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Atheist VS Agnostic - How Do They Compare & What's The Difference?

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Some of us believe in gods, some in reincarnation, and some are unsure, or believe it’s the end of the road once we find ourselves six feet under. No one really knows for sure but the quest to understand truth and whether there is life after death has been a goal of humanity far beyond the first history books were written.
How are some of our belief and non-belief systems alike? That’s what we’ll be attempting to find out in today’s episode of The Infographics Show: Atheist vs. Agnostic - How do they compare & what’s the difference?

Atheism is in a broad sense the unbelief in god or the belief that there is no god. Many atheists argue that it’s a label that shouldn’t really exist at all, as we don’t create names for other nonbelief systems. For example there is no word to describe someone who doesn’t believe in astrology. If there were, we would probably call them non-astrologers.
But in recent years the atheist movement has become a lot larger with many outspoken famous atheists, such as scientist and author Richard Dawkins or comedian Ricky Gervais. The two main divisions within atheism are often called gnostic atheism and agnostic theism. Those in the first group state that they definitely know there is no god and can prove it, the second group are people who say that they can’t prove it with certainty, but there is most likely no god.
In his book The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins suggests a spectrum of seven levels of beliefs from those who believe in God to those who do not.

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10-Yan, 2019



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Talk Heathen
Talk Heathen 2 oy oldin
Another Atheist UZvidr here. Welcome to the conversation! I love that you're promoting discussion and getting people to think about their beliefs. Cheers!
Ross Carlson
Ross Carlson Kun oldin
Just wanted to say thanks, HUGE fan of what you guys an AXP do for the community!!!
Bus driver
Bus driver 28 kun oldin
+Hammad No, we know that 0=-1+1
Braylon Holloway
Please your making a mistake
+SkyTech RTS Thank you my friend for spreading the truth about atheism, with this video full of misinformation and misunderstandings.
+username1nmillion I would like to correct you: An atheist doesn't believe a god exists. It does not say anything about afterlife or other metaphysical beliefs. You can believe in leprechauns, unicorns, spirits afterlife and more, and as long as you don't consider any of those a god or gods you are still an atheist. This video is just FULL of misinformation about atheism and agnosticism.
Roy Batty
Roy Batty 2 soat oldin
Want to know the truth? are you sure you can handle it if you see it? DMT my friends... red pill moment... dont be a battery
Bill Skinner
Bill Skinner 3 soat oldin
Words dont have meanings. We give them meanings. Are these the MOST USEFUL meanings you could come up with? You cannot tell someone else what they mean by the words they use.
Pompous Prick
Pompous Prick 21 soat oldin
One difference you missed is that atheists are generally much more annoying.
Robert Lienthang
Atheism is the lack of belief not a Belief itself.
Kool Cool
Kool Cool Kun oldin
The only proof is to die. But you might just reincarnate either as a new person or have a reset where you relive you same life over and over without knowing you are in a program
Vanessa Carlson
Vanessa Carlson 2 kun oldin
The Greek prefix A does not mean opposite. It’s means without, lacking, etc. Atheism is not the opposite of theism. No where on the “atheist scale” is there gnosticism. That would be anti-theism. Atheism lacks theism, not opposes it.
Shrek 697
Shrek 697 2 kun oldin
I’m atheist
Objective Realist
Objective Realist 3 kun oldin
Beliefs in general are a substitute for knowing
Objective Realist
Objective Realist 3 kun oldin
Religions and Atheism is the same, both based on beliefs in things which you can't verify or falsify for yourself, and are not part of your direct experience. Atheism goes into Scientism/Metaphysics, which is another cult just like mainstream religions.
Tristan Rice
Tristan Rice 4 kun oldin
It takes a scientist to admit that they do not know all the answers
MaximilianMus General of the Armies
Below me is mad people commenting about Beliefs, Atheists, etc.
Alvin Mayers
Alvin Mayers 4 kun oldin
Jesus is real. Believe it.
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 3 kun oldin
Why should we believe in him?
Kiril Raychev
Kiril Raychev 5 kun oldin
That's pretty much the realest position, since proof is the turning point.
akiva schulman
akiva schulman 5 kun oldin
Atheism requires too much faith in my opinion
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 5 kun oldin
Not believing in theism requires no faith at all.
