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Time for round 3 of the best kind of golf... All Sports Golf!
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Comment: all sports golf 4 should have the editors in it!!
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Fikrlar 24 126
Noah Mann
Noah Mann 41 daqiqa oldin
My favorite Dude Perfect episodes: ALL SPORTS
Da Boss
Da Boss Soat oldin
5:39 I deadass thought he was bout to drop the turtle
Maxwell Theman
Maxwell Theman Soat oldin
Spot is cute
scottie6666 Soat oldin
Gaylords ! fo
Donovan Chung
Donovan Chung 2 soat oldin
Team Cory all the way
waterkidje 2 soat oldin
Its football
bluenightgaming g
bluenightgaming g 2 soat oldin
Garrett is a two time champ
Carrie Pizarro
Carrie Pizarro 2 soat oldin
5:39 why did i think ty was going to throw spot
Max Tjernsten
Max Tjernsten 2 soat oldin
Yay discgolf!
jeffa2006 3 soat oldin
tyler lost weight
Brock Bice
Brock Bice 3 soat oldin
U should use a croquet stick for a putter
SP 3 soat oldin
Where's skateboarding? Why not skateboarding stereotypes?
Tim Barry
Tim Barry 4 soat oldin
Like equals one saving of a turtle
YellowMalik24 5 soat oldin
All sports golf battle 4 and Cory don't forget your bag
Joshua einstein Davies
Its a bloody tortoise ty
Bliixxard 5 soat oldin
Make a Fortnite sterostypes
Brody Burns
Brody Burns 5 soat oldin
I guys should do a weight lifting challenge
Karen Farca
Karen Farca 5 soat oldin
I subscribed!!!
Love Emirates
Love Emirates 5 soat oldin
Love it😉💪
Wendel silva
Wendel silva 7 soat oldin
DMS Vlogs
DMS Vlogs 7 soat oldin
They used 2000$ worth of baseball bats
Daire Connolly
Daire Connolly 7 soat oldin
4:10 coby went from 5 to 7
Liam MacLeod
Liam MacLeod 8 soat oldin
They should do a regular golf battle
Ayonabha Roy
Ayonabha Roy 8 soat oldin
U should try cricket
virginia gray
virginia gray 8 soat oldin
you should have a all sports golf face off
Ryan Lambe
Ryan Lambe 8 soat oldin
1 like for every loss from Coby... My man Coby will rise up some day!
Evan Campbell
Evan Campbell 8 soat oldin
great vid you guys p.s you should do a number four
Eric Miles
Eric Miles 8 soat oldin
Definitely looks like Tyler has done some meth since the first video.
ArTz KuNG 8 soat oldin
4:38 bnk
Scott M
Scott M 9 soat oldin
they need to add the big foam airplanes to there bags
Mitchell van der Baan
#4: you guys maybe wanna do it with a Special guest?
cactusjaq 9 soat oldin
Zee Storm
Zee Storm 9 soat oldin
That sucks Cory
unboxing the greatness
Lets use the old school trick , you subscribe me i will subscribe you
Thomas Mara
Thomas Mara 10 soat oldin
What bat is that u guy r using
Miguel Gonzalez
Miguel Gonzalez 10 soat oldin
i live in Missouri
Hugo Nabais
Hugo Nabais 11 soat oldin
This was not one of the most impressive videos... I'm just saying
Haziq Aiman
Haziq Aiman 11 soat oldin
hey, can you guys do a trick shot using rugby ball with some of the rugby player.
Leonard family TV
Leonard family TV 11 soat oldin
5:22 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jukka Kymäläinen
Jukka Kymäläinen 11 soat oldin
Great stuff!:) Cody long putt with padle was grazy!!!
PROj Lim
PROj Lim 11 soat oldin
How to know who won,look at the person in the thumbnail
Futureozcaptian !
Futureozcaptian ! 12 soat oldin
Probably because you got sick by the oysters garret
Phurich Jayadat
Phurich Jayadat 12 soat oldin
Who wants all the member to have their own theme song
Elite Stryker
Elite Stryker 12 soat oldin
Coby ❤️
shipodibun 12 soat oldin
Team coby
Doug Boy
Doug Boy 13 soat oldin
Go ty
Rem Ram
Rem Ram 14 soat oldin
Hi I'm from Vietnam
Subiyakhan Khan
Subiyakhan Khan 14 soat oldin
sHtailmilk 15 soat oldin
Do hurling
Minecraft Monkey
Minecraft Monkey 15 soat oldin
ive smashed the sub
Sumit Sarswat
Sumit Sarswat 15 soat oldin
If u support GARRET....Then hit like for the purple hoser +++
Minyminotour_YT 16 soat oldin
on the final i could only use soccer ball and vortex and get it in
devika diljith
devika diljith 16 soat oldin
all sports golf battle 4 should have the editors in it
devika diljith
devika diljith 16 soat oldin
all sports golf battle should have the editors in it
Kristóf Domnai
Kristóf Domnai 16 soat oldin
Sorry my Hungary
Mariana Lopez Gonzalez
Like si hablas español y no sabes ingles pero ves el video pir que son bastantes epicos vv:
Gara Bermudez Perez
Gara Bermudez Perez 17 soat oldin
Mariana Lopez Gonzalez hablo español lo que veo estos vídeos haber si me entero de algo
Will Carroll
Will Carroll 19 soat oldin
I live in holy summit mo
Will Carroll
Will Carroll 18 soat oldin
Holt summit
neelkumar patel
neelkumar patel 19 soat oldin
Where is cricket!!?
