Android User uses iPhone XS for Two Weeks Straight! (In-Depth Review)

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➨ Design 0:58
➨ Display 2:13
➨ Software 3:10
➨➨Launcher 3:20
➨➨ Apps in iOS 4:43
➨➨ iMessage 5:44
➨➨ Siri 7:06
➨➨ Gesture Navbar 8:38
➨➨ Notification Management 9:09
➨➨ Settings 10:16
➨➨➨ Screen Time Menu 10:42
➨➨➨ Battery Menu 11:29
➨ Battery 12:10
➨ Face ID 13:04
➨ Camera 13:42
➨ Performance 15:04
➨ Extra Features Worth Mentioning 16:07
➨ Final Thoughts
➨➨Will I be switching to the iPhone? 17:33
➨➨ Is the iPhone XS worth the $1000? 18:07
➨➨ Would I recommend an Android user the iPhone XS? 18:52
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13-Okt, 2018

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Vienna Banez
Vienna Banez 41 daqiqa oldin
Don’t forget to mention the keyboard part when you try to tap into a specific line in your messages and it won’t let you edit it. You would have to tap and hold on to that spot and move the line to edit it. Only sometimes it works the first time. Never had this problem with my android but switching to Apple, it still gets me every time. Great review by the way.
Tommy Dawalt
Tommy Dawalt 57 daqiqa oldin
Lmao he has tinder
Eduardo Espericueta
Eduardo Espericueta 3 soat oldin
Your 10 years old???!!!
Ecktor 3 soat oldin
1:27 Those notifications, though... 😕
Bulleteng 7 soat oldin
The best feature of IOS 12 is swipe the home bar left or right to switch between apps, I just go back to android after getting use to it.
gg gg
gg gg 8 soat oldin
I found that with the iPhone XS MAX, when I go into Tinder and click on someone’s profile. I cannot without of it since there are no buttons. I see that you have it downloaded, any tips or resolve for that? Or anyone got any comments on that?
Pug Ren
Pug Ren 10 soat oldin
I am an extreme Apple fan, but I still understand they could fix somethings. Overall I'll always stick with Apple based on the look, functionality, and security of iOS, and the quality of the phone in general. Android phone and iPhones have almost the same price (depends on the phone), so I don't think it's necessarily overpriced, but just expensive in general.
EcoDimension 11 soat oldin
android does certain things better. vice versa for ios. having the choice of pick what we like is what we need to appreciate here.
Randall George
Randall George 11 soat oldin
Hey my 6s still works great in 2019. Turns out Apple can make some great value phones.
Brannon Glover
Brannon Glover 14 soat oldin
I must say, that was a very well explained and in-depth review. I've looked through many iOS vs Android reviews, but none of them ever actually give you reasons to switch to either. This review was well laid out and gave me a much clearer picture. It made me, kind of, want to switch to Android.
Allan Malcolm
Allan Malcolm 20 soat oldin
fuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkk it doooood
sillyrabbit77 21 soat oldin
Great review
G.J. Akuo
G.J. Akuo 21 soat oldin
Great vid by the wat. U just got a new subscriber.
G.J. Akuo
G.J. Akuo 21 soat oldin
Everyone says iphone has a slow charging time. My iphone 6 charges slightly faster than my galaxy s8. No jokes....it finished charging before my s8. How do you explain that ? I dont an excuse from any android fagboys. I have an s8 and barely use my iphone 6.
Richard Cassano
Richard Cassano Kun oldin
Outstanding review. Best comparison I’ve ever heard. A real fair evaluation. Thanks
Max Masters
Max Masters Kun oldin
What’s that wallpaper?!
Max Masters
Max Masters Kun oldin
Probably the least bias and the best android vs apple review I’ve ever seen! 👌
Robert Shackleferd
Best comparison ive ever seen.
Xbox Suck
Xbox Suck Kun oldin
siri sucks compared to Bixby and google lol
Im Assassin
Im Assassin Kun oldin
Why do people still care about the headphone jack being gone? The earbuds come with a lightning connector and if u want to charge your phone while listening to music you can just get wireless headphones or air pods.
Antonio Kun oldin
The truth is that iOS will always be smoother than android, with better optimized apps and with superior user experience... on iOS of course, you can't customize almost anything, its true. But why would you do it? I mean, everybody that has a minimum of taste knows that the reason why iPhones are the best looking phones on the planet is not only their beautiful design, but also the iOS user interface. It's gorgeous how it is, and it's meant to fit perfectly with the hardware, that's the reason why Apple won't ever allow any customization. And btw it's a smartphone, not a toy! Plus, the same people claiming that ''android is better cause it's more customizable exc'' don't realize how dangerous is to play with certain things, as some people will end up messing their device up installing all that unneeded stuff! than don't ask yourself why your shitty android lags and crashes every 3 seconds
14:35 Pixel 2 has this as well...
