Apple iPhone XS and XR 2018 event in 12 minutes

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Apple has announced its latest collection of gadgets; the iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR and the Apple Watch Series 4. This year, they introduced three new iPhone models that build off the company’s 10th anniversary edition iPhone X and accessories that come with it.
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12-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 5 315
The Verge
The Verge 8 kun oldin
Would you buy one of the new iPhones? Which one?
Nikko 9 soat oldin
The Verge nope never
iNexyGaming 2 kun oldin
Yea I'll buy samsung note 9 √√√
DarkShogun16 2 kun oldin
alphanash not to mention the 720p resolution!
Legxnd Ares
Legxnd Ares 2 kun oldin
The Verge r
RickOShay 2 soat oldin
A non event. Apple really has lost the plot.
OurFamilyOfSound 6 soat oldin
What have they been doing for a year? Hardware?... nothing. Software... nothing. “One more thing?”... nothing. They’ve turned into Microsoft. So boring. No one is going to care about these media events anymore. No one is going to care about Apple anymore.
MyPsychoticFamily 7 soat oldin
You could buy a cheap/ok car for the price .Wtf , this is insane
Zanos 001
Zanos 001 12 soat oldin
??????? 12 soat oldin
PendFX 13 soat oldin
Saurabh Patil
Saurabh Patil 14 soat oldin
Beginning of the end of I Phone Downfall
Saurabh Negi
Saurabh Negi 21 soat oldin
Apple phone chutiya The most wrost phone of the world #APPLE
Joshua Sweet
Joshua Sweet 22 soat oldin
It’s funny they say the same thing every year
FABIO DIAS Kun oldin
It looks like people want to carry TV's these days
David Mendez
David Mendez Kun oldin
Make the itouch 7.
Sheng Pu
Sheng Pu Kun oldin
1:34 "The speaker has also been completely redesigned" 1:36 "It's 50 percent louder" ok.
lutfianna anna
lutfianna anna Kun oldin
Million pixels?
1103 Musik Berlin
i see a great video
can't relate
can't relate Kun oldin
I most likely will never buy an iphone unless i'm rich so i can buy multiple phones lmao. but even if i'm rich, i'd still prefer an android for my main phone (this is just my preference tho)
TIM Cheou
TIM Cheou Kun oldin
I think phil did not present well, he needs to speak slower, with pause, he spoke too fast
AltijdGaming Kun oldin
Marcus Joachim Acosta
Iphone Xpensive and Ridiculous Iphone Xpensive and Stupid
Jahmars Shiva
Jahmars Shiva Kun oldin
No coz it’s not much and it’s not worth the Money boring . Bring a future I phone .
Stephen M
Stephen M Kun oldin
Anyone else count how many times they said 'completely redesigned'? It's borderline brainwashing lol
IAt0m1xI Kun oldin
Apple.... Apple never changes.
Son of a BITCH ! !
The 2019 Apple convention is going to be the unveiling of the FIRST EVER TOUCHSCREEN LAPTOP!
Son of a BITCH ! !
I'm waiting for Apple to invent an iPhone with a headphone jack, no notch, & USB file transfer. Maybe they'll discover it next year.
Daniel Dreamon
Daniel Dreamon Kun oldin
I have an iPhone 6s. Came from a Galaxy s10 video review. This video is depressing. The first guy.. Steve jobs wanna be. The second guy.. well I’m sure most didn’t even notice there was a second guy. The third guy should quit and sell books instead. I expected much more. Good buy Apple!
Jenivera Kun oldin
more of the same...
Lex Depp
Lex Depp Kun oldin
To me, nothing has improved. They kept the same design throughout with minor changes.
Barkat Now
Barkat Now Kun oldin
good job ...!!!
Joal Homes
Joal Homes Kun oldin
Now the bring out the gold.
Itz Ahnafy
Itz Ahnafy 2 kun oldin
the iPhone: meh wate for 2037 the watch: will 398 be enough?
Game Detective
Game Detective 2 kun oldin
Soo...a Galaxy S9 is less expansive than the 'cheap' iPhone XR... I get it! The XR is less expansive to make, which means more profit. Like for real, the XR isn't even Full HD....
DigitallFlesh 2 kun oldin
I really wish they made an iPhone se replacement at an affordable price. I love my SE. I don’t want a tennis racket sized smartphone.
Jonathan Cheah
Jonathan Cheah 2 kun oldin
I can't afford to buy any of these cuz they are too expensive
Jonathan Cheah
Jonathan Cheah 2 kun oldin
S max = stupid to the maximum?
