Asking Strangers to go Skydiving on the Spot!!

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Definitely go here if you're ever in Southern California and you want to go skydiving : skydiveperris.com/
Instagram of the three people that said yes: @vivi.carra @mikeyboiiiiii @desiree.ls
Hope you enjoy Ammar's little spontaneous adventure! We had no plan this morning other than wanting to take some strangers on a crazy adventure. So we decided to take some strangers with us to go Skydiving for the first time! Hope you enjoy and follow us on Instagram for exclusive challenges :) Much love everyone.
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12-Yan, 2018

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Yes Theory
Yes Theory 7 oy oldin
What's your biggest bucket list item?? Let us know in the comments! Also come say hi on Instagram if you haven't done that already @YesTheory :) Good vibes only
JSAM 0734
JSAM 0734 21 soat oldin
My biggest bucket list item is own a delorean, the one before that Is do something incredibly generous or heroic... idk...
Mizuki 2 kun oldin
#1 To go hiking or in hiking special parks. I would start from Romanian Carpathian Mountains Chain (as I'm a Romanian) but I would love to go with a group of people like the guy in the video who said instantly "YES, cool, let's do it" :))
raised by wolfs
raised by wolfs 3 kun oldin
Yes Theory diving with sharks and petting a wolf
Mahmoud Widian Vlogs
Yes Theory be supper rich and be able to buy trillions of vbucks
BoulderCrest Ranch
BoulderCrest Ranch 4 kun oldin
Yes Theory paragliding. you need to try paragliding.
Madisyn Ellison
Madisyn Ellison Soat oldin
Wow this is AMAZING
Mutant Gaming
Mutant Gaming Soat oldin
One yes... can get you killed :)
libin kc
libin kc 3 soat oldin
i love these guys
Tom Friendly
Tom Friendly 6 soat oldin
Haha that was fucking awesome! :D
Ehhdy Ed
Ehhdy Ed 7 soat oldin
Lmao they made the skydiving thing from fortnite to a real thing
I BennyRN I
I BennyRN I 9 soat oldin
I’d be like “HAYLL YEAH!!”
Jordan Bingham
Jordan Bingham 10 soat oldin
I would say yes
iTezzo 11 soat oldin
Fortnite dOt eXe
Hussnain khan
Hussnain khan 13 soat oldin
yes yes yes yes yes yes😂
Normal Rick
Normal Rick 15 soat oldin
Skydiving is on my “kick the bucket list” I am not going skydiving
Stormtrooper1845 15 soat oldin
I would say yes
InsaneBeat 17 soat oldin
Yeah, and one simple yes could put you 4 feet in the back of a van
UpComing_ Deb
UpComing_ Deb 18 soat oldin
Probally friends
Courtney’s Daily Vlogs
It’s stupid and life threatening.... IM IN
Traz 22 soat oldin
cool guy c;
james read
james read Kun oldin
This is brilliant, I wish I had to balls to say yes more.
A Legal Channel
A Legal Channel Kun oldin
Well you just gained some friends
Abi Watson
Abi Watson Kun oldin
Imagine if after this video they all became best friends😂😂😂❤️❤️
ঊ M͠γ͠T͠H͠I͠c͠A͠L͠
Ondra Castka
Ondra Castka Kun oldin
You guys are awesome. Love your channel. Greetings from czech republic
Joel Quinn
Joel Quinn Kun oldin
1 simple yes... can land you back of a crusty old white van to get cut up...
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Kun oldin
J D Kun oldin
Yes I would
mikie jones
mikie jones Kun oldin
hahahahahaha awesome
jishwa dunn
jishwa dunn Kun oldin
Epic just epic
jishwa dunn
jishwa dunn Kun oldin
Me pls
Alfonso Figueroa
Alfonso Figueroa 2 kun oldin
5:30 dat face
Alfonso Figueroa
Alfonso Figueroa 2 kun oldin
Look at the girls face at5:00
Dynamix 2 kun oldin
Keith Rockstead
Keith Rockstead 2 kun oldin
This is amazing.
Snowy love Love
Snowy love Love 2 kun oldin
I have always wanted to go skydiving or bungee jumping
Mehakjot singh Sidhu
You guys are the best😀BEST UZvid CHANNEL. Keep up the good work guys.✌️
LiamIsBetter 2 kun oldin
I have already seen this but imma see it again ;)
Pietro Bella
Pietro Bella 2 kun oldin
Wut if I die?
Belinda Nagel
Belinda Nagel 2 kun oldin
I so want to go skydiving!
Camerun Rivera
Camerun Rivera 2 kun oldin
The girl with have hair is scaring me
Maddie Bee
Maddie Bee 2 kun oldin
If I was 18 I would
SIR MEOWS A LOTTM 2 kun oldin
That’s one way to get a total stranger to be your friend!
morgan lee
morgan lee 2 kun oldin
ask me please
kittencat 3 kun oldin
The guy in the white sweatshirt was really cute XD
kermit the frog
kermit the frog 3 kun oldin
I love this channel omgg
Dylanxp500 0
Dylanxp500 0 3 kun oldin
Honest to god this video gave me goose bumps that's my dream to skydive will never happen like but omg nice video keep at it those people are so lucky I'm watching all ur videos now all respect 😎 😎 💯💯👍👍
hell gamer
hell gamer 3 kun oldin
How much it cost guys
Parr & Cook
Parr & Cook 3 kun oldin
Love this🤩
Carrots And Cakes
Carrots And Cakes 3 kun oldin
Aww that other girl with the one in white in the beach wanted to go two, damn.