NitzuX Gaming
NitzuX Gaming 5 kun oldin
I'm a deist.
kubush 6 kun oldin
Says atheists can be agnostic or gnostic. Then goes on to do a versus list as if they are mutually exclusive. 🙄
Clarence Coronel
Clarence Coronel 6 kun oldin
I live in a Catholic country. I strongly identify myself as Agnostic but afraid to tell people. help...
Joeb Hancock
Joeb Hancock 6 kun oldin
Atheist and Theist explains what you believe. Gnostic and agnostic explains what you know.
Chloe Hanks
Chloe Hanks 7 kun oldin
I was raised christian but after seeing the stuff that's going on in the world I'm just... questioning? I mean, after all it could just be another mythology like greek and Egyptian and once you get past the bible stories it's kinda messed up.
Antivoid 6 kun oldin
I know what you mean, feel free to not be locked down by 1 thing. Experience change and decide later if needed :)
Bad guy
Bad guy 7 kun oldin
I am atheist.
Wildonito 7 kun oldin
Atheist gang?
Mick Bobster
Mick Bobster 8 kun oldin
No no no. I'm already being thrown off. Agnostics usually are atheists. The only difference between an agnostic and a atheist is the agnostic might be religious. One of the worst titles ever.
Big Hill
Big Hill 8 kun oldin
We are my Strong Atheists?
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 5 kun oldin
There is no strong or weak atheism. It only answer one simple question. If we believe in gods or not. Yes = Theist. No = Atheist.
Jhonlloyd Echavez
Jhonlloyd Echavez 9 kun oldin
Im agnostic
unoriginal name
unoriginal name 9 kun oldin
Take a shot every time he says atheist or agnostic.
Dhruv gohil
Dhruv gohil 9 kun oldin
Benefit of being atheist we don't get offended by arguments
Shishkebab Gaming
Shishkebab Gaming 10 kun oldin
im a atheist
Melp 10 kun oldin
I don't know if I should come out to my parents as an agnostic 😣😣 they're strong Christian believers, they even enrolled me in a Christian school :/
Kiril Raychev
Kiril Raychev 5 kun oldin
You don't have to come out right now,since you are dependent of your parents. Check out Hemath Mehta's channel for advice.
संजय अग्रवाल
what i really think about Atheists r they r frog in well who thinks that inside this well is reality and out is just illusions
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 5 kun oldin
Or there are wto frogs in the well. One theist frog who believes in magic, fairys, unicorns, wizards and candytrees outside the well and one atheist frog who doesnt believe in what the theist frog believes. He waits for the evidence.
संजय अग्रवाल
wel just live this to individuals what they belif or not its totally up to them There r 8 billion ppl in world and 16 billion different ways to see the world
LunchBox 11 kun oldin
TLDR; Agnostic dont believe nor disbelieve there being a higher entity.
Rise'n'Grind 11 kun oldin
"True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing." - Socrates
Sumanth N pai
Sumanth N pai 13 kun oldin
Communism is the extremist wing of atheism
ImmortalBadgerz z
ImmortalBadgerz z 12 kun oldin
Sumanth N pai No, it’s an extremist wing of governing.
Dylan Mangezvo
Dylan Mangezvo 13 kun oldin
If you're atheist that's your choice If you're religious that's your choice If you're agnostic that's your choice A religious person cannot go and begin insulting an atheist just because their atheist and vice versa. We should learn to respect other religions. This does not mean following these religions but rather acknowledging that different people believe in different things and it's not right to just to blatancy insult religions and beliefs.
Saad Rizwan
Saad Rizwan 13 kun oldin
So the Entire universe was created by itself so humans and animals could live on it. *face palm* may Allah protect us from such stupidity
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 13 kun oldin
No, it was magically created by a wizard who came from nowhere. That wizard made the universe 99,9% uninhabitable, earth with 99% deadly enviroments for humans, earth´s surface with 80% water and only 1% drinkable water. After he created everything he made it all look like it wasnt created at all, he made it all look like it was formed naturally and all life seemed to have evolved naturally. Then the wizard erased all traces of himself and went into hiding to never show himself again. Some crazy people later wrote a book about this wizard but nobody is able to understand it.. it is so badly written that everyone can interpret as they self see fit.
Alex Vibez
Alex Vibez 13 kun oldin
Im an atheist that believes in spirits and magic.
