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Anderson .Paak - Bubblin (Official Video)

Anderson Paak
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Bubblin out now! smarturl.it/Bubblin
Directed by Calmatic

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Look at you go, okay, you bubblin'
Look, go, go, Look at you go
Okay you bubblin', look
Yeah, one in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin'
Look at the cash, look at the cash comin' in
Come get your man, this lil' nigga buggin' me
Did you see the bag? Quit all that jaw-jackery
Don't vevnn pass me that, I don't want none of it (yeah)
These niggas mad about it, they had enough of it
Woah, watch what you're sayin', how they're poppin' and shakin'
Got me hot as a laser, my posse deep and irate
And we act a fool for the paper, had a dream and I made it
El Camino on Dayton's, Vintage Guess over Bape
Put the bread on me bitch, bitch, you bet I'ma bake it
Piggy flat in a blanket, I might just roll out today
I might just roll out to Vegas, head back to my old ways
Cop a room full of Asian hoes and do blow all day
Look at me, baby, look at me, baby
Don't I look like a million? I'm 'bout to clean out the safe
D-don't I look like somebody that just be bodyin' everything
All that talkin' is great but I don't be talkin' I air it out
All the problems have gotten easy to bury
I'd rather drown in them Hendrick's, I'd rather kiss on my Mary
I been broker way longer than I been rich so until it levels out
Imma take your mama to the Marriott and wear it out
Took me so long to get it, gonna spread it out
Let 'em know all about me when I'm dead and gone
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)
Bubblin' (go)
One in the hand (look)
One in the hand (go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash, bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)
I'ma need all the fries you can give me
All the hot sauce, all the pie you can give me
Better be all or nothin', don't have me in the middle
You better be all you can, get higher than the limit
Simplify for the Dumbos, plenty slides, I could shuffle
Hit the cadence with my young bitch, Isaac Hayes, Billy Ocean
But the old hoe with the cane stick
Left my slippers at the function, it's hard to run in Gucci slides
Chick I thought you said you didn't have a husband
I'ma stud, no cuckold, Jackie Chan, no trouble
Can't kill up with the beat, blood drippin' from the cutthroats
No Lord, not me, I can never be the one you wanna stunt for
Money, money, the machine, guns, freak the Ferragamo store
R.I.P. to times that I was broke, hopped in like the 911 Porsche
Matte black, lookin' clean, dead prezi's in an envelope
Cookin up kanat, waitin' for the antidote, runnin' outta town
Patience thinner than her pantyhose
"Get over here and empty your pockets."
"I don't do that."
"You're my prisoner-you do what I tell you to do-get over here."
"Haha, he's gonna get nasty about it!"
"Fuckin' bitch!"
"Frank! Cool it, huh?"
"Stay the fuck outta this!"
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)
Bubblin' (go)
One in the hand (look)
One in the hand (go)
One in the hand, one in the bag, bubblin' (look at you go)
Look at the cash, look at the cash, bubblin' (okay you bubblin')
Look at the cash (look)




17-May, 2018

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Fikrlar 8 169
Jay Ryan
Jay Ryan 6 soat oldin
Joshua Harris
Joshua Harris 11 soat oldin
I say we do it proper proper tho blu Im to hard. Love you tho my maan.x
Sergio Castro
Sergio Castro 19 soat oldin
Danny hb1
Danny hb1 23 soat oldin
This is my first time hearing of this guy, first impression he sound like Kendrick Lamar. If I closes my eyes and someone played this for me I would've thought it was Kendrick Lamar
Danny hb1
Danny hb1 3 soat oldin
+SladeBallard You could go fuck yourself, you ignorant fuck!
SladeBallard 3 soat oldin
+Danny hb1 and in my opinion you should clean your ears
Danny hb1
Danny hb1 4 soat oldin
+SladeBallard To me he does. Didn't say it was a fact, just my opinion.
SladeBallard 5 soat oldin
you need to clean your ears. he literally sounds nothing like Kenny, both vocal timbre and flow.
DomesticGarlic 23 soat oldin
How did thos song not make his album? I mean wtf?
ComedianAngel Croley
Who likes this annoying fuck you people are Fucked
noam b
noam b Kun oldin
Sounds similar to JID
Ænigmakil X
Ænigmakil X Kun oldin
So this track ain't gonna be on any album? 😔
Robert 805
Robert 805 Kun oldin
Yellow Jackets
The Frigid King
The Frigid King Kun oldin
I wish this was on the album
Jordan Leopold
Jordan Leopold Kun oldin
Why isn't this in the album??? 🤔🤔🤔
Piru_Psycho SickSide
805 shit!
