All You Can Eat A5 WAGYU BEEF in Tokyo Japan!

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The first time I went to Japan, I got to experience the A5 Kobe steak, and that flavor still sings with me. I knew that it probably wouldn't be possible to find a Kobe all you can eat restaurant in Tokyo, because, with me, they would be out of business in a day. However, I did find an A5 All you can eat Wagyu beef restaurant, can't beat that(:
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28-Iyn, 2018

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Garry Flores
Garry Flores 3 kun oldin
after a year, this guy who eats so much meat will have a heart attack..! hope he won't...
Miranda 3 kun oldin
Hey Mike, I know alot of places do not take credit cards in Japan - do you still pay in cash at a nice restaurant like this?
DOnkeyshyt 4 kun oldin
I vote for the first place because I think it had a great atmosphere.
Kevin D
Kevin D 4 kun oldin
Too good to watch. Next time put the chicken and pork first on the grill outside low and slow. Work the beef in the center and speed up the cook delay.
TZJ1000 5 kun oldin
Iv never saw someone bite an oyster before XD
Alexandra Rose
Alexandra Rose 6 kun oldin
*books ticket to Japan*
Dodger Tsunami
Dodger Tsunami 6 kun oldin
Loved the vid until you disrespected the chef and cooked the sashimi
Petko Arnaudov
Petko Arnaudov 6 kun oldin
i could see your soul just smiling with every bite mike :)
Chuck Meza
Chuck Meza 7 kun oldin
Read the reviews on the TripAdvisor website provided in video description.
Joshua Mendez
Joshua Mendez 7 kun oldin
8:38 he says “this piece is finna be glorious” 😭😂
Rosette Flores
Rosette Flores 8 kun oldin
This is why I like your videos.. not only eating or food show but gave tons of advice esp. on how you can maximize worth of your money. 👍 still , can't go and eat there tho. Lol
Patrick Powers
Patrick Powers 8 kun oldin
dustin diamond burn!? hs
0111mango 8 kun oldin
Chicken and pigs are crying Mike... 😂😂
Anders 9 kun oldin
Dipping cooked pieces of wagyu in salt AFTER cooking, as if that was the intended purpose of the salt he was given😝 Is this guy literally retarded?
Erkan BC
Erkan BC 9 kun oldin
One day i will go there just for the meat
Byron James Dalin
Byron James Dalin 9 kun oldin
Is 60USD per person?
Carmela Bianca Magno
What is the name of the restaurant?
Flora Chan
Flora Chan 11 kun oldin
Lmaooo if you turn on the captions, every time he says ‘fatty’ there’s a lenny face (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Ckbarroso 11 kun oldin
LOL at characterizing pork belly and chicken on a plate of A5 wagyu as "Dustin Diamond invited to an Avengers cast party"
Suhad Jaboory
Suhad Jaboory 12 kun oldin
This video deserves an Oscar. The best video so far. You should have a sweepstake/raffle to win a food tasting experience with you, for subscribers only.
HuyPlayz XD
HuyPlayz XD 12 kun oldin
I have a beef boner!
just a human with a mask
I would go with a backpack and order 20 rounds and throw em all in my backpack.
Tabitha Smith
Tabitha Smith 13 kun oldin
Dude, you make me want to give all my poor friends a try at heavenly cuisine. I wish I could send you as emissary to Japan to host all those who haven't tried the best steak EVER.
Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises
Just put everything on the grill dude your wasting time. That 90 mins looks like 3 servings.
Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises
He thought he over cooked it but it tasted the best😂
Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises
What an insult to have chicken on the same plate, smack the waiter
John Tan
John Tan 14 kun oldin
Read from ginzano website..there is a time limit of 75mins to order your wagyu beef
M AKLife
M AKLife 16 kun oldin
First resturant served thin, second resturant served thick pieces. Second place really made my mouth water 😍
Neil P
Neil P 17 kun oldin
hey is this 6500 yen a person or what?
Joshua Han
Joshua Han 18 kun oldin
I’m definitely going to an all you can eat wagyu when I eventually make it to Japan
Faithdrawn Studios
Faithdrawn Studios 22 kun oldin
Tom To
Tom To 25 kun oldin
To really maximize with friends is dine alone, because if you sit with friends you cant cook as much as if all of you had each your own grill.
