Americans Try Russian Drinks

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"It's just horse milk!!!"
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Switzerland-US-Russia-Syria-Conflict -Diplomacy
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Gary Cherkassky



23-Sen, 2017



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Ben Goldfish
Ben Goldfish 15 soat oldin
borjom is georgian ბორჯომი ქართულია
MDZ Jay Kun oldin
"this is my favorite childhood drink"
Sandra Gagoua
Sandra Gagoua Kun oldin
Since when the hell is borjomi a russian drink?
joki bedrieger
joki bedrieger Kun oldin
i was expecting birch juice tbh
Big banana man Oof
Big banana man Oof 2 kun oldin
Syr ryba
Gio Gafrindashvili
Gio Gafrindashvili 2 kun oldin
Borjomi is georgian drink and it will never be russian
Gio Gafrindashvili
Gio Gafrindashvili 2 kun oldin
First of all most of the drinks are from Georgia and Georgia is not Russia. Never say that again.
Dashnyam Bayan
Dashnyam Bayan 2 kun oldin
Kumis is not russian it is from Mongolia
Екатерина Акуленко
А мадам у нас произношению не училась, да?
Shazi Gets Sober
Shazi Gets Sober 3 kun oldin
Why "baked" kefir? Regular kefir is just fine I hate mineral water. It tastes aweful.
Kim John Un
Kim John Un 3 kun oldin
Stop with these Russian videos like there aliens And WHERE IS THE KVASS
Deimantė V
Deimantė V 3 kun oldin
Borjomi is not russian...
Вадим Хегай
It's more like USSR drinks
Reign Drops
Reign Drops 4 kun oldin
You mean vodka vodka vodka vodka vodka vodka vodka vodka
reeseplays games
reeseplays games 4 kun oldin
riiiiiiiiiight horse "milk"
Hana 4 kun oldin
Forgot about Birch tree juice
Канал Вируса
3:22 Ну всё, минус американцы.
lazy_daikon 4 kun oldin
Borjomi and kumys are the best)))
David Panfilov
David Panfilov 4 kun oldin
I’m Russian and 100% I know that girls accent is fake af
Медведь 4 kun oldin
Хватит травить американцев их бурдой, пусть приезжают в Россию и там травятся) А кумис лучше пить в Казахстане или Узбекистане и не в городах, а в область поехать)) Enough for the Americans to poison them with a burda, let them come to Russia and poison themselves there) And kumis is better to drink in Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan and not in the cities, but to go to the region))
TheUfromgeorgia 5 kun oldin
since when borjomi is russian drink? its Georgian
DartLuke 3 kun oldin
Since all exUSSR for rest of the world looks like Russia. Kumis is also isn't Russian. Это как в Мимино, когда спорящие армянин и грузин для японцев оказываются русскими.
XXMURDAfinessexX Bl33sed4ct
Russian tit milk
Nunuk Rusdiati
Nunuk Rusdiati 5 kun oldin
KVASS:(exists) All Slavs:Blyat! I Must Get That First Cyka!!!!!!!!!!! (Reactor No 4 Explosion) (Big War)
D Valentine Bernabé
There's no w in russian. They have В instead of V
Tbl KTO 6 kun oldin
If you ask 10 million random people across Russia if the ever tried horse milk, the only chance of getting a yes, if those two jewesh guys were in Russia at that moment.
Ricky Pez
Ricky Pez 6 kun oldin
G. Karetnikov
G. Karetnikov 6 kun oldin
Funny thing, in this video no one is Russian or American lol
agenttheater5 7 kun oldin
3:58 Did you know that when Ghenghis Khan's army ran out of food they had to drink horse blood? As in the blood of the horses they were riding? Yeah I'd rather take the milk!
