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Antoine Walker on reports Spurs asking Lakers for massive trade for Kawhi | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
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Antoine Walker joins Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe to discuss the San Antonio Spurs reported trade demands for Kawhi Leonard. Antoine Walker explains why the Los Angeles Lakers shouldn't trade key players and draft picks to acquire Kawhi. Do you agree with Antoine?
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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Antoine Walker on reports Spurs asking Lakers for massive trade for Kawhi | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright




4-Iyl, 2018



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First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright
Where will Kawhi Leonard play next season?
Jason Rickman
Jason Rickman 9 oy oldin
Some gym in NYC. Do the lakers want to win now? What team says: Naaa, don't want to win right now.?
freestyle yaaj
freestyle yaaj 9 oy oldin
nguyenvanhiepmarcus ; Do you realize Spurs have Kawhi under contract? They have the leverage here. The Spurs organization is in no rush for a trade; they can ruin Kawhi career if he doesn’t cooperate.
freestyle yaaj
freestyle yaaj 9 oy oldin
I believe at this point if Kawhi is not suiting up for the Spurs. He will be DNP on the roster and have his career ruin by the Spurs.
Christopher Benham
he should join the Celtics to rival the warriors.
Joel Lopez
Joel Lopez 9 oy oldin
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright spurs till Next season
H.P. Maddox
H.P. Maddox 2 oy oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-wikthRQ_vSs.html Brand New From The Best Living Artist
buster C
buster C 8 oy oldin
LeBron will put khawi Leonard on the next level
TOMS WILL 9 oy oldin
Antoine keep it real.
Townsend Protections
i guess antoine retired from the gym too
Stefan The Cannon
Wow he gained so much weight
BusaridingT B.
BusaridingT B. 9 oy oldin
Im on the fence with this but if u can get Kawhi now players will accept less money for a chance at a championship i know this for sure, some players want to leave these going nowhere soon franchises and there are a few of them out there
Mr No Weapon
Mr No Weapon 9 oy oldin
Why are football players Talking BASKETBALL??
godchild006 9 oy oldin
Antoine walker is low key hating on Kawhi! He can’t carry a team? Who was carrying the spurs teams in 2016? He was the best player on that spurs team by a mile.
Dr. Drake Ramoray
These guys are arguing against their own opinions. Iol.
THE TIME IS NOW 9 oy oldin
spurs being greedy
T2HeadedEagle 9 oy oldin
hahah I love it...I need to see him do a SPRINT too
Carlos Vazquez
Carlos Vazquez 9 oy oldin
I bet LA wants to trade Lonzo for Leonard. sure Magic, sure. LABron would have to wait another year.
G Potter
G Potter 9 oy oldin
A Walker looks like "Rubben Studdard"! Google him.
Waler Ozu4na
Waler Ozu4na 9 oy oldin
Hart not going no where
Tim P.
Tim P. 9 oy oldin
There was a guy named Michael Jordan who sat out 2 years to play baseball. Don't say it hasn't happened.
whitecat3131 9 oy oldin
The Lakers have played the Spurs. The Spurs had a chance to get a good offer and played chicken with Magic to try and get more. James signed for 4 years with no option and Kawhi has outright said, he will only play for an LA team. Magic signed other players filling up the roster and the salary cap to about 98 million. So now the only way for the Spurs to trade Kawhi Leonard to the Lakers is if Luol Deng is included in a trade to take him off the salary cap, otherwise it is a no fit situation. Right now the Spurs would be lucky to get Ingram and if they do, they have to take Deng with him. The Lakers now have all the leverage.
Rom B
Rom B 9 oy oldin
Keep dreaming Spurs! Pop your not going to ruin the Lakers! Hater
stuart hall
stuart hall 9 oy oldin
Antoine making more sense. I’m a Laker fan, I think they are falling asleep on the young team.
Rafael Valencia
Rafael Valencia 9 oy oldin
Facts, Kawhi coming to LA anyways. Either this year or next year no need to trade the core. That guy is guy is an idiot he first said why waste one year of your prime then he said well he wasn’t even going to play anyways. He has no idea what he is talking about do not trade your core!
