Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

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The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.
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2-Dek, 2018

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ROUSH4203 Soat oldin
spoiler alert, ABSOLUTELY ANY AND EVERYTHING THAT WALMART TOUCHES IS INDEED THAT BAD. even the humans that frequent every single store ARE INDEED THAT BAD.
Darul Alamsyah
Darul Alamsyah Soat oldin
wow great sir
mhamadac 2 soat oldin
HAHA comparing HP to Walmart. Crap to Crap.
Eric Belinc
Eric Belinc 2 soat oldin
It’s a Walmart gaming pc, what the fuck do you want guy. This is a store that sells socks in one isle and motor oil on another.
moed al garny
moed al garny 2 soat oldin
If no one want this🧐.. Donat it to me help a brother from another mother to get his first system huh?? 🤔
Toastie footsie
Toastie footsie 2 soat oldin
wtf, just get a job.
imickey503 3 soat oldin
Damn, I like that case. Well, its like boss CAR audio. It gives you a pretty good idea of what you want for the future. But hell it works.
Connor Phillips
Connor Phillips 3 soat oldin
Hes gonna stab somebody with that knife
Marijuana 3 soat oldin
Bro my dream is not even 1/8 as good as this one PS: I'll take it if you dont want it xD
Techwazerd 3 soat oldin
its walmart aka the cheapest way possible
Swelve Swelve
Swelve Swelve 3 soat oldin
You should do a review on the Walmart OP gaming laptop
ryan donavon
ryan donavon 4 soat oldin
So what if I'm on a budget and new to pc gaming, would you recommend this, cuz as far as building a gaming pc I'm clueless, been playing console for years the Wal-Mart here has a different one all together from the one you have I play destiny 2 so would this be recommended for it? Please guys be easy I'm a newb to pc 😂
nuke7 4 soat oldin
The RAM is killing cpu performance imo
tony748748a 4 soat oldin
Trashed mine a waste of money
TropiXZzTopics 4 soat oldin
ill kill for that pc i dont care if its not best :(
Special K
Special K 5 soat oldin
I actually spat coke all over my desk when ivan said overwhelmed by the "Oh-penis"
Aaron Reichert
Aaron Reichert 5 soat oldin
Pills Here-y Doughboy
Why would you go to a fu*king Walmart for a PC?
Strahan740i 5 soat oldin
He mentioned how having just a VGA port makes the mobo feel outdated. Surprised he didn't also mention the PS2 ports. Another archaic thing to find. What's next, a parallel port? lol
MN_Phantom 5 soat oldin
People actually still use NewEgg???
Todor Todorov
Todor Todorov 5 soat oldin
Chill out ,you sounds like a lil granny -_-
President Camacho
President Camacho 6 soat oldin
It's all aboot the RGB's.
akilla214u2c 6 soat oldin
All Stop: Did i just see a ps2 mouse and ps2 keyboard connector? That was your 3rd indication of a shitty motherboard! I used ps2 mice and keyboards in like 1998, when I first got into IT. I'm old n so is that motherboard.
Trevor Stone
Trevor Stone 6 soat oldin
ccjh0806 7 soat oldin
Who in the right mind will save $100 to buy the OP shit instead of Omen?
mohr cowbell
mohr cowbell 7 soat oldin
Ok I think the Walmart gaming PC's are actually pretty good for the money.
Alex A.
Alex A. 7 soat oldin
Well budget?
Chip Chapley
Chip Chapley 8 soat oldin
talks about vga cable being old school, fails to mention the ps/2 keyboard and mouse connectors.
Neo Aquas
Neo Aquas 8 soat oldin
he sounded like he was gonna cry
psinjo 8 soat oldin
the only argument i've heard for that many partitions is to have your system page file in it's own partition to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible, but those looked like 4 equal partitions... there's no justifiable reason for that I can think of
Kortex 9 soat oldin
What’s with the weird amount non-regulars here? I see a couple of people not understanding pretty basic terms.
Glanced 9 soat oldin
I wish I knew more about computers so I can understand most of what they are saying 😂😂 like tf is a all core turbo
Glanced 9 soat oldin
Kids in China tried their hardest they are happy with their $2 an hour
Glanced 9 soat oldin
Lol no way is that a gigabyte xm300 mouse I have that
Nate S
Nate S 9 soat oldin
The only REAL issues I see with this computer is the price, the front fans practically being flush with plexi glass (so much for airflow), and the PCIE cable being disconnected. The cable isn't that big of a deal for those of us who know what we're doing, but a lot of people who buy these don't and that's where the issue lies. They won't know where to plug it in or might be nervous to do so. That's how I was when I first started. I was TERRIFIED because it's expensive. Again looking at price. Otherwise airflow is really the only other issue I would have. How is that practical? lol And he didn't even mention it in the video which is pretty bizarre.
