Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

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why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D get a good night's rest tonight. that's an order.

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1-Iyl, 2018

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Bagel Tomato
Bagel Tomato 26 daqiqa oldin
I hope you’ve truly gotten better!! We love you UWU!!
Brenden Jones
Brenden Jones 50 daqiqa oldin
I have had anxiety since I was 3 it frickin sucks I am 10 now hellllp
Mrs. Adina
Mrs. Adina Soat oldin
This happens to me too
T Carroll
T Carroll Soat oldin
Jaiden you probably won't see this but thank your videos help me to fight against my social anxiety I never know what people think of me and seeing what other people like me do to fight the warriors of the anxiety army who just almost defeated me but then you helped me to fight back its still is there but it is not as bad so thank you
Maddie P
Maddie P 2 soat oldin
Addie Keeler
Addie Keeler 2 soat oldin
I hade to give a speech for the class. I was shaking and my teeth was going to getter really fast. My hand were sweaty. I Felt like everyone thought I was annoying. And everyone was staring at me.
Valeriu Ulinici
Valeriu Ulinici 2 soat oldin
There is a reason why you have 5 million Subs You are BEAUTIFUL!! On the inside and outside and almost no one Hates you!!!
david baltazar
david baltazar 2 soat oldin
Kayleigh McIntosh
Kayleigh McIntosh 3 soat oldin
Ik you're an introvert but you do UZvid videos. The kind where you talk... a lot im wondering if you ever get nervous by the fact that on this particular vid there ate currently 8,594,921 views and why you chose story-time/cartoon animation. Do you not get nervous because were not talking to you face to face or do you still get nervous but are just really good at hiding it? Sorry if I ask to many questions Jaiden, and if you do see this (Cuz ik its an old vid... kinda) Have a good day/night!
i still see your shadows in my room
My question is....what if my friends say they're depressed but they are always happy...
TinyStrawberry 3 soat oldin
With my mental illnesses, jesus I have more than one two, I always feel the same that I will drag people down. And It didn't help that when I severly started getting these issues my current friends, that were all I had, just lowered my self esteem and help build up my mental illnesses even more than they were. FInally me and my grandmother made the decision to move away and it was for the best cause now my mental illnesses are more under control most days and I have people that won't degrade me. It does really pay off in the end if you have the right kind of people to help you, such as family and friends and even a theraphist. My Theraphist is an absolute sweetheart and pretty much is like a sweet aunt to me, she plays board games with me to help loosen tension in the room as I talk about my problems, and she even tells me that if I ever saw her in public I don't even have to pretend I know her-but I do cause she's helped me a lot and she's like a friend to me.
AmazeballRBX 3 soat oldin
0:54 idubbbz cameo
Lauren Myers
Lauren Myers 4 soat oldin
I'm pretty sure I have anxiety and if I tell my parents they will laugh at me...
Mantice Thunder
Mantice Thunder 4 soat oldin
I wish u were my friend because i try to ask my friends for help and they wont. :(
MPRJ 4 soat oldin
i have social anxiety to
MysterWho 4 soat oldin
I have the same anxiety as you
XxxnightbladexxX :3
XxxnightbladexxX :3 5 soat oldin
0:33 - 0:39 why am I laughing so hard 🤣😂
Monica Acosta
Monica Acosta 5 soat oldin
Most of 5th I was anxious that everyone judged me for my backpack. It was pink....
Delana Smith
Delana Smith 5 soat oldin
it’s jaiden mathers in da house
Lgrehana 5 soat oldin
I have that to I feel you
Austin Shaul
Austin Shaul 5 soat oldin
I wish there was an app were people could fill out a list of symptoms and it could determine ur type of anxiety or depression and match people like u so u could get 2 know others like u who r going through the same kind of thing it would help me to know there is someone like me
Banana head
Banana head 5 soat oldin
I just found out i might have anxiety
Potay Rae
Potay Rae 6 soat oldin
For some reason I hate to be seen in a bathroom
hiro dossessor 423
hiro dossessor 423 7 soat oldin
1:35 that one eyed cloud with spikes is kracko.
Marah Scribbles
Marah Scribbles 7 soat oldin
Gio the sonic main Flores
Jaiden I just an anxiety tack yesterday
Kyle D.
Kyle D. 8 soat oldin
I am a amboverte which means I am a introverte sometimes and sometimes a outrovert.