CityNoPity7414 9 oy oldin
I'm glad Antoine Walker is getting his life together. Keep cashin' dem checks💯
Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAM
‪@TogetherEvery1AchievesMore #TEAM
Anton. 9 oy oldin
So they put mike in the tie now?
Jacob Ruiz
Jacob Ruiz 9 oy oldin
Ingram only 20 and kuz is 22 heart 20 those are our building blocks when lebron leave 🤦🏽‍♂️ like they gonna learn from lebron and get better and better each season
Mark Hill Gusimat
I think popovich is selfish, kawai nicely asking a trade .. but they dont want ...
K.antoni Sumodlayon
I agree with antonie walker cause if they trade ingram kuz and hart it means that they waisted the years of hard work
Mike Thaxton
Mike Thaxton 9 oy oldin
Wait till he's a fa next summer
heavyjr1 9 oy oldin
Lakers will not be good as long as they have lonzo ball
Hugh Jaynis
Hugh Jaynis 9 oy oldin
Better not trade Kuzma, HE IS THE FUTURE OF THE LAKERS!
Kevin King
Kevin King 9 oy oldin
Antoine Walker made some great points...Everything he said made sense...
maurice Quinton
maurice Quinton 9 oy oldin
I agree with Antoine Walker up until the point where he says LeBron James compliments peoples game. I don't think LeBron James makes people better I think others make him better that's why he gets the pick of the litter. He only plays with certain caliber players. Wade, and Kyrie made hime better! But we dont talk bout that...
hrdrymr23 III
hrdrymr23 III 9 oy oldin
get walker fat but off the show...
Shawn Smith
Shawn Smith 9 oy oldin
I'm really feeling Walker right now.
never famous
never famous 9 oy oldin
Why antoine walker sound so salty like kawhi hurt his feelings
Da Chop Up
Da Chop Up 9 oy oldin
The spurs are goin to shoot themselves in the foot the market now will be what the market is gonna be when the season starts and knowing this teams will not offer you what they did early in the trade talks he’s unrestricted next year get what you can stop being childish and let dude go Phoenix saw Eric Bledsoe wanted to leave the got dude outta there ASAP these teams hold on to players like they’re personal property it’s crazy smh
Da Chop Up
Da Chop Up 9 oy oldin
All due respect Mr Walker we the people need to see you do a SPRINT sir....
Big Sleep
Big Sleep 9 oy oldin
Boy he just done with the spurs that all he isn’t hurt
Ernie Alvarez
Ernie Alvarez 9 oy oldin
Kawhi will not go to the Lakers when he becomes a free agent just like Paul George because of LeBron being there already. They have seen what kind of a leader and person he is ranting, blaming and embarrassing teammates on national TV.
23Flavas T
23Flavas T 9 oy oldin
Antione walker sound real crazy he sound like a hater. Lol
Plain Simple
Plain Simple 9 oy oldin
It amazes me how these former players put more unnecessary pressure on guys who are playing as opposed to the organizations and ownership who are trying to either low-ball the player's market value or discredit their integrity while they are working. All former players who are analysts need to really check themselves when it comes to reality... just be objective and keep everything real and don't speak for player vs. organization... just say things how they work and the public will enjoy the show and your analysis.
Choco Thunder
Choco Thunder 9 oy oldin
Hahaha Spurs are greedy....I am proud that Magic is not falling on their demand....They will just lose Kawhi before trade deadline with a bag of chips....
Choco Thunder
Choco Thunder 9 oy oldin
They can take Lonzo though.....hahaha...
Adam Burns
Adam Burns 9 oy oldin
That dude's nose is about to touch the water.
Andres Sebastian Ortega
Now Cris Carter said that if Kawhi does not get trade then he will sit this season... I saw somwhere there is a clause in a contract that if a player chooses to sit a season.. then that season does not count towards free agency??
D Moto
D Moto 9 oy oldin
Walker wants some snacks. Come on guys let’s go to commercial plz
ynot 9 oy oldin
Antoine = great analysis.
