Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Ariana Grande hosts a mini-listening party as she debuts a few tracks from her album Sweetener, including a pop song about her anxiety called "breathin" and an ode to her fiancé Pete Davidson, plus she gives a live taste of her favorite tune "R.E.M."
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Ariana Grande Predicted She Would Marry Pete Davidson Three Years Ago




17-Avg, 2018



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Fikrlar 14 888
Marianne Angela Flores
2:08 is that nicki minaj? 😂😂
Amber Chloe
Amber Chloe Kun oldin
"Did u guys meet on SNL?" "No UmM... wE mET oN SnL" 😂😂😂
Pallavi Harishchandre
Babes moral of the story don't date a guy just cause he's funny .....he could potentially be dumb.. (no hate)
Shalini Kashyap
Shalini Kashyap 2 kun oldin
REM my fav song❤️
Jahkiyah Chandler
Jahkiyah Chandler 2 kun oldin
Has Arinators noticed that Ari never seems to age? I know she's 25 years old but honestly she looks like she's 21 years old.
Anaria Elinta
Anaria Elinta 3 kun oldin
It's obvious that Jimmy cares for her
Hutovii 4 kun oldin
fckkkkk she needs to do this version of r.e.m during swt
francine mcbest
francine mcbest 4 kun oldin
Antra Gohlan
Antra Gohlan 5 kun oldin
This is basically 8 minutes of Ariana Grande jamming to her own songs
nemesis 5 kun oldin
“I’ve met you for three years and I’ve never seen you more happy” .... No comment The look on Ari’s face says it all
BoaSky 5 kun oldin
I love seeing celebrities have imperfections just like the rest of us. I noticed Ariana Grande has cellulite...she is NOT PERFECT🤗
Steven Galeano
Steven Galeano 6 kun oldin
She doesnt know the breathing lyrics lol😂😂
Dungeon Shyster
Dungeon Shyster 6 kun oldin
Acid House
Acid House 7 kun oldin
I don't like this bitch
andra t
andra t 7 kun oldin
this interview did not age well
frosty 7 kun oldin
jimmy: did you meet on snl ariana:no, well we met on snl fucking love her
Lobster Butter
Lobster Butter 7 kun oldin
Ariana the only girl Fallon would risk it all for
anna luiza playes game
i love you ariana grande
Hanan Hanan
Hanan Hanan 8 kun oldin
love you ariana grande🖤😭
Cwis 9 kun oldin
welp, this didn’t age well lol
Dipak kakati
Dipak kakati 9 kun oldin
omg her hair are so long and she is touching her hair every time
tasnia afroz rodoshi
"Even almost got married and for Pete, I'm so thankful."
Nathasha Love
Nathasha Love 9 kun oldin
She is gorgeous
Hadi Sahraee
Hadi Sahraee 10 kun oldin
Mac miller
dante sparda
dante sparda 10 kun oldin
Damn she's so good!
fradj oussema
fradj oussema 10 kun oldin
Victor Okechukwu
Victor Okechukwu 10 kun oldin
She's so great
The Fat Cheezburger
The Fat Cheezburger 10 kun oldin
"Breathin is about 😐 BREATHING" ME: oh... are... ar... ya surrrrr🤔🤔
Mirrorfucker 11 kun oldin
...for attention... Typical LAYYDEE
Valeria The Human
Valeria The Human 12 kun oldin
I guess not everyone can be an actual psychic 😬😬
Random User199x
Random User199x 12 kun oldin
Wtf is wrong with her speaking voice????
James Merigo
James Merigo 12 kun oldin
Well this is awkward...
Kelly Lynn
Kelly Lynn 13 kun oldin
I have no idea who this chick is I must be too old , is she putting that voice on ? It cant be real.
randomstupid sh*t
randomstupid sh*t 13 kun oldin
jimmy is beeing so weird towards ariana 😂
Mayar Khaled
Mayar Khaled 13 kun oldin
Thank u next
Isabell Leutgeweger
Isabell Leutgeweger 13 kun oldin
I can‘t wait for tour
Michael Davis
Michael Davis 14 kun oldin
The channel shoulda deleted this real quick
ifoundsean 15 kun oldin
"oh thank you" - ariana grande, _638120931284 times in one interview_
Stephen Samuel
Stephen Samuel 15 kun oldin
Well she predicted wrong
Arminda Miclat- Ocampo
Sorry ari, wrong prediction!! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Alex Kess
Alex Kess 15 kun oldin
That's one black white girl lol
aguss rivero
aguss rivero 16 kun oldin
well, it was all in her head
Johanna Quintero
Johanna Quintero 16 kun oldin
I love ari but I cringe hard when she dances😔💓
Johanna Quintero
Johanna Quintero 9 kun oldin
MC Buckets I know and it’s nothing wrong with that but that’s my opinion ya know
MC Buckets
MC Buckets 9 kun oldin
Just having a good time
Tyler Newman
Tyler Newman 16 kun oldin
Pretty solid Pete Davidson impression, there.
Preslee Campbell
Preslee Campbell 17 kun oldin
Anyone else here after they broke up?
artemis grande
artemis grande 18 kun oldin
am i the only one who hates when she does a pete mannerism??? liek in 2:07 and 4:01 😂😂
Maddie King
Maddie King 18 kun oldin
Did she predict she would end up getting rid of him after saying yes to the engagement
Moonlightbutera 18 kun oldin
Who's excited for tour to start!!!!!!!
