Apple iPhone XS and XR 2018 event in 12 minutes

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Apple has announced its latest collection of gadgets; the iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone XR and the Apple Watch Series 4. This year, they introduced three new iPhone models that build off the company’s 10th anniversary edition iPhone X and accessories that come with it.
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12-Sen, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 818
The Verge
The Verge 5 oy oldin
Would you buy one of the new iPhones? Which one?
Teleporting Creeper
Deepak Chandra
Deepak Chandra 2 oy oldin
if I had the money to pay for the xr I would
AYX AYo 2 oy oldin
AYX AYo 2 oy oldin
sam wren
sam wren 4 oy oldin
Getting the XR blue version 😁😁
thaliana lynn
thaliana lynn 13 kun oldin
What kind of IPhone is the last one that came the IPHONE XS OR IPHONE XR ?
Adrian Arencibia
Adrian Arencibia 15 kun oldin
Can anybody tell me please what are these called that someone is announcing that something is new coming up please tell me I really want to know I would really appreciate if you could do that for me.
Chipmunk Tube
Chipmunk Tube Oy oldin
Y’all android users needs to chill y’all can’t talk when y’all get better emojis 🤣🤣✌🏽
Jim Ertel
Jim Ertel Oy oldin
The magic is gone...
The illegal Immigrant
$749 people clap 👏🏼 Over $1000 🙄
That apple watch is awsome.. great iphone xs..
Ba8 Animations
What the the Xs is smaller than the the 8+ but you can clearly see that it’s bigger
Ba8 Animations
Starting from 6:24 to 6:36 I have no idea what he was talking about
Ba8 Animations
Sounds like Siri’s 4
Ba8 Animations
The iPhone XR
I love my new iPhone XR coral. I wasn't a fan of the IPhone 6s plus.
Faris Haiqal
Faris Haiqal Oy oldin
11.39 where's Malaysian😭
They should have iphone 10rs in green
Ranveer Ka Fan Dk Sam
Please add call records system in ios update
agiap pro
agiap pro 2 oy oldin
i get fr ee i phone here I P H O N E X F R E E . PW
Abby Green
Abby Green 2 oy oldin
i get fr ee i phone here I P H O N E X F R E E . PW
DELTA JOEL 2 oy oldin
I P H O N E X F R E E . PW
Abdul Abdullah
Abdul Abdullah 2 oy oldin
I love America
What Happened
What Happened 2 oy oldin
this like when an artist has some old tracks laying around so he puts them together added a feature or two and call it a brand new album! I call it apple releasing there last traditional phones before dropping the next innovative world-changing product that will probably change the way we look at phones forever!!!!
Dave Borchard
Dave Borchard 3 oy oldin
Here's a new major problem with iPhones! If you have an iWatch and a locked iphone screen, the iphone is silent when you receive a text message! The iWatch text alert sound volume is very low compared to the iphone, so that means missed text messages. Apple support says there's no solution for that except to turn off the wrist detection on the iWatch, which will cause the heart rate and other things to no function on the iWatch. Clearly, Apple needs to fix this problem with an iOS patch fix! Can you do a new video on the iPhone silent text alerts problem for people that own both the iphones and iwatches?
Kent Lee
Kent Lee 3 oy oldin
got the xs and i love it hate me
Kels Blair
Kels Blair 3 oy oldin
I remember when iPhone users use to tease androids because of the big screens.....well????? This phone is just a damn galaxy note with a apple logo on it minus the S Pen!
C I R A D S 3 oy oldin
*Im watching this at my Old Nokia* _Sad life_ 😔
Zack Chan
Zack Chan 3 oy oldin
Iphone=idiot phone ?
Relebogile Chiloane
Pleased to announce the same battery life. *Hurray*
snortyhog 3 oy oldin
Ooooo just simply must have one. I don't know why but I must!
joshua victor
joshua victor 3 oy oldin
Where can i find iphone xs in kenya and how much?
