Americans & Koreans Swap Snacks

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"This is what you eat homeboy."
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19-Dek, 2018



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Karina Wang
Karina Wang 5 soat oldin
Korean snack is basically Chinese snacks, it’s just the words are korean 😂, but’s good
Stefan Snellgrove
Stefan Snellgrove 5 soat oldin
I love how no American said anything about the Chico Pie looking like a Moon Pie that would have been my first words. Unless it’s only a southern thing they’d always throw those at Madi Gras!!!
Cequan Walker
Cequan Walker 5 soat oldin
They really ate the kit Kats like that🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂
Sadie Boroda
Sadie Boroda 7 soat oldin
Do Israeli foods
Apathetic Karma
Apathetic Karma 10 soat oldin
Why didn’t you use moon pies instead of KitKats.... That would’ve been a more fair analysis
Josh Hirata
Josh Hirata 11 soat oldin
Do Brazilian snacks
Rad RJ
Rad RJ 13 soat oldin
4:55 hahahahaha I can’t I think every foreigner/ tourist in Korea had the same reaction as her when nearly EVERYTHING HAS A SWEET FLAVOUR in Korea!! (It’s because Koreans are as sweet as the flavours they put in 💜)
Rad RJ
Rad RJ 13 soat oldin
8:00 Can someone get me the contact information of this woman she is my animal spirit!!!😂😂
Vigo Neve
Vigo Neve Kun oldin
The gold fish Are realy salty yes us americains Are pretty salty Ooooooooopoh roast em
Bella Colvin
Bella Colvin Kun oldin
I hated how they ate the kit kats😔
DisMantled Kun oldin
0:05 when u wanted to do a plot twist in the middle of the video
Nevada Flows
Nevada Flows Kun oldin
“Us Americans Are Very Salty” LMAO THAT’S HELLA TRUE
Harvey Ignacio
Harvey Ignacio Kun oldin
I like both choco pie and kit kat
Gyeong Seo Kim
Gyeong Seo Kim Kun oldin
You should have brought Orion's choco pie man Lotte's pie sucks
Scarlett C
Scarlett C Kun oldin
Kit kats are Japanese tho lol
toga Kun oldin
Scarlett C actually they originated from the UK
Soy CraizyBoy
Soy CraizyBoy 2 kun oldin
The coco pie is a mamut my Mexicans know what I am talking about
Water Salad
Water Salad 2 kun oldin
The choco pies bring me nostalgia! My Asian friend in school used to bring them all the times to offer until he left ;(
TryhardAngel XD
TryhardAngel XD 2 kun oldin
The guy representing Korea in the thumbnail was representing America in a previous episode
Momo Momo
Momo Momo 2 kun oldin
I wanna be friends with the lady in glasses...she seems sooo cool
Nathan Jones
Nathan Jones 3 kun oldin
The Korean guy and the black guy are definitely stoned
Madi’s Journey
Madi’s Journey 3 kun oldin
Dipo some more aussie ones I love them
Daniel Meeker
Daniel Meeker 3 kun oldin
The Korean girl is.... FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blake W.
Blake W. 3 kun oldin
Toxic Acid
Toxic Acid 3 kun oldin
i thought ruffles were Canadian??
Senpai Notice me
Senpai Notice me 3 kun oldin
K that choco pie Is literally a moon pie
Dëmøníc Dëmøn
Dëmøníc Dëmøn 3 kun oldin
Mostly all of these Korean snacks are in Vietnam so I know how mostly all of these snacks taste
chap 3 kun oldin
kit kat is swiss
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf 4 kun oldin
More Korean 🇰🇷 foods I'm Korean by the way but I was born in America so I'm glad to learn more about my race
Rimsha Budhraja
Rimsha Budhraja 4 kun oldin
Choco Pie originated in the U.S.A and it is still being used as a snack so how are you guys having Choco Pie for the first time?
임혜진 4 kun oldin
초코파이는 오리온이지 try orion choco pie!!!!!!
