Asking Strangers to go Skydiving on the Spot!!

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Instagram of the three people that said yes: @vivi.carra @mikeyboiiiiii @desiree.ls
Hope you enjoy Ammar's little spontaneous adventure! We had no plan this morning other than wanting to take some strangers on a crazy adventure. So we decided to take some strangers with us to go Skydiving for the first time! Hope you enjoy and follow us on Instagram for exclusive challenges :) Much love everyone.
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12-Yan, 2018



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Yes Theory
Yes Theory Yil oldin
What's your biggest bucket list item?? Let us know in the comments! Also come say hi on Instagram if you haven't done that already @YesTheory :) Good vibes only
Chris Holth
Chris Holth 3 kun oldin
Yo. I would’ve said yes so damn quick
MommaBearMoreno 10 kun oldin
Build a house! 👍
Luis Gutierrez
Numse fisken
Numse fisken Oy oldin
Theo Da boss
Theo Da boss Oy oldin
Oh yeeeaaaaaaa
Jordan Boyd
Jordan Boyd 23 soat oldin
Skydiving has been on my bucket list for years now. I have also been struggling with being overweight and I haven't had a real driving force to lose the weight but after watching this video and after getting into your guys' channel I have found the inspiration I needed. I am going to lose the weight, I am going to go skydiving and it's all thanks to you guys at Yes Theory. I will make sure to take a video of it and before and after pictures. Thank you guys, so much.
Sami Chowdhury
Sami Chowdhury Kun oldin
I wish you had asked me this question
Corn Beef
Corn Beef Kun oldin
Take me right now lol
Josh Dennison
Josh Dennison Kun oldin
lol that's insane but I love it just saying yes and doing it
Innerblaze Kun oldin
I like how everyone is saying something about kidnapping.
Copyrights Jukes XD
Try philppines next time
Logan Wardner
Logan Wardner 2 kun oldin
I would say hell ya
Elhan Iqbal
Elhan Iqbal 2 kun oldin
Can somebody please tell me the song at 4.46?! I've been searching for three hours for this!!
Joel Pettersson
Joel Pettersson 2 kun oldin
Im feeling nasuis just from watching this. I almost pass out from watching rolercoster videos on youtube. Ill never in My life do enything like this
Arabian Skittles
Arabian Skittles 3 kun oldin
I feel bad for that one girl 😂
DJ BIG Turbo
DJ BIG Turbo 3 kun oldin
hell ya
Mr Troll
Mr Troll 3 kun oldin
And 1 simple yes to a stranger can take you to an underground Bunker chained up and waiting someone to rescue you
Reche Bellera
Reche Bellera 4 kun oldin
I want to try that😊😊😊
Killerpants1125 5 kun oldin
1 simple yes can take you 12,000 feet up, 8/10 times 6 feet under
Fly On Gypsy
Fly On Gypsy 5 kun oldin
I know you've probably been told this but... Thank You for making the world a far better place
420 ludo
420 ludo 6 kun oldin
xdd sick video again
Eliot Baker
Eliot Baker 9 kun oldin
Love this damn channel
Wabzy 10 kun oldin
Please come to the Uk sometimes ;)
Miky Mike
Miky Mike 11 kun oldin
Nice man be kind to one another 🤙🏾🙏🏿😁😆
Isaac Gonzalez
Isaac Gonzalez 12 kun oldin
"1 simple yes...can take you 12,000 feet up" -Yes Theory In fairness, you could also say that it brought them 12,000 feet back down.
foxy hook
foxy hook 12 kun oldin
How other people explain skydiving: u go 1000s of feet in air and jump out of plane u be fine How I explain skydiving: ok guys suit up and get ready to get kicked out of a plane 1000s of feet in the air. Good luck and I might not see you again bye and have a nice day.
Designimi T-shirt
Designimi T-shirt 12 kun oldin
hi awesome video :) You can have tee shirts on the theme of skydiving here : skydiving-tshirt.com
Seandoe Spurr
Seandoe Spurr 13 kun oldin
Anna Alemani
Anna Alemani 13 kun oldin
why are these people saying yes?
Nicholas Pineau
Nicholas Pineau 14 kun oldin
You guys aspire me everyday to say yes more and more. I love what you guys do and keep it up
Hunterriman77 !
