Americans Try Nutella For The First Time

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“They should call this poo from baby angels.”
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Paisian Summer
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27-Mar, 2015

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Nicolas Borunda
Nicolas Borunda 22 soat oldin
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like Nutella.
sweet potato
sweet potato Kun oldin
In greece we have this thing between nutella and mereda and to be honest nutella will always be the winner.
Amani 3 kun oldin
Wtf...what the hell have they been doing their whole life?!!
KH4KH3 3 kun oldin
uuuuh i just ate a whole thing of nutella in 2 mins
guccigangtenser _
guccigangtenser _ 6 kun oldin
Having cocoa beans allergy sucks. literally kill me
Markus Nickel
Markus Nickel 6 kun oldin
Hot Toastbread with Nutella (no Marshmallow)is an diabetic overkill....but i love it!!!
Little Miss Toy Review
“This is like peanut butter’s hot sister!” I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR MISTER! BUT YOU JUST WANT MY SISTER!!
Nintation Playstendo
You haven't lived until you've had a taste of Nutella.
Stranger things Thing
The guy who didn’t like it has NO soul 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Emily E
Emily E 12 kun oldin
1:55 ,... im sorry but in my opinion.. I THINK THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH UR TASTEBUDS XD XD XD
Emily E
Emily E 12 kun oldin
DOES AMERICA HAVE NUTELLA? *_i live in canada and its sooo good._* Also i like usually bananas (real bananas with nutella ontop) with nutella and nutella on bread 🍞 🥖
Soniya Kiti
Soniya Kiti 14 kun oldin
😼I hate their cold reaction!! I would just shut up n dig in!!
[Insert Name Here]
[Insert Name Here] 14 kun oldin
at 0:19, when he adds the "and women" such a feminist thing to say
The Ordinary Girl
The Ordinary Girl 16 kun oldin
Who the hell is that guy who thinks its disgusting LOL
Grilled Hams
Grilled Hams 16 kun oldin
Literally soo many people in america has had nutella
Madeleine Ogg
Madeleine Ogg 17 kun oldin
Tbh I find Nutella disgusting like I would prefer to eat plane toast then nutella
Samira Tamma
Samira Tamma 18 kun oldin
The one guy who is like "Yea no. I don't like it." Lol. I can almost imagine him stopping at a grocery store like Costco or something, and buying like a wholesale pack of Nutella and just BINGING on it. XD XD XD Bish stop! XD Also 2019 anyone?
Pinkinkcat Master
Pinkinkcat Master 19 kun oldin
I love nutella
Quaiter 25 kun oldin
A sentence that doesn’t Come a o together and doesn’t have Logic American eats Nutella for the first time
Nintendo Nerd
Nintendo Nerd 29 kun oldin
My country is so poor my mom buys me Nutella for my birthday.
Aмν Uиινєяѕє
1:53 guy is so annoying like stfu and enjoy it for a bit like u are not chocolate lover if u dont like nutella why are u here Lmao
RagingUtai Oy oldin
Anyone tried the nuttella pizza? dough base with nutella, slices of strawberry and lightly sprinkled with icing sugar, yummm
Marianna Oy oldin
Perché vi complicate la vita col cibo? Nutella e banane, nutella e marshmallow.. NO!! Pane e Nutella! Classica, semplice, una merenda buonissima! Oppure la mettiamo anche nelle brioches e nelle torte. Una delizia!
star Oy oldin
I'm eating Nutella rn
unikitty upside-down
Eat Nutella Indonesia but me from Indonesia
Esmee Ka
Esmee Ka Oy oldin
How is it possible to never have tried Nutella In your life.... I feel like they are just acting.
personally I dislike nutella. I don't know why but to me it's a disgusting food
And Sprite
And Sprite Oy oldin
I’m just scrolling through the comments searching for someone to say they hate Nutella
Rebeca Soodeen
I never tasted nutella in my life 😣
birdz -
birdz - Oy oldin
Pastel Taehyung
Am I really the only one who hates Nutella?
Amber "Casey Condemned"
"No no no, I fix it for you"
Authoey Wahid
Authoey Wahid Oy oldin
Watching this while eating Nutella xD
Rhys James
Rhys James Oy oldin
They should have tried it on pancakes 😍😍😍
Cian Healy
Cian Healy Oy oldin
Nutella is amazing
Magpie Randoms
I've just had Nutella on toast and can safely say that I have just consumed my entire daily intake of calories in one sitting.
There’s no Nutella in America
Jake Roberts
Jake Roberts Oy oldin
I just tried it today 😂
Cod Craziness
Cod Craziness Oy oldin
Eating a Nutella sandwich right now I put way more than 2 TEASPOONS 😂
kylie chavez
kylie chavez Oy oldin
ive never tasted nutella to
Beastly Gamer
Beastly Gamer Oy oldin
2:20 yessss
totozeus 2 oy oldin
Nutella is Nutella
ElevenDwarfs 1
ElevenDwarfs 1 2 oy oldin
I’m eating Nutella rn, #canada
Emma Blunden
Emma Blunden 2 oy oldin
If u guys voted for donald trump and u shot this videi in aystralia then u can go back to where u came from cause this country is a free country and u are not making it messed up just like u guys made ur country messed up by voting for donald trump
elicia rocha
elicia rocha Oy oldin
not trying to be rude but i dont think your all there in your head with that weird comment 🤨
Kahaano 2 oy oldin
How do people eat Nutella? It’s like eating caramel. Diabetes on a spoon.
Mark 2 oy oldin
Now remove the sugar and palm oil
Martin Škalički
Nutella is the best
psyger tyger
psyger tyger 2 oy oldin
0:03 he's beautiful. can i have him dipped in nutella ? xxx
ItsJlee Wilson
ItsJlee Wilson 2 oy oldin
the guy that doesnt like it is a weirdoooooooo
Ali Superstar
Ali Superstar 2 oy oldin
Lol I have diabetes since I was really young so as a child I would eat it while hiding in closet