Americans Try Nutella For The First Time

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“They should call this poo from baby angels.”
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Paisian Summer
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27-Mar, 2015



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Alina Brandtner
Alina Brandtner 11 soat oldin
Whaaaaat they‘ve never had Nutella???
Pradnya Shinde
Pradnya Shinde 12 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Oh yeah yeah Kun oldin
Thank you Italy 🇮🇹 !
Arianator World
Arianator World Kun oldin
Proud to be Italian 🇮🇹❤️
bilqis and the crazy clowns
I can't belive that Americans don't have it like o my god
Greed le cupide
Greed le cupide 3 kun oldin
Nutella c’est la base
Nicola Brownlee
Nicola Brownlee 3 kun oldin
Nutella is soooooooo good I love it
FrozenEmperor90 4 kun oldin
Has nutella in a bowl but no nutella in crepes
X D a n c i n g s t a r x
Is there not Nutella in USA ? Xx
Sad Doggo
Sad Doggo 5 kun oldin
The world will be eternally grateful to Italy for having created this masterpiece
Bishakha Das
Bishakha Das 5 kun oldin
I will never try nutella. I cannot afford to buy that. Tasting it will make me spend my money on it
Joao Moreira
Joao Moreira 5 kun oldin
Nutella is good but I'm more of a peanut butter guy...yeah screw the hot sister I'll take the underrated one 👍
Yasmin Oliveira
Yasmin Oliveira 7 kun oldin
This people exist????? HOW can you live without Nutella??????
Rana . S
Rana . S 7 kun oldin
1 word: HOW? (or they act)
Ricky Rudolph
Ricky Rudolph 7 kun oldin
Who else is watching this in 3035
MP 6
MP 6 8 kun oldin
You know Nutella is Italian ? Like most of the food like lasagna, bread or pizza (even icecream) so yeah you must love Italian people
Giorgia Guaragni
Giorgia Guaragni 4 kun oldin
MP 6 you’re welcome
Anoud Salama
Anoud Salama 8 kun oldin
Anoud Salama
Anoud Salama 8 kun oldin
Gylben Schutz
Gylben Schutz 8 kun oldin
I eat nutella probably every week 😅
Qussai 8 kun oldin
But, is it an Italian Nutella? Cause the quality difference is massive.
ig ig
ig ig 9 kun oldin
america you are a disappointment of a country omg 😂
Bubbles Lol
Bubbles Lol 9 kun oldin
Palm oil
Innerblaze 9 kun oldin
Nutella everyday = diabetes.
pastel gacha
pastel gacha 9 kun oldin
How does that guy not like nutella............ IT'S LIKE THE BEST THING IN THE WORDS! ,
Jung Kookie
Jung Kookie 9 kun oldin
I’m so confused American never had Nutella 😱 Ur life is incomplete without it That’s why I’m eating a tube of it right now 😂😂😂
day dream
day dream 9 kun oldin
How do these people not eat Nutella?!
Vivian X
Vivian X 10 kun oldin
Sleepless Eye
Sleepless Eye 10 kun oldin
How can I believe them?
JacksDevils 69
JacksDevils 69 10 kun oldin
Don’t be mad about the guy who doesn’t like it, never heard about personal opinions?
Elisabeth s
Elisabeth s 10 kun oldin
Diabet: Am I joke to you?
Adnan Kabeer
Adnan Kabeer 10 kun oldin
the guy with the denim shirt is sooo me
Ruben Sims
Ruben Sims 11 kun oldin
You eat nutella on bread!
Mirwais Azizi
Mirwais Azizi 11 kun oldin
You need to eat nutella with bread🤬🤬🤬
JustA Hijabi
JustA Hijabi 11 kun oldin
“No no I fix this for u”😂😂😂😂
mrss Gaatjenixaan
mrss Gaatjenixaan 11 kun oldin
I thought america had nutella but i guess not
Iman Pishgar
Iman Pishgar 11 kun oldin
I can’t believe Americans haven’t tried Nutella before
CokeCph 11 kun oldin
A glass of Nutella and drink milk to it. While watching Netflix makes my day 🤫😍
your casual brown boy
This is the most American thing I have ever seen.
saffia Asim
saffia Asim 11 kun oldin
Sorry but i dont believe that they have never tried nutella before😑
mazin hussain
mazin hussain 11 kun oldin
That dude who doesn't like Nutella is the same guy who believes the earth is flat.
