An Extraordinary Moment

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3-Okt, 2018

shawn mendes casey neistatnycscreeningpremiere



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Levi Allen
Levi Allen 2 oy oldin
I might be a Mendes fan now..
Rubel Sikder Vlogs
Welcome to the fam!!!
Rubel Sikder Vlogs
LOL 😜😜😜
Scarlett Rolls
Scarlett Rolls 2 kun oldin
4:47 go off sis!
Brick Missing
Brick Missing 7 kun oldin
OK. Anybody else never heard of this Mendes fellow and, after watching this circle jerk, would be happy never hearing of him again?
Ghazan Khan
Ghazan Khan 23 kun oldin
From 0:30 to 0:54 on what he is moving so fast .what is he on .on a segway or hover board .plz some body tell
Lauren B.
Lauren B. 23 kun oldin
7:56 is that supposed to be seriously? cause it aint that
Saim Rehman
Saim Rehman 24 kun oldin
That girl at 0:19 😂❤️
Beauty Boro
Beauty Boro 28 kun oldin
Shawn Mendes is a inspiration .
Jannik Paquette
Jannik Paquette 28 kun oldin
seriuosly. nice
Aaron Young
Aaron Young Oy oldin
Although didn't show up in front of camera, you can feel that Casey is the star in that movie. Absolutely brilliant.
Ahmed Oy oldin
oh my god, this guy is still making vlogs.
Alexis Ferrer
Alexis Ferrer Oy oldin
Congrat bro. You deserve it, cause you work so hard for this !
Domingos Neto
Domingos Neto Oy oldin
I cried during both videos. I love the 2 of you. So much respect to both! You guys deserve all the success because you followed your dreams, you work hard af and you love doing it. I will forever be a fan.
Mark Pritchard Guitar
Just watched the video and that was an awesome video Casey, so inspiring especially for me as I've just started my own UZvid channel. Great stuff mate, you must be very happy with it.
i full agree with you Mark, best video ever
Νίκος Νίκου
Ladies and Gents....THE BEATLES!
Scott Lindstrom
Congratulations Casey total badassery you deserve it man stay who you are Carpe' Diem' brother...
Ubeyd Cukur
Ubeyd Cukur Oy oldin
My favourite youtuber has made a Documentary about my favourite Musician its all i have ever asked for
Leanne Gabrielle Quilat
Congratulations, Casey!
NLGhostWolf Oy oldin
Wow 10M Amazing, Congrats Sir, hope you get 10M more
Emily Mendes
Emily Mendes Oy oldin
two legends❤️
드라오 Oy oldin
He used to vine
Molly Joy
Molly Joy Oy oldin
"am I wearing 2 pairs of sunglasses????" Casey u can never wear too many sunglasses
Never Ever
Never Ever Oy oldin
What is the song called to the start of his video?
David Dobreski
where was candice :/
Janet Varney
Janet Varney Oy oldin
Where is Candice??
Imagine what the people in that crowd are like
coldbumby Oy oldin
Taylor Paxman
Taylor Paxman Oy oldin
Casey That Video was Amazing. You have Amazing Talent. You Definitely need to do other Artist!!
Spanish 646
Spanish 646 Oy oldin
10 million candles on that cake
penelope carcamo
Congratulations Casey you did a wonderful job on the video
moony0205 Oy oldin
I mean, who is Shawn menderez? I know a poor guy from Germany who tries his best on every season of superstars...?
ravneet sidhu
ravneet sidhu Oy oldin
I am your fan sir
Trevor Ryan
Trevor Ryan Oy oldin
I'm gonna fly to New York to meet you
Adam Hribar
Adam Hribar Oy oldin
Great work Casey!
Arib 99
Arib 99 Oy oldin
One of the greatest and most genuine creators finally got what he deserves 🖤
StrobeFlex Oy oldin
Hi Casey. I run a videography start up in Albuquerque. I was wonder if you could put me in touch with anyone that has done financial projections in the smartphone market. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
alpenjodel24 Oy oldin
so many wet panties right there
felipe paez
felipe paez Oy oldin
vine por merakio
Waseq Farhan
Waseq Farhan Oy oldin
This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen come together. Super excited for the future of 368.
Luis Feliz
Luis Feliz Oy oldin
that guitar song. what is it?
Suz Chadwick
Suz Chadwick Oy oldin
Love your work Casey!! congrats :)
Pasha Pratama
Pasha Pratama Oy oldin
the best for you
Gossip Gal
Gossip Gal Oy oldin
Well deserved Mr.Neistat ... Well deserved! Mazel Tov!
Dana Altwajer
Dana Altwajer Oy oldin
I just realized that Shawn looks like he could be Casey’s son
Martin Carter
Martin Carter Oy oldin
Brandon Larson Photography
You inspired me to start making videos. I love photography and you showed me a different way to view the world with videos. Make sure to check out some of my work!
kurbatik batik channel
Happy bday to your daughter ❤️!!from Russia with love 🤗
Sandra Pereira
I saw that mini clip of Shawn trying to steal the camera on instagram and he said “Casey” so I was like WAIT A MINUTE IS HE TALKING ABOUT CAISEY NEISTAD and here I am now
zühal polat
zühal polat Oy oldin
dude i love shawn
Sorry, Casey your videos are no longer from a guy down to earth. like before (losing a big fan)
B B Oy oldin
In case anyone else was interested (because I know I was), the artist at the beginning’s insta is @pedrocyberpirate