Ali alii
Ali alii 15 kun oldin
Anyone willing to maturely debate atheism vs religion? Drop a comment.. (me being the believer lol)
lucyluna00 19 kun oldin
I'm an atheist, I believe the way we came is the way we are going to die, not knowing... there was no life before you were born, there's no life after you die. We just become part of the earth. 🌍🌎🌏
Splatfan 18 kun oldin
oh yes i believe the same
Donterio Floyd
Donterio Floyd 19 kun oldin
Agnostic gang, but we out here respectin everyone's beliefs as long as we get that same energy.
House Of Albert
House Of Albert 10 kun oldin
I can relate. Its a hard life sometimes.
EthanDoezWhatever. 19 kun oldin
I’m kinda in between, I don’t believe in any religion, but I also don’t believe in atheism. Idk wut you’d call that but whatever it is, I’m that.
Dylan Mangezvo
Dylan Mangezvo 13 kun oldin
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 17 kun oldin
+EthanDoezWhatever. You probably accept that all lions, tigers and housecats all share a common ancestor and are part of same species of felines? It is the same with all monkeys, apes and humans, we all share a common ancestor and we all are part of same species of primates. All cats are subspecies of felines and humans are subspecies of primates. All protospecies also share a common ancestor that has been and can still be proven to trace all the way back to single cell organisms. This process of evolution is the basis for all parts of biology, medicine, chemical processes, molecular interactions and physiological mechanisms. I will not force anyone to blindly believe me. It is everyones own duty to educate themselves. We must critically question and demand evidence from both religion and science.
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 17 kun oldin
+EthanDoezWhatever. That is proven by scientific method and has nothing to do with atheism. Many atheists who understand the evidence choose to accept evolution. There are many atheists who doesnt know or understand the evidence. The origin or life has not yet been proven though. My point is that the ONLY thing we atheists have in common is that we do not believe in gods. Whatever we do other than that has NOTHING to do with atheism :)
EthanDoezWhatever. 17 kun oldin
+The Kalidor i dont believe in the whole monkey thing and that every living thing came from an ameba. thers a whole list I have for this, but it goes on for a while. lol
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 17 kun oldin
Do you believe in any gods? Yes = Theist. No = Atheist. Do you have knowledge about any gods existence? Yes = Gnostic. No = Agnostic. What does atheism claim that you dont believe in? Atheism is only about not believing in theism..
Simeon o
Simeon o 19 kun oldin
Agnostics are more gutless than theists.
manaatti 10
manaatti 10 16 kun oldin
How so?
DaBurntToaster 21 kun oldin
@ 0:45 if something exists and has no contrary existences, or said contrary existences deviate in all directions (making the non-deviant existence the default / standard) there generally isnt a word for the default. just like we have the words fat and thin which are specifically used to refer to being over or under weight, we use the word "average" to describe people of average weight. and 1000 years ago we may have had a word for air, but likely not vacuum since a vacuum didnt exist, and thus likely didnt have the word, or a word like "atmosphere" we dont have a word for people who dont believe in astrology because there is no significant group of people who dont believe in astrology, unlike "flat earthers" and the reason we use the term atheist is due to the fact that theism used to be the default / standard, and had been for thousands of years. thus the deviation from the norm was given a name, a name that exists to this day.
Panicatdadisco Forever
De facto theist here.
Wow Wow
Wow Wow 22 kun oldin
I’m a proud gnostic theist, and happy to support my belief.
asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
Prove your belief then.
Alvin Carter
Alvin Carter 22 kun oldin
Anyone else think we might be living in a microverse battery or Virtual reality like from Rick and Morty or The matrix? 🤔
Tofu Shan
Tofu Shan 24 kun oldin
My parents raised me to pick whatever I wanted while they are atheist. I personally don’t think god exists but who knows there is a possibility god could exist?!? But so far there’s no proof at all hmm
The Kalidor
The Kalidor 19 kun oldin
Does anything about this universe point to being "created" by someone? Has any religion disproven any scientific claims and replaced any scientific explanation with any supernatural explanation.. ever?
N3XiST 24 kun oldin
Believing in god or a higher power is okay if it gives you hope for a better tomorrow and keeps from doing something wrong. If your belief starts to hurt someone then it's not good.
Stefan Jensen
Stefan Jensen 24 kun oldin
Spirituality over religion 👍 Agnostic here I believe in what can be proven, but I'm always open to look at it from all sides before chosing my stand.
manaatti 10
manaatti 10 16 kun oldin
I'm agnostic atheist
DarkWarchieff 24 kun oldin
why must it be god and not the paranormal? some religions got no gods.
