Apartment Atrocities

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This was supposed to come out like 3 months ago whoops
This video was like a filler that ended up changing my animation/coloring methods and got me back in the groove of making videos since school totally wrecked my upload schedule. I hope to get a shorter video done before the 19th if possible this month.
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7-Iyn, 2018

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Human Flower
Human Flower 6 soniya oldin
I didnt get to go to vid con =C
Chimipotle Chimichanga
Chimipotle Chimichanga 22 daqiqa oldin
Because of this video, I have subscribed to you :D
Adam Esmat
Adam Esmat 46 daqiqa oldin
1:10 and we will be back
ELOELO ELOELO 52 daqiqa oldin
I love BnHA
Awoken 57 daqiqa oldin
Ravioli ravioli *D e a t h I s I n e v i t a b l e*
БананСемпай 228
Where fnaf speedpaint's?
Kimberly Cruz
Kimberly Cruz Soat oldin
Did the odd1sout make you Outro 🤔😑😂
Екатерина Кондратьева
Who is from Russia like me ?
Екатерина Кондратьева
you have a poster with Boku no Hero Academia? i like it))
LaneTaco 2 soat oldin
Yo, holy shit. I just refound your channel after like a year and a half. Last time I was here you had like 9k subs. I'm glad your channel has been growing! Your content is awesome!
KittyKaitlynPaws 808123
“Wait, mom?” “Yeah?” “Where’s that coming from?” “What?” “The squeaking. Where’s it coming from?” “Upstairs,” “What are they doing up stairs?” “Probably, oh I dunno, DROPPING WEIGHTS” BECAUSE WHY NOT YOU COULD DO THAT AT 2 IN THE MORNING AND *SURELY NOBODY WILL HEAR IT*
KAWAII Tater 3 soat oldin
And when is that art school animation be out shgurr +Cough cough+ Probably 3 months
BTS Fangirl
BTS Fangirl 3 soat oldin
0:58 Tabbes
xXShadowloxXx Mark
xXShadowloxXx Mark 3 soat oldin
pillow fight
Carbon 10
Carbon 10 3 soat oldin
What that song at 5:37 to 5:46?
Brent Colby
Brent Colby 3 soat oldin
“Nice pillow fight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Кровавая Вишня
You cool !!!
Spongebear 5 soat oldin
That save tho
Mighty ̇
Mighty ̇ 5 soat oldin
Wait? This shgurr person is the same who made fnaf song animations or whatever back in the day?
manboy manboy
manboy manboy 5 soat oldin
Where I live I always hear hammering noises from the floor above me . I really don’t know wtf goes on on that floor
Alex anime gamer
Alex anime gamer 5 soat oldin
but your profile is anime ;-;
Kable Monroe
Kable Monroe 6 soat oldin
Apartment stories. I'm 16, so I still live with my parents, and my mom and I have moved to apartments so many times. To put it simply, we moved: from one side of El Paso TX to the other, then down the street, then to Odessa TX, then to literally right next door because more rooms, then to a different complex (small and nice), to the other side of the complex upstairs, and finally to Dallas TX. To pick one, my current neighbors. The walls aren't thick so I can hear a lot of things, and their music is something else. I swear I can sometimes feel the bass just from feeling my walls
Kable Monroe
Kable Monroe 6 soat oldin
5:37 probably my first song I listen to while drawing. Assuming I'm not lazy to keep scrolling down my playlist
Predator _BQE
Predator _BQE 6 soat oldin
5:42 put captions on
Crappy Gaming
Crappy Gaming 6 soat oldin
RamanZombie 6 soat oldin
10/10 for keeping monetization
Jocelynne summers
Jocelynne summers 6 soat oldin
I would suggest ear plugs those things that you twist and put in your ears and they look like shiny marshmallows it should block out the sounds we used them in wood shop class at my middle school when we used the machines and they blocked out the sound perfectly so I figure if they can block out loud ass machines they can block out the bed squeaks
Simmy The Dog44
Simmy The Dog44 6 soat oldin
My dog, Duna,Went MISSING one day from like 10Am.At 5am we heard the alarm go off and my grandma opened the door and it was Duna! BUT she was covered all in blood and when i washed her and got the blood off i realized it wasnt her that was bleeding but it was just blood on her as if she was attacking someone.Then I looked at her collar bc it had a secret camera and this guy was trying to steal our dog!
bagel fan
bagel fan 7 soat oldin
This comment is pointless dont waste your life.
L33TNINJ4Grrl 7 soat oldin
I was looking for an apartment and looking at photos online. I had narrowed down a few that I would check out, and started to reexamine them as I made calls. In the first one I noticed something strange yet familiar on the floor, so I hung up before anyone could pick up. I identified that the object I was viewing was indeed a mouse trap, just BARELY in the picture. Not a conventional mouse trap though, one of the heavy duty ones, and I was only able to tell because of the little trademark on it. There is a big problem with pests in apartments here, so I'm not surprised, but you have to REALLY drop the ball if you can't take a picture without seeing a trap.