Cizt Smith
Cizt Smith Kun oldin
I don't really care anymore, People fighting over a phone... Let's say here, I own a iPhone 5g, when I comment this... I will get hate comments, I can image it already.
Michael Lucas
Michael Lucas Kun oldin
Oof you use an iPhone better than an iPhone user yikes
Doug Brown
Doug Brown Kun oldin
I agree with many points on the video. I have used them both concurrently for years. My job provided me with an iPhone which I use for calls , text messages, email and absolutely nothing else. My personal phone is usually been an Android. I have tried iPhones for personal use twice. The Apple hardware is really good (especially now that they are using Samsung Amoled Screens), IOS is superior, for example, memory requirements and battery life but Apple philosophy is contrary to my values. The iPad is a good way to illustrate some of the superiorities of the OS. There literally is nothing that comes close to screen time in an Android or Window tablet. That being said Apple frustrates me constantly with stupid security measures that should be avoidable and simple things that are impossible on Apple and their support is deplorable. There a many things that could be fixed but Apple wants their loyal sheep to buy a new product instead of allowing anyone to fix it. In addition, there are significant improvements in Android version 9 which my Pixel XL is running. Android meets all of my phone needs, they are repairable and are far less frustrating to live with.
Mark D'Alelio
Mark D'Alelio Kun oldin
Yeah you’re not reading off a script. 😂
optimistic but realistic
Good video. I love my android phone. But I like to play with my mates IPhone at times. They all have their pros and cons. Life is to short for brand hate.
Reserved 100
Reserved 100 Kun oldin
I have iPhone XS and I totally agree with everything you’ve said. About Face ID - I personally hate it so much just because I keep my phone hand length away and that Face ID never works unless you grab it and look at it directly- which is unacceptable especially if you are at work and it creates dangerous environment for everyone around you. Omg I’m so pissed at this useless feature, soon we might have to pull pants down to unlock that iphone with “ genitalia identification” that would be an opportunity! Cook is nuts
Maria Cabrera
Maria Cabrera Kun oldin
5:53 Fuuuuuuuckkk yesssssss duuuuuuude let's do it lol
Omar Ali
Omar Ali Kun oldin
For the Face ID you can change the direct look to unlock in the settings problem solved 13:20
Elias Hilwie
Elias Hilwie 2 kun oldin
I love my iPhone 10 it is better than android
Denis Franco
Denis Franco 2 kun oldin
scrolling on an iphone is a pain...
ThatGuyThatGames 2 kun oldin
still cant have siri call me the big daddy. yes this is my best excuse for using android.
Keith Whisman
Keith Whisman 2 kun oldin
It’s not that I don’t want to customize my phone, it’s that I need my phone to work perfectly every time and Apple doesn’t rely on selling my personal information and ad revenue to make money like Google does and Apple does allow you to delete most of the stock apps. I tried out an android phone and was sick and tired of the messaging app launching when answering a phone call or other weird stuff like that and full screen ads popping up when I’d check my email or try to send a text message. The Note9 really got aggravating and after two months the issues with the Phone and OS were too much for me and I went back to Apple with the IPhoneXSMax.
Ahmed Zakaria
Ahmed Zakaria 2 kun oldin
Fair and square 👍🏻
IO9802 2 kun oldin
What's this stupid trend with liking phones with a "hefty weight?" No. Please stop this. You're giving manufacturers bad ideas. Smartphones are portable devices. Companies should strive to make their phones as light as possible. There's absolutely nothing good about a "hefty weight."
VicProductions 2 kun oldin
i bet most of the people who's watching dis is apple users 👍🏼👍🏼
Mortal Gaming
Mortal Gaming 2 kun oldin
??? Why does my Honor Play feels like an iPhone,,,,??? hmmm
Up To Level 6
Up To Level 6 2 kun oldin
Apple user. Agree with most. Nice balanced video. Well done.
srikarjam 2 kun oldin
Very unbiased, but I swear by my Android phone. Apple has too many issues for me, the slow charging and the lack of earphone jack being the major ones.
King 2 kun oldin
Lol, he likes the display because Samsung Make them
Scott Diener
Scott Diener 2 kun oldin
Hey bud you can preview widget. Just 3D Touch on an app. The top is the widget and you can add it from there.
