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Atheist VS Agnostic - How Do They Compare & What's The Difference?

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Some of us believe in gods, some in reincarnation, and some are unsure, or believe it’s the end of the road once we find ourselves six feet under. No one really knows for sure but the quest to understand truth and whether there is life after death has been a goal of humanity far beyond the first history books were written.
How are some of our belief and non-belief systems alike? That’s what we’ll be attempting to find out in today’s episode of The Infographics Show: Atheist vs. Agnostic - How do they compare & what’s the difference?

Atheism is in a broad sense the unbelief in god or the belief that there is no god. Many atheists argue that it’s a label that shouldn’t really exist at all, as we don’t create names for other nonbelief systems. For example there is no word to describe someone who doesn’t believe in astrology. If there were, we would probably call them non-astrologers.
But in recent years the atheist movement has become a lot larger with many outspoken famous atheists, such as scientist and author Richard Dawkins or comedian Ricky Gervais. The two main divisions within atheism are often called gnostic atheism and agnostic theism. Those in the first group state that they definitely know there is no god and can prove it, the second group are people who say that they can’t prove it with certainty, but there is most likely no god.
In his book The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins suggests a spectrum of seven levels of beliefs from those who believe in God to those who do not.

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10-Yan, 2019

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Talk Heathen
Talk Heathen 6 kun oldin
Another Atheist UZvidr here. Welcome to the conversation! I love that you're promoting discussion and getting people to think about their beliefs. Cheers!
Hippocrates 2 kun oldin
+Talk Heathen it's the best.
Talk Heathen
Talk Heathen 2 kun oldin
+koolgool I usually post on my own personal profile, but this felt like using the TH profile would be good :P
Talk Heathen
Talk Heathen 2 kun oldin
+Nicholas Singlar Ha!
Talk Heathen
Talk Heathen 2 kun oldin
+Hippocrates Awesome Resource!
Talk Heathen
Talk Heathen 2 kun oldin
+natanaru Thanks!
Paparazzi Pro
Paparazzi Pro Soat oldin
Agnostics are just *more open minded* when it comes to possibilities.. if something as small as an egg and semen can develop and become you, then who's to say miracles like a God aren't possible? How do you know that we aren't beings on a planet in space that a being from another dimension created and is watching us right now? Would that being be our God? Atheists close thier minds to miracles and almost infinite possibilities whereas Agnostic keep an open mind to all possibilities until proven wrong/untrue factually...
SauceySandwich 3 soat oldin
As a atheist I do not believe in the supernatural or magic, if it sounds like either then I do not believe in it until there is proof
Chan. Ash.
Chan. Ash. 3 soat oldin
Dating as a black atheist is soo hard
sneaker face vids
sneaker face vids 5 soat oldin
Agnostic is a fake category. Do you believe in any gods is a yes or no question, not a matter of degree. Everyone is an agnostic- the question is are you an agnostic theist or an agnostic atheist.
Cardboard Cape
Cardboard Cape 6 soat oldin
Technically there is no proof that god doesn't exist, but there is no proof that he does, you'll have to see when you die
Drunken Panda
Drunken Panda 8 soat oldin
I’m completely impartial and leaning towards atheism 4 and 5
jashane stone
jashane stone 10 soat oldin
Before I was an atheist I like most was raised to believe in a "god" and or religion. Me, a Jehovah's Witness. Then I went from church to church as a preteen only to question more. Then in my 20's agnostic, my 30's atheist. For starters, one does not have the "god", "evil spirits" or "devil" to blame for the wrong doings if any.. Just moral altruistic competence I hold myself too. It's great! It actually made me more genuine and you are in a much more accountable state in your life. With NO excuses, deflection or blame like the famous "the devil made me do it" cry out.. Lol Less lies if any, and deceit. At least for myself in all honesty. Life can and probably will get difficult. With out an imaginary alternative existence to "look out for" for mental relief. That's when you'll need a vacation, family, friends, hobby or a therapist. Then head to the nearest weed dispensary.. I prefer you to try it in that order. Lol You'll be much more happier, in control and stable in your beautiful atheist life my fellow humans.. 😉
ismimi okumakta zaman kaybetmeyip direk yanda yazdığım yoruma bakabilirsiniz
Nah i dont believe in fairy tales i believe in science and reality
Neymar Alqadaar
Neymar Alqadaar 13 soat oldin
Well I Only believe in myself...
kallistiX1 13 soat oldin
Atheists do not *_BELIEVE_* there are no deities; atheism is the lack of such beliefs.
