Americans Try Australian Candy For The First Time

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“It’s a chocolate frog… but it’s not the chocolate frog from Harry Potter."
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26-Iyl, 2017

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
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Nardi 5 kun oldin
@Isaac butterfield
Mrs Robinson
Mrs Robinson 6 kun oldin
Yeah! The guy who likes cherry ripe is ma man !
Ahnya Evans
Ahnya Evans 8 kun oldin
I am Australian and I have a love/hate relationship with cherry ripes😂
a o o b a
a o o b a 9 kun oldin
I live in australia and i have never seen violet crumble from my memory
U7 Hydro
U7 Hydro 15 kun oldin
They need to try golden gay time
DucksGoQuack 18 kun oldin
“This is a grandma chocolate” “this is a mature chocolate” literally 90% of Australians will agree with you on that!
Debate A Mate
Debate A Mate 20 kun oldin
did he just dis timtams they are like Australias nation biscuit there like oreas to Americans
AvaPlaysMC 21 kun oldin
"This is a grandma chocolate." That's what my grandma eats and sends me!
AvaPlaysMC 21 kun oldin
Now I want some chocolate, but It's all ontop of the fridge, and I'm not allowed to have it. Also mint Tim Tams.
spyvsargent 22 kun oldin
What a bunch of fuckheads
Gucci Gibbs
Gucci Gibbs 26 kun oldin
Is it just me or I have never heard of a Chokito and I’m from Australia
FluteDellie 26 kun oldin
I'm Aussie and never had Chokitos or Violet Crumbles in my life. We have Twix and chocolate wafers are Kit-Kats. I really want Tim Tams now. Bye
neeon Fox
neeon Fox 27 kun oldin
i love the Worth It crew...
Iana Clarice Nicolas
AJCringeVids Oy oldin
most of those chocies are like none of aussies most famous, What the HECK is a chokito lol.
Octoling Oscar
Like if you’re Australian and just here to see their reactions
Emi Taylor
Emi Taylor Oy oldin
what the heck is a chokito?
Lay Crafts
Lay Crafts Oy oldin
I'm AUSSIE but what the hell is a chokito?
Gerry Gold
Gerry Gold Oy oldin
Simple biscuits for simple bitches
Anne Field
Anne Field Oy oldin
Lollies bro
Charles Buckley
Leesh Bomb
Leesh Bomb Oy oldin
I'm Australian and I've never heard of chikito before
Tanneth Alborough
You eating the tim tams wrong lol.
Sami Motaghedi
I love Tim Tams cookies! They're incredible! They sale them at target now in my area of California. The chocolate quality is excellent and the cookie itself is good too.
Ella010294 Oy oldin
Everybody say it with me.... no one like cherry ripe
Eliza Gaskell
Eliza Gaskell Oy oldin
Love Picnic and Cherry ripe, but now I got braces I have to forgot my treats....tim tam though are the best, specially done correctly with via TIM TAM slam 🇦🇺
Galaxy God
Galaxy God Oy oldin
I have never seen violet crumble in Australia and I live in Australia
gibby Oy oldin
Never heard of a chokito and I'm Australian
Rm - Flix
Rm - Flix Oy oldin
I’m Aussie, Wtf is a chokito?
emma jane
emma jane Oy oldin
I could go on a 200 hour rant on why Tim tams are not just a “biscuit”
travistar Oy oldin
Australians don't call it candy FFS
Deema Zoloto
Deema Zoloto Oy oldin
try ukrainian bounty
NightFall147 2 oy oldin
Lol I thought freedo frogs was a world wide thing
Evan Tan
Evan Tan 2 oy oldin
you should of try curly wurly
Irene Sumbera
Irene Sumbera 2 oy oldin
Should have done this after a joint or two. Everything's good after the munchies
Boti Gamer
Boti Gamer 2 oy oldin
1:04 Cheers, mate
Lola Willows
Lola Willows 2 oy oldin
im from Australia and i love cherry ripes
sanad haq
sanad haq 2 oy oldin
A tim tam isn’t a candy it’s a peacemaker
DuKeBanksy 2 oy oldin
I’m Aussie, wtf is a chokito
Jarred Hunt
Jarred Hunt 2 oy oldin
Crunchies are so much better than violet crumbles, should have tried them, the honeycomb in them is softer and nicer imo
Achilles Edits
Achilles Edits 2 oy oldin
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson 2 oy oldin
You forgot to try a Polly waffle.
Stephanie Holland
As soon as I see the title I immediately think right how bad will these Americans think Australian’s act (btw definitely Australian)
Olivia Mcguire
Olivia Mcguire 2 oy oldin
I'm australian and I love all of these foods
Diva the Pineapple
You can either hate cherry ripe or love it
Shannon Hughes
Shannon Hughes 2 oy oldin
Picnics are the best thing that has ever happened to the world!
Rebekah Wood
Rebekah Wood 2 oy oldin
how do americans live off chocolate that is not cadbury or whittakers? (I'm from New Zealand, whittakers is a nz chocolate) they are the two best chocolate companies in the world. you guys should try new zealand chocolate and lollies in another video
oliver brooks
oliver brooks 2 oy oldin
I'm Australian and hat most of them chocolates
oliver brooks
oliver brooks 2 oy oldin
Hate not hat
Meme Murphy
Meme Murphy 2 oy oldin
Issac mei boi
Corbin Hare
Corbin Hare 2 oy oldin
Fuckers. 80% of these are kiwi.
featherqueen31 2 oy oldin
Should’ve given them a mars bar then a Milky Way. The conversation would’ve gone down like this. “This mars bar tastes exactly like an American Milky Way” *gives Milky way* “How come this Milky Way has no caramel in it??”