Matthew Tenorio_3200654
They always put the view on monotheism or abrahamic religions like “I believe in god” but there are people who are polytheist who believe in many gods or spirits and ghost.
30G 25 kun oldin
i do not know if there is a god, but I act good just in case.(depending on your religion) -a random boi in the comment section.
S Kirk
S Kirk 25 kun oldin
Very well said!
uvuvwevwevwe onyetenyevwe ugwemubwem ossas
Im an agnostic :D
Joydip Lite
Joydip Lite 25 kun oldin
Am Sanathani that means this Universe can’t be experienced physically but only internally the whole Universe lies within you.. And that’s kinda Agnostic
Samik Tarafder
Samik Tarafder 26 kun oldin
Athism is also like another belife system like other religions ....no difference....they just believe there is no god..... it's all
Splatfan 18 kun oldin
thats like saying theism is a belief system. it isnt. theism isnt a big religion. same goes for atheism. its just the general category for people that dont believe. thats also like saying bald is a hair colour. its not. atheism is the lack of religion. and if you are atheist no one says you have to believe in evolution and big bang. of course many of us do, but we dont have to
asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
Za Az
Za Az 26 kun oldin
I’ve yet to hear an atheist say that there is no god and I can prove it. Atheism is the absence of a belief in a god. I’m my opinion is doesn’t make any assertions other than “I’m not convinced that any gods exist.”
Eddie King
Eddie King 27 kun oldin
Atheism and agnosticism are not different sides of the same coin. They are different coins. The opposite of atheism is theism. You either believe or you don't believe in a God or gods. Agnosticism is a knowledge claim in that it's states that we cannot know something with absolute certainty. So you can be an agnostic atheist or agnostic Christian etc. However you cannot say that you're 20% atheist or 20% Christian. That's like saying you're 20% pregnant or 20% not pregnant. Your faith is either active or not active.
Mohamed Blaiech
Mohamed Blaiech 27 kun oldin
The god of einstein is the context in which the rules of the game ( physics' laws) are defined. in "god does not play dice", "god" can be replaced with "the universe". Not a man in the sky. He was an atheist or an agnostic at best.
tyty2fly2 27 kun oldin
Atheism and theism are a stance on a belief claim of the existence of a deity. Agnosticism and Gnosticism are knowledge claims of the existence of a deity. You can be an agnostic atheist- I do not know if a god exists and I do not believe in a god. You can be an agnostic theist- I do not know if a god exists but I believe a god exists. You can be a Gnostic atheist- I do not believe a god exists because I know a god does not exist. You can be a Gnostic theist- I believe that a God exists because I know that a God exists.
Sock Monkey
Sock Monkey 27 kun oldin
Agnostics rise up!!!
Shadesmar99 27 kun oldin
Atheist actually means without god. A buddhist is normally an atheist, too
Lazar 28 kun oldin
Agnosticism is a branch of skepticism but related just to religion.
Melancholia 29 kun oldin
Agnostic doesn't mean what people think it means. Atheists are agnostic. We don't know there isn't a god, but we have no evidence to convince us of such a thing.
Pratyaksh Sharma
Pratyaksh Sharma 29 kun oldin
Thank God I Am Atheist!!!
Luc Duclos
Luc Duclos 29 kun oldin
You guys should do Christianity ✝️ Vs Islam ☪️
manaatti 10
manaatti 10 16 kun oldin
They will immidiatly lose their ad revenue if they make one
JiNzX115 29 kun oldin
If there is no beforelife, there won't be an afterlife, just a presentlife, and it happens by accident.
asrgaqgq sdfgsdgsdfgsdg
Accident implies somebody messed up...
habib khan #got fan
I don't believe any religion but I am not an atheist I am agnostic , because still i could never find out what the real religion they all by man made , but I believe myself and I trust if there is a God he always want to be fair for us of this life and after life . Be peace ✌
The Kalidor
The Kalidor Oy oldin
Answer these questions with only yes or no: 1. Do you have knowledge about any gods existence? Yes = Gnostic. No = Agnostic. 2. Do you believe in any god? Yes = Theist. No = Atheist. Then put answer 1 and 2 together. There is your answer!
Frances Snowflake
Frances Snowflake 4 kun oldin
You forgot the position of believing no gods exist.