TTVrigby •
TTVrigby • 11 kun oldin
A full tub of Nutella keeps the doctor in your house
anime_geek 209
anime_geek 209 11 kun oldin
Someone who says they never ate nutella..... NANI!
Fortnite Irl
Fortnite Irl 12 kun oldin
I never tasted Nutella because I’m allergic to chocolate
Emma gatta 089
Emma gatta 089 12 kun oldin
Italian and proud
Chanel King
Chanel King 12 kun oldin
That one guy who only liked 1 is annoying
Indo 12 kun oldin
There's always that one negative person.
Mohammed _khader
Mohammed _khader 13 kun oldin
How are you American if you don't like peanut butter
Mohammed _khader
Mohammed _khader 13 kun oldin
How are you American if you haven't tried Nutella
Boredgamer Fnn
Boredgamer Fnn 13 kun oldin
“This is like peaunut butters hot sister I wanna date” okay buddy
RW_78_05 13 kun oldin
Nutella is disgusting
Pink Diamond
Pink Diamond 14 kun oldin
I thought Nutella was made in amarica?
Khadiza Iasmin
Khadiza Iasmin 14 kun oldin
Who puts marshmallow on NUTELLA SANDWICH ??
Rdwan Ahmed
Rdwan Ahmed 14 kun oldin
I want to kill that jacket guy
Bensubscribedtojoelmcmanus Magic
Didn’t Nutella come from America
Jane’s Corner
Jane’s Corner 14 kun oldin
How have these people not had Nutella!
Anjum Rai
Anjum Rai 15 kun oldin
hEy... i gOt soMe nUtelLa
NotScared 15 kun oldin
SCARECROW ZEE 15 kun oldin
Kevin De Bruyne
Kevin De Bruyne 15 kun oldin
I hate Nutella because it has palm oil in it.... killing Orangutans and their habitats in Indonesia and Malaysia. Many everyday items and products have this type of oil, but they should switch to another kind of vegetable oil.... I am doing a speech on why palm oil should be banned... please eat alternative chocolate hazelnut spread without palm oil, like Nutvia and Nutino etc...
Kayleigh Ann
Kayleigh Ann 15 kun oldin
Peanut butters “HOT” sister 😂
Giulia beltrami
Giulia beltrami 16 kun oldin
Bread and Nutella and the perfect match, an Italian tells you
Algerie Arabe
Algerie Arabe Kun oldin
Caramia ;)
Imjustheretowatch 123
Who has Nutella in their house rn?
ChaoticDoll 16 kun oldin
I have cadbury's chocolate spread instead because my brother is allergic to nutella. But yeah.
Romelu Lukaku
Romelu Lukaku 17 kun oldin
How do you people in America not have had nutella before????
Suyen Perez
Suyen Perez 17 kun oldin
Nuttela is the best
YouTube Lover
YouTube Lover 18 kun oldin
“It’s like peanut butters hot sister” I’m dying
Huggy Bear
Huggy Bear 20 kun oldin
Nutella is loaded with tons of palm oil bad for your cholesterol.
Maria Giavante
Maria Giavante 20 kun oldin
Come si può crescere in salute senza nutella?!? 😂
Dr. Cheeto
Dr. Cheeto 20 kun oldin
how can u not like NUTELLA IT HEAVEN TO ME
agem1989 20 kun oldin
Ferrero family in Italy became the richest family of the country thanks to that thing, among many other stuff they produce but expecially for that drug.
k e n z y !
k e n z y ! 20 kun oldin
Antony 21 kun oldin
Im french and I love Nutella. That's all.
Nàà Noou
Nàà Noou 21 kun oldin
Wait a minute There isn't Nutella in America ??
