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Are you smarter than a 5th grader?! 'Cause boy do we need help!
Did you see what these guys think periods are like?uzvid.com/video/video-y1cyFOW5vdo.html&index=66&list=PLzJJH9jFtNp914Edp5vPvhHYSphugPLV3
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Had an audition! Went through my inbox! Worked on some video ideas! Told the merch people that the merch needs to be CHEAPER and the Team and I tried to see if we were smarter than a 5th grader HAHAH fail...
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Hey, I'm Lilly Singh and I make comedy sketches on my main channel iisuperwomanii. You’re currently watching a video on my second channel, SuperwomanVlogs. My vlogs are all about my puppy Scarbro, behind the scenes, bloopers, extras and more.



8-Sen, 2018

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IISuperwomanII 4 oy oldin
Are you smarter than a 5th grader?! Did you get all the questions right? What was your score?
mnm malaquias
mnm malaquias 10 kun oldin
Lily you were right! The Nile is the longest river but the amzon has a bigger flow!
Thora Risan
Thora Risan Oy oldin
I like to think that i am smarter then a fifth grader. I teach fifth grade. all but the last one right though, because we don't use am/pm here. And to answer your question, The ear.
Miriam M
Miriam M Oy oldin
IISuperwomanII is it the tail bone? And the red and yellow make orange 😂 if I’m wrong I’m gonna die 😂😂
Drishti Singh
Drishti Singh 2 oy oldin
Angel Larson
Angel Larson 2 oy oldin
i am a 5th grader
maisy mad
maisy mad 7 soat oldin
Kerry Brown
Kerry Brown 10 soat oldin
Smallest bone is in your ear right? 😊
Khadeeja Ahmad
Khadeeja Ahmad Kun oldin
is taylor brogan's brother? I am confused here
Frankie Star
Frankie Star 2 kun oldin
Kyle props to you also the answer to Kyle's question is dun dun dunnnnn orange
Alexis Miles
Alexis Miles 3 kun oldin
Face at I’m in5th
Adeline Afoakwa
Adeline Afoakwa 3 kun oldin
Akamaru Xx
Akamaru Xx 3 kun oldin
I’m a 6 grader and I never learnt this.. .-.
Artistic Isha
Artistic Isha 4 kun oldin
i am learning canadian history now and the first two provinces were ontario and quebec if my memory is right but they might mean something else soo
Cuiping Pan
Cuiping Pan 4 kun oldin
Your ear, and orange
Mia Sakae
Mia Sakae 4 kun oldin
Ginger Ole
Ginger Ole 4 kun oldin
Smallest bone: located in the ear Color when you mix yellow and red: orange The capital of Croatia: Zagreb (We learned it in geo class) (I'm a 7th grader lol)
de empress delisha
de empress delisha 5 kun oldin
de empress delisha
de empress delisha 5 kun oldin
Cora Mahoney
Cora Mahoney 5 kun oldin
-ear -Orange -?????????
Abbey Moss
Abbey Moss 6 kun oldin
in the middle of the ear stapes
Karlie Horne
Karlie Horne 6 kun oldin
I'm in 5th grade...... I LOVE THIS!!
Emma Dunn
Emma Dunn 6 kun oldin
It’s in the inner ear and umm 😐 I’m in fourth grade and know that soooooo
XxMollxX *Mollie Cahill*
No, the Nile is the longest and the Amazon is the largest
Beth Hunter
Beth Hunter 7 kun oldin
Una Karen Guðmundsdóttir
the smallest bone in the human body is in the ear and if you mix yellow and red the outcome is orange I’m a 7 grader
Annabella Colon
Annabella Colon 8 kun oldin
The smallest bone is in your ear
Shankar Shrestha
Shankar Shrestha 8 kun oldin
ZeeZu Brown
ZeeZu Brown 9 kun oldin
I AM a 5th grader
ZeeZu Brown
ZeeZu Brown 9 kun oldin
I say never eat salty worms
Anya Periappuram
Anya Periappuram 9 kun oldin
I am in 5th grade
Humphrey Boadi
Humphrey Boadi 11 kun oldin
Nose, Orange and I have -8926 ideas
Omar Bakkour
Omar Bakkour 11 kun oldin
Stapes orange and don’t know the other one
Cerys May
Cerys May 14 kun oldin
pm =past miday and am =after midnight
Charlotte Lotter
Charlotte Lotter 14 kun oldin
Foot, orange
Kimberly Yashar
Kimberly Yashar 15 kun oldin
I am a fifth grader 1. ? 2. Orange 3. ?
