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Living in LA, we constantly drive by amazing neighborhoods and wonder...what the hell do these people do for a living. So this week, we decided to go into one of the richest neighbourhoods in LA and ask this to billionaires...while eating donuts with them.
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7-Yan, 2018

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maya shvirs
maya shvirs 15 soat oldin
The guy that said yes is an Israeli!
Charlie Sanchez
Charlie Sanchez 2 kun oldin
Kate Wild
Kate Wild 2 kun oldin
Take them to the police station they will eat them for sure.
Double A Ron
Double A Ron 5 kun oldin
Hey wats up I’m totally a billionaire, so you should totally like give them to me yo I’d love to have some donuts with u
Andrew pruteanu
Andrew pruteanu 5 kun oldin
wow, these guys are nuts with security, they have a speaker with a camera for some reason, and gates with passcodes.
Alan H
Alan H 5 kun oldin
Millionaires not billion!!!!!
HELL'S GUARDIAN 5 kun oldin
Teens are good..
Memes Memes
Memes Memes 6 kun oldin
rich people are cucks
nikita potapov
nikita potapov 6 kun oldin
how do u know hes a billionaire
Rogue Samurai
Rogue Samurai 6 kun oldin
*dairy free*
Shaique Ahmed
Shaique Ahmed 6 kun oldin
Not Billionaires 🤑
Jazzy3465 7 kun oldin
This must be soooooo aquard for you guys 😂
Fantastic Boys
Fantastic Boys 7 kun oldin
*Toilets?* 😂😂😂
Dalen Crabtree
Dalen Crabtree 7 kun oldin
Why r they running away cuz there rich and spoiled and never been outside
vicente Gutierrez
vicente Gutierrez 8 kun oldin
Leon Brachet
Leon Brachet 8 kun oldin
People think your criminal that's why they don't open
SKWEDY 8 kun oldin
I mean they could think that they have poison in them ?
MisterMinkz 9 kun oldin
I wonder why billionaires are so snobbish and rude. I would be so happy and outgoing if u were rich. Like damn
MisterMinkz 9 kun oldin
Should have titled it millionaires eat donuts with billionaires.
Tristan Gareth
Tristan Gareth 9 kun oldin
Id take those nuts tho
Royal Gaming
Royal Gaming 9 kun oldin
God damn a lot of rich people are so snobby and up themselves 😐
Louis V
Louis V 9 kun oldin
bililionare with a C class? yeah right.
Alpha Killer 595
Alpha Killer 595 9 kun oldin
Melody name?
TheGarageBandIts 10 kun oldin
Jews are so nice
sufi gamer2437
sufi gamer2437 11 kun oldin
If i was one of them i would let them in
Michael Denton Taperla
Plss go here in Philippines..
Sulfen 12 kun oldin
It’s admirable that you went to the homes of the most disgusting people on earth and were able to find a friendly person.
Bapak Kau
Bapak Kau 12 kun oldin
Give donut to homeless....
lil ca
lil ca 12 kun oldin
They're all masonic greedy fucks 04:02
Agustinus Vergio
Agustinus Vergio 12 kun oldin
what's wrong with the people at 2:17 ? people just want to talk at you but you just ignore them ? oh well this is the stereotype "rich people" that i know lol
iAmJack Skate
iAmJack Skate 13 kun oldin
Thats not how you approach someone. Especially rich people, sounds suspicious. Say like Hi, were [Names] from the Yes Theory Channel on UZvid. Were handing out donuts to wealthy people and in exchange you tell us about how you got rich
Manukau Heads
Manukau Heads 13 kun oldin
Do the same thing in a poor neighbourhood, and you'll have people eating with you on the first try
Chuckyda Parrot!75
Chuckyda Parrot!75 14 kun oldin
Do it in a normal neighborhood without all the rich snobs and everyone will be 90x more freindly
Chuckyda Parrot!75
Chuckyda Parrot!75 14 kun oldin
Beverly hills home of snobs.....
Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim 14 kun oldin
Donuts... huh? Toilets?
Tetrapharmakos '
Tetrapharmakos ' 15 kun oldin
Toilets ? Dumb bitch lmao
Bred Eleven
Bred Eleven 15 kun oldin
Maybe show people that you have donuts in the box and not a bomb or something
Thunderous 15 kun oldin
2:06 - 2:20 Illuminati confirm !!!
Jayden Pope
Jayden Pope 15 kun oldin
They're billionaires yet have shit microphones lol
Marife Diones
Marife Diones 17 kun oldin
I'm not a billionaire, but can I have a donuts?
Marisol Hernandez
Marisol Hernandez 18 kun oldin
The number of times they got rejected😂😂
yo mama
yo mama 19 kun oldin
...I have donuts?
Chomperguy 29
Chomperguy 29 20 kun oldin
*walks up with donuts and rings doorbell* "Hello?" "Yes." "We are doing a social experiment to have a meal with strangers so, do you want to have some?" *person in the houses mind: THEY'RE POISONED MATE*
Cio Dokop
Cio Dokop 22 kun oldin
Please have Doughnuts with bill gates
F3LIXTH3G4M3R 23 kun oldin
That guy was a teenager, no doubt why he let u guys in. He's parents must be spoiling him so much that he never had friends in his childhood. Maybe that's the reason why he quickly let u guys in with just 3 words 'We have donuts!'
Whippin Wyatt
Whippin Wyatt 23 kun oldin
MiniGunTurtle36 23 kun oldin
It's respectable they would say no, they had to have smarts to get where they are. They probably thought you guys wanted to poison them or an excuse to enter their house and steal, which is very plausible when they are that rich.
Ragdey h
Ragdey h 23 kun oldin
why not asking the homeless people too?