Scott Diener
Scott Diener 2 kun oldin
I hate the one hand argument. It’s not good to stretch your thumbs around like that. I like using two hands.
Zi jie Lim
Zi jie Lim 2 kun oldin
You don’t have to swipe twice to dismiss notifications you just swipe all the way
BishBashBen 2 kun oldin
Which one do you prefer now?
Cameron Cormier
Cameron Cormier 2 kun oldin
You can move the apps around, you know? Hold your finger on any app and they’ll start to jiggle. You can move them around and create folders with them if you hover one over another. That’s like iPhone Apps 101.
MassDynamic 2 kun oldin
Samsung's Iris scanner works, even in the dark.
Foxxie55 3 kun oldin
I've had iPhones since 2010 and when the iPhone X came out I purchased one.. BUT 2 months later I sold it. I just can't stand Apple anymore for some reason.. AND I sure don't like that notch.. I had already gave my iPhone 6 Plus to my son, so I had to go back temporary to an older iPhone 5 that I had fixed up for a gd-son to play with.. I have been looking at the leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Plus.. I'm pretty sure that I will be getting one of those when they start selling around Feb. 20 I hear.. I've been watching youtubers on settings and other information to help prepare me for Android.. I believe this will be the Phone of all Phones.. Of course I could be wrong..
J Scott Upton
J Scott Upton 3 kun oldin
I'm switching to IOS...when pigs fly.
Jug 3 kun oldin
@2:28 the iphone xs does not have a super amoled display it had an oled
Ehul Ises
Ehul Ises 3 kun oldin
wtf, why this man listening to Rap Devil smh 00:43
Derpy Candy
Derpy Candy 3 kun oldin
Been using an ipad 4 for almost 6 years now, still doing okay 👌🏻
75ur15 3 kun oldin
Used to be solely an iPhone user but I now tend to flip flop....on a note 9 typing this (only sammy and apple) a note on the keyboard, on iOS....I HATE the lack of numbers at the top, but I LOVE the ability to force press to move the cursor (please try it)....much easier than stabbing fat thumbs at the mistake I typed Miss that feature on the note...as for charging, fast charger can be purchased for 19usd (12w iPad charger)...though I would fully agree this should be in the box. I eagerly await the response from samsung/apple to oppo super vooc.....full battery charge without as much heating up...in 20-40 minutes Thanks for a fair minded review
NAVEED Khan 3 kun oldin
A very nice in-depth review.
Serby Drobnjakovic
Serby Drobnjakovic 3 kun oldin
The umidigi a3 Pro looks identical. And it's 100 bucks. Lol.
West B.
West B. 3 kun oldin
You look like FP Jones of Riverdale.
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar 3 kun oldin
Best comparison
Ben Bagley
Ben Bagley 3 kun oldin
I'm in college for Mechanical Engineering, and I did tend to get tired of the "simpleton" stereotype for iPhone users. I have a Oneplus 6T now, but my 6S was fast and smooth till the end when I wanted a bit more storage and a bigger battery. I'd consider myself pretty into customization and other things Android provides, but I loved iOS and its simple interface, no-brainer features, force touch, and just the ease of use. It doesn't bash you over the head with its file manager or 800gb of RAM, but you don't have to think about using it. The technology becomes less of a middleman between you and your experience and you hardly notice yourself doing tasks. Almost like walking. That said, my Oneplus 6T blows it out of the water in performance (duh, late 2018 vs 2016 will do that).
Derek T.
Derek T. 3 kun oldin
This is the video I needed to see. I'm planning on switching to iPhone from Android.
Sergei Bodrov
Sergei Bodrov 4 kun oldin
gesture navigation available on oneplus6t (android oxygen)
Mark O'Connell
Mark O'Connell 4 kun oldin
The way that the equipment interconnects and how objects move on the display.
Jinte Willems
Jinte Willems 4 kun oldin
18:50 LOL I have the iphone 5 but I'm finally switching to the x! getting it next week yeaaaaaaa
CrazyRiGuy 4 kun oldin
Thank you for your WiFi password
Pichkalu Pappita
Pichkalu Pappita 4 kun oldin
I would be honest if you could pay for everything and you don't want any choices and any custom options than a closed ecosystem like IOS is great but if you do want everything then and choices than Android is better
Pichkalu Pappita
Pichkalu Pappita 4 kun oldin
Why do people compare flagship iphone with mid range and low end android phones
michael roberts
michael roberts 4 kun oldin
16:48 You cannot upgrade storage on an iphone: you have to buy a whole new iphone to get more storage.