Kendra Day
Kendra Day 16 soat oldin
ive considered myself agnostic for years. not seein any agnostic rep in the comments so hey! :)
Angry BeyondeR
Angry BeyondeR 19 soat oldin
I would like to add something. Richard Dawkins himself has said to be a 6 in the scale he made. Because strictively speaking he cant deny the existance of God, so in a rigorous sense he would be an agnostic. He has said his skepticism of God is on the same level as fairies and werewolfs (level 6) You could say that his skepticism is like 99.999999%, which is closer to be an atheist. Therefore thats why he calls himself an atheist
Banana QiGong
Banana QiGong 19 soat oldin
An Atheist can still be agnostic on the issue of an impersonal, deistic god. Atheists disagree with the legitimacy of the crap in bibles, and so-called "divinely inspired" scripture. Some see the existence of spiritual or supernatural beings as a separate issue.
Fergus Moffat
Fergus Moffat 23 soat oldin
One toke on some DMT and a 5 minute trip the debate around the existence of god ends. The fabric of reality will be torn apart in front of your very eyes , no belief required .The answer is Yes god does exist and you are it.
kracken Kun oldin
Athiesm is simply the rejection of the claim that a god exists. There is no assertion or positive claim made by atheists (in general) in reference to the existence of a deity or deities. So, when a christian, Muslim, Jew, etc claims that a god(s) created the universe. The atheist says, "I don't believe you" it's as simple as that.
Rookmations Kun oldin
Sry i am commenting at only about 30 sec in but i noticed u using the adjectives agnostic and gnostic kinda wrong with them just being definitions of atheism and not there own term of belief or non - belief as u stated them as with u either at some level believing 1 or more god(s) exist or u dont
Keston Smith
Keston Smith Kun oldin
I remember when this channel made sense watching then they started to make odd videos that make you wonder.
anteurz Kun oldin
i am an atheist
Kári Árnason
Kári Árnason Kun oldin
Lmao the comment section is a warzone
Alberto Sanchez
Alberto Sanchez Kun oldin
Im an agnostic, obviously makes more sense.
Olterior Kun oldin
Im an agnostic and i believe there is a superior being. Wherever its a race of aliens or actual christian God, or some other supreme being(s). This doesnt cover my type of agnostic
PgN_Cash Kun oldin
*Comments have been disabled for this video*
Damaskilo Kun oldin
What happens after you die? Same thing what happened before you were born! Not really much, to be honest.
03046400 Kun oldin
god is infinite in every definition and in every definition that we cant comprehend. our view of this universe and possible multiverse{s} is limited by how our mentality is designed. we are living in the end times however, when nuclear war will happen during the end times is unknown. I thought about making a game with extreme amounts of lore tying to things that are true in this world, but i don' have the funds and the time to make such a complex game on my own.
Michael Kellett
Michael Kellett Kun oldin
If you choose to define agnosticism as the companion to science, in that they will search for truth and not make any assertions on things without any evidence, then what is the belief called in which you stand that it is not possible to know, despite how much inquiry you make?
Oblic008 Kun oldin
I feel like this video was so close, but just missed the mark later in the video. It's not that they said anything inherently wrong; it's just that the question of "what's the difference between an agnostic and an atheist?" is malformed. Atheism and agnosticism are two completely different things. As the video says, "gnosticism" is a question of knowledge or knowing, while "theism" is a question of belief. I feel like Penn Jillette had the best way of showing the difference. He would pose the question "Is there an elephant in your bathtub?" If you are not standing in your bathroom, it isn't truly possible to know for sure, but assuming you don't normally have an elephant in your bathtub, you can make the reasonable statement that "I don't KNOW if there is an elephant in my bathtub, but I don't BELIEVE there is." The first part of the response addresses the gnostic portion, while the second addresses the belief portion. Bottom line, you can be both agnostic and atheist without contradiction. I actually consider myself an agnostic atheist, meaning I don't think it is (at least currently) possible to know for sure if god(s) exist(s), but I don't truly believe he/she/it does, and I therefore live my life accordingly. So... if I were to use Dawkins' scale, I would be somewhere around the 5 or 6 range.
