Astronauts are Actors

John Caleb Warren
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This is a bunch of interesting clips I edited together to help shine the light on all the actors up in outer space. All the actornauts on the international fake station.
The following videos & clips can be found in the Links below, thank you all!

GLOBEBUSTERS. Antarctica - Sorry We're Closed! uzvid.com/video/video-NPbhHpeHTiE.html
Paul on the Plane. Antarctica is NOT a continent uzvid.com/video/video-XtcXlXX390c.html
Convex Earth - The Documentary
Elon Musk " you can tell it's real because it looks so fake" uzvid.com/video/video-b1vAfykrQRw.html
Paul on the Plane - Faking Space /camera

Buddy Huggins - Nasa caught lying
Foundry - the making of Gravity
047Films - behind the scenes
Rob Skiba - How the 4 seasons work
Viktor Nagy - Men in Black Scene
Astro Not - Nasa gang losing it Live
Bling Bling - the reflection in ipad
GeoShifter - Rocket hitting the Dome
Lucid Truth - strange truth project




22-May, 2018




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Patsy E
Patsy E 22 daqiqa oldin
How did the cameras survive when they apparently went to the moon? Wouldn't everything have melted?
The Prestige
The Prestige Soat oldin
17:09 what a psycho she is.
macasoi vasile marian
are u fucking retarded mate? that's what u get when retards learn only enouth to make a fucking youtube video and do a shitty video editing job
Dr. DRE 2 soat oldin
having to put your foot underneath a bar to stay down and not float away while your colleagu just does push ups and by law of gravity gets pulled down to surface he calls the floor, how the fuck do those 2 co-exist right next to each other
Big Stuff
Big Stuff 3 soat oldin
I’ve read several of the comments and I have one question. If this is all fake why are there rockets going to space, on the moon, space based telescopes, probes landing on Mars, satellites etc.
wosko 4 soat oldin
chris hadfield moves like a magician
BABYLON HA 5 soat oldin
Gog and Magog after they control Earth they will race to control the having. that ancient Prophecy. it seems to be fulfilled by America (gog)and Russia (magog).
Christophe Fournier
Christophe Fournier 7 soat oldin
All NASA's pictures are obviously CGI Computer generated imagery !
Emerson Pinto
Emerson Pinto 7 soat oldin
Emerson Pinto
Emerson Pinto 7 soat oldin
jolly fresh
jolly fresh 11 soat oldin
the question is how fukking many have sold out for money and arhonismm i\thats the scary y thing what percent of humans are in on this decption
Rohilmina Pingay
Rohilmina Pingay 11 soat oldin
How I wish. There would be a space tour so this Idiots will shut their mouths. Anyway. What do you think of the Signals you have in your Mobiles while watching this? The Updates for Weather Forcast? Where do this things came from anyway? Stupids!
Levi str8 shrimpin
Levi str8 shrimpin 11 soat oldin
But that film was crap
Sunny Lion
Sunny Lion 12 soat oldin
"Space" Clowns 🤡
Bernardo Provenzanno
Bernardo Provenzanno 17 soat oldin
Lmao..the kid cheerleader shirt says SMH..Lol😃🤔
Lisa Price
Lisa Price 18 soat oldin
Of course they're actors. Gotta give the atheists a reason to live. They piss in each others pockets as it is.
michael flegel
michael flegel 18 soat oldin
Yes it does strike a chord. And it makes you wonder what happened to this great nation that now we have to lie to our kindergarteners? The push-up sequence was just pathetic and obviously on a Wire. But the woman's hair has to be the worst the worst lie.
Ironicbadger 19 soat oldin
At 04:45, the Russian blokes watch is dancing all over his wrist
weldrocks 20 soat oldin
Wow he's eating asparagus. 17:45 Don't they do anything interesting up there besides spin stuff?
