Apartment Atrocities

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This was supposed to come out like 3 months ago whoops
This video was like a filler that ended up changing my animation/coloring methods and got me back in the groove of making videos since school totally wrecked my upload schedule. I hope to get a shorter video done before the 19th if possible this month.
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7-Iyn, 2018

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MC PEEPO 2 soat oldin
My hero academia.......I KEEP MY IDEALS
emsie em
emsie em 4 soat oldin
3:37 omg I love this song and I was just watching the scene in suicide squad with that song!
Nur Balqis
Nur Balqis 10 soat oldin
Lol that animating scene is *lit* lmao My Hero Academia..
Undertale LPS
Undertale LPS 10 soat oldin
WAit your drawing anime because hero academia is a anime
Gen D
Gen D 10 soat oldin
honey girl
honey girl 11 soat oldin
Yeaaahhh sure ''exercise''
Itz Meh
Itz Meh 15 soat oldin
That must have hurt ;-; I love your videos :D
the GREAT PAPYRUS 15 soat oldin
U have to pay $360 cuz 45x8 blocks =$360 so.. R.I.P shgurr
Oh god no at the end why oh no why u do dis to meh why
Ayyyyyyyyyyy. my hero academia aka best anime of all time
Valeria Musielik
Valeria Musielik 17 soat oldin
Pilow fight...yeaa😐
Yvette Rutt
Yvette Rutt Kun oldin
I'm a boy
Yvette Rutt
Yvette Rutt Kun oldin
I have a crush on you
Timber Sparkle
Timber Sparkle Kun oldin
Faintly Me
Faintly Me Kun oldin
The toxic roommates remind me of Reneesme and Bloodrayne from JaidenAnimations video. My Group Nightmare Project...Lel
Kitty Unicorn Girl
Katherine Penman
How it feels to chew 5 gum 4:39 5 gym. Stimulate your senses
Rachell Calderon
Thats not a plliow fight ......that was people doing ermmmmm... Stuff..
Poke Gamer the Charmander
are you sure their not doing something else above if you know what i mean
Gina Lungwitz
Gina Lungwitz Kun oldin
You think UZvid is gonna die when your alive? Somebody get her mental help please?
Laura Toro
Laura Toro Kun oldin
dude i had the same problem, but try having them in the backyard behind yours with their bright backyard light shining into your room at 2 am. life was crazy, i had to get curtains it was so bright
wolf gang
wolf gang Kun oldin
Adelin Draganoiu
6:56 how do u know he/she is exercising? :3 😰😂😂😂😂
CaptainCakeEater Kustner
Why are a bunch of animators from South of America(Not South America)
Lily Shannon
Lily Shannon Kun oldin
I do when I was at my dad’s
Papper Doge
Papper Doge Kun oldin
6:55 that is not exersising or a pillow fight, and can i die now..ew
Foo Nan
Foo Nan 2 kun oldin
Maliyah And Friends
1:00 tabbs and let me explain studios 🤩
Steel The Fox
Steel The Fox 2 kun oldin
5:36 Ayyyyyy I love that song!! (Song:Without me) (Artist:Eminem)
Gino the lazy boy
Gino the lazy boy 2 kun oldin
1:17 I see Nevada yay........I'm weird
JhinJhinAnimations 2 kun oldin
1:03 Jaiden Animations and Tabbes...
Foxy Loxy 666
Foxy Loxy 666 2 kun oldin
pny swan
pny swan 2 kun oldin
You sound like Ruby from Steven Universe
landen barton
landen barton 2 kun oldin
what song was that plzreply.
April Steed
April Steed 2 kun oldin
What so you in Utah no youtuber lives in Utah
Kiley Wright
Kiley Wright 2 kun oldin
Hey I like drawing anime thank you!!!!!!! Why don't you like it, that is your own opinion I don't care but please don't single out people who enjoy anime. Thank you for understanding.
LilyLittle Artist
LilyLittle Artist 2 kun oldin
"Stop drawing Anime. Ain't no body gonna look at that" Me: No wonder I have no views for subs.
fnaf flix
fnaf flix 2 kun oldin
0:54 no one ganna look at that
Unnstoppable Fury
Unnstoppable Fury 2 kun oldin
Hey if your allowed in the pillow fight could you recommend them me so maybe I could join the club?
Pidgeonituzz OwO
Pidgeonituzz OwO 2 kun oldin
oof I don’t think thats a pillow fight girl
CupcakeMustache 2 kun oldin
6:56 sure pillow fight 😉😉😉
Probable Possibilities
*Exercise* I think your neighbors are... *Doing it*
Em&Em Games
Em&Em Games 2 kun oldin
I wanna exercise at 2:00 a.m.
Finesse_px 2 kun oldin
We all know that wasnt a pillow fight.....