R. Whitaker
R. Whitaker Oy oldin
I guess I am the de facto theist🤔 I identify as a Christian agnostic. I believe but l don't know. Nobody else knows either.
Don't know How i'm here
+The Kalidor Well... it's hard to explain, imagine life as sorta like a test to prepare you for something else in the afterlife, but before you reached the real thing you would be tested over and over again through every single living thing, live their life and acquire the experiences and knowledge, so when the time came you would be as knowledgeable and all-knowing LIKE a god so to speak. The ultimate test.
The Kalidor
The Kalidor Oy oldin
+Don't know How i'm here If you dont believe in a god you´re atheist. What sort of afterlife do you believe in?
R. Whitaker
R. Whitaker Oy oldin
+Don't know How i'm here Buddhism?🤔
Don't know How i'm here
What's it called though when you believe in a afterlife but not a god?
Runaway Lucifer
i believe religions is just a way of life..only. Its a man made. i believe theres a superpower who controlled everything in this entire universe but to call this power as a God ..hmm i dont think so. Maybe God is above this superpower who controlled us..and...hmm..its just maybe.. lastly... ...We know nothing about Him.
Crazy Canuck
Crazy Canuck Oy oldin
Einstein talking about "God" has been misunderstood since the day he said it. To him, "God" was just the unknown workings of the Universe, the physical forces at play, not an all knowing man in the sky.
Universal Blasphemist
You cite a definition of Agnostic, then cite the creator of the word who actually used a different definition. It's A+Gnostic (Big letter 'G') as "Not like one of those Gnostics" - which he justified by pointing out that so many of his friends, on both sides of the argument were "as the Gnostics", meaning that one group was convinced beyond doubt that there was a god and the other group was convinced there wasn't a god. He sat in the middle wondering what a god was, and what necessary characteristics a god would have, and concluded that it would be impossible to honestly fall on either side if one were to approach the topic with true scepticism. Agnosticism therefore is the BELIEF that nothing is, or can be, known about the supernatural world, specifically about the existence of a god.
Ozan Emekter
Ozan Emekter Oy oldin
Who really *knows* whether there's an afterlife or whether god exists or not? Like how many times have you died so now you know about that? Why is it so difficult to be honest and say that you don't know? I don't think agnostics are cowards, they're honest. It's not cowardly to not choose to pretend you know something which you actually don't.
Aria S.
Aria S. Oy oldin
I feel like I’m both because when I was really young, I was forced to go to church and pray and just went along with it because my dad wanted me to. My dad is catholic and my mom is agnostic. I get told I’m more atheist than agnostic because I normally argue with people who talk about their god but then accept that they believe that. Half of me is like “there is no God” and half of me is like “but what if there is something out there” . I think it’s just the way you were raised, if both of my parents were atheist, agnostic, or believe nothing - just living life, I don’t think I would believe in anything. But since my dad is catholic and plenty of people around me talk about the after life, aliens, etc ... I get curious. (I also do not believe in most religions because they are all racist, sexist, and against many things. I’ve also been forced to believe in God or else I would go to hell and have seen others being hit to believe in God). I honestly think that we just need to love life because we only are here for a short amount of time - be happy.
AnubisFB Oy oldin
Well understanding the difference from Agnostic and Atheist was simple to me. Imho Atheist is the belief that there is no creator and we happen to be the 1 in a billion draw at random (possible). Agnostic is the that there's possibility of a creator but all the religious text on it is has flaws, so the way I understand it is (I consider myself Agnostic) they cant be followed or trusted so just live life the best you can.
NeNo Oy oldin
not good....
Ersh Man
Ersh Man Oy oldin
Your definition of agnostic theism is incorrect they claim that such things are unknown and may be unknowable but believe it's more likely a creator exists hence the theism part... Agnostic atheism is the opposite they believe it's more likely a a creator doesn't exist... A pure agnostic sits in the middle and says they're unsure either way...
sugibudder Oy oldin
At the start it says that atheism isnt even a category, this is how atheists use the term, an atheist (like with agnostic, the a stands for the lack of something) is simply just someone who is not a theist and because you either believe something to be true or you dont, it is logically impossible to not be 1 or the other. i can totally see all 3 sides, but there are not 3 sides, there is only 2, you either believe or you dont and whether you admit that you cant know is totally irrelevant when we are talking about belief. at 3:35 you can see this clearly, the 2 are not in a disagreement, they are not even talking about the same thing, 1 says he doesnt believe and the other doesnt claim to know either way when in reality neither of them believe and neither of them claim to know. And btw, knowledge is just a subset of belief, to know something is to believe it very strongly, you can claim to know something that you believe, but you cant claim to not believe something that you know. tl:dr, people trying to separate agnosticism and atheism as positions on godd existance are either making a strawman by saying that atheism is a belief in no gods or directly contradicting the logical absolutes (Law of Excluded Middle). you can still be an agnostic theist, you just cant avoid both theist and atheist lables without being dishonest.
