Anthem Official Cinematic Trailer (2018)

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On a world left unfinished by the gods, humanity struggles to survive in a savage environment. Equipped with incredible Javelin exosuits, a faction known as the Freelancers seeks to tip the balance in mankind’s favor.
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9-Iyn, 2018

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is there gonna be a titanfall3?
john vue
john vue 11 soat oldin
The trailer made it sound like ANTHEM have a legit story line. You being one of few survival living in chaotic world after the gods abandoned it. You've been battling against anew enemies to recover your world. Now there is a bigger threat that is coming toward you. Do you have what it takes to take it down? But sadly, ANTHEM is a Multiplayer Co-op Online Server Only. It meaning that it will have NO single-player story progression, NO deep character development, NO meaningful and/or consequential choices, NO romance option, and NO clear satisfying ending.
Szr7zMix5kcV6F3 12 soat oldin
Bioware is done
mathew the kid
mathew the kid Kun oldin
Why is that Warden Eternal on steroids at the end? Lmao
Darth Revan
Darth Revan 2 kun oldin
#boycottea #notmycnc
Chad McOscar
Chad McOscar 2 kun oldin
This game is going to suck. The proof is at 1:44 in the bottom right hand corner.
-RATHALOS- 2 kun oldin
I was hyped for this game... Until i saw it was made by EA
Fire PlayZ
Fire PlayZ 2 kun oldin
This game will cost 200$
robulyah 3 kun oldin
Muse Uprising Remix
bjr Matt
bjr Matt 3 kun oldin
the game looks lit
Striker x Cast
Striker x Cast 3 kun oldin
I just spent $80 on the limited edition version. I hope to see a demo soon, I can't wait
WP Mountain
WP Mountain 3 kun oldin
Destiny 3?
Uncle Jim stick his peepee in Me
Oh boy. Here we go
Samuel 4 kun oldin
Shame that greedy company has this game. I love Sci-fi, armors and this cinematic looks freaking amazing, but I never buy this game because EA and they push to milk to death players.
YouTube User
YouTube User 5 kun oldin
We want freedom fighters 2...plzz😢😢
Amus Patterson
Amus Patterson 5 kun oldin
EA DO NOT FAIL ME! I watched how you tarnished battlefront 2 n that whole fiasco BUT Bungie has sold out to Activision which is why I’m converting all time n money into this game......sides when you kill my favorite hunter in the game you killed me...... #D2isDEAD #bringonANTHEM
Maxi X
Maxi X 5 kun oldin
EA everybody hates you Congratulations.
Brick Builder
Brick Builder 6 kun oldin
EA, you know what? I’m disappointed. You wanna know why? You rush games to crunch fake deadlines just so you can get you grubby hands on that money you hold so dearly. You rush your workers every single freaking day. YOU RELEASE DLCS OF STUFF THAT’S GONNA BE ADDED TO THE GAME FOR FREE!!! You purchase companies kill them off because you want the same exact game idea and you wanna make profit off of a game franchise that took so much careful designing, then you make a sequel of that game....that’s complete trash! And you don’t just buy out the company....NO NO NO, you make them work all day long. You make them rush the game they wanna make so people won’t wanna buy their game, and they buy yours! You can throw any excuse in the WORLD at me, I know the truth, you know the truth, we all know the truth. And, to anyone reading this, the only way they’re gonna clean up their act is if you stop buying their games! You’ll probably ignore this comment, but if you don’t, stop playing and buying EA’s game until they clean up their act.
Spy C
Spy C 6 kun oldin
Looks cool, but *EA* made it.
Леонид 7 kun oldin
А где русский язык? если в игре его не будет, то увольте
Thyago Sousa
Thyago Sousa 7 kun oldin
Can't wait for this. I'm gonna play it so much that my hands will fall off!
Alexander Strieter
Alexander Strieter 7 kun oldin
i hope it lives up to any hipe, and is not going to become p2w like all the other ea games
Cardooo96 7 kun oldin
A great game I’ve been dying to play and it comes out on my birthday too!! Lit hype af for this!
Валерий Кекеев
Просто чума)))
Leon Masters
Leon Masters 8 kun oldin
Crysis meets reach
Patrick McKinney
Patrick McKinney 8 kun oldin
EA made you guys kill Mass Effect and hide Dragon Age in a dark closet somewhere for this game. You do realize Mass Effect could have possibly saved with some good DLC. Guess we have to make up our own story for the Quarians. Sorry Bioware, but I don't think you deserve any interest in a new game. I'll be playing RDR2 instead
Λαυρέντιος Ψαροκάηκας
Just imagine.. try to imagine what such companies could achieve in ten years time, with their graphics.. it frightens me and it excites me at the same time..
