Apartment Atrocities

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Chelsea Garcia
Chelsea Garcia 2 soat oldin
What’s the app called that chu use
henry kids
henry kids 3 soat oldin
Love your video
Cecilia Lavida
Cecilia Lavida 4 soat oldin
The is 360
LasagnAnimations 101
Trust me Shannon, I'm sure you have nothing to worry about, I'm sure that UZvid will end the day money rains from the sky all over the world, Nickelback actually becomes a top band again, and someone named Garfunkle Mcgillicuddy will win the lottery......I mean it could happen you know, but I'm just letting that be an unlikely coincidence if you know what I mean. I never lived in an apartment but after Gordon Ramsey dealt with it in his Netflix show "Apartments From Hell"....I'm sure I've seen plenty of bad apartment atrocities thx to UZvid.....yeet! Last comment: I'm thinking that the exercising on the bed are actually the 10 little monkeys who are now living in society and happened to live above you......I'm sure that was it.....yeh🤔😐
Wolfie Slays
Wolfie Slays 7 soat oldin
Lmao I wanna join the pillow fight too ;)
Ariana Garcia
Ariana Garcia 8 soat oldin
5:43 what app is that?
Jet-Rex Squad
Jet-Rex Squad 9 soat oldin
0:51 PHHPTHT... ANIME?!?! its not even real art Erold what are you talking about
Jacqueline Koopman
Jacqueline Koopman 9 soat oldin
Microwaves 101. Put taco in the microwave Push buttons to make it hot. Wait. Grab fire extinguisher EXPLOSIONS 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Alayna Doon
Alayna Doon 10 soat oldin
the manager of the old complex i lived at charged us for having different lights in our kitchen
Lulo Nuki
Lulo Nuki 11 soat oldin
1:03 Is that tabbes and Jaiden?
Frog Triggered frog that needs subs
0:59 tabbes and let me explain studios XD
The One Who Love MHA and All Might
I love My Hero Academia too!!!!!!!! ;u;
Αλεξανδρα Κουσιδου
I like your bnha posters. Xd
Sandra Sandra
Sandra Sandra 18 soat oldin
5:44 My Hero Academy plus there are posters
Leon Kite
Leon Kite 19 soat oldin
Tyler Bajula
Tyler Bajula 21 soat oldin
My RA in our dorm would have sex with another RA at odd hours because they were seeing eachother and they weren't supposed to. I was next door to him. I'd hear it EVERY TIME
CARTOON SKULL 23 soat oldin
I dont think that was exercise or a pillow fight but higher chances if a bed moving back&forth
Galaxy Cat Gamer
Fire Edits
Fire Edits Kun oldin
4:37 do I need to say that this is the first video I'm whaching here and I just get REALLY HAPPY when I saw the BnHA posters? Yeah, I don't think so... BUT FUK THAT, I DON'T CARE 5:43 k, I'm done, I'm your brend new sub Also, good video
WonderWolf Gacha
Boku No Hero!
Elizabeth Richards
Wait, YOU’RE at BYU?! I didn’t realize you were! IM A BYUI STUDENT :3 super cool! Good luck at BYU!!!
Evil pands
Evil pands Kun oldin
i bet you if you moved out an the and a kid and a mouther moved in the could would wake up at 2:00 am and be like I WANT TO GO UP THERE AND HAVE A PILLOW FIGHT TWO 😄😄
goth girl
goth girl Kun oldin
My hero academia 😍😍😍😍😃😃😃😆😆😆😝😝😝😜😜😛😛
Wolf Glitter
Wolf Glitter Kun oldin
YUP it is DEFINITELY people having a PILLOW FIGHT and not............................. Yeah, I do not think the five-year-olds out there should know..................
Christian Robertson
Lillian lol
Lillian lol Kun oldin
shgrrr goes to byu i love this girl! ahem not like that.
