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Amazing Game Show Cheaters

Good Mythical Morning
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Whammy! Some people are straight up cheaters. GMM #893!
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5-Apr, 2016



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art leftovers
art leftovers 23 soat oldin
If you got the tick toc asmd wtf eas she drinking
Sean Rutherford
Sean Rutherford Kun oldin
My favorite intro graphic of any season
Awesome Gaming
Awesome Gaming Kun oldin
Ruben Nuñez
Ruben Nuñez Kun oldin
6:55 You're welcome
bianca loves changkyun
Ethan Creer
Ethan Creer 5 kun oldin
OVER- SAKEN 5 kun oldin
David Clark
David Clark 5 kun oldin
This episode was aired. Then the organisers decided that even though they had made a fortune from the episode they decided to cheat their way out of not paying the money. Maybe you two losers should try to think for yourselves!
Wolf 3018
Wolf 3018 5 kun oldin
The Price Is Right?!! Who would cheat on that game, i love guessing and using that game to mentally range prices outside the game b4 i buy something i want
Bree Salcedo
Bree Salcedo 6 kun oldin
I couldn’t focus most of the video because I thought you were going to knock the cup over with your elbow 😬
Stitchiols 6 kun oldin
the game shows that i watch are: The Price Is Right and Jeopardy 😃
diamond Wolfgirl
diamond Wolfgirl 7 kun oldin
1:42 if you wanna get straight into it. You’re welcome
TheWholeShabang 7 kun oldin
Figuring out the pattern is definitely not cheating
TWO BRACKETS 8 kun oldin
Test your luck is about reflexes. Any1 who plays csgo you should know whats up.
Meeper 9 kun oldin
he did not cheat
Curtis Bradbury
Curtis Bradbury 10 kun oldin
This is shit
Summer 10 kun oldin
Awwhhhh crap the guy who’s money was stolen after a Christmas party. Dang.
SPACE KING 11 kun oldin
The cheaters on this video*"STOP"
John Adams
John Adams 11 kun oldin
first guy is a cheater. the 2nd two were totally brilliant!
tracyolsen 2
tracyolsen 2 11 kun oldin
I swallowed my tooth today
Benjamin Goncharenko
There's a documentary on the price is right story, you should check it out
raman noodles backflip
A major fraud
Scouts of Skyrim
Scouts of Skyrim 12 kun oldin
The second guy isn't really a cheater he is just smart
strictjungle 795
strictjungle 795 13 kun oldin
I love the Price Is Right
Curt O
Curt O 13 kun oldin
CORRECTION: I have information that counters your explanation about how the guy won the the price is right with the exact price. There was a guy named Theodore that had done all of the studying for years and he had actually already won the price is right. As a regular audience member, that day he was sitting out in the crown near the wife of the man who got the exact price. Since the audience gets to participate and suggests prices, the wife listened to Theodore and yelled out the prices he suggested. And if you think that is a coincidence, Theodore had helped another guy win a few years earlier. The winner CLAIMS that his studying had won him the contest, but that day He was using Theodore's advice. See this link: www.houstonchronicle.com/entertainment/article/How-one-San-Antonio-man-s-obsession-with-The-12986262.php
Louis Bradburn
Louis Bradburn 15 kun oldin
Who knew that Link could do such a great impression of Chris Tarrant
Imani .W
Imani .W 15 kun oldin
Hello im from 2019, r u?
LukeO9 15 kun oldin
not cheating idiots
Joseph Hare
Joseph Hare 16 kun oldin
*Cough cough*
Rishabh Kapatkar
Rishabh Kapatkar 16 kun oldin
Let's talk about that!
Rishabh Kapatkar
Rishabh Kapatkar 16 kun oldin
I knew the Googol thing and I am not lucky because I didn't answer that!
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter 17 kun oldin
So only one person has ever cheated on game shows?
J.B 17 kun oldin
110000 all in $1 bills, what a stupid move.
Macey Sebastian
Macey Sebastian 17 kun oldin
Idk why but I love this episode of GMM
a l a i n a m a n a l o
XxMackenzie GachaxX
XxMackenzie GachaxX 23 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice the Rhett and link bobble heads in the background??
Karen Spelman
Karen Spelman 26 kun oldin
spay neuter your humans
krizz 26 kun oldin
why does link look like my uncle
Scotty Benson
Scotty Benson 26 kun oldin
Get rid of the idiot with the glasses!
Ella Roberts
Ella Roberts 27 kun oldin
2°19 anyone?
Tealfox Gamer
Tealfox Gamer 28 kun oldin
*cough* *NO* *cough*
Cullyn Washington
Cullyn Washington 28 kun oldin
I miss this theme song
Nick Turlington
Nick Turlington 28 kun oldin
I also live in Minnesota
Tyler Devine
Tyler Devine Oy oldin
100k I would have faked a heart attack.
Gatlin forestadventures
“We gotta STAAHHPP him” / cough, cough NO/ meh I hate my job he won right on the nose meh
Swagtastickid Oy oldin
I JUST COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING! Link: I wonder what he would've said when he came home while they were stealing the money... Rhett: STOP!!! 8:42
Hey Hannah
Hey Hannah Oy oldin
that second guy wasn’t a cheater.. it’s the shows fault for doing the same algorithms every time
Danger Dolphin 101
Disclunk Vlogs
old intro best intro
nagham tahaalkreiz
they stoped
newsveteran Oy oldin
You two should be married. Lots of useless banter between the two of you remind me of these couples that try to do the same thing however one won't let the other talk without chiming in. GET TO IT and not take nearly 2 minutes before you get to your first videos. And WHY do we need to see you throughout the video? GET OFF CAMERA and LET THE VIDEOS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES instead of us having to see how continuously useless your reactions and comments are. Couldn't watch any more after 2:45..