Daniel Bratu
Daniel Bratu 10 soat oldin
Friendly advice: Dont make the soyboy face ever again!
Liam McVeigh M
Liam McVeigh M 10 soat oldin
12:23 did you really think that was a good Idea?
AwesomeDog1 10 soat oldin
My pc runs rob lox at 15 fps
js100serch 10 soat oldin
Excuse my ignorance but why are those fans behind an acrylic plate?.
The Griffin
The Griffin 11 soat oldin
The chinese did their best ok dont bully them
The Griffin
The Griffin 11 soat oldin
I understand like 2% of what you are saying xD
daugintas ratkevicius
daugintas ratkevicius 11 soat oldin
whos kitchen they are in?
n0Chill Tracks
n0Chill Tracks 11 soat oldin
16:04 LMAO
The Daughter Who Sews
The Daughter Who Sews 11 soat oldin
china crap
Gore Obsessed
Gore Obsessed 11 soat oldin
ive seen this kind of build quality alot its i like to call it deadline quality. it starts out great untill the deadline comes up and everything is rushed and kinda meh to bad
Quagmire88 12 soat oldin
karson kerrj
karson kerrj 12 soat oldin
Pcie cable problem bitwtit found in his
Sharky Mode
Sharky Mode 13 soat oldin
I still prefer the Verge PC
Unfitproduct Airborne
Unfitproduct Airborne 13 soat oldin
I can build a better PC for cheaper on PCpartpicker.
Veselka 15 soat oldin
so it pays off to buy
Weeaboo Generator
Weeaboo Generator 15 soat oldin
average quality power connector? yea linus my power connectors are 400 up
Fredrik Molntuss
Fredrik Molntuss 15 soat oldin
Admit it, Linus. You hired Ivan because of the comedic value of his accent.
Negrolas 16 soat oldin
So wait a minute...2x8 gb of ram is better than 1x16gb of ram??? I always heard the opposite!
Negrolas 16 soat oldin
Legit question: Is he deaf?
Mrudul Addipalli
Mrudul Addipalli 17 soat oldin
Reflection is different in your thumbnail ( editing )
Wolf 18 soat oldin
Well, the fans look nice...
Grievous 18 soat oldin
Is Linus Tech Tips Really THAT bad?
John Soltis
John Soltis 19 soat oldin
wanna donate the machine? i play league of legends on a 10.1 " RCA cambio with a fps max of 29. RIP
bobbelonie 20 soat oldin
I really don't mean to bitch but I have a question. Why do gamers like all those RGB lights on their PC so much these days? I really don't get it, seems mostly distracting to me if you're trying to lose yourself in the wprld of Tomb Raider and there's this explosive light-show going on right next to you. And let's assume you just love those lights, seriously, how long will you look at it before it starts getting old? For me I would think about 5 minutes. Really I don't get it, I game and when I build I literally need to fight to keep all these colored lights out of my build (not easy!!!!)
Solowarrior1221 20 soat oldin
gamers nexus did test the PSU and by all accounts from them it's a decent power supply, passed the tests they put it through, even has safety features. so while walmart skimped on the powder coat, it looks like they did not skimp on the actual psu, which is nice.
John Doe
John Doe 20 soat oldin
Walmart price is priority 1, quality is priority like 203. They picked the worst places to skimp, they could have made an excellent extremely competent and competitive well-made product instead they made a cheap crappy almost guaranteed to have some kind of catastrophic failure trash fire.
Kaizaqu 468
Kaizaqu 468 21 soat oldin
Someone needs to hook me up my PCs made of cardboard... Rip I’m a bit broke but I love to game... not the best combo
Colin1486 21 soat oldin
Both are very similar, and both can handle games fine. Both are suitable for casual gamers. I’ve had terrible customer service experience with HP though, and I’m pretty sure Walmart will have better warranty and return policies, just in case. Pretty bias review though, disappointed.
The King
The King 23 soat oldin
If you just watch this video to look at cool stuff, and have no idea what tf he is talking about, reply to this comment and say "i"
Doe213 101babar
Doe213 101babar 23 soat oldin
Do I get faster porn on this pc?
Emmanuel Houle
Emmanuel Houle Kun oldin
Theres no such thing as a bad computer......only too Expensive!
