Andy Samberg Bonded with Sandra Oh and Tracked Down His Mom's Birth Parents

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Andy Samberg chats with Jimmy about getting ignored while hosting the Golden Globes, the special bond he formed with his co-host Sandra Oh and finding his mom's birth parents through PBS' Finding Your Roots.
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Andy Samberg Bonded with Sandra Oh and Tracked Down His Mom's Birth Parents




9-Yan, 2019

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yaycobbb 10 soat oldin
jimmy fallon can shut the fuck up, lmao.
Lisanne 10 soat oldin
Andy Samberg is 40 years old yet he looks like he could be 28. This is what you get when you’re funny and unproblematic
Movin Jayasinha
Movin Jayasinha 22 soat oldin
Andy samburg and Jimmy Fallon have really good chemistry. didnt cringe or feel awkward at all throughout the video.
Theo Badashi
Theo Badashi Kun oldin
Jimmy is very clearly drunk (functionally) and that's perfectly fine with me
D Mc
D Mc Kun oldin
Hey, I like to keep my name out the streets, too😎
Sara Chan
Sara Chan Kun oldin
Andy Samberg laughing is the most pure thing he looks so cute
51Saffron Kun oldin
His mother's father was Sicilian and has deep roots in Sicily. It was a very interesting story on PBS
Arya Taywade
Arya Taywade Kun oldin
Genuinely who the hell is Sandra Oh
GoddessofEggrolls 2 kun oldin
The title is so misleading, I thought Sandra Oh helped him find her, haha.
SimplySour 2 kun oldin
No way is this man 40.
Vicky 12
Vicky 12 2 kun oldin
I've been thinking this for years, celebrities eating and chatting whilst two people are working their ass off on stage is not a good concept! It looks cool on screen but I would not wanna be the host of such a disrespectful overprivileged species. Except Rami Malek of course! 👍
Shoes Mc'Ge
Shoes Mc'Ge 3 kun oldin
that dude is 40!! da fuk
TLI1817 3 kun oldin
Oh my god! The eye roll at 0:19 😍😍😍 He's like I did not just come all the way to New York to hear Jimmy talk about himself 😂
What's this TV show about roots?! Sounds interesting. Is this where those clips are from where Andersoon Cooper finds out his ancestor was killed by his slave and anderson said "he deserved it"? XD
+Drew thank you so so much for the link, dude. I didnt get a notification about it but saw it anyways by luck. I just watched it and it was incredibly fascinating!!! What an interesting tv show idea. I'm normally more like George RR Martin in like I don't put much weight into nationalities etc but I'm not gonna lie and say this isnt infinitely interesting to see. Thanks again for the link!!!!
Drew 2 kun oldin
That's the one lol it's called finding your roots here's the episode uzvid.com/video/video-Sge6uyZTHkw.html
Rebecca Sylvester
Rebecca Sylvester 3 kun oldin
Quest love’s heritage actually traces back to a really amazing african community in mobile, AL that I believe was called Africa Town
MAAXXYY 3 kun oldin
Well done parolta
Michael P. Shipley
Michael P. Shipley 3 kun oldin
Most male blacks are descendants of the black equivalent of John McCain. Prisoners of war and sold as slaves.
Julie Lim
Julie Lim 4 kun oldin
I can’t believe my dad is 5years older than him... Andy looks sooooo young!
L. Richards
L. Richards 4 kun oldin
i definitely thought i clicked for a story about sandra oh and andy samberg going on an adventure and finding his mom's birth parents together
Green Hope
Green Hope 4 kun oldin
I watched hot rod I was high . I laughed so much .
sabs n mahdi
sabs n mahdi 4 kun oldin
they really missed out on an opportunity to label them "andy and sandy" loll... besides that THE GLOBES WERE PHENOMENAL!!!
Natrina Perkins
Natrina Perkins 4 kun oldin
You can hear them eating and talking it's the worst, lol
Andy. Such a good guy.
ememily 5 kun oldin
I'm glad he did he's haircut 👱
You belong with me
You belong with me 5 kun oldin
i hope they take this as a constructive criticism but jimmy really just invites celeb so he could talk about himself....
hana 5 kun oldin
Jimmy talking about himself half of the video. just stawp.
