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Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Live on Ellen / 2018)

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Thank u, next (Live On Ellen / 2018)

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Aired November 7th, 2018

Music video by Ariana Grande performing thank u, next. © 2018 Republic Records




13-Noy, 2018



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canal da Isa
canal da Isa 2 soat oldin
She: OMG kk
canal da Isa
canal da Isa 2 soat oldin
Santu Caduma
Santu Caduma 3 soat oldin
O se
João Vítor
João Vítor 4 soat oldin
"At least you know I'm not a track, right?"
fizz- Asmr
fizz- Asmr 5 soat oldin
i love when she gets hurt like almost tripps over she doesn’t get upset or cries she stays positive and carry’s and and laughs
sadia gacha
sadia gacha 5 soat oldin
1:19 lol no hate I love ari by the way did u see her ne song break up with ur girlfriend im bored i. Have a little thing press read more Me:we are breaking up Boyfriend:why? Me:cause ari is bored Ari:ya
Jason Guyer
Jason Guyer 6 soat oldin
I love you and I support you
Jason Guyer
Jason Guyer 6 soat oldin
Do you miss Mac Miller
Dhabia ALBUAINAIN 8 soat oldin
Ariana Grande My Favorite
BTS Bangtan Boys
BTS Bangtan Boys 9 soat oldin
U r amazing Ariana, it's really difficult 2 sing as well as dance at same time. Salute to all artists ,especially In kpop every group has to do both at the same time and dance is extremely fierce and difficult. And MJ, Master of both ,who invented this trend,miss u 😊😄
Jayla Jackson
Jayla Jackson 6 soat oldin
Scizi Smr
Scizi Smr 10 soat oldin
1:20 Omg so cute 😂
Nikita5539 10 soat oldin
why the other 2 girls have mics? :D they didn't sing even a single note :D
Charlotte Liu
Charlotte Liu 16 soat oldin
Thank you Ariana, you inspired so much people stay strong, you’re here for us and we’re here for you too 💗😭
Audrey Yu
Audrey Yu 20 soat oldin
Selena is a QUEEN, But don't even TRY to compare their vocals #Arianator4life❤️
Cycy Fr
Cycy Fr Kun oldin
Y'a aucun francais ici ?
Nice Tips Cocooning Is Here
2:21 omgg don’t no cry baby😭❤️
Zulekha Mattar
Zulekha Mattar Kun oldin
Well maybe stop jumping off chairs with heels lol😂
turan ekmekçi
turan ekmekçi Kun oldin
who's better? Ariana Grande = Like Miley Cyrus = Comment
avigail style
avigail style 6 soat oldin
They're both gorgeous in they're own way
Janelle Guess
Janelle Guess Kun oldin
She wasn’t tearing up she was out of breath . Signing and dancing at the same time
Ngoc Vo_Roblox and More
What does this mean “I’d be thanking my dad,cause she grew from the drama is your dad a girl?
Allisson Santiago
Ariana Grande
Gabi Kapera
Gabi Kapera Kun oldin
Ari is that gabi
Bright Sarah
Bright Sarah Kun oldin
Khansa Amirah
Khansa Amirah Kun oldin
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Deeni Nur
Deeni Nur Kun oldin
Love you Ariii ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Katherine Loreno
She fell
Officer Sawan
Officer Sawan Kun oldin
Blackiana Grande
lil jinxer
lil jinxer Kun oldin
No matter the slip nor the crying!!! It was still awesome
Mikaela Cass
Mikaela Cass Kun oldin
Atleast she is not lip singing
Francisco Americano
Faith Kobayashi tanaka
She kept laughing she wouldn’t do that on real set would she 🧐
Regina Smith
Regina Smith Kun oldin
I like that performance 😎
Brooklyn Walter
Brooklyn Walter Kun oldin
Did you see Ariana fall getting off the chair
Alexa Ortega
Alexa Ortega Kun oldin
XxItzShadowFoxyxX UwU
Is ellen a girl or a boy :p
kitnet campo
kitnet campo 2 kun oldin
Thank u next!
Caramel Drinks Vlogs
There’s a mistake. It’s bacon eggs, not thank you, next Ya’ll deaf
Luigi game
Luigi game 2 kun oldin
01:19 omg
incognito 000
incognito 000 2 kun oldin
fantasy nanas
fantasy nanas 2 kun oldin
The little nonsense of Ariana make me laugh but in all that has her will always be it me life and the one that will make me dream
Anna kendrick is awesome
Ariana = like Billie eilish = comment
Margot Ballandras
Margot Ballandras 2 kun oldin
Oh my gosh 😭😂😂
Madanッ 2 kun oldin
The dancing is weird HAHAHAHA
Leanne_ ROBLOX
Leanne_ ROBLOX 2 kun oldin
Mac Miller:she’s an angel Ariana Grande:he was an angel.
Darek Tarkowski
Darek Tarkowski 2 kun oldin
Genevieve Craven
Genevieve Craven 2 kun oldin
I love this performance. the choreography reminded me of good ol 90's diva trios (Ie destiny's child and TLC) and when she looked at her friends they really felt like they were dancing in her bedroom at a sleepover. it was so genuine and happy
Альихан сакенов
즈융인뎅 2 kun oldin
앜ㅋㅋ 귀엽당 ㅠㅠ 오마이갓이랭ㅇ ㅠㅠ 평생 팬합니당ㅇ 💗💗💗😝😝😍😍😘😘
Júlia Falcao
Júlia Falcao 2 kun oldin
Heatherylou1990 2 kun oldin
Her outfit is stunning Also her voice is flawless :) I wish I could sing like her
Doggy's Stew