Twylina Bug
Twylina Bug 9 soat oldin
What the.. What the heck is in the back? Is.. Is that... Oh god.. N..not furries
STAY4eveRachel 9 soat oldin
2:48 why can I so relate? 😂😅 I even have the feeling that people are hacking my phone and seeing what I’m doing 😂😂👌
Derrantex 9 soat oldin
*Oh god. Maybe you started a MEME*
Unfitpeach 012
Unfitpeach 012 10 soat oldin
Renae Edwards
Renae Edwards 6 soat oldin
*That's pretty gay*
Gummy Rice
Gummy Rice 10 soat oldin
I'm sucidal and I have social anxiety what do I do, kill myself
Gummy Rice
Gummy Rice 7 soat oldin
+Papi lover 69 the sad part is that I'm serious
Papi lover 69
Papi lover 69 7 soat oldin
Gummy Rice lol
The greatest Iodine
The greatest Iodine 10 soat oldin
Pee is stored in the moms spaghetti
Crazywasp2001 10 soat oldin
Yo raising hands like that is horrible 😂 i would say it happens all the time, but i just raise my hand super rare
Mango Flight
Mango Flight 11 soat oldin
musical mango
musical mango 12 soat oldin
I hear Laurel
David Popolizio
David Popolizio 12 soat oldin
I love all the references right down to Cool leg. Lol. Oh and uh yeah i super relate to this video. I don't have the samd problems you do and shit they look super exhaustive, but my own problems come about in the same way and present similarly in my head so... I get it, if that means anything to anyone
Jana D
Jana D 12 soat oldin
Stay strong boo😘😘😘
Taylah-Rose Banks
Taylah-Rose Banks 13 soat oldin
Love U, if you need some help with stuff we'll help 😄😊
idk idc
idk idc 14 soat oldin
My only problem is that I don't know if I have all these mental issues or not Like, I'm not sure if these stuff that I think aren't normal. Like suicide? And being socially awkward? And hating interaction with other people? Because I'm so sure that they're judging me with every word I say and everything I do? People say it's not normal, and I wonder, am I bipolar, like they say? Do I have adhd, like they say? Do I have anxiety or am I just shy, and hiding in a bathroom stall before class because I was too scared to go in the classroom for absolutely no reason is a normal thing, and I should just get over it? Do I have depression or is it just a normal thought to come across your head? I'm especially confused about the last one because I was diagnosed with depression when I went to a therapist, but when I talked to my parents about it afterwards, I argued that it was a normal thing, because of how long it's been going one and how many people I've met who have the same thoughts. That led us to a conclusion that I didn't have depression. But then the thoughts have become worse? And I became dangerously close to cutting myself if it weren't for the fact that I was in a mall? That's another thing I'm confused about. I have these severe...emotional impulses, I guess? But then they're gone in like, a minute? It makes me confused on whether I'm not depressed, or if I'm just depressed and bipolar? Or if I have adhd because of how easy it is for me to forget things and be distracted and fall out of a conversation because I was thinking too hard about one of the things they've said or something? Oh and I also have a tendency to ramble on? Am I just talkative or something? Even though I don't talk to people? I don't know what to think anymore haha. Send help. Edit: oh and I forgot to mention another weird thing, is that I noticed that I've been shaking a lot for no reason. It's not even cold or anything. Idk what's wrong with me.
Has anybody out here experienced the feeling of their social battery dying in the middle of a great time with your friends?? I don't know what to do , like , I don't want to act uninterested because i don't wanna offend them, and at the same time i wanna go home....
Ash da Vamp
Ash da Vamp 15 soat oldin
Yup my brain got the same mail i can relate. I hope things get better love you jaiden!
