Anderson Cooper’s tribute to his friend Anthony Bourdain

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In death, as in life, Anthony Bourdain brought us closer together.
On his award-winning series, "Parts Unknown," Bourdain brought the world home to CNN viewers. Through the simple act of sharing meals, he showcased both the extraordinary diversity of cultures and cuisines, yet how much we all have in common.
Tragically, he proved this again on Friday. Bourdain's death shook television viewers around the world. The most common sentiment: "I feel like I've lost a friend."



9-Iyn, 2018

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Waffles And ice cream
He told us what he knew and about everything he loved and poured his heart and soul , but he didn’t have the heart to leave us note because he wanted to leave us his story and the story of his life
Richardl Eaton
Richardl Eaton Kun oldin
The shadow rulers that control the new world is doing this to the human race! I know, they threw me on the streets and throw me in jail when they please
Brian Twiss
Brian Twiss 2 kun oldin
This man and Indiana Jones are the inspirations for me to travel some day Also: come on people, drop the politics for once and just let this guy mourn his friend.
Mikayla Drolet
Mikayla Drolet 4 kun oldin
I will never get over this. He once said “Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life-and travel-leaves marks on you.” And you, Tony, you left a huge mark and impact on my life. Thank you.
Suzanne Dubovoy
Suzanne Dubovoy 5 kun oldin
Always remembering a legend and an inspirational dude to millions. Intellectual, genuine, bold, brave, worldly, humble and unapologically outspoken. He left an imprint in this world. Missing him dearly.
Greg Harris
Greg Harris 5 kun oldin
I often think of the episode that Anthony got a street haircut in Vietnam. His description of it makes me smile.
VETO KOOLAID 6 kun oldin
He wasn’t your friend ugly fa g g o t Cooper. You are going down for what you did. #MAGA
Will Iam
Will Iam 6 kun oldin
I hate watching his shows now cause I know he was murdered!!!!!!
D C 12 kun oldin
Soy Boy !
Maria Cardenas
Maria Cardenas 13 kun oldin
i cant believe that he tuck his live
Maria Cardenas
Maria Cardenas 13 kun oldin
i love to watch his tv food and his travel
Von Clohk
Von Clohk 14 kun oldin
Putin did it.
Bob Pants
Bob Pants 14 kun oldin
Maggots are crawling out of his eyeballs now
A Girl
A Girl 15 kun oldin
Too young 💜💕
Squirtle 15 kun oldin
Why did he suicide himself??? tell me..
Samantha  Halfacre
Samantha Halfacre 16 kun oldin
I never actually met him, but I feel I knew him. I've traveled the world with him within the walls of my living room. Ate supper with him nearly every night. My 6 yr. Old daughter loves him too. I have still not had the heart to tell her that he passed away. Not only because I know she will be heart broken, but also we are healing from one of my best friends also passing this year. 2018 was a bad year for us. But mainly so she can still enjoy him, the way I used to. Now I watch him and it deeply saddens me to know that he is no longer with us. I never met you, but I feel I knew you and you took me places and taught me things I would never be able to go and do on my own. I pray you are at peace now Anthony Bourdain. When I eat pork and drink I will think of you.
Funk U.
Funk U. 12 kun oldin
I love it when people write from their soul...
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 16 kun oldin
Hey Cooper your friend Bourdain was killed by the satanic/pedophiles you suck to every day.
Jehovah Lucifer
Jehovah Lucifer 17 kun oldin
michael demeo
michael demeo 17 kun oldin
Join him Anderson I'm sure you have just as many child victims as him and joe Biden combined
Polin Hem
Polin Hem 18 kun oldin
nobody can come close. rip anthony
GooglR Ratings
GooglR Ratings 20 kun oldin
FUDGE PACKER TV 360 🤣 Tony was way above this poop mixer.
Tish Moore
Tish Moore 20 kun oldin
I cannot stop 😢 CRYING! God help me...I don't wantto be here ....anymore either..... Im done!
HarryPotter87 20 kun oldin
Depression is a REAL illness. So, plz STOP the stigma!
Habib Habib
Habib Habib 22 kun oldin
Anthony Bourdain looks like a cannibal who sleeps with his daughter.
