Andy Samberg Shares His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes

Late Night with Seth Meyers
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Andy Samberg shares some of his rejected Golden Globes Jokes and talks about the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
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Andy Samberg Shares His Rejected Golden Globes Jokes- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers




10-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 855
Miriam Chasnov
Miriam Chasnov Soat oldin
were there 18?
Dustin Clark
Dustin Clark 7 soat oldin
Libtards, Snowflakes, and Cucks!
Natalie Kendel
Natalie Kendel 7 soat oldin
Seth Myers seems like a genuinely great guy. He's a good interviewer.
TheWlfx 11 soat oldin
Is that tumor or a cyst on his forehead?
Arran Boon
Arran Boon 12 soat oldin
Does anybody else get '80s Chevy Chase vibes from Sandberg? I've always thought they looked alike and wanna know if I'm crazy or not..
Bruno Ellsworth
Bruno Ellsworth 13 soat oldin
Dumb jew
PD 14 soat oldin
Horrible golden globes this year. Everything was so PC !
Leanna Collins
Leanna Collins 22 soat oldin
*cough cough* that Freddie Mercury joke should’ve been on here *cough cough*
Tokiio_ Kun oldin
Are those 247's?
nysurfer727 Kun oldin
the longer they wait the longer i hunt
nysurfer727 Kun oldin
vampire sex master race..
Charlotte Bateson
2:10/Is the impression
Silvia Delgado
Silvia Delgado Kun oldin
It's so funny how you feel like you need to respond to a commercial where they just literally want men to stop being assholes. And... what if we change the wording on some of your statistics? "97% of deaths in war are caused by men" "79% of all homocides are comited by men" "Nearly half of the fathers don't even care about their kids and just disappear" The privilege with you guys is..... just wow
MissInkedCherry Kun oldin
Andy is soooo hot 😍
Ben Rollman
Ben Rollman Kun oldin
Him making fun of Mulaney was the funniest joke.
Jacob Hall
Jacob Hall Kun oldin
Andy Samberg wants brisket, he should come to Texas.
Bethan Lisles
Bethan Lisles Kun oldin
Why do they look orange? Not trump orange but orange.
beantrouser Kun oldin
I counted 18! Guess they didn't cut any!
TheWisestWizards 2 kun oldin
These were better than the garbage opening they did at the actual Globes.
Sabina Maniak
Sabina Maniak 2 kun oldin
"he WROTE it!"
Gabrielle Antille
Gabrielle Antille 2 kun oldin
His laugh is so fuckin cute 🥰
Billy Mild
Billy Mild 2 kun oldin
This was great.
News Of the World
News Of the World 2 kun oldin
this guy sucks and is so unfunny..
Sonja 2 kun oldin
Eden Blakemore
Eden Blakemore 2 kun oldin
him calling Sandra oh sanders. I love their friendship
Tatum Chewning
Tatum Chewning 2 kun oldin
he sounded a lot like john mulaney
Dickhead Records
Dickhead Records 2 kun oldin
Norm MacDonald would have killed these
Léa avec deux Ailes
Who went back to count the jokes ?
Mofojian 76
Mofojian 76 2 kun oldin
RoyalReyna 2 kun oldin
Wow, Andy's John Mulaney impression is spot on
Juliet Bruce
Juliet Bruce 2 kun oldin
Why didn’t he chose not to do the Freddie mercury joke.
Claudia Jaquez
Claudia Jaquez 2 kun oldin
Any of those jokes would've been better than the one about Freddie Mercury's body in front of Brian May and Roger Taylor. It was gross.
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith 2 kun oldin
did anyone count how many jokes he said?
Zohaib Khan
Zohaib Khan 2 kun oldin
Peralta you’re a genius!!
AJ LOL 2 kun oldin
2:10 yay
Philip Knutsson
Philip Knutsson 2 kun oldin
not even funny, get ricky gervais jokes instead
Tristan Seyedain
Tristan Seyedain 2 kun oldin
That impression was spot on
Maricar Basario
Maricar Basario 2 kun oldin
Ohhh Andy!!! 😍😍😍😍😍
Lee Constantine
Lee Constantine 2 kun oldin
All I can hear is Seth’s fake laugh the whole time.
Madison Fuller
Madison Fuller 2 kun oldin
The crazy rich Asians one was hilarious! 😂
Sydney Haines
Sydney Haines 3 kun oldin
Went ahead and counted em for ya :D indeed 18 jokes
CliffJumpingProd 3 kun oldin
what the hell kind of drug were they on when they cancelled nine nine? it's the best comedy show on TV, not even close.. They must have been high close to death or NBC kidnapped someone's kid and said they'd return it if they got nine nine.. most plausible scenarios I think...
Edg8 -eddylikescake
He's boring off camera
bagrym 3 kun oldin
they should do that for every award show
Kaila Bohler
Kaila Bohler 3 kun oldin
Thank you Guardians of the 99! 99!
Sarah Phillips
Sarah Phillips 3 kun oldin
My favourite comedy actor doing an impression of my favourite stand-up comedian
Theresa Kim
Theresa Kim 3 kun oldin
Whoa that Crazy Rich Asians joke was good.
rubinrotfan 3 kun oldin
So many great options and they still took the freddie teeth one
Will 3 kun oldin
That was extremely poor.
