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Anderson .Paak - Bubblin (Official Video)

Anderson Paak
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Bubblin out now! smarturl.it/Bubblin
Directed by Calmatic

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Look at you go, okay, you bubblin'
Look, go, go, Look at you go
Okay you bubblin', look
Yeah, one in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin'
Look at the cash, look at the cash comin' in
Come get your man, this lil' nigga buggin' me
Did you see the bag? Quit all that jaw-jackery
Don't vevnn pass me that, I don't want none of it (yeah)
These niggas mad about it, they had enough of it
Woah, watch what you're sayin', how they're poppin' and shakin'
Got me hot as a laser, my posse deep and irate
And we act a fool for the paper, had a dream and I made it
El Camino on Dayton's, Vintage Guess over Bape
Put the bread on me bitch, bitch, you bet I'ma bake it
Piggy flat in a blanket, I might just roll out today
I might just roll out to Vegas, head back to my old ways
Cop a room full of Asian hoes and do blow all day
Look at me, baby, look at me, baby
Don't I look like a million? I'm 'bout to clean out the safe
D-don't I look like somebody that just be bodyin' everything
All that talkin' is great but I don't be talkin' I air it out
All the problems have gotten easy to bury
I'd rather drown in them Hendrick's, I'd rather kiss on my Mary
I been broker way longer than I been rich so until it levels out
Imma take your mama to the Marriott and wear it out
Took me so long to get it, gonna spread it out
Let 'em know all about me when I'm dead and gone
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)
Bubblin' (go)
One in the hand (look)
One in the hand (go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash, bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)
I'ma need all the fries you can give me
All the hot sauce, all the pie you can give me
Better be all or nothin', don't have me in the middle
You better be all you can, get higher than the limit
Simplify for the Dumbos, plenty slides, I could shuffle
Hit the cadence with my young bitch, Isaac Hayes, Billy Ocean
But the old hoe with the cane stick
Left my slippers at the function, it's hard to run in Gucci slides
Chick I thought you said you didn't have a husband
I'ma stud, no cuckold, Jackie Chan, no trouble
Can't kill up with the beat, blood drippin' from the cutthroats
No Lord, not me, I can never be the one you wanna stunt for
Money, money, the machine, guns, freak the Ferragamo store
R.I.P. to times that I was broke, hopped in like the 911 Porsche
Matte black, lookin' clean, dead prezi's in an envelope
Cookin up kanat, waitin' for the antidote, runnin' outta town
Patience thinner than her pantyhose
"Get over here and empty your pockets."
"I don't do that."
"You're my prisoner-you do what I tell you to do-get over here."
"Haha, he's gonna get nasty about it!"
"Fuckin' bitch!"
"Frank! Cool it, huh?"
"Stay the fuck outta this!"
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)
Bubblin' (go)
One in the hand (look)
One in the hand (go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash, bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)




17-May, 2018

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kool juice
kool juice 11 soat oldin
Waoh This Is FIRE
Theofficialmaka 13 soat oldin
I. Love. You. Andy.
aroperdope 22 soat oldin
Take yo cash and.......
Wesley Fields
Wesley Fields Kun oldin
This beat tough as fuck!
Lt. Stoner
Lt. Stoner Kun oldin
Yo we need a Anderson Paak feat Lil Pump song!
Lt. Stoner
Lt. Stoner Kun oldin
1:09 he literally swimming in cash
StampBoel Kun oldin
This nigga handsome
Falcon Nation
Falcon Nation 2 kun oldin
This nigga remind me of Ludacris 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Dope song!!
Andrew Chi Osbourne
What a Banging track this is....
Daryl Kelly
Daryl Kelly 2 kun oldin
Im going as that kid for Halloween
Young Drawgonball
Young Drawgonball 2 kun oldin
Lowkey look like Earl Sweatshirt
Mystogan 2 kun oldin
ima need all the fries you can gimme....
Ataraxia 3 kun oldin
his flow tho FUCKIN FIRE
b0 mUn3y
b0 mUn3y 3 kun oldin
I love dis song #culture
Familia EDF
Familia EDF 3 kun oldin
Raxandoo vendo Esse cara . Muito foda. Kkkkkk Top
Earl Martindale
Earl Martindale 4 kun oldin
Yooo is like some Superman coming to the rescue beat old Skool remix
Vincent Cawley
Vincent Cawley 4 kun oldin
You sound so much like Kendrick Lamar
Shane Bystrom
Shane Bystrom 4 kun oldin
0:51 that kid is so good at dancing I literally did not notice the zebra until my 10th time watching this
J's Essentials
J's Essentials 4 kun oldin
Look at you go
Molo DaDon
Molo DaDon 4 kun oldin
Anybody hating this needs to eradicate their mindset dc loves anderson and his nationals:)
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin 4 kun oldin
Milly Rock on any block!