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson Kun oldin
This question is open to anyone! What is a spiritual person according to the Bible? I’d love to get people of all different views to answer. The more the merrier
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson 22 soat oldin
Thank you for responding! I appreciate your thoughts. :-)
2519Anan Kun oldin
First of all..., I'm a Buddhist (I think). Although I do have, and have read, my own copy of the Bible, I'm not that well-versed though. In my opinion, a spiritual person, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, is the one who truly, honestly believes in God. And he/she faithfully adheres to the commandments and Prophets/messengers' teachings/suggestions. So that is an opinion from a non-Christian. If that's a sign of misunderstanding and/or it has offended someone somehow, please accept my apology.
Jacob Ash
Jacob Ash Kun oldin
It's actually really nice and rare sight to see so many believers and non believers not hating on each other in the same comment section
Purple Box
Purple Box Kun oldin
I completely disagree with your definition of an atheist. An atheist is not "Someone who believes no God exists." It is "Someone who does not believe in the claim that a God exists." If you don't understand the difference, then you won't be able to see how someone can be an agnostic person as well as an atheist.
Super gamer
Super gamer 2 kun oldin
Being agnostic is safe then antheist and thesis.
Anthony PC
Anthony PC 2 kun oldin
0:55 funny you say “the two main divisions within atheism are often called Gnostic Atheism and Agnostic Theism”... because I’ve never heard anyone in the atheist communities online or in literacher call themselves those terms. “Gnostic Atheism” at least makes sense, and is similar to what I’ve heard called “positive Atheism” (Also Anti-theism, but that label is disputed a bit because it is also claimed to just describe those who are in opposition to religion as predominantly harmful.) But atheists who claim to be possitive they know there is no god are more uncommon. But when you say “agnostic Theism” is the other type of Atheism... sorry that just doesn’t make any God Damn sense. How can a theist be an atheist? That’s some wild paradox you made up there. Maybe I’m not sophisticated enough to get it. Hope the majority of your audience had more ability to comprehend your representation of atheists than I did.
Anthony PC
Anthony PC 2 kun oldin
P.S. nice random thumbnail, and Christian choral music ;)
Anthony PC
Anthony PC 2 kun oldin
I have pretty typical agnostic Atheist belief, and this video misrepresented my Atheism pretty severely. Gnostic = thinking you can truly know something for certain. Agnostic = thinking you can’t know the truth of something for certain. This philosophy of knowledge can be applied to any belief claim. I can gnostically believe I exist, because I’m conscious. Or I can agnostically believe dinosaurs existed. I can agnostically disbelieve in unicorns... Theism = belief there’s a god (definitions of god vary) Atheism = don’t believe that god exists (as defined by whichever theism is making the claim) To say “I don’t believe there’s a god” does not necessarily mean “I believe there IS NO god.” That would be a possitive Atheist belief claim. Most educated atheists just reasonably lack any belief about that because it’s ultimately an untestable claim with no good evidence. Many detailed claims describing versions of gods can be imperially falsified, in which case we can reasonably hold an affirmative belief they are failed or impossible. But generally I have no interest as an Atheist in taking on the foolish burden of proof that people who make extraordinary supernatural claims do. Idk why you keep bringing up things like after-life and other supernatural beliefs, when Theism vs Atheism is only a position on a proposition that a god exists. An atheist could believe in reincarnation... like Buddhists. They are atheists. Though many may not actively affiliate with the label, due to disinterest.
Bible Lover #Christian
Athiesm should be illegal.
