Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.
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2-Dek, 2018



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Keller Deathf
Keller Deathf 2 soat oldin
3:15 he goes back and comes back in!
Gabriel Dubé
Gabriel Dubé 18 soat oldin
When your 2012 pc have usb 3 on front
Veczey 19 soat oldin
nothing pleases linus
lové Héj
lové Héj 21 soat oldin
why is it swedish windows 10
Skortana Kun oldin
Reason why Logan Paul likes *Walmart*
Anthony Reid
Anthony Reid Kun oldin
I have an omen pc the one the right
Shane Robert Tate
Shane Robert Tate 2 kun oldin
But the durability through time ???
dhica love
dhica love 2 kun oldin
Damn Walmart has everything!!😱😱
jay mahony
jay mahony 2 kun oldin
Take that extra 100$ and go dual channel? It's going to be a very long time before you need over 32 GB of ram. Also you don't take apart that prebuilt HP... So what are you comparing it too? The only thing that seems to really matter is the lack of dual channel, I doub't people who buy prebuilt systems even know what USB 3.0 is. Why do you want more pci-e slots? I bet you have a video saying sli is stupid...
Zavier Mayo
Zavier Mayo 2 kun oldin
My dad got ripped off buying that computer I didn’t ask for on Christmas
MetalBurst Ninja
MetalBurst Ninja 3 kun oldin
i like that knife
MetalBurst Ninja
MetalBurst Ninja 3 kun oldin
your canadian to
john o'connor
john o'connor 3 kun oldin
If you don't want it I'll have it please
LeTruEan 3 kun oldin
Im sorry but I need more than just performance. It has to look good too.
Gabriele Chavez
Gabriele Chavez 3 kun oldin
Omen is better because it last longer I had overpowered to test it out and it last only for 2months
TotalDiscount 3 kun oldin
"Hardwire" How could you even make that mistake? The *A* key is far away than the *I* key WTF?
TheHavoc156 3 kun oldin
i wish i had a gaming pc but im in England and am in y6
Monorom Krich
Monorom Krich 4 kun oldin
Ooo, watch the knife
Matthew M. Dean
Matthew M. Dean 4 kun oldin
Even with a PC in the 95th percentile I frame cap to 30 avoid stutter myself.
Tom Saves
Tom Saves 4 kun oldin
the last time i played fortnite i had 0.2 fps.... totally good i wish i got hand of a gaming pc
Tom Saves
Tom Saves 18 soat oldin
+Ecksposed annoying it is
Ecksposed Kun oldin
+Tom Saves i feel you.. A LOT!!
Tom Saves
Tom Saves 2 kun oldin
+Ecksposed hard life without pcs ;-; you feel me
Ecksposed 2 kun oldin
same ;(
Andrea Novembre
Andrea Novembre 4 kun oldin
scuiba 5 kun oldin
They are abt 200 to 600 dollars over priced
chinchy111 5 kun oldin
Looks so much better than that hideous HP case though
Mercenaru 5 kun oldin
But it's not that bad for 1 500 $ though. I mean, it depends how much 1 500 bucks mean to you. I just want to point out that in Europe, PCs and components are much more expensive compared to US market - hell, I won't even consider a gaming PC being "a gaming PC" if it doesn't cost at least 2 000 $ - and yes, of course you could get better components one by one, especiaily if you are buying on let's say, christmas or black friday. As for the USB 2.0 on the front...don't they always put cheap-lame USB port on the front and the good one on the back ? I swear this is the case on every pre-built PC on the market. As for the technology behind it, even today in 2019 you find PCs with USB 2.0, PS/2 ports and EVEN floppy disk support in BIOS !!
Arvin Lee
Arvin Lee 5 kun oldin
What happened to Ivan? Linus said he was not with LTT anymore.
Joham Diaz
Joham Diaz 5 kun oldin
Hyundai kanabo
Editor Damien
Editor Damien 5 kun oldin
I literally use that omen pc
the RC entertainer
the RC entertainer 5 kun oldin
Your using all the processing power with the rgb
Yasirobert Gaming
Yasirobert Gaming 5 kun oldin
I can't watch this,i gotta remove my eyes Hsnkqhaishnmsihwkkejs.,-^bsj
KxnqMarko 5 kun oldin
Just watch 3:15 how he is walking back with the PC 😂
Ethan plays
Ethan plays 5 kun oldin
my motherboard only has a hdmi and displayport
Vylet Rayne
Vylet Rayne 5 kun oldin
Where can I buy your screwdriver?