Antoney Adhikarigedon
Didn't expect this as i always watched his show on food network when he was young had such a personality on the show
Miss Anthrope
Miss Anthrope 23 kun oldin
When you eat suffering you become suffering. Universal law is nothing personal. Gaia is better off without him.
DRAMA 23 kun oldin
I know the daughter
Judith Ann Angel
Judith Ann Angel 25 kun oldin
I am still feeling a great loss. I miss him so much. He expressed strong political opinions at times which I respected and appreciated. You were a loving, extremely intelligent, perceptive and extraordinary man. Again, I miss you Anthony Bourdain.
RaindropsOnMyHead1 27 kun oldin
Because of you Anthony million of this generation think is ok to commit suicide when things get hard or depressed. I would love for you to go fuck yourself but you already did LMFAO.
RaindropsOnMyHead1 27 kun oldin
Fuck anthony bourdain you selfish fuck it not ok to commit suicide no matter what so fuck you if you believe that shit. Learn to love yourself white peoples you guys are bunch a stupid fuck.
Burton Lee
Burton Lee 29 kun oldin
Two beautiful American men. Thank you Anthony for everything
alexander tan advento
r.i.p anthony bourdain
Daniel M
Daniel M Oy oldin
Oh dear Anthony, hope youre in heaven, eating great stuff, you are so important to me. :(
Louie Ralphie
Louie Ralphie Oy oldin
$ is not happiness!
Keith Reese
Keith Reese Oy oldin
IMO of course I didn’t know him, he was tired of the lies and hypocrisy in his own personal relationships, he called out Killary weeks B4 and my guess what he was surrounded by probably you AC & your CNN. The sun is shining on the US economy and everyday 24/7 your employer tells us it’s a bad turbulent day with your Trump derangement syndrome, you are depressing to those vulnerable which could be the majority at any given moment.
brettfavreify Oy oldin
"You know, if it's really good, it's kinda squirty."
evoljellyfish 00
me.me/i/o-instagaw-a-search-tweet-anthony-bourdain-bourdain-i-have-22678403 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata Oy oldin
Fuckkk....I couldn't and still can't believe that he is not anymore among us! He was so genuine, so respectful and very simple story teller. I really do miss his shows a lot and when I see them being played I feel his presence still here. His legacy is gonna remain for a very long time. Can't believe that such a man have suicidal thoughts. However the happiness or sadness among us are invisible and far away from the material possessions that we seek as substitute due to the lack or absence of the things that we really need. Thank you Anthony. Rest in peace now and forever.
Los Bombero
Los Bombero Oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-JK6zuii2OLI.html&t=54s Anthony created a nice gig for himself. I'm more of a Guy 'Nicer Guy' Fieri fan. You just know that Guy will be a better guy to hang with.
evoljellyfish 00
me.me/i/o-instagaw-a-search-tweet-anthony-bourdain-bourdain-i-have-22678403 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...
tOm the bOmb
tOm the bOmb Oy oldin
evoljellyfish 00
me.me/i/o-instagaw-a-search-tweet-anthony-bourdain-bourdain-i-have-22678403 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...
Xiong Vue
Xiong Vue Oy oldin
CNN? fak CNN. AB is greater then CNN especially this cooper POS
evoljellyfish 00
me.me/i/o-instagaw-a-search-tweet-anthony-bourdain-bourdain-i-have-22678403 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...
Hemperor Joans
This stills kills me, and you can see that Anderson Cooper was trying really hard to hold it in.
evoljellyfish 00
me.me/i/o-instagaw-a-search-tweet-anthony-bourdain-bourdain-i-have-22678403 3 days later he was found hanging from a rope, apparently "suicide". There are dozens of other examples of people getting dirt on the Clintons and disappearing or suicide. There are far too many examples for it to be a coincidence...
Norman Teck
Norman Teck Oy oldin
Thank you, Anderson.
Kim Kim
Kim Kim Oy oldin
Cooper sound so fake .shut ur mouth
Ken Desjarlais
This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a man can attain everything on this planet from riches to status but that’s still doesn’t cut it! Buddy still offs himself. I feel for the kids, A man simply needs a relationship with the son of God ,Jesus Christ who died on the cross to save us and forgive us of our sins. Doing this will give you peace, a future, The answer to this life and the life after we pass through the curtain.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow Oy oldin
If he had not met that witch he's still be alive.