Daniel Pung
Daniel Pung 2 kun oldin
Ie a bilov
Princess Sutton
Princess Sutton 2 kun oldin
RIP Headphone Users. That water leak scared the shit out of me
MYSTERY NARNIA 3 kun oldin
Maybe you should buy ear plugs they work for me and i get plenty of sleep even though i have a tough time getting to sleep trust me they work wonders 😉😉
PllKACHU 3 kun oldin
I guess the guys checking that awesome apartment ( 3:44 ) were very kiasu
fire the bird
fire the bird 3 kun oldin
What are you listening
Sub to me .-. Rivera
What u don’t like anime?
lets try to get 10k with no vídeos hi
Hi I enjoy your vids
Ana Hoskins
Ana Hoskins 3 kun oldin
Git good yalls woooh
GalxYz PlaYz
GalxYz PlaYz 3 kun oldin
*Bed Squeaking* Me: Oh No... Imagine All The Thing It Could Be.. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) Don't You Get The Joke? :Edit: Thumbs Up If You Get It ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )
animalgal gaming and reviewing
Says to stop drawing anime yet draws my hero academia
Suye Sito
Suye Sito 3 kun oldin
Awesome Read More
daniel yeroshalmi
daniel yeroshalmi 3 kun oldin
lol bed squeaking
Gilly Rose
Gilly Rose 3 kun oldin
XenaGamer2000 3 kun oldin
Our landlord wont fix the washing machines so we're stuck with 1 washing machine for 10+ people
Dave the Duck
Dave the Duck 3 kun oldin
Ummm should I say this but punkin spice it is really something I should not say
Yokina Shojo
Yokina Shojo 3 kun oldin
that feeling when you are from Russia and put ,, Translate ,,
Rayyan LOLS
Rayyan LOLS 4 kun oldin
Ahmad Ali
Ahmad Ali 4 kun oldin
0:52 DID SHE JUST DISRESPECT ANIME!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Fulmen 4 kun oldin
1:04 Hidetaka Miyazaki approves and whispers "Fu***** scrubs"
Eliyah Clark
Eliyah Clark 4 kun oldin
hahaha, the cinderblock thing has happened to me
Mark Spawn0812
Mark Spawn0812 4 kun oldin
We all know what they’re doing
William (LP4)
William (LP4) 4 kun oldin
Is this the video where people got the idea that Wolfychu was fake?
the water crossont
the water crossont 4 kun oldin
You like my hero academia?!?!
kalen shepherd
kalen shepherd 4 kun oldin
its not a pillow fight:)
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas 4 kun oldin
And what was that song that you were listening to when your roommate came in?
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas 4 kun oldin
This is my favorite vid :3
Victoria Thomas
Victoria Thomas 4 kun oldin
Gecko4ever club
Gecko4ever club 4 kun oldin
You go to BYU? Cool!
3rystal 5tar
3rystal 5tar 4 kun oldin
Gotta keep it PG
Lainie Roho
Lainie Roho 4 kun oldin
Ha ha!
sweet animations
sweet animations 4 kun oldin
the human Temmie 2
the human Temmie 2 4 kun oldin
The end shes trying to be pg
Phoenix Dragon115
Phoenix Dragon115 4 kun oldin
7:16 Is that a My Hero Academia poster?!
KyAnimations 4 kun oldin
well here's one where i was 3-4 years old,this was the point that i would've died thanks to my dumb and STUPID babysitter .so this random day i was trying to sleep while my babysitter was trying to make me do so.After that she fell asleep and forgot the close da window, later on i climbed up grabbing onto the window frame ,half of my body outside hanging from the third floor. in the end my mom got me calmly and yelled "GOD CURSE U U F****NG MUPPET!" and thats when my babysitter got fired and that was when i never got a babysitter til i was 5. conclusion:I WAS ABOUT TO DIE!
Just Me
Just Me 4 kun oldin
yeah... Exercising... sure...
ware wolf arts
ware wolf arts 4 kun oldin
i saw that bnha poster on your wall (:
didi paun
didi paun 5 kun oldin
I liked you're video
A Pissed Off Nerd With Admin Privileges
7:22 *_ILLUSION_* *_100_*
chocolatebunn 664
chocolatebunn 664 5 kun oldin
git guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud
Euladia Perez
Euladia Perez 5 kun oldin
Vid con is on my birthday 🙈😀
Euladia Perez
Euladia Perez 5 kun oldin
When is vid con
Alex J
Alex J 5 kun oldin
I love this part 😂 2:08
Logan Ramirez
Logan Ramirez 5 kun oldin
I love eminem
EppZ 5 kun oldin
Remember all her old furry fnaf animations -3-
xXcreeper YT523Xx
xXcreeper YT523Xx 5 kun oldin
exercising on the bed? thats more like se.. nvm keep ur channel family friendly..................
Roommates video?
Justine Irizarry
Justine Irizarry 5 kun oldin
When I was little, I had this apartment and there were always frogs in the pipes. Non-litteral heh... it kept me up and I ended up getting up and pacing. RRRRRRRRRR WE ALWAYS HAD TO PAY FOR “Damages.” WE WERE IN HARD TIMES!!!!!!!!!
clout pelt
clout pelt 5 kun oldin
0:51 not suuuure, is that bluebird...?
Furiouspuppy windle
At mine someone above me would keep wearing heels when I was sleeping so I woke up and I am not adult told my dad and he stomped a broom so she would stop she might still do it
Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez 5 kun oldin
Like a vegan farting
Josh Cormier
Josh Cormier 5 kun oldin
It's not a pillow fight (●_●)
NightHunter x
NightHunter x 5 kun oldin
In one of the #Jameden fanfics I made, James dropped Jaiden's breakfast and comes to get you and you say: JANITOR SHANNON TO THE RESCUE!
Nobody Nobody
Nobody Nobody 5 kun oldin
Audrey Hawrylo
Audrey Hawrylo 5 kun oldin
1:01 I see more then one animator here...
D3stroy _480_YT
D3stroy _480_YT 5 kun oldin
Boku no hero
FNAF Lover530
FNAF Lover530 5 kun oldin
Sooo how about that video?
Potato Animates
Potato Animates 5 kun oldin
Totally....a pillow fight...heheheheheh ;w;
Lemon Boi
3 oy oldin
Moving Out
Yil oldin
Blood Drive
Yil oldin
Yil oldin
Love The Dogs.
3 yil oldin