Anthony PC
Anthony PC 2 kun oldin
There’s some more informed clarifications from actual agnostic atheists in the comments... I appreciate someone with a large audience taking interest in informing people about an important topic and a philosophical identities of people, but was a bit frustrating listening to more confused misrepresentations of these concepts and these identities. I better not let myself get into a whole critique right now, and there’s some stuff this video basically got right though it wasn’t explained in the best way it could be. But there’s significant problems, starting with the whole premise of pitting Atheism VS Agnosticism for the sake of the title... which then is repeated in the video. After explaining the unuseful colloquial misconception version of the terms, it’s mentioned at this one point 4:06 that Atheism = a lack of belief, and agnosticism is theory of knowlage than can support different beliefs... WHY COULDNT YOU JUST LEAVE IT AT THAT ? You went on to say some more ignorant contradictory stuff about how an Atheist cannot be agnostic... But that an Agnostic can be Atheist... Huh?? If someone can be both, why does the order matter? Where the hell are you getting this stuff from btw? Can you site sources ? It’s kinda irresponsible to be this represent important topics and minority identities in confusing ways.
comidyseeker 2 kun oldin
Believe, don't believe, or uncertain; what facts you know should dictate what you believe. For that, I don't like it when people are persecuted just because they don't share the same view. What I DON'T like is when people make excuses, blindly refuse information, and ultimately shut out others because they're scared of possibly being wrong. As a Christian, that's partly why I enjoy talking to agnostics more often than other theists. Its more likely that agnostics want to know the truth regardless of their own pride, whereas its more common for theists and atheists to quickly get uncomfortable about topics that threaten their comfort zones.
comidyseeker 2 kun oldin
+Bible Lover #Christian That's rather extreme. I might not agree with Atheists, but I wouldn't deprive them of choice.
Bible Lover #Christian
Athiesm should be illegal.
Devouring_One 2 kun oldin
Why does this feel like it contradicted itself towards the end there?
Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner 2 kun oldin
there is some misinformation in here. For example the term atheist doesnt imply that the person denies the possibility of God's existence. It simply means they do not believe a God exists.
Bible Lover #Christian
Atheism should be illegal.
Chelsea Writes Stuff
You guys do know that agnostic atheists do exist, right? Some of us are rarely so fond of generalizing as you have portrayed us to be. Some of us allow for nuance of thought.
Bible Lover #Christian
Athiesm should be illegal.
Michael Carlson
Michael Carlson 2 kun oldin
I'm personally a Deist. I believe that a supreme being(s) set the universe into motion with the big bang and has proceeded to sit back and watch as things develop, not interfering in any way, shape, or form. I've also found that the group of atheists who believe that this is all a simulation would also fall under this umbrella quite well as an outside intelligence running a simulation on a super computer would fit the requirement of a supreme being(s) that started everything.
Hey, I am a believer and I think we should be more serious about our religions and confront the atheists with logics. But the harsh truth is that we are going afar from the proper teaching of our religions.And interestingly enough the atheists seem to study religion more than we do😞
Joseph McMaster
Joseph McMaster 2 kun oldin
hermetic gnosticism gang gang
kemuael 2 kun oldin
I didn't believe in any God until I met both Jesus Christ and Satan legion of demons.
Neoedu 2 kun oldin
As a religious person (even some people claiming I'm no only because "I look not a religious person" ... wtf) I thank the channel for the impartiality of the video, it was a pleasant one
Anthony 2 kun oldin
Im an ex Christian. I use to want to become a pastor. I would read the bible and study "God's word". I started to question things from the bible and I came to the conclusion that the bible isn't real. However I do believe that there could be a God simply because this world is so complex. So I guess I'm agnostic. I'm glad I stopped believing in that myth at 17 years old.