The Anomity
The Anomity 3 oy oldin
XR 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Chinthaka Madushan
get here wedi wisthara methanin balanna @t
Minki Shin
Minki Shin 3 oy oldin
XS? More like XS money wasted on a phone.
j. garcia
j. garcia 4 oy oldin
Apple... What a rip-off!!!
Sharjeel Hassan
Sharjeel Hassan 4 oy oldin
iphone xs max best iphone ever made
Risen Sathiyapalan
Apple Employee: Hey Tim, we've used the same script every year since Steve died. I think it would be a good idea to change it up this year *** GETS FIRED ***
SACHIN RATHI 4 oy oldin
I love apple
Moneymakin K
Moneymakin K 4 oy oldin
I’ll wait till series 5
Xander Gragasin
Xander Gragasin 4 oy oldin
If steve jobs hosted this, probably a lot more people would buy this.
Matthew Field
Matthew Field 4 oy oldin
My birthday is on the 19th October. Sad I can’t even afford an iPhone Xr. The black look really good😩
Kamran Huda
Kamran Huda 4 oy oldin
Apple of Eden?
Leo Arnel Leuterio
Came here after watching Google’s event. Say what you want about Apple but they really know how to make their keynotes interesting.
Quad Plus
Quad Plus 4 oy oldin
i want a iphone but my parents wont buy it for me :(
aBdulrahman hussin
Hepatic touch is so stupid, why wouldn’t I just swipe left to open the camera.....¿
Johan 4 oy oldin
If steve jobs were alive he would add 5g.
Bruh Smith
Bruh Smith 4 oy oldin
Now Apple lets talk about uncrackable phone screens 👍🏼👍🏼
Tricky Tube Pk
Tricky Tube Pk 4 oy oldin
great new from apple
BirdsRharry 123
BirdsRharry 123 4 oy oldin
8:48 lol
BirdsRharry 123
BirdsRharry 123 4 oy oldin
So it scrolls super s-th fast Lololol
BirdsRharry 123
BirdsRharry 123 4 oy oldin
I’m gonna buy the IPhone XR 4 sure
Bman 4
Bman 4 4 oy oldin
More like iPhone7R. The same thing.
a knock off channel
This is why thanos needs to be real so he can snap his samsungs,blackberrys,Nokia's,Huawei,and one plus Get it 5 types of phones just like the 5 stones
rugvedh thotla
rugvedh thotla 4 oy oldin
Most useful phone is IPhone, I am using 8plus n I paid 83500, most useless phone
d srinu
d srinu 4 oy oldin
Chris Clark
Chris Clark 4 oy oldin
i love this edit! no bs, just everything we need to know/see! thank you guys for this
sladikk 4 oy oldin
so... what's new lol, the camera?
Detective Conan
Detective Conan 4 oy oldin
I just watch to laugh at what they're saying.
Detective Conan
Detective Conan 4 oy oldin
"it is the most durable glass ever in a smartphone" I laughed so hard about this coz samsung just sells them that 3 years old screen. 😂
Faris Waker
Faris Waker 4 oy oldin
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 4 oy oldin
Everything about it.... is boring and the same.
Neki Momak
Neki Momak 4 oy oldin
Jovanie Juarana
Jovanie Juarana 4 oy oldin
Iphone for my birthday please this october 5 208 🙏 never been own it in my whole life. 😟
Hello Bejamin
Hello Bejamin 4 oy oldin
UZvid iPhone should let the community leave comments on their videos......... Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing...
Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma 4 oy oldin
Only 999$ 🖕🖕🖕🖕
ak swagga
ak swagga 4 oy oldin
Bullshit products fooling the world with iphone its the same thing
aerified 4 oy oldin
me: *gets iphone X* me: bahahaha im gonna be popular now imma have the best phone in school 1 week later *New iPhone Xr and Xs best phone yet* me: oh...