Migs Quesada
Migs Quesada 5 kun oldin
Gabrielle Almeida
Gabrielle Almeida 5 kun oldin
2:10 my heart melted ❤️
Gabrielle Almeida
Gabrielle Almeida 5 kun oldin
a legend (andy) talking about another legend (rami)
Ram 5 kun oldin
Ew jimmy can’t stop making his interviews with other ppl abt himself it’s so irritating and cringy
Holly White
Holly White 5 kun oldin
This is a great segment. Andy Samberg is such a bright spark.
blakrumba 5 kun oldin
OH MY GOD! Is Andy telling me Dr. Henry Louis Gates (my boyfriend) is coming back to PBS?? Oooooohhh I am so READY!!
blakrumba 5 kun oldin
Oh that's weird, I thought Sandra Oh was dating a woman...where did I get that?
Snudzyy 5 kun oldin
how the fuck is he 40 jesus christ
Gigglegal320 5 kun oldin
heyfeyt 5 kun oldin
I love you andy
Jon Targaryen
Jon Targaryen 6 kun oldin
NINE, NINE!!!!!!!!!!
PuppetGameReviews Chef PiPi
Who thought the title said Andy Samberg Bonded with Sandra, oh... and Tracked down his moms birth parents
Sakshi 6 kun oldin
That h a i r.
Vivian Casau
Vivian Casau 6 kun oldin
Did Andy Samberg let slip that Sandra oh has a boyfriend? Omg 😍
Josue2018 6 kun oldin
He and Sandra oh were no Ricky Gervais, but they did ok. Thank god they didn’t Bash politics. Thank you Andy for that! Andy is the cutest thing. Adorbz!
Leo Walentiny
Leo Walentiny 6 kun oldin
What would Holt say ?!
Cole Whitaker
Cole Whitaker 6 kun oldin
Is this the new battletoads?
brock lesnerd
brock lesnerd 6 kun oldin
*nine nine!!*
aj 6 kun oldin
Did Higgins announce you as host ? Hahaha
harries 6 kun oldin
"hey you did a great job hosting the golden globes well my golden globes was........" literally no one's interested stfu
MJ 899
MJ 899 6 kun oldin
Andy and Sandra Brooklyn 99 collab
Fleur Buckrell
Fleur Buckrell 6 kun oldin
That joke about Freddie Mercury was unacceptable.
google e
google e 6 kun oldin
God I hate Jimmy Fallon he's a horrible tv host horrible!! Hes always talking, he doesnt let anyone speak, he asks them about dumb shit no one cares about, hes always kissing their ass and complimenting them way too much, hes too fake! why the fuck is he still on air??? Goes to show theres alot of dumb people out there who prefer watching him...
nofiltermangle 6 kun oldin
YESSSS!!!! GO RAMI!!!!!!!!!
Sergio Mckneil
Sergio Mckneil 6 kun oldin
Andy Samberg … respectfully handsome.
That's such a funny way to put it
Juho Tunkelo
Juho Tunkelo 6 kun oldin
Wow the audience is fast asleep aren’t they
lara vaz
lara vaz 6 kun oldin
i love him so much wow
Mary Sar
Mary Sar 6 kun oldin
Aw Rami is sweet
H H 6 kun oldin
Jimmy wouldn't let him talk and oh did he fake laugh
Caroline Kridle
Caroline Kridle 6 kun oldin
I didn't notice until now. He's adorable.
Maddel97 6 kun oldin
that's why rami is the best
Raniya Khan
Raniya Khan 6 kun oldin
I’m so mad at what Andy said about Freddie during the golden globes. And it sucks because he’s literally my favourite. I know he didn’t write the script but he could have said he wasn’t comfortable with it. But he didn’t.
The Dudess
The Dudess 6 kun oldin
i wanna protect andy from all harm
Aileenn Chong
Aileenn Chong 6 kun oldin
All I see is peralta
Queen Of R&b Lauryn Hill 👑
Divya Rai
Divya Rai 6 kun oldin
I low key fell in love with him I just realised how cute he is ❤️
Sherouk Youssef
Sherouk Youssef 6 kun oldin
Andy Samberg is a national treasure.
