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Ariana Grande - goodnight n go (Audio)

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Music video by Ariana Grande performing goodnight n go (Audio). © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.




25-Okt, 2018




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Charlie G
Charlie G Soat oldin
Love this ♥️
Heather Duke Galactica
My top five: 1. Get well soon 2. Goodnight n go 3. Raindrops 4. Successful 5. Pete davidson
king_ troy31
king_ troy31 3 soat oldin
A Ar Ari Aria Arian Ariana Ariana G Ariana Gr Ariana Gra Ariana Gran Ariana Grand Ariana Grande Ariana Grand Ariana Gran Ariana Gra Ariana Gr Ariana G Ariana Arian Aria Ari Ar A
JamcRanos Vlogs
JamcRanos Vlogs 6 soat oldin
Whos top 3 fav song from the album meeee😊
Victoria Oliva
Victoria Oliva 21 soat oldin
Literally the definition between me and my crush
Sarah Pledger
Sarah Pledger 21 soat oldin
I got u I got u dreaming yas bitch
Sarah Pledger
Sarah Pledger 21 soat oldin
I like the music box at the beginning
J-JizzleVEVO Idk what to put here
Crush: I like you too Me:
1,000 Subscribers With No Video
Who’s here after 7 rings?
1,000 Subscribers With No Video
Honestly my fav song in the album.
izzy weston
izzy weston Kun oldin
Imogen heap
the life of alex isla x lane
Aesthetic kiaa
Aesthetic kiaa Kun oldin
Early birthday present a day before my bday!! ❤️❤️
Ada Concepcion
Ada Concepcion Kun oldin
Selma 2 kun oldin
stephanie deras
stephanie deras 2 kun oldin
Dakota Pruitt
Dakota Pruitt 2 kun oldin
Who else got this from Instagram 😂
Nasida N
Nasida N 2 kun oldin
this song was a grower for me tbh but issa BOP
Amilkar Villalobos
Amilkar Villalobos 2 kun oldin
This song is better that 7 rings
cristal huddleston
cristal huddleston 2 kun oldin
She’s coming to my home town Portland 😭
cristal huddleston
cristal huddleston 2 kun oldin
I’m so excited for her to come to Portland 😭😭
Michelle Andrea
Michelle Andrea 2 kun oldin
OOFFFF QUEEN. I Can't even... This Song Is PURE GOLD. I Really Needed This Song. :)
Kinga Grzywna
Kinga Grzywna 3 kun oldin
Words cannot explain how special this song is ❤️
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
She's got 5 millon views on this song and Imogen just 3, that's unfair.
Inês Gama
Inês Gama 3 kun oldin
*Why do you have to be so cute? It's impossible to ignore you* ❤
Jose Gordillo
Jose Gordillo 3 kun oldin
am I in heaven?
lina 3 kun oldin
@future boyfriend lol
Sophie Bennett
Sophie Bennett 3 kun oldin
Where is the music video?? aRi eXpLaIn
Princess Rodriquez
Princess Rodriquez 3 kun oldin
am i the only one who came here from louie's life's baking cookie video when they were singing this song just me... ok nice to know
Naleigh Hudson
Naleigh Hudson 3 kun oldin
somehow i see her with harry styles
Britney Avendano
Britney Avendano 3 kun oldin
I always listen to this song because of this certain someone ☺️
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams 3 kun oldin
Whose here after 7 rings?
최예림 3 kun oldin
넌 원래 언행불일치임??
jade gooding
jade gooding 3 kun oldin
this is in my top 5 of sweetener, i freaking luv it
Hafsa Mohamoud
Hafsa Mohamoud 3 kun oldin
Joshua Orwin
Joshua Orwin 4 kun oldin
So many good vibes :))
Sofía Guadalupe Alderete Giuliano
Good night for everybody 😃
Isabella Kitty cat
Isabella Kitty cat 4 kun oldin
This song makes me think abt my crushhh x
Lavine MS
Lavine MS 4 kun oldin
zenaa !
zenaa ! 4 kun oldin
makes me think of my ex. he's now my best friend and we talk about everything & do everything together so tbh I like him better this way. or I thought I did before he told me he got a gf and now well ... i want him to be happy so. thank u, next
Candice Edwards
Candice Edwards 4 kun oldin
Azyz 1998
Azyz 1998 5 kun oldin
Queen ❤️❤️❤️ slayed
amazing aysiaDIY
amazing aysiaDIY 5 kun oldin
amazing aysiaDIY
amazing aysiaDIY 5 kun oldin
Goodnight and go 🎶🎶🎤
Lu Lockuán
Lu Lockuán 5 kun oldin
Candy Anna
Candy Anna 5 kun oldin
goshhh im in love in it!
s h
s h 6 kun oldin
2019 any 1 ?
leni B
leni B 6 kun oldin
Your taste of music is funumanal🖤🖤
leni B
leni B 6 kun oldin
I love this
High Hopes
7 oy oldin
thank u, next
2 oy oldin