Americans Try Sushi For The First Time

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Tetros NYM
Tetros NYM Kun oldin
Stop making me regret eating salmon my whole life. And no, I ain't Japanese.
FunnyVids? Nah
FunnyVids? Nah Kun oldin
Wait, some amerIcans have never tried sushi?
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson Kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Paul Wilkinson
Paul Wilkinson 3 kun oldin
I'm a lot angrier about their reactions to almost everything than I imagined I would be.
E 6 kun oldin
"I hope it tastes like ceviche"
Ridwan Khan
Ridwan Khan 6 kun oldin
I'm not American but I tried it...didn't like it at all. Had to cook the sushi and put salt in it to actually be able to eat it.
Theo Lake
Theo Lake 7 kun oldin
They act veryy badly
Lizella 9 kun oldin
Give me the salmon if you don’t like it
FHQ ***
FHQ *** 11 kun oldin
U cant spit sushi out like that!
Matt Walls
Matt Walls 12 kun oldin
If any of that Sushi is Slimy then something is wrong... Lived in Japan for 15years and never once had slimy Sashimi or Sushi...
Danny G
Danny G 12 kun oldin
This video was rushed
Im offended.. Sushi is the best thing ever and WAEEEE?
LizAnimates 13 kun oldin
People: *spits out salmon* "Ew" "It's slimy" "Why wouldn't you cook this" Me: UM EXCUSE ME? YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE WORLD OF SUSHI. t h i s i s a J O K E
Mika Patten
Mika Patten 14 kun oldin
I can’t believe they haven’t had sushi before! It’s like my favourite food!!!
Meh I gave up.
Meh I gave up. 14 kun oldin
I can definitely tell this is their first time, since you don't bite sushi. You eat it *WHOLE.*
Atom Beaver
Atom Beaver 14 kun oldin
I could eat the salmon everyday all day and every sushi out there..... And some of these racist people gotta give it a try
x jqck_
x jqck_ 15 kun oldin
wtf i'm jp
Camille VU
Camille VU 16 kun oldin
It’s “eh” by its self but if you eat it with soy sauce it’s gorgeous
Filippa Schytz
Filippa Schytz 16 kun oldin
WOW i don`t like those americans
WhatAreYouBuyen 17 kun oldin
Buzzfeed is fake news... Of course they picked the worst examples to represent "Americans", I am asian, I love sushi and I live in America, why was I not represented in this video? lol
sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst
That girl with the white jacket, is jsut... ugh stfu, she acts like she's 15
Sadie Rae
Sadie Rae 18 kun oldin
I love sushi so much I can’t be friends with you if you don’t like it lol
Halima Hassan
Halima Hassan 19 kun oldin
i tried sushi once and vomited. *im a seafood queen* but i wanna give sushi another try!
Clemens Kindermann
Clemens Kindermann 19 kun oldin
Do they all live on the moon???
Boi give it to me I won't waist it lol a homeless person could eat it but nooooooo lol jkjkkkjkjk
yellofury 19 kun oldin
If the sushi joint you are going to has eggrolls there might be a problem. If they have a buffet with tater tots run the F out outta there
The Magnificent Sans
I'm pretty sure sushi shouldn't be "slimy"??? I've never noticed a slimy texture on mine whenever I have any
You Gotta Ride Jimin Before You Park Jimin
I love sushi, but Korean BBQ is better imo.
Link Knight
Link Knight 27 kun oldin
The girl who "didn't want to smell it"..... it doesn't smell.... it's not half assed western food.
STS Tech
STS Tech 27 kun oldin
sh** is nasty! All Chinese Japanese food is fracking nasty.
Ryan Ong
Ryan Ong 29 kun oldin
OMG eat the whole thing!
Zeon 29 kun oldin
White people
Malin Almqvist
Malin Almqvist 29 kun oldin
Okay, 4 years late to the party, but... "It feels like I'm eating muscle"? Yeah, what did you think meat was?
Kenny The loner
wait, Are they eating sushi without sauce? I'm Japanese and I can say that eating sushi without sauce is like eating hamburger without ketchup and other sauces. Even Japanese people hate eating it that way lol Why were they not told the proper way to eat sushi??
Hydro Sparky
Hydro Sparky Oy oldin
Spookefied Oy oldin
I think they just didnt eat the right kind of sushi. Sushi in japan is better then sushi in america. They probably just had low quality sushi
Shelbi Nicole
Shelbi Nicole Oy oldin
What kind of salmon were y'all eating?? Salmon is my go to for nigiri and sashimi, it has such a sweet meaty flavor 🤤
sand vm
sand vm Oy oldin
Not everyone likes sushi , me being one of them . However they should of given them other options other than just raw fish
joger palacios
joger palacios
Y loooove suchi and I’m Cuban
Zoheb Bilal
Zoheb Bilal Oy oldin
Hate raw food 😒
if you never tried sushi, what type of rock are you under? And how heavy is it? I wonder how it feels to be stuck down there with no sushi. Plus why?
don't even try
I thought that it was called a ROLL not a sushi they didn't even let them try classic sushi
WIZ*ONCE Oy oldin
Doesn’t sushi give you parasites or like tapeworm?
Poketuber Guy
Poketuber Guy Oy oldin
I hate the Canadian roll or any roll
Catjade 918
Catjade 918 Oy oldin
wtf im american and ive been eating sushi since i was like 8 years old. how do they not even know what it is?
BTS Army
BTS Army Oy oldin
Well my first sushi is GOOD like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD
Kayhlia T
Kayhlia T Oy oldin
the guy in the red is super cute 😍
L3yKa0 Oy oldin
*Japan has left the chat*
L3yKa0 Oy oldin
you realy don't like salmon!? salmon is my favorite fish and mostly for sushi! i legit peel the salon of the rice and eat it than eat the rice. i cant be the only one who does that...