Ariana Grande "thank u, next" Interview

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#ArianaGrande stopped by the studio to talk about her new album "thank u, next"

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9-Fev, 2019



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Weather Is Fun
Weather Is Fun 2 soat oldin
1:00:25 that's sad :(
Weather Is Fun
Weather Is Fun 9 soat oldin
58:30 Bookmark
Rebecca Pollack
Rebecca Pollack 9 soat oldin
I'll be honest and say that her music is not my cup of tea for whatever reason, but after watching this, she is such a beautiful person ♥
Choose_love_ 11 soat oldin
I haven’t experienced what Ariana experienced in any dimension but I feel like I have been in the same headspace as her and I really hop she gets healthier
Karina Mu
Karina Mu 13 soat oldin
Did she get lips job?
Gabby Gershom Bassey
Gabby Gershom Bassey 15 soat oldin
Imagine being Ari : You feel the guilt of people that died in YOUR concert. You feel the guilt of your Ex boyfriends death. You have billions of people that are your fans but only 10 that you trust. You feel that you have to meet up to people’s standards of expectations . You have most of your truth broadcasted to the whole world so everyone can judge you .
かおり 17 soat oldin
1:13:38 “she said thank u, next” i swear to god i love her so much
Cornelia 21 soat oldin
55:00 choking
Cornelia 21 soat oldin
Milton Soto
Milton Soto Kun oldin
Zara Larsson or who? 25:00
Rose Kun oldin
I really wish I had friends like them...my friends never give a shit about me no matter how hard I try
Moonlight 10 soat oldin
Same 🖤
sherrysynthesis Kun oldin
I love her❤️
Freaker 2 kun oldin
This is very emotional. Also I CAN'T believe he is actually asking about music !!!
I love her voice so much❤️❤️❤️
Never Quit
Never Quit 2 kun oldin
WOW she’s a fucking bitch
iso kasa
iso kasa 2 kun oldin
Why does she keep her hand before her mouth sometimes when she talks?
Paul Hensley
Paul Hensley 2 kun oldin
I like watching this, it erases my anxiety like for real, i feel like im in a group of friends sharing something really deep and influential.
Esther Huang
Esther Huang 2 kun oldin
omg her voice’
Diana Lising
Diana Lising 3 kun oldin
I love you Zach. Thanks for this 💕 I am glad I live in the same generation with Ari
Ian Flemmings
Ian Flemmings 3 kun oldin
Nobody: Ariana: It's just like, you know?
Amine Djedií
Amine Djedií 3 kun oldin
can't quit watching this
Meekrs 3 kun oldin
the dude beside ariana is so awkward
julieta 3 kun oldin
the way that she told him to go suck a dick KDKGKDKS i love them
Whitney Blockman
Whitney Blockman 3 kun oldin
My 3rd time watching this
Mayumi Sakamoto
Mayumi Sakamoto 3 kun oldin
meu amor🖤☁️
Mrs Arianator
Mrs Arianator 3 kun oldin
Furdonkulous 4 kun oldin
20:55 Talking About Ghostin Your Welcome 29:30 Song Hes Never Heard Anything Like It (Make Up)
Hattie White
Hattie White 4 kun oldin
take a shot every time ari interrupts zach lol
Ella Mincey
Ella Mincey 3 kun oldin
Hattie White *dies of alcohol poisoning* 😂
Jimmy Salo
Jimmy Salo 4 kun oldin
Whole album is about sex :DDD Orgy in the studio
priscila :p
priscila :p 5 kun oldin
zach : what was ghostin about ariana : no
4 19
4 19 5 kun oldin
She looks so little
Emily H.
Emily H. 5 kun oldin
Zach really needs some dick holy shit
Titan 5 kun oldin
lindsey dpt
lindsey dpt 5 kun oldin
I dont like her that much but its sad that she was almost crying in the intro
RainbowSparkleBear 5 kun oldin
“It’s an inside joke” *tells story behind inside joke Deadass something I’d do 😂 I love Ariana
Jasonm Gavitt
Jasonm Gavitt 6 kun oldin
I wouldn’t trust anyone who blinks that much.god damn!
Fxckin God
Fxckin God 6 kun oldin
her voice ❤😪so calm and relaxing
Ash Lopez
Ash Lopez 6 kun oldin
When I was in middle school Your Truly had been out and that’s when she was done with Victorious and I loved her 😂 I wanted to like dress like her 😂 I kind stranded away after that idk why exactly but my Anxiety bought me back when I listened to Breathing lOl cheesy but yeah I’m realizing how awesome she really is lol
Ariana Grande's fan acc
31:57 MONOPOLY tea. So the account that sad this, wasn't spilling tea so that wasn't insider information
Justin Louis
Justin Louis 6 kun oldin
Devil illuminati scum witch 💩😈💩 satanic puupet she is
Zoey Rose
Zoey Rose 6 kun oldin
I wish Ariana Would do Vlogs And Upload dem to her yt channel
Zoey Rose
Zoey Rose Kun oldin
+Rose ik
Rose Kun oldin
Zoey Rose thatd be cool but she’s way too busy for that lmao
Im Not Afraid Of You, Bitch
That monopoly conversation, now it makes sense.
