Anna Faris Teaches Conan How To Look Sexy - CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Anna teaches Conan that the secret to looking sexy is making a face that conveys, “ow, that hurt."
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2-Okt, 2018



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dear Sal
dear Sal 9 soat oldin
I just wanna say that I want to put my tongue in her butt hole
Jerry Charlemagne
Jerry Charlemagne 4 kun oldin
ooopaulpeterooo 5 kun oldin
love her
Gandalf the White
Gandalf the White 8 kun oldin
5:41 Some kids laugh in the audience
Vince Mok
Vince Mok 12 kun oldin
Damn her voice changed so much since scary movies
lolwhodis 345
lolwhodis 345 12 kun oldin
Everyone's hands are everywhere
Candy Palazzolo
Candy Palazzolo 27 kun oldin
Anna is so cool and funny...She is a very attractive lady and she is a great actress....💋💞💓💞💋
Doug Carruthers
5:28 Now we Cocos O face
Rhyme Oddysey
Rhyme Oddysey Oy oldin
hilarious actress, damn she's doing great for 41.
Jonathan Cipriano
I've never related to someone so much before...
she is anorexic?
C N Oy oldin
What do you get when a tall irish ginger gets ''to know'' a turtle? Conan O 'Brien xD
Sheena lyne
Sheena lyne Oy oldin
This was painful to watch. Poor Conan.. wow
RaikaSTi Oy oldin
damn she look good for her age
جرعتك اليومية من الإنترنت
The solution to social anxiety or worrying to much about people's opinions is to not give a f*** my friend, growing older u realize that most Things/people do not matter at all, and u regret all those years you spent torturing yourself because of some silly things/people in life, of course u have to always be grounded and humble but also you must know that to yourself you are the center of everything as as Rumi said: “Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”
Joe Jeff
Joe Jeff Oy oldin
Bob Oy oldin
I love how he said she could swear, yet they still bleeped it out of the video
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Oy oldin
Anna Faris is such a unloyal bitch and a fake ass for leaving chris pratt
Kenny Cobra
Kenny Cobra Oy oldin
chlselyn17 Oy oldin
That was so beautiful. Honest and lovely ❤️
Bruno Escoto
Bruno Escoto Oy oldin
She talks so much and says so little...
LordStickMax Oy oldin
i can't tell if she hasn't aged or she always looked older. i do like her though.
deem manning
deem manning Oy oldin
vivian garcia
vivian garcia Oy oldin
3:35 is me trying to flirt with my crush
Charlie B
Charlie B Oy oldin
15 years too old...
Genotoxic Oy oldin
I don't find her funny
Alain Bruno
Alain Bruno Oy oldin
She has the best personality
ryandc ranchdel
My favorite actress 😊
Thémis Babalis
it was hard to watch, but I sometimes have these anxious moments...so I totally understand.
SQUADLY Oy oldin
She looks a lot better without bangs.
Gustavo campos
Conan seems like he can’t wait to get out of this vapid interview
Michael James
Michael James Oy oldin
Proof-positive that Chris Pratt has a mental defect. That is all.
Jack Aurier
Jack Aurier Oy oldin
She became funny because she smashed Chris Pratt.
Lothario Bazaroff
For the whole conversation I was imagining that she's sitting on my lap while talking to Conan. Quoth the raven, and nothing more... Honestly.
dyoooooooooon Oy oldin
I love her so much, but it seems she's drunk here.
M Ouija
M Ouija Oy oldin
I've always liked her. By Hollywood "standards" she looks like she should be a 7, but always comes off as a 10. Total smokeshow.
sexntuna Oy oldin
FINISH A GOD DAMN SENTENCE! She constantly starts to sat something and then never finishes it. Arrrrrrgh makes me insane!
Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis Oy oldin
Damn niggas head look like a box
Dilan Khangebam
Chris you was lucky
ahmed Oy oldin
Enough. With. Cirurgy. Please.
D0n't @ Me
D0n't @ Me Oy oldin
I think she was out Conaning Conan for a minute, she has that same loveable awkwardness about her.
Bob Of All Trades
6:06 Boom! Nailed it Coco!
Abhi Abz
Abhi Abz Oy oldin
Wow. Never knew that Anna Faris was such a nice person! ...an awesome beautiful soul. Gem of a human. So grounded. Thanks for sharing. She reminds me of Goldie hawns, at least as talented, but is very under rated and got much less opportunities. Have a gut feeling she could be great at serious deep roles as well.
F E Oy oldin
00:59 she seemed so genuinely grateful there. Too cute. Edit: 4:25 I laughed so unexpected and violently at Conan here that I think i injured myself.
True Seeker
True Seeker Oy oldin
M. Lewis
M. Lewis Oy oldin
A lot of sexual tension, especially at the end there lol
Yon ce
Yon ce Oy oldin
Conans face could be an old women 😂
lovelywaz Oy oldin
She's 42 but looks like in her late 20s here 😲😲😲
T K Oy oldin
Anna Farris is the female Chris Farley for me :D period.