Leslie Arnelle TV
Leslie Arnelle TV 4 kun oldin
Smokin Joe Blazer
Smokin Joe Blazer 4 kun oldin
Sounds like Kendrick
bezdomny1984 5 kun oldin
Love it
MODERN Combat Gaming
Hey do you know a Jason craddock
L N 5 kun oldin
He's amazing !!! Every time I hear him I think of Kendrick .. ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️
Angelic Felon
Angelic Felon 5 kun oldin
Your videos never dissapoints 😎 Check out mine. Id love to know your thoughts 💪
Pittsburgh Holla
Pittsburgh Holla 5 kun oldin
This need 100000000 plays!!!!
B0ss boi
B0ss boi 5 kun oldin
This song is gonna blow up I swear
FinDiesel 6 kun oldin
I'm sorry is that a horse with stripes painted on it
Hhjhfft Hhjigff
Hhjhfft Hhjigff 6 kun oldin
Hes officially off the desiigner list
Edwin Hays
Edwin Hays 6 kun oldin
I fux with this..
Wesley Frank
Wesley Frank 6 kun oldin
Ive listened to this song atleast twice a day since it came out lol
Jess Contreras
Jess Contreras 6 kun oldin
Better music than cholo rap thank goodness! Oxnard Ca 👍🏽
Win Win
Win Win 6 kun oldin
Like the music but its awkward bc his voice tone is too similar to Kendrick along with is content and rhyme scheme. I pressed like but im uneasy. Hip Hop is founded on originality. Today almost everyone sound n look like everyone. Its also possible this guy isn't being hinseld. Idk idk
Mark Dell
Mark Dell 7 kun oldin
Bubblin 😎
Joshua Usoalii
Joshua Usoalii 7 kun oldin
if only he performed this good at xxl
Mireya Olivares
Mireya Olivares 7 kun oldin
Yes rep that shit #oxnard!
BigBoi Jeffy69
BigBoi Jeffy69 7 kun oldin
I once went to a Bruno mars concert and paak was the person before him and I never felt like killing myself more than Anderson’s part he made Bruno who would already be great god level
DJ WIZARD 7 kun oldin
This is a real MC😎
msleti hernandez Davis
Thats Right Repn Oxnard much love
Safet Berberi
Safet Berberi 7 kun oldin
Gabriel Williams
Gabriel Williams 7 kun oldin
Look here dawg!!! This shit go hard!!!!!!! I fucks with this!!!!!!! Bang bang bang!!!!!!!
Derek Watson
Derek Watson 7 kun oldin
Where did Anderson park get this beat from? I head this beat somewhere before🤔
Ем. Продукција
Eminem Kamikaze first verse same Flow !! #Aftermath #Shady
Young Don
Young Don 8 kun oldin
I think im too broke to watch this
Lezzoish 8 kun oldin
Very god song Loverboy
dreamtimej 8 kun oldin
It’s a bit tacky. I’d like when he was playing the drums and had a real band behind him. Ok the beat is alright, but the “cash bubblin” things is played out! Dre (who I dig) got on to Paak’s bandwagon and Paak got taken for a ride. The songs not a disaster, I just think Paak should’ve more effort in doing what got him here. He doesn’t have to repeat to be himself. I just feel as if he could’ve done better on his own.
Pamji 8 kun oldin
Where the fuck this niggas album at?!
Marc Gipp
Marc Gipp 8 kun oldin
great vid
Ankh Bella
Ankh Bella 8 kun oldin
😩 I can't stop dancing!! Really tho 🤯
Jana Nicolas
Jana Nicolas 9 kun oldin
Busta rhymes feels 😍❤
paulish22 9 kun oldin
Paak and Mac Miller song is nice too.
anekwe chike
anekwe chike 9 kun oldin
super creative
Sunny Santiago
Sunny Santiago 9 kun oldin
Whutd em late asffffff
Heffsta02 9 kun oldin
Imma take your mamma to the mariot and wear it out LOL, best line.
codeP08 10 kun oldin
His XXL cypher was so wack that i actually hit "next" on this track probably 300 times before i first really heard it and realized how sick it was.