Ryan Sievert
Ryan Sievert Oy oldin
Who the fuck would dislike this video?? RIP Mr Bourdain you are truly missed
voxer99 Oy oldin
I simply can NOT fathom why Bourdain killed himself. My life is pretty good. His life was GREAT. Plus he had a young child. I'm just baffled.
Horatio Caine
Horatio Caine Oy oldin
He was and still is a great motivation
Joe Schizoid
Joe Schizoid Oy oldin
I am so happy Anthony Bourdain is dead. I always hated that smug, arrogant piece of shit.
Joe Schizoid
Joe Schizoid Oy oldin
+Ryan Sievert Yes, really. However, he's apparently communicating over a spiritcom with Steve Huff over on his youtube channel.
Ryan Sievert
Ryan Sievert Oy oldin
Wow dude really??
Nathan Elswick
Crazy , not really another way to describe it. Crazy how a brain works... If you have problems like he did in his head, no amount of talking will every git rid of them. Its cliche to compare yourself but that's how I've always felt. No amount of talking will ever make my emotions that are hardwired into my brain change. That's depressing in itself. A scar, is a scar, is a scar. You can't make it something else. You just learn to be an expert at acting in real life. If you have to act in real life you definitely feel very alone. That's my piece, that's my opinion from experience.
johnw91498 Oy oldin
I miss him a lot...
Toto Tita
Toto Tita Oy oldin
Aderson say thanks you to ME TOO for killing him sad
Mathew Wanser
Mathew Wanser Oy oldin
There's a special place in hell for Vladamir Putin.
Julien Prévost
That must've been so hard for Anderson to do, but he did it with such brilliance. RIP Anthony
Scary Texan
Scary Texan Oy oldin
I can’t believe how much fun he made of people calling them not cool or they couldn’t handle pressure. He took chicken shit way out . Sold out to the suicide doooosh gods.
Jenny Reyes
Jenny Reyes Oy oldin
Anthony Bourdain you were a good man I wish you could’ve seen my condolences to you Anderson Cooper
R Scott
R Scott Oy oldin
0no suicide murdered by your deep state
museken 2 oy oldin
My GOD I loved his show. All you journalist out there . Do you know what I do for a living?. I provide a service for everyone you see everyday... You have it so easy it breaks my heart you don't know who we are..maybe you do. That's worst. . You go home when ever you get what you want .We go home when we finish serving you. We do get paid overtime . IS THAT RIGHT. To come home to your family everyday at night. . I understand you may be gay . You got it easy. Investigate me. Stars have the world on Bourdian you have the world why kill yourself. ...To everyone who wants to commit suicide in the USA look at yourself and believe i"m better then them.. Fight back . If no one loves you. ask yourself why? Look inside of you.
Aaron Y
Aaron Y 2 oy oldin
F!!!!!!!!! U!!!!!!! 4Guest!!!!!
Aaron Y
Aaron Y 2 oy oldin
A.B you were a coward, selfish loser..... your money, your freedom, I will never watch your shows.... or anyone that supports your weak way out. We all have issues, we all have pain, we all don't make the money you did, we all cant cook, we all still live!!! you are a LOSER!!!!!!!
Kevin M
Kevin M 2 oy oldin
Yay finally Sunday’s will be news again ....go to Nat Geo if u want shows .....people fight everyday to stay alive and u took yours......who cares stop glorifying his lame shows
Spookrockcity 2 oy oldin
Abandoned his child, hated himself for being a white male, let his girlfriend sleep with other men, handled his cheating girlfriends dirty laundry, and killed himself like a coward. Bourdain is a true testament to what left wing philsophy produces; cowardly beta cucked males who hate themselves and take the easy way out.
Andrew Martinez
Andrew Martinez 2 oy oldin
Suicide contagen wtf!!
TheBlack1963 unknown
When one kills him/herself they gave up and should not be put on a pedestal or glorified. I think ones name should be added to a list of people to forget.might prevent suicide by people looking to be noticed or hurt others by killing themselves.
Che Guevara
Che Guevara 2 oy oldin
he probably left a note where he said he wanted to be marinated and cooked on 350
Todd Turner
Todd Turner 2 oy oldin
Good man. Brilliant ephogee. I too am a cook and an an adventurer. Would love to have met him.