O Ryan
O Ryan 9 oy oldin
Lebron Jackson tho ?? 👀😂😂😂😂😂
Coach E
Coach E 9 oy oldin
Jordan and Pippen resurrection make the trade
David Chandler
David Chandler 9 oy oldin
if guys dont want to sign now, something is wrong and why would they want to sign next yr?i think okaying with bron might be the prob
David Chandler
David Chandler 9 oy oldin
somebdy knows if kwe game will be as good outside spurs system, i think p George is a better already player you put anywhere
David Chandler
David Chandler 9 oy oldin
its obvious people dont want the bron circus, players want to go to lakers and suddenly switch their mind..lol, there has to be some truth this
terry varta
terry varta 9 oy oldin
Why not wait next year and get me free
khael bons
khael bons 9 oy oldin
Kawhi stays in spurs till end of his carrer...Go Spurs Go
CHUNYU HO 9 oy oldin
I thought Walker got broke
St Peterkin
St Peterkin 9 oy oldin
Antoine walker sound like a hater
delrick proshay
delrick proshay 9 oy oldin
stick to football you idiot
dmokisang9 9 oy oldin
Kawhi and Lebron will not play very well together.They will slow down one another.What Lebron need is a fast team that can play fast game to much up with Golden state.If they join together they will not make it pass the first round.
dmokisang9 9 oy oldin
Kawhi should go to Celtics.His game fit the team and being at the east he get his shot at the final easy.And he don't have to fight hard like west coast.Thats how Lebron got to the final so easy.
stevo Stevo
stevo Stevo 9 oy oldin
Antoine Walker is making a lot of sense. If Kawhi Leonard sit out next season, then he becomes a washout player. His skills will get eroded. Then his career is ruined. Then he is going to face a lot of lawsuits from the Spurs for breach of contract. The owners are always in control.
RingerRacing 9 oy oldin
hey espn i like walker on the show , enjoy listening to real pro players.... BTW , whitlock's reasoning is a very hard listen, to the point of changing the channel to be honest..
Tarkus I
Tarkus I 9 oy oldin
How do you get one of these jobs? The only person making any sense is Walker. The rest of these bozos have no clue.
Marick Anthony
Marick Anthony 9 oy oldin
Don’t trade kuz and ingram...trade lavar instead😂😂😂
Jon.o 9 oy oldin
alright? alright?
Dave 9 oy oldin
Antoine Walker talking about giving up his assets... Lol jk. Nice to hear from Antoine. Good commentary
fred sanders
fred sanders 9 oy oldin
What happen to Antwan that boy head looks like a red pit bull
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson 9 oy oldin
Michael Jordan sat out 1and 3/4 years and came back on top!!!
maurice douglas
maurice douglas 9 oy oldin
Steph won a championship with exactly one teammate averaging at least 11 ppg. He has two MVPs, one unanimously. Kevin Durant took OKC to the playoffs w/ no Westbrook & won an MVP. When KD missed almost an entire season, Westbrook missed the playoffs & New Orleans took that 8th seed. How are they “not that guy” & “you gotta have pieces around them”? They are both Top 3 players
Trey Dunbar
Trey Dunbar 9 oy oldin
Antwan my new favorite analyst
Julio Lois
Julio Lois 9 oy oldin
I tried finishing this segment but i cant take CC anymore :) Switching to Skip and Shannon, again.
Julio Lois
Julio Lois 9 oy oldin
the season just ended and Kawhi is fully healthy and better than ever according to these guys, but during the season and playoffs for months and months he just couldnt get healthy and nobody could figure it out, yeah right, dude sat out for leverage....COME ON, and CC we know you are getting that cash from Kawhis camp and I cant blame you since when you played players made pennies and you gotta get paid but stop it..
reynaldo jozefzoon
Agree with walker on this brcause these other 2 dumb f*ckrs it's like they talk without a brain
Lucky Valera
Lucky Valera 9 oy oldin
coolduder1 9 oy oldin
Dam giving Brandon Ingram is tuff he is going to be an allstar but if it's for Leonard I'll do it ..
stick jr.
stick jr. 9 oy oldin
Nick is fake news. Sounds like cnn. I have resources.
matt murdock
matt murdock 9 oy oldin
I love 'Tione's analysis and insights but he tickles me the way he always has that coffee mug strategically placed.