Kimberly Yashar
Kimberly Yashar 15 kun oldin
I do that to, I watch things while in Work, I am eating food while watching this
Kimberly Yashar
Kimberly Yashar 15 kun oldin
I am in fifth grade
Kimberly Yashar
Kimberly Yashar 15 kun oldin
I am in fifth grade
vijay naraine
vijay naraine 15 kun oldin
i think one of them is located in the ear [i still go to school and don't mind the picture]
Harsimran K
Harsimran K 17 kun oldin
I am a fifth grader and I know none of that hahaha #lol
Jasmine Broomfield
Jasmine Broomfield 17 kun oldin
I say what Lilly says: Never Eat Shredded Wheat
Sky Pop
Sky Pop 18 kun oldin
Your foot
Jayna Surti
Jayna Surti 19 kun oldin
1:Ear 2:Orange Duhhh 3.Zagebra (I didn't google but looked at other comments)
Heather Lapp
Heather Lapp 19 kun oldin
The smallest bones in your body are in your ear. Red and yellow make orange The capital of Croatia is..... idk I am smarter than a fifth grader
Em Od
Em Od 20 kun oldin
Your ear, Orange I don’t know the other one
Ritu Talathi
Ritu Talathi 22 kun oldin
Nile is the longest river in the world... Amazon is the biggest
Shradha Sreeraj
Shradha Sreeraj 25 kun oldin
The last one was soooo easy
Melissa May
Melissa May 26 kun oldin
Post Mortem 😂
Retaj Algethami
Retaj Algethami 26 kun oldin
The stapes in middle ear 👂 and orange 🍊 Btw I’m in sixth grade
Carolyn Posey
Carolyn Posey 29 kun oldin
I'm a 5th grader. So I don't know
The Mari SHOW
The Mari SHOW 29 kun oldin
It will be in the inner ear (the smallest bone)
Riley Stewart
Riley Stewart Oy oldin
The answers to their questions for us... 1. The middle part of your ear 2. Orange 3. Zagreb I got them right!!! I had my parents check to see if I was right!!! I’m in seventh grade so I had a better chance remembering these things. We actually did get asked what the capital of Croatia was, believe it or not.
Shehnaz Patel
Shehnaz Patel Oy oldin
Don’t google it. Ok 👍🏻😏😏😏😏
Sophia Baronian
Kat Can
Kat Can Oy oldin
I'm a fifth grader, but I can't even answer those questions. :/
Madi R
Madi R Oy oldin
Is anyone else confused by the square root question ? Shouldn’t it be seven?
Iman Haider
Iman Haider Oy oldin
i only know the answer orange
Liam  Elliott
Liam Elliott Oy oldin
Liam  Elliott
Liam Elliott Oy oldin
Abigail Schisler
Lilly's question: your wrist? Second question: ORANGE Third question: ????
