Android User uses iPhone XS for Two Weeks Straight! (In-Depth Review)

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➨ Design 0:58
➨ Display 2:13
➨ Software 3:10
➨➨Launcher 3:20
➨➨ Apps in iOS 4:43
➨➨ iMessage 5:44
➨➨ Siri 7:06
➨➨ Gesture Navbar 8:38
➨➨ Notification Management 9:09
➨➨ Settings 10:16
➨➨➨ Screen Time Menu 10:42
➨➨➨ Battery Menu 11:29
➨ Battery 12:10
➨ Face ID 13:04
➨ Camera 13:42
➨ Performance 15:04
➨ Extra Features Worth Mentioning 16:07
➨ Final Thoughts
➨➨Will I be switching to the iPhone? 17:33
➨➨ Is the iPhone XS worth the $1000? 18:07
➨➨ Would I recommend an Android user the iPhone XS? 18:52
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13-Okt, 2018



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arthur 38 daqiqa oldin
get your hands on a jailbroken phone
Matthew Scott
Matthew Scott 7 soat oldin
Swiping twice to dismiss the notification is a big plus for me my galaxy s9 is almost all screen and ghost touches and it does have a serious software issue where it will unlock when you pick it up instead of the finger print and I will clear notifications on accident and never respond to emails or text
arandomdude 7 soat oldin
I have always had Samsung galaxy phones. Got the xs max and I’ll say it’s a great phone. The operating system is just so seamless and bonds to the user so well. I a fan now. Always used to talk shit. If they didn’t get rid of the home button and have the edge to edge, I would not have switched.
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 9 soat oldin
The interesting thing about this review, which I didn't notice until he mentioned the skins and held up a OnePlus as an example, is that he's comparing the latest iPhone and iOS to all phones that run Android and highlighting the Android phone with the best of any particular feature as he goes along. You come away feeling that, while the iPhone may not win on each point, having one phone that holds it's own in general and comes out ahead more often than not actually makes the iPhone sound way better than so many Android lovers would have you believe when they crap on it all the time.
Other Humans
Other Humans 13 soat oldin
iPhone is just better , only thing that let's it down is battery life that's why I have moved to Android
Luzvel 79 Tiscareno
Luzvel 79 Tiscareno 15 soat oldin
For a minute there I thought you was gonna say yes I would switch to apple I was already thinking this guy is insane lol
Attmosf3ar 16 soat oldin
Before I switched to IOS back in 2013, I used to love android. I spent hours customizing my widgets and icons and I thought it was going to be a problem when I switched but I never looked back. That thing about the freedom of Android it really doesn’t matter.... amazing review 10/10 👌🏽 keep it going
TG Lasers
TG Lasers 20 soat oldin
Siri, Robotic voice.hahahah You gotta be joking. Google voice assistance is a joke compared. Both in sound quality. but also in response time. Do a little bit more indepth research then two weeks if you want to make a factually correct comparison
Giorgio Chosson
Giorgio Chosson 20 soat oldin
You can order the apps alphabetical in the settings menu...
Bhq Kun oldin
I just switched to apple and i love it its feels way more smooth and the phone is beautiful
Rubeno_24 20 soat oldin
Sorry for your downgrade at least your happy paying more and getting less to show off to people u payed more
pratim arora
pratim arora Kun oldin
10:03 you can swipe the notification entirely to the end to clear it.
Felstar Kun oldin
pratim arora I noticed that too
Adrian Derkacz
Adrian Derkacz Kun oldin
I got this in my fucking Samsung Recommended
K Games
K Games Kun oldin
I use a iphone and I never been in all that stuff
Beautiful Conversation
I haven't used an iPhone in a few years so i appreciate how you broke down the features and use simply
Barby Ibarrola
Barby Ibarrola Kun oldin
If you swipe slowly a notification, you can clear it
Tre Price
Tre Price Kun oldin
Can you drop that wallpaper please
5678 Tutorials
5678 Tutorials Kun oldin
“Flag shit?”
Trilateral Commission
Iphone is made for women...Iphone is expensive,means status when you get it,men don't care,showing that apple logo bragging that's a woman thing,face emoji,dumb proof interface,selfie focused camera...glass back,you can see the point here
Pluto9 Kun oldin
You need to keep swiping in notifications to delete in 1 swipe
Austin Hammer
Austin Hammer Kun oldin
Fair review. thank you. I will wait for the iphone 11. I REALLY want a fingerprint sensor. if they can fit it in the display like oneplus and samsung ill be happy with that. I would also like a smaller notch. once those are fixed ill get the next iphone.
