like the beach dude
Trent Fortnite and games
Go purple hosers
WorldGamerGuy 2 kun oldin
I'm a wavewalker. I'm dancing on water. When the devil trys to shake me I just pray harder. Even in my darkest hour. Got holy ghost power. When I keep my eyes upon you Jesus I'm a Wavewalker.....best song ever
Aubrey Hudson
Aubrey Hudson 2 kun oldin
You should do a number 4 I love these videos
Robert Kajawu
Robert Kajawu 3 kun oldin
love the back track
PMPVP140 Right?
PMPVP140 Right? 3 kun oldin
6:11 Is that putt longer than than the one Ty made in S.A.D.P.A.S.G.B.E.T.I.B.A.L.T (All Sports Golf Battle 2)?
Joseph Howitt
Joseph Howitt 3 kun oldin
Am I the only one that thought Tyler threw the turtle
The Samtinator
The Samtinator 3 kun oldin
When Tyler through the clay shooter I thought he through the the turtle
Joshua Kimball
Joshua Kimball 3 kun oldin
More all sports golf battles!!
Ties van Bakel
Ties van Bakel 3 kun oldin
NEW SPORT: bowlingbal
Roger Recker
Roger Recker 3 kun oldin
dp was better when they were og
Jessica Lawrence
Jessica Lawrence 3 kun oldin
How do you like green bay
Hasibur Shourab
Hasibur Shourab 3 kun oldin
I thought u threw the turtle
Beckham Brunner
Beckham Brunner 3 kun oldin
team cory
The Savage Channel
The Savage Channel 3 kun oldin
Can we get a R.I.P in the chat for Cory’s bag 1 like = 1 R.I.P
Sandimals S.D.
Sandimals S.D. 3 kun oldin
It's been Gar, Ty, Gar btw