K W Oy oldin
Atheists and any religious person have one thing in common “We have the right answer” They should all be passed on. They’re close minded and worthless
The Kalidor
The Kalidor Oy oldin
Theist: Believe they have the right answers. Atheist: Doesnt believe theists have the right answers. Do you believe in god? That is only a yes or no question. Yes = Theist. No = Atheist. If you answer "i dont know" then you are agnostic.
Hulkavegur !
Hulkavegur ! Oy oldin
We should think what "belive" really means Belive means if you belive in something that you've never seen and what has not happened before "Know" means you belive something that definietly excists and that it has proof If you know you dont belive
Mounir Baroudi
Should have defined "God" at the start just so we're all on the same page about what we're talking about
just me
just me Oy oldin
Infuriating video!! Blanket statements, wrong labels, and misdefined terms. This needs another round of editing. 0:56 for instance- the term written isnt what you said. You confuse atheism and theism, and thats a big mistake for an informational video on the subject.
just me
just me Oy oldin
And why is the gnostic atheist saying something ignorant and offensive?!? Thats just more negative stereotyping!
T Oy oldin
Atheist: There is no god being worshiped today by society. No one knows 100% whether there was a "higher power" that created the Cosmos or not. But so far, no one has found the correct answer. Agnostic: in limbo. There could be a christian god. There could be a muslim god. I can't make up my mind. I don't know. I'm not capable of looking at evidence to determine where I stand.
vallthose Oy oldin
There were a lot of mistakes in this video and the producer clearly did not fully understand what he was talking about. I wish Atheists would get there f....ing story straight.
Andrew Oy oldin
I think of atheist/agnostics like this: Lets say i have in front of someone a box. And i say "what is in the box?". An agnostic will say "i do not know what is in the box" and that would be a correct statement. An atheist would also say "i do not know what is in the box". However atheist are willing to take things a step further. If i say "is a dragon inside the box?" an agnostic might say "well we can not know for sure, so i do not know" but an atheist would say "based on my knowledge on dragons, the evidence for their existence, and the characteristics they are said to have... no... a dragon is not in the box". Almost all atheist are agnostic, but we are willing to take things one step further. Almost no atheist will say "it is impossible for a god to exist" but most _will_ say "it is not possible that the god described in your holy books is real". And they make this claim based on knowledge of this god. For example Mormonism. It might be possible that a god is real, however based on all the information we have on Mormons we can confidently say that the Mormon religion was all made up. We do not need to be agnostic on this because we have evidence to back up the claim.
BurnV06 Oy oldin
3:56 that is not true. god has been disproved, is being disproved, and will be disproved.
Percunas Oy oldin
would describe myself as agnostic atheist, meaning: non of the god claims have convinced me, but am i a 100% certain there is nothing we could or would call a god or gods? NO! In fact as far as i can see nothing is 100% certain if we take solipsism into account. My questions would be, how could someone be neither theist nor atheist? That would violate the Law of excluded middle, would it not?
burana96 Oy oldin
Atheism is often misunderstood. Atheism is lack of belief in a god and therefore agnostics are atheists. Atheism describes what you believe in (or in this case that you don't believe in any god) and agnostism describes what you know.
Mr Lemon
Mr Lemon Oy oldin
God is real it's the flying spaghetti monster he boiled for our sin and we have proof
Bpxa 12
Bpxa 12 Oy oldin
I dont believe there is a God but i believe in Ghosts.
Neptune Rider
Neptune Rider Oy oldin
The main thing that’s keeping me to theism is the fact that it seems impossible to turn unconscious chemicals minerals and rocks etc to living conscious beings. Until now atheists can’t validly explain how that happened and no matter how good our technology is we can’t even create one living cell out of non living material. You can say evolution exists but when you go back to point zero I see no possible way for the theoretical ancestor of all of life to come of scratch.