Jesse Boddaert
Jesse Boddaert 2 kun oldin
There is a setting: if iMessage isn’t available send a normal text. But if you don’t enable it, then the message will never arrive.
Prince C
Prince C 2 kun oldin
Try jailbreaking (Not on this bc it doesn’t support A12 chip >~
arun subramanian
No need to do if u have android
Protock Gaming - Fortnite Battle Royale
You know how much money Apple makes from using their own patented charging method? It would be stupid for them to switch to Type-C, they would lose a lot of money
FBI 2 kun oldin
Stop copying Jerry rig everything thumbnail
FBI Kun oldin
+Bcuz Why Not well Damn I just made a joke
Bcuz Why Not
Bcuz Why Not 2 kun oldin
FBI then it’s a pretty shitty joke
FBI 2 kun oldin
+Bcuz Why Not wow take a joke
Bcuz Why Not
Bcuz Why Not 2 kun oldin
FBI he didn’t invent the thumbnail anyone can copy it
Letsplaygreatgames 2 kun oldin
10:11 u just have to swipe from the right to the realy left corner. use the iphone 5s with ios 11 and can delete notifications with just one swipe.
Joeltravels 2 kun oldin
It does fast-charge with the iPad charger. No risk for battery damage, was even recommended doing this by staff at the apple store
Carl CIFER 2 kun oldin
You still look like an Android user though. Just do a clean shave, airpods in ear and talk like a basic white girl... should be Perfect!
Anything Animation
Anything Animation 12 soat oldin
It hasn't
Chethan Mark
Chethan Mark 2 kun oldin
This comment is gonna blow up in a while
Bravest Bullfighter
Dang you could pass for BJJ Rener Gracie. uzvid.com/show-UCNMZWa1QP42jHrmmzayFEeg
Xander 3 kun oldin
Dude, you do not look like you are 10 years old
Maxwell Candelario
Maxwell Candelario 3 kun oldin
2:33 force touch😂
Austin Verlinden
Austin Verlinden 3 kun oldin
In regards to your concern about the keyboard. iOS does support 3rd party keyboards. So you could have some of the keyboards you wanted.
Pak Neger
Pak Neger 3 kun oldin
Your choosing widgets just because they look good?? How retarted are andriod users
Dominik Danda
Dominik Danda 3 kun oldin
You can use Apollo for reddit, it perfectly uses apple hardware.
Leah vapes86
Leah vapes86 3 kun oldin
Never use iMessage on my iPad I use facetime now n then but I mostly use fb messenger as everyone has it cross platform (i don’t no meny people that have iMessage or use it if they do) I never txt anymore lol I’m in uk tho
Brent Haymon
Brent Haymon 3 kun oldin
Apple IPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones are both good phones. Just buy whatever phone you like and can afford. Enough said.😁😁
Rubeno_24 21 soat oldin
I will but the superior device and the most bang for my dollar
Leah vapes86
Leah vapes86 3 kun oldin
Ur looky to be stuck on iOS 9 I loved my old iPad 4th gen but when I upgraded to a new iPad on iOS 11 n now 12 it is a nightmare! constantly crashing apps and dropping Wifi 😿 looks like it will be my last iPad
Kurswell 3 kun oldin
Lol, outside of U.S iMessage is a joke 😂
+Bianka S. iMessage is huge in Australia, idk many people that use anything either than that or fb messenger :$$
Smiling Sh15
Smiling Sh15 6 soat oldin
+Facker based on ur emojis, youre the one laughing. Also who says reckon in 2019?
