Americans Try Dutch Sweets

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It looked like someone pooped in a box.
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Sophie van Els
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15-May, 2015

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Luka Wessels
Luka Wessels 17 kun oldin
Rum filled chocolate are so good
Elliot Rook
Elliot Rook 18 kun oldin
They need to try other Dutch foods like Poffertjes and Kibbeling
Yolo Pubg figthers
Yolo Pubg figthers 23 kun oldin
Wtf zijn rambocanen ofzo
Jula Sent
Jula Sent 24 kun oldin
Waarom haat iedereen zwarte dropjes??😂😂😂
Marjanne strijkert
Marjanne strijkert 28 kun oldin
like als je nederlands bent , HOLLAND
raven the wolf
raven the wolf 29 kun oldin
i am dutch i never tried some of the candy`s in the video ; - ; or i never seen them and tried them idk anymore well bye yall
C hung
C hung Oy oldin
I live in Australia and they sell stroop waffles in the international section and I just want to say it is HEAVEN, I love it so much. European snacks are the best!,
Jemperor05 Oy oldin
Drop is the best dutch sweet ever created
LolThijs Gaming
Good vid
LolThijs Gaming
I hate drop ik haat drop
Alexander Le
Alexander Le Oy oldin
She got raped by candy.
Europe VID
Europe VID Oy oldin
instagram.com/try.amsterdam/ follow
jutubaeh Oy oldin
wow a beetells gurl 1:25 löl they reely dönt like Ü$$ X D
Alysia Oy oldin
Jamaican rum beans... Wut...😂😂😂
Femmm03 2 oy oldin
Hahaha! "It taste like a stick of butter". IT IS A STICK OF BUTTER XDXDXD
Femmm03 2 oy oldin
Drop is made of Salmiak. And also sugar or not (sweet drop or we call it zoute drop (salt drop is not really the real translation). I personally love drop, but I don't like the taste of salmiak, so you can love that in stead. Maybe you like drop better after that too
chael soenda9
chael soenda9 2 oy oldin
I'm Dutch and we have al thing in us land, but I live SURINAM
Zain Alshadir
Zain Alshadir 2 oy oldin
The syrup waffle is also sold in England but we call it caramel waffles
anders andersson
anders andersson 2 oy oldin
Haribo danish?:)
abianah howell
abianah howell 2 oy oldin
Stroop waffels are the best cookies in the world in my opinion
I am Dutch and then lady that talked is a old woman with no theeths what the hell how did she talked so slow and bored WTF 😹😹😹
ThunderHaven AE
ThunderHaven AE 3 oy oldin
Haribo is German lol
Froukje Marike Durksz
Ik vind het zo geweldig dat onder elke video waar ook maar iets Nederlands in voorkomt we met zn allen de hele comment sectie opblazen😂😂😂
DarkWolf 666
DarkWolf 666 3 oy oldin
Where's the verkade chocolate test tasting :'(
J BB 3 oy oldin
Haha slightly orgasmic boterkoek
Hi Hallo
Hi Hallo 3 oy oldin
luchii M
luchii M 3 oy oldin
Dutch people are proud
maargamer 3 oy oldin
Jamaicaanse rumbonen dat is niet van nerderland
Just chillin Mc.physif
Allemaal nederlanders toch? Like als je NL bent
bente hoexum
bente hoexum 3 oy oldin
I’m Duch jeej🇳🇱
DormantFish 4 oy oldin
i am dutch too but i love stroopwafels
Kas van Ast
Kas van Ast 4 oy oldin
Lekker hè, i from te Nederlands
•Katelyn Hankins•
Anogri ღ
Anogri ღ 4 oy oldin
Haribo Trekdrop is nasty.. just saying. im dutch.
dompieee hihi
dompieee hihi 4 oy oldin
Stijn Kloes
Stijn Kloes 4 oy oldin
Ik ducht
GECKman88 4 oy oldin
haribo is german.
Eline Bruins
Eline Bruins 4 oy oldin
Lekker lekker
merlijn nl
merlijn nl 4 oy oldin
im dutch
BubbleBean 4 oy oldin
AHAHAHA When they say the names😂😂 Edit: I’m Dutch
ByeTon 4 oy oldin
2:13 You have got to give a girl a little warning before you're about to shoot something off at her like that. Hahaha
Puck Rozing
Puck Rozing 4 oy oldin
Im dutch
JustJasonGames Plays
I'm dutch
Phile van de velde
Can you do flemisch candy
Boas Cinemas
Boas Cinemas 4 oy oldin
Geweldig om te zien als je Nederlander bent
Go Go
Go Go 4 oy oldin
Never heard of Jamaicaan rum beans
Stijn Schellekens
Im Dutch = ik ben Nederlands
Memed Geranex
Memed Geranex 4 oy oldin
i eat this everyday im dutch
Chaela Igbinigie
Chaela Igbinigie 4 oy oldin
Waarom zie ik geen roze (of oranje) topmpoucen ( hoppelijk heb ik het goed gespeld) kan iemand mij dat uitleggen.
karsten van huffelen
*ik ben nederlands* *like als je dat ook bent*
Peppa Big
Peppa Big 4 oy oldin
am belguim ent i need to say you sad evrything bad!
