Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)

Anthem Game
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On a world left unfinished by the gods, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment. Equipped with incredible Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the Freelancers seeks to tip the balance in mankind’s favor.
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Luis Awesome-99
Luis Awesome-99 43 daqiqa oldin
Digital GamerYT
Digital GamerYT 5 soat oldin
and let it be multyplayer!
Digital GamerYT
Digital GamerYT 5 soat oldin
i am so exited!
Edward Trowers
Edward Trowers 5 soat oldin
I see no destiny or destiny 2, i would say it vaguely reminds me of warframe. Looking forward to this.
woke bill cosby
woke bill cosby 5 soat oldin
Fucking uprising tho
NathanielPayday 9 soat oldin
Anyone know who did this version of the song? I think I know the original, but this sounds like a cover/remix
Al Liu
Al Liu 10 soat oldin
man the theme is bad ass!
Charles Lee
Charles Lee 10 soat oldin
Cyberpunk 2077 > Anthem
Charles Lee
Charles Lee 6 soat oldin
You're right. One will be great and the other won't.
Jane Phoenix
Jane Phoenix 6 soat oldin
Two very different games. Good thing is im excited for both
Sammy 10 soat oldin
I love the numbers for the damage being shoved up your face. Don't believe me, look at the gameplay
fabricated hero
fabricated hero 10 soat oldin
As we all learned with Bungie and last EA issue on a game...don't pre-order and make it successful before you can even play it. #dontpreorder
Nightshineguardian TheOpSquad TOS
Looks nice but it will be there downfall of lootcrate system they say they care for but actually they care more money than their players so then the players will quit the game because of this and thats why their the most downrated company and has a lot of complaints to ruin games that came big and fell because of then
Kevin Cannella
Kevin Cannella 11 soat oldin
Everything is going to be free. Free dlc and so much more.
r'enbe 13 soat oldin
Evan Sheehan
Evan Sheehan 15 soat oldin
I wanna be an iron-man
Ben Tyler
Ben Tyler 15 soat oldin
Hard to be impressed when the aesthetics are completely generic sci-fi but then again, EA doesn't have a soul so how can it be creative?
Shane Bovell
Shane Bovell 15 soat oldin
Lol where is the actual story Bioware was touting? If you have to put "a storm is coming" as dialogue in your trailer all I have to say to you is "a flop is coming"
Aramite Armada
Aramite Armada 17 soat oldin
This game is fucked.
James Hope
James Hope 17 soat oldin
EA:Bioware called this: "The Bob Dylan of videogames." Does that mean that Anthem will really straight up suck but in twenty years when another publisher/studio buys the rights for the IP and remakes/remasters it it will then be an icon of gaming? Because that's the only way they could use Bob Dylan as a boastful description. Muse are what made this trailer awesome, if they swapped out Muse for [insert artist you hate] the trailer would be awful, don't buy this based on the soundtrack they chose to use, you have Spotify for that.
WH1TE HAT 18 soat oldin
Let's just hope EA doesn't make this franchise a flop like they did to DA: Inquisition and ME: Andromeda.
beejay926 18 soat oldin
Thumbnail looked like Transformers
sand gurdian the man Poseidon quivers before
They Will Not Controoooool Us We Will Be Victooooooooorius
Elis Wesnog
Elis Wesnog 21 soat oldin
Hey look it’s destiny 3
Cameron Blackwell
Cameron Blackwell 21 soat oldin
What they don’t tell you is that you have a limited jet pack ability. False advertisement! Quit acting like I can just fly around a beautiful world when in actuality I’d be better off with destiny ‘s lame ass speeder bike from Star Wars.
frostmagemarii 22 soat oldin
They're releasing a new Destiny so soon after Destiny 2?
Dieter Pisarewski
Dieter Pisarewski 22 soat oldin
This trailer is boring. You had a better one.
brotleibinger 23 soat oldin
Not sure if I'm supposed to like it since it's the reason ME Andromeda got screwed...
Boppper Kun oldin
No matter what reservations I may have toward EA/Bioware I have to admit that trailer got me pretty pumped.