Abdulkarim Farah-Ahmed
Abdulkarim Farah-Ahmed
Squiggly Diggly
My name is tayler and no one ever had tear as their name also it is probably spelt Taylor
Somen Oy oldin
Wrist and Orange☺️
Jessica Smit
Jessica Smit Oy oldin
Smallest bone is in the ear
Kennedy Cooks For Kids
The smallest bone in your body is in your ear
Alex Cairns
Alex Cairns Oy oldin
ear orange Prague
andreea's logic
middle ear
The Random Sister
your ear, green, and zagreb
The Random Sister
Liv Lerich
Liv Lerich Oy oldin
The region of the smallest bone is in the ear Yellow+Red=Orange Capital of Croatia? idk man
Ashley Droddy
Ashley Droddy Oy oldin
The smallest bone in your body is in your ear
Saige Curtis
Saige Curtis Oy oldin
Smallest bone in the body is located in the inner ear. You mix red and yellow you get orange. Never learned the capital of what ever country he said. I'm not even in fifth grade anymore.
Me, Myself and I
1. Ear?? 2. Orange 3. No idea
HNK Gaming Girl
The smallest bone in your body is in your ear
Peter Skids
Peter Skids Oy oldin
I am as smart as a sixth grader because I am one...
Owlgamer Plays
Owlgamer Plays 2 oy oldin
The smallest bone in your body is located in the inner ear, If you mix yellow and red, you get orange, I have no idea what the capital of Croatia is but I have a question I don't know if this is only my school but since when do 5th graders learn the square root of a number!?!? I haven't learned that and I'm in sixth grade
Haleigh Ramharrack
I do not know what is the capital of ... What u call it
Haleigh Ramharrack
Yellow plus red is equal to orange
Haleigh Ramharrack
Body is located in your ear
Haleigh Ramharrack
The smallest bone in yu
ć h i m m y
ć h i m m y 2 oy oldin
I am a fifth grader and I love your channel so much :D
Jojo Hassan
Jojo Hassan 2 oy oldin
Carly Kubicek
Carly Kubicek 2 oy oldin
As a sixth grader, I can assure you I didn’t learn any of that. And I’m one of the smartest in my grade. I think I got like two right.
AbzyCat 2 oy oldin
the smallest bone in your body is in your ear, orange duh and... ...quick google search... Zagreb.
Dania Hamad
Dania Hamad 2 oy oldin
Creme Puff
Creme Puff 2 oy oldin
Ødd Øctøpus
Ødd Øctøpus 2 oy oldin
i am in grade 5
Amelia Poland
Amelia Poland 2 oy oldin
inner ear?
Tamyra Dugas
Tamyra Dugas 2 oy oldin
Aislynn Quimby
Aislynn Quimby 2 oy oldin
I don't think those are fifth-grade questions I learned square roots when I was doing 7th & 8th-grade math.
swathi jain
swathi jain 2 oy oldin
arunima datta
arunima datta 2 oy oldin
The smallest bone of the body is located in the ear It’s one of the three bones in the middle ear but idk which one is the smallest
Priyal Deep
Priyal Deep 2 oy oldin
The longest river is Nile. The largest river is Amazon. Unless my whole life is a lie....... I have some questions for my geography teacher. That why you should not trust google completely and read some actual book.
Reyna 2 oy oldin
1-ear , 2-orange, 3-zagreb? i don’t know the answer to the 3rd one and if i wrote that right
Salmex Llc
Salmex Llc 2 oy oldin
I didnt know any of the answers
Roger Barker
Roger Barker 2 oy oldin
"Chlorophyll, what's that again? It's an STD right?" - Lilly, 2k18
Ava Brogan
Ava Brogan 2 oy oldin
I say North~Never East~Eat South~Slimy West~Worms!!
French Vanilla
French Vanilla 2 oy oldin
In the ear
Rosie Chaplin
Rosie Chaplin 2 oy oldin
I am a 5th grader
Hannah renee
Hannah renee 2 oy oldin
The answers to the questions Lilly's question: Where is the smallest bone in your body? Answer: In your hand Kyle's question: If you mix yellow and red what color do you get? Answer: Orange Taylor's question: What is the capital of Croatia? Answer: Zagreb, Croatia love you!!!!
Paola 2 oy oldin
smallest bone... in the ear? color mix = orange don't know the cap of Cro. :P
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9 oy oldin
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