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Ariana Grande - imagine (lyric video)

Ariana Grande`
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"THE EXPEDITION WENT WRONG": by Glitch-Artist Chepertom (instagram @chepertomz); Cinematography by Adam DJ Laity (@adjlaity www.blackcatfilms.org.uk) and Eric Esterle (@ericesterlephoto)
Lyrics added by: Chris Shelley @create
#ArianaGrande #imagine




14-Dek, 2018



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posto atlantica
posto atlantica 53 daqiqa oldin
SearOtterFilms Soat oldin
0:01 spam this to make it worse
Benjy Juárez
Benjy Juárez 2 soat oldin
Perfect! 💙.
inhalethetoxins 3 soat oldin
imaAAAAAGINE a Mac like that
2:42 this voice is like a ángel
Eliazar Paglinawan
Eliazar Paglinawan 7 soat oldin
forever be one of my greatest fav❤️
Rebeka 015
Rebeka 015 8 soat oldin
unoriginal name
unoriginal name 10 soat oldin
John lennon did it better
W98. 10 soat oldin
I’m here because of u YERi💘💘💘. #reveluv
Autumn Epiha-Rossiter
Autumn Epiha-Rossiter 11 soat oldin
In ur fan
Gacha Life Stories
Gacha Life Stories 13 soat oldin
Do I like Ariana? No I LOVE ARIANA
someone of nobody
someone of nobody 14 soat oldin
Compare to John lennon's imagine , Ariana grande is a shit
The DIVA Show
The DIVA Show 14 soat oldin
Why is this so underrated
Boni Chodes
Boni Chodes 16 soat oldin
What was she smoking to release 7 rings(aka tiny charcoal grill) and break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored as singles and not this?(It’s greedy with everyday and side to side all over again)
travis skot
travis skot 17 soat oldin
watch in 144p
val 17 soat oldin
Who ever disliked this song .. I just wanna talk .
im a worm
im a worm 19 soat oldin
Macs tattoo "imagine" is this about Mac?
Mo Klaiber
Mo Klaiber 21 soat oldin
You can even read the words with the background 😂
dennis porroa duran
dennis porroa duran 22 soat oldin
It's very good
Trixii- Exploring a journey
Why did she make the background like that?
Night Core music
I’m deaf now
Diyanni Banks
Diyanni Banks Kun oldin
at2:36 it gives my the chills oh wait never mind im out side
chicken dorito
chicken dorito Kun oldin
Nikaju Milu
Nikaju Milu Kun oldin
Read the description before you get confused from the video.
Michelle Appiah
Michelle Appiah Kun oldin
Those whistlesss
PAT Kun oldin
John Lennon is better
Evelyn Hernandez Dual
Like by Ariana Grande!
itzmekrystal !
itzmekrystal ! Kun oldin
Not tryna be rude but... Ari... Wheres de music video?!!
shanelle badger
shanelle badger Kun oldin
is this song actually ab mac miller?
Macioca Mihaela
Macioca Mihaela Kun oldin
Des français par ici ??🤔
Ivy Ivy
Ivy Ivy Kun oldin
Am i high ? 🤔
Kylie Who?
Kylie Who? Kun oldin
The people who disliked this video did not want to “imagine”
Daisy Nalls
Daisy Nalls Kun oldin
Oh man i was so thankful when the screen went black
Sean Harris
Sean Harris Kun oldin
To everyone who thinks their phone or computer is glitching, it’s not that’s how the graphics is in the video, I’m just giving y’all a heads up.
Breanna Burton
Breanna Burton Kun oldin
My crush likes me... iMaGiNe A wOrLd lIkE tHaT
Elli World
Elli World Kun oldin
Those whistles!!!! I e n v y *H E R*
Melody Fang
Melody Fang Kun oldin
I love your songs it’s too fancy
Underrated music but lovin’ it mcdonalds
Yota Nikita
Yota Nikita Kun oldin
My eyes are broken but my ears are blessed more than ever
Aurelia Lamberti
I had to put the quality higher and I had to reset my phone because I thought that my screen was broken.
まる 2 kun oldin
lotus background
lotus background 2 kun oldin
That is the result of climate change.
sali23h Diop
sali23h Diop 2 kun oldin
Love you 😙😍
hi it’s me
hi it’s me 2 kun oldin
Thessa Leigh Aranjuez
This is my fav song of the Album❤
Harry Forger
Harry Forger 2 kun oldin
The reason people dislike this song is becuase it's in a 3/4 time signature. Pop music is always in 4/4 time, and people get accostumed to hearing that, so when something is in a different time signature its unfamiliar, and the human brain does not like that, because it's not in a pattern it can get used to.
Taylor Edullantes
Taylor Edullantes 2 kun oldin
uzvid.com/video/video-az1VyIbSgIs.html Thank you, next - Ariana Grande
antonio banbino
antonio banbino 2 kun oldin
Me when I see a spider 2:44
זואי עזריה
I love this song❤❤
Tongxin Guo
Tongxin Guo 2 kun oldin
Dan Rockwolf
Dan Rockwolf 2 kun oldin
This song is so intense and makes me horny lmao
Connor Oakley