Arya Kalantri
Arya Kalantri 21 kun oldin
wait if americans have never tried nutella .....how exactly do they live ?🤔🤔
Jessi Holt
Jessi Holt 22 kun oldin
Best thing ever is a peanut butter and nutella sandwich, literally the bet thing ever!!!🤤
Jessi Holt
Jessi Holt 16 kun oldin
ChaoticDoll I don’t really like banana, but I can imagine it would be good🤤
ChaoticDoll 16 kun oldin
With sliced bananas too. It's so good.
Eva Cooper
Eva Cooper 22 kun oldin
I love Nutella it isfave food
sulkalmah :D
sulkalmah :D 22 kun oldin
I like to put nutella all over my body and then... you know what.
Limbotroll 21
Limbotroll 21 23 kun oldin
In Australia you can get huge containers of Nutella at Costco
tim mobile
tim mobile 25 kun oldin
I thoughts america had nutela But for germany and austria🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇸🇮🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹 And you put norela on a normal banana
jewel m
jewel m 27 kun oldin
an American who hasn’t tried nutella? R u sure ur American?
Alessandro Mariani
Alessandro Mariani 28 kun oldin
Nutella taste of ... sugar! wow so good. Seriously have you ever tasted something better? Maybe becouse you just eat bad at home.
stennett.04 Oy oldin
Nutella and bread nothing else 😋😋
xXTWISTYXx_ Oy oldin
1:24 how you know what boogers taste like
Emunah Sacks
Emunah Sacks Oy oldin
Mahdee Hasan
Mahdee Hasan Oy oldin
1:55 Wtffff
Ella Moolman
Ella Moolman Oy oldin
“you pasIFICALLY told me not to double dip” sis that an ocean tho
Effy Siale
Effy Siale Oy oldin
I hate nutella
A Peculiar Limelight
I never had nutella before......
GraciousFawn30 Lol
“Peanut butters hot sister” 😂
lou nyc
lou nyc Oy oldin
I thank the Germans everyday for Nutella
Doc74 Oy oldin
Germans ? really ? Nutella is Italian :|
Thanos Juice
Thanos Juice Oy oldin
I’ll stick it up my ass
Bobbi the gacha Girl
I am allergic to Nutella
How Nice
How Nice Oy oldin
I'm eating it right now
i love nutella but im not american im from canada (pakistan)
maze case
maze case Oy oldin
She has nutella up her mouth 😂
Charlotte Honey
i EAT NUTELLA EVERYDAY! Like 3000 tablespoons. I ain't fat though. Don't ask how. I don't excersize
Raccoon 2 oy oldin
Guys don’t eat Nutella. Please stay with me and take time to listen to this. There is an ingredient in Nutella that is called palm oil. They way manufacturers get palm oil is they burn down forests from the outside in. Like it’s a ring of fire that keeps on getting smaller and smaller and then traps all the animals like Orangatangs and bears and birds inside and kills them in a slow and painful death. For fortnite fans, think as it as the storm is fire and you are an animal and you can’t heal. How to stop this? Glad you asked good friend! When you look at the ingredients table on food packages, it says what oil it uses. I’m Australian so it might be a bit different but what ours says is this. Contains vegetable oil (*Palm) If you see a product that has palm oil, please please try to avoid it! There will most definitely be other substitutes. Want one for Nutella? I got one that I eat all the time! Nutino. It tastes the exact same. If someone blind folds you and gives you some Nutella and Natino, you literally wouldn’t know the difference. It doesn’t have palm oil. A lot of other biscuits and spreads have this ingredients in it. Please please please avoid it. I’m not a vegan or anything but I’m very passionate about this. Please tell people about this subject. I have told a lot of my friends and all of them look for palm oil in products. If enough people do this and are aware, eventually they will stop using palm oil. It’s better for us and it’s better for the planet. If you read this far, bless you ❤️. I’m happy that someone on the internet will care about this subject. And once again, please tell people about this, stay away from Nutella and avoid palm oil. Thank you have a beautiful merry day.
Mohanabai Shanmugam
Awesome bro
Boi wtf
Boi wtf Oy oldin
Does froot loops have palm oil
Julia Camara
Julia Camara 2 oy oldin
Nutella is life❤
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 2 oy oldin
Who else is eating Nutella while watching this video
Brandon Bryan
Brandon Bryan 2 oy oldin
Stormy Hallahan your wrong lol but cute. I’d date you.
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