Samuel  Hiorns
Samuel Hiorns Kun oldin
Rose I think the Monopoly conversation links to her new song with Victoria Monet 'Monopoly'
Rose Kun oldin
Im Not Afraid Of You, Bitch what makes sense?
Cameron Jelena
Cameron Jelena 6 kun oldin
Victoria is 💯 smexy she my girl crush and I love her no homo
OnlyAriana Updates
OnlyAriana Updates 7 kun oldin
1:15:00 IM A PISCES 🖤 Shoutout to Pisces, cancer, and taurus
Alex Lloyd
Alex Lloyd 10 soat oldin
I’m a Pisces too 🖤☁️🖤☁️☁️🖤☁️
Galore Globe315
Galore Globe315 7 kun oldin
OnlyAriana Updates omg me too
Izzy Bixxy
Izzy Bixxy 7 kun oldin
44:37 girl stfu u are the best dancer like u can saaang and dance and errythang
OnlyAriana Updates
OnlyAriana Updates 7 kun oldin
She’s so relaxed in this interview and I love it so much for her
Nadia Rose
Nadia Rose 7 kun oldin
I love how real she is. I love how relatable it is. You don't get the "perfect life" vibe from her. I get her all the way.
Maiya Parker
Maiya Parker 8 kun oldin
through the whole interview i literally forgot she was the big queen of pop sensation, "Ariana Grande". it felt like they were just talking and hanging out like on a TV show. except they weren't acting.
Maiya Parker
Maiya Parker 8 kun oldin
i was always confused with her height but now i got it. she ain't 5'0, she's 5'2.
Q Smooth
Q Smooth 8 kun oldin
Why she didn’t talk about Mac Miller
Q Smooth
Q Smooth 4 kun oldin
I understand it can be a little hard for her to talk about him Because it’s very personal to her that would be really painful for her so I totally understand that she don’t want to talk about him or his death
Jessica O Connor
Jessica O Connor 4 kun oldin
It’s still hard for her to talk about him. Emotionally
Cornelia 8 kun oldin
Cornelia 8 kun oldin
Cornelia 8 kun oldin
Paul Hensley
Paul Hensley 8 kun oldin
Let's thank God, Ariana has been given to us. Such a blessing.
Izzy Cooper
Izzy Cooper 8 kun oldin
Zach : I’m - I’m still a v- Ariana : TOMMY HAD ONE ! 18:01 love how she interrupts Zach is a virgin??
Anh 8 kun oldin
I just love ari so much. Initially, I fell for voice and her talents and but then after watching this interview, I fell deeper into her personality. She’s like the realest artist to me, she’s so kind and sweet and everything. And her personal life and friendship is so admirable. Ppl say birds of a feather flock together and you can see her friends are just like her. They’re all so genuine and kind and it is like her life was those characters in movies. The friendship is so pure and honest, and they are close ever since they weren’t famous and now they’re becoming successful colleagues altogether and I wish they can just be like this forever. Not because I love ari so i love her friends but look at these lovely people, I just love them all like this honestly.
Marco Bonechi
Marco Bonechi 8 kun oldin
Zach is trying so hard to get a date.
Kenzi Graves
Kenzi Graves 9 kun oldin
*The song “In My Head” was my fucking fav too!!!!!!! Yass Zach!!! So sad she’s not performing it on tour!!*
Jonna Jänkälä
Jonna Jänkälä 9 kun oldin
she so cute
Cynthia Plata
Cynthia Plata 10 kun oldin
“outta here like MONOPOLY” ..... i’m just now connecting that
Sara Mikawa
Sara Mikawa 10 kun oldin
I absolutely adore Ari, so humble, kind, funny and real with a voice that sounds like an angel. I wish I could thank her for how much she has helped me to heal through her music. There hasn't been another artist that has helped me to recover from pain and anxiety like she has. Sadly I won't be able to go to her Sweetener/Thank You, Next concert because I like in Japan and she's not touring over here which is a shame. But I send her all my love and hugs ~
Jeevie P
Jeevie P 10 kun oldin
15:36 u forgot to edit that out 😱😂
TheMissile Miner
TheMissile Miner 11 kun oldin
37:59 When the teacher ask me do I understand :)
m c
m c 11 kun oldin
1:19:38 aWE BITCH 🥺🥺🥺
Kat Gurl
Kat Gurl 11 kun oldin
When does she say her height?