XoPURExLUCKoX Oy oldin
I would hope that you see this is the very definition of an argument for incredulity. This argument also goes by the name, "God of the gaps". In essence, using God as an explanatory "filler" anywhere that science has not yet be able to explain. The problem is that while it may feel like you have an answer, in actuality you are nowhere closer to an explanation than if you simply said, "I don't know." If you define a God as being able to do anything, then of course it can be an answer for everything, but an explanation for nothing. Just be honest with yourself and recognize that you don't have an answer to the origins of life. Be humble enough to recognize the limits to your knowledge and that it is okay to say "I don't know".
The Kalidor
The Kalidor Oy oldin
Not knowing or not understanding the origin of life is not proof for any gods existence. Can theism validly explain how nothing became everything? A story of a creator saying "Let there be light" doesnt explain anything. It only brings more questions that needs to be answered and "because god" is no valid answer to anything.
Ray G
Ray G Oy oldin
No Atheist in fact does not only mean 'The Unbelief of God', and 'The Belief there is no god' these are in fact Christian fallacies 101. Atheism can mean any of the following and more : Never accepted any god, or gods, do not subscribe to a god in any form, (And note this isn't just the Christian gods), If you are born in a non theistic country you are an atheist ipso-facto. by default. the theistic belief must be taught, learned, inherited (such as family, peers, culture etc). As an Atheist I can find proof positive all religions not only are plagiarized myths, they come from previous plagiarized myths. Man-made mythologies to ensnare peoples minds to priests thinking for money, obligations, servitudes, and more. however like video suggests, all if Christians don't belief in Zeus, or the millions of other gods, and deities, they too are atheist. Instead picking 1 god of millions then calling it their own. making them nearly 100% atheist. Sure, Sure I could be wrong, and your countless millions of times altered deity may have magically poofed everything into existence. Besides, the Sun was "GOD" at least a million years longer than all the current gods combined, and created everything long before all yours over a million years earlier. I too in that retrospect am an 'A-Sunist' see how silly it gets?
Maii Orduna
Maii Orduna Oy oldin
You completley got atheism wrong and I just wasted 7 minutes of my time. *sigh* Oh well.
Rodger Lewis
Rodger Lewis Oy oldin
All who don't believe in GOD is simply a fool psalm 14 verse 1 only a fool says in his heart there is no GOD repent and turn to Jesus Christ
XoPURExLUCKoX Oy oldin
Preaching and quoting your Bible will get you nowhere with people who don't already believe.
The Kalidor
The Kalidor Oy oldin
Ofcourse a book that wants to brainwash people say that everyone who deosnt believe in it are fools. The bible is gods words, because it says so in the bible. The bible is true, because it says so in the bible. Those who doesnt believe this are fools, because it says so in the bible. It also says that "Whoever says, 'You fool!' will be subject to hellfire."
Elizabeth Petersen
I’m a closet atheist though I wish none of us had to be.
Andrew Oy oldin
You might be surprised once you come out how many people around you think the same way. I remember when i told my father i was an atheist (we were talking about the factuality of the bible and it was implied that i did not believe anymore) he said "yeah... i dont think any of that happened either". From there it turns out my two sisters were also non-believers and my sister's husband seems to be shifting towards an atheistic mindset more and more every time i see him. In some ways its almost like when a kid still believes in Santa, but as they get older and older both the kid and the parent pretend Santa is real because they don't want to be the first one to burst that bubble. To make the first move. A lot of it is about appearances.
Tyson Thomas
Tyson Thomas Oy oldin
Mary decided to have sex. Once Mary got pregnant she realized she would get in trouble. So Mary then lied about how she got pregnant, and now we have a religion because of it :)
AGDinCA Oy oldin
Well, that was disappointing.
O. G.O.D
O. G.O.D Oy oldin
I'll become an atheist the day science can prove that matter can create life,that macro evolution is a fact and the big bang/universe/life form was all one big coincendence.
The Kalidor
The Kalidor Oy oldin
I´ll become theist when anyone can prove that any god exists and can create matter, energy and life from nothing. All living things are made out of dead matter. Macroevolution and speciation happen all the time, it has been observed. There is no magical line that stops microevolution from becoming macroevolution. Small changes becomes big changes given enough time.
jobo Oy oldin
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