Joyce bonilla
Joyce bonilla 5 kun oldin
My name's Joyce
Keon Walton
Keon Walton 5 kun oldin
Thicker than a snicker : other girl wow call his mom to whoop his butt This is what I’d say
sarin sem
sarin sem 5 kun oldin
Choco pie all the way
Morgan Biggs
Morgan Biggs 5 kun oldin
We are a salty brand (?) of human
jCao 5 kun oldin
I had chocolate pie
JiMii78 5 kun oldin
wait what why is it freakin lotte choco pie??!!
WeeWicky 5 kun oldin
3:03 haha “it does tho, smell it”😂🤣😂🤣
Kenji Kumagai
Kenji Kumagai 4 kun oldin
WeeWicky It really did!
IHaveNoFriends 5 kun oldin
I feel like there's just going to be 1 guy that's mad about how the korean girl bit the kit kat
IHaveNoFriends 5 kun oldin
i love the Korean version of funyuns but i haven't actually ate it in ages
SweetIvory 1203
SweetIvory 1203 6 kun oldin
I had the Korean onion rings, they sell them here in America. They tastes like our funyuns but more sweet. They smell TERRIBLE tho so probably msg but I absolutely love them
Vor_tx 6 kun oldin
I ate all of the Korean snacks and American snacks. Legit, real goooooooooooood. Korea wins!
GhostyPlayzYT 6 kun oldin
why not do choco pie vs moon pie LIKE COME ON
Elize Els
Elize Els 6 kun oldin
omg how do they eat kitkat
Vidsby Cadence
Vidsby Cadence 6 kun oldin
Americans r the junky funky queens 👸
Gweneth Cole
Gweneth Cole 6 kun oldin
The choco pie sounds like it's probably like the American Moon Pie . . . which means I wants it . . . give me the precious.
tony Lachenmaier
tony Lachenmaier 7 kun oldin
I mean evan
tony Lachenmaier
tony Lachenmaier 7 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure Eric lives in America so he knows most these things from America
tony Lachenmaier
tony Lachenmaier 7 kun oldin
I’m pretty sure Eric lives in America so
Phoebe Her
Phoebe Her 7 kun oldin
CHOCO PIE!!!!!!!!!!! Back to my childhood!!!
Phoebe Her
Phoebe Her 7 kun oldin
My brother ate 5 bags of chili cheese Fritos on a long drive. He later puked them all up and the car smelled like chili cheese Fritos. I have never been able to even look at Fritos the same again.
TravisDaSavage 7 kun oldin
ugh they just bit right into the kitkat without breaking it, they can have a pass this time
Halie Schaffer
Halie Schaffer 7 kun oldin
Those Honey Butter Chips tho
Whatever Vids
Whatever Vids 7 kun oldin
I’m triggered because they ate the kit kat without breaking a piece
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar 7 kun oldin
Korean boo: SO SALTY!!!!!!!!!!! American,: yeah, i mean-
MoonandRaven! Gaming!
When I move to Korea, I probably already know I’ll enjoy the food, but time zone. - yeeet-
B.A.P is the best
B.A.P is the best 7 kun oldin
I also cried with honey butter chips bruh
Calayla Gandini
Calayla Gandini 7 kun oldin
americans are so weird lol
Is the Korean with the yellow/beige sweatshirt Hosuh from DanPlan???? It REALLY sounds like him
Kenji Kumagai
Kenji Kumagai 8 kun oldin
Awww thanks for the huge compliment!! post come to my channel~ we have cookies and stuff lol
Crow 8 kun oldin
Choco Pie? You mean MoonPie?! 8:10
hostile1ne 8 kun oldin
Hmmmm, she likes it THiCC..
TrixVFX 8 kun oldin
so why didn’t anyone tell them to snap the kitkat first .-.
Jocelynn Patrick
Jocelynn Patrick 8 kun oldin
Y'all see how they were eating the Kit Kats too?
Good Vibes
Good Vibes 9 kun oldin
4:56 ? Me lookin @ my grades sis they done left me speechlessssss
NamelessForce 9 kun oldin
*_Choco pie + America = Moonpie_*
Offended Yet?
