Anxiety is the Greatest! (jk it can go jump off a microwave)

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why sleep when you can convince yourself you should worry about everything?
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1-Iyl, 2018

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The Diamond MLG Gamer
Helping people is what keeps me happy...... Yay......
Stella The Gay
Stella The Gay 2 soat oldin
The mental disorder mailman works like the owl post: there is mail on Sundays
RaYzEJay 2 soat oldin
Ok I help my best friend/ crush with her depression and she helps me with my social Anxiety
Chad V
Chad V 2 soat oldin
Guilty on all counts...
SapphireCarnation Garden
I have social anxiety too dunt dunt dun but no really I do
Derpy Penguin
Derpy Penguin 3 soat oldin
Waht...Jaiden u have depression? I am so sorry for u
Derpy Penguin
Derpy Penguin 3 soat oldin
P.S im not trying to be mean
Haile y
Haile y 3 soat oldin
I also have social anxiety😅😕
Gemy 3 soat oldin
This so relatable my gosh. I also having the feeling that I'm different but I ignore it but my health we are talking about mental disorders and I think I might have something so..fun ya hehe I'm awkward bye
Jacqueline Carlos
Jacqueline Carlos 3 soat oldin
I suffer from ADD, Daprestion, and every anxiety
Sky the Dragon
Sky the Dragon 4 soat oldin
No one hates you your practically cool and chill
Jacqueline Carlos
Jacqueline Carlos 4 soat oldin
Please don’t think I hate you I love you and your Chanel so don’t say people hate you please don’t
Cara Frisk
Cara Frisk 4 soat oldin
Hey I just pretend to be happy to my friend
InsolentBI 4 soat oldin
Lol I didnt think anxiety was that bad of a thing until once in health class I wanted to say something and I raised my hand but he started talking talking about something else and then called on me and I started crying anditsuckedandughhhhh
Pugsarelife hha
Pugsarelife hha 4 soat oldin
Who is Ben?!
Luna Tuna/MEEGsquad
Luna Tuna/MEEGsquad 4 soat oldin
Idk wats wrong with me but when I get scared or something... I feel like I can barely breathe....Also idk Why, but when a teachah yells at me for talking... I almost cry just bc she TALKED to me
Débora Pinto
Débora Pinto 4 soat oldin
Holy molly the quality of this video is amazing! Great animation, staging, everything
tipabu 4 soat oldin
i enjoyed both the thumbnail and the title :)
Slick Garuto
Slick Garuto 4 soat oldin
Cringe is now stored in by brain thanks to anxiety aka the waste of brain waste
Galaxy Daily Vlogs And More
This is my life... ;-;
Emmy Pike
Emmy Pike 5 soat oldin
Jaiden I think I have that kind of anxiety
Aidan can talk now hooray
Put all anxietys, depression while trying to be an extrovert and dying trying to be an extrovert and you get meeeeeeee
Aidan can talk now hooray
You mean 6.2 million
Marielena Figueroa
Marielena Figueroa 5 soat oldin
I don't hate you, your awesome :3
super aeden Crazy kid
When I drink chocolate milk I have anxety
Sebastien Monette
Sebastien Monette 6 soat oldin
Kraco is the worst anxiety Kirby could have...
Kaitlyn Johnson
Kaitlyn Johnson 6 soat oldin
Pee is stored in the freezer.
Madalynn E
Madalynn E 7 soat oldin
7:26 i'm sorry jainden your wrong on that one, i did get squished.:(
Googletube 6
Googletube 6 7 soat oldin
You are awesome don't think anyone hates you it helps (I should know)
Haven Dubroy
Haven Dubroy 7 soat oldin
she started quoting eminem
slashemxdeath -
slashemxdeath - 7 soat oldin
What's ligma
slashemxdeath -
slashemxdeath - 7 soat oldin
What's ligma
Minecaffe Labs Gaming
i feel ya
Falah Hussain
Falah Hussain 8 soat oldin
First of all.. I think you have a beautiful personality.. I love you for who you are. Think of all your accomplishments in life. Your a great person!