Mario Hinojosa
Mario Hinojosa 19 soat oldin
Anais Noel
Anais Noel 19 soat oldin
Dilemma ugly third strengthen proposed scatter focus index negative agree signature camp defend
HammerTyme 453
HammerTyme 453 19 soat oldin
can I just mention they can't throw a disc still enjoyed the video
skyler games
skyler games 19 soat oldin
I was just in missouri
djs2356 19 soat oldin
Mmmm, Mmmmm..those Mens!
Hassan Mirza
Hassan Mirza 19 soat oldin
nice video
Priyanka Pandey
Priyanka Pandey 19 soat oldin
What a shot
Ritish Kumar
Ritish Kumar 19 soat oldin
Alaine Simon
Alaine Simon 19 soat oldin
And cody and cory
Alaine Simon
Alaine Simon 19 soat oldin
Vircon Gaming
Vircon Gaming 20 soat oldin
Every battle I say hope Cory or coby win a battle but it never happens
Filmz Dude
Filmz Dude 20 soat oldin
I wish i could play that! It looks so much fun!
R-Rex Anims
R-Rex Anims 20 soat oldin
Not gonna lie I ended up thinking Tyler threw the turtle on the shot right after he found it
youre momma
youre momma 20 soat oldin
When they do that goodbye chant it’s kinda annoying
Hyrum Okeson
Hyrum Okeson 21 soat oldin
Love All Sports Golf, some ideas of items to use. Lacrosse Stick and Ball, Jai Alai (Miami Vice Intro), and Rugby Ball. Keep up the Fun!!!!!!
The Triforce Eagle
The Triforce Eagle 21 soat oldin
Sorry to tell you but that was a tortoise
Immortal Danger
Immortal Danger 21 soat oldin
is it just me or is ty the main caracter
Scotty Grebe
Scotty Grebe 21 soat oldin
I am such a big fan and I’m from Missouri that’s honestly amazing
Oliver Chatting
Oliver Chatting 22 soat oldin
Ngl but but this video was worse Than when I had incest with my sister
Kingcj B
Kingcj B 22 soat oldin
Did anybody else see the three sixes 3:47
Harry Harris
Harry Harris 22 soat oldin
bigbogboi 22 soat oldin
emi Saiki
emi Saiki 23 soat oldin
Uhh EXCUSE ME!! Last time I checked I thought they had 33,000 subscribers. Not 33,000,000 😂
Jaydecius Jr.
Jaydecius Jr. 23 soat oldin
Guys they have never used a golf club in this. Like if you think they should have a small iron for next year.
elete sodieo
elete sodieo 23 soat oldin
You guys are amazing youtubers you deserve more subscribers than Pewdiepie
Zanime *
Zanime * Kun oldin
At first when he threw the hockey puck thing I thought he threw the turtle 😂😂
KingStonewall Kun oldin
Purple Hoser Squad
Dude perfect is the best group of youtubers
Dell Nelson
Dell Nelson Kun oldin
Coby is so bad
Levi Howard
Levi Howard Kun oldin
codys long put should be in a trick shot vid
Fizzy Cosine
Fizzy Cosine Kun oldin
Am I the only one that thought he threw the tortoise
alfpolo29 Kun oldin
Penthatlon Golf
Shamika Rich
Shamika Rich Kun oldin
You should do overtime again
Mark Waddell
Mark Waddell Kun oldin
Track and Field stereotypes please!!!
Isaiah Espinoza
Isaiah Espinoza Kun oldin
It was cool that Cody made thatlong put
Joey Wheeler
Joey Wheeler Kun oldin
Best dp video ever
bob Bob
bob Bob Kun oldin
Na na na na na na na na eh eh eh wilfried zaha
Doge Bleach
Doge Bleach Kun oldin
Why his score go from 5 to 7
Adam Beckwith
Adam Beckwith Kun oldin
I vote for a rugby episode with the USA eagles
•••GNLS•• •
Should have thrown the turtle lol
RipjawGamer Kun oldin
4:13 is this from a song if so what is its name
BRAEGON Kun oldin
Purple Hoser FTW!!!