Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

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why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.

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1-Iyl, 2018

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andres gomez
andres gomez 3 daqiqa oldin
I think I can speak for the majority of people here when I say: you SU Jaja you surely are one of the most wonderful persons I've ever seen in my life and I sincerely hope you the best because you really are just amazingly hilarious and just awesome Jaiden. 😊 Like if I got you (I don't think so 🙁)
electric kettle
electric kettle 10 daqiqa oldin
Do you.... uuhhh... by any chance..... um... have any relationship with theodd1sout
Bring back Overwatch
Bring back Overwatch 17 daqiqa oldin
Dead clam nah I’m a dying clam
Queeks-adventures 23 daqiqa oldin
Why not make a “how to survive school video”!
ILoveToLose 28 daqiqa oldin
The start already made me laugh
donkeyz awaigh
donkeyz awaigh 28 daqiqa oldin
Extravert gang where you at
CHEETAHhunter 29 daqiqa oldin
wow it was like you were descriping me! and i didnt even know what i had i thought i was just like that
Pink Pegacorn
Pink Pegacorn 30 daqiqa oldin
can you give me a shout out on your next animation for my bday? its in august 13th. you dont have to but if you do i would be really happy, my bday is on august 13th and im an animator too. i would be really really happy. its fine if you dont. im just unhappy about having a crap editing program (windows movie maker). Anyways, great animation, i can relate and great job with your youtube career, i just have like 18 subsribers and most are friends or family. thanks in advance! ~Pinky the magical winged horned horse
animationcatstroker technology
hey i have depression and pica much less then 3 disorders!
Doge gaming
Doge gaming 33 daqiqa oldin
Jadien that's why in public I look down Fav animator
Laura Thomas
Laura Thomas 34 daqiqa oldin
ill pay attention to your problems! we have to stick together sometimes
Prof. Gio
Prof. Gio 38 daqiqa oldin
Shane Dawnson?
Just Anøther Persøn
Just Anøther Persøn 48 daqiqa oldin
I have this friend...Well, she's not a real friend... But she always acts as if she has depression and anxiety. Like she shows off with it basically. And it's amazing how she knows me as the happiest person in her life, even though I actually do have depression and anxiety... But for me that's good because I try keeping my anxiety and depression secret. And if anyone found out I'd probably be treated differently or they'd judge me. Idk I'm just scared to let my emotions slip out, and when I do let them slip on accident I just act as if I'm joking. It's just so hard to gain that confidence to say how I'm truly feeling sometimes! (Hopefully this "friend" of mine doesn't watch this channel since she knows my account)
Mauplays 50 daqiqa oldin
I have the same problem
Michael Plumer
Michael Plumer 56 daqiqa oldin
Jaiden your videos are so amazing
Ted Andersøn
Ted Andersøn 58 daqiqa oldin
Hay Jaiden you have been on UZvid for 4 years and have 4.2 million subscribers well done😛🍩🍳🍫
Tro Rose
Tro Rose 58 daqiqa oldin
Jaydon Stegall
Jaydon Stegall Soat oldin
What taste is jaiden sadness cake
ragtillian Soat oldin
I had depression for a year and everything went horrible for me and my family but then I found a channel that made me happy. thanks jaiden and James.
Answer It
Answer It Soat oldin
I'm 9 and also have social anxiety . I also have horror anxiety
Jazzy Cat
Jazzy Cat Soat oldin
My Neck My Back My Anxiety Attack
Cosmic Blast
Cosmic Blast Soat oldin
I have so much going on with me at this point, I don’t even know what’s happening, I have ADD, probably anxiety, but don’t know what kind, I probably have OCD considering my irrational habits and anxiety and intrusive thoughts... fun times, I’m also fifteen and feel terrible talking to my parents about it, even though I probably should seek therapy. On top of everything I struggle with gender dysphoria and am trans. So woopdie doo, I have issues and seeing people open up about them makes me wanna open up about mine
David Perez
David Perez Soat oldin
Shane!! The UZvidr !! Y a s s s ! ! !
Zac the Coder
Zac the Coder Soat oldin
I have social anxiety
Megu Desu
Megu Desu Soat oldin
Is ari gay? Can a bird even be gay?