Ren PnP
Ren PnP 29 kun oldin
I don’t even eat beef and this was amazing!
Ken Skylander
Ken Skylander 29 kun oldin
Parth lalit Bahirwani
I think you have a gigantic stomach
Anonymous neko kami Kanna kamui #mgtow
What is the name of this godly restaurant
Gina Supelana
Gina Supelana Oy oldin
Hi mikey! Love all your video,an an avid fan of yours.just want to comment about musashi ginza all u can eat wagyu.we have a bad experienced and we felt were being cheated.i dont know if its just a case of miscommunication.but i wont going back to that resto ever!!! What i understand from your video is that its an eat all u can A5 wagyu beef, but how come they dont serve us enough meat,and some meat are tough to chew.were a group of 7 and they only gave 2 sushi plate of meat per serving..
Felipe Sarmiento
Quick question! Best Kobe beef restaurant in Tokyo? I will be there in a week and I would love to check a good place for Kobe beef. Thanks!
James Wei
James Wei Oy oldin
I made to this place during my recent trip to japan and was told no to all you can eat and had to have it ala carte. The server told me they were booked.
nickbootyface Oy oldin
I swear he looks like jackie chan in that thumbnail
Thodsapon Hunsanon
I saw the sign while you were giving a verdict about the place at the time around 12:30. Does it mean after 9pm you get a special deal of 3000 yen or something? The beef looks heavenly good!
coulton elliott
Eating at these places literally make you 50x what the bill is
anticemetric Oy oldin
I regret to inform you that is not a5 wagu, not enough marbling.
Tell them you are Jewish and can't have the pork? ;-)
Marcus Ahlström
Just went for all you can eat wagyu buffet in Sydney last night, definitely the best I've done in a while haha
Patricia Tan
Patricia Tan Oy oldin
Hi , can I have the address of the first place? I will be going tokyo in mid Dec and will want to give it a shot...
Edgar Agapay
Edgar Agapay Oy oldin
went to ginza steakhouse and it was awesome. ate about 10 steaks while i was there. not going to lie i almost cried when he told us we were getting our last serving. definitely coming back there during my next trip. the lunch is only around $58usd. you only get the akami cut but it still had the rest of the courses.
Jason wong
Jason wong Oy oldin
What a pity that you didn’t eat the wagyu sushi raw! It tastes very unique
spydude38 Oy oldin
Four of us went to Ginza Steak after I watched your video. We were ending a trip to Japan and celebrating our friends birthday just after Typhoon Jebi struck in September. We went at lunch time and opted for the lunch trial steak course for 5,800 yen. We were there for 1.5 hours and enjoyed it tremendously, from the Wagyu Shabu Shabu, to the varying levels of Wagyu, the staff were courteous, attentive to our every desire and even brought out a nice birthday dessert for our friend after we were finished. Highly recommend trying it if you'v never had Wagyu steak before. Thanks for recommending this place on your video!
Elegance Oy oldin
“it’s all about time management here” me: business PHD leggo
Grecoking 1337
What is the song when he enters the 2nd restaurant?!
setarita Oy oldin
Arghhh I need to be able to eat like this without lookin like a Kobe
Kwasje Titty
Kwasje Titty Oy oldin
so much disrespect to chicken lol
Dhustie Oy oldin
I would eat all the beef raw If I had the chance
Johnny Lai
Johnny Lai Oy oldin
Just tried it absolute amazing
Gampyal Shagaya
i hate oysters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Johnny Lai
Johnny Lai Oy oldin
Waiting in line. Trying it tonight
Thomas Wilkes
Thomas Wilkes Oy oldin
How much did that cost?. Man you have the best life to have. Travel eat and see amazing things. Lucky bastard.