Doggy's Stew 2 kun oldin
It must be so hard singing live . You must move while singing thatsssss hard
Jesselyn Alexis
Jesselyn Alexis 2 kun oldin
1:19 Heels..😂
Bryce 2 kun oldin
0:10-0:11 that little *whoooo* is soo cute
Julie Clara
Julie Clara 2 kun oldin
Jasmine Sosa
Jasmine Sosa 2 kun oldin
1:19 listen to the song “my heart will go on “ the beginning the song of sad
Linda kiss
Linda kiss 2 kun oldin
*Soy el comentario en español que tanto buscabas* 🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Faith Rosie I love food !!!
*She’s so happy even tho she fell the chair she so amazing even tho she fell*
Sela M
Sela M 2 kun oldin
i love her hair
juudi juudi
juudi juudi 2 kun oldin
unknown unknown
unknown unknown 3 kun oldin
She is basic...basic dance moves, basic lyrics and mistakes that an elementary level performers would make. She doesn't know what is doing and in all her professionalism (eye roll) she says, 'my bad'. I can't!
tootieb3879 3 kun oldin
Go girls
MaddieLikesCheese E
Sean:Not A Match Ricky:Some Songs Pete:So Thankful Malcolm:Angel Ariana:Grande Thank You: Next *Hotel:Trivago*
Phoebe •
Phoebe • 22 soat oldin
+MaddieLikesCheese E bs hah. Your making yourself look dumber by just talking. Just stop.. You copied, deal with it.
MaddieLikesCheese E
MaddieLikesCheese E 23 soat oldin
Phevos Arvanitis will you get a life already, we dont need your bs
Phevos Arvanitis
MaddieLikesCheese E um u posted EXACTLY the same comment 2 months later what a liar u are and what if I have aids? Thank u, next
MaddieLikesCheese E
Phevos Arvanitis shut up you probs have aids and are looking at their comment first thinking oh she copied
Phevos Arvanitis
You stole that comment u bish
Vanessa Jordan
Vanessa Jordan 3 kun oldin
Her voice is like an Angel!😍😇😍 This is way better than the original music video! Wth!!!
Mel L
Mel L 3 kun oldin
Queen of cute awkward moments
Hallliiimmmaaa Princess
Cooikie Cookie
Cooikie Cookie 3 kun oldin
Bacon 🥓 eggs 🥚 I can hear bacon 🥓 eggs 🍳
April White
April White 3 kun oldin
I love this song she's a beautiful singer ... So relatable I'm very grateful for my X.
masooma naqvi
masooma naqvi 3 kun oldin
Flav 3 kun oldin
She can't even breathe :/ WTF
Dilvan Assenato
Dilvan Assenato 3 kun oldin
Shanell Musachi
Shanell Musachi 3 kun oldin
The imperfections made it perfection
Zach Playz Roblox
Zach Playz Roblox 3 kun oldin
Annimike 3 kun oldin
Her voice is so beautiful Even when she’s singing live 😍
Niall the Potato
Niall the Potato 3 kun oldin
*I'm so, I'm so* ❤❤ I love ariiii
M I L L A A W 3 kun oldin
Am I only who think there was something going on whit Ari?
M I L L A A W 3 kun oldin
Am I onks who think there was something going on whit Ari?
marco reynaga
marco reynaga 3 kun oldin
marco reynaga
marco reynaga 3 kun oldin
me encanto
killerpie darts
killerpie darts 3 kun oldin
poor girl deserves to just live her damn life
killerpie darts
killerpie darts 3 kun oldin
you know she's sick of singing and performing this garbage.
黑土 3 kun oldin
What happen to Ari?Why did she cry?
Nickybober Todd
Nickybober Todd 3 kun oldin
If this song doesn’t teach us anything else, it’s that people make mistakes and that’s ok. Always be yourself because people will love you that way
Ali Koksal
Ali Koksal 4 kun oldin
What was so funny?
bralle_ unicors
bralle_ unicors 4 kun oldin
I'm so inspired by ariana she's my queen
Pepple AJPW
Pepple AJPW 4 kun oldin
She is soo good do you agree?!
Moi Hei
Moi Hei 4 kun oldin
1:08 im so im s.......?!?
Moi Hei
Moi Hei 3 kun oldin
Ryx_xn 4 kun oldin
She didn’t wanna say a bad word
kill bill
kill bill 4 kun oldin
Hey her back singers are pretty 😍
Donut_robloxian _
Donut_robloxian _ 4 kun oldin
I see it: I want it I like it: I got it
Phantom_10S Games
Phantom_10S Games 4 kun oldin
Wow. She messed up a lot.. Sorry guys.. I'm being Strict here..
imagineegrande 4 kun oldin
and this song is now on a big ass ball on her tour. im so proud of her 😭
KPOPFAN xoxo23
KPOPFAN xoxo23 4 kun oldin
Hahaha but if ever she falls or slips she's still beautiful
Crazy Guy
Crazy Guy 4 kun oldin
Wow! She is way better than Selena Gomez! I mean she doesnt lip sync on live concerts
Wayne Apted
Wayne Apted 4 kun oldin
Press the like button if you love Ariana Grande
Chris Scott
Chris Scott 4 kun oldin
I lover her for loving nicki
Aliyas Kumnegere
Aliyas Kumnegere 4 kun oldin
Lara Violet
Lara Violet 4 kun oldin
Her voice is great and when she fell off the chair, y’all know she wasn’t lip syncing. I love Ari
Jhenifer Rodrigues
Jhenifer Rodrigues 4 kun oldin
รุ่งประภา มานพ
Who is listening in 2019?? 😍❤
Evan and Allen
Evan and Allen 4 kun oldin
At 1:19 You know it’s freaking LIVE!!
Jess GL
Jess GL 4 kun oldin
Like si viste cuando se tropieza Ariana grande
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