Americans Try British Snacks

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I recently just returned home from a trip to London and had to try some British snacks!
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4-Yan, 2018

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Daemon Hauyer
Daemon Hauyer Kun oldin
I am an aussie so can someone please send me some army ration packs so that I can do a video on it. I will also pay the cost.
Poor Username
Poor Username 6 kun oldin
When i was a kid in England 40 years ago, You could get Hedge Hog flavour crisps, Obviously not real, just a gimmick that was never seen again.
Steve Rose
Steve Rose 9 kun oldin
pls dont slag us off
Abigail Green
Abigail Green 9 kun oldin
Can't believe you didn't like monster munch. Double deckers used to be much nicer but kraft ruined our cadburys chocolate. You eat the buttons wrong, need to let them melt in your mouth they're not as nice as they used to be either though. I'd like to see you try niknaks nice and spicy and a kitkat.
telstube 11 kun oldin
Pom Bears - cardboard! ha..ha... I love it!
Madpaddy Watson
Madpaddy Watson 12 kun oldin
Im not gonna like it because i think you were very rude to your friend on camera...
penisin sideme
penisin sideme 13 kun oldin
i’m british and never actually had a star bar
FrankRayMrLin 14 kun oldin
Funny :)
Jade Hall
Jade Hall 14 kun oldin
I've never tried or heard off poppets and I'm a brit
Jade Hall
Jade Hall 14 kun oldin
I don't like ur attitudes. however the right one is more respectful
Jade Hall
Jade Hall 14 kun oldin
she said prim mark 😱😨
longsightm12 14 kun oldin
Monster Munch are my favorites but you should have got Pickled onion or the natural beef flavour
hidden gem
hidden gem 15 kun oldin
You should of tried the .mint poppets: .much better than the toffee ones.
R.S. G
R.S. G 15 kun oldin
Fuck the british.. Bunch of insect pricks
Sisters Before misters
What I don’t understand is why do they want more flavour when they pick original like what.....
John wick
John wick 16 kun oldin
I don't know why she reminds me off Caroline flack
John wick
John wick 15 kun oldin
+CarsonKeegen yeah she fit. So are u ;-)
CarsonKeegen 16 kun oldin
John wick yes!! She used to host xtra factor and does love island!
John wick
John wick 16 kun oldin
+CarsonKeegen do u know who she is??
CarsonKeegen 16 kun oldin
John wick I’ll take it! I love her!!
Anna Carey
Anna Carey 22 kun oldin
The Pom bears r usually for younger children and toddlers
Dogsforever Vero
Dogsforever Vero 26 kun oldin
Pickled onion monster Munch are the best
Suzanne Richardson
Pom Bear is German not British.
Oliver Briault
try marmite you iver love it or hate it im english down south
Peter O,brien
Peter O,brien Oy oldin
Unreal I'm sat eating a grab bag of flaming hot monster munch nom nom nom.every time I go to my local shop I return with a pack...sooooo addictive
Skipmonster Oy oldin
When it says roast chicken don’t expect it to be like actual chicken what do think it’s a bag of crisps
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe Oy oldin
They don't have chicken crisps in America omg I love them so much.
Pink Giraffe
Pink Giraffe Oy oldin
As a British person I watch loads of these videos because its weird that they've never heard of the things I'm so familiar with.
Roy Roy
Roy Roy Oy oldin
let us see when you have gained 150lbs ha ha
lucy cooke
lucy cooke Oy oldin
It's poppin candy
lucy cooke
lucy cooke Oy oldin
The beef ones are lush mega munch 😍
Ann Other
Ann Other Oy oldin
Starbars are good value
Miss KrazyKat
Miss KrazyKat Oy oldin
Didn't your mom tell you not to talk with food in your mouth? You guys chew like a bunch of cows.
Ford For Prison
Diet bloody coke that makes it all good. You two are quite funny no sorry starbar not British icon. Boost bar, perhaps marathon and opal fruits.most names changed sadly for EU market, Drumb sticks reign, and where was Flake?
Elsombre2013 Oy oldin
cadburys prob have 40 or 50% of choc market maybe less
Elsombre2013 Oy oldin
the hard toffee types and chewits totally different when warm them, they go soft n nice
Elsombre2013 Oy oldin
bounty stinks too
Elsombre2013 Oy oldin
thats exactly how ur supposed to eat wotsits lol
Elsombre2013 Oy oldin
roast chicken crisps are stinkin'
NPC TARD Oy oldin
Worcester sauce crisps-worcester sauce in the bottle is real good with macaroni cheese-marmite is vile i wouldnt try-i once seen hedgehog flavoured crisps-gotta try scampi frys-smiths
Sitting here watching 2 sisters swallowing everything in their mouth,lol Do you have any English in you? Would you like some?. sorry but had too. Keep safe girls. xx
liam devlin
liam devlin Oy oldin
golden wonder cheese and onion, all the way, if you cant handle the intense flavour, then get walkers, theyre so much less flavoured 😈
liam devlin
liam devlin Oy oldin
our uk chocolate isnt great, remember how kitkats used to taste? but i e tried american chocolate and it is bitter, yuk.