Jose Enrico Marquez
Ghost: Guardian I am detecting an abnormal concentration of copy cats building up
Julian Lewis
Julian Lewis 9 kun oldin
You people are idiots for supporting this.
BoltyBen 10 kun oldin
Sooo destiny 3
Corey Hogan
Corey Hogan 10 kun oldin
Just watched infinity war and watching Ironman do his thing made me wana play this!
alammumtaz Alamalammumtaz
alammumtaz Alamalammumtaz
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alammumtaz Alamalammumtaz
501stTrooperBMC 11 kun oldin
To be honest it looks amazing, but I get this feeling that there will be something that will screw up like with Battlefront 2.
Rick M.
Rick M. 12 kun oldin
1:36 is the only part of the song I liked.
Rage Display
Rage Display 12 kun oldin
ну заебись, еще минус 3500 рублей -_-
FlawlessFox 13 kun oldin
Why don’t your games work on any platform worst company?
The Emerald Sword
The Emerald Sword 13 kun oldin
This game is copyright because the company my mom works for is called Anthem Inc. and it was before this game’s trailer was released. So change the name.
The Emerald Sword
The Emerald Sword 5 kun oldin
Penny go back to mr Peabody and shearmon
Penny 6 kun oldin
That's not how things work, Bioware can and will use this name.
Joshua Richards
Joshua Richards 14 kun oldin
Destiny 3: Plains of Eidolon
Michael Ingram
Michael Ingram 14 kun oldin
This trailer always gives me goosebumps every time I watch it
Evil Tim
Evil Tim 14 kun oldin
Two letters make this game completely un-worth it, EA
alfredo villalpando
alfredo villalpando 15 kun oldin
Anybody else rewatch it because they get shivers at the muse part..... Or is that just my weird ass?
The Bandit
The Bandit 16 kun oldin
Let’s hope the Andromeda writers/SJW’s inside BioWare aren’t touching this game.
Penny 6 kun oldin
Those were in Bioware Montreal, this is Bioware Edmount, the ones that made dragon age and the mass effect trilogy
Carkosa Gaming
Carkosa Gaming 16 kun oldin
Wow, 2019 is gonna be a pretty eventful year in terms of game playing.
EP 18
EP 18 16 kun oldin
Hey EA! Your games is cancer. Make better games. Your games got bugs. Go to work.
Sujit Kumar
Sujit Kumar 17 kun oldin
When dead space 4 will come
Penny 6 kun oldin
With Viceral games dead,maybe never, only if EA puts another studio on it
Levi drake
Levi drake 17 kun oldin
I love the trailer so much I’ve listened and watched it about 30 times and I was curious if maybe you could create a full remix of the song based on the trailer of anthem. Also can’t wait to pre-order your game! I’m saving up as fast as I can to get it and run threw the world as a colossus.
Joshua Morman
Joshua Morman 17 kun oldin
Destiny 3 looks cool
Neko Chan
Neko Chan 17 kun oldin
16 GIGA DE RAM :ccc il faut un pc de compet
mushroom101 18 kun oldin
There’s always a storm coming.
Humungousaur 18 kun oldin
i think they misspelled destiny 3
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 18 kun oldin
I hated mass effect 3 ending Especially with tali romance the Quito that gets me is (but I have a home)it’s sad and it sucks
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan 18 kun oldin
Too be honest I want my Mass Effect back where Sheppard comes back to life they did it once they can do it again I need to know what happens to my crew i loved the the mass effect games even Adromeda
[雪]Matsui 18 kun oldin
Where are my fellow Muse fans at?
BazerDuo 19 kun oldin
Non vediamo l' ora di provarlo!
HarryPlays XP
HarryPlays XP 19 kun oldin
We reclaim the dead space 4 and the reaperture of Viceral Games
TrigarX GammerX
TrigarX GammerX 19 kun oldin
You need to make this game hard if you think we want a game like Destiny 2 you are wrong. Just look at warframe or Dark souls for a hard mode wanna try at this game I dont want a walk in the park that shot gets boring fast.
B.J. Roes
B.J. Roes 19 kun oldin
Our hopes and expectations... ... Black holes and revelations L🤣L
Andrew Johns
Andrew Johns 19 kun oldin
Coming out on the same day as days gone, metro exodus and (I think) crackdown 3.... Feb 22nd is gonna be a busy day! After a Google search I don't think crackdown is Feb 22nd but still a busy day!