Hunterriman77 ! 15 kun oldin
God I hope this happens to me one day
PRUTHVI GUNTURU 16 kun oldin
Music Takes Over
Music Takes Over 16 kun oldin
I rate the white tshirt guy 😂
Hamza Akbar
Hamza Akbar 17 kun oldin
I love skydiving I do 120 time
glen Carrington
glen Carrington 18 kun oldin
Blue skies, good vibes, and skydives! Ya'll might like this clip: uzvid.com/video/video-NJ3ntlTvuvc.html By proxy and not 1:1 but still cool. I jump at FCSPC (real old name for the joint) in North Cackalacky. The DZ looked like the one out of the movie Fandango. We jumped from 42 year old Beech D-18 tail number 85 Zulu bleed 60wt all over the damn place!
Dezirae Maione
Dezirae Maione 18 kun oldin
Wait that’s my name come to Canada and ask me
Dogecream 18 kun oldin
These are the videos that should be on the UZvid platform every day
Sick Sad World
Sick Sad World 18 kun oldin
Imagine how pumped up you’d be if u did that everyday before school
Sub_For_No_Reason Pls
The fuck they where lucky af
aidan adair
aidan adair 19 kun oldin
"I have a reservation at 2, its 1215 i have an hour and 15 minutes cuz its an hour and a half drive" where the fuck is ur math bro 😂😂
aana verma
aana verma 19 kun oldin
I-WANNA-SKYDIVE-AAAAAHAHAHHAHAH lmao wth did i just write
flyguyee 20 kun oldin
How were they able to afford this?
Anna Rue
Anna Rue 20 kun oldin
yes please
yes please 20 kun oldin
One simple yes to a stranger can also get you into a van.
Jesse Golden
Jesse Golden 20 kun oldin
I feel like the first girl was a little let down. It seemed like she thought he was asking her out on like a 1-on-1 skydiving experience.
Gman 2k and other stuff
Yes Theory is Mr. Beast but more people
Meira Rundhaug
Meira Rundhaug 21 kun oldin
You guys are the best ever, I’ve been watching none stop and just discovered you. I’m beyond inspired and my biggest wish is to meet you guys and do some crazy shit together. I love the content you put out and how open you are to new ideas. My perspective on life is completely changed and I thank you for that❤️
TOMeightoh 22 kun oldin
Calling his dad at the end was the best part
iiEddieLostic 23 kun oldin
What song starts at 4:59?
Raj Upadhyaya
Raj Upadhyaya 23 kun oldin
I'd prefer paramotoring
Lil Bop
Lil Bop 24 kun oldin
just discovered this channel why the fuk did i not know about this I love it
DMT 24 kun oldin
You'd get a most definite YES from me! :D
SilverDragonEyess 24 kun oldin
If it was a hot chick asking I would
Halimi Hanip
Halimi Hanip 25 kun oldin
i want to go skydiving..but iam afraid.. but..thats doesn’t stop me from skydiving 😏😏
Gabriel Weaver
Gabriel Weaver 25 kun oldin
how to you get such charisma to do this.
missed the joke
missed the joke 25 kun oldin
Also saying one yes could put you 6ft under
sTatiCzBlade16 6
sTatiCzBlade16 6 25 kun oldin
A simple yes can get you kidnapped 🤔
Eric Espi
Eric Espi 25 kun oldin
I subscribed now cuz I support your movement. YES!!! ♡. Bless you for eternity in Jesus name alone ♡
willy cohen
willy cohen 25 kun oldin
you guys always keep your optimism so high even when wading through loads of “no’s”
Chris Drago
Chris Drago 26 kun oldin
Yooo what’s the outro song? You guys always have the sickest tunes.
Mathew Lewis
Mathew Lewis 26 kun oldin
OMG! I literally went skydiving a couple of days ago for my birthday. I would have loved it if someone just came and asked me to go!
blaze mz 0909
blaze mz 0909 26 kun oldin
I want to do skydive but I am in India and I am 8 years old
Notmy Her0
Notmy Her0 27 kun oldin
Your videos make me so happy 😁
Jayden Buckle
Jayden Buckle 27 kun oldin
I don’t have the guts to jump form a helicopter
HelloItsMimi _
HelloItsMimi _ 28 kun oldin
this make me happy ❤😊
Malachi Dowding
Malachi Dowding 29 kun oldin
1 simple yes could take u 12,000 feet above the air. Me 1 simple Yes could end up with u in some random guys van ;) watch out kiddies JK
nice wan
nice wan 29 kun oldin
3 luckiest people in the world 😅
PeowMeow 29 kun oldin
5:22 Bro that shit had me dead
Jibot Joe Canuto
BluePuppyWarrior #BALA!!!