Connor Oakley 2 kun oldin
Please stop showing up in front of John Lennon's Imagine, thank you.
Vlad III
Vlad III 2 kun oldin
John Lennon's Imagine is better.
Vlad III
Vlad III 2 kun oldin
Not to mention it's actually good.
Thot Obliterater
Thot Obliterater 2 kun oldin
2:24 Can you eat my vagina Sorry
Angel Garay
Angel Garay 2 kun oldin
People forget that this song is the best
Speedyrope58 2 kun oldin
Imagine Ariana grande using the title of one of the greatest songs ever created when she’s trash. I know all the triggered thots are going to attack me for this one
good tea
good tea 2 kun oldin
I literally thought my phone broke
joshua lepretre
joshua lepretre 3 kun oldin
Quick quick quick let's go 😂
Annabel Reeves
Annabel Reeves 3 kun oldin
Skert (skert, skert, skert)
Konstantinos Κ.
Konstantinos Κ. 3 kun oldin
Maybe when i was trying to do the whistle notes i scared somebody
Alejandro Urbina valencia
Que bonito cantas
iwona milczarek
iwona milczarek 3 kun oldin
Sing this song on tour 😭❤️
Jules Brianson
Jules Brianson 3 kun oldin
pas mal mais pas ouf
Reevise Weaver
Reevise Weaver 3 kun oldin
When something bad happens when your taking your test Imagine a world like that
nextros antonio
nextros antonio 3 kun oldin
in my Pc or are the Video ? xD
Gabe Ochoa
Gabe Ochoa 3 kun oldin
This my one!
Brody Johnson
Brody Johnson 3 kun oldin
Who's listing in March of 2019
LaRon 7God
LaRon 7God 3 kun oldin
Someone mom a prostitute, the first mom open
Tu Vieja En Tanga
Tu Vieja En Tanga 3 kun oldin
Ariana grande:1 like Dua lipa: coment
BloxMineRoCraft 1
BloxMineRoCraft 1 3 kun oldin
CC. CC. CC c. C. C. Cc
Eddie Chandler
Eddie Chandler 3 kun oldin
Its sad that if you search imagine Ariana Grande comes up first not john Lennon
Snehansh Nanda
Snehansh Nanda 3 kun oldin
*Ari be hitting those whistle notes higher than my grades*
#Nicole BUTERA!!!
#Nicole BUTERA!!! 3 kun oldin
Me:I wish I could meet Ariana Ariana:Imagine a world like that 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Ncc Yeniceri
Ncc Yeniceri 4 kun oldin
imagine: get in the car like skkrt in my head : it was all in my heeeaaııd skkkrt sskkrt Oh , god its samee ! Who care , baby you killing me every says "skrt " ♥♥
MyLifeAsMe X
MyLifeAsMe X 4 kun oldin
For 1 thousand likes I will do a cover of this x 💞💞
Ada Ekni
Ada Ekni 4 kun oldin
Selena vs Ariana Ariana comment Selena like
Aliejha Cullick
Aliejha Cullick 4 kun oldin
2:36 always gets me
emi r
emi r 4 kun oldin
Imagine 💭
Hannah McGrath
Hannah McGrath 4 kun oldin
Clare Vela
Clare Vela 4 kun oldin
People, people, u DO realize this is Ariana's song... Ppl come here for ARI, of course Ari wins on y'all's comments.......
estrella Ramírez Segovia
2:20, 3:31😍😍😍😍
estrella Ramírez Segovia
2018 and 2019 imagine OMG 😎 like Ariana grande , comment Selena Gómez
Fernando Duenas
Fernando Duenas 4 kun oldin
Lmao 😂
Fernando Duenas
Fernando Duenas 4 kun oldin
I literally thought my screen was broken
SuperCullen004 4 kun oldin
Whoops wrong imagine
Abby Lewis
Abby Lewis 4 kun oldin
Ariana: Hits whistle notes flawlessly😍🎶 Me: Tries to hit whistle notes but sounds like a dying cat....
Lorena Abreu
Lorena Abreu 4 kun oldin
2:44 meu Deus
Nakiya Murray
Nakiya Murray 4 kun oldin
Sik people you thought😝😝
Nakiya Murray
Nakiya Murray 4 kun oldin
Sometimes I think that he and Ariana grande should do a song together
Nakiya Murray
Nakiya Murray 4 kun oldin
I swear my cousin he sings to this song every time it comes on and he sings it so perfectly
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Rafa C.R
Rafa C.R Kun oldin
Camila Barillas
Camila Barillas 3 kun oldin
Xyca Wekub
Xyca Wekub 5 kun oldin
Who is better Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey???❤❤❤
Iman isws
Iman isws 3 kun oldin
Xyca Wekub Ariana
Xyca Wekub
Xyca Wekub 5 kun oldin
Ariana Grande vs Mariah Carey Ariana Grande: like Mariah Carey: comment
Cosimo Fusco
Cosimo Fusco Soat oldin
Xyca Wekub But I like Mariah Carey too❤️❤️❤️❤️
Xyca Wekub
Xyca Wekub 5 kun oldin
Kathryn Duroseau
Kathryn Duroseau 5 kun oldin
she killed those vocals😍
Fatih Auliya
Fatih Auliya 5 kun oldin
Is the font the same font as in ig snapgram?
Cadu Obando
Cadu Obando 5 kun oldin
Ariana Grande like Lady Gaga comment
Kally ́s fan Officiel
Il love Ariana Grande
Thommy Sutton
Thommy Sutton 5 kun oldin
Who else expected a john lennon cover but was dissatisfied with this
Craxee 2 kun oldin
Not me
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