Penny 19 kun oldin
Crackdown 3 will not sell that much to be honest (hey I hope the best for the game) it's just my opinion
Tom Bonaty
Tom Bonaty 19 kun oldin
Destiny 3
Dino blu
Dino blu 19 kun oldin
is it out yet?
Penny 19 kun oldin
NickCromptonVEVO 19 kun oldin
A not s
Alec Ducker
Alec Ducker 19 kun oldin
I wanna be excited for this game, but I know without a doubt that EA is going screw this up BIG TIME. Just because there won't be season passes, paid expansions, and loot boxes in the game doesn't mean they won't find some other way to swindle money out of people's bank accounts.
Alec Ducker
Alec Ducker 18 kun oldin
They could also do what Konami did with metal gear and sell save slots.
Alec Ducker
Alec Ducker 18 kun oldin
It's called amibos
Alec Ducker
Alec Ducker 18 kun oldin
There is another way outside of that.
Penny 19 kun oldin
Cosmetic microtransactions, that's how, but not lootboxes
Joshua Pastorfide
Joshua Pastorfide 19 kun oldin
weurp 19 kun oldin
I‘m hyped and I hope EA will make something good for a change
noke jjjfw
noke jjjfw 20 kun oldin
is it bad that i want a better destiny? I loved the concept of destiny but it wasnt done right in my opinion, but i dont wanna give up on the concept. If this game turns out to be a good destiny, ill cry.
Chewie Mathew
Chewie Mathew 20 kun oldin
Is it rated m
Skask The Slod
Skask The Slod 20 kun oldin
EA: “Hey remember titanfall? Turn it into destiny.” Bioware: “Ok but we’re better known and more experienced with single pl-“ EA: “DESTINY TITANFALL” *violently throws money at bioware*
miko 21 kun oldin
Much better than just another lacking emotions and point Avengers movie. Waiting for this...
Igor Sensor
Igor Sensor 21 kun oldin
Paul Baca
Paul Baca 21 kun oldin
Worst game of the decade.
Kevin Cannella
Kevin Cannella 19 kun oldin
Paul Baca why say that?
Allison K
Allison K 21 kun oldin
The way the trailer is made it makes it seem like it's a movie not a video game
RedGear 22 kun oldin
COD is screwed now !!!
Batgirls Cave
Batgirls Cave 23 kun oldin
I only came back for the song because I love muse
It's MagicDesigns
It's MagicDesigns 23 kun oldin
when game trailers are better than movie trailers
Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer 24 kun oldin
Just preordered. Cant wait
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades 24 kun oldin
I hope this game can be played solo and offline as well.
Gamer Gang
Gamer Gang 24 kun oldin
Its free?
TheDiscipleofSlash 25 kun oldin
It's always nice to hear Muse. And the trailer was alright.
Stroonp 25 kun oldin
Vai ter para Android? Se tiver espero que não seja igual Ark que não pega no Moto G4 Comum
Bad hoyboy
Bad hoyboy 25 kun oldin
This game looks really good!
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 26 kun oldin
When Muse started playing I swear to god I got tingles down my spine.😆😆😆 That moment when you get that good jittery feeling while listening to a good song.👌 Also I am excited to hear the sound effects in this game. And why has no one done such a badass version of Uprising like this yet?! I would listen to it on repeat forever! Would love to hear it without the trailer audio.😍
Stix _OW
Stix _OW 27 kun oldin
OMG What a bad game!!! why they do that? i think no one buy it...
Leon S Kennedy
Leon S Kennedy 27 kun oldin
When you see EA, you know micro-transaction is always lurking not far behind.
James Boyle
James Boyle 27 kun oldin
Of all the things you could make an exact carbon copy of.... Destiny?
James Robertson
James Robertson 28 kun oldin
I still don't see what muse and ea have in common.
James Robertson
James Robertson 28 kun oldin
so robot enemies with jet packs or alien robots with jet packs or both you know whatever works.
Martian Buddy
Martian Buddy 29 kun oldin
Looks a bit directionless and all over the place, I rather buy the art book. I think I will.
Cheddwardo 29 kun oldin
Plz plz make a way out part two
C. ROXAS Oy oldin
Muse music on the trailer? Count me the eff in.
Woupsea Daysea
What’s the green and white suit? Looks really out of place with the rest of the game’s art style but it’s cool lol.
John DUH
John DUH Oy oldin
There is a storm coming... Where? Probably reddit.
the yellow devil
Todd protect us