Atheists and Christians Debate Truth And Belief

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8-Okt, 2017

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Darkfrostbyte 6 soat oldin
The old man on the Christian side pissed me tf off
haha u thought
haha u thought 9 soat oldin
i think the older man was way out of line when he told christine that she wasn’t an atheist. how do you think he would react if she tried to define his religion. exactly as she did. angry and frustrated and hurt
Gaby P.
Gaby P. 11 soat oldin
The old man in the Christian side is really annoying he didnt let no one talk if u want ppl to hear u why dont u hear other ppl
wintersoul 12 soat oldin
can any of my fellow christians agree that the old guy is not a good representation of what were about?
wintersoul 12 soat oldin
as a fellow christian, the old guy really gets on my nerves. just stop." it's not a belief its a fact" like wth? the atheists waited for him to finish speaking and tried to calmly understand his reasons, but the old guy did the opposite. he just starts cutting them off before they finish their own sentence. I thought old people were supposed to be wise and considerate... he needs some manners. just accept each other and be nice, it's really not that hard for the guy to do that. dang.
wintersoul 12 soat oldin
can't we all just accept each other's religion? geez.
Jim Drake
Jim Drake 16 soat oldin
The old guy doesn't live in reality and denies truth. He makes up his own "facts". It's been proven God is a man made myth.
Serr Hlub
Serr Hlub 20 soat oldin
Were all totally depraved, not radically depraved. We all have the ability to do good. But doesnt stop the fact that were totally depraved.
The Zoro
The Zoro Kun oldin
"that's not belief that's a fact." that's exactly when I would have left.
Ang Jo
Ang Jo Kun oldin
The old fart with the glasses is so irritating. Jeez.
Alicia Rossano
Alicia Rossano Kun oldin
Love the Asian dude! Very considerate and understanding
Lil Jit
Lil Jit Kun oldin
Devin Hashemi
Devin Hashemi Kun oldin
The woman in Green and the woman in BLUE are the typical types that would wanna talk to you manager because they happen to get a Coke Zero and not Coke Light, or they are the type would cause drama and sue you for anything. And the asian man seems so insecure. The old man seems like an intelligent man but not so smart.
G3MiNi Kun oldin
Just because god doesn’t clean up your shitty life doesn’t mean he isn’t real. Your parents teach you at a young age to pick up your toys, they aren’t gonna clean up your mess.
TombWraith Kun oldin
So what evidence can you provide that God does indeed exist? Because if I have a shitty life, it's because God allows it. That is his fault, not mine.
DK RT Kun oldin
WHAT THE ACTUAL F. THERE IS NO DEBATE HERE, JUST PEOPLE GIVING STATEMENTS WITH NO EVIDENCE ON BOTH SIDES!!!! Most of the people seem very low intelligence in constructing arguments and excersizing them in a dignified and calm manner. WASTE OF TIME
Alex David
Alex David Kun oldin
Hahaha, thinking back to a comment on one of the other middle ground vids. Who else has a jerk of anxiety before watching these vids
Kim Junmyeon
Kim Junmyeon Kun oldin
I believe in God because everything we know had to start somewhere, but bro that old dude is crazy annoying
TombWraith Kun oldin
You have to prove it had to start somewhere and that your God is the correct God.
Ella-phant Rose
Ella-phant Rose 2 kun oldin
Ahhh goodness! How can he say it is fact when in reality he will never know absolutely for sure until he is dead?
anna freeman
anna freeman 2 kun oldin
I think y’all are hating just a little too much on jeremy.. i can definitely see how he was being rude but in his defense he was coming at them with real facts and they were being extremely close-minded.
Lindsay Endicott
Lindsay Endicott 2 kun oldin
Old guy seems veeery creepy.
Strings 1043
Strings 1043 2 kun oldin
That old man is just ignorant. "We don't know what's right or wrong without the knowing the Bible". Morality was before religion.
Angel Mashaya
Angel Mashaya 2 kun oldin
This video is wack like all they did was just walking and didn't discuss much
mia 2 kun oldin
Yeah Jeremy is a nonce
Rahul Sureshkumar
Rahul Sureshkumar 2 kun oldin
When was Lester from GTA5 christian?
Gabe Handley
Gabe Handley 2 kun oldin
I have been an atheist my entire life, because my parents weren’t religious, and It just seemed kinda weird and cult”ish”, then I joined a catholic private school, and it was the most baffling thing, it was so vague and relatable I can see why people believed in it, then I went to my first mass and I was amazed in the thousands of dollars people spend, people put their entire life over a fictional story. It is just an excuse to not learn the truth of how the universe was created, or people think it’s so terrible cause we won’t have a life goal, which is stupendous, I just don’t want to end my life not seeming like a failure or feel like I didn’t do anything good. And the fact some people think we would be killers without the burden of god, is also stupendous. We have morals and ethics, we aren’t monsters, we have sympathy and knowledge of the terrible effect of inflicting death onto someone, or how it feels to be nice, I don’t need to read a book to know that. So please don’t burden yourself with being apart of a religious group, just let free, you aren’t going to become a horrible person, and if anyone shuns you for leaving, then they are horrible people.
Autumn Harding
Autumn Harding 3 kun oldin
That old man can’t handle other peoples views. He’s not open to hearing other peoples opinions and believes his word is fact. That is ridiculous. A man made concept cannot he fact without evidence.
Rosie Gold
Rosie Gold 3 kun oldin
"No, im just giving facts" Omygoshhh😩😩
Jack Cothron
Jack Cothron 3 kun oldin
Stick to dinosaurs Jeremy
Ryan 3 kun oldin
7:52 even the Christians think the old guy is insane
April Bumbalough
April Bumbalough 3 kun oldin
I just noticed that everyone comments on the old retarded guy!
April Bumbalough
April Bumbalough 3 kun oldin
The old guy with the fucked up hair needs to be kicked out. He is right and everyone else is wrong. Can't have a normal conversation like that. He ruins the whole experiment.
Logana Drawings and Stuff
As an atheist