Ethan Potts
Ethan Potts 7 kun oldin
Ethan Potts
Ethan Potts 7 kun oldin
"The acetone"
LOVE DALI 7 kun oldin
Really? The title says russian drinks and you give them georgian drinks? I'm georgian and I'm offended 🙁
Maria Drogaytseva
Maria Drogaytseva 7 kun oldin
A horse is a horse, of course, of course))))
marie S
marie S 7 kun oldin
0:52 is a Georgian drink, Tarhun is a plant that is used in several dishes in Georgia and it tastes amazing, it has kinda dizzy flavor and the drink is also very tasty (thanks the lady for mentioning Georgia) 2:47 I can't believe y'all called borjomi russian when the bottle itself has Georgian script "ბორჯომი" and that one is the healthiest drink you can have in your life. Y'all explained it way too disgustingly when it tastes just healthy. + it's really good during hangover
NoHope4Nope 8 kun oldin
Mc is healthier
jordy jo
jordy jo 8 kun oldin
Eric tabach is russian??😯
მსუქანი სასკე
umm borjomi is from gerogia it even has georgian letters on it ბორჯომი and also tarxun is from georgia which is called ტარხუნა soo yeaa ya messed that up
Meredith simonishvili
okey so Russians have 20% of our country occupied and now they want our mineral water too. dude it literally says borjomi on bottle in GEORGIAN
Soviet Classic
Soviet Classic 9 kun oldin
Meredith simonishvili , Abkhazians and Ossetians "occupied" "your" land. Have you ever heard about them?
Dina Orman
Dina Orman 9 kun oldin
Milk from horse is a Kazakh drink, why the hell they said it's a russian drink. USSR doesn't exist anymore
Meirstein 9 kun oldin
It exists in our hearts.
Whats The History
Whats The History 10 kun oldin
Maza ruzza
Maeg 10 kun oldin
Why the fu$@ you putting Georgian drinks in this video
JoKerZ 10 kun oldin
Drink vodka=slavicnation brain
Jay Cain
Jay Cain 11 kun oldin
2:32 no homo
Broovin 11 kun oldin
Buzz Feed condones underage drinking
Alexandra Raskin
Alexandra Raskin 11 kun oldin
I don't know how anyone can't like Kvass, it is amazing, but it does have 0.5% alcohol
Mr.Lyrics 11 kun oldin
He looks like robin williams in the 90s 2:01
trash ambkansol
trash ambkansol 11 kun oldin
this russian lady is a full pack of stereotypes 😂 she looks like one of these girls who marry rich foreign men and move straight out of russia after that p.s. im russian!
Xx_ŁÍĞMÅ_Xx 11 kun oldin
Yea so i treid making kvass and i tasted it... taste so gross. I think its because i just put water on btead and keep it on our fridge overnight......
Nick Bakh
Nick Bakh 11 kun oldin
"Lets drink Russian drinks".......*drinks Georgian drinks*
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah 12 kun oldin
I love kvass
Illushinati - Your Go To Sniper
Borsch doesn’t have a”T” cyka it’s borsch not borscht
AstrAzuz 12 kun oldin
did she said my fav childhood drink
agnomilted 12 kun oldin
Блять American ghamburgers
green house
green house 13 kun oldin
for ze motherland!
Marishka Sirbiladze
Marishka Sirbiladze 13 kun oldin
they show borjomi bottle with georgian stuff written all over it and claim its russian. what?? tarxun is also georgian but at least the girls said that.
Anastasia K.
Anastasia K. 13 kun oldin
3:54 of hooooourse XD
Anastasha Corn
Anastasha Corn 14 kun oldin
I am Russian to
Цивилизация Смеха
есть русские?
H3ddo 14 kun oldin
horse milk? does that mean....oh god
Verahalyn 15 kun oldin
2:17 eric is me whenever i drink kvass
Your local broke gamer :/
Russian women : 3:44 “Have u ever had milk from a horse ;)”. Girl with dreads : 3:49 TRiGerED 😂.g
Rez X
Rez X 16 kun oldin
Magda Dosmishvili
Magda Dosmishvili 17 kun oldin
Borjomi isn’t russian it’s from Georgia, and Georgia is definitely not Russia.