Congratulations! I went and watched. :D :) ;) :'( All the emojis. So well put together. You are an amazing story teller Casey. Congratulations
The Fisayo
The Fisayo Oy oldin
Awww I enjoyed this 💙 congrats
michael shapiro
why does he speak our of phase is that an artistic thing
Альберт Габдрахманов
Это круто поздравляю!!! И спасибо за видео!!!
OreoMask Oy oldin
If I had a dollar for everytime he says 368 I'd think the movie was about 368
hahah, funny
Megan Jacobson
I just wonder was that whole room in tears at the end???? I know I was!!!! Very good, so heartfelt!!!!!
Santino Crosson
So many privileged white girls. I can't :/
Indu Arora
Indu Arora Oy oldin
Fulll respect and love for both these super duper talented persons in their professions
i fully agree with you, much love and they are super duper talented
wanna be
wanna be Oy oldin
I literally love your vedio style. It's awesome and very creative.
L. Roos
L. Roos Oy oldin
Love this
Poendasie Oy oldin
I want both casey and shawn's cocks up my ass (no homo)
Marrian Angeles
I am such a Mendes fan and when I found out Casey did a mini movie with Shawn, I am just in love ❤️❤️❤️
Alessiaa Oy oldin
Just ME Onlyme
__Itzznicole__ cxx
ATGTF Oy oldin
Unga Bunga me me hunt mammoth lookin ass
jay is not childish
Try vlogging in 60 FPS
Celebrating life
Maulida JS
Maulida JS Oy oldin
gimana rasanya fans duduk bareng idolanya dan tetap stay cool gak jejeritan :')
Casey! I've been a UZvidr for almost 10 years, religiously making videos about home recording and the equipment that goes with it. But like many smaller channels, I've been starting to see a big decline in viewership since the "adpocolypse" on UZvid. Do you have any suggestions? I'd love your input and or advice. I've put the time in, the energy, the passion, the love and I would genuinely appreciate it if you could check it out and give me some advice on how to change the current pattern. I'm a one man operation and could really use a hand. Thank you for all the inspiration!
CristianKirk Oy oldin
I really try to make this interest me, but I can't.
fruitlutz Oy oldin
Mendes grew up in my city
Jeff Horne
Jeff Horne Oy oldin
Is it just plain mean to point out the "suprise" typo?
Alla Gubara
Alla Gubara Oy oldin
Shawn Mendes is a whole vibe
Huzzafa Naveed
@caseyneistat I love you. i'm happy for you. Congratulations on the baby. Congratulations on 10 milli subs and.....I hope you see this comment.
Riccardo Caffagni
I WANNA THAT UZvid THING ! is made of chocolate inside?
Trin Fabian
Trin Fabian 2 oy oldin
Been around before the milli- congrats 10times more brother
i know, its great seeing the people you love succeed
AriHD 2 oy oldin
woah congrats dude to 10m!
Darryl Goben
Darryl Goben 2 oy oldin
sad hope he saves some money in gold or silver..cause this is gonna b short
Breathe -RC
Breathe -RC 2 oy oldin
how can people not like this !
Alberto Rodriguez
F2E 2 oy oldin
Why is it primarily female?
Ezequiel C
Ezequiel C 2 oy oldin
Hmmm, and how exactly does one "Juke the Algorithm to get more views" ? 😅🤔
@SalesRemastered 2 oy oldin
Congrats on the 10 mil subs and on the Shawn's movie! You inspire me to keep making videos.
ShawN shawN
ShawN shawN 2 oy oldin
So how soon is the baby? I figure you must be swamped trying to plan for that and 368. Hope all the best!
Wade Lee
Wade Lee 2 oy oldin
fly787 2 oy oldin
Went by 368..looks like a dump, and it was closed as well. Quite frankly it looked abandoned.,
It's Me Lucas From Athens
you spelled seriously wrong
Aircraft Mech.
Aircraft Mech. 2 oy oldin
New Daily Upload recommendations? Looking for Casey like material.
SDA Dan 2 oy oldin
You make me addicted man, love all your videos. Like who agree. 😊😊😋😋😁😁👍👍⛔⚠️👍👍
Isabel Mendes
Isabel Mendes 2 oy oldin
Shawn you are amazing and I love you so much
ROCKBOY Pictures
ROCKBOY Pictures 2 oy oldin
Were are you casy its been a week
bigwillbc 2 oy oldin
I'm guessing he had his baby
Kyle Is Daydreaming
@casey We require your vlogs to survive the mundane society that has been created for us to live in. Feed us joy in the form of your vloggy content. In all seriousness though - all the best for the baby (coming soon) and we look forward to seeing you again soon!
Marlitt Niesmak
Marlitt Niesmak 2 oy oldin
Casey, give us some news on the baby and the beautiful wife of yours! Hope everybody is okay 💕, love
thats a great question, love to know how its going with the new baby
Matty Grambo
Matty Grambo 2 oy oldin
Casey is an inspiration, thanks for your inspiration. Gday mate form the land down under. I have now started my own UZvid channel. Check it out and Subscribe if you like.
lea levi
lea levi 2 oy oldin
anything to do with shawn is good (like if you agree)
Vishal Anand
Vishal Anand 2 oy oldin
The short film was spot on ... amazingly well done !! Hats off !!
mad26man26 2 oy oldin
His 10 mil views party buried at the end of this video. Lol what a guy.
Pres Web
Pres Web 2 oy oldin
Casey, I loved the movie. So inspiring........
2 yil oldin
Airport Ripoff
3 yil oldin
Her Water Broke
4 yil oldin
super sad.
Oy oldin