UBMurda TV
UBMurda TV 21 soat oldin
why cant they install the camera inside the space helmet or create a camera protection out of the space helmet
Urbex Indigo
Urbex Indigo 22 soat oldin
Who is the annoying woman narrating the "Ooh another edit....ooh another flash.......things spinning" hahaha She has no idea of the space program of physics just has to blame a flash indicating an edit. Yep that sure is convincing............lol
Urbex Indigo
Urbex Indigo 22 soat oldin
2:12 The woman in the red shirt lets go of the microphone to switch hands and the microphone stays floating???? That does not happen unless someone knows they are in zero gravity and knows the microphone will not drop to the floor. Conclusion- They are in zero gravity.
Kellye Raiborn
Kellye Raiborn 23 soat oldin
Yeah we live on a wet spinning ball rocket 🤣🤣
Vanilla Sparkle
Vanilla Sparkle Kun oldin
Joe Smoo
Joe Smoo Kun oldin
It's so funny!!! I go to all you crazy peoples profile and you all believed in absolute crazy stuff it's so f****** funny!!!! My family owns a jet the Earth is not flat morons
Joe Smoo
Joe Smoo Kun oldin
but all you people that believe NASA's fake believe people are lizards and believe that Hitler lives on the moon and you believe that Trump is a Russian spy. The pyramids were built by Martians yeah and you all believe in Martians.you believe all this other absolute nonsense but you can't believe that man is in space absolutely insane!!!young people today are more ignorant and stupid than ever before in world history especially in the USA
Joe Smoo
Joe Smoo Kun oldin
You would truly have to be mentally retarded to believe that this is fake
Joe Smoo
Joe Smoo Kun oldin
yeah it's all just a big rouge all my friends and family that work for NASA it's just a big fake it's just a big conspiracy!!! ignorance of people is just unbelievable. People just can't be this stupid
They're cloning machine must be broken because all their faces look the same. They're always smiling and laughing because right after the shoot they jump into their Mercedes-Benz and Cadillacs and go home laughing
cookie monster
cookie monster Kun oldin
all these electronics stuff and water drops? i think it's not a good combination in cold space. i even keep my cell phone and coffee cup separated.
Bendie Sticks
Bendie Sticks Kun oldin
It’s werid seeing clothes not fall or drape right. Got to think bout all the fluids in ur body and fact u have to swallow, imagine if can’t make spit fall down. U would drown on ur own spit and fluids
Bendie Sticks
Bendie Sticks Kun oldin
How this shitard get this job btw , I wouldn’t let him mop. That’s low tier there
Chavron Chavron
Chavron Chavron Kun oldin
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having seen this video. I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.
Michael Hatem
Michael Hatem Kun oldin
It's an absolute shame and criminal what they are feeding us about space
Michael Hatem
Michael Hatem Kun oldin
How can so many people at NASA and other space agencies be fooled so throughly
Michael Hatem
Michael Hatem Kun oldin
All the good things for people that this money could be doing instead of being wasted as it is
Lucas McCoy
Lucas McCoy Kun oldin
I like when people make claims like this and fail to provide concrete facts and evidence to support it. All they provided was the ability to make a movie. Not going to cut it for this claim.
VacuBlaster Kun oldin
This video is hypercritical nonsense
apemester Kun oldin
Really? People still belive this whole "Spacetravel is a hoax" thing? Whats the motivation from the government for lying about this? I don't get your rationale
'Hey, there's a hair in my asparagus!" Seems very impractical to have long hair in zero gravity.
Brandon Reed
Brandon Reed Kun oldin
Ur retarded
Harry Balls
Harry Balls Kun oldin
15:37 Stupid woman claims hair doesn't get all messed up like the NASA videos then goes on to prove it by showing a Zero G flight where two womans hair is messed up. lol.
bcamk Kun oldin
Good effort, but, I can't handle the music.
Terry Winter
Terry Winter Kun oldin
So what about all the films of 1960s and 70s spacecraft in orbit around the earth ?
Arron W
Arron W Kun oldin
space dust? where art thou?
Arron W
Arron W Kun oldin
inside the human body wouldnt digestion be affected by the lack of gravity? eg. food coming back up.