Jonathan Cheah
Jonathan Cheah 2 kun oldin
S for stupid
Faisal Adil
Faisal Adil 2 kun oldin
Omg i love Apple !!! the fruit.
Gustra Tora
Gustra Tora 2 kun oldin
So boring.
Genoch Tuason
Genoch Tuason 2 kun oldin
This is dumbing humanity
Mahesa Rangga
Mahesa Rangga 2 kun oldin
The design is always beautiful 👌but I guess that's it.. Elon Musk shall take over Apple lol
Rohit Singh
Rohit Singh 2 kun oldin
they start clapping when iwatch 3series value depreceates
DanShinjo 2 kun oldin
They should have called it the iPhone P. Cause it's obviously for poor people that can't buy the 1k phone.
PaulFnNY 2 kun oldin
tinyurl.com/y7bg62mn buy something cool! Smartwatches, mobile accessories, gadgets, drones, VR and MORE!!!
Angel Squad69
Angel Squad69 2 kun oldin
iPhone se 2 rip
PaulusSANtosoCI Widjaja
Gosh, eventually ...... dual sims! Then my time to use iPhone then.
Macawed 2 kun oldin
They removed the headphone jack, charger hole, and home button. I just came to see if they removed the power button on this one
Bill THAREAL 2 kun oldin
Lol stupid apple users gonna use rent money to get the same phone with new features XD !
Bill THAREAL 2 kun oldin
Apple Products = Over-priced piece of shits
Gudiel Ramírez
Gudiel Ramírez 2 kun oldin
I want all of them!😩
Rusa Vegana
Rusa Vegana 2 kun oldin
If it has a lightsaber, I'll buy it👍
Артём Великий
iPhone от Apple конечно дорогие, странные, но черт побери, живем то один раз, и хотябы попробовать этот гаджет можно ? Вот тут stavka.ru/oz235 самые популярные аппл-фоны, покупать последнюю модель не обязательно, чтоб составить свое мнение. Зато избавишься от вечного вопроса "жалеть что не купил" или "жалеть что купил". Пробуйте . Деньги пыль. Жизнь - главное.
Casey Larsen
Casey Larsen 3 kun oldin
ECG functionality? With one lead? Rubbish
Beau Man
Beau Man 3 kun oldin
Wait where is iPhone 9 I thought iPhone X was just x not 10 where is 10 you can’t go from 8 plus to 10 lol
Beau Man
Beau Man 3 kun oldin
Who needs watches when you have your phone. Lol
ROCKETS2965 3 kun oldin
The extra hour and fifteen minutes was these dummies clapping.
anish patel
anish patel 3 kun oldin
iphone event and iphone 2018 Review uzvid.com/video/video-HOlZH6zEz9E.html
Tommy 50377
Tommy 50377 3 kun oldin
So wait... It's a slightly better camera, a bit better resolution and 30 more minutes of battery. Why do i want to spend $1000 on this?
Hilla532 3 kun oldin
Interesting what Steve Jobs would say
marco simone
marco simone 3 kun oldin
give me Jobs, just always the same .... ONLY COMMERCIAL NOTHING FUTURE
Eriz Sharper
Eriz Sharper 3 kun oldin
ENOUGH about the watch already iam here for the phone! thats what i use to look at time and make calls not watch! fark it its garbage
cody1212143 3 kun oldin
So 279 dollars for the Apple watch,does-this watch also print pictures and make me toast?
Matthew Willson
Matthew Willson 3 kun oldin
Sapphires glass 0.1%
Vinay DR
Vinay DR 3 kun oldin
That last guy made 2hands join... Thats our style.... Great 🇮🇳 India
BJ-NOVA 2020
BJ-NOVA 2020 3 kun oldin
This sucker was stumbling over his own words when telling the price
Fabiano Cardenas
Fabiano Cardenas 3 kun oldin
Christopher Lutsic
Christopher Lutsic 3 kun oldin
Wow! Don't get me wrong. I love apples iPhones. They are solid phones! But there is Nothing really new here! Nothing innovative! To be honest, it's all business now. There is no more drive in there work and it shows because nobody and I mean Steve is there to make sure they have it their best. Let's face it. Apple died when Steve Jobs passed away. R.I.P. Steve! ;(
veerchasm1 3 kun oldin
Here’s how bored and indifferent I’ve become with Apple: I am an iPhone user and an Android user had to tell me about this today. 😂
gaipou panmy
gaipou panmy 3 kun oldin
I have 18$ on my account at the moment! Lol
Brad the Pitts
Brad the Pitts 4 kun oldin
Cool. Can I stare at it all day like the Millennials do?
vipboss82 4 kun oldin
Where’s The iPhone 📱 SE 2? So The New iPhone 📱 Called: XS - Xtra Stupid XS Max - Xtra Stupidly Max XR - Xtra Ridiculous But No, SE 2 - Special Edition 2 (With Top Notch, 4.2” Inch & No Home Button) How Hard Can it Be.. ?