Ethan Proctor
Ethan Proctor Kun oldin
Not a pilow fight.
connected 64
connected 64 Kun oldin
I live in utah
Ay get lit with Wolfie
2019 HELLO
Black Hoodie
Black Hoodie Kun oldin
I actually knew you when you were making speedpaint ... I didn't liked you then , now I see you again ... Cool
Simone Conti
Simone Conti Kun oldin
I subscribed for do u no da wei
Francisco Gonzalez
UZvid will always be here
Mae Babyyy
Mae Babyyy 2 kun oldin
when the water started splashing i thought that is randomly started raining outside.
MoonlightWolf Playz
I don’t know what to comment...oof
Lance Pirini
Lance Pirini 2 kun oldin
5:18 BNHA my fav anime I'm sad there's no season 4 😥
Dowdy 15
Dowdy 15 2 kun oldin
Pillow fight more like you wouldn’t want to join the pillow fight
My cute Birds!!!!!!!!!!!
You're animation looks lovely like poptropica that means it's a cute animation and I love the video!
Sophia Estrada
Sophia Estrada 2 kun oldin
Sophia Estrada
Sophia Estrada 2 kun oldin
rude...i like anime T-T
Kebi playz
Kebi playz 2 kun oldin
6:00 where is thr leak come from Ughhh how do we fix this Me: FLEX TAPE
TUXEDO skell
TUXEDO skell 2 kun oldin
7:17 i wanna join too(θ-θ)
Jana Kayano
Jana Kayano 2 kun oldin
You’re so lucky I have to sleep on the floor 😤🤬
Oskar Samuelsson
Oskar Samuelsson 2 kun oldin
or sex
frosty z
frosty z 2 kun oldin
Sujata Mukhiya
Sujata Mukhiya 2 kun oldin
Hey is that rebeca pharam
shortie. productions
* walks in on parents * *ummm* we’re just having a pillow fight... *hahah* *_*by the way, do you want a new baby brother or sister?*_*
Duedzs 2 kun oldin
Knock FBI OPEN UP!!!!!!!!
jojoiscocogameing coco
Ayy got tabbes and Rebecca in the classroom 0:58
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet 2 kun oldin
Is this TechLinked?
Gang gang Quenn
Gang gang Quenn 3 kun oldin
I Don't have a story but this happened we went to six flags we had to take a shower i left for 1 min thine i see a floor was wit and when that happen i feal on my face blood in my nose and mouth so yay
ToadRules 3 kun oldin
For a second, I thought it said Animated Atrocities.
*little Chan*
*little Chan* 3 kun oldin
2019 ? 5:17 I have the same poster that’s over your bed :>
Mike the Scups
Mike the Scups 3 kun oldin
1:03 Tabbs? Jaiden? Dat u?
Dapper_Apple101 Has Begun
0:59 You are in an animation class with Tabbes?
Nugget Jimenez
Nugget Jimenez 3 kun oldin
I this you are addicted to my hero academia
TheAshDude 3 kun oldin
Shgurr:stop drawing anime Me:*cough* no no and no
BabyUpi Faasolo
BabyUpi Faasolo 3 kun oldin
You live in utah?
Tracy Walton
Tracy Walton 3 kun oldin
19? Anyone
Boxer Jenny
Boxer Jenny 3 kun oldin
I don't want UZvid to dye
Sergiu Duma
Sergiu Duma 3 kun oldin
FamousDingus YT
FamousDingus YT 3 kun oldin
A closet between the walls that transports you to Narnia. H O W N I C E
Gachaverse Girl
Gachaverse Girl 3 kun oldin
A “pillow fight”
Cringe with Belle
Cringe with Belle 3 kun oldin
B-But.. I like drawing anime..
jonny wix
jonny wix 3 kun oldin
1:00 is that Rebecca and tabbes? 😂
Oscar Montion
Oscar Montion 3 kun oldin
Does anybody know where I can get the scream she uses in 4:40 :D
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook 3 kun oldin
First video of 2018! It was June 😂
Gjjkofblank 3 kun oldin
blondchick1and55 3 kun oldin
BYU?? You’re LDS!
