Americans Try Syrian Food For The First Time

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“You can give me that Maqloubeh any day child!”
These people love Syrian food. Have you tried it?
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Said Mrad
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16-May, 2016

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Salma Hosny
Salma Hosny Kun oldin
Keith and Ned trying to speak Arabic is so funny and the funniest part to Arabs like me is that when Keith and the Mexican dude -I don't know his name- tried to correct the pronounciation of "ahleen" and "sahtain" they were both wrong actually but I like and appreciate that they care to pronounce them correctly. Btw, this music is Saidi (upper Egypt folk music) not Syrian.
Gacha Cupcake
Gacha Cupcake 3 kun oldin
Lilit Nercissian
Lilit Nercissian 4 kun oldin
Maqloubeh is not syrian and it’s well known in most of middle astern countries . Happy they liked it , it’s very delicious
Ines Cyntia
Ines Cyntia 6 kun oldin
I see keith and ned, i click
Omar Nahlawi
Omar Nahlawi 9 kun oldin
Bro lam intestines are so good they scared right as they look,right as I look They gone
Heart beat
Heart beat 16 kun oldin
0:20 babe this is gooold im telling you
سوري عاشق العراق
All Syrian cuisine is delicious, but maybe the mistake is when the cook 😄😉
mmmollusk man
mmmollusk man 19 kun oldin
sausage is in intestines??
TNBD_CarNaG3 _
TNBD_CarNaG3 _ 19 kun oldin
Try Yemeni food next yurrrr
Matt Al Nababteh
Matt Al Nababteh 19 kun oldin
I’m from Jordan (which is an Arabic speaking country) and seeing them trying to pronounce those words was hilarious
Rayden .H
Rayden .H 20 kun oldin
I am arabian and it was so funny to see u trying to talk syrian
emmy x vids
emmy x vids 23 kun oldin
I searched up knafeh because I’m eating it and now I’m watching this lmao
emmy x vids
emmy x vids 23 kun oldin
I love Syrian food!
Ice Dude
Ice Dude 23 kun oldin
You can't make Syrian food vid without some yaprak leaves
Gaming With Eve_h2o
Gaming With Eve_h2o 25 kun oldin
I’m waiting for them to try Somalian food
Reina 25 kun oldin
I really find it CUTE when non arab people talks in Arabic. It's so DAMN cute. ☹️💛 + " Did you say Syria-sly? " 😏💕
Cleo_BDGT 56001
Cleo_BDGT 56001 26 kun oldin
WHY DIDNT YOU PUT "MOLOKHEA" OR "SHAWORMA"???😂😂😂 Its just too hard without those
Cleo_BDGT 56001
Cleo_BDGT 56001 26 kun oldin
Im syrian 😂😂😂
Toty Al-halbouni
Toty Al-halbouni 27 kun oldin
Oh god this is 5% of the deletions Syrian food there is much more!!!!! I request part 2 ! Part 2! Part 2! 🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾
Jiji Arkan
Jiji Arkan 28 kun oldin
I'm syrian ♡
Tim Hex
Tim Hex 28 kun oldin
We don't call it masareeen we call it sujkat0:51actually it's so delicious but it has a weird shape😂
best sister
best sister 29 kun oldin
انا سوريا i am syrian
Tala Al Khatib
Tala Al Khatib 29 kun oldin
Syrian food is so yummy just like ملوخية
Tala Al Khatib
Tala Al Khatib 29 kun oldin
I am Syrian too
Ghalia Swiss
Ghalia Swiss Oy oldin
مين سوري هون؟ 😍🇸🇾
Dalia Van Gessel
Ahleen ❤️💗like if u comes from Syriaa
Nazdar Behnan
Nazdar Behnan Oy oldin
Ok so I am assyrian and u guys left out the bessssssssttt Syrian food like dolma,turshi
Toto Saeid Andrew
Im Syrian.... they are soo funny trying our cultures food Ahahah thanks soooo much for doing this video LOVE IT
13 Year Old Car Enthusiast
🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾🇸🇾 Im syrian lol
Jason McBurger
I... accually eat these every day lol
Cherisse Fernandes
Americans 🙄
Anthony Hana
Anthony Hana Oy oldin
As a syrian this was so funny
nadia ibrahim
nadia ibrahim Oy oldin
as an arab this was actually the funniest thing ever
I am Syrian and I laughed so hard when Ned said I love Syrian food in Arabic
Trookr ترووكي
لحظه السوريين يشربون كحول ؟
Hi hereissomestuff
Subscribe to PewDiePie on UZvid!!
Serj Oy oldin
Pinky girl Me and u hh
I am Muslim and I am so proud and I will love allah always I love you allah more that everything in the world 🌎
YohanSan 2 oy oldin
حارق اليهود
ياخي لا تحطولهم مقادم ونخاعات ولسانات ما بيفهمو بعلشغلات
gracie1267 2 oy oldin
Thumbed up for Ned & Keith
B2 Super battledroid
مسحور Craft
مسحور Craft 2 oy oldin
Cool habibe cool 😄😄😅😅😅
Gabs _G4mer1
Gabs _G4mer1 2 oy oldin
im syrian but you are drinking flower water we put a little of it in a bottle of water but you are drinking it like a beer and you choose the badest food in syria ._. you didnt change shakria and berek
Ryan safar
Ryan safar 2 oy oldin
Wait they ate kitsch with out kodie you half to eat them together im also half syrian and eating kodie and kistch now lol
Hilla Yaniv
Hilla Yaniv 2 oy oldin
You know what's funny? It kinda reminds me of some Israeli food my grandma made. Yet she was raised in Syria. BTW sahtain is with ch sound
Hilla Yaniv
Hilla Yaniv 2 oy oldin
+Triumphantchild That is true that Israel adopted some of the foods around us, yet again I grew up there, and associate this food with my grandma's house. She grew up with many siblings and had learned to cook in Syria, which is probably why we both relate to this video regards us coming from different countries. I am very sorry if I offended you, or anyone by writing this comment. feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss further about this, or any other subject.
Triumphantchild 2 oy oldin
Hilla Yaniv There's no such thing as "Israeli food." It's just Levantine dishes that Israel stole from Levantine countries.
Kris Young
Kris Young 2 oy oldin
50% alcohol?! Good Lord, that must be super-strong!
Mari Hernandez
Mari Hernandez 2 oy oldin
🇸🇾 ♥️
AG CookieStudios
AG CookieStudios 2 oy oldin
Halawet el jibn translates to " Candy of cheese " I'm Algerian and surprised i know this XD
Lazy Jessie
Lazy Jessie 2 oy oldin
Im American but my parents are Syrian ❤❤❤