Brett Maxwell
Brett Maxwell Kun oldin
Really would like to see what the bottleneck on the FPS was. What it would take to get on-par with the omen system. Thought the Walmart system might slightly have an edge with all cores running at a boosted clockspeed. Throw in a 2nd stick of ram!
Tostky Kun oldin
So when will we get the video benchmarking HDD vs SSD FPS in games?
Luiz Eduardo Lins de Sousa
I have to disagree on partitioning ... I usually keep separate partitions for the operating system and data on a system with only one HD and point the Users folder to the data partition. If I need to install the OS again, I do not need to back up the system.
TheDingod Kun oldin
I wish I knew half of what they were actually talking about. I need to learn from the ground up
[PBSr]Sim Racer and gamer
youre gonna become openis
IYAOYAS 24 Kun oldin
what app or source was used for the original stress test at 6:00min? Thank you very well done video!
Blake Killough
Blake Killough Kun oldin
Didnt understand a word of this
Mr Sardonicus
Mr Sardonicus Kun oldin
So the fine folks at Walmart found the correct child labor force in China to build their PCs. Except someone was sent back to the salt mines for forgetting to plug in the Video Card.
Takashi Kenichi
Takashi Kenichi Kun oldin
Hard to make judgement based on 1 Unit though.....these are prob mass created and the person who did thic PC obviously was a lazy fuck..
John Rose
John Rose Kun oldin
Anti Wallmart bias? It performs perfectly well, but you find loads of "faults".
G P Kun oldin
My motherboard is now 10 years old and upgradeability went into the choice. Its starting to go towards the end of its lifetime though, oh it wouldnt be if all games i would be interested in would be AAA titles let alone if i was just playing and not also streaming which takes up 1-2 cores, but AAA titles dont need that much in terms of CPU. They go with graphics and damned be everything else. For compiling code or anything, performance really isnt such a big issue, either and so it lasted a long time.
Joshua Mouton
Joshua Mouton Kun oldin
That's Wal-Mart for you
Luis Alberto Fierro Salinas
S4lami_gr GAMES
S4lami_gr GAMES Kun oldin
this pc is getting a lot of attention!!youre gonna bump up their sales!xD
D1G1TAL Kun oldin
3:15 awkwardly comes out of the frame just to come back in after Linus finishes talking
XWolven Kun oldin
Definitely not what i would build someone for $1500.
Yusuf Jamal
Yusuf Jamal Kun oldin
you know what? I feel depressed. My motherboard has only 2 memory slots and only a VGA on board slot. I don't have thermal paste applied
jackthegamer Kun oldin
you're putting, a walmart *gaming* computer agains't a god-damn omen hp....isn't that bias ?
Isaac Kun oldin
Think he meant OP-ness (as in converting the noun OP into an adjective)
Me NPC Here
Me NPC Here Kun oldin
It would have been interesting to see how much it improved with both memory slots filled.
bob wonton
bob wonton Kun oldin
It is from Walmart.......What did you expect?
Mythical Moss32
Mythical Moss32 Kun oldin
I fuckin hate it when he’s like “1070, not too bad” I’d be so happy if I had a 1070 and hes then like “ I usually make something like this for $15,000 “ I’m so triggered
first last
first last Kun oldin
Hes in a kitchen full of knives and he uses a drywal saw to open the box xD
D4444 4444
D4444 4444 Kun oldin
The fact that he set it down on the gamepad and it sits uneven is got my ocd off the charts lol
Anmordal-Swe Kun oldin
Overwhelmed by the O-penis! =D
Austin Kolody
Austin Kolody Kun oldin
They sell them in Walmart here. Regina Sask
David Rosario
David Rosario Kun oldin
Fix it. What do you have to do to make it run better?
Kryssy Bro
Kryssy Bro Kun oldin
12:22 I saw that coming
Kid W ϟ
Kid W ϟ Kun oldin
u didnt even play games u tiny man.
osubuckeye2009 Kun oldin
Hunter Ruschli
Hunter Ruschli Kun oldin
You: “so have they configured this system to run an all core turbo?? On those VRMs??” Me: 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Jon B
Jon B Kun oldin
I forget which channels the vids were from, but I saw 2 other of these OP towers where the gpu was unplugged on arrival. It seems like a choice from the company rather than an error.
dan75 Kun oldin
Never skimp on a PSU. It should have been a 750 watt or higher for a mid-range gaming PC. About $80.
ichithekiller85 Kun oldin
Sick looking case though, I would have thought it would look way more cheap and nasty (glares at the HP case)
C. iNat
C. iNat Kun oldin
OPenis OPenis OPenis
4K Gaming is Dumb
29 kun oldin