Diego 2fly3
Diego 2fly3 3 kun oldin
"I wanna join the pillow fight too!" Me: Oh meh gawd that person is either fapping or having sex
Mariana Skaggs
Mariana Skaggs 4 kun oldin
Kayliegha Griego
Kayliegha Griego 4 kun oldin
Dude I love drawing anime so shut up🙄 I still love you tho❤️😁
Jo R
Jo R 4 kun oldin
I cant have mold near me
GodzSeven 4 kun oldin
Yo she sounds like she could be in Steven universe ❤
Rinns Art
Rinns Art 4 kun oldin
I... I don’t think they were having a pillow fight... •_•
TwistedSlimVEVO 4 kun oldin
I saw a Tabbes.
Chrissi Chaoswesen
Chrissi Chaoswesen 4 kun oldin
I just recently found your chanel and subbed! Love your drawing style, voice, humor and all! Keep up the great work! Btw, the moment I subbed was at 4:40, because that just killed me haha.
Linnea Skanung
Linnea Skanung 4 kun oldin
It wasn’t a pillow fight
kenny boi xd wtf
kenny boi xd wtf 4 kun oldin
Wtf I see someting 👙 😵😵😵😨😨😣😣 pfft *NOSEBLEED*
It'sQuest!Bella OfficialTM
"Pillow fight" let's say that you really wish that it's a Pillow fight and not what we all know... WRESTLING!! :D (Which we ALL know what "Wrestling" means -w-)
mido4station 4 kun oldin
Who said youtube will die
Tiny Cookie23
Tiny Cookie23 4 kun oldin
“Pillow fight” ☠️😂
{ Leonard li }
{ Leonard li } 4 kun oldin
pillow fight yeah....sure
Mister McLeod
Mister McLeod 4 kun oldin
Man, some of those apartments sound like the result of penny pinching and corner cutting.
SadFoxyGamer 17
SadFoxyGamer 17 4 kun oldin
A Eminem song is playing on5:38
Dr Blitz
Dr Blitz 5 kun oldin
It Was A “Pillow Figh” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Windows 8
Windows 8 5 kun oldin
That wasn’t a pillow fight, she knows what was going on in that bed 😏
Adan Gardner
Adan Gardner 5 kun oldin
Kats Vision
Kats Vision 5 kun oldin
The Galifreyian
The Galifreyian 5 kun oldin
Probably me watching some anime but then a boy realises that a boy is disguising as a girl so then I become an egg and roll around
The Galifreyian
The Galifreyian 5 kun oldin
**hears squeaking sound** 😶 Ssssssssssss Urm...... AAHHHH- ---To Be Continued-------->
nova spiritstar
nova spiritstar 5 kun oldin
Jake Bankowski
Jake Bankowski 5 kun oldin
When UZvid dies move to Calgary and work at the beltiner Orr the goose or gorilla whale (my dad work there and I want to see you) (I’m dumb) and I have no life
TheMadSergeant 5 kun oldin
0:59, oh my gawd! Its tabbes and rebecca.
GamerGrowl 5 kun oldin
I thought sh girt was just gonna say *I got some flex tape*
Chupalo Alv
Chupalo Alv 5 kun oldin
1:03 you , Tabbes and ¿Jaiden?
Sharkie Shark-Face
Sharkie Shark-Face 5 kun oldin
ARE THOSE MY HERO ACADEMIA POSTERS because I have then by my bed too
ZOIDCREAM cream 5 kun oldin
UZvid Is not gonna die
Edisa Kuroki
Edisa Kuroki 5 kun oldin
What was she listening to while drawing
the last noob
the last noob 6 kun oldin
witherXD 6 kun oldin
1:02 i saw tabbes and letmeexplain. im so proud of myself XD
Lemon Boi
6 oy oldin
Skipping School
2 yil oldin
2 yil oldin