Richard Solis
Richard Solis Oy oldin
How the frk did he cheeet...watch the movie the perfect bid
Quinndiana Jones
At least half of the comments just say STOOAHHHOOP!
Quinndiana Jones
Lol I’ve watched this vid like 30 times and I’m still not bored with it
Ele Wright
Ele Wright Oy oldin
Chaser Plays
Chaser Plays Oy oldin
11:57 My sister goes to St. Olaf.
LUKE Nerone
LUKE Nerone Oy oldin
my mom when she sees me with a lighter 8:45
LeggoMyLamb Oy oldin
Can't believe you didn't say "strategery" @ 1:15
Phil Losophy
Phil Losophy Oy oldin
This is a cool video with the sound off
Mekel Reen
Mekel Reen Oy oldin
Price Is Right Dude with Jim Carey didn’t cheat, all he did was watch the show and remember the general prices of the items they used. Not against the rules and in no way cheating. Just was a fan of the show with a good memory.
Jen Yager Arnold
Millionaire in the USA is filmed 5 shows a day Mon-Fri as most game shows are done. I’m pretty sure it is the same in Britain. He most likely had about 15 minutes.
JaetonWesley Oy oldin
Dylan Lewis
Dylan Lewis Oy oldin
Is it just me or is Rhett dead on the inside
Themekiller Oy oldin
That guy didn’t cheat he beat the system
Hunter Hogan
Hunter Hogan Oy oldin
lighting in this video is awesome
Steven Sundara
Well I found $2435a making system that is really working:(just go to) greattools.xyz/?nmRoA Try Once
Kai Thongsavanh
Remember when a female contestant on TPIR would guess the exact price and run up on stage and Bob Barker would have her reach in his pocket to get the “bonus”. Yeah I don’t think that would fly in todays pound me too culture.
Brightstar429 Oy oldin
Terry didn’t actually do anything. His wife sat next to someone who actually studied it. So don’t give terry the credit.
I don’t Know
Anyone else is watching in 2019
Reece hittin the Piece
So no one actually cheated lol
Bagel II
Bagel II Oy oldin
Nick Mootz
Nick Mootz Oy oldin
Terry didn't study the prices. He got the answer from another contestant who did. There's a whole movie about it. Terry isn't a cheater, but he's a liar.
Speeddemon3 Oy oldin
Stupid hipsters
Steven Ciechan
The player beats the system, he did nothing wrong.
PJ sivley
PJ sivley Oy oldin
The only cheater was the guy on "Millionaire". The guy on whammy noticed that their system was broken (not random) and basically out smarted the maker of the game show. Same goes for the guy on the price is right. First, It takes luck to get picked from the audience to play on the show. Second, they were smart enough to realize there was a pattern occurring and took advantage of it. Third, it did take luck to guess the exact amount.
Flop Studios
Flop Studios Oy oldin
Me: Sees someone trying to Subscribe to T-series. Me: *STOP!* Subscribe to Pewdiepie
Spaghetti Roll
Links shirt is so damn Asymmetrical I’m done
666 SATAN 666
666 SATAN 666 Oy oldin
Welp, Sinners are Winners.
Minimagz Oy oldin
So this was a video about game show cheaters......and they only showed 1 actual cheater
Jason Fate
Jason Fate Oy oldin
Exciteris Oy oldin
0|-| ¥3@|-|
Rascal Flatts Fanatic
The wheel on the Price Is Right is totally rigged. They can extend the spin or slow it down gradually to get a desired result. Scam.
Fun bunny
Fun bunny Oy oldin
I l♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ve the price is right
Chris Danielson
KittycrazZ Oy oldin
Half these people didn’t cheat!! CLICK BAIT A-HOLES!!!
TheNerdQueen 51
TheNerdQueen 51 2 oy oldin
Playlist Creations
the guy on the intro was not a cheater, there is a documentary on this on amazon movies call "the perfect bid".
Rodolfo Ayala
Rodolfo Ayala 2 oy oldin
Cough medicine.
Gavin Parliament
Gavin Parliament 2 oy oldin
My mom was on praise is right
Peach Peridot
Peach Peridot 2 oy oldin
STAAHP! Cough cough
I Like Pizza
I Like Pizza 2 oy oldin
Lilly Dobrozsi
Lilly Dobrozsi 2 oy oldin
{\__/} (• - •) / >🧁 Wanna cupcake Cost= 1 👍
AEveryDayVeiwer 20 kun oldin
Fafa Gamer orrrr U can eat 💩
Fafa Gamer
Fafa Gamer 20 kun oldin
Or hear me out I shoot and kill you then eat your corpse?
AEveryDayVeiwer 29 kun oldin
Happy Homie then eaaat {\__/} ( • - •) />💩 POOOOOOOOOOOOOOP
Happy Homie
Happy Homie 29 kun oldin
Lilly Dobrozsi being honest I hate ice cream,cake/cupcakes,and a couple of other sweats just aren’t the good to me
You must be on Android then. To people on apple its poo emoji
nick knack
nick knack 2 oy oldin
Member When
Member When 2 oy oldin
Let me know if you get that call from Tomarken. It would be pretty amazing since he’s been dead for 12 years.
TourPace64 2 oy oldin
I remember watching that Press Your Luck episode with my siblings and cousins when we were on school break. It took us about three minutes to figure out that there was a pattern and couldn't believe that they didn't stop the show! Classic!!
Epic Gamer Girl
Epic Gamer Girl 2 oy oldin
Cj Cordell
Cj Cordell 2 oy oldin
I can't stand dude on the right is also the shit out this dude
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 2 oy oldin
I'm just noticing this but reat has weird elbows
High Overlord Snarffie Beagle
when I was 4 a baby sitter molested me, why does this video make me think of that?
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