Arceno 9 oy oldin
Shaq made some good points
Terrance Wells
Terrance Wells 9 oy oldin
Ingram and Kuzma are future of LA
Rex Scipio
Rex Scipio 9 oy oldin
The NBA commissioner needs to break up the monopoloy that is forming in Golden State. 5 allstars? Its over for the next three years (minimum) unless they break that team up.
Rahul Kumar
Rahul Kumar 9 oy oldin
man trade these bums for kwaii
Helio Soze
Helio Soze 9 oy oldin
Right Antoine, Kawhi and LeBron won't be around forever.
Ronald Yudo Adityo
If its the other way around, Kawhi plays for Lakers & Spurs or any other teams want him, the pundits will say he is worth the whole assets
Saudi Tacumba
Saudi Tacumba 9 oy oldin
He is right...kuzma & ingram young players not to trade for KL coz u have LBJ now for lakers + rondo, lonzo ball, pope, stephenson, hart, wagner & mcgee to help the team complete...if u want to add a super team to this lakers put a starting legit center...wow this is a nba super team...do u agree?
M A K O 9 oy oldin
agree- lakers dont need to be rash about this just to win THIS year. they wait another year- and they can get him from FA or another FA. who knows how kawaii is- he could be like grant hill , or penny or derrick rose, etc.
mello yellow
mello yellow 9 oy oldin
I am agree with antoine walker
Arief Rochelle
Arief Rochelle 9 oy oldin
Antoine Walker is like a basketball savant/guru
Skankhunt42 9 oy oldin
wasnt this bum bankrupt
Scott Verney
Scott Verney 9 oy oldin
Antoine finna need a Walker with all that weight.
Wolf The Gray Area
CC shouldn't be allowed to talk about Leonard without a conflict of interest disclaimer. That dude is on his knees for him every time.
1jboda 9 oy oldin
Lebron CAN'T carry a team by himself either!! WTF is he talking about. Kawhi is just as good as Lebron!
HZGaming4U 9 oy oldin
His new name is "Antoine Burger" Hahahahahaha!!!
HZGaming4U 9 oy oldin
I have never seen Chris even acknowledge anything that Nick says and he starts talking about a completely different subject less than 1 seconds after Nick stops talking. This tells me that when Nick talks, CC is not even paying attention. I CAN'T STAND CC'S ATTITUDE OR RESPECT FOR HIS TEAM. This is why this show doesn't even compare to UNDISPUTED!! Skipp and Shannon ALWAYS LISTEN to everything they tell each other and respond to it. Did I mention they should fire CC and add Chris Broussard?? Make that man a deal and fix your show...
David Christopher
Spurs is trash
Si Señor
Si Señor 9 oy oldin
I wouldn’t give anything for this guy. Too much of a cry baby.
oh kay
oh kay 9 oy oldin
Antoine Walker pulled a cris Carter on cris carter and told cris what his point was
Christian Perez
Christian Perez 9 oy oldin
‘20&’21 first round pick & ‘19&’20 2nd Round Pick, Luol Deng and KCP for Kawhi. They have no leverage, if I was the Spurs Id get the Picks and two players one who can start and one who can come off the Bench. Kawhi knocked out all the competition.
Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson 9 oy oldin
CC is LeShannon Sharpe for Kawahi
KuZo Ingram
KuZo Ingram 9 oy oldin
Brandon Ingram is gonna put up 25 ppg within the next 2 years
sherpacs the good fan
give the young core chance to have this season 2018-2019 and not to trade for whatever, it has a chance of goin to playOFFS and also goin finals.
J.T.R. 313
J.T.R. 313 9 oy oldin
thought that was Shaq lol
Leonardo Baptista
Spurs lost all leverage in that scenario. They are throwing haymakers and will be tired... Ingram, a pick and a pick swap... MAYBE they gets Hart, too...
Aaron Davidson
Aaron Davidson 9 oy oldin
Nothing worth listening to outside of Antoine Walker here
making and eating my first ever crunchwrap
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RACING A MAN WITH NO LEGS! *Future Olympian*