Jaysun 4 kun oldin
If I dismiss a notification, I don't wanna see it, not on the lock screen not in any notification centre or anywhere.
MrStanderd5000 4 kun oldin
I always wanted an i phone but i love my boot leg streaming apps
ahall3823 4 kun oldin
Great Review. It's good to see an android user providing a balanced review of the iPhone. I'm in the opposite scenario to you as I've been using iOS for the past 10 years, but unless Apple can fix it's pricing structure, I may be buying an android phone...
TOS BlackDeath
TOS BlackDeath 5 kun oldin
i use whatever phone i enjoy looking at and using i don't care about brand or even if it's the best out there i want aestethics and security and stability i have replaced many android phones in the last 7 yrs 3 1/2 yrs ago i got an iphone 6s and have never had a problem still using the same one today battery is weaker but i still get a whole days use in my opinion iphone worked much better for me i have never broken any phone by dropping or whatever my androids had internal problems after a few months of use if i were to purchase a new phone today i'd have to take a close look at the Note 9 i use fingerprint don't want face id the iphone x versions don't thrill me so for me the x is not an option
Tyler Knipping
Tyler Knipping 5 kun oldin
Went from iPhone to Windows to Android back to iPhone. Probably not gonna go back to Android or Windows (because they're not being made anymore) any time soon. Windows was good just had no support for anything especially apps. Android had great customization, but was overwhelming to me and the phone glitched and lagged like crazy after just one year, resetting the phone to factory default worked for like a week then back to glitches, other friends with other Androids experienced the same.
The Open Door
The Open Door 5 kun oldin
Great video...Informative without bashing.
Tanishq Kancharla
Tanishq Kancharla 5 kun oldin
The complaints about the lack of customization options is exactly the reason Apple's software is butter smooth and lag-free. That and it's custom processors. It's not exactly as simple as just giving the people more customization options, this is the sort of software details that iOS aggressively optimizes on. To be completely honest, I couldn't care less. The way iOS sets up its icons and gestures are fairly aesthetic and intuitive. I wouldn't give up it's crazy fast single-core speeds for being able to use Nova launcher.
Ricktherizzler 5 kun oldin
tinder x)
jimmydice2 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or the lack of customization is one of the stronger characteristics of iOS? I hate customizing stuffs. I like a universal experience in everything I buy. I guess it’s just a matter of preference. When I see a friends android phone I’m always scared on how ugly non cohesive skins they use that ruin the experience. Even on my android phones which I use alongside my iPhone I always keep the stock skin. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an Apple user but I also have to use android devices for work here and there and stock android is super cool. But custom skins most of the times look super ugly to my eyes. That’s what Apple is trying to avoid in my opinion.
John Pollanen
John Pollanen 3 kun oldin
I see your point, but there are some people out there who can never settle with the "default" layout. I happen to be one of them.
Derrick Folie
Derrick Folie 5 kun oldin
Where can i get that wallpaper?
Derrick Folie
Derrick Folie 5 kun oldin
Where can i get that wallpaper?
Amirrul Jasni
Amirrul Jasni 5 kun oldin
Great review man
Thabang Thamane
Thabang Thamane 5 kun oldin
12:06 - "And I'll know when to physically replace my battery". Hmmm.... I don't have an iPhone so I'll ask, does app glue their parts or not?
Abram Ramirez
Abram Ramirez 5 kun oldin
Great 👍🏼 vid. I used to love Android and thought I would hate iPhone 📲, well, I fell in love 😍 😆 iPhone makes my life easier, which is why I love Tech and can’t wait to see what the future holds, Android never did that for me. But hey, to each his own.
JM M 5 kun oldin
You know, apple is great. Then I remembered that my phone doesn't give two craps about whether or not the carrier allows tethering. And with it allowing bootloader unlocking, I own the device, not the OEM.
BADII SALMAN 6 kun oldin
Face ID is much more reliable than what you stated. and you can dismiss a notification by 3D touching on it, and swiping down (can be done simultaneously). It’s pretty convenient if you ask me. Edit: you gotta try to use 3D touch integration in the keyboard.
Катерина Алимпиева
I don't get iMessage as there is Telegram in stock
onur şenol
onur şenol 6 kun oldin
10:10 Have you finished your sexual violance training program ?
funsky 7 kun oldin
Notifications criticism of android is wrong, at least on samsung note 9
J.R. Vasquez
J.R. Vasquez 7 kun oldin
Great review. I'll stick with Android since there are no other viable alternatives now.