John J. Sanchez
John J. Sanchez Kun oldin
NASA uses computer graphic image programs like a construction company uses cheap illegal immigrant labor.
John J. Sanchez
John J. Sanchez Kun oldin
The shuttles breaking apart over the planet were the end of NASA. It's far cheaper to digitize a virtual reality animation of alleged space travel than to actually do it in real reality. When as a government entity you're sucking in billions of the publics' tax dollars to do one job and there's a way to pretend that you're doing that job on a television monitor without the public knowing that you're sitting on your asses spending that money as you please while mockingly deceiving them then could you expect a government agency to do anything else?
Black Dagger
Black Dagger Kun oldin
Mate. Have you heard of pressure and gravity? Its why your hair keeps down on the 0 G plane
Lady W
Lady W Kun oldin
It is a frightening blood line without true fear and love for The real creator of all that is beautiful in life and in us.
Lady W
Lady W Kun oldin
That looks absolutely wicked as it laughs even it’s con mates are wondering wtf as they look at her uncontrollably laugh from the darkness within.That laugh looks absolutely uncontrollable much like it did by all those faces present on the podium and in interview both young and old against the gun politicians in that very public rally .... you literally see those ‘youth’ smiling throwing up the horns hand signs. They all serve their master with glee
Real deal
Real deal Kun oldin
Then why do they push kid into space science. They try to motivate more kid into space science. Wouldnt that mean more people to disprove them and say they are fake. What a coincident that people love to stick to reality happen to be never do any science. Becuz those scientist are real, anyone smart enough would know. Only dumb say it fake ^^
Paul Newfield -Pasadena, Ca. USA
Same reason they tell kids that santa clause is real, you can get gullible, ignorant minds to believe anything! So before these kids can fulls speak, they are indoctrinated with this bullshit!
Eddie Flores
Eddie Flores Kun oldin
John J. Sanchez
John J. Sanchez Kun oldin
What's funnier is that when they're standing in one spot in front of the camera their hips are aligned because the wires are held at the same time in real zero gravity there's no way to control where you want to stop.
Louis Williams
Louis Williams Kun oldin
I saw 2 "planes" flying next to each other yesterday and they veered off course and disappeared into thin air right above my house
Damn Yourugly
Damn Yourugly Kun oldin
The guy in the spring carriage unit that went horizontal is supposed to be what?
Jasper Sihoe
Jasper Sihoe Kun oldin
By observing the comment section, it’s so sad how many people are uneducated.
David Schmidt
David Schmidt Kun oldin
It strikes a chord with me when I see ignorant people who cannot understand Science (and therefore believe that it isn't real) lying to the kids. Causing youngsters to distrust Science and quell their natural curiosity is a dangerous thing for our species. How else will we solve our problems, if not through increased ability in Science and more research? The idiot who says the ISS is fake is simply speaking out of ignorance and unresolved emotional issues.
RasseBoi Kun oldin
Nazis are better than these fucking idiots. I mean all the people in the comments.
Carlos Puente
Carlos Puente Kun oldin
You can tell it's fake because they never spiral spin, and they just sit there uncomfortably with top halves pulled on. Like if it were me I'd be pressing against the ceiling or something trying to keep my feet on the ground. Do some leg curls like I'd do in a pool
Rommell Thompson
How in/on The Good lord's Green flat earth have Nasa been getting away with this Mockery for years upon years upon years. Unbelievable & both sad Brooklyn is watching and listening
ctaukus Kun oldin
What is wrong with that bird? Who the fuck let her fly a spaceship......or right.....nobody.
H. Antonio Netzer
Something tells me the government paid for the ticket sales?
Lennart Gosman
Lennart Gosman Kun oldin
PLEASE UZvid, STOP THOSE DUMB VIDEOS John, please get some brian please or go to your old teacher on school and let hem explain you things. If you really want I can explain a lot for you but please.... stop spreading this bullshit. Please?
H. Antonio Netzer
Such GREAT GRAPHICS WHERE CAN I THE....app!? Oh, and those tires would look GRAVEYARD gravey on my Audi.