Melchizedek Phuah Siow Jin
There was a time when I looked forward to the wonder Apple events would bring. Now, it is so empty and just hyperbole and partial lies/truths. It's sad.
Lawrence Petersen
Lawrence Petersen 4 kun oldin
What rubbish is this? lol!
Tony Sanchez
Tony Sanchez 4 kun oldin
Is it me or does he seem not interested or like hes just going threw the motions, he doesn't seen that excited him self.
Zero G
Zero G 4 kun oldin
Bruh wot games need that much processing pubg? no fortnite? no lol world of tanks? No And the battery wow it lasts thirty minutes longer than the regular iPhone X, Ive had a one plus 5 for almost two years and it still lasts me two days.
ziaul haque
ziaul haque 4 kun oldin
How much price this tennis
FNAF FNAF 4 kun oldin
Steve Jobs would be angry at you making iPhone x
CavexMyth Hunter
CavexMyth Hunter 4 kun oldin
Ya I own the Samsung galaxy S9 aka better then Apple
fakhar Malik
fakhar Malik 4 kun oldin
Being a x user I downloaded new x s or max wallpaper and I’m upgraded to new one 😁😁😁
fakhar Malik
fakhar Malik 4 kun oldin
it looks like I saved my money this year 😁
А. R.
А. R. 4 kun oldin
Thats too much money aapl! Make a $200-$300 phone ..this works only in US
Craig Mexican_ boycx
Yo i want the X r
Anthony Carlos Omisore
There needs to be a revolution to end this madness of iPhone's mediocrity. Dual sim??? It's like you get less phone and spend more money, why? All these features they listed were on Nokias and Samsungs in 2007 and they weren't $1,000 even back then. I think the only people who buy iPhone are those who need social validation. It's so clear iPhone is not cutting edge in cellular technology.
amberlyee 4 kun oldin
who misses iPhone 5s
Fireguy2006 4 kun oldin
OMG! I've never seen the Iphone XS And the XR
Hp Phone
Hp Phone 4 kun oldin
Rony August
Rony August 4 kun oldin
Iphone just lost its spirit and figure. Its the weakness point of apple its associate to much as Steve Jobs. When you lost Steve you lost apple. In some terms its good but its to risky for bussiness. Samsung put their bussiness in more "commercial" strategy rather than put a figurative marketing system. Is apple falling down? We will know next 5 years when it reach the bottom. One more DSDS.... seriously??? China phone has it for many years ago
Johnathan Sanford
Johnathan Sanford 4 kun oldin
The S4 starts at just $2157. How many would you like? And would you like it on a 48, 60, or 72 month loan?
Johnathan Sanford
Johnathan Sanford 4 kun oldin
But does the S4 travel back to 1985 though?
kuber sharma
kuber sharma 4 kun oldin
Believe me , ECG cannot be recorded from single wrist whatsoever..
jan3019 4 kun oldin
Their new commercial for this phone has soooooooooooo many NEW features. Maybe one of the reason why the comment section was disabled.
Burhan ali
Burhan ali 4 kun oldin
Iphone totally garbage..they tell these stories again and again..when i heard when they Demo Iphone 4..LOL.. big big battery how big Burj khalifa?? Huawei 1000 times better than Iphone.
Dont Talk To Me
Dont Talk To Me 4 kun oldin
Come on guys it's a Iphone with a new camera what more could you want?
Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson 4 kun oldin
Uh, that's not affordable. Stop lying. 😠😠
Ranusha De Silva
Ranusha De Silva 4 kun oldin
I can see more innovation in phone brands i haven't even heard of
Ranusha De Silva
Ranusha De Silva 4 kun oldin
innovation at its finest. ( sarcastic clap )
Sid Essel
Sid Essel 4 kun oldin
iPhone Ten MaTen...
One 2 Ten
One 2 Ten 4 kun oldin
Hand up if u going sell kidney for this iPhone
Ajay Awsib
Ajay Awsib 4 kun oldin
Using s9 plus
Demeron Dajen
Demeron Dajen 4 kun oldin
With that, I pre ordered my Xs. Yahoo!
Mustafa kazimi
Mustafa kazimi 4 kun oldin
I think the security of iPhone so great than Samsung