Vaughn Ladley
Vaughn Ladley 8 soat oldin
I think your an amazing and hardworking person
Wizard Brandon
Wizard Brandon 9 soat oldin
Dont worry jaiden we all like you :D (and ari too)
somulisto 9 soat oldin
Poor turtles 😥
Ash Is ME
Ash Is ME 9 soat oldin
Can I go jump off a microwave???
FireLions Bro
FireLions Bro 10 soat oldin
*So Jaiden is acting completely oblivious at turtles choking on plastic bags?*
FireLions Bro
FireLions Bro 10 soat oldin
*Social anxiety is basically hating yourself....Yay....*
Creative Rocket Studios
*Isn't ironic this video makes you anxious?*
molten gamer 456
molten gamer 456 10 soat oldin
I like how she always saying how she so scared to be a front of people but she gose on stage all the time
Josefin Nord
Josefin Nord 10 soat oldin
I have your problems and another problem.. When i try to sleep i cannot sleep without my dad being beside me so..i leep with him but i try to watch some tv without watching youtube on my phone and that helped, i started with the tv yesterday
Squid Nugget
Squid Nugget 11 soat oldin
I’m totally an introvert and I think I probably have anxiety I hate it I struggle a lot with talking to large groups of people or with just one person and it sucks because I am perfectly confident at home but I am really quiet at school especially if teachers pick on me
John Theonnes
John Theonnes 12 soat oldin
they will watch you get squished...
mayaart0 12 soat oldin
I’m overwhelmed how much I relate to this 😂 This made me aware that I may have social anxiety... 😂
moony 13 soat oldin
im really confused i thought this was a video on me is it not???
Shiny Derps
Shiny Derps 14 soat oldin
"look at it all. It's gross." Same I hope you're alright tho
King Meme
King Meme 16 soat oldin
People keep commenting "pee is stored in the balls" in various forms
LoLo Blue
LoLo Blue 17 soat oldin
J Knobbe
J Knobbe 18 soat oldin
Whenever I talk to someone, I think about what I did wrong... and I think great they hate me now
Lps Jackson
Lps Jackson 18 soat oldin
Arms heavy vomit on my sweater already , mom spaghetti xD
CuteCuddles 18 soat oldin
Dude you can’t have babies!! 😂😂
Noobgotskilllz 19 soat oldin
I’d help anyone struggling! Even it’s a stranger.....well I liked my own comment cuz nobody is gonna do the same
Sans The skeleton
Sans The skeleton 19 soat oldin
I do not hate you
DJ Diamond
DJ Diamond 20 soat oldin
Ur like me i am depressed in the inside...
BellzSayzLOL 20 soat oldin
3:31 VERY Relatable
Dave Thorpe-Willett
Dave Thorpe-Willett 21 soat oldin
I’m an extrovert watching your videos every day 😬
Imseth1 Kun oldin
I am at the point where it is too much for me to handle and told some people and family to try and get help, all they did was leave or avoid me now, it really hurts. And I feel like no one cares about me. just writing this comment feels like an act of desperation to see if anyone really cares and has made me feel sick. But I want to know if anyone has an idea of what I can do?
None ya Bees nise
lol I have social anxiety and depression so I just joke a lot about memes
Gamer Grace
Gamer Grace Kun oldin
As a person with anxiety I worry about really stupid stuff. Like "will the hand dryer at Mcdonalds draw attention to myself?" "If I grab the first tissue in the class, will people think I'm weird? OH NO SOMEONE ELSE JUST GRABBED A TISSUE! I'll just wait a few minutes until after they finish blowing their nose to get my tissue so no one judges me!" "I know I did my homework but I feel like I didn't." "ARE MY LOUD BACKPACK KEY CHAINS ANNOYING?! DO PEOPLE HATE THEM?!" "Wait...I'm leaning against this table, what if I slip and fall on the floor in front of my whole class and now everyone will judge me forever?" I have been professionally diagnosed and had counseling and that's it. I still have weird paranoia but I just forget that not everyone has the problem and it's weird as heck
SamJayde Kun oldin
Also cried half way in
SamJayde Kun oldin
The first 30 seconds in got dark fast..... Im depressed :/
ThatOneDumb PS4Gamer
Not really I like helping people
Eve POORE Kun oldin
i have noise anxiety oof
Jennifer Poznikoff
I have anxiety
Bib Benny
Bib Benny Kun oldin
I had the same but not social anxiety
Just M. E.