Obie Flice
Obie Flice 2 kun oldin
Gratz on the #1 my man. S/Os from Sweden, listened since the long dread days. Well deserved and well played.
CHARLES CALLI 2 kun oldin
This video is nuts
Anirudh Chauhan
Anirudh Chauhan 2 kun oldin
Just wondering why his XXL was that trash
setondriveable 2 kun oldin
I'm listening to the new album now. Why is this song not on it?
Ken Drinkwater
Ken Drinkwater 3 kun oldin
Can whites get away with these gold frames as well or will the color not pop? Asking for a friend.
Ms. Ivy
Ms. Ivy 3 kun oldin
Yesssss! That New Wave energy! Real nice!
Funky Buddha
Funky Buddha 3 kun oldin
The demonstration that if you can rap, trap is fucking awesome. I want more artists to do shit like this
Ang 3 kun oldin
Lil chi town. Little Chicago. Best recognize Oxnard.
John Barrella
John Barrella 4 kun oldin
What an awful song.
beardization 4 kun oldin
his kid's such a badass
Fruit2Live 4 kun oldin
I love him
Crypt s
Crypt s 5 kun oldin
Хуя нехуёво
Yung CitySlicka
Yung CitySlicka 5 kun oldin
I’m mad asl I’m late gettin in tune.. this mf DOPE af 🔥🔥
Toolive Worm
Toolive Worm 5 kun oldin
2k19 litty ? Can I get a like
Joabe Carvalho
Joabe Carvalho 5 kun oldin
Anderson é bom mas uma pessoa ruim, não aceita ser divulgado, não tem humildade péssima pessoa
San Rilly
San Rilly 5 kun oldin
Titty jiggle
Christopher Hudson
Christopher Hudson 6 kun oldin
Image the sound u would make seeing money fly out the machine that way lol😂😂😂
Mo XDB 7 kun oldin
James M
James M 7 kun oldin
Dude, nobody is going to talk about that pool full of money. Even its just one $ bills that is just crazier. Long live OXNARD.
Ben Schwartz
Ben Schwartz 7 kun oldin
Anyone from madden 19
creative destruction
Nice song
Thanojan Parameswaran
Who's the white woman 0.0 Research purposes..
Anish Newton
Anish Newton 8 kun oldin
I just saw his interview with Angie Martinez and he seems like a cool, down to earth dude.
Austin Sirois
Austin Sirois 8 kun oldin
Oxnard gonna be 🔥 🔥 🔥
asspounderify 8 kun oldin
CEO Huncho
CEO Huncho 8 kun oldin
This song tuff asf🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯💯😈😈😈😈
Maura Micheletti
Maura Micheletti 8 kun oldin
sad ahhghhasahhhhaa but a bomb
Audrey Blaga
Audrey Blaga 8 kun oldin
The video is fucking genius
what a hot and smart dude
Bobby Harris
Bobby Harris 8 kun oldin
this guys unreal, but why was his xxl so shit.
Paul Miller
Paul Miller 8 kun oldin
this video is everything
FlackoJo Gaming
FlackoJo Gaming 8 kun oldin
This lit ash I thought he was trash from that Freshman 2016 freestyle
Angelo Smith
Angelo Smith 9 kun oldin
I'm sleeping on this kid. He is Amazing . With the old school touch in the video . He is vicious though.
Enrique Javier
Enrique Javier 9 kun oldin
Why is the album called Oxnard?
Dillon Davis
Dillon Davis 9 kun oldin
Who's the white bitch hes fucking with the big tittes?
Anthony Hero
Anthony Hero 9 kun oldin
Can Anybody explain why they keep putting young children in music videos with explicit content 🤔🤔🤔🤔😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒???????!!!!
Anthony Hero
Anthony Hero 21 soat oldin
+Johnny Williams I'm not talking about it in general, just the concept it self, I mean Anderson is a cool dude, I just don't get why in most vids they include some reason to add a child
Johnny Williams
Johnny Williams 23 soat oldin
That's his son so I imagine HE KNOWS WHAT INFLUENCE he is without the MORALITY POLICE interfering!!! Can you guys EVER MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS???
The Pale God
The Pale God 10 kun oldin
Yung Jamie Foxx
Oli Odb
Oli Odb 10 kun oldin
album comes out next Friday cant wait
Wes Ortiz
Wes Ortiz 10 kun oldin
Is that a deerbra???
El Gramps
El Gramps 10 kun oldin
Vince Carrick
Vince Carrick 10 kun oldin
this song started out chil but it went from 0 to 100 real quick
Stu 10 kun oldin
Sounds like Kendrick and short dawg combined
Michael L
Michael L 11 kun oldin
Donovan Lopez
Donovan Lopez 11 kun oldin
Fuckin Heat!