ONE TRUTH Kun oldin
There is no other space, there is no purpose for a ball/globe floating through infinite space. Land able spinning planets don’t even make sense to begin with.
Paul Newfield -Pasadena, Ca. USA
What the fuck are you trying to type? You don't know there's an edit button?
Crazy Canada
Crazy Canada Kun oldin
They will never pay the price for their deceptions..... apparently?
Matt Bohnenberger
You flat earthers are absolutely retarded lmao. The swimming pool dives in the space suites are the most accurate way to simulate a zero ‘G’ environment, the purpose is so astronauts can practice and get use to spending hours on end working in those suites in a weightless environment and water is the closest thing to use. Wtf is wrong with you ppl, how is that not obvious? You’re all fucking idiots
Air Destroyers
Air Destroyers Kun oldin
Whoever made this is profoundly stupid
jack murphy
jack murphy 2 kun oldin
Also 2:08 why isn't her hair standing up like a super sayian
richie j cruz
richie j cruz 2 kun oldin
Dumb! So dumb! I can’t stand stupid shit like this where are you people are making these videos you are doing a disservice to yourself and everyone that watches these videos I can’t stand you people. It’s like you really wanted to be an employee scientist or maybe even a janitor at NASA but got rejected and now you do this shit out of spite. Losers!
Ryan Mccrum
Ryan Mccrum 2 kun oldin
Are they always telling the truth? No.... are they really in space? YES! You making this video is dumbing down man for giving fake information.
Michael Kondratiuk
Michael Kondratiuk 2 kun oldin
omg this dude is a fucking idiot.
gerbilkill 2 kun oldin
the materials,, sir I know where to find it,, its header wrap,, fiberglass woven mesh , and they added the aluminum insulation from the stuff they use for sunvisors.. they shop auto zone ,, hahahaha but seriously header wrap is like mithril to heat ,, I cant remember the numbers but I know car headers can glow red .. so 666 degrees .. lol just being funny on the number but its up there
Aleks Sapundhziev
Aleks Sapundhziev 2 kun oldin
watched some of your videos, and i can say your arguments look more fake than the actual astronauts. I know thats something is not true, with the space program, going back to the nazi space program and the russian one, but clearly those guys are in space, and you're wrong.
Adam D
Adam D 2 kun oldin
I get that that there is a lot of controversy about space missions being real or not, but what I still cannot discover the answer to is Why? Why would they go through all of this trouble and billions of dollars to lie to people about space travel, does it tie into the world being controlled by some alien/reptilians and they want to hide the truth about space from us? What are the logical reasons for spending so much time, effort, and money on lies of these proportions?
Lincoln Velasquez
Lincoln Velasquez 2 kun oldin
Never thought of the tires !!! Good work
WingChun newbie
WingChun newbie Kun oldin
all that needs to be done is most of the air let out. think about the pressures that tyres normally operate at, they are strong enough to handle to pressure difference in space.
G D 2 kun oldin
Earth is Flat
John Lawler
John Lawler 2 kun oldin
9:30 so shouldn't earth become flat over time? The earth is how old? That's not terrible logic...idk
WingChun newbie
WingChun newbie Kun oldin
No the earth would reach a balance between the force of gravity holding it into a perfect sphere and the centripetal force pulling it out in the middle(equator).
Miss Heird
Miss Heird 2 kun oldin
Are there cosmoNOTS ?
KD's Garage
KD's Garage 2 kun oldin
not a ral car, at 25:00 mins you cans see the car has no disc where the brakes are suppose to be
WingChun newbie
WingChun newbie Kun oldin
They would have just removed the discs and calipers to bring down the weight, very easy thing to do to lose some weight. They would have probably taken the battery out too. Think about it!
Nik Delta
Nik Delta 2 kun oldin
WHY you put music? its embarassing. Why everybody has background music in everything?
Ron Roberts
Ron Roberts 2 kun oldin
That woman in the red shirt looks stoned out of her mind.