Mike Cordner
Mike Cordner 2 kun oldin
Best description of the differences between agnosticism and atheism I've seen to date. I would tweek some very minor parts, too minor to even mention. Great video!
plamentd 2 kun oldin
to prove gods existence, you need to define god and this definition should be applicable only to the god, not to some super advanced species
Hawkeye 2 kun oldin
I don’t mind people believing in a god or not but I hate people who try to shove their religion down people’s throats. I hate the people who just go on UZvid and recite a bible quote and expect people to immediately become Christians because they are. I’m not religious what so ever but I don’t care if people believe in religion. I also hate when people try to ignore science like it’s evil because the only reason why religious people believed science was wrong was because the old Roman Catholic Church was corrupt and wanted to remain powerful but if people learned God didn’t exist they wouldn’t be powerful anymore. It was they who put Galileo under house arrest for discovering the the 4 big moons of Jupiter and finding not everything revolves around us.
Bible Lover #Christian
Athiesm should be illegal.
Anglomachian 2 kun oldin
Atheism only claims one thing: that one doesn't believe in any god. Nothing about living after death, ghosts, or any other spooky woo. There're atheists who believe in ghosts and other weird nonsense. Einstein's comments on god is usually to be taken as a metaphor for the greater forces at work regulating the universe. In a sense he believed in a form of pantheism, but saying much more than that is a little dishonest since he's not alive to explain his beliefs.
pranil kamdar
pranil kamdar 2 kun oldin
I am more of an agnostic... I dont know whether god exists or not and we cant prove/disprove his/her/its existence. But. What I strongly believe is that IF this god-like entity exists, then we dont need such a person (or whatever you call omnipotent beings). Consider this. Either the god is all powerful or all good. But cannot be both. It will be pretty darn ironic then. If god is all powerful why have evil? But evil exists so god is not all good. On the other hand if we consider that god is all good then he is not all powerful, as evil exists and he cannot destroy/erase it. If you say god is both all powerful AND all good, then this will be a paradox. I understand that people find comfort in believing in god and also sometimes helps fight PTSD, existential crises or other difficulties that people have. Hence, I am not against those who believe in god. While this is true, sometimes people get carried away and impose their views on other people. I strongly plead people to keep their beliefs to themselves (both theists and atheists). WE CAN'T PROVE/DISPROVE GOD'S EXISTENCE. Considering the "GOD" exists, I strongly believe this god WILL NOT be how most of the religions define it to be (no offence, no disrespect intended). Think about it scientifically (irony but yes.), consider the Kardashev scale. There are levels for measuring the technological advancement of a civilization (we aren't even type 1). type 1 is complete harness of the planet's resources, type 2 is complete harness of the solar system's resources, type 3 is of the whole galaxy, type 4 is the universe, type 5 is the whole multiverse (or the cosmos). We are not even type 1, therefore just try to imagine what a type 5 civilization could be.. Can't imagine right? Exactly. They are waaaaaaaaaaay out of our league and can PRACTICALLY BE CALLED 'GOD', cause they can control everything we can and cannot conceive and comprehend. Another probable theory is they a "god" can be an entity of a higher dimension. Considering the M-theory (unified string theory) there are 11 dimensions... So maybe the 'god' is from either of those. So thats it. This my definition (too long for a definition, i know :P) of what god is. Thanks for reading this and would be glad to know about what you think about god.
Mads Jensen
Mads Jensen 2 kun oldin
Before being offended, im atheist but i am very tolerant over for religion as long as they keep it to them self. But if god existed hes claimed to be so mercifull and full of love. But why do millions of kids starve, why do innocent people die, why do people get sick, why is there tyrants, why is there limits of freedom of expression? if god existed he could´ve fixed these things. This is the strongest argument to belivers.
Bible Lover #Christian
+Mads Jensen Or maybe you're too brainwashed, liberal.
Mads Jensen
Mads Jensen Kun oldin
+2519Anan it's ok to have opinions we are human being :)
2519Anan Kun oldin
+Mads Jensen , thanks, but don't take it too seriously though. After all, it's just speculative imagination from my own mind. ^^
Mads Jensen
Mads Jensen 2 kun oldin
+Bible Lover #Christian well you must be extremely stupid to think that
Bible Lover #Christian
Atheism should be illegal.