Stevenson Moses
Stevenson Moses 11 kun oldin
This dude is a mellow kendrik lamar
YUNG YORU 11 kun oldin
This is what perfect hype looks like
سنايبر ميوزك _Sniper Music
اغنية رهييبة
Scooby MiKE
Scooby MiKE 11 kun oldin
We just gonna ignore that the ATM machine committed suicide?
yungbabyman 11 kun oldin
I’m an 18 year old musician and writer from Los Angeles and I know you probably see these on the daily but I would really appreciate it if whoever reading this can check out my work and give it a chance, with honest feedback. It would mean a lot, mucho gracias
asspounderify 11 kun oldin
3:33 2008 me be like ye bruh
Logan Queenan
Logan Queenan 11 kun oldin
If kendrek Lamar and j Cole had a baby
Marcell Wilson
Marcell Wilson 12 kun oldin
Here from Brady 😂
Bath Water
Bath Water 12 kun oldin
Big Flexer
Camilo Gonzalez
Camilo Gonzalez 12 kun oldin
Tom Brady brought me here
istinkrealbad 64
istinkrealbad 64 12 kun oldin
Is that the same kid from gangnam style by psy?
Nesto Gee
Nesto Gee 12 kun oldin
Reminds me of a Hopsin/B.O.B. fusion...
Taylor Carpenter
Taylor Carpenter 12 kun oldin
0:48 me when I was 6 and was allowed to ride the horse at the grocery store.
MISHIT KINGS 12 kun oldin
This is fucking FIRE.. I love videos that are a bit weird and out there.. DOPE!>
Cassandra Garza
Cassandra Garza 12 kun oldin
Crazy I was sitting here watching UZvid and for some reason you caught my attention.. haha I'm from the big o 805!
Giselle Torres
Giselle Torres 12 kun oldin
Why have I been sleeping on this guy he mad talented 💯🔥
Slap yo momma
Slap yo momma 12 kun oldin
Real Hiphop!! Not That Mumbo-Jumbo BS !!!
Mark Whitaker
Mark Whitaker 12 kun oldin
This go HARD!!!
Monifa Kincaid
Monifa Kincaid 13 kun oldin
The video was fantastic!
Jr Mares
Jr Mares 13 kun oldin
Madden 19 brung me here
J031 thahzn
J031 thahzn 13 kun oldin
1:24 to 1:31 god damn
Deeq Adan
Deeq Adan 13 kun oldin
This My Nigga my Hero who is he
Elizabeth Bobo
Elizabeth Bobo 13 kun oldin
That poor baby Zebra dos not want to be there!!
owen chan
owen chan 13 kun oldin
Sounds random but the girl at 1:22 caught my attention the most
I Take Chances
I Take Chances 13 kun oldin
Hold this L
Michael Hajdu
Michael Hajdu 13 kun oldin
Theme song of whoever won that lottery in South Carolina.
Michael Hajdu
Michael Hajdu 13 kun oldin
Share this within five minutes to get richer.
Martin Millia
Martin Millia 14 kun oldin
This video is so damn well directed
Erik Paz
Erik Paz 14 kun oldin
Putting the 805 on the map is what he's doing
Some Guy.
Some Guy. 14 kun oldin
Odd flex but ok
Scott Garcia
Scott Garcia 14 kun oldin
Stupid 🔥🔥🔥
Da Chop Up
Da Chop Up 14 kun oldin
Fire bruh simply fire smh
Nathanael Chen
Nathanael Chen 14 kun oldin
MrEiht 14 kun oldin
How the m0ther-frog can he have zebra coat for mini-me and he flexes german shepherd? F*** my wife...
Talented Cydney
Talented Cydney 15 kun oldin
Beat is crazy
moosesnWoop123 15 kun oldin
why does this sound like kendrick lamar?
Lexo Exo Tha Rap Goddess
805 in this MF!!!
Arianna Zavala
Arianna Zavala 15 kun oldin
Dam just saw u ... put that OXNARD ON THE MAP .. HAHAHA but we already were....
greeneggsandzam 15 kun oldin
Hands down one of the best clips in the last year.
Mylah Mylah
Mylah Mylah 15 kun oldin
Do you smoke cigarets
ItsTrademarked 15 kun oldin
billion billz_
billion billz_ 16 kun oldin
this just seems like the perfect wish I would tell to a Genie
Tajye Roberson
Tajye Roberson 16 kun oldin
Oxnard needs to hurry and drop!!!
Anahí Betsabé
Anahí Betsabé 16 kun oldin
Siempre me quedo manija de bata. Donde está la bataaaa, Andersonn? T_T
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