Alassane SARR
Alassane SARR 10 kun oldin
11M views...only? Did at least 2 of them millions 😂
Dorianjr 10 kun oldin
I was at a music festival and when they played this song, EVERYBODY got hype
Lynell Wingo
Lynell Wingo 10 kun oldin
This is that real funky shit
Alihan Ucar
Alihan Ucar 10 kun oldin
One of the greatest music videos I've ever seen
Enrique vela vela
Enrique vela vela 11 kun oldin
Like si te gusta la canción, vienes a ver los comentarios y necesitas traductor por que todos son en inglés...
basanta dhamala
basanta dhamala 11 kun oldin
That SWAG though.. DAMN .😎
philip robinson
philip robinson 12 kun oldin
Sidney Archbutt
Sidney Archbutt 12 kun oldin
damn andy
eXverZe-NooBz 12 kun oldin
I took your moma to yard house I took her to yard house
wuntoo1687 12 kun oldin
We need a song with Anderson Paak and Amine
ProMLG Events
ProMLG Events 12 kun oldin
new promotionz
new promotionz 12 kun oldin
support independent artists! come listen to my new weed smoking single "I Love My Marijuana" feedback welcomed!
Vince Stanton
Vince Stanton 12 kun oldin
Great song, bad vid.
Pak Mansurr
Pak Mansurr 13 kun oldin
Paak just enjoy making his song
David Ramosπ
David Ramosπ 13 kun oldin
Can't stop replying this song.
Tabs T
Tabs T 13 kun oldin
This nigga got some long ass teeth.
Kpop Corner
Kpop Corner 14 kun oldin
instagram.com/p/BnZkFo4Bx6x/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1s71hk89nu9e yep.
J Gard
J Gard 14 kun oldin
Fuckin loved it!
MrDumesday 15 kun oldin
That diner scene is a perfect example of why I prolly shouldn't be rich. I'd have so many hoes. So many hoes. So many hoes. So many 😢
damion cotton
damion cotton 15 kun oldin
busta rymes would flow on this track good,sounds like a track for him!!!!!
C2302 15 kun oldin
He released a version with Busta Rhymes featuring.
Ryan Nolan
Ryan Nolan 16 kun oldin
We don’t have that billboard
A_Willy_Will 16 kun oldin
I ain’t gon lie madden 19 brought me here
Dynamic Korea
Dynamic Korea 16 kun oldin
is he son?
Glenn Carlon
Glenn Carlon 16 kun oldin
805 Love
B Cro
B Cro 16 kun oldin
Hey, aren't you the cat on that Kaytranada joint Glowed Up?
José Augusto dos Santos
xadRez 17 kun oldin
nice song 🤣🤣👌
tom lea
tom lea 17 kun oldin
Richard Lewis brought me here
Drew Tucker
Drew Tucker 17 kun oldin
itsyourbestjamintheworld gameing
why foes it look like Anderson paak fuck his causin btw
W.A.L.O Oficial
W.A.L.O Oficial 17 kun oldin
insane flow!
Danny Aldana
Danny Aldana 17 kun oldin
this is busta rhymes
Gary Williams
Gary Williams 18 kun oldin
who this nigga Madden 19 brought me here i fux wit this, this some G shit
Zelous Prod.
Zelous Prod. 18 kun oldin
quinton jones jr
quinton jones jr 18 kun oldin
Madden Brought me Here!!
Stefanie Gentry
Stefanie Gentry 19 kun oldin
Look at you go!!!!!!!!! Look at you!
King Joker
King Joker 19 kun oldin
Who’s the milf?
Mike Dee
Mike Dee 19 kun oldin
This beat and his bars on this song is out of this world plus the music video is lit.......masterpeice🔥🔥🔥
Carolyn Correa
Carolyn Correa 19 kun oldin
we are watching one of the greatest artists of this generation jus gettin started
Stephen Stone
Stephen Stone 20 kun oldin
Kendrick Lamar’s voice and J. Cole’s ATM music video...
Ssspaceprincess 20 kun oldin
This song blows away competition lol. 😂
Jason Bailey
Jason Bailey 20 kun oldin
Damn I just became a fan!!!
avenger232 20 kun oldin
Penis penis penis
Wakey Wakey...
7 kun oldin
J. Cole - ATM
5 oy oldin
Jay Rock - WIN
3 oy oldin
5 oy oldin
4 oy oldin