Jerome Mordido
Jerome Mordido 6 kun oldin
Asks a black american man if he enjoyed finding his roots. What kind of question is that?
And then goes back to Andy without further questions like that isnt a major deal for black people
Julien Prévost
Julien Prévost 6 kun oldin
Peachy. zach
Peachy. zach 6 kun oldin
Justin Hawkins
Justin Hawkins 6 kun oldin
Andy- hey Jimmy nice to see ya Jimmy- *slaps hand on desk laughing*
hummingbirdcity 6 kun oldin
Biggest comedy crush.
Almir Lobo
Almir Lobo 6 kun oldin
Kylo ren?
Duebrick 6 kun oldin
why does jimmy fallon have to make it about himself
Hadonel Desgraviers
This guy cannot be 40 years old!!
Mariam Reda
Mariam Reda 6 kun oldin
How is this man 40 years old.
TheEliteNinja 6 kun oldin
Can you release these videos with muting feature from Black Mirror just for Jimmy Fallon?
Ange R
Ange R 6 kun oldin
Loved you on Cuckoo.
K Fam Adventures
K Fam Adventures 6 kun oldin
infernal rage
infernal rage 6 kun oldin
I like how twinkly his eyes get when they crinkle as he smiles.
aguamentii mc
aguamentii mc 6 kun oldin
imagine finding out andy samberg is your grandson.
Saltheplumber 6 kun oldin
Samberg and Oh should open a Coffee Shop and leave Hosting and Comedy to the Professionals. It was AWFUL!
Miskogwan Red Feather
Han Solo
Saliha Ali
Saliha Ali 6 kun oldin
Oh Andy, I love you ❤
booklover 9
booklover 9 6 kun oldin
Can you please replace jimmy! Why is so fake????
AXM HP 6 kun oldin
Pallavi Sinha
Pallavi Sinha 6 kun oldin
Andy is aging backwards! Look at that face♥️
fathima sosan
fathima sosan 6 kun oldin
I thought this was about interviewing Andy.......but it was Jimmy loosing his interviewing skills :/
Determined Di
Determined Di 6 kun oldin
This was an amazing episode. I don't want to do any spoilers but the one mystery relative they found looks a lot like Andy! You can see a resemblance right away.
Turned Around
Turned Around 6 kun oldin
Is it weird I find Andy hot?
hoody hoo
hoody hoo 6 kun oldin
Holy shit jimmy shut up
Christopher foster
Christopher foster 6 kun oldin
Honeslty I've never known a host to not be able to get his words out as much as jimmy
Danceallnightbabe 6 kun oldin
Andy is so grown and mature now , i need to get my life together damn it
kyrabianca lucido
kyrabianca lucido 6 kun oldin
Cool cool cool cool cool cool I fucking love Brooklyn nine-nine my fav character Jake Peralta Live you Jimmy LMAO
noice perelta
noice perelta 6 kun oldin
Despite the comments, I think Jimmy did a good job in interviewing here! I enjoyed the engagement and flow of conversation. I understand there's been negative comments across his interviews, and it's sad if we can't be supportive at least. We don't fully see what people do and how hard they work. Imagine being judged on the 10% of what you do. You don't deserve that injustice too!
Mikaila Ems
Mikaila Ems 6 kun oldin
I can’t believe andy samberg is already 40!
Lexi Ionie
Lexi Ionie 6 kun oldin
I loveee Andy so frickin much omgggg
Kabz 6 kun oldin
Harim 7 kun oldin
GODDAMN IT ANDY SAMBERG I LOVE HIM!!!!! Is he even aging😭❤
S. Lee
S. Lee 7 kun oldin
3:20 = OH MY LORD what kind of face is that, Andy?!?!
Wardini Agustine
Wardini Agustine 7 kun oldin
I love rami malek
kief keef
kief keef 7 kun oldin
Clicked for Andy and half the video is Jimmy and his “humblebrag”stories , like the entire first minute is Fallon just telling a story while his guest just sat there listening, I mean 00:20 Andy’s face says it all.
chloe x
chloe x 7 kun oldin
this is what an unproblematic white man looks like. take notes.