NeonSplashmlp Soat oldin
XYView Soat oldin
Me in a nutshell. Or well, clamshell. A dead clamshell. This is 400% relatable and i absolutely love the editing your animations and sense of humor are superb 👌
Lowpug777! B. R
Lowpug777! B. R Soat oldin
Jaiden I saw you in boyin a band and your music video and I wanted to say don't worry your beautiful funny kind nice and one of the best animators ever! Have a nice day :3!
Alexandra Dennehy
*gets a little bit more homework than usual* Me: OMG OMG I CANT DO THIS. *breaks down and sobs* Yup, can't wait for 7th grade ;-; This year, I felt like everyone in my class hated me, even though I regularly got compliments. I bet 7th grade won't be any easier, because now I'll be surrounded by angsty *EdGy* teenagers 👍
spring time
spring time Soat oldin
I actually do hav depression
Love hearing This I have servers anxiety beeen to the hospital multiple times about it and it's horrible and I feel like not talked about enough
Love hearing This I have servers anxiety beeen to the hospital multiple times about it and it's horrible and I feel like not talked about enough
Palmer Grysban
Palmer Grysban Soat oldin
Omg Jaiden this is so relatable....even to me who's an extrovert without too much anxiety. I still feel terrible about myself. So much support, thank you!
Nick Nack's Crafts
Jaiden, you can be struggling with emotions, but don't be afraid to tell people about it. Knowing I can help you feel better makes me feel good. Telling me you're sad won't make me sad. I love you and I'm here for you and you inspire me, so I want to help you. We all do. Like if you agree so she can see this and know we care. We love you and support you and won't let you down. You inspired me to begin drawing and maybe animate soon enough. You deserve all of our love, because you make us happy, so you should be and stay happy.
Clout Soat oldin
U are depressed?
Mia St. John
Mia St. John Soat oldin
Hi Jaiden when I watched your video it made me think of this song called weightless and it helps calm down anxiety it helped me because I had really BAD anxiety and after a listened to it, it helped me and I could talk to people so I hope it helps bye!!! 😋
AngryMonkey5000 :D
anxiety slight depression anger issues social anxiety introverted awkward shy quiet rude many many problems....many many more
vigen the gamer
vigen the gamer Soat oldin
Me and my friends are making our own pokemon game, can I add you as an elite 4 member? If so can you send me your desired team? It'd be an honor (I'm not kidding) to have you as an elite 4 member in our game
XxStarkittens -XXSK
Hey we have something in common.. Anxiety yaaay. Exspesily social anxiety
Animegamerartz 2 soat oldin
I found someone like me yay.. I was diagnosed with autism at 15 an have had anxiety since I was 3 an have learnt to cope with panic attacks by myself hope you see this jaiden
Jia C.
Jia C. 2 soat oldin
Sookie04 1283
Sookie04 1283 2 soat oldin
teacher:"is there any questions" a bunch of poeple (including you) raise their hand teacher: "what is your question jeremy" jeremy: *THE EXACT SAME THING I WAS GOING TO SAY teacher: *answer to that question me:*slowly lowers hand and dies a little on the inside(help me)
Dragonmaster Abx
Dragonmaster Abx 2 soat oldin
14 of the people u subbed to I have as well.........y..y..yay
IzFan Art ANIMATION 2 soat oldin
Hai there i made cute animation with flipaclip apps! Please support me! I hope you like it! OwO
Game train
Game train 2 soat oldin
Guys did you know pee is stored in the belly button?