wessd 6 kun oldin
You are nitpicking. The performance was not an issue vs cost, and walmart buyers aren't the geeks you are. video unplugged? like dell has never screwed up...you don't like the mobo, but most folks won't ever SEE the mobo. They will see the purty lights tho. So the 1 stick of ram is a BIT of a bottleneck...but you seemed impressed until the one benchmark looked odd to you...and even then you said "BUT, it doesn't seem to affect game play" The USB3 on the rear vs usb2 on the front...big whoop. get a hub... the actual thing here is you geeked out over ugly PS and glue on mobo, even while reminding us A: it performed pretty well and B: it was reasonably priced. I expected a bit better from you, you seem pretty grounded normally. What if walmart called it a casual gamer pc?
hamdi ezio
hamdi ezio 6 kun oldin
this dude is like gordon ramsey … but for PCs
Harley Me
Harley Me 3 kun oldin
nah, Linus doesn't throw his opinion in your face like Ramsey.. its a take it or leave it thing.. and as a 25 year pc tech I say he's got a good opinion..
FaMe_Cyberzz 6 kun oldin
oof im in canada . where can i buy a good pc guys?
TheBear 5 kun oldin
You can buy an older 6 core PC for under $100 in most places. From that you can build a pretty decent machine.
HedgehogZombies 6 kun oldin
this would be the beast of pcs if i had it i have a acer laptop
In Korea
In Korea 6 kun oldin
I got my pc from Walmart. 2080ti, monitor, keyboard, all for 12000
Stryve HD
Stryve HD 5 kun oldin
qbdrew 6 kun oldin
do you think an i7 8700k and a 2070 will be good ?
MumblePie 6 kun oldin
only know i started knowing that linus is in canada
A new dust bin for Linus from Walmart 😂
AidendeviAn T
AidendeviAn T 7 kun oldin
It’s the same specs as my dads pc but prob not water cooled cpu
Fosty 7 kun oldin
In the thumbnail his face doesn't match the reflection of his face.
seven 7
seven 7 7 kun oldin
Woah, save some pussy for the rest of us
Tim V.
Tim V. 7 kun oldin
The "openis" good one
Savagenoob78 8 kun oldin
2:57 xDDDD im guessing he watch popularmmos
ThePiGuy24 Gaming
ThePiGuy24 Gaming 8 kun oldin
oh penis
VREDFOX 8 kun oldin
Rubber Dong
Rubber Dong 8 kun oldin
Nice white cabinet in the thumbnail.
Mike 8 kun oldin
that's because these computers are put together by 7yr old asian children in sweatshops who are paid .50 cents hr. - so at least you won't find any pubic hair in your motherboard.
Benjamin Bishop
Benjamin Bishop 8 kun oldin
Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I was doing some research for a good gaming monitor and came across a video that was clearly stolen content from other UZvidrs. But I'm not sure who the creators are so I can't reach out to them. It's really frustrating to see content stolen from others so if you have some time and can help me reach out to the creators. This is the video link uzvid.com/video/video-TPSQfemNhLM.html
In The Box Gaming
In The Box Gaming 9 kun oldin
this guy sorta sounds like Hugo from bobs burgers
NSE_ Galaxy
NSE_ Galaxy 9 kun oldin
wow if you saw my pc you will pass out
Charles Zhu
Charles Zhu 9 kun oldin
USB 2.0 still exist on Asus TUF 2019, and People in Indoensia not mind it as long as it was called ASUS.
Kush Arya
Kush Arya 9 kun oldin
Stream king W
Stream king W 10 kun oldin
Slushy Machine
WetSquigglyNugget 10 kun oldin
I was watching this with subtitles and the word penis came up🤷‍♂️🤔🤔
Ace Alpha
Ace Alpha 10 kun oldin
All I'm saying is.. It Looks FIRE
Natan Stanek
Natan Stanek 10 kun oldin
I’m here in the uk waiting for TESCO to make their own pc
GuamanianBlood619 10 kun oldin
Omen squad 😁
thot.slayer911 11 kun oldin
Buying pre-built is okay. Spending 1500 on a pre-built is debatable. If youre gonna spend a lot of shekels on a pc might as well make sure it's quality made. Meaning, only way to know for sure is choosing the parts yourself. So, $1500= build your own. Trust me it's not that hard.
Platyken 11 kun oldin
I'm willing to look past those usb 2.0 ports. That PSU is probably a more cause for concern. Especially with that CPU and GPU, the minimum should've been 750 Watts.
Jason Langley
Jason Langley 11 kun oldin
Does anyone have a link to this
madmatt2024 11 kun oldin
The funny thing is I think Walmart already gave up on these. The Walmart near me used to have one on display but now there is a Cyberpower gaming PC in its place.