B-Baka!!! 7 soat oldin
5:41 i need this music for my car aux cord
mahmoud naim chatti
mahmoud naim chatti 6 soat oldin
id like to know it too
Bread boy
Bread boy 7 soat oldin
Oh hey. You’re in Utah. I live there. Cool.
izzy 7 soat oldin
dark emoji
dark emoji 7 soat oldin
Man. I love pillow fights! Count me in.
BluFuryWolf 7 soat oldin
good job on keeping this child-friendly...
inplane 7 soat oldin
0:59 Is that a reference to Let Me Explain Studios on the left?
Snowflake Studios
Snowflake Studios 7 soat oldin
*pillow fight* Hahahahaha *ya sure*
Fladder Panic
Fladder Panic 8 soat oldin
Stop drawing anime ent nobody gonna look at that
Arma Morales
Arma Morales 8 soat oldin
The 2nd one was funny XD know de wae ugandan nucleus
Bella Sherwin
Bella Sherwin 8 soat oldin
Actually love the captions in this 😂😂😂
Cat Pee Tacos
Cat Pee Tacos 8 soat oldin
"I want to join the pillow fight!" I bet so... 😏
死ɹǝdɐǝɹ神 8 soat oldin
Did you say BYU? Are you mormon?
Mia TheCatLady
Mia TheCatLady 8 soat oldin
*sees head is on Colorado* *Slowly panicks*
SirLinkOfKokiri 8 soat oldin
My apartment has a "No exceptionally loud noises between 11PM and 7AM." It doesn't stop people who "Bed squeak" at 2AM, but the good news for me is: 1. I don't have neighbours "pillow fighting" in the middle of the night. 2. Even if they did, I'm one of the weird people who needs a fan on at all times, because the sound of the motor drowns any and all random noises from the different things in the house. If the floor creaks, the fridge settles, or my dad uses the toilet at night, that crap keeps me awake.
Akrira Kurusu De Woomy god
uhh the discord inv sends me to ur patreon
logan da sloth
logan da sloth 8 soat oldin
Why am I not subscribed to you yet... because I'm a idiot.
Rubix9595 Gaming
Rubix9595 Gaming 9 soat oldin
Wait nobody looks at my sisters anima drawings, NOOOOoOoOOoOoOoOoOooOoOoOOoOoOoOoOooOOoOoOoOoOOOOOOoOoOo!!!
biome bot
biome bot 9 soat oldin
oh....your apartment is in utah..welcome to hell enjoy your stay.
Bad Gatito
Bad Gatito 9 soat oldin
Would smash
boyscout Survival Guide; main
im sorry I missed your live streaming video are you going to post it
Ender 10 soat oldin
Animanga! That's what we should call anime. But I'm guessing they've trademarked it haven't they? I guess we;re stuck with japanimation.
DoNaLd_ 4532
DoNaLd_ 4532 10 soat oldin
Shgurr I really want to go to vid con but I won’t be ther😫👎🏻
Player Restart
Player Restart 10 soat oldin
I saw tabbes.
Rock fox Gaming
Rock fox Gaming 10 soat oldin
I need been in apartment cuz I’m a kid
Splash Tale
Splash Tale 11 soat oldin
Hey that song sounded familiar the one in the Washing machine linking to the sealling and you were hearing music and drawing I just wanted to say what kind of song is it cause I miss that song but I forgot whats it called plz?
Splash Tale
Splash Tale 10 soat oldin
Filthy Prank thx so much
Filthy Prank
Filthy Prank 10 soat oldin
Without Me - Eminem
cbred02 11 soat oldin
Please Don't Demonetize me
Flex tape
Vixen Wolf
Vixen Wolf 11 soat oldin
I mean it could be someone trying to get comfortable
Nicole Lysandrou
Nicole Lysandrou 12 soat oldin
When I heard the creaking and u said exercise, I thought of something else
Warthog-Gaming & More
Warthog-Gaming & More 12 soat oldin
Pls respond I need help on an animation Halp pls Ps love ur videos
happy man
happy man 12 soat oldin
Hunter K
Hunter K 12 soat oldin
first video i've watched from you and it was great! good work and best of luck!
dirt bro
dirt bro 12 soat oldin
Yakob 12 soat oldin
5:38 Girl you listen to Eminem? whaaaattt.
Valentin Gueerero
Valentin Gueerero 12 soat oldin
5:38 whats the name of song
Kim Crawford-Cottingham
Everyone should draw anime, don't be discouraged to draw. If you like drawing anime, don't let anyone tell you not to.
