Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)

Anthem Game
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On a world left unfinished by the gods, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment. Equipped with incredible Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the Freelancers seeks to tip the balance in mankind’s favor.
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9-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 9 039
Diabl0 8 soat oldin
0:31 attack on titan 😂😂😂😂
Tex 23 soat oldin
SixGawd Kun oldin
You have one last chance bioware/EA or I’m spreading info that should tarnish you forever.
vicente gsims
vicente gsims 2 kun oldin
DireWOLF -F 2 kun oldin
Uprising is one of the best songs I've heard in my past 9 years
Hafis Anshari
Hafis Anshari 2 kun oldin
Vidiotz Ki and Owen
I’m literally here to look at these comments 😂
kamaal samy
kamaal samy 3 kun oldin
How can I download it ??
Sarco Sarcastic
Sarco Sarcastic 3 kun oldin
jerrylol 9999
jerrylol 9999 3 kun oldin
just another plains of eidolon
rdavis02 3 kun oldin
Please don’t let this be bad like Andromeda. 🙏
The Cupcake of Doom
But otherwise it looks like a very great game. I would get it.
BLACKIRON 4 kun oldin
Intresting story but i will never forgive bioware for mass effect
Cameron Blackwell
Cameron Blackwell 4 kun oldin
If you do what you did to M.E. to this.. All I can say is I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my game go without micro transactions and jet cooling that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.
James Robertson
James Robertson 5 kun oldin
I would say a safe 6/10 for anthem.
London Eliot
London Eliot 6 kun oldin
That muse tho made me orgasm
Common Sense
Common Sense 6 kun oldin
Kinda looks like a mass effect ....
luciano boyer
luciano boyer 7 kun oldin
nice trailer, good work !
The Cupcake of Doom
At least fortnite dies after this comes out
Zoe Collins
Zoe Collins 7 kun oldin
�When you are with me, I feel perfect.� *( Pdfdownload2015*com )* 3007
solSmol gene
solSmol gene 8 kun oldin
The song though
Ticklish Ivory
Ticklish Ivory 8 kun oldin
I'm so HYPED!
Susan Fauth
Susan Fauth 8 kun oldin
Please don't suck Please don't suck Please don't suck Plea...
96 LaserSights
96 LaserSights 9 kun oldin
Eyrok Arobaz
Eyrok Arobaz 11 kun oldin
This seems like the best inc game since a loooong time :O
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
I pre ordered it already
anwar muhammad
anwar muhammad 10 kun oldin
+Ivan Rodriguez I bought it digitally so I don't need to go anywhere
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
Can u plz respond
Ivan Rodriguez
Ivan Rodriguez 11 kun oldin
Its feburary 23 when I can pick it up
العاب ذكاء وغباءدوت com
We wont reckoning kingdomes of amuler 2 ea plz
TheReal FreddyNick1216
ARYAN MAN 12 kun oldin
Lamma Mana
Lamma Mana 12 kun oldin
You guys gonna put half the game behind a pay wall too?
Nicholas Pantoni
Nicholas Pantoni 12 kun oldin
I don’t know why I invested all my time into destiny when this looks so much better.
Les Cassin
Les Cassin 12 kun oldin
2 months until release I can wait that Long Right???🤔🤔🤔
узколобые каракатицы нах такую ебланскую музыку вставлять
Ortho LAD
Ortho LAD 14 kun oldin
Please don't suck.
wasabi carr
wasabi carr 14 kun oldin
Muse = upvote.
Wesley Huang
Wesley Huang 16 kun oldin
Lower my expectation... Will buy it if the review is good. Until then... no pre-order for you EA.
DrPROFESSOR2K05 17 kun oldin
1:34 Sentinels?
I'M32nd Channel
I'M32nd Channel 17 kun oldin
Corsair Mok
Corsair Mok 18 kun oldin
The first word is about God ? so i will never play this game... create something new and then we can see
Evan Maggs
Evan Maggs 19 kun oldin
Who has already pre-ordered this?
Evan Maggs
Evan Maggs 10 kun oldin
anwar muhammad
anwar muhammad 10 kun oldin
i did
نايف الزهراني
اتمني يكون في اقل شي ترجمة عربي اللي زي يحط لايك
Sayan Bhattacharjee
Sayan Bhattacharjee 21 kun oldin
I love the look and music. I got goosebumps. I just want to request the devs, if they see this to make the super hero landing a little bit more epic with some camera shake, particle effects and such. The whole trailer is epic, but the super hero landings leave something desired. Like this to make it visible to devs?
Dimitri Stewart
Dimitri Stewart 21 kun oldin
DoubleDOwnage 21 kun oldin
I liked purely because of Muse.
Aster The Spy
Aster The Spy 22 kun oldin
Anthem, warframe with less powers on one planet or something else? Gona wait to see how it gona play out. For now i dont know what to think, trailers be trailers, but gameplay is most important and we need to see more of it.
Connor Leskoski
Connor Leskoski 22 kun oldin
0:57 literal goosebumps starting from here
Pikachu\RPG/Games 22 kun oldin
PT br espero que você faça umas legendas em português Brasil ,e entre outras linguagens
Meelowsh 22 kun oldin
Mr Stark, is that you? 😂
박** 22 kun oldin
Hey, why is it that I use Hackenkricht?In Japan, we still use the teaching sun. The shape of the erisingsun is the type of war criminals used when carrying the Han Dynasty of Japan.So I am not a problem. I did the same thing to the Japanese so ea, you need punish the use rising sun players
박** 22 kun oldin
And Japanese people raped our country person directly during Japanese occupation, Japanese people.