F E Oy oldin
+T K oh ok good, I wasn't sure XD
T K Oy oldin
F E Oy oldin
Like in a good way?
Natalie Christine
Conan wants to make out with her so bad
F E Oy oldin
Im kinda lamenting his marriage right now a little bit, I think they'd be a lovely couple.
Ow, that hurt. 🤣
Pillsberry Oy oldin
Anna Farris is so awkward. Anxiety or whatever she seems she has a few loosed screws in a cute kind of way, i bet there’s a few skeletons there which got Chris to tap out
MJ Trace
MJ Trace Oy oldin
She seems a little off.
F E Oy oldin
Was that not like her entire point here?
James Richards
Cool. Can she teach him how to be loyal now? Like the way he dropped his all time best ever guest Norm MacDonald. Judas little prick
Brett Stanton
Brett Stanton Oy oldin
What an annoying bitch to listen to.
Endezeichen Grimm
This is disturbing
Gonzo Balls
Gonzo Balls Oy oldin
i don't know why, but she does have very voice
Richard Black
Richard Black Oy oldin
OoOo la la a new divorcé ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
mrmree Oy oldin
I thought she accepted the burden of comedy because of that last name.
Mark Oy oldin
on a faris you bet i wanna be on a faris
Wayne Campbell
She hasn't aged at all
Attik24 Oy oldin
She is sooooo underestimated!!!she needs a better agent
William Hetherington
this is Conan's breast guest ever
UEDrepublic Oy oldin
Is it just me or does she look like she got sex hair?
FLVDBRT Oy oldin
My first crush, ladies and gentleman
Relax Bro
Relax Bro Oy oldin
I just fell in love with her
An t
An t Oy oldin
what the hell. this girl crack me up everytime ...
shadow_gritz Oy oldin
Anna Faris is so unlike her characters and I find it absolutely relatable. I never intended to be funny when I was younger yet some how that's what people took from my demeanor. I'm a miserable coot who hasn't even reached 30 lol
Kris Got Stuff
Is it just me or is it weird that the audience laugh when she says she feels like she don't belong anywhere? Anyways..gotta love her..she is def one of my life long celeb crushes 👌
majicebe Oy oldin
Anna Faris is basically a national treasure.
If Anna, Aubrey and Alicia made a movie it'd be awkwardly amazing and action-packed.
Mohammed Nasseif
She's so freaking delightful!
umar farooq
umar farooq Oy oldin
Conan 's big head
Ricardo Pina
Ricardo Pina Oy oldin
I miss Anna from Scary Movie , after she pumped her lips she looks awfull.
The Jersey Ninja
She’s still really beautiful for 41 wow
YouTubie16 Oy oldin
No one plays the role of a Dumb Ass better than Anna Farris. 😂
Chandeleah 98
Chandeleah 98 Oy oldin
Favorite interview ever 💖
Lisa 2 oy oldin
She needs to get on with it. I mean hurry up speak your point lol
kailaXO 2 oy oldin
Anna, get Conan on your podcast!!
Shreyaj Satdeve
Shreyaj Satdeve 2 oy oldin
I think she's always high af
Franchesca Rodriguez
That was mad painful to watch
Jaejoon Lee
Jaejoon Lee 2 oy oldin
She looks such a nice person to me
Patrick Rivera
Patrick Rivera 2 oy oldin
There some angles I see the resemblance of Emma Watson in her.
Anonymous Reviewer
She's not aging well. She almost looks like she has no teeth, the way her mouth closes.
Francesco Cabiddu
I like her
Wu Man
Wu Man 2 oy oldin
what happened to her hair.
Yeshua Ben Joseph
Naw man I stumble on what I'm saying too and people think I'm on drugs or lime there's some mental impairment, but it's just that the anxiety and shyness gets to me and the adrenalin takes over, makes me shake and fumble lel
FreshPrince ofRP
FreshPrince ofRP 2 oy oldin
I never even thought she was that pretty tbh
wendyattack 2 oy oldin
Jo Kah
Jo Kah 2 oy oldin
Did he just flirt with her on tv
Alla Vnukova
Alla Vnukova 2 oy oldin
She is trying to act like Aniston: same moves and gestures.
Sachin R
Sachin R 2 oy oldin
She's looks abnormally skinny
Chloe The Scrappy
Hope nothing but the best for Anna. She deserves a better man in her life.
Chris L
Chris L 2 oy oldin
She always looks like that moustache needs a wax. 5 o'clock shadow on a lady isn't attractive 🤮
iconocast 2 oy oldin
woman is adorbs
Jeffy Mathew
Jeffy Mathew 2 oy oldin
0:46 that awkward moment
Cece Mac
Cece Mac 2 oy oldin
She could do phone sex with that voice. I'm so jealous
Maor 2 oy oldin
She is so relatable
Mo 2k
Mo 2k 2 oy oldin
Chris prat ruined this poor woman. Smdh
yappa08 2 oy oldin
Loved her since scary movie, and still love her to Mom.
yeastori 2 oy oldin
The only time I thought she was hot was when she was on Scary Movie 2 wearing the red dress. I was like damn Cindy