Facker 6 soat oldin
+Smiling Sh15 So I reckon you're laughing then?
romain ung
romain ung 9 soat oldin
iMessage is ok for iOS-users, but that's true that in Europe the majority iOS-users/Android-users use Whatsapp to communicate. And nobody uses SMS anymore lol
Aurora Borderalis
Aurora Borderalis 12 soat oldin
Here in Europe we mostly use WhatsApp, Messenger and Viber
DANNY 3 kun oldin
i used to love that swiping animation on the iphone when cydia was a thing or i think its called something else but yeah we need more freedom
Leah vapes86
Leah vapes86 3 kun oldin
DANNY Cydia still is a thing lol
Mr sHaRkZz
Mr sHaRkZz 3 kun oldin
Link to wallpaper
Max Gillin
Max Gillin 3 kun oldin
Everywhere I look people have an iPhone
mielemanneke 3 kun oldin
Please stop saying notifications
He was comparing oneplus 6 to iPhone XS max. A $ 500 phone to a $1000 phone. The iPhone is great but is it worth it with that price ? And plus all the turbo charger and other stuff you will have to buy with Apple care and everything , it costs even more . That's my issue with Apple. They are really testing the customers with the price range while oneplus delivers if not great but an amazing phone for half the price.
no google I don't want to use my real name.
But OnePlus also has one of the worst customer service departments.
Ryan H
Ryan H 3 kun oldin
Good video. Lifetime Android user and I just bought an iPhone Xs Max to play with. Looking forward to experiencing the other side.
kazkas000 3 kun oldin
skip the bullshit at around 15:30, you're welcome
ChrisAC15 4 kun oldin
iPhones are going to be annoying for people that are used to flagship Android phones.
Amellia Mendel
Amellia Mendel 4 kun oldin
I had an iPhone for a day. I returned it the next day when I realized it was so retarded you couldn't move icons around or make folders on the desktop, change the size of the icons, out folders on the bottom, ect. I will get a Samsung note every other generation until they stop selling them.
NightCrawler RS
NightCrawler RS 4 kun oldin
The Samsung galaxy s10, se, and the Samsung Galaxy s10+ can do all those things. Im switing to IOS when ... NEVER
Sage Moonchild
Sage Moonchild 4 kun oldin
That was actually a good review.
hi bye
hi bye 4 kun oldin
the gesture thing is pretty standard on android now
itsPlux 4 kun oldin
Just jailbreak your iPhone and now you have the best of both worlds
Gregory Filin
Gregory Filin 4 kun oldin
Very well done and very pleasant. I think that's a great contrast. iPhones are simpler. Androids are most customizable.
Willi Gari
Willi Gari 4 kun oldin
I wouldn't trust Apple to tell me when to change my battery ...
Setzer K
Setzer K 4 kun oldin
Give MIUI gestures a try. It's on par with these gestures.
Setzer K
Setzer K 4 kun oldin
Android has the best browser, Kiwi browser that beats most if not all the apps.
Setzer K
Setzer K 4 kun oldin
Nothin' beats ceramic. Apple's gotta use that to make it more premium cause xiaomi beats it in design and build at $500. Shame.
Jatant .D
Jatant .D 4 kun oldin
S10plus or iPhone X's which one should I buy?
Xuks Exner
Xuks Exner 2 kun oldin
Jatant .D the one you like the most.
Bigdownloadr 4 kun oldin
I don't get how it is unbiased. He basically says the iPhone is better but wont switch. tf
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
I installed gboard on iphone
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
I think the iPhone comes with 5 watt charger and 3 foot wire because they don't really want you "addicted" to phone usage, you know the quick charging and 6 foot wires are for ppl on their phone too much
Haley Pannell
Haley Pannell 4 kun oldin
+tommy d u b b s I mean, kinda? It's the same reason why they don't just switch to USB type C. They make more money off of their design than they would with a universal charger. You have to go out of your way to buy a $19 charger just so it can be compatible with your new Mac book. Apple has been doing it for years.
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
+Haley Pannell not really
Haley Pannell
Haley Pannell 4 kun oldin
The reason why is because they want you to spend more money on their products. It's a great marketing strategy. They give you the bare minimum so that you go and spend another $20-40 on more of their chargers.
SVTCO 4 kun oldin
I've only owned Android "flagship" phones and have always rooted each of my phones within a few days of buying them. Never wanted an iphone because I'm the customizable type but my girlfriends iphone xr feels very nice and the navigation gestures are cool. My phone is a Mate 10 Pro which is unrootable which a pain in my you know what. I'd rather have an iphone over an android phone i cannot root. Android oems who makes bootloader unlocking impossible are really shooting themselves in the foot. Just my opinion, Unlocked Premium Android >IOS, IOS>Unrooted Android. What will always keep me running Android is Root and Pie controls but the day IOS becomes unrestricted is the day most Android Oems will stop making phones do to extreme lack of sales. The ball seems to stay in Apple's court as far as where the cell phone market goes, the restrictions in IOS i believe is the only thing keeping most Android oems in the smartphone market.