Chloe' Phillips
Chloe' Phillips 22 kun oldin
Mass effect but grunge
mr skits
mr skits 23 kun oldin
KhoKha JR
KhoKha JR 23 kun oldin
EA fucking buying with mom credit card
Matt Boston
Matt Boston 24 kun oldin
Terrified of anything with the EA logo on it
Gravitea 24 kun oldin
I'm playing interceptor for my team, what are you guys playing?
Thomas Caldwell
Thomas Caldwell 24 kun oldin
please don't suck
}}{{ 24 kun oldin
1:07 - Dat booty :o
Sevens Jack
Sevens Jack 26 kun oldin
I got a good feeling about this game I know it's published by EA but still...GOOD FEELING!
filip willems
filip willems 26 kun oldin
Looks nice, oh it's EA no thanks
Master Penguin
Master Penguin 26 kun oldin
Looks cool, but this is EA. They'll ruin it somehow.
The John Hopkins Company
Almost nothing actually happens in this trailer, but it's still epic!
Senhores Campers
Senhores Campers 26 kun oldin
Só falta a dublagem em português do Brazil.
Doge 27 kun oldin
Oh God imagine the backlash if ea kills bioware
Doge 27 kun oldin
Plz be mass effect plz be.... Aw man
ivanomg 28 kun oldin
Make a handball game for mobile
DAnnY 28 kun oldin
Anthem is always the win win
Michael Foster
Michael Foster 28 kun oldin
Anthem: when Destiny, Gundam, Iron Man, Warframe fused into one game. PLAYING
Silver_Crow Oy oldin
am i still eligible for the pre launch demo if i pre-ordered the game with eb games or is it strictly online preorders and ea access
Black Rain
Black Rain Oy oldin
Блин, я лучше бы фильм такой посмотрел.
Saiyan Caulifla
Don't like it, reminds me of Destiny 2 just by the looks of the Trailer. (I dislike Destiny). I was hoping for a futuristic type of game, I miss the original Mass Effect Trilogy feeling, even though I have 'em all on Xbox One due to backwards compatibility. But oh well, I guess i'll give Anthem a go if the reviews turn out decent/or good.
the masturpa cito
sorry for coming by but almost you guys are now memes after almost everygame you have costs money and everything in it costs money...if you dont want to be a meme be like rockstars if you dont trust me your a meme then type in search if ea owned....and look
xXAUDEONXx Oy oldin
Add me on Xbox xXAUDEONXx looking for founding players to play with when the game comes out
Yora Oy oldin
As someone who has not played Destiny, this looks like exactly the same thing.
Jonas Aguilar
Jonas Aguilar Oy oldin
*Pay 100$ to open the door*
치킨콜라! Oy oldin
조오오오오온나 기대작 한글화 부탁해 !
Eduardo Honorato
Don't pre-order.
IAm Homeless
IAm Homeless Oy oldin
Hey guys. I was wondering if my pc is good enough for this game. Even on low graphics. I have i5 8400,12gb ram, and nvidia 1060 6gb
Mish Issel
Mish Issel Oy oldin
B1izzardHawk Oy oldin
Excellent trailer, but if EA has taught me anything in the past, don't trust the trailer. Both Mass Effect Andromeda and Star Wars Battlefront II had amazing trailers to and we know how hard those games flopped.
dementionX Oy oldin
This is no Destiny killer... Facebook groups already did that.
TvShowGameFreak 3099
Aka alll
Tasty Not tasty
Looks boring to me.
Dren Oy oldin
Alrightt I'm hyped
Unbounded Fox
Unbounded Fox Oy oldin
I am on PC with Origin and preordered. Gonna need friends for when this thing comes out, so if you’re ever looking for someone do friend me. PC: xmanak47
jean mucke
jean mucke Oy oldin
Porque a EA não faz um remaster de Black prós consoles atuais iria vê der bastante
Pantea Oy oldin
Loved this.. cant wait to play!!
Drwho boy 235
Drwho boy 235 Oy oldin
I’m done with EA and dice they have messed things up for the gaming industry as a whole they have stolen from our wallets They don’t care about customers they think gambling for kids is okay they aren’t even listening to The law Disney need to learn to man up with whole of Star Wars license
Cardinal Jwfk Animator 658
God please give us dead space 4 I really loved the series
Krimson Klaww
Krimson Klaww Oy oldin
Anybody know that song??
ColCaffran Oy oldin
Mass effect was sacrificed for a destiny clone. I hope it was worth selling your soul Bioware
Trey Briely
Trey Briely Oy oldin
Looks feckin sick.
Wilson the iron minecart 2 closed for sure
Hey this is not the game topic but are you gonna make command and conquer generals
LusytGamer Oy oldin
E quanto pra desbloquear o vídeo?3,99??
Ilcu Mihai
Ilcu Mihai Oy oldin
Hey the game looks good! but... I am way too uneducated to buy it.
Swaganomics 101: Jimmy Rustles
Seeing EA on this makes me very scared.
TheMellonMan Oy oldin
EA you are going good with this and don’t screw it up like when you ruined the reboot of one of my favourite childhood games. Star Wars Battlefront 2
El El
El El Oy oldin
Chris Pridemore
This game is going to suck, just like Destiny, then EA will go out of business.
Darth Revan
Darth Revan Oy oldin
Mass effect is better I hope anthem burns
YAGC Ascend
YAGC Ascend 17 kun oldin
*cries salty tears*
robert rizaldi