Moonlightbutera 18 kun oldin
Now she has her fifth album 'thank u next' out!
Moonlightbutera lol yea and my money won't be dropped on her crap lol yep sticking to Tool and The Red Hot Chili Peppers ty very much
nasa slut
nasa slut 18 kun oldin
wait she had a crush in him when she was with mac?! im-
AGTS LMDL 13 kun oldin
Didn't she *always* have a crush on Jim Carrey?? Even when she was in relationships??
Angie Angelina Jolie
❤ I love her❤ Angel ❤
Avatar Wan
Avatar Wan 18 kun oldin
Well 🌚
Dania Huerta
Dania Huerta 18 kun oldin
The audience is so fucking annoying.
Reema Faran
Reema Faran 19 kun oldin
Sam Stanell
Sam Stanell 19 kun oldin
Saiki Ayumi
Saiki Ayumi 19 kun oldin
and they broke up
ItzMe Hannah
ItzMe Hannah 20 kun oldin
i love your👅👅
sarah parvez
sarah parvez 21 kun oldin
um *o h*
rockmyworld 21 kun oldin
yea right
* 22 kun oldin
She is such a queen..
Ionisation 22 kun oldin
The worst feeling in the whole world is getting kicked in the nuts but go on...
Arafar Mustafa
Arafar Mustafa 22 kun oldin
اريانا العريانه
Reap3r 22 kun oldin
So this is how intelligence dies...with thunderous applause
Brandon Bundy
Brandon Bundy 22 kun oldin
So she knew she would marry a different guy all the time she was with Mac Miller, then when he dies she breaks up with Davidson and milks Macs death every chance she gets for sympathy. What a bitch lol
Life as Jack
Life as Jack 22 kun oldin
She was wrong though
Cute lil Baby
Cute lil Baby 23 kun oldin
wait... the title scares me. who agree’s? 😖💕
محمد حسين
محمد حسين 23 kun oldin
شسم الاغنيه الاولى !!!؟؟؟
Elies 23 kun oldin
little did she know
Marcus und Martinus Fan
I love you Ari💖
elo puff
elo puff 24 kun oldin
She’s acting so awkward lol
Zizou A
Zizou A 10 kun oldin
she’s being herself and if you don’t like that get out.
AGTS LMDL 15 kun oldin
She's either too happy or in too much high spirits
Freeman Muse
Freeman Muse 24 kun oldin
This vid was so long to me
Quunky 25 kun oldin
02:10 still can’t get over this face
raye xo
raye xo 26 kun oldin
2:07 uhhh nooo honey wtf is that, you’ve entered the cringe zone
Pournima Melekar
Pournima Melekar 26 kun oldin
So breathin is about.. umm...breathin Lmao🤣🤣🤣
zoe 26 kun oldin
nonna is wild as fuck tho
Caleb Cole
Caleb Cole 26 kun oldin
Elizabeth Pounders
Elizabeth Pounders 27 kun oldin
Even though I almost got married, and for Pete I’m so thinkful
Tatiana Franco
Tatiana Franco 27 kun oldin
Well...this is awkward
ArianatorLife 27 kun oldin
Can u do it to with Thank u, Next??
Tasnia Ahmed
Tasnia Ahmed 28 kun oldin
I love the way she says "Thank you" AND I LOVE HER VOICE
Good Golly Miss Dolly
and she was wrong.
Juri Das Choudhury
Juri Das Choudhury 28 kun oldin
"So breathin is about breathing" 😰
Leonard Thomas
Leonard Thomas 28 kun oldin
Too bad she couldn’t look a few more weeks past the proposal.
tejaswi dharmesh
tejaswi dharmesh 29 kun oldin
**me coming here after their breakup** *Me:* *Don't say it don't say it don't say it* *So who came here after their breakup?*
Pepa Pepa
Pepa Pepa 29 kun oldin
i love you ariana grande❤🖤❤
Pepa Pepa
Pepa Pepa 29 kun oldin
Josh Amara
Josh Amara 29 kun oldin
Who's going to the may 11th concert in Vegas?!?!?
someone 29 kun oldin
even when she was with mac??
pritam singh
pritam singh Oy oldin
I love you 😘
Bindu Viswanath
Unfortunately her prediction was wrong ☹️☹️☹️
the second the crowd cheers for the first time she instantly throws up the Devil horns.
Nina V Tory
Nina V Tory Oy oldin
this is McDonalds music
Floanna Chisholm
Jimmy is an unbelievable actor. Look! It's as if he's actually enjoying 'talking' to Ariana Grande. There are parrots that are more interesting to talk to than her.
Siddhant Kamble
I’m so sad and happy for her at the same time. ❤️
Oscar Andrés
Oscar Andrés Oy oldin
She was so falling in love
A Ariana Grande Fan
I love you
Menime Em
Menime Em Oy oldin
*who's here after their breakup and her new album "thank u next"* Like here 👇
Gaurav Ahuja
Gaurav Ahuja Oy oldin
Prediction, huhh...
jami pleitez
jami pleitez Oy oldin
it fells like you forget how to breath and its scary😥😰😨😨
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