Magalí Moglia
Magalí Moglia 11 kun oldin
This is so cool 😍😍😍
mi a
mi a 11 kun oldin
anyone else a pisces
mi a
mi a 12 kun oldin
after a while listening to her you start talking like her
mi a
mi a 12 kun oldin
jesus I would go to space with ariana and not come back oh wait I would go anyway and not come back
mi a
mi a 12 kun oldin
oh god I see ari rubbing off on victoria
mi a
mi a 12 kun oldin
tbh I feel bad for Pete and ari bc ariana is so successful and has so many fans that I feel like Pete just gets forgotten and he has made to look like an idiot
mi a
mi a 12 kun oldin
‘right’ no one : no soul : ari : 🙃
cassandra shiller
cassandra shiller 12 kun oldin
man dat girl smokes sooo much weed. lmao she be smokin and gettin lit all day off that pipe . and drinking etc lol. but it's so obvious her personality is actually sort of stoner lol . nice :) it's funny and cute love it
Jessica O Connor
Jessica O Connor 4 kun oldin
She doesn’t smoke because it would damage her vocals
emma bg
emma bg 12 kun oldin
I wish I had such supportive friends
Cheyenergy 12 kun oldin
My baby 😭😭😭😩😍♥️
Alex Emily
Alex Emily 12 kun oldin
I love her so, so much. She literally helps me get through each day.
Jeff McGoye Jr
Jeff McGoye Jr 12 kun oldin
Pete Davidson break heart love you Ariana grande with me beautiful I'm sexual me to come over staying night okay baby 🇱🇷💖😘😘
Mckenzie M
Mckenzie M 13 kun oldin
i just wanna be her friend, not because she’s famous, but she seems so chill & i feel like we could be such good friends
rachel palao
rachel palao 13 kun oldin
mEmE bOi
mEmE bOi 13 kun oldin
Fuck you next
Audra Hofacker
Audra Hofacker 13 kun oldin
Zach is such a mood at 1:21:53 with his eye lmao I'm dead
Tanuja Sharma
Tanuja Sharma 13 kun oldin
i just spent 1.5 hours watching ariana grande and her friends just talking and i swear i’ve never spent my hours in a better way lmaooo i wanna be their friend so bad!
Hanna Jankowska
Hanna Jankowska 13 kun oldin
Omg, idk why i can connect this interview (I mean what Ariana is talkin about) with Billie Eilish songs eg. hostage 😮🙆.
Myeisha Khan
Myeisha Khan 13 kun oldin
soo cute :)
Davy Anilhaq
Davy Anilhaq 14 kun oldin
1:13:25 THERE YOU GO
Masiel Urraca
Masiel Urraca 14 kun oldin
1:13:27 Damn I watch the interview looking for this cus I knew they dated ❣️
Mary Keo
Mary Keo 14 kun oldin
I love Ariana Grande is a strong woman and she sings great songs. I love Ariana Grande because she is a very sweet and strong woman. 😘😀😀😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️😀😍😘😘
Aiden Shelford
Aiden Shelford 14 kun oldin
15:36 missed that one didn’t ya zach sang
ıɹɐ ǝʞıl ʇǝǝʍs
21:13 for a second I thought she said Mac's end 😭
Tallow Fuzz
Tallow Fuzz 15 kun oldin
Élisa Grande
Élisa Grande 15 kun oldin
Victoria Leggett
Victoria Leggett 15 kun oldin
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Anabelle Mago
Anabelle Mago 15 kun oldin
1:01:00-1:01:04: “I like you Scooty.” Ariana: “I like you too Zach-oHHhh.”
Joshua Sallinger Murphy
Now we are talking to monopoly and it is April 2019 and she released a song called monopoly with Victoria Monet and its a bop ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Magwa Rewa
Magwa Rewa 16 kun oldin
Random question what's Arianas rising sign(ascendant)?
love that
love that 16 kun oldin
Yuh its Ascendant
Murphy 16 kun oldin
Am i the only one feeling a cute tension between Ari and Zach ? Like the way he looks at her, and the smiles and eyes contacts they share, not a big deal here but I really feel like they do like each other a lot and that he is intimited, it’s just so cute (please tell me i’m not the only one noticing it)
kaylin nicole
kaylin nicole 17 kun oldin
leah 17 kun oldin
im going to her concert in portland and im actually freaking out haha
jonae’s important acc
her voice is so soothing i wuv her
Ikuraga 17 kun oldin
Meatball head in the house!
Adam Jehu
Adam Jehu 17 kun oldin
Monopoly makes sense now lmaoo
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