MssIsGoing 4 oy oldin
Im dutch to
v-buck hacker
v-buck hacker 4 oy oldin
Like als je nederlander bent
v-buck hacker
v-buck hacker 4 oy oldin
GamendJochie 4 oy oldin
Ik weet niet waarom ik dit kijk maa het is grappig!
TFW LaraTheGamer
TFW LaraTheGamer 4 oy oldin
:3 i’m dutch
Elisa Dunnink
Elisa Dunnink 4 oy oldin
er is niks mis met drop
Sean De Ruiter
Sean De Ruiter 4 oy oldin
I am dutch
Xander the cuber also is a Sayian had UI
Im dutch proof hoi ik ben Nederland ik leef in Nederland
Creepy .B
Creepy .B 4 oy oldin
Theu Mias
Theu Mias 4 oy oldin
LoL im dutch
Bram Van Der Spijk
''taste like jagenmeister" but kinds eat it and love it
sofie or something
trekdrop is yucky, im dutch and i dont like it either :/
Phan is my life
Phan is my life 4 oy oldin
waarom hebben ze het bij autodrop erover dat je dronken ervan wordt? het is gwn snoep..
Maas Monster
Maas Monster 4 oy oldin
Ik Ben nederlands en ik hou van STOKSTAART
DemonicGrapes 4 oy oldin
Wow, It's really like. Weird, but also funny to see that almost everyone except (most of) the Dutch, do not like drop. (or licorise) I'm dutch btw and this kind of video's.. I just love to watch them. So big thumbs up for u👌👍
Ralph Looij
Ralph Looij 4 oy oldin
Nederland waar ben je
JamesGames 4 oy oldin
Neither have i ever even seen those "rum bonen"
JamesGames 4 oy oldin
Me as a lazy dutch person HATES bikes
Kobe De Cneef
Kobe De Cneef 4 oy oldin
i live in belgium and it is funny to see people who eat the food that i eat like everyday
Jose Palacios
Jose Palacios 4 oy oldin
Why take small bites... just stick the whole thing in your mouth and deal with it. I ate some weird foods and Ive always shoveled it in my face
tijger gamer
tijger gamer 4 oy oldin
iam dutch
David CarpNL
David CarpNL 4 oy oldin
anna Houtekamer
anna Houtekamer 4 oy oldin
Zij zijn echt van: wauw!! Ik heb dit nog nooit gehad, het is geweldig!!
trollkillernl bibsy
Sarahly Borsboom
Sarahly Borsboom 5 oy oldin
Iam dutch and nice video!
Zakdoek 5 oy oldin
Dit is bijna vloeiend Nederlands! Maak hier meer video's van
Lucien LeBrun
Lucien LeBrun 5 oy oldin
im dutch and never tried those jumacains thingies
Tess Sta van uitert
I am from the netherlands and i hate trekdrop
Milo schild
Milo schild 5 oy oldin
Im dutch but what are jamacian rum beans
laura espina
laura espina 5 oy oldin
0:08 omg i love her beatles shirt
Patricia Acc MSP
Patricia Acc MSP 5 oy oldin
Ewa ik ben nederlands
x Sarah
x Sarah 5 oy oldin
Like als je Nederlands bent!
Battler 102
Battler 102 5 oy oldin
Im dutch dong belive it ik hen Nederland ok so niks zeggen over dat ik ben niet Nederland oké
freddy ws
freddy ws 5 oy oldin
What are rumbonen, i mean I live in the Netherlands, but I have never seen those
Sharmarlies Brinkman
Please, don’t call us Holland, thats so irritating! But autodrop and stroopwafels and Haribo are My favorites💖💖
Ainhoa Mastwijk
Ainhoa Mastwijk 5 oy oldin
Am i the only dutch person that laughs that americans always freak out when they eat stroopwafels
Eva Campman
Eva Campman 5 oy oldin
Haribo is from Germany
Paul Lytle
Paul Lytle 5 oy oldin
Its holland no one is gonna drive drunk
Paul Lytle
Paul Lytle 5 oy oldin
Try some traditional dutch brownies before eating these things
HetIsPanda_ 5 oy oldin
Im dutch
Wesley VL
Wesley VL 5 oy oldin
Wat zijn hun fuking ziek idoiten
keira bigtuin
keira bigtuin 5 oy oldin
Yes i’m dutch i don’t like stroopwafels
Bram Poep
Bram Poep 5 oy oldin
Nederlands eten is gwn Lekkah
Jan Colson
Jan Colson 5 oy oldin
Im Dutch
HELL.O 5 oy oldin
Uhm autodrop doesn’t contain alcohol sooooo
DeadlyDerp 5 oy oldin
drunk of 2.7%...amateurs
Romée VLoGS
Romée VLoGS 5 oy oldin
I'am Netherlands and this is so funny
PandazzX 5 oy oldin
Yaaaaas Dutch Whos Dutch Here???
fardou Land
fardou Land 5 oy oldin
Im dutch
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12 kun oldin