MWB Gaming
MWB Gaming 7 kun oldin
6hrs is abysmal for screen on time my phone can easily exceed 40hrs screen on time (though it does have 13,000mah) anything less than 12hrs is going to see me walking around with a power bank
mikeandersonwa 7 kun oldin
The part about iMessage that I think is amazing, is that I can send normal SMS messages from my other devices. That thing is a life saver.
Emmanuel Trujillo
Emmanuel Trujillo 7 kun oldin
One more thing....No One! drops $1000 dollars for an iPhone, its called installment plans. ☠️ at least i cant afford one straight off the back. Gotta do monthly payments thru your carrier.
Emmanuel Trujillo
Emmanuel Trujillo 7 kun oldin
The issue with iMessage going back to android is a simple fix. Not a lot of people know but you have to deactivate your phone number from iMessage when leaving iOS. Just google “how to deactivate my phone number from iMessage”
John Doe
John Doe 8 kun oldin
This is what gets to me about every Android user that tries an iPhone. They always have to talk about everything they can't do on iPhone. Any iPhone user would love more customization. Android users do not have a monopoly on people who want to personalize their devices. But at the end of the day, a lot of iPhone users are happy to trade a little customization in favor of security when it comes to technology that contains personal information. Yes, Apple is not innovating as much one would like and yes iPhones are getting out of hand in price, but iPhone performance overall is smoother, the experience is better in many ways, the quality of the product is second to none and Apple does not mine your personal info as disgustingly and as shamelessly as Google does. Not to mention that updates are painless. Android users have to get off their high horse. All phones are good. And let's not forget. Smartphones are so mainstream and accessible thanks to Apple.
YOGI 4 kun oldin
John Doe how many google apps do you have on your iPhone ? I.e UZvid ? The data is going to the same place, iPhone being safer is an illusion. I have a XS max and note 9
i find it odd that people question dropping $1000 on a smart phone when.. uh.. it basically is at the centre of most peoples' lives
JadeDragon 8 kun oldin
Force Touch is apparently being replaced with Haptic Touch.
Murph 8 kun oldin
preety good review man
Joaquin Lopez
Joaquin Lopez 8 kun oldin
Literally iMessage is okay but I always always use WhatsApp like its crazy how many people in the US still only use iMessage
Sharif 9 kun oldin
As an Android user: I want an I message like app so badly. Hopefully the new rich sms format allows it
la.douleur.exquise 9 kun oldin
I think I’d rather have no phone than use Android. Everybody always talks about ‘freedom’. So okay you can customise icons, but after a year your phones are trashed with all kind of malware if it hasn’t exploded before. And the whole look of Android is just so ugly. It doesn’t look clean at all and it makes me cringe so hard. Also, most tech people use Apple products. It’s because of their performance. Oh, and customising your home screen and making it even harder to look at doesn’t make you an advanced tech person. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
polo 7 kun oldin
whole look of android is ugly ? well guess what, unlike the iphone u can just download a new launcher! and android doesnt just let you customize ur screen lmfao, change ur whole android by flashing a new rom, flashing patches to add new features to the os, etc and with the "after a year your phones are trashed with all kind of malware if it hasn’t exploded before" quote I can tell your an actual idiot (battery wise depends on the android that your device is running, i currently got a xiaomi pocophone f1 and i get 11 hours screen on time)
MWB Gaming
MWB Gaming 7 kun oldin
+la.douleur.exquise my wife has an iPhone 7 and she barely gets a day out of it android does use more power than iOS but android phones have way more battery capacity to compensate for it (my ulefone power 5 has 13,000mah and runs for 3-4 days of heavy usage)
la.douleur.exquise 7 kun oldin
MWB Gaming oh, I currently use the iPhone XR and it lasts me at least two days! And I use it a lot. I think the batteries in iPhones have improved by a lot in the last years. My problem with all the Android phones I ever owned was that the batterie broke completely. It would lose 50% in an hour or so
MWB Gaming
MWB Gaming 7 kun oldin
yeah a lot of people dont like the big boy look of android but at least i can get through the day without putting my phone on life support (power banks/battery cases) i used to bee an iSheep, and every iPhone i have ever owned (3GS to 5S) couldnt last more than half a day without dying
Blocked User
Blocked User 9 kun oldin
Swiping from the edges is no problem as long as the phone is not in a real world protective case , who walks around with a butt naked $1500 glass iphone one step away from bouncing off the concrete? Only idiots that live in NYC , and probably the ones that live in the carpeted jungles of Apple in Progressive Demonrat Ruined California...
GG 9 kun oldin
What's that lamp behind him?
darwin taylor
darwin taylor 10 kun oldin
Sony xperia xz 4 wins, oops, wrong video