Micah Miller
Micah Miller 3 kun oldin
John mulaney 😂
Bella 2000
Bella 2000 3 kun oldin
Ok but why are those jokes better than the actual golden globe jokes
Raniya. 3 kun oldin
I’m disappointed in this man, his jokes are not funny.They’re so disrespectful especially the joke about Freddie Mercury’s teeth
Min Yoongis Tongue Technology
The joke he did for bohemian rhapsody was disgusting tbh
Rebecca Wade
Rebecca Wade 3 kun oldin
Hi Seth, it kinda seemed like most of laughs were fake or forced
AxelQC 3 kun oldin
The Crazy Rich Asians joke is the only one worth keeping.
pastrana21 3 kun oldin
for some reason. i kinda wanna bang andy samberg :x
Spade Productions
Spade Productions 3 kun oldin
Omg Andy is so great!
Mo 1
Mo 1 3 kun oldin
I was waiting for him to say "title of your sex tape"😂
sam E
sam E 3 kun oldin
Is this the comedian who did Nanette?
Michael Eyob
Michael Eyob 3 kun oldin
I think they should bring back Mulaney. I wish i could have seen it.
Raman Nv
Raman Nv 3 kun oldin
For those who are wondering, there are only 17! 😂😂😂
gharbi hamza
gharbi hamza 3 kun oldin
love this guy
James Conley
James Conley 3 kun oldin
Comedy died
How is Andy 40? I-I don't understand it. Man.
Percy Ellison
Percy Ellison 3 kun oldin
The surprise John Mulaney impersonation was phenomenal
Iman Hussain
Iman Hussain 3 kun oldin
that John Mulaney impression was great I was not expecting that
Lennox Nyla
Lennox Nyla 3 kun oldin
HushIAmTalking 3 kun oldin
I can’t believe Andy Samberg is finally starting to age, wow
Kaleb Calverley
Kaleb Calverley 3 kun oldin
These were awful
Tushar Sonvani
Tushar Sonvani 3 kun oldin
Shelby Cazares
Shelby Cazares 3 kun oldin
That John Mulaney impression though.
Nikita Stanbury
Nikita Stanbury 3 kun oldin
'Boy Beautiful Ben Is Erased Back Boy' man I wanna see that film!😂
Resllstz 3 kun oldin
What type of shoes is Andy wearing?
SevenRiderAirForce 3 kun oldin
His impression of John Mulaney is funnier than John Mulaney.
Qudsia Karim
Qudsia Karim 3 kun oldin
i love the unity between stars of hollywood wow! its incredible. Brooklyn is coming back..
Mr.whatever 3 kun oldin
ahhh....Andy is becoming hotter and hotter...like seriously...daddy!! hahahaha
Peter Ion
Peter Ion 3 kun oldin
Hmmmm , yeees . So glad that the show was a limited time broadcast. Most of these are feeble and just nowhere near as funny as Meyers seemed to think. He came over all simpering and Fallon. Get on your knees and BEG to get Ricky Gervais back !
Zeko F
Zeko F 3 kun oldin
Should fire the writers and the person who chose Sandra to host
nikki23000 3 kun oldin
Literally have to go back to see if he told all 18 jokes 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Shady180 4 kun oldin
Hunny High
Hunny High 4 kun oldin
I know it’s lazy of me typing “I love him” but I really do ?? I LOVE U ANDY SAMBERG
nishya salim
nishya salim 4 kun oldin
All these jokes and he decided to go with Freddie Mercury teeth joke. Smh
Lauriti 4 kun oldin
these are actually much better than the jokes they did lol except for the asian mom joke Sandra did
Liz Lengyel
Liz Lengyel 4 kun oldin
i cant die until i hear sandra say cucks
Paige Lee Vlogs
Paige Lee Vlogs 4 kun oldin
Lol unless I counted wrong they cut one
Lily Newman
Lily Newman 4 kun oldin
so you’re telling me these jokes didn’t make it but the one about freddie mercury did?
Teagan Denny
Teagan Denny 4 kun oldin
So did they cut any jokes
Henry Herrod
Henry Herrod 4 kun oldin
how is there 1 million views and 2.6 subs
Albert Klarname
Albert Klarname 4 kun oldin
Dorian Samberg.
Dean Marconi
Dean Marconi 4 kun oldin
His John Mulaney sounds more like Jon Lovitz from The Critic.
J D 4 kun oldin
Omg.....this wasn’t funny at all
arubybluebird 4 kun oldin
My dream adult dinner party guests: Joanna Newsom + Andy Samberg + John Mulaney + HIS WIFE + Seth Meyers. I would probably die, but happily so.
Lil murph
Lil murph 4 kun oldin
Jake peralta
Maddy Olson
Maddy Olson 4 kun oldin
the john imitation was so good haha
germ firm
germ firm 4 kun oldin
"no prior relationship other than that one time" - title of your sex tape
Nkem Ani
Nkem Ani 4 kun oldin
Can you believe this guy is as old as he is, I thought he was 25-27 but he’s over 40!???
Mommy Shark 222222
Mommy Shark 222222 4 kun oldin
Did anyone count?
AlexRejba 4 kun oldin
Well, these are much funnier than the ones at the Globes.
S COREA 4 kun oldin
Did anyone go back and count the jokes?