Majd Alyo
Majd Alyo Kun oldin
Ron Roberts im actually almost sure its a transgender. She looks like a man and has been the only woman in spade for soool long
Carlos Puente
Carlos Puente Kun oldin
Ron Roberts I think its faked but she was obviously nervous. I've had to speak in front of people and starting shaking bad. Some folks have bad anxiety. Not saying everything there isn't fake because it's obvious that it is.she was just nervous that's why everyone tried to calm her down showing that it was okay. It helped for a bit.
Fredrik Carlsson
Fredrik Carlsson 2 kun oldin
The edits could also be there to reduce the video length by removing useless footage becuase the viewers attention span or to fit in TV schedules.
Elaine Pulcher
Elaine Pulcher 2 kun oldin
Thank you,great video. But man has no choice but to go to space, your thermal energy will not last forever and you just don't learn to live in space in a day. Can you do a film on what ALL the obstacles to setting up living in space are. Remember, Man once thought the earth was flat and you would fall off, but brave men that believed they could cross the seas and as they faced many many hardships of the sea's suceeded. And now we can travel the oceans safe. Even God said he made us in his image and he lives in space. We can space mine through machines, but man going and living in space is not up for discussion, but a survival, it must be done, so solutions must be found. So lets make a lie of the past a truth for the future.
HeyBaby Badguy
HeyBaby Badguy 2 kun oldin
Being Flat earther is just an excuse to be fucking retard and still think you're right
Sin curvatura No vives en una esfera!!
markmark63 2 kun oldin
The force of the Dunning-Kruger effect is strong on here. You do know you can actually see them with your own eyes? Buy a 10" reflector telescope (you can get online from amazon/ebay, etc), and you'll see the space station In detail. Check the times that supply ships are docking, or spacewalks are scheduled. If the conditions are right (i.e., Night where you are and clear sky) - you will see them !!
Zero Signal
Zero Signal Kun oldin
markmark63 no you will see a shell of something at best. That is not proof of anything.
TheGrim Reapress
TheGrim Reapress 2 kun oldin
Oh, I'm sorry - are you a photographer?
TheGrim Reapress
TheGrim Reapress 2 kun oldin
Stupidity multiplies. The entire flat earth debate stands like this: Everybody sane - The earth is a sphere. Here's the evidence. Flattards - NA-HUH!
michaeldublg 2 kun oldin
The narrator at 24 minutes really needs to take a class on how cameras work and the physics of how light effects specifically designed cameras.
michaeldublg 2 kun oldin
The girl doing the narrating about editing at around 17 minutes is just unbelievably stupid. Having logical or obvious explanations for what she's talking about, with distain and almost a childlike ignorance she instead proclaims trickery.
michaeldublg 2 kun oldin
It's videos like this that sometimes have me convinced that all the chemicals and GMOs Etc floating around in the soil and food are resulting in some sort of genetic cognitive defect in some people. It's like the genetic disorder allows these people to retain the ability to drive cars and put their pants on but completely removes any analytical or critical thinking skills that rise above a certain level of complication. The comments in support of this nonsense are actually very disturbing, exposing just how much of a failure our educational system is.
albert speer
albert speer 2 kun oldin
Hollywood make Sandra. looks sexy in tiny shorts. but nasa, can't have those ugly hair sprayed sows. in that outfit
albert speer
albert speer 2 kun oldin
A L 2 kun oldin
You people are retarded
Chase Lamb
Chase Lamb 2 kun oldin
Man I love watching this guys videos because he is so funny oh wait no that’s stupidity this guy is a joke and so are his videos just a load of trash. NASA should give him a one way trip to space to shut him up😂😂
Don Frantic
Don Frantic 2 kun oldin
I was watching the NASA livestream and this video was recommended. WTF???
Brian Wind Grøndahl
what a load of crap..
Rock n Roll
Rock n Roll 2 kun oldin
Those astroNOTs look like they were on drugs, 😂😂😂😂
Kingship LLC
Kingship LLC 2 kun oldin
That's an out of shape sloppy looking bunch of astronauts
Nasa Liars
7 oy oldin