Cpt. Shmitt
Cpt. Shmitt 12 kun oldin
Believe it or not you're actually paying most of the money on the brand name stickers on the case.
MaKoGaMeR 2017
MaKoGaMeR 2017 12 kun oldin
I’ll take it because not everyone can afford a $1000+ gaming PCs
mark anthony
mark anthony 7 kun oldin
but its actually cheaper to build than buy a prebuilt if u didnt know
Nigel Uno
Nigel Uno 12 kun oldin
On board VGA, usb 2.0s and an unplugged power plug that might have come out during transit. Yep, totally trash /s
[Rise] vRxge
[Rise] vRxge 12 kun oldin
Linus’ oven can probably run crysis
Jason Chen
Jason Chen 13 kun oldin
it is a chinese OEM after all and Walmart needs their profits.
eXe Serudo
eXe Serudo 13 kun oldin
This guy would vomit on my 40k overpriced laptop that cant run pubg in 40 FPS
CH1CK3NxSALAD 13 kun oldin
The Gordon Ramsay of computers
Bonemane 14 kun oldin
Those "configuration specialists" at these companies are terrible. Usually they're some 18-24 year old kid making $17/hr on an insanity inducing assembly line. I remember before I joined this company as the lead on imaging, they let a third party vendor do the configuration of 150 machines they purchased for a new company they had acquired. They accidentally used a 256gb image on a 512gb drive so the drives had 2 partitions, one of which I shit you not contained a virus. So literally first day of handing out machines everybody in that company had a virus.
SooHwan Lim
SooHwan Lim 14 kun oldin
chipset of the motherboard?
Justin The Matrix— Jesus is King
Those RGB fans are dope to be honest
McCuneWindandSolar 14 kun oldin
only if you would have bought the 2,200 pc that gamersnexus bought. but your both got the same Walmart crap. LOL.
HawkFest 14 kun oldin
11:20 - does it mean that the OverPower will lag much more than the HP Omen during a gaming session (with such frame drops)?
Lemon Gangster
Lemon Gangster 15 kun oldin
Ay im from canada
OnlyOne Easy
OnlyOne Easy 15 kun oldin
He should do a $1,300 Cyber Power pre built PC.
Soremi 15 kun oldin
He can buy 20 PC’s. I can’t buy a mouse.
RainbowisticFarts 14 kun oldin
That's his job???
Hayden Matice
Hayden Matice 15 kun oldin
I’ve Ben trying so long to get a pc but my family doesn’t have the money what are the best low price pc’s
Bob Bobbington
Bob Bobbington 16 kun oldin
"what the crap" -hey, language fucker...
razzkellgamer 16 kun oldin
so my ryzen 5 2600 get's a higher score on cinabench than the i7 8700 lol. i get a score of 1409 at 4.1ghz
12twnty 16 kun oldin
My core 2 duo laptop has two 3.0 usb
Eating Zombies
Eating Zombies 16 kun oldin
I got a "gaming pc" once for £400 about 4 years ago when I was 12 and it didn't even have a GPU with it
Nam Phuong
Nam Phuong 16 kun oldin
OPness or O Pee ness ? or Oh Penis ?
Sinan Akkoyun
Sinan Akkoyun 16 kun oldin
well its better than an iMac for gaming
Joe 16 kun oldin
If you look at the thumbnail, the reflection is a different expression...
kid kaotic
kid kaotic 17 kun oldin
Nabo Nini
Nabo Nini 17 kun oldin
Still better than mine😂😂😂
FLPYCHOPSS 17 kun oldin
You can buy a dell 9010 and upgrade it and it is still as good as the “op” pc
X STREAMS STUDIOS 17 kun oldin
Can u do a vid tutorial on building Game Developer PC please?
Just Nikitin
Just Nikitin 18 kun oldin
So that OMEN is bad?
The Light
The Light 18 kun oldin
Nikelfight 19 kun oldin
Well now that we know their PCs are shit we don’t have to worry about them taking over the gaming market with Walmart’s new streaming service that is rumored
JTMAG 19 kun oldin
But, can it run Minecraft???
Have-a- Cigar
Have-a- Cigar 19 kun oldin
Building your own pc is the most satisfying thing on the plant
Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez 17 soat oldin
Have-a- Cigar What plant are you talking about?
MistBorn 19 kun oldin
Rebrand the PC to Underpowered
Comrade 19 kun oldin
Drew Hewgill
Drew Hewgill 19 kun oldin
Why are you in the kitchen
Circle Nine
Circle Nine 19 kun oldin
Donate to me that pc, i'll take it :(
Kenneth Ketchum
Kenneth Ketchum 19 kun oldin
PS: who actually bought it at newegg, vs. walmart?
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