John Payne
John Payne 2 kun oldin
I think we tend to pay too much attention to whether each of us personally (our selves/souls/egos) continue to exist beyond death, and not enough attention to the life in which we participate while alive, that seems certain to survive us, unless we are taken in some all-encompassing conflagration like a nuclear war or an extinction-scale impact with an asteroid or comet.
Travis Lee
Travis Lee 2 kun oldin
I would say I'm definately agnostic.
Queensway Baby
Queensway Baby 2 kun oldin
I know that both are dumb
Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn 2 kun oldin
•First of all atheists aren't closed off to the possibility that a God could exist😅 • you either believe in some god or you don't there is no middle ground that's a logic 101🤣 •And someone can be an agnostic atheist or an agnostic theist, so just saying you're an agnostic doesn't tell anyone anything when somebody asks you do you believe in a god cuz they didn't ask what you knew they asked what you believe..🌬
The Guy
The Guy 2 kun oldin
Agnosticism and Atheism cannot be compared as they are on entirely different spectrums.
Kyro Parado
Kyro Parado 2 kun oldin
I am really sad for other people that they disagree or hate God. As a Christian, it just makes me depress and sad that people are going against God’s existence, but in return, God has done so many things for us. He even sa crificed his only son, Jesus, by dying on the cross in order for our sins to be removed. yet some people still disagree on them. 😢
Bible Lover #Christian
Atheism should be Illegal.
2519Anan 2 kun oldin
Please don't be sad. This is normal for this world. Based on my observation, and limited experiences, no one escapes being blamed/cursed/talked bad about... It happens even to religious founders/leaders, and even to God. So please don't let that bother you, and cheer up! ^^
Black Trump
Black Trump 2 kun oldin
I'm Christian and I respect and love everyone regardless religion, race and gender, and even sexual preference 😇.
Arko Ahmed
Arko Ahmed 2 kun oldin
Both Abraham and Jesus were born in the middle east. But many middle easterns strongly disagreed with them. It was after Muhammad that atheism in the Middle East has reduced by 100%. Surprisingly christians are supporting the atheists. But atheists will never turn away from Islam. You can take a Muslim's life but not belief ask an Indian about this.
Rajat Maske
Rajat Maske 3 kun oldin
Agnostics might say - "My pajama is possibly a God too. Possibly. Yes. Oh yes!"
Temuldjin 3 kun oldin
Ye so i am an agnostic atheist, and most atheist i have talked to say the same. I don't have a belief in any of the gods that i have learn about, or those i haven't. I also don't know whenever or not gods does in fact exist or not, but until their existence is proven i will continue with my lack of belief in them.
Chaz1871 3 kun oldin
It's impossible to prove whether or not something exists. I am only certain of the existence of my own consciousness, everything else is up for debate. Atheists and religious people both baffle me because I am not sure how you can argue that God definitely does or does not exist when there's no evidence to support either claim. It's all bullshit.
Shawn Khokher
Shawn Khokher 3 kun oldin
I was born into a family with a catholic mother and muslim father. I was raised going to both church and mosque whenever we had the chance but we were never really devout. My father is more devout of a muslim going to mosque when he can and my mother going to church as much as the average catholic (i.e. not often). The older I got the more I began taking a liking to Catholicism over Islam. Now I have begun to think a lot about what I really believe. I find I'm more fascinated with the lore and history of catholicism in the same manner I am with the Greek gods. Being raised with two major religions has made me more aware of the range of ideas and the fact that nobody really knows. After coming to terms with that I determined that I am an Agnostic with catholic tendencies. I celebrate christmas and easter with my family and I'll go to church from time to time with my grandmother but I don't really know if there is or if there isn't a God. All I know for certain is the teachings of Science and that is where I place my convictions.
Church is all business
Intenxsify 3 kun oldin
Agnostic atheist here
Dale Peterson
Dale Peterson 3 kun oldin
Only a fool says there is no GOD... The problem is, humanity has a problem with believing in GOD... But He believes in you,after all He created you... ? Oh,and Jesus Christ is GOD... ? READ YOUR BIBLE PEOPLE... ?
Bible Lover #Christian
Atheism should be illegal.