Just M. E. Kun oldin
I have social anxiety and I - jumps in wheelchair - I have *crippling depression* and I'm really socisocially awkward ;-; I'm always scared in public
SyncYT Kun oldin
Pee is stored in the- wait
AgaroJackGaming Kun oldin
2:34 - This is fine.
Kaitlyn Shamonsky
My dog has anxiety....diagnosed by a vet ..... is this real?
kameko reynolds
kameko reynolds Kun oldin
I have anxiety too! Damn does it suck!🙃. No not for a joke I got diagnosed by a professional psychologist. mostly about the internet, the dark, and my surroundings. But mostly school because yeah...
Ava Rice
Ava Rice Kun oldin
I love Shane Dawson
Jackson Bonfiglioli
i gotta love my social anxiety too
king Todd
king Todd Kun oldin
Animation level is 100, it looks so professional!!!
Nola Smith
Nola Smith Kun oldin
Palms were sweaty knees weak arms heavy vomit on my sweater already mom's spaghetti!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣
I have crippling depression also
Hazel Sturdy
Hazel Sturdy Kun oldin
Anxiety can jump off a very VERY big microwave
Stephanie Burklow
Me too I have that social narcissism
Olaya Rodriguez
Olaya Rodriguez Kun oldin
I don’t hate you 😀
Gwendolyn Weinand
I had anxiety because I slept over in a room with a baby and it cried while I was sleeping and I got anxiety
Jerry Wood
Jerry Wood Kun oldin
The good kind of weird
Jerry Wood
Jerry Wood Kun oldin
To be honest I'm weird. And I just like weird. But I am like weird weird some people at my school they say that I can't have any friends cuz I'm too weird. And I mean personality is being crazy / weird/funny and just make people feel good. But I mostly weird
Happy Pineapple
Happy Pineapple Kun oldin
I can completely relate. Thank you Jaiden. (Ps. I want to be an animator, what tablet and program do you use?) (pps. I’m just trying to learn all I can about animating) (ppps. Thank you so much, again.)
Meowsers The robot
I think I need a therapist about school anxiety
The Cousin's
The Cousin's Kun oldin
I had an ad for depression medicine and the side affects were more depression 😂
ED_ dragon
ED_ dragon Kun oldin
Is this a hamster?
MasterØfMythics 25
I have social anxiety as well, along with depression and low self esteem, I know how it feels.
Lori Carter
Lori Carter Kun oldin
Mom: I think were lost. Dad: i don``t need discretion. Girl in back: sissys dead. sissy: (died in starvation)
Micah Archie
Micah Archie Kun oldin
So like where my Ambiverts at
Kimi-Ann Robington
Funtime Foxy
Funtime Foxy Kun oldin
Your cool and awesome not Terrible
I’m in too many fandoms for my own good
S Parlati
S Parlati Kun oldin
This is my brain when I turned 11 4:36
Furofu's world
Furofu's world Kun oldin
2:03-2:23 So relatable ;v;
TechEric112 Kun oldin
Pee stord in the world
SwordSoft Network
0:54 *_Crippiling Depression_*
esonter Kun oldin
I get anxiety by bathrooms (Don’t judge me) I get anxiety because when I get into a bathroom I think that the tiles might just sonic to the roof and I get crushed by the roof and the tiles ;-;
Spicy Comrade
Spicy Comrade Kun oldin
Donovan Olguin
Donovan Olguin Kun oldin
1:18 memes...
Joao Berilo
Joao Berilo Kun oldin
GG no reee
How to be Stupid
3 yil oldin
Lemon Boi
2 oy oldin