Offended Yet? 9 kun oldin
So everything from America is salty and everything from Korea is sweet 😂😂
Whos Mans is This
Whos Mans is This 9 kun oldin
I actually do come home eat dbz and eat goldfish lol
Asia Yates
Asia Yates 9 kun oldin
Omg I think it’s cute how she cried over a chip
Yseson _
Yseson _ 9 kun oldin
I have a crush on both those girls now
Yseson _
Yseson _ 9 kun oldin
Corn chips smell like feet no truer words spoken
Kenji Kumagai
Kenji Kumagai 8 kun oldin
Yo Hitman Bang
Yo Hitman Bang 9 kun oldin
I think onions are sweet too.. Is that weird??
Yseson _
Yseson _ 9 kun oldin
HoliChubbz04 9 kun oldin
*_yes us Americans r salty especially white people...GOOD THING IM MEXICAN BITCHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS_*
Hwa NaRi
Hwa NaRi 9 kun oldin
Onions are sweet actually
Jeremy Rice
Jeremy Rice 9 kun oldin
Why did no one correct how they ate the kit kats?
Amanda Justice
Amanda Justice 9 kun oldin
Thanks for ruining goldfish for me! Really, a stoned fish?!
Riot _SnappeR
Riot _SnappeR 9 kun oldin
Lol 1:10 “Us Americans are pretty salty”😂😂😂
Ella Bella
Ella Bella 9 kun oldin
i’ve had the choco pies and the onion rings and i’m from australia
cupcake ciara
cupcake ciara 10 kun oldin
Why did she eat the KitKat like that😭😭😭I'm scared
냥갱이 10 kun oldin
한국과자 있어서 들어왔는데 한글자막이 없다.........
Cecilia Feng
Cecilia Feng 10 kun oldin
Noooooo she ate the kit Kat from the top! Cries in sadness forever
J Kim
J Kim 10 kun oldin
Its funny how the koreans americans act like theyve never eaten goldfish
Patricia Romo
Patricia Romo 10 kun oldin
Wait why didn’t they compare MoonPies to the Choco Pies??? Those are clearly the most similar
Jodiah 10 kun oldin
Evan is so hot! 💙 I missed him and Joyce 😂🎊
Jae Hong
Jae Hong 10 kun oldin
You guys had LOTTE not the original ORION choco pie!!! LOTTE is FAR worse.... OMG I'm so sad right now...
HPFangirl71 卌
HPFangirl71 卌 10 kun oldin
Seems like America focuses on saltiness & Korea focuses on sweetness, so it depends on what your preference is. I like that each side actually preferred some of the opposite snacks!!
The Geocaching Chef
The Geocaching Chef 10 kun oldin
I have never understand why they pair such opposites together in these things.... like the corn chips should have been something like hot fries, and the kit-kats should have been a moon pie. There is also plenty of sweet chip options. It would be a more interesting comparison if they actually picked snacks that are each others counterparts
•alpine gacha•
•alpine gacha• 10 kun oldin
lotte chocopie is also in india
April Acevedo
April Acevedo 11 kun oldin
Potato_ Queen
Potato_ Queen 11 kun oldin
8:03 That's me with candy xD
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 11 kun oldin
The way they ate kit Kats actually murdered me💀💀💀
Blank 11 kun oldin
5:42 less blodoum xd
Danielle_Marsh 11 kun oldin
Wait aren’t kit kats originally an English snack?
Bear - Awesome229
Bear - Awesome229 11 kun oldin
The Choco Pie looks kind of like a Moon Pie.
Vexenom 12 kun oldin
so no one is gonna point out that the black guy looked stoned or what
Jacob Jones
Jacob Jones 12 kun oldin
Moon pie in America is just like choco pie
Cat Ram
Cat Ram 12 kun oldin
The chocolate pies are like moon pies
Braceface Amari
Braceface Amari 12 kun oldin
7:53 🤣💀
GIRL's DIY 12 kun oldin
O!karto Donald trump
Jessica Hopper
Jessica Hopper 12 kun oldin
im offended they didnt use moon pies against the choco pie lol
Deedric Kee
Deedric Kee 12 kun oldin
Are MoonPies and Chocopies the same, I see no difference. Americans have Moonpies
Natalie Huang
Natalie Huang 12 kun oldin
The whale food thingy is so good 😊
Pxelvlog Pixel log
Pxelvlog Pixel log 12 kun oldin
I live in Canada and I’ve ate more Korean snacks than American snacks
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