Batgirls Cave
Batgirls Cave Kun oldin
I literally just came back to watch it with the muse song. Fits perfectly lol
Cball64 Kun oldin
how can you have knights of cydonia as your trailer song and not have the guitar solo in the trailer
Ugly Bug
Ugly Bug Kun oldin
1:03 music is uprising by muse
Real PotatoKinq
Real PotatoKinq Kun oldin
Destiny’s twin brother
Selamknk Kun oldin
attack on titan 2019
may ting han
may ting han Kun oldin
Lencarx Kun oldin
is it true that we will need the ps plus / xbox life gold to play?
Andraste Kun oldin
like every other multiplayer game
Meeko Harrod
Meeko Harrod Kun oldin
please be good
Virel Bramasta
Virel Bramasta Kun oldin
1.06 that thing look like kraken on vainglory to me 😂
Jockogamez 33
Jockogamez 33 Kun oldin
Destiny reboot
Onur Kurtuluş
Onur Kurtuluş Kun oldin
izy2weird Kun oldin
Just make a movie series. I'd watch it...
Max ThePowerup
Max ThePowerup Kun oldin
Will this be for the gameboy?
Arth Armani
Arth Armani Kun oldin
i want to play this so much!
Praise Worship
Praise Worship Kun oldin
Looks like Halo.
M O O Kun oldin
If I were to make a trailer it would go like this: START (Fade in to shot of the planet followed by several shots of people all over the world) "IN A WORLD... WHERE EVERYBODY LOOKS LIKE A SAUSAGE PATTY... ONE MAN..." (fade to black) "WAS BORN DIFFERENT" (cut to shot of a hot dog) END
Jane Phoenix
Jane Phoenix Kun oldin
Amazing trailer
Will Wolf
Will Wolf Kun oldin
I'm establishing the Javelin Marine Corps, who wants to join?
Francis Lenard Samonte
The trailer was starting to become awesome, then the song started playing. CRINGE. Dislike
Choro ko Pakdo
Choro ko Pakdo Kun oldin
Anyone who's pre-ordering the game?
Jane Phoenix
Jane Phoenix Kun oldin
+Choro ko Pakdo deluxe i believe
Choro ko Pakdo
Choro ko Pakdo Kun oldin
Jane Phoenix which edition did you order?
Jane Phoenix
Jane Phoenix Kun oldin
I Already pre order it
MrArtiisan Kun oldin
Im just here for the soundtrack
prayforjonas Kun oldin
After what you guys did to Mass Effect, you are done getting my money and I hope I'm not the only one who makes a point to be this way about it.
Looks like a kick ass film.
Aaron Abrams
Aaron Abrams Kun oldin
1:05-1:22 gives me goosebumps
Stan The Man
Stan The Man Kun oldin
Why does the ending music have a Thor Ragnarok vibe to it?
Dawson Loach
Dawson Loach Kun oldin
is there battle royale?
GrooveWith Anique
Am I the only one who thinks this looks just like a gaming version of all Iron Man suits!!! Look at their fly, their moves and their shots.... so uncanny! And yep, the thumbnail resembles the latest Bumblebee movie.
PurpleDev Kun oldin
1:02 - 1:22 gave me chills
Khang Le
Khang Le Kun oldin
You know it's actually look good. But I won't overhype it. We'll just wait and see.
Steven Shaffer
Steven Shaffer Kun oldin
Rose Byrne at 1:25?
Sean Guan
Sean Guan Kun oldin
Game looks amazing but... it’s EA were talking about...
SIDA 2 kun oldin
an an
an an 2 kun oldin
Sebastián Melgarejo
Casey hudson will save mass effect
Jane Phoenix
Jane Phoenix Kun oldin
In the next generations, they have to get rigth Anthem and DA4 first
Furr Dazzler
Furr Dazzler 2 kun oldin
Максим Сергеев
Супер! 10/10
ProjectRoflcopter 2 kun oldin
we need to get a full version of that uprising-muse remix that doesnt have the game audio in it there are plenty that are trying but they all still have a bit
corvo attano
corvo attano 2 kun oldin
How's this different from Andromeda?
