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Living in LA, we constantly drive by amazing neighborhoods and wonder...what the hell do these people do for a living. So this week, we decided to go into one of the richest neighbourhoods in LA and ask this to billionaires...while eating donuts with them.
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7-Yan, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 132
Jane Patrick
Jane Patrick 7 soat oldin
We miss ur old simple videos
Thomas 6 kun oldin
Wesley Savage
Wesley Savage 14 kun oldin
These are not billionaires
Rocco Wadsworth
Rocco Wadsworth 14 kun oldin
If every ody had the same amount of money everyone would have at least 57 thousand dollars each
N N 16 kun oldin
I mean if I was a rich person I wouldn’t really want random strangers trying to give me donuts. It would be a little sketchy
Maxime Stamati
Maxime Stamati 16 kun oldin
billionaire meeting billionaire
Jay Leon Digital Nomad
Probably if they were girls they would have had more chances, lol. Unfortunately the more you have the more protective you are about it. 15 years ago I cycled around Romania (super poor country, especially back then) and stopped in a new village each day asking for hospitality and i just needed to ask to one or two houses before to get in, get offered a delicious local meal and a bed for the night! That's real HOSPITALITY. Try to to do that anywhere in the US or the rest of Europe and you'd be lucky to find someone after asking to 100 people
Jay Leon Digital Nomad
Billionaires or Millionaires? Well, wouldn't mind to be either...
DerpyDonkey 17 kun oldin
I saw the magen david and Im like are the donuts kosher. Aand then the dudes like we're kosher here. My man
Wolfyshii •
Wolfyshii • 17 kun oldin
If you have doughnuts, you know I’m gonna accept 👌
ZaCK aRiaE
ZaCK aRiaE 18 kun oldin
Maaan fuck billionaires!!
Faith Lewis
Faith Lewis 19 kun oldin
If somebody came up to my house and offered me doughnuts I would not trust them.
Sam Harper
Sam Harper 19 kun oldin
What kind of person would turn down donuts?
AyyPop 20 kun oldin
Billionaires probably have great diet, you need to offer apples / bananas
Owen Simpkins
Owen Simpkins 21 kun oldin
They probably thought the donuts were laced or something
EVE YAD 25 kun oldin
They obviously said “no” because they don’t trust strangers with donuts these days...
Whim Pranks
Whim Pranks 25 kun oldin
Hey man, these people are probably afraid of being poisoned that’s all. No hard feelings.
-D3cay 26 kun oldin
There are only 5098 billionaires in. The world
Aesthetically Pleasing
There's alot of rich people
APM Gaming
APM Gaming 28 kun oldin
Money makes people I donno i guess not do normal stuff.... Some of These rich peeps man 😒.. The last guy was dope tho😝😝
Wombus 29 kun oldin
4:09 Thought he took the donut and closed the door in their face. lol
Cold Hands
Cold Hands Oy oldin
say yes to coming to Dhaka, Bangladesh
Laith Alzindani
Who else had their ok google activated at 3:40
Chris O' Niall
They probably think you jizzed in them or you're going to rob them.
xplatte Oy oldin
I don't blame the billionaires tbh , what if the donuts contain sleeping powder or something like that, u can't trust anyone these days, but thats great u find ppl will do that ,the future is promising ,
The Gather
The Gather Oy oldin
Billionaires? They wish haha, a good 99% of these people are just millionaires
*Hide your kids hide your wife*
K K Oy oldin
They just come off as being really bored and looking for attention.
Nikola Pardubicki
Nice music to this :D Vegans rock
African Design Network
thats the problem with rich people
Phillip Martin
They aren't police officers if they live there dudes
Lewis Cooper
Lewis Cooper Oy oldin
Billions airs are such fucking morbid cunts
Pyrsonn Maulion
then give it to some homeless people
priceless1995 Oy oldin
As someone whos been a door to door salesman... You have a terrible pitch. The "billionaire"('s son) was a green light. These are the toughest areas though.
NuvoGaming Oy oldin
I live right there you should have come to my house
Cesar Mendonca
I think the skinny dipping really threw him off😂😂
Brent R Roberson
Save dat money
mr T
mr T Oy oldin
i would give homeless people they would love them more
Ace The Cat
Ace The Cat Oy oldin
Nobody wants donuts from strangers! It’s sounds creepy. If someone comes up to your house asking if you want some donuts. What will you do?
Gediminas Šulčius
You are realy scraping the bottom of ideas
Beringov Moreuz
Well people are afraid that you put drugs in there
Jin "Lucy" Lin
I feel bad for them
Leeanna Maniace
Good thing you brought some vegan doughnuts!
Epicjack Oy oldin
Billionaires or not i won't accept any gift from strangers .
Laura Zhang
Laura Zhang Oy oldin
They’re probably like...”bruh we live in a mansion and have enough money to buy a private jet, and u offer donuts? Wow” Maybe besides the last guy tho
Death Sounds
Death Sounds Oy oldin
Damn the only person who accepts is jewish lol
Death Sounds
Death Sounds Oy oldin
They probbably think theres poisoning in it
Rapid Oy oldin
i like dounuts
IloveZüri Oy oldin
Lil dicky $ave dat money
500 subs with only 1 scamming vids challenge
You are distributing cocaine
Kamile ans
Kamile ans Oy oldin
i love donuts🍩
Guilherme Pedrosa
Cadê os BR vindo comentar aee?