neko nicks
neko nicks 2 soat oldin
Personally I cried while watching this as I m struggling from all of these mental illnesses I got emotional coz your videos are my fav and u are inspiring me :) tysm for making this video
Kakashi Sensei
Kakashi Sensei 2 soat oldin
I remember when animation was dead on UZvid. Remember? Then Domics came around, swoozie, then Jaiden and Theodd1sout. Then more channels joined the mix and become its own genre. Your animations are great really. But no offence I think people should stop acting like your the Gods and Godesses of animation. Try walking into a discord server and ask who the best animators are. 9/10 they're either you or some other story time animator. I'm not saying what you do doesn't take effort but fans please stop thinking this is the top of animation. Yes, you guys are the most popular but people should understand they're more than story time animation. I can name like 2 animators that deserve some love. And aspiring story time animators please be original with your video ideas. There are 100+ or more of the same topic *cough* random thoughts *cough*. Try to be original. And don't try to leach off of James if you do a collab with him. It might have worked for tim tom but that doesn't mean it always works. I think just by saying all of this I've earned 1,000 dislikes
Mackenzie Lemond
Mackenzie Lemond 2 soat oldin
i felt like that to when i raised my hand and i wastaling to my class i felt like my nose was bleeding and i almost started crying
·Meowkitcat Productions·
I feel like people are always judging me and like they are always watching me. When I speak, I speak really loud to sound confident and then they say "Your so loud!" and I start blushing and sweating a lot. I have a feeling everyone hates me. Sometimes while talking it becomes really hard to breathe, and I mean REALLY HARD. Like I almost can't breathe. I don't like being LONELY but I feel lonely. I get stressed out easily. I am weak on both the inside and the outside. I could go on and on, but I won't.
Izzy - Chan
Izzy - Chan 2 soat oldin
I'm not mentally ill...I'm just...crazy.
Im still A Piece Of Garbage
Hey *Read More* I love you very much
Amara Turner
Amara Turner 2 soat oldin
This video really helped me, especially when I suffer from (these are the diagnosed mental illnesses) general anxiety, social anxiety, social isolation, depression, insomnia, anemia, caused by unintentional anorexia because im an extremely fussy eater. Hello, welcome to my mess. Help me :)
Jada Jaeger
Jada Jaeger 2 soat oldin
My palms are sweaty knees weak arms heavy vomit on my sweater already mOm SpAgHeTtI
Starenity Star
Starenity Star 2 soat oldin
When she put in John Mulaney I almost chocked on water...
Breadboi 25
Breadboi 25 2 soat oldin
Same here jaiden I feel about hold your hand and get nervous
A sniper main
A sniper main 2 soat oldin
Jaiden omfg i was wathing the episode where conan o brien went to american doll store and there was an employee that looked and sounded like you pls respond of im right also love your vids keep on the great job
Rainbow Sheep Animations
Lol after this I started watching John mulaney and then I realized the part with him without even realizing it the first time .. IDK
LiftedMarcos 3 soat oldin
Do what the fluff with ari!!!
llama_gamer 3 soat oldin
Lil Toasty
Lil Toasty 3 soat oldin
H*cking died at the moms spaghetti part 14/10
Katherine Mendoza
Katherine Mendoza 3 soat oldin
"JK it can go jump off a microwave" Me: How do I make it jump off a microwave? I want a tutorial plz ;w; Someone let me send this anxiety paper back plz ;^; Help Me Plz
Stephenos Kumlachew
Stephenos Kumlachew 3 soat oldin
Never think anything other than that jaiden
Stephenos Kumlachew
Stephenos Kumlachew 3 soat oldin
Your beautiful in and out no matter what you think
Stephenos Kumlachew
Stephenos Kumlachew 3 soat oldin
I saw the vid
Stephenos Kumlachew
Stephenos Kumlachew 3 soat oldin
I watched the vid of why no face reavel
what do i do
what do i do 3 soat oldin
i just cry all the time
Kate Lee
Kate Lee 3 soat oldin
Can someone explain to me how animators animate mouths? How do you even visualize how your mouth looks for every second you talk?
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander 3 soat oldin
This is a little bit of a stretch play fortnite and if you choose to play fortnite you should run a Twitter poll if you get battle pass or not👍
Olivia Hoffman
Olivia Hoffman 3 soat oldin
I relate to all of those situations!!