Άντζυ Αποστολοπούλου
I feel like she’d be great at vine
Daniel McGowan
Daniel McGowan 15 soat oldin
I have gone through anxiety and depression my whole life i just never got diagnosed til i was 10. I was never on pills because I try to stay as far away from drugs of any kind as much as possible and that includes over the counter ones. When i was 19 i attempted suicide and when i was 20 i attempted suicide again. I had surgery and have a big scar cause of the first attempt. Now I got over the depression by realizing what really made me happy and so I just have been focused on that and now I am no longer diagnosed with depression. I am 21 now and still go through anxiety without pills. I am slowly getting better with it and its going away. With all that being said, I love your videos focus on what makes you happy and don't let all those thoughts bother you if you ignore them they will go away. (or atleast thats what works for me) and if you keep doing that they might go away for good ^.^. Love you Jaiden
the MCDbros
the MCDbros 18 soat oldin
What do you do when people actually treat you like you were less worthy to speak than a bottle? please help
I'm already Tracer
I'm already Tracer 18 soat oldin
I'm anxious and my classmate is a narcissist
vax vax
vax vax 20 soat oldin
SaKue The_Loli
SaKue The_Loli 20 soat oldin
Jaiden I feel you sometimes I just feel like everyone ignores me even though I call them I just feel ignored but ever since I went to highschool o feel better now.
Gacha Gabby
Gacha Gabby 20 soat oldin
I have anxiety it’s the worst aka I also have adhd so THATS BETTER😂
Light Legend
Light Legend 20 soat oldin
Me too! What a coincidence! 1:40
sarah rundle
sarah rundle 21 soat oldin
Jaiden: I went all John mullaney Me:...so what you're saying.... Is that you put a horse.... In a hospital
Aristotle Pleasantbey
Aristotle Pleasantbey 22 soat oldin
whats the difference in narsicisam and being pretentous? also sorry for my spelling
Cotton The Doggo
Cotton The Doggo 22 soat oldin
I really want to go to school and scream *PEE IS STORED IN THE-* but I'm too socially awkward heh heh
Shizen N Breezie
Shizen N Breezie 22 soat oldin
A couple months ago I was sitting in French class just answering a girl's question because apparently I'm good at French and then, assuming I was just socializing, my teacher called on me to go to the front of the room and speak to the class. I proceeded to stutter out a refusal and, before I could speak coherently, I started crying my eyes out. He didn't make me go up, mainly because he was too busy wondering what the heck I was crying for which Idk myself. Now I have to present a huge project for world history in a couple weeks. Guess how that'll go...
Stupid Plushies Bros
Stupid Plushies Bros 22 soat oldin
I have depression as well because I think k when people are nice I feel like they are not being g nice and that's why I hurt myself and cut I wish I was never loved care or I felt like my friends hate me and I feel like everyone hates. Me so I just wanna die
froogot noope
froogot noope 23 soat oldin
I have anxiety OCD anger issues ADHD low self esteem and depression yay what fun
*giggles* You can’t have babies
Cookies And Cream
I have never met anyone so amazing! thank you!
WickedFan Kun oldin
Shammy Kovacevic
I just have pretty bad OCD which really stresses me out a lot.
Bwf3 fahey
Bwf3 fahey Kun oldin
She has has the most screwed up life She was like abused by her boyfriend she has social Anxiety no wonder she has Depression she should like go on vacation
Grace Jackson
Grace Jackson Kun oldin
Uhhh haha I know you made this a super long time ago but ahhhhm Sigh…thanks
7drag0n Kun oldin
2:46 I thought you were going to go and talk about *LOUD FLUSHING TOILETS* again
iiAnna_ Banana
iiAnna_ Banana Kun oldin
I have, I think social anxiety. In class I raised my hand to answer a question but then I immediately regretted it and put my hand down but my teacher knew I didn’t like to participate and I was worried that I had the wrong answer. BOOP! “Anna, can you say the word that matches it?” “Bleh-th” “No honey, it’s blithe. You got the correct answer.” Then I sat there. Heating up in embarrassment knowing my crush is behind me and knowing I should never raise my hand up again. That was in 5th grade but I have so many embarrassments now, today.
Jose Gonzalez
Jose Gonzalez Kun oldin
My social anxiety is like a raging storm at sea 24/7 every since i was in 6th grade when it was starting to make me skip school (a whole lot) and now im in 10th grade and its still bad but im not skipping school a lot anymore
Hufflepuff Pets
Hufflepuff Pets Kun oldin
Hey. Hey! Hey! HEY! me too.......
Gacha _Natalie
Gacha _Natalie Kun oldin
You know what’s the worst, it’s when you have social anxiety and then you have to answer a question in school but you never talk and then you try to answer but nothing comes out of your mouth and everyone just stares at you. Yea that’s me everyday I have social anxiety it sucks 😐
Anti Leviathen
Anti Leviathen Kun oldin
Anti Leviathen
Anti Leviathen Kun oldin
wasnt this in YT rewind
april hicks
april hicks Kun oldin
Im 9 and i realy love your videos and i have anxiety it SUCKS!!!