Assassin 21
Assassin 21 2 oy oldin
Go jews!
maya shvirs
maya shvirs 2 oy oldin
The guy that said yes is an Israeli!
Charlie Sanchez
Charlie Sanchez 2 oy oldin
Kate Wild
Kate Wild 2 oy oldin
Take them to the police station they will eat them for sure.
Double A Ron
Double A Ron 2 oy oldin
Hey wats up I’m totally a billionaire, so you should totally like give them to me yo I’d love to have some donuts with u
Andrew pruteanu
Andrew pruteanu 2 oy oldin
wow, these guys are nuts with security, they have a speaker with a camera for some reason, and gates with passcodes.
Alan H
Alan H 2 oy oldin
Millionaires not billion!!!!!
HELL'S GUARDIAN 2 oy oldin
Teens are good..
Memes Memes
Memes Memes 2 oy oldin
rich people are cucks
Rogue Samurai
Rogue Samurai 2 oy oldin
*dairy free*
Shaique Ahmed
Shaique Ahmed 2 oy oldin
Not Billionaires 🤑
Jazzy3465 2 oy oldin
This must be soooooo aquard for you guys 😂
Fantastic Boys
Fantastic Boys 2 oy oldin
*Toilets?* 😂😂😂
Dalen Crabtree
Dalen Crabtree 2 oy oldin
Why r they running away cuz there rich and spoiled and never been outside
vicente Gutierrez
Leon Brachet
Leon Brachet 2 oy oldin
People think your criminal that's why they don't open
SKWEDY 2 oy oldin
I mean they could think that they have poison in them ?
MisterMinkz 2 oy oldin
I wonder why billionaires are so snobbish and rude. I would be so happy and outgoing if u were rich. Like damn
MisterMinkz 2 oy oldin
Should have titled it millionaires eat donuts with billionaires.
Tristan Gareth
Tristan Gareth 2 oy oldin
Id take those nuts tho
Royal Gaming
Royal Gaming 2 oy oldin
God damn a lot of rich people are so snobby and up themselves 😐
Louis V
Louis V 2 oy oldin
bililionare with a C class? yeah right.
Alpha Killer 595
Alpha Killer 595 2 oy oldin
Melody name?
TheGarageBandIts 2 oy oldin
Jews are so nice
sufi gamer2437
sufi gamer2437 2 oy oldin
If i was one of them i would let them in
Michael Denton Taperla
Plss go here in Philippines..
Sulfen 2 oy oldin
It’s admirable that you went to the homes of the most disgusting people on earth and were able to find a friendly person.
funny GUY
funny GUY 2 oy oldin
Give donut to homeless....
lil ca
lil ca 2 oy oldin
They're all masonic greedy fucks 04:02
Agustinus Vergio
Agustinus Vergio 2 oy oldin
what's wrong with the people at 2:17 ? people just want to talk at you but you just ignore them ? oh well this is the stereotype "rich people" that i know lol
iAmJack Skate
iAmJack Skate 2 oy oldin
Thats not how you approach someone. Especially rich people, sounds suspicious. Say like Hi, were [Names] from the Yes Theory Channel on UZvid. Were handing out donuts to wealthy people and in exchange you tell us about how you got rich
Manukau Heads
Manukau Heads 2 oy oldin
Do the same thing in a poor neighbourhood, and you'll have people eating with you on the first try
Chuckyda Parrot!75
Do it in a normal neighborhood without all the rich snobs and everyone will be 90x more freindly
Chuckyda Parrot!75
Beverly hills home of snobs.....
Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim 2 oy oldin
Donuts... huh? Toilets?
Tetrapharmakos '
Tetrapharmakos ' 2 oy oldin
Toilets ? Dumb bitch lmao
Bred Eleven
Bred Eleven 2 oy oldin
Maybe show people that you have donuts in the box and not a bomb or something
Thunderous 2 oy oldin
2:06 - 2:20 Illuminati confirm !!!
Jayden Pope
Jayden Pope 2 oy oldin
They're billionaires yet have shit microphones lol
Marife Diones
Marife Diones 2 oy oldin
I'm not a billionaire, but can I have a donuts?
Marisol Hernandez
The number of times they got rejected😂😂
yo mama
yo mama 2 oy oldin
...I have donuts?
Sparky RBLX
Sparky RBLX 2 oy oldin
*walks up with donuts and rings doorbell* "Hello?" "Yes." "We are doing a social experiment to have a meal with strangers so, do you want to have some?" *person in the houses mind: THEY'RE POISONED MATE*
Cio Dokop
Cio Dokop 2 oy oldin
Please have Doughnuts with bill gates
Realm Server - MCBE Force
That guy was a teenager, no doubt why he let u guys in. He's parents must be spoiling him so much that he never had friends in his childhood. Maybe that's the reason why he quickly let u guys in with just 3 words 'We have donuts!'
Whippin Wyatt
Whippin Wyatt 2 oy oldin
MiniGunTurtle36 2 oy oldin
It's respectable they would say no, they had to have smarts to get where they are. They probably thought you guys wanted to poison them or an excuse to enter their house and steal, which is very plausible when they are that rich.
Ragdey h
Ragdey h 2 oy oldin
why not asking the homeless people too?