Karen Fredericks
Most British of sweets....Parma Violets, aniseed twists, Army &Navy, pontefract cakes, sweet tobbaco, American hard gums....you can still get them but a lot of shops stock sickly Haribo stuff which is for wimps!
Chris Amour
Chris Amour Oy oldin
Omg she said Primark wrong
Colin Box
Colin Box Oy oldin
must try space raiders! the cheaper crisp are much better than walkers. i only put walkers on my sandwich again you must try. lol. chocolates i would say boost and topic bar but good choice with the ones you had. you really should try English breakfast or a big sunday roast..
Валари Петровский
I tried a Hershey bar and puked me ringpiece out.. liken it to cheese and choc ..
MrHighgate123 Oy oldin
To be honest as an English gentlemen id like to give those two a mouthful of my sour cream.
Jessica Hillier
roast beef monster munch don’t have real chunks in them btw😂😂
stephen mcabe
stephen mcabe Oy oldin
SNICKERS thats just pushing its a MARATHON say it or maybe u cant,,so now youve slagged off some of the UK stuff go fuckin back home
stephen mcabe
stephen mcabe Oy oldin
not as advanced lol its called not needing the extra plastic for a bag o choc thats gonna be eaten within 2 days tops.again retarded
stephen mcabe
stephen mcabe Oy oldin
the teddy ones are meant to be salty and melt in the mouth,ffs you pair have no idea how to taste anything,,and wotsits are not your shitty cheetos,,worst fuckin taste test ever by 2 complete retards
stephen mcabe
stephen mcabe Oy oldin
THEY ARE FUCKIN CRISPS NOT CHIPS,and roast chicen are a good tasty crisp
stephen mcabe
stephen mcabe Oy oldin
oh my fuck the OTT shit is just stupid
sp royals
sp royals Oy oldin
Best crisps are kettle cheese. Pringles taste so artificial. Crunchie is awful....too sweet...though not as bad as the Reece’s peanut things...wow they are terrible
D Mc
D Mc Oy oldin
U need 2 try mint poppets
Soul Boy 82
Soul Boy 82 Oy oldin
They chocolate orange segments have seen better days.
Emily Spring
Emily Spring 2 oy oldin
Is her sister scared of chocolate??
TheWacoKid1963 2 oy oldin
Hate to you, But that Terry's chocolate orange was at least a month out of date, In date chocolate doesn't have a white/pale cream marbled look to it.
thunderpig 2 oy oldin
you should of go tern the pickled onion monster munch bc they are the best!
thunderpig 2 oy oldin
I got a gordon ramsey advert before watching this xD
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 2 oy oldin
"Not as advanced as it is at home but they're trying". That's because nobody can eat a whole pack of American chocolate, it's muck. It needs to be re-sealed for long enough that the buyer forgets how awful it was and tries again.
Ikaruga 2 oy oldin
Think she is the bomb. Extremely Attractive & Sexy. Love the Shirt.
michael Bewick
michael Bewick 2 oy oldin
chewits an poppets.... now you know why English folk have bad teeth :p
mrlozmoore 2 oy oldin
sponsored by Walkers
J David Garnett
J David Garnett 2 oy oldin
I've never heard two girls making so much disgusting noises eating. :(
georgeowain 2 oy oldin
Next time you have Poppets, try the mint or raison flavour. Also if you haven't, try either Nick-Nacks rib flavour Galaxy Ripple.
Jaspreet Kaur
Jaspreet Kaur 2 oy oldin
I hate when americans overreacts 🙄
Darrin Hauxwell
Darrin Hauxwell 2 oy oldin
And it's BOUNTY not! BOUNCY!
Darrin Hauxwell
Darrin Hauxwell 2 oy oldin
It's PRI as in FRY Mark!
Toby O'Brien
Toby O'Brien 2 oy oldin
You've been great to watch, had to pause The Big Bang Theory. But do try a Twirl chocolate bar! Not one of these American videos shows this bar, I loved it since it came out about 20 years or so ago.
Toby O'Brien
Toby O'Brien 2 oy oldin
CADBURY takes over! Lol...Please google NESTLE!