LittleWither Gaming
Jaiden I feel uuuuuuu whenever I tell people my problems they think I’m overreacting or feel pity (which I don’t want) then they talk about their problems which no kidding was the fact they had a pencil mark on their hand... like wow.. um
Blossom FieryFlower
Anxiety: Hey Me: Anxiety: See that person? Me: My Friend? Anxiety: They hate you Me: Wait wha- Anxiety because your small Me:
JJBlaze Kun oldin
1:36 Is that ViHart? On the third person’s head? It looks like ViHart.
Dark Nightcore
Dark Nightcore Kun oldin
For my mental health, almost everyone I turn to just puts in down to being shy and sad. But my emotions are a lot worse than just sad and shy. Yey, go brain!
Charlie- The-dog
039 ha
Charlie- The-dog
Sorry I meant 0:39
Sela Stocks
Sela Stocks Kun oldin
Zoe Graziano
Zoe Graziano Kun oldin
I have depression and I’m even scared to write this comment because I’m afraid my brother will se it and scoff and not believe me and my world will crumble until it’s just me on a small rock floating in space forever :,)
Peanut Edits
Peanut Edits Kun oldin
I think I have anxiety
Gavin Stevenson
Gavin Stevenson Kun oldin
Wait- didn't the title originally say (jk it can go jump off a cliff) instead of (jk it can go jump off a microwave)? Or am I just misremembering?
Foxtrot _17
Foxtrot _17 Kun oldin
Nergis 47
Nergis 47 Kun oldin
Am i the only one who has exactly the same thing jaiden has ?
Gatcha Cookie;3
Gatcha Cookie;3 Kun oldin
Like breathing
dolph1nch1ca Kun oldin
Someone who actually understands
Unagi Kun oldin
Jaiden there is nothing wrong with u people don’t think ur more worthless than a dead clam
คкเ๏ ђค๓ค๔ค
i can relate to this on a spiritual level :x
EpicsBroFlame Kun oldin
Jaiden acknowledged that Kirby exists
Roblox 4 Life woot woot
I hate going to ask my teacher to go to the bathroom it’s awkward idk lol once in 1st grade i pee my pants in lunch line ew also if you have social anxiety why are you a UZvidr looooooooooooool
Lunatic Mist
Lunatic Mist Kun oldin
I'm exactly like jaiden , SocIAl AnXieTY Is GReAt.
Graham Riley
Graham Riley Kun oldin
Perfect definition of social anxiety!
Mara Enkhbat
Mara Enkhbat Kun oldin
I’m depressed, I’m very self conscious and think the same way as you Jaiden. Except I’m worse, literally, I started doubting myself since age 5(I’m 11 now) but since I found you and watched your amazing content, it’s made me better, in a way
The Crooked Corner
"hello stranger with a degree, i'm here to tell you why i'm broken"
Tessa Walker
Tessa Walker Kun oldin
i dont hate you :3
Mary the qeen
Mary the qeen Kun oldin
Same ;-;
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Kun oldin
I can relate to this too much
WegDhass Kun oldin
I never knew this. But i guess i have anxiety.
Niamh McInnes
Niamh McInnes Kun oldin
0:10 omg it's Shane 😂 And I have autism and selective mutism so before a substitute teacher told me to read something out loud to the class and I couldn't so then he thought I was refusing and we have c1 (warning) c2 (a B in your planner) and c3 (you go outside of the classroom) and he gave me a c2 because of something I was diagnosed with 3 years ago. And people shout at me and tell me to speak which makes it harder and I always feel like people are talking about me behind my back 😓
Itz_pixel Deer
Itz_pixel Deer Kun oldin
I’m sorry jaiden I hope it gets better
NeoKuro Kun oldin
heh, but nobody that i know really cares about anything but themselves. nice to know that i'm gonna die without nothing but a horrible illness which makes me feel uncomfortable with myself :)
Fabled YT
Fabled YT Kun oldin
I just realised ive been going to therapy for 6 years... Damn Daniel.
Fhantom Slayer_
Fhantom Slayer_ Kun oldin
Jaiden said she wanted floaties for swimming, does that mean she can't swim?
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