Suace X
Suace X 23 kun oldin
Remember how your parents told you not to talk to strangers with candy? Well, this is the same thing but with adults.
Irus John
Irus John 23 kun oldin
Try to give them a Dog Nuts😂 not Donuts🤣
YeEz y
YeEz y 24 kun oldin
Well I’d also say no because you probably poisoned the donuts
Davron Abzalov
Davron Abzalov 24 kun oldin
The lesson of this video is PERSISTENCE and law of averages works!
the chukchee
the chukchee 24 kun oldin
isnt that guy a youtuber too?
Thoob Xiong
Thoob Xiong 25 kun oldin
No lie, cringe... Maybe should've worked on the speech before hand.. Might've gone smoother
Alexznder Adriyel
Alexznder Adriyel 25 kun oldin
See if you were black they wouldnt even open the door
Marvin Brylle
Marvin Brylle 26 kun oldin
But whyy don't you try on a homeless person☹️ (but of course it should be healthy😉)
Mind Hacker
Mind Hacker 26 kun oldin
They are just disrespectful (the billionaires)
EarthShake Spear
EarthShake Spear 26 kun oldin
If it was a bag of fries, you are welcome to my crib
Vannix Gaming
Vannix Gaming 26 kun oldin
I think they thought the donuts are poisonouse
jerca fercic
jerca fercic 26 kun oldin
The ending is kind of sad. They are sitting in the open bumper, while the cars drive by and just eating the rest of the donuts, because people were either too busy or didn't even think about it. I really feel for the people like that guy, I'd never want to live in such a neighborhood. Imagine trick or treating, that means they are opening doors just out of obligation they feel. That's the worst. I'd rather have them slam the door on me (actual previous experience of that).
Anthony Gronock
Anthony Gronock 27 kun oldin
How did u get the film from the peoples cameras that said no? Fake or na??
Sindhu Thulsi
Sindhu Thulsi 27 kun oldin
I like those people who are sky high in position but are always respectful to all in heart.
Ayden Haley
Ayden Haley 27 kun oldin
This guy is so cool
Jay Khan
Jay Khan 28 kun oldin
ofcourse the jew is not gonna pass on a free donut.
Mohammad Al-Habib
Mohammad Al-Habib 29 kun oldin
Donuts in Beverly hills? Aren't everyone over there too obsessed about their image to be eating a donut??
IlianaBlue 29 kun oldin
damn i guess no one wants doughnuts except that cool guy 😂❤ but no it is pretty sketchy going on ppl's houses..they might think it's a trap or that they're poisoned or sth
Ved 29 kun oldin
Could somebody tell me what is this place's name?
Sandy Rahim
Sandy Rahim 29 kun oldin
U guys look so suspicious carrying that box tho! Lol 😂😂😂
Pele Kama
Pele Kama Oy oldin
Welcome to Beverly Hills, where people most of the time DON'T fuck with you.
Scott Walker
Scott Walker Oy oldin
Why would a billionaire want donuts from a stranger if he wanted a donut he'd pay someone to go get him some
Octavion Labond
You're pitch was so shit.... as if they would say yes
Jun Lin WANG
Jun Lin WANG Oy oldin
Rejection ALERT
Jun Lin WANG
Jun Lin WANG Oy oldin
do N U T S
Lorie Hosmer
Lorie Hosmer Oy oldin
When you said it's 3:30 it was 3:30 where I live and then it toned to 3:31
Cp Cp
Cp Cp Oy oldin
thanh vinh nguyen
Should’ve just said FREE DONUTS ! YOU WANT SOME ? It’s less weird
Hadas Karavani
The only guy that shared with them donuts is Jewish :))
BeautyLilyaa Oy oldin
You better get your pitch much better.
Cornerpie Joe
Cornerpie Joe Oy oldin
Not really billionaires doe.
W Gang Baby Baldwin
I would guarantee if this were a group of women it would be a different story
STOOP Dog Oy oldin
This channel is the opposite of stranger danger
Pardeep Virk
Pardeep Virk Oy oldin
Everyone who said "no" probably thought they were poisoned or something
Cool Sadiya
Cool Sadiya Oy oldin
That's just dumb even a middle class person won't eat them maybe it's poisoned or something
THC_Stormzy Oy oldin
Many Rich People Can Be Assholes
NBgaming61 Oy oldin
2:07 lolol
Piper Alexis
Piper Alexis Oy oldin
where i live the sun dosent go down till 11 o,clock at night love you lots like jelly tots
Mohammed Harandah
Im glad you guys did this experiment. It shows the spirit of Middle Eastern people and how they are welcoming. If you guys ever wanted to visit the middle east and have the most fun just hit me up and we'd arrange something.
Zenix Larsson
Zenix Larsson Oy oldin
“Were giving out donuts” “Toilets?” 😂
Kev Wright
Kev Wright Oy oldin
Young guy "Oh hi, yeh i just wanted to know if you wants some donuts?" Billionaire "What? NO! Release the hounds"
Mbeepy Oy oldin
I guess those people can afford a ton of doughnuts to be delivered if they wanted aha
WolfyZe Poptart
Tiffany Zheng
Tiffany Zheng Oy oldin
Zachary Grant
Zachary Grant Oy oldin
I have a Samsung and at 3:43 when he says okay cool my phone thought He said ok Google
Francesca S
Francesca S Oy oldin
Found you with the will smith one. Great channel.
David Anderson
Somehow rich ass people tend to look down on others
Derwishbk Oy oldin
New sub here! You guys are incredible :D
Sebastian Hansson
It’s the most awkward thing to knock on somebody’s home
Jorge Montanez
I want donuts so bad
Normal Person
Normal Person Oy oldin
The guy sounds h3h3
Jason Whitter
Jason Whitter Oy oldin
Rich people. Am I right...