Audria Ball
Audria Ball 12 soat oldin
i actually have a story about the worst apartment EVER!!!!!!
Audria Ball
Audria Ball 13 soat oldin
I can relate
Razer Rose
Razer Rose 13 soat oldin
6:55 i hear that in my brothers room 24/7
Ralph Rabaya
Ralph Rabaya 13 soat oldin
For some reason, the Golden Freddy jumpscare sound is fitting here: 1:10 and 4:41
SquirrelMeow 13 soat oldin
I know a way to get back at those people above you, right after it starts squeaking or right when it happens, turn on your vaccine cleaner put it on the ceiling to make noise and vaccine the ceiling to get back at them and make noise back at them.
Karen/Jeanne Connie
Karen/Jeanne Connie 13 soat oldin
My apartment falls apart from the floor
Goku El Crack
Goku El Crack 13 soat oldin
nt slime
nt slime 13 soat oldin
Happy late 22nd Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyo Mao
Kyo Mao 13 soat oldin
Subbed, btw. Kept forgetting that I needed to do that.
thicc caverA rainbow six
I brought all of ur Merch aaaaallllllllll
Cute Chibi
Cute Chibi 13 soat oldin
thicc caverA rainbow six no
Kyo Mao
Kyo Mao 14 soat oldin
Yeah, go join the pillow fight. I'm sure one of the two people currently engage in it would be all for it. The other one, however, is the Wild Card.
Kyo Mao
Kyo Mao 14 soat oldin
Then shower together in your Narnia Shower. Don't worry, 'cause it's all magical and stuff. That makes it safe.
Cookie Gamer6922
Cookie Gamer6922 14 soat oldin
Shgurr:stop drawing anime! Ya, ain't nobody gonna look at that. Me: *stares at shgurr's profile picture* wow
Masturchief 14 soat oldin
you already have the skills of an professional artist
Wof6603 14 soat oldin
Byu is in Utah and Idaho and I live in Utah
Charlie Tube
Charlie Tube 14 soat oldin
What's so wrong with drawing anime?😒
CassieTheUltima 15 soat oldin
Don't pretend I didn't notice those Kill La Kill pyjamas...
Caramel And white
Caramel And white 15 soat oldin
I got a chunck of my skin pull out by a bike
Autumn ASMR
Autumn ASMR 15 soat oldin
I miss the old videos before the story times :(
Andrea Arenas
Andrea Arenas 15 soat oldin
Hey sugurr what song are you listening to in the video?
Zahria Harris
Zahria Harris 15 soat oldin
That happened to me in ever house iv ever stayed in there was always water damage
Chris Neal
Chris Neal 15 soat oldin
4:05 wait is that girl on the right side of the screen Marinette from miraculous ladybug?
ma plictisesc
ma plictisesc 15 soat oldin
you need ear plugs
Red Games
Red Games 15 soat oldin
The first video from you I ever watched was that really old Just Gold animation XD
COMIX HORSE 16 soat oldin
This video is gonna be helpful to me in the future! 😂
W.A.G Studioz
W.A.G Studioz 16 soat oldin
I'm just gonna say what's wrong with drawing anime. I do it all the time, it's a unique style of drawing/animation, like drawing goku is always fun for me.
Little Games
Little Games 16 soat oldin
When i was growing up,i lived in a apartment, and it was cramped,i mean cramped! And because my family didnt have alot the cheapest apartment was on the top floor! And we had to clime up alot of stairs! But my step dad though 'hey lets get 2 birds!' Yeahh it didnt go well ;-;
Snowman 16 soat oldin
I like eminem as well
angelina akhnoukh
angelina akhnoukh 16 soat oldin
lol my hero academia fanart
Henrik sundqvist
Henrik sundqvist 16 soat oldin
And we're back whit the *N O O S E*
Ellen Puhakka •_•
Ellen Puhakka •_• 16 soat oldin
Jessi Gießler
Jessi Gießler 17 soat oldin
I moved out when I was 16 because of the Job I wanted to do. And there I was, a little 16 year old introverd from a small town, 220 km away from home and in freaking Berlin of all places. And what do I hear on my first night in this place? Yes you probably guessed right. Two people, going at it...loud. For about 2 minutes xd I was so uncomfortable, I mean that womans moans were so obviously fake and I just felt so bad for her. It only happened once so I guess that guys out of the fuckable region for her. Oh and my downstairs neighbor is a psychopath but meh. At least my place was cheap.
Cloe The Cat
Cloe The Cat 17 soat oldin
Its 17.6.2018 i have wacht this video 156 times... I know
Lukeplayz 87
Lukeplayz 87 17 soat oldin
Love that eminem without me
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