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Living in LA, we constantly drive by amazing neighborhoods and wonder...what the hell do these people do for a living. So this week, we decided to go into one of the richest neighbourhoods in LA and ask this to billionaires...while eating donuts with them.
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7-Yan, 2018

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Sophia Johnston-Millar
Those kids were so smart tho like if those donuts had drugs.... tbh I think they did the right thing
Holly Collins
Holly Collins 12 soat oldin
I feel like saying it’s a “social experiment” made it sound way more sketch than it needed to. Just say you’re interested in interviewing or talking to them about their success?
Ciara _cc
Ciara _cc Kun oldin
If i was ask i would say YES!!!
Sammy Spawn Face
00:16 Lil Dickyys msic video
Dominic Rogers
Dominic Rogers Kun oldin
J For Jacqy
J For Jacqy Kun oldin
They do all the shit a kidnapper would do,Like offering food to strangers! Nothing positive would ever come to someone's mind first if whilst encountered! Kudos to them!
la lunapig :3
la lunapig :3 3 kun oldin
I think the reason they said no is because they don't know if there's posion or something in it and plus, it sounds like a pedophile asking "want some donuts? Come outside we have some donuts for you!"
john cuervo
john cuervo 8 kun oldin
The dude that accepted the doughnut was stoned
AmazinRoyale 8 kun oldin
I do Fortnite come subscribe
Crystal Rico
Crystal Rico 11 kun oldin
I bet if y’all would have gone up the homeless y’all would have had a quicker positive response. But hey ijs 🤷🏽‍♀️
Silliest 12 kun oldin
I really like this video
Nikki W
Nikki W 13 kun oldin
I swear I’ve always thought about this
Veci 15 kun oldin
Julie Alise
Julie Alise 16 kun oldin
I love your guys channel so much I binge watch it all the time the vibes and goodness is just amazing you guys bring so much and have such good content it’s almost something different UZvid gets boring tbh but not with y’all I love how you always get out of your discomfort zone it inspires me to put myself out there more I love it
P T 16 kun oldin
Rich people are ass holes
Mike Lunc.
Mike Lunc. 16 kun oldin
Donuts? Toilets? Haha!
:V 17 kun oldin
5:04 "It was a great day" only got 1 person
Jan Dude
Jan Dude 17 kun oldin
nc try dudes
The Yankee Club on Instagram
U guys are the BEST!
mac ferris
mac ferris 18 kun oldin
These people probably have their own bakeries😂😂
its yaboi
its yaboi 19 kun oldin
i think they asked the same houses as lil dicky did in his music video
El Hafiz
El Hafiz 19 kun oldin
Struggle without ammar
M Sagri
M Sagri 22 kun oldin
0:01 Billionaires not Billionaire's. It’s only been 1 second come on
Elena Coutinho-Taylor
"toilets?" smooth. Next time I pretend the line is breaking up I'll use that one. Very realistic.
Papa Dunk
Papa Dunk 24 kun oldin
1:05 that’s One of the houses lil Dicky rings to see if he could record his song in their yard ( save that money )
Keerthi Krishna
Keerthi Krishna 24 kun oldin
They dont trust people that easily that's why they ar Billionaires
Brad Yalo
Brad Yalo 25 kun oldin
I want the doughnuts.📡📩😋
Nick brooks
Nick brooks 25 kun oldin
I’m from Costa Rica leaving in Canada and the way these guys are taking to the rich people, is the same way I talk when it comes to interact with white people! I’m so scared of them! They seem so authority! Especially white Canadians and Americans!
R B 25 kun oldin
Lmao a lady gave me and my mum and siblings muffins. My mum says thanks then quickly tells us to throw them away. I'm like why? She's like what if that lady did something to them? Spat in them? Drugged them? I was like Yolo. And took a bite anyways. My younger siblings followed my example lol. I'm a bad influence. My mum beat my ass later. But still, i argued that if something was wrong with them then it would be my fate to die then. It's all up to God. (My family are huge believers) Then my mum says, that's just you trying to kill yourself. Don't place the blame in others. I just can't win, can I. 😩
Clayton Feider-Sullivan
A Sunday morning might have been better.
Jesse James
Jesse James 26 kun oldin
Theres roughly 600 . . billionares in the united states
And7oid _
And7oid _ 27 kun oldin
1:59 😑hate this one
Calix Lor
Calix Lor 27 kun oldin
The 1.8k people are rich assholes
Jpecz 28 kun oldin
outro song?
Chris Schieritz
Chris Schieritz 28 kun oldin
Good call getting those dairy free ones as well otherwise you would have been screwed, respect to that dude for welcoming you in, forget about all those other doughnut haters!
Wyatt Cusick
Wyatt Cusick 28 kun oldin
Don’t say social experiment #1 rule
Matthew Mims
Matthew Mims 29 kun oldin
I swear....You guys always find a way to make it happen!
Frances Lewis
Frances Lewis 29 kun oldin
Dairy free?
HampTamp 29 kun oldin
Eating something from a stranger is not really billionaire style
Rocker Oy oldin
Guy comes out of the home. *immediately closes the fat ass door*
angel secret
angel secret Oy oldin
The nanny was italian, she said 'come here'
Emelia Horvath
I think u guys should hand out waffles during times of heavy traffic 😂😂
Heather Brown
Heather Brown Oy oldin
I get so happy when you get the YES!