Teresa Guercio
Teresa Guercio 2 oy oldin
why? why?. how is his daughter?on an earlier interview, he would not do anything to himself because of his daughter!!
putin murdered Anthony Bourdain!!!
Charla  Gotier
Charla Gotier 2 oy oldin
The heart of darkness... What a read!
Philippe Vu
Philippe Vu 2 oy oldin
Rip anthony
jose green
jose green 2 oy oldin
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay 2 oy oldin
anderson cooper sux horse cox!
Timothy Roper
Timothy Roper 2 oy oldin
I just watched the Buenos Aires episode, and man is that eerie, like he foretold his death.
The D
The D 2 oy oldin
*Asia Argento is evil! RIP Anthony Bourdain*
Anthony Shope
Anthony Shope 2 oy oldin
Goldfish fishysons
Orange Erndog
Orange Erndog 2 oy oldin
He was a Trump supporter I would have helped put the rope around his neck all republicans should hang them selves
Matthew Dianaty
Matthew Dianaty 2 oy oldin
A drug afic and a faget
John Truong
John Truong 2 oy oldin
he's having a great successful career enjoying life, suicide? I don't fking think so
Annette Jackson
Annette Jackson 2 oy oldin
Don Lemon is a racist, and needs to be banned!!!!
Hatta Morshidi
Hatta Morshidi 2 oy oldin
I simply love his shows. His trip to Borneo was mesmerizing as that is where I come from. Rest in peace Mr Anthony Bourdain. U gonna b missed.
Angela Brown
Angela Brown 2 oy oldin
I literally cried, just last night after watching the episode of his crew sharing what it was like to work with him. It's only been 5 months since you left us....Rest in Peace Tony, knowing how you touched so many.🙇‍♀️
Earlean Belcher
Earlean Belcher 2 oy oldin
John Brown
John Brown 2 oy oldin
His show was a joy to watch many days, it is painful to watch now.
C Ski
C Ski 2 oy oldin
Brought s joy to my life. Saw many similar traits he had in my own life. God bless Tony. Your missed
Mandy Cote
Mandy Cote 2 oy oldin
...this world is a facade...and all those things that people strive for...death is not final...we are eternal beings...and we live on regardless of what we believe...or why we believe it...man kind lives for self...which is pride...and pride kills and that is what satan loves since he is killing destroying and stealing mankind! This is simply nostalgia and that doesn't help anyone OR anything! Suicide is serious!!! As is the state of all of us!!! Including homosexuality Anderson Cooper!!!
mike shramowiat
mike shramowiat 2 oy oldin
Anderson and Anthony had so much in common. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
tallaganda83 2 oy oldin
He was legendary, i will never stop watching reruns of his shows until the day i die.
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer 2 oy oldin
Another snowflake melting out on life.
Life of a Bibliophile
His death hit me very hard. For quite a few reasons. I understand depression. I too have been suicidal. Knowing what his last moments of life were probably like, along with everyone else who has taken their life bc of depression, that and that alone hurts the most. I wouldn't wish what I feel in the isolating darkness of depression on anyone.
Horacio Adolfo Lassandari
Now I am afraid because my first memory of feeling very scared of life is since Anthony kill himself,
George Rockwell
George Rockwell 2 oy oldin
Did he leave a suicide note?
sabahat guyot
sabahat guyot 2 oy oldin
Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad my favourite book too . RIP Anthony Bourdain
J Golen
J Golen 3 oy oldin
Anderson Cooper the queen pooper trooper leader of the gay mafia go stuff some cocks down your throat and choke on them please!
Mello Mentoring
Mello Mentoring 3 oy oldin
A bipolar persons thoughts on Anthony Bourdain’s suicide uzvid.com/video/video-8T9czJC8kFI.html
Truth Betold
Truth Betold 3 oy oldin
Good riddance
bongo fury
bongo fury 3 oy oldin
Enough of this short order cook eating fried spider legs and cat piss soup in Bangladesh. Let’s all get behind President Trump and make America great again. We need to defeat the liberal Democratic illness that has infected the U.S.A.
clickbait 7
clickbait 7 3 oy oldin
Whyyy Anthony... 😢 😢 😒.. See you on the other side...