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
I don't use Siri or Google assistant, just type shit in
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
WhatsApp basically totally replaces iMessage
Random Channel
Random Channel 3 kun oldin
iMessage just works easily and simple
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
You can customize the main screen with folders and put on different page
Gregory Filin
Gregory Filin 4 kun oldin
But not on the same level as an android. I can customize as many folders as I want, make them any color I want, put them anywhere on the screen, and even duplicate them.
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
I like how everyone says how great the matrix or honeycomb d brand skin looks when they are sponsored...it looks like shit lol sorry d brand keep trying
tommy d u b b s
tommy d u b b s 4 kun oldin
Long time Android user here, I have an iPhone and a Nokia currently, I have no issues with the iPhone I like it, tho I prefer the android one on Nokia, every phone is different and I think the iPhone X is break away from the hipster weirdo customer base and moving onto a more sophisticated base...
Eliel Tavarez
Eliel Tavarez 4 kun oldin
I have an s9, I went to the apple store and checked out the phones, did a camera test, the back cameras look a little similar but omg the front facing camera blows the s9 away. The notch annoyed the hell out of me too.
Jason Jrake
Jason Jrake 4 kun oldin
Very fair review! I've used both since Galaxy s2, and both have advantages. I have an iPhone connected to my carrier, since my family is all on imessage. It's also handy with Apple watch for health tracking. I then carry an Android phone with headphone jack and microSD card for media playback and game emulation. Battery on Android is still garbage compared to iOS except on pixel, but having inexpensive storage and better DAC/amps is worth the second device. It's absurdly wonderful how low the rice is on second hand LG and Moto Z devices, which have hardware options such as removable batteries and attachable speakers that iPhone will never have. I also really like the SquareHome launcher on Android, which let's you use the brilliant, intuitive, and simple WindowsPhone layout, but also has some Android features snuck in. Overall Android devices second hand or purchased apart from the carrier are a much better deal for people who want customization. Apple hardware/software it more reliable and usually sturdier, but you pay a premium for that advantage.
Genelyn Colasito
Genelyn Colasito 5 kun oldin
Thanks for the informative, unbiased and friendly review :-)
Ernesto Gastelum
Ernesto Gastelum 5 kun oldin
Fairest review about iOS from an Android user I’ve ever seen. By a mile.
poteto's recycle bin
A very nice unbiased review,wow i'm surprised! Good job and a huge thank you to this guy!
tgc281 5 kun oldin
iPhone hijacked webos now I can’t wait for my iPhone 10
Hadi Ahmed
Hadi Ahmed 5 kun oldin
iPhones are a lot better
[cozy] 6 kun oldin
I'm having a really hard time deciding on whether or not to go towards the iPhone XS or the Galaxy S10. I'm lifelong Android user as well and I really want to try the iPhone XS, but I really need the headphone jack and honestly that may be the only thing that's making my decision difficult to make. I'm just not that into wireless audio devices, and I'm definitely not a fan of the AirPods considering the quality of them (I'm an audiophile). Also, really great in-depth review of the phone Facundo!
Titan 5 kun oldin
[cozy] dude I’m on the same boat as you 🤦🏽‍♂️. I started with android, but I stop using android since the s5 and since then I been using iPhones up to now. The only reason why I switch to iPhone it’s because back then Samsung phones weren’t so good as now. At the moment I have an iPhone X, but I really wanna switch either to the XS or to the S10. I really love the way the S10 looks and performs but I also like the way the XS looks and also performs. My sister it’s going to take me on this weekend to switch phones, but idk what phone to pick yet it’s really hard. Every one the ik has an iPhone and the most thing I love about iPhones it’s the iMessage. it’s really fuckin hard to choose lol.