andy 3 soat oldin
Would also like to add to your bit about how you think people are looking at you because you think you're worthless (even though you're not): "And I feel like they are treating me kindly because they pity me and see me as the worthless person I am but don't want to feel the guilt of having to see me upset"
Kaleb Presslor
Kaleb Presslor 3 soat oldin
Congrats on three years on UZvid jaiden
BlueTS Vlogs
BlueTS Vlogs 3 soat oldin
oh...thanks for telling me what anxiety I have.... *_*
TheAimlessHuman 3 soat oldin
That guy around the Corner
I feel you Jaiden I feel you
Chris Gallamore
Chris Gallamore 3 soat oldin
MY NAME IS BEN I'm just using my dad's account
Kawaii K.I.P
Kawaii K.I.P 3 soat oldin
I relate to this animation alot and thank you jaiden for the end card i needed to hear that hope your mental health gets better as well
Diamond Wolf
Diamond Wolf 4 soat oldin
I understand what you're going through. In the first grade I was diagnosed with anxiety, and I've had an anxiety attack pretty much everyday before school. I missed so many days in the 4th grade that I had no choice to be held back since I missed so much stuff. Then I started to get bullied by my 'friends' that same year. I still have anxiety, but every time I get an anxiety attack that I can't hide, to the point where I'm starting to hyperventilate, I get in trouble by my mom. She says I'm just pretending to, making it happen, or it's because I'm on the computer so much that I don't know how to interact with other people.
Hope Elkins
Hope Elkins 4 soat oldin
This just solved my problomes
Gracie Cat
Gracie Cat 4 soat oldin
I sent you a fanart on DeviantArt! Hope you like :3
Slipy61 4 soat oldin
I've got pretty bad uh... every mental illness you mentioned too, so I know that saying this won't exactly "cure" what you've got going on, but it'll make you feel better for a few minutes. You're super funny and I love watching your stuff :D
RYAN White
RYAN White 4 soat oldin
I love how the intro became a meme in 1 week....’merica
Ktowners Fl
Ktowners Fl 4 soat oldin
Would u eat the cake
The ShyGuy
The ShyGuy 4 soat oldin
in the last scene I thought you did that because you said dont torture yourself and..... yea
Zenzetsu [Elite]
Zenzetsu [Elite] 4 soat oldin
That's also me when i raise my hand and forgot the answer. Like if you do.
PvP gamers Minecraft and more
Hey Jaidens I saw you at vidcon and your frickin hot
Tony Pepperoni
Tony Pepperoni 4 soat oldin
I have this thing we're insults don't mean anything to me so ya me I guess
totalawlz 5 soat oldin
You are definitely are my spirit animal. We're not completely the same. But I get a lot of things you say in your videos like when you think people are staring you all the time/judging. I've sat at the back of the class or on the side as much as I could so I wouldn't be worried about people staring at me, in case my shirt is pulled up a bit and revealing my back or lower, or watching me blow my nose 3 trillion times (I got allergies for long time in middle school and not sure why-I don't have them anymore tho) I got called on by the teacher in my last year of highschool on the first day just because she thought I could be a trouble maker as I sat in the back corner. So I sat at the front to the side as much as possible after that. Probably one of my worst memories that I remember so far.
Daniel Gonzales
Daniel Gonzales 5 soat oldin
"You can't be more wrong about anything." My 11 year old brother thought eggs had dairy in them.
Lillian Fears
Lillian Fears 5 soat oldin
Shane dawson!
LOGIC SEGA 5 soat oldin
I care about u im going what you are going through to
PickleHammer929 ._.
PickleHammer929 ._. 5 soat oldin
Can we be friends? Not because of your status in the social hierarchy that is the internet but because you seem to be an interesting average person I could actually act normal and... normal around. And also... PEE IS STORED IN THE-
Nele 5 soat oldin
Jack Slaughter
Jack Slaughter 5 soat oldin
I have really bad anxiety and my dad makes it worse
Shaun Berry
Shaun Berry 5 soat oldin
Its ok jaiden i have anxiety too i feel like if i say like if im a furry (witch i am) everybodys gonna be like wierd omg so i guess i have socal anxiety
Mangos Daily
Mangos Daily 5 soat oldin
So, are you ok?
v7cronus productions camron
I am Awkward Shy Geek Kinda worthless Lazy Always paranoid
v7cronus productions camron
And I ha-LOVE it ya ya let's say that ehhhhhhh
Austin B.
Austin B. 5 soat oldin
I can relate with the social anxiety
That intro tho XD
arianna mcConnaha
arianna mcConnaha 6 soat oldin
Is that Shane dawson
a real cake#2
a real cake#2 6 soat oldin
is a meme why
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