Jane Phoenix
Jane Phoenix Kun oldin
New ip, and this is made by the A team of Bioware, the ones that made Mass Effect 1,23 and Dragon age Origins, II, and Inquisition. Andromeda was made by the C team of Bioware
CrazyDolfeen 2 kun oldin
Game is gonna be amazing and I'm gonna fucking laugh at every person that has ever said "It's a ripoff of Destiny" or "Wow. A evil force looms over the last city and people with special suits/abilities go out to stop it. You all forget that this is BIOWARE. The people behind Mass Effect 1-3, and Dragon Age. EA rushed Bioware for Andromeda, but this game has been in development for about 10 years (not made up). If you want some better information, watch 123 Rapid Fire Questions About Anthem on Game Informers Channel. Link: m.uzvid.com/video/video-yrxQB4M5leA.html I'd say give this game a chance.
Im ur Dad
Im ur Dad 2 kun oldin
Wat is song att 1:04 (i spell everiiting wrong on purpose)
Im ur Dad
Im ur Dad 2 kun oldin
Wat is dis genehrik niggA game
Franky man
Franky man 2 kun oldin
Do you smell what The microtransaction are cooking
Sofa Jockey
Sofa Jockey 2 kun oldin
We don't know what the cosmetics will be yet.
Alp Orhan
Alp Orhan 2 kun oldin
iron man çakması
D - LamestReClown
D - LamestReClown 2 kun oldin
Scars are speaking random language, someone plz translate or they'll think I'm searching up I mean researching some videos dat aren't 4 da you know what. You should kno who they is.
crap 2 kun oldin
Muse - Uprising!!!!!!!
OpticalGhost 2 kun oldin
Anthony Hall
Anthony Hall 2 kun oldin
looks like destiny
Conrad Bauer
Conrad Bauer 2 kun oldin
@1:03 I got goosebumps from the song choice. Game better be able to do the same. (Please learn from destiny...)
skitzo nut
skitzo nut 2 kun oldin
Ethan8or hun
Ethan8or hun 2 kun oldin
Destiny 3 looks amazing
JONDEER 2 kun oldin
This looks a little too similar to destiny
Gustav Åhlin
Gustav Åhlin 2 kun oldin
while i'm sad it's not a classic bioware rpg i'm really excited about what's been shown so far. And considering the response to mass effect andromeda, a flawed game that failed to capture the audience but honestly had quick and fun core gameplay. I can see why they focus more on gameplay aspects above story elements for anthem.
WinkyDaGecko 2 kun oldin
watch at 2x speed lmao
So maybe like EvolVe...but not shitty?
Jaguarz5 Isback
Jaguarz5 Isback 2 kun oldin
Im so hyped for this game
Christina Westerman
*Mу Hоrnу Tееn StеР Sistеr Wаnts Tо F.vсk Agаin* *сl1сk H е r е Tо Wаtсh S.е.X.у LivесаМ Girls.* >>> whx.io/a268?d=Au5fvF8Q40
Jack Byrnes
Jack Byrnes Kun oldin
Christina Westerman you dirty
David Berner
David Berner 2 kun oldin
NoobTube Clash Royale, Minecraft and more!
Transformers! More than meets the eye!
hello world my name is justin
The attention to detail is incredible, knowing EA you will probably have to pay for that though.
Brokimbo 2 kun oldin
Muse uprising amazing
Mr. Maple Syrup
Mr. Maple Syrup 2 kun oldin
moon shire
moon shire 2 kun oldin
But it's from EA.
I Know How You Feel
Look OK but I have already seen this many times before.
Azizul Abidin
Azizul Abidin 3 kun oldin
im here for muse \m/,
Greg Kiss
Greg Kiss 3 kun oldin
Telugu Marvel
Telugu Marvel 3 kun oldin
Typhoon2 3 kun oldin
OMG miss and this game?!?!
Arnas Avižinis
Arnas Avižinis 3 kun oldin
nah i dont fell hype!!! go watch cyberpunk 2077 trailer.
Tusbiko 3 kun oldin
Hope the game have some settings that don't make the game just rush. rush.rush.
Elementare8888 3 kun oldin
TheFireryFox 3 kun oldin
Destiny 3 much?
TheGaming Saint
TheGaming Saint 3 kun oldin
Looks decent let's hope it doesn't get murdered by over hype or end up being awful
Just Another Cuber
Just Another Cuber 3 kun oldin
I'm reminded of Warframe by this, anybody else?
Johannes 3 kun oldin
Warframe gon be better..
Fyre 3 kun oldin
Haha rip 50th featured