Alexander Peterson
Alexander Peterson 3 kun oldin
How about an episode that classifies what a god is and what qualifications he/she/it would need to be a god?
Gordon Gainer
Gordon Gainer 3 kun oldin
There is much scientific evidence in God, but never total proof. God (of Christianity) rarely gives total proof, because this would violate free-will, which is necessary for true love and accepting Jesus as Master and Savior, so that part of him becomes part of you. Atheists often don't believe in God, because they don't see how an all-knowing, all-good, all-powerful God would allow suffering. Goodness is logical correctness at getting the most happiness, time averaged from now through eternity. God allows suffering for free-will, but it is easy to mathematically prove that how happy or sad we are in any limited time is unimportant. The only importance of anything is in how it affects eternal happiness. There is Biblical evidence that Hell will not be intense eternal pain, but will be the Holy Spirit fire quarantining unsaved people to prevent their bad vibes from contaminating the rest of the universe and to protecting and continuously healing them.
Gordon Gainer
Gordon Gainer 3 kun oldin
At least we have scientific proof that we have immaterial, intangible spirits that do all our thinking and emotion. How? Scientifically, one's personality is a kind of holographic-like software that develops in his hardware brain. If you add software to a computer, you increase its mass and volume by how much? None; you just rearrange its electrons. Matter is defined as anything that has mass and volume. Since one's personality software has no mass or volume, it is immaterial.
America's Team
America's Team 3 kun oldin
Love how the athiest here are disproving the infographics lol
Joon Park
Joon Park 3 kun oldin
I am a athletic Buddhist What am I? Buddha
Maliha Sallahuddin
Maliha Sallahuddin 3 kun oldin
Everything you see around you cannot be a coincidence. The more you get into science the stronger your belief should get since there is a perfect order for everything. Every phenomenon in this universe is so precise that you are bound to believe that a higher power is behind all this. May all of us are guided 🙏
Ariaditya Pramestu
Ariaditya Pramestu 3 kun oldin
I really don't agree with the way extreme atheists preach how religions all are wrong, theres no god, and theres no afterlife. I think you should be considerate to a lot of people who are afraid of dying and a lot of us surely are devastated when we lose our loved ones, religions give us hope that somehow we can see our loved ones again. And vice versa i hate religious people who dont respect other believers and the non believers. They like to judge others with their religious standards.
PickleBetard A.K.A Pickle Rick's Fatass Cousin
*God is real because he created us and animals to live on this planet* Come at bark at me with your gibberish you wild atheists! *BARK BARK!!*
Bible Lover #Christian
Agreed! Atheism should be illegal!
slumdog 3 kun oldin
Albert Einstein was an Atheist who denounced God many times to his friends.
Guccicurry 3 kun oldin
Lmaoo y’all worry too much, you die its lights out. Remember before you where born? Its kinda like that.
PraisetheŠun 3 kun oldin
I'M AFRICAN AND ATHEIST😁 I like when I meet people from different countries & cultures and we share the same belief
PraisetheŠun 3 kun oldin
I'M AFRICAN AND ATHEIST😁 I like when i meet people from different countries and ocultures that are also atheist.
Bible Lover #Christian
Atheism should be illegal.
LifeAsANoun 3 kun oldin
Wow. Words no longer have any possible meaning.
Chris PPX
Chris PPX 3 kun oldin
Atheists shouldn’t say “Oh My God”. Change My Mind
Chris PPX
Chris PPX 3 kun oldin
Nope never said that
Bible Lover #Christian
Yep. Atheism should be illegal.
Bible Lover #Christian
Should be illegal to be an athiest.
Max DrenThan
Max DrenThan 3 kun oldin
This is the first time any of this channels episodes were relatively true. They usually have so much agenda and bias. Either with Omission or drastic oversimplification.
lilttle bastard
lilttle bastard 3 kun oldin
God left the server
Marjus Luzi
Marjus Luzi 3 kun oldin
Any atheist here in comments .. Like if u are atheist like me 🚫➕
Bible Lover #Christian
Atheism should be illegal.
karvanoppa fani
karvanoppa fani 3 kun oldin
Atheist can still belive spirits
NotACapitalist 3 kun oldin
I am of the opinion that the gravest error made by one who holds beliefs is that they believe their beliefs are correct and infallible.