Alfredo Manccini
Alfredo Manccini 17 kun oldin
Omg the russian girl 😍
r Saleh
r Saleh 17 kun oldin
0:00 *when you on buzzfeed but not wanna swear*
Olya Spnvvva
Olya Spnvvva 18 kun oldin
All “Russians” don’t actually look or sound like Russians (btw the girl’s accent is horrible no Russians speak like that)
E van
E van 19 kun oldin
The Russian chick sounds like the woman from rocky and bullwinkle lol super exaggerated
Galih KrissVector
Galih KrissVector 19 kun oldin
That russian woman looks like she has a mafia brother that sell illegal european sport car for sure.
Bradley Coleman
Bradley Coleman 19 kun oldin
is probably healthy
Carlota Alonso
Carlota Alonso 20 kun oldin
Who is the American guy with the long hair? 😫😫😫😫😫 So cute (not the one with the Russian girl)
Fly Hard
Fly Hard 20 kun oldin
Brah is that the russian gossip girl??? Ryan reynolds wife???
David mtb
David mtb 21 kun oldin
haha ive been drinking kvass since i was like five
top 5
top 5 21 kun oldin
Дарья Асташонок
terrible accent...
Bubble Gum Bear
Bubble Gum Bear 22 kun oldin
Внимание! Это видео лайкнул Ивангай. И я знаю что всем посрать
Vanessa Kozhukharenko
nobody drinks the milk stuff trust me
nikoloz chantladze
nikoloz chantladze 22 kun oldin
Im from georgia
Giorgi Malazonia
Giorgi Malazonia 23 kun oldin
Borjomi IS NOT a russian drink, its Georgian one, Trust me, HUUGE difference!
Tiko jagashvili
Tiko jagashvili 23 kun oldin
2:47 Borjomi isn't Russian mineral water, it's Georgian
Richard Bright
Richard Bright 23 kun oldin
no Baikal ?
Laughing Jack
Laughing Jack 24 kun oldin
It’s “probably” healthy
Erik-Kevin Löhmus
Erik-Kevin Löhmus 24 kun oldin
this made me want a kvass, (they are tasty) they taste like black bread.
sepreme__ killer
sepreme__ killer 24 kun oldin
Vadka vadka vadka vadka vadka vadka vadka vadka vadka vadka every thing in Russia has vadka
Bitter Sugar
Bitter Sugar 24 kun oldin
2 drinks were georgian not russian rename the video BUZfeed
Utku k4h
Utku k4h 24 kun oldin
1:10 Sad :(
fake talker
fake talker 25 kun oldin
3:21 As a Russian , I can actually say two things about that drink: 1. This traditional drink of Kazakhs (Kazakhstan citizens) 2. Its actually CUMis , not KUMis
Dark Soul
Dark Soul 26 kun oldin
1 Footy Junior 5
1 Footy Junior 5 26 kun oldin
Kumis is actually Kymyz and is from Kyrgyzstan 🇰🇬
404UserNotFound 26 kun oldin
When buzzfeed isn't bitching and moaning about the white man and guns like an autistic, drunken homeless man.... they're doing... this
I'm that girl that leaves good comments
I love this video oh n the beautiful girl too she's cute
Meredith Griffith
Meredith Griffith 27 kun oldin
I’ve had тархун. The first sip is okay though it’s definitely like black licorice and then after it starts to taste like playdough.
ro_solovera 27 kun oldin
América is a continent, not a country
Arhey Dream
Arhey Dream 27 kun oldin
Традишн (русская) 🤣
l Droxid l
l Droxid l 27 kun oldin
Noah Reed
Noah Reed 27 kun oldin
That russian girl sounds Romanian in a way. Kinda looks like it too
RobloxPlayer Dragon Ball Z Online
0:54 that's how Chernobyl happened.
Lizardo Gaming
Lizardo Gaming 28 kun oldin
Through friend ship and labor our republic is united 😊 a people’s fortress secure ❤️
Pilum1000 28 kun oldin
only unshaven alcoholic monsters drink "yorsh" :)
elene kokaia
elene kokaia 28 kun oldin
20% of my country is occupied by russia :) so yeah,Tarhuna is Georgian,and Georgia is not russia : )
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