Toby O'Brien
Toby O'Brien 2 oy oldin
POM BEAR crisps are GLUTEN free! Read the packet 1st!
ILLUMI NATI 2 oy oldin
Will Curb
Will Curb 2 oy oldin
You should try wheat crunchies,they usually come in multi packs are well worth a try.Also twix and Cadburys boost.
Jantina Haspels
Jantina Haspels 2 oy oldin
It seems the Brits like shapes to their crisps. Hilarious!
Paige Blincow
Paige Blincow 2 oy oldin
Wait... I have spent all my life thinking poppets were American 😂
ludocrat 2 oy oldin
You can actually see the sugar rush escalating. I jest. As a Brit who occasionally likes watching Americans talk about British stuff on UZvid sensitively, this is fun. I think that probably has a lot to do with the main reviewer here, who is very bright and entertaining. More please :)
Steven Orourke
Steven Orourke 2 oy oldin
Ok so I will never get that ten minutes back
Dave Seekers
Dave Seekers 2 oy oldin
The UK does have those sealable packs to keep chocolate etc fresh, some manufactures prefer stickers while other prefer the kind of zip air lock one.
Kev Gee
Kev Gee 2 oy oldin
what american snacks do you guys recommend? :)
Sofia_ Mae263
Sofia_ Mae263 2 oy oldin
Isn’t it funny watching these when you’re British ?😂
mark piper
mark piper 2 oy oldin
Britain has the most variation of chocolate and sweets in the world and without doubt the best chocolate in Cadbury’s nothing comes close, I’ve travelled extensively America,Australia trouble is when foreigners eat out chocolate/ sweets their taste buds aren’t used to it
Paul Gray
Paul Gray 2 oy oldin
Why don’t you go to the pub ???
Witchy Woman
Witchy Woman 2 oy oldin
Great video and omg Harry at the end 😍😚
gem gem
gem gem 2 oy oldin
topics, curly wirlys, galaxy cookie crumble, space raiders, nik naks, kit kats, toffiecrisps, munchies, rolos , aroes, malteasers, toffifee. toblerone, discos crisp. skips, roystons crisp, golden wonder crisp i could go on forever...............
Lacy Trigger
Lacy Trigger 3 oy oldin
Is it just me or do all Americans clink their foods and say cheers when they are trying British candy or snacks?
nathan whitworth
nathan whitworth 3 oy oldin
Yeah you'll love the Marmite ;-)
motomixer23 3 oy oldin
Please speak properly 😂😂😂
MyStyle 3 oy oldin
Curly Wurly for sure, also Aero Mint, Flake, Caramel Nibbles, Revels, Minstrels and Fruit Pastells!
Smiley_ McLoughlin
They are not potato chips they are crisps
StephandTasha 3 oy oldin
👅👅 My wife 👭🏽 and I tried British snacks yesterday, I 💘💘💘 their 🍫🍫chocolate so much more than our American chocolate. So much so that I went back to the store and let them know as I was buying more chocolate. Don't judge me 😂😂😂. He told me it was probably because the main ingredient is milk versus ours which is sugar. The Aero was delicious we liked most of the snacks but there were a few that our tastebuds were not use to. Check out our reaction to the snacks if you guys like 💘💘💘
RedSnowCatz Vlogz
A lot of British people don't like bountys well I don't anyway
to m
to m 3 oy oldin
"Prim mark"
to m
to m 3 oy oldin
Side note bountys are rank, defo nonce food
Haze DC
Haze DC 3 oy oldin
The UK tries to cut down on unnecessary packaging, such as the hard plastic used to reseal, for environmental/recycling reasons. Advanced you say? 😛
Fluffski2006 3 oy oldin
Tahoola the hoola!!
H arry
H arry 3 oy oldin
pault1964 3 oy oldin
Chocolate coated peanuts from m&s
Mia McNee
Mia McNee 3 oy oldin
Primark is pronounced preyemark
Nick Ball
Nick Ball 3 oy oldin
Try Galaxy or lindt chocolate rather than cadburys
Bridget Murray
Bridget Murray 3 oy oldin
The roast beef monster munch do not have chunks u idioy
Liana Kelly
Liana Kelly 3 oy oldin
You can’t get salt flavoured crisps and rate them down because they don’t have much flavour 😂😂 what do you expect like lmaoo
The Last Knight
The Last Knight 3 oy oldin
Destroyed the Poppets box like a straight savage
Cat Man
Cat Man 3 oy oldin
I will fight anyone who doesn't rate pickled onion monster munch. Just give me a time and a place