I wnt to go skydiving but I'm afraid that my parachute could fail
EDGAR G Oy oldin
Where is the video at 2:33? Can't seem to find it
John Jss
John Jss Oy oldin
1:31 i hope she brought her friend too
Kailee A
Kailee A Oy oldin
Sensational 😱
Noah Ryan
Noah Ryan Oy oldin
Someday I hope to be stopped and asked a question by you guys
Grayson Burt
Grayson Burt Oy oldin
I am watching this on Sunday
ucheucheuche Oy oldin
Just realised the instructor had a helmet, the passenger did nay.
Tony Hussey
Tony Hussey Oy oldin
Fantastic video guys..liked and subscribed:-)
Indian Outlaw
Indian Outlaw Oy oldin
Amazing! One day....😊
Patrick Nelson
Great content!!! Sign-up, send traffic, and get paid: funnelxroi.com/adv2aw?ddid=150384&c=
Lithane Oy oldin
This is insane, props to those brave enough to say yes.
Yahaira Cruz
Yahaira Cruz Oy oldin
I wanna go skydiving for my graduation 🎓
UwU hey Sarah UwU UwU UwU
Ayla Gacha
Ayla Gacha Oy oldin
What happens if they say yes but the parachute won’t open. Imagine having to watch as you fall to the ground helpless and that you took an innocent life.
Sr Oy oldin
I would say YES! In a heart but then I’d be panicking the entire way if this guy is a serial killer.
ArtiXx4You Oy oldin
00:07 yes
J Hoeh
J Hoeh Oy oldin
I'd love to hear mr nice guys opinion on israel
J B Oy oldin
It seems like if I were to ask people to sky dive it would be a girl... not a guy and a girl.. this guy’s a cuck
Nano14lol Oy oldin
I would be like the guy at 2:03, saying yes, right away, no questions asked
Walker #18936
Walker #18936 Oy oldin
I need to get out more XD
Deepak Galoth
Deepak Galoth Oy oldin
5:12 name of this song?
Suraj Singh
Suraj Singh Oy oldin
Get a gimble bro
Pete Ramirez
Pete Ramirez Oy oldin
I was born and raised in Perris , locals don’t sky dive , because we are the first to hear of all the people that die 😿😿
Anuroop Gambhir
Love this channel 😍
Miss_ Marz
Miss_ Marz Oy oldin
HI if your reading this I love the video... I just wanted to say go check out Johnny tuivasa--shecks video "before you ask" it may mean nothing to you but I'm just saying check it out😊😊
Nightcore Reach
Man this channel inspires me so much it got me out of my comfort zone and this is why started making music to express people’s feelings
master chief
master chief Oy oldin
Didn't Jeff Ross roast this guy? Is it the same person? XD
gun trained
gun trained Oy oldin
I will go with you hahaha
Channel Live
Channel Live Oy oldin
Awesome! I am to try skydiving! You cool guys!
Kushal Dutta
Kushal Dutta Oy oldin
One simple yes... Can take you 12000 feet up.... And then splatter you down in minutes!
Reinaldo Torres
I'm really looking forward to skydiving on my birthday, February 12th. Although I cannot pay for you along with my ticket to leap... I'd really like some strangers to join me. If you're with me, that'd be fantastiiiic! ❤ and even though I really wanna do it in Dubai... I'm currently in Cali. So it'll have to be in Cali:) hehe
Angel Cesena
Angel Cesena Oy oldin
Tip: walk around Venice beach everyday and “accidentally” bump into Ammar and prepare for a crazy adventure or awesome story to tell
Rumour Plays
Rumour Plays Oy oldin
Mr.Beast 2.0 has joined the chart
TheZuckinator 5000
Imagine if he did all of that just to get that girls number
Although I would never do it. I somehow find this very cool.
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