Sam guy
Sam guy 3 kun oldin
Bruh that dude with his dad and stuff seems so cool to hang out with
dickbutt b
dickbutt b 3 kun oldin
I’ll love to skydive!
- ruunmina -
- ruunmina - 4 kun oldin
craig woodgate
craig woodgate 4 kun oldin
Dam I wish I was there
Spencer Ross
Spencer Ross 4 kun oldin
1 yes and you yes YOU can get kidnapped.
Keelie Cox
Keelie Cox 4 kun oldin
I have the same hair cut as desire
fari acca
fari acca 4 kun oldin
'well they are not strangers anymore ' - wats bttr way to make FRIENDS guyz . - AMMAR U R Soooo ' YES ' 😜
Clash Oh Rama
Clash Oh Rama 4 kun oldin
Ight. I guess next time someone asks me to get in there car and they respond they have candy I will say yes:D
sarah alxndrknt
sarah alxndrknt 4 kun oldin
5:55 that’s what she said
BrisoGamingChannel 4 kun oldin
If they asked me I’d be in the car before they finished asking me
Justin Merriman
Justin Merriman 4 kun oldin
Hey iit's that hot model from porn
Cyber Detail
Cyber Detail 4 kun oldin
1:36 im not the guy wear shirt 64 fyi
Melinda Lopez
Melinda Lopez 4 kun oldin
5:30 her face
Giselle Rodriguez
Giselle Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
I’m 11 with trust issues.
09xxx90 Hax
09xxx90 Hax 4 kun oldin
I wanna go skydiving I'm a kid tho But still 😀
BoulderCrest Ranch
BoulderCrest Ranch 4 kun oldin
nice video. next try paragliding. (way better)
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 4 kun oldin
ÅFT3R ŁĮF3 4 kun oldin
“So doc... do I have cancer?” No! “Oh I was hoping you’d say yes”
Alpha Frappucino
Alpha Frappucino 5 kun oldin
Nashville, Tennessee
Tiana []
Tiana [] 5 kun oldin
Awh this was so sweet and amazing! Really put a smile on my face. Those people are awesome!!!!
Cole Stonebreaker
Cole Stonebreaker 5 kun oldin
theres no way
XBOX360 DUDE 5 kun oldin
Kidnapping 101
The Enemy OF Death ._.
That guy that said yes seems like a great person and i would watch his vlogs
everybuddy 5 kun oldin
Idk why i'm smiling thru the video
everybuddy 5 kun oldin
I subscribed immediately 😂
Alex Reshotkin
Alex Reshotkin 5 kun oldin
1 single yes can get you raped
Milton Ström
Milton Ström 5 kun oldin
Banned Offensive item: yes
Milton Ström
Milton Ström 5 kun oldin
Banned Offensive item: yes
Danieletta Gaylah
Danieletta Gaylah 5 kun oldin
Mila Burhanzai
Mila Burhanzai 5 kun oldin
Mr. Widget
Mr. Widget 5 kun oldin
1 simple yes.... Can get you kidnapped
IIBalisticZach YEET
I wanna do it
IIBalisticZach YEET
I hope there’s separation between the dicks and vaginas great vid
BIG DOG 5 kun oldin
One simple yes can get you in a van that doesn’t actually have candy *just joking btw
alexu pascu
alexu pascu 6 kun oldin
So nice :D
Conor Dreiss
Conor Dreiss 6 kun oldin
Totally not fake
NotSoHotPants McGee
Duuuuuude I wish someone would ask me to go 😫😂
Nancy Van  Der Meer
Nancy Van Der Meer 6 kun oldin
SomR 6 kun oldin
"they are not strangers anymore".. yes, yes they are .. you don't know shit about each other and don't care for each other or anything... people now a days.. think that their week and small connections mean something, when they actually means absolutely nothing.
Judah Matheson
Judah Matheson 6 kun oldin
im gonna go to venice beach now
21whichiswhich 6 kun oldin
I would say yes in a heartbeat. That's is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We only live once.
Haruo 6 kun oldin
NOXY GUY 6 kun oldin
Coolest channel....
dallas short
dallas short 6 kun oldin
I wanna
ROOP SINGH 6 kun oldin
Lol at the last part 😂
Fiona Wilson
Fiona Wilson 6 kun oldin
See this is a famous UZvidr so people who say yes might know him. But just because he’s famous does not mean everyone knows him. Saying “hey want to skydive for free?” Is like saying “hey want free candy in my car?” Which is literally what the people do, they get in his car. I’m not ranting about the channel, what they are doing is sweet and kind. But, I’m just afraid kids are gonna look at this and it’s gonna teach them to say yes blindly. You guys already know the consequences 😔.
ROOP SINGH 6 kun oldin
Lol 😂
Lilcheeto 1
Lilcheeto 1 6 kun oldin
where we landing boys?
Mr. KeeneBean
Mr. KeeneBean 6 kun oldin
Lucky Bastards!!!! Damn! ! ! Now I want to jump out of an airplane!!! I wish and pray to God someone would ask me to do some crazy-ass s*** like this.
K-9 Companions
K-9 Companions 6 kun oldin
Saying yes can also make you traumatized.
ElementalBeast 6 kun oldin
I would of been like FUCK YEAH LETS GOOO, also I've also done it before so I mean, free? Hell yeah
DribbleGod Tutorials
It would of been better if u took out the loud fucking music