GussieBabes 2 oy oldin
Bitches? that's offensive to women buzzfeed!!!
Immy727 2 oy oldin
How did they not have a Caramello Koala??
Esther L
Esther L 2 oy oldin
we have 10 freaking packs of tim tam at home rn lol
Deni Kara
Deni Kara 2 oy oldin
Idk I cringe when Americans try Auzzie food lol
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams 3 oy oldin
I'm Australian and we Australians say " You think that the picnic is the ugliest chocolate" then pulls out the Chokito
Cephachrome 3 oy oldin
lol Freddos are from the UK
TigiFluff 3 oy oldin
I live in Australia and EVERYONE I know hates cherry ripe chocolate and whenever we buy chocolate packs to eat and it has cherry ripe we leave it at the bottom of our kitchen draw lol
hairymaclary121 3 oy oldin
Picnic is my fave
Mark Mathews
Mark Mathews 3 oy oldin
Glad you liked chokito. You got my subscription. They are by far my favourite chocolate bar. Prefer it over even european chocolate including Belgium's and Swiss. Also, if it tastes like cereal, how much fn sugar is in your cereal. If someone gets this message I would be interested to see what you think of Australian cereals including Weetbix (similar but better than Weetabix from UK) and Vita Brits. If you have leftover Tim-tams you gotta try biting off both ends and drinking warm coffee through it like a straw. It melts the inside and tastes like the best mocha you have ever had.
Hamish Campbell Case
Ur racist to us
D A Y S T R U C K 前衛
Not a pleasent interior that the best chocolate interior
Skadi 3 oy oldin
Wtf is a chokito?
Ashboo softball life
tim-tams are the best biscuits in Australia don't say it's simple then i will say oreos are simple
Tait Furlong
Tait Furlong 3 oy oldin
Can you do an "American thoughts on the plastic bag ban" video!
Gooblyful 3 oy oldin
Andrew. Please. Stop. Too. Funny.
Damien Harrison
Damien Harrison 3 oy oldin
1 million views. All from Aussies waiting for their reaction and getting upset when they say something bad.
Phia Grace
Phia Grace 3 oy oldin
They have tim tams in America lmao
youcrew tv
youcrew tv 3 oy oldin
It's better with milk
PilotM1911 3 oy oldin
Anybody else think Adam kind of sounds and looks like Curly?
Sophie 3 oy oldin
who's gonna tell them they only tried choclates
Sim W
Sim W 3 oy oldin
Wheres the caramelo koala??? Cmon guys!
lollies not candy. We also don’t call it candy it’s just straight up chocolate
Eva Terry
Eva Terry 3 oy oldin
Never had a violet crumble never heard of them, and I’m Australian.
MookyMook 3 oy oldin
If you don’t love Aussie food. You’re sad.
Kawasaki Squad
Kawasaki Squad 3 oy oldin
A little tips to all you Americans from a fellow Australia you need to tip half the tin in and a little milk for milo
Reckelz 3 oy oldin
eh? we have em in NZ
Name 3 oy oldin
majority where chocolates???
brad courtney
brad courtney 3 oy oldin
*Eats Chokito* "That tastes like cereal.". Boi you need to eat something else aside from fruity pebbles and lucky charms for breakfast if youre used to breakfast tasting like a bloody Chokito hahahahahhaha
Jesse The firehead
I'm Australian and i can confirm that Cherry Ripes are the most disgusting thing
WhateverForever 3 oy oldin
Beta cucks
Matt Cordero
Matt Cordero 3 oy oldin
the picnic bar is just a shorter Mr.Big (Canadian chocolate bar) lol
Kcce_Lmjm 3 oy oldin
Tim-Tams are sacred here in Australia
Kcce_Lmjm 3 oy oldin
Andrew: “This is a very simple biscuit” Me: *chocks on my tim-tam* I’m sorry did I hear that right?
Jayden Rice
Jayden Rice 3 oy oldin
Chokito is from NZ
Levi Roch
Levi Roch 3 oy oldin
And wheres the caramellos at?? (Caramellos and allens strawberries and cream. . . All time favourite sneaky stoner snacks)
ozzypresident 3 oy oldin
man i eat this stuff everyday i never knew it was unique
로리 3 oy oldin
cherry ripes are one of those foods you hate as a child but as you grow older you learn to appreciate more
Dawn Allen
Dawn Allen 3 oy oldin
We don’t have ‘chokito’
The Flash 27
The Flash 27 3 oy oldin
U can get f*****
Tallulah Jakins
Tallulah Jakins 3 oy oldin
the reaction to the cherry ripe almost offended me, but then i remembered that they're my nana's favorite chocolate and they're kinda right...
audrey 4 oy oldin
Arkie Bertalli
Arkie Bertalli 4 oy oldin
Everyone in Australia that’s a child hates cherry ripes... it’s always the last chocolate in the box of favourites.
GOSTROK 4 oy oldin
When you try Australian candy maybe put lollies
Miguel Antonio Espiritu
what about Coffee ice cream tim tams
Hoops And loops
Hoops And loops 4 oy oldin
Baha I’m from straya and wtf is a chocko 😂
Shay Mercy
Shay Mercy 4 oy oldin
the fuk is a chokito? i’m also australia btw and have never seen this ever
Charlotte Moon
Charlotte Moon 4 oy oldin
Y'all have to try tim tams with milk (eat the tops off both ends then use as a straw lmao you read that right)
문인구 4 oy oldin
Violet crumble sounds somewhere between a glam rock band from the 80's and a lady wrestler.
AussieBlokeGordo 4 oy oldin
Violet crumbles are nice but I prefer Crunchies myself