Cheran Li
Cheran Li 3 kun oldin
FYI (for those who think Lord buddah is a god) :- in Buddhist teachings there is no god . What Lord buddah did was to only find the way to end all suffering and ultimately find eternal happiness
Joon Park
Joon Park 3 kun oldin
Actually Gods in Buddhism are just supreme being but even can not free itself from the fate of agony so are nothing to rely on
Adam Kecskes
Adam Kecskes 3 kun oldin
The video hits the nail on the head at 0:33: Atheism is a label that "shouldn't" exist (and yet it does). Atheism is less "belief" than it is simply "non-acknowledgement" of the manifest reality of super-natural deities. Atheists don't acknowledge the reality of, say, captial-G God any more than _anyone_ acknowledges the reality of Harry Potter. No one goes around categorizing people as "aPotterists," for example. The absence of belief is in and of itself, not also a belief.
loai basis
loai basis 3 kun oldin
do a video on reincarnation
Quattro kid
Quattro kid 3 kun oldin
Being agnostic sound a little like a pyrhonnian skeptic
Dzago Productions
Dzago Productions 3 kun oldin
I'm an agnostic atheist because i THINK there is no creator, i mean there could be, but i'm not certain. But im pretty certain that the God in the Abrahamic religions doesn't exist.
PAINNN666 3 kun oldin
I'm an atheist but I think there is something. Call it Faith, God, I don't care, but there is something unseen and uncontrolable in our life.
CavCave 3 kun oldin
I think the Simulation Argument can explain Einstein's quotes in this video. If this universe in a simulation, you could say the creator(s) of this simulation as God/gods. This/These God/gods could be said to not be immortal; sure, perhaps their technology prevents aging, but they still die from other causes like physical trauma. This way, our creator(s) can be said as God(s), while still keeping them mortal.
2519Anan 2 kun oldin
Or..., the simulation creator(s)'s lifespan seems like eternity because our lifespan is so short (like mere seconds from creator's perspective).
Stephen Budders
Stephen Budders 3 kun oldin
I believe that there is some higher power, but I don’t believe in the God of the Bible who kills his children because they are evil even though he made them inclined to evil.
Robert Kent
Robert Kent 3 kun oldin
Interestingly you left out that Dawkins considers himself an agnostic
trash lag
trash lag 3 kun oldin
Sorry I'm acoustic
nedal1alex123 3 kun oldin
Can you please stop spreading misinformation? Theism is a claim about belief, gnosticism is a claim about knowledge. If you're atheist, you're either gnostic(know god(s) don't exist) or agnostic(does not believe but is not certain in the lack of existence). The same gnostic/agnostic lables can go for a theist as well, tho an agnoatic theist would be weird.
Chris Montes
Chris Montes 3 kun oldin
Even the most religious person isn't sure if there is life after death. That person just believes there is. There is no evidence of spirits , ghosts, angels, demons, witches, magic etc. There are no such things and are best left for science fiction, fantasy, and horror movies. They are made up by humans using our imagination and were used to explain thing we didn't understand. We now have science and no more need for primitive religions.
Sudstah Gaming
Sudstah Gaming 3 kun oldin
If you are a critical thinker technically you'd have to be agnostic because you can't prove or disprove it entirely
Agnostic Atheist
No, you'd have to be a agnostic atheist if you are a critical thinker. The time to believe something to be true is when it has been substantiated to be true, not before. So, the default logical position is disbelief to any unsubstantiated claim until the claimants substantiate their claim. Especially when it comes to extraordinary claims like gods are.
The Times
The Times 3 kun oldin
I'm a dyslexic agnostic insomniac. I stay up all night wondering if there is a dog.
Jules Chauvin
Jules Chauvin 3 kun oldin
This is simplistic An atheist does not believe An agnostic does not know But most atheists are atheits BECAUSE they are agnostic, because they don't know if there is a God, they don't believe there is one.