Nikola Lazarevic
They could be poisonous so it's common for someone to deny free food from a stranger
ohh fock you now i want donuts
Kathleen May Lofstrom
I think it would have gone over better if you approached it as an interview about their successes and that your doing a mini "documentary"... it wouldn't be a lie :P
Großartige Grammatik
2:10 why is the dog chirping?
Mikasa Erza
Mikasa Erza Oy oldin
dude those houses are the boooooooooooooomb
JustBored -
JustBored - Oy oldin
They all have bill gates
JustBored -
JustBored - Oy oldin
They all have bill gates
Give us those doughnuts...... Theyre damn delicious
Prahlad Gurjar
Anybody else thinking if Ammar was here, this challenge would be lot easier ?
TheLegitGamer Oy oldin
Millionaires**************** Not billionaires lol
Kagetsu 13
Kagetsu 13 Oy oldin
Regular show was right... Rich people have a weird obsession with toilets
J: Hi we're doing a little social experiment, we're giving $10000 cash. L: OK, gate is open. J: we're just kidding. We're not giving free money L: what? J: Yeah, we're Jehovah's witnesses, doing a social experiment.
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The guy who came out and had donuts seemed pretty cool and down to earth
Mrs. Fahrenheit
You guys really aren’t doing it right I think. When you’re so formal you sound like weird scammers. If I was you I would just immediately say “you want to hang out and eat donuts.” Just be upfront you know?
Lava Tree
Lava Tree Oy oldin
Jake Bames
Jake Bames Oy oldin
TOILETS!! 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
I feel like they are asking too politely like they are below the person they are talking. Maybe a more laid back question could give more better results? Like "hey I went to grab some donuts, you want some?"
A Floating Pineapple
They wouldn’t answer or say yes just incase they had poison ☠️ in or drugs
Alya Essa
Alya Essa Oy oldin
Notice that rich man is a jew?
Thunderbolt Oy oldin
I I don't think they're billionaires, just regular boring millionaires
datiii Datiii
datiii Datiii Oy oldin
Thanks Yes Theory for coming to my house I’m vegan and and my rest of family is Vegetarian that’s why they said no really wish it was my mom she would have let me eat it cause i can only eat donuts once a year and that was only time I can eat the donut 🍩 would have been rlly great :)
Gooches Oy oldin
Raspy Oy oldin
I wouldn’t care if I was rich a free donut is a free donut poisoned or not 😂
Lourens 01
Lourens 01 Oy oldin
Камен Крайчев
He was afraid of the donut being poisoned so he asked ,,dairy free'' so he knew its not a posion.
ThunderWindz Oy oldin
These guys have become so rich by pissing off and cheating countless of people. They don't believe in the good in people because that's not how they operate. That's simple why you had to ring so many door bells... try to do this in the hood. Everybody would talk to you.
Unicorn Tv
Unicorn Tv Oy oldin
I remember watching this back in the day like 9 months ago, you guys were soo small😥
Brandon Powell
Honestly I can't blame them I'm not even a 10k aire and I don't even answer to Mormons and there the nicest people that can ring on you're door lol.
Coskun Sari
Coskun Sari Oy oldin
fcking jew
4:01 coolest guy in the neighborhood
Jada Pack
Jada Pack Oy oldin
i think all of these people have a kitchen full of donuts and snacks 😂😂
I'msorry tobotheryou
*Sharing my donuts* sounds kinda *strange* even I *wouldn't* answer the door.
Philip Biron
Philip Biron Oy oldin
What this proves there are good people in the world even rich ones.
Navab Italia
Navab Italia Oy oldin
You guys are unique ❤️
They are just scared you'll steal Thier money
Alex Amor
Alex Amor Oy oldin
If I was rich and strangers offer me donuts, I'd think they might've been poisoned.
Incredible Dudz
I wouldn't be surprised if most of the people who said no were employees
Jhon Houma
Jhon Houma Oy oldin
But does it have caviar
Edd RH
Edd RH Oy oldin
not all of em looked like billionaires, some did, but that last guy though... h o l y .
Aye he's Jewish
Enrique Esparza
Rich people dont trust anybody
Deliela V/Kookie
That guy who actually took the donut was so brave to taste the donut and trust them, and really kind to them aswell, IF i said no i wouldnt be like "no" i would just say "no im fine but thanks anyways, you guys are really kind hearted (and smile).
animalcopWOT Oy oldin
officially confirmed by your vids, rich people are mostly assholes
Tommex Oy oldin
4:18 גאווה ישראלית
Mohan Sandal
Mohan Sandal Oy oldin
LA News Billionaire poisoned at his doorstep
Gidon Gidon
Gidon Gidon Oy oldin
The guy that let them in is Jewish
Helena Yang
Helena Yang Oy oldin
Vegan donuts for the win 💖
Rachel Gutierrez
Don't say experiment that just drives people away
Melody Martinez
Real estate peoples get that much money CAN THEY ADOPT ME😂
Big BUUURRRD Oy oldin
0:45 M6😱❤️
Forced Prodigy
Imagine driving 60 km/h, seatbelt and all, smiling, but you're black, and then drive down this neighbourhood. Bitch you'd be arrested in seconds.
Edward Vinch
Edward Vinch Oy oldin
That’s nice of him. You could have said it’s dairy free on the previous house.
mei Oy oldin
just a bunch of entitled assholes
Father Cristian
Nobody wants to answer for a reason
Father Cristian
Honestly this annoying
Owen Cote
Owen Cote Oy oldin
Oh fuck brother my parents own blue star fonts