Master Drifter
Master Drifter 6 kun oldin
What are you going to do with the phone
Eduardo Gomez
Eduardo Gomez 6 kun oldin
Best part of the video "shortcuts for shortcuts"
Owen Harvell
Owen Harvell 6 kun oldin
Lol live how he said 10,000 dollar flag ship if pjhones get that expensive i am going to just go back to being a cave man
Han Cheng
Han Cheng 6 kun oldin
The best force touch feature is the convenience when you want to move the cursor accurately while typing
Code X
Code X 4 kun oldin
All android have this feature you can use space button swipe to move cursor around
Attona 6 kun oldin
You can get gesture based navigation with android 9, depending onnthe phone
Kalagala Kapunda
I have it on 8.1 oreo
Jordan Odeh
Jordan Odeh 6 kun oldin
People who say iPhone is better need to pull their head out of their arses just try a good android not an old one then maybe the will stop sucking apples dick
Ethan Lee
Ethan Lee 6 kun oldin
Attention to detail thats where Android lags in.... badly. Reason why SMS isn't sent when they came from an iphone is because they didn't turn off IMSG. Android is garbage it's simple.
fareast20 6 kun oldin
This dude got bad taste
Logan Mitchell
Logan Mitchell 6 kun oldin
You can move the apps to a different page...
Bryan Lubin
Bryan Lubin 6 kun oldin
Gotta say this was the most unbiased review ive ever seen from one camp reviewing the other. Well Done
Danny Hop
Danny Hop 6 kun oldin
This guy must have had a hard hard life if he's only ten years old.
Danny Hop
Danny Hop 2 kun oldin
He's used an android pretty much all his life... Ten years to be exact. I really shouldn't have to explain this.
Random Channel
Random Channel 3 kun oldin
Benjamin Neammanee
Benjamin Neammanee 6 kun oldin
For the Face ID portion of the video, Face ID is way more secure than OnePlus 6T’s and that the FaceID requires the user to be looking at the screen for security reasons.(making sure that the user intends to unlock it, not a thieve or stranger). :)
Rony Escobar
Rony Escobar 6 kun oldin
Quick joke from SIri, Tinder…… life is Lonely
Emthesage EMM
Emthesage EMM 6 kun oldin
Very honest, Just don’t look look at the side it makes it look like a Samsung add, S8 is my favorite phone btw, having apps at the switcher dosen’t slow done the iphone unlike android it actually saves battery scince there is no need to relaunch the App, the only two things I don’t like about the X is the software desing the y could made it notchles with software and it would even felt like the best phone desing ever, as celan as good as magic, the second things is the price, on the other hand there is a very good reason why iPhone is a closed software, the quality, by doing this you get the most out of the software and the best out of the battery, jailbreak enables this Custom things but by adding more stuff the more android it feels and the more buggy it gets.
junilog 6 kun oldin
I've been struggling with Android so far, I had tried everything that people recommend getting an android for (Custom ROM and freedom of customization), and I keep giving android a chance since my Galaxy S3. The thing is I don't like customizing things, lack of longevity, and I want ease of access. So if you're looking for them, go get an iPhone or maybe Pixel/1+ since they're the closest an android can get to being easy to use.
0 0
0 0 7 kun oldin
stupid fandroid
David Merlino
David Merlino 7 kun oldin
I like the IPhone 8 64 GB
David Merlino
David Merlino 7 kun oldin
I have the black IPhone 8 64 GB
Shree Charan
Shree Charan 7 kun oldin
Woh! iPhone XS is a way better than I thought!!! 😅
Ilhan Tele
Ilhan Tele 7 kun oldin
I would never downgrade from android to iOS
Cannon Fodder
Cannon Fodder 7 kun oldin
I’d imagine this has already been answered, but the reason texts don’t show on android afterwards, is because iMessage ties to an email or Apple ID. Must first un-associate your info from Apple before switching to android. Tip for anyone who is baffled
KingJes87 7 kun oldin
Is customization that important? So what if you can’t have a widget on your home screen?? 😂😂
Mswati Masina
Mswati Masina 7 kun oldin
One of the best Android vs iPhone comparisons. No bias of fanboy this and that keep up the great content.
Waters 7 kun oldin
I want to switch to iPhone so I can have more fun with friends over the phone ect but the fact that iPhones break so easily (Internally and externally), the batteries dying so fast constantly, cheaply made cables for the phone ect are just huge deal breakers
Waters 7 kun oldin
Also the fact that charging is so slow I currently use Moto phones and the turbo charging is just incredibly fast and I hate anything that takes longer than that
JohnstasBACK 7 kun oldin
i feel like you the type of dude to have a girl think you're cute at first and then you open your mouth. What an idiot!
kiran kumar
kiran kumar 7 kun oldin
Who is pooja bro...is she Indian?
Aleksandar be together not the same
iphone is never been flagship its stupid mid range phone made by foxcon slaves around 25$ and sold to stupid american for 1000$ yes american people are stupid blind and brainwashed by apple
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