Crushonius Oy oldin
I heard that place went out of business mike you animal you bankrupted them
em Meru
em Meru Oy oldin
I’m Japanese but,I’ve never eaten Kobe Beef I jealous you
em Meru
em Meru Oy oldin
Kobe Bryant
Diyo Desman Ginting
i'll definitely do some damage!!! i mean a lot of damage
PuFFTea GT Oy oldin
The reaction tho
Van Jay B
Van Jay B Oy oldin
Awesome shirt and food video. Luv from vancouver
Back in Japan, my mom went here and I couldn't believe it. A restaurant that sells all-you-can-eat wagyu beef? But after this video I'm convinced lmaoo
rayoloco5000 2 oy oldin
Is this bad or good?
Ephers 2 oy oldin
This is the place you take your wife when you are not ok with each other since you technically have an hour and you guys would just eat and not talk
dreamauroraj 2 oy oldin
this is food porn for a meat lover. drooling
ᴀʟᴘʜᴀ 2 oy oldin
I would love to live in Japan for a year
mann0311 2 oy oldin
5:23 CC on you'll thank me.
Folk Canine
Folk Canine 2 oy oldin
Whoever did the English translations for this video; is not going to heaven in this life. TOO MANY LENNY FACES!
Phil Gaerlan
Phil Gaerlan 2 oy oldin
"How dare you!!!" Hahahahahahaha
Whit3nesquik 2 oy oldin
I need to go to Japan!
Jerry Zhang
Jerry Zhang 2 oy oldin
Mike Chen: I gotta finish everything on my plate! (Plate full of A5 Wagyu) Me: I gotta finish everything on my plate! (Plate full of broccoli)
Steak ain’t even really that good
luke petrey
luke petrey 2 oy oldin
I keep getting tai Lopez adds on these videos
denis 2 oy oldin
was trying to get to 16hrs fasting and yeah... no.
Sortaboring 2 oy oldin
cries in poor
Jacob Essam
Jacob Essam 2 oy oldin
Just realized he’s a younger Jackie Chan version.
Fred Zeppelin
Fred Zeppelin 2 oy oldin
I can't even begin to explain how jealous I am right now, I'm speechless
xerusama 2 oy oldin
"Holy Cow!" Well.....yeah it is!
Louis Kolm
Louis Kolm 2 oy oldin
Weird question, and you probably won‘t answer, but why do you not eat raw stuff at all? I mean in most places you go to they know how to prepare it correctly so you dont get infected.
Selvi Wennars
Selvi Wennars 2 oy oldin
Does anyone else salivate just by looking at the raw meat??
Outside life
Outside life 2 oy oldin
I had salami, lots of marbling
UltimateChoji An
UltimateChoji An 2 oy oldin
You look like jacky Chan.
Alpha Tolentino
Alpha Tolentino 2 oy oldin
Virtual torture! Drooling intensely while watching this video. Y u do diz to meeeeeee
s s
s s 2 oy oldin
Many reviews suggust that this place is unfriendly towards foreigners. So beware
Ana *-*
Ana *-* 2 oy oldin
pleeease come to Brazil, we have like the best meat in the world, u will love here
Gustina Sugiri
Gustina Sugiri 2 oy oldin
Anne Marie
Anne Marie 2 oy oldin
I'm watching this at 3:30am and now I want wagu steak. 😫
Jewpac Shakur
Jewpac Shakur 2 oy oldin
C'mon Bro, NEVER disrespect the Screechmeister! There's 2 people in this World that u never speak ill of and that's Screech and Chuck Norris! 😅
andrea graciel
andrea graciel 2 oy oldin
Whats the name of the first restaurant? Please infoooooo
andrea graciel
andrea graciel 2 oy oldin
SL 2 oy oldin
It went to Hogwarts.🤣 Mike should do stand up.
Mista Mase
Mista Mase 2 oy oldin
All the meat was super fatty
roxE- 2 oy oldin
cooooooook mantep bgt ini pasti
남훈namhoonkim 2 oy oldin
Jackie Chan.....
Ng Shawn
Ng Shawn 2 oy oldin
Mark Atkinson
Mark Atkinson 2 oy oldin
We went to Ginza Steak during our trip to Japan after watching your video months ago and we're SO glad we did! Thanks so much for the recommendation!
Herson Lae
Herson Lae 2 oy oldin
$60 is probably under priced for that set of meal
Kun oldin
Kobe Beef!
3 yil oldin