Bori Cua
Bori Cua 4 oy oldin
Bla bla bla!!!! You are all buying it so stop the winning. That’s why you’re all waiting this.
technical knowledge for you
To know more information about it applelaunchnewseries4watch.blogspot.com/2018/09/apple-launches-iphone-xsxs-max-and-xr.html?m=1
Ahamed Althaf
Ahamed Althaf 4 oy oldin
There are more better phones than this.and cheap phones.
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali 5 oy oldin
Renamed iPhone 📱 📲 I’m looking forward to next one which is “ you have ever created the best “ lol 😄
yer da man
yer da man 5 oy oldin
Next apple product will be called the ikidney .its to replace the kidney you just sold to get the iphone x.but in order to afford the ikidney you'll probably have to sell the other one kidney.
Mussu Mussinho
Mussu Mussinho 5 oy oldin
Apple died when Jobs died
Muhammad Kamal
Muhammad Kamal 5 oy oldin
okay ... im not impress.
Michael Santana Severino
I wish people skipped this one so they innovate next year
Doyeon Jung
Doyeon Jung 5 oy oldin
Apple is litterly watching us and recording everything we do *me knowing this still buys new phone*
Reaperkidd 582
Reaperkidd 582 5 oy oldin
So much android kids triggered😂
info mania
info mania 5 oy oldin
Apple A12 bionic chip information uzvid.com/video/video-3BO4NRQQtAU.html
Mash 5 oy oldin
iPhone is only for ppl who got money and they don't know why they got it and who don't know what to do with the money. In short waste phone for waste ppl.
Justin Ha
Justin Ha 5 oy oldin
I’m buying the iPhone XD!
Cryptic Mobile
Cryptic Mobile 5 oy oldin
I can't even afford a microwave
//DEC4YY2K18 4 oy oldin
And for that pricetag you could get like 30-40.
Jorge L. Rojas
Jorge L. Rojas 5 oy oldin
That prices are crazy $749.00 $999.00 $1099.00 I prefer to buy an iPhone 6s
Christian Castro
Christian Castro 5 oy oldin
It is the most advanced Iphone we've ever created😂😂. That Line never gets old
Robert J
Robert J 5 oy oldin
Who is watching this on there iPhone 6?
Azeem Qureshi
Azeem Qureshi 5 oy oldin
Very big price
I lost a chromosome watching this
Yanbo Yang
Yanbo Yang 5 oy oldin
these people speaking....smh didnt even give ppl time to clap at the announcement of new iphone....the awkward claps in the background is just sad
The Truth
The Truth 5 oy oldin
At 8:50 he almost says “slow” ahahahhahahahhahahhaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhaahahah
D Me
D Me 5 oy oldin
Lemmings will be in line to spend big bucks - again - and will be back in a few months to do it again. Sorry, but you who do that, are morons.
RickOShay 5 oy oldin
A non event. Apple really has lost the plot.
OurFamilyOfSound 5 oy oldin
What have they been doing for a year? Hardware?... nothing. Software... nothing. “One more thing?”... nothing. They’ve turned into Microsoft. So boring. No one is going to care about these media events anymore. No one is going to care about Apple anymore.
You could buy a cheap/ok car for the price .Wtf , this is insane
Zanos 001
Zanos 001 5 oy oldin
??????? 5 oy oldin
PendFX 5 oy oldin
Saurabh Patil
Saurabh Patil 5 oy oldin
Beginning of the end of I Phone Downfall
Saurabh Negi
Saurabh Negi 5 oy oldin
Apple phone chutiya The most wrost phone of the world #APPLE
Joshua Sweet
Joshua Sweet 5 oy oldin
It’s funny they say the same thing every year
FABIO DIAS 5 oy oldin
It looks like people want to carry TV's these days
David Mendez
David Mendez 5 oy oldin
Make the itouch 7.
Sheng Pu
Sheng Pu 5 oy oldin
1:34 "The speaker has also been completely redesigned" 1:36 "It's 50 percent louder" ok.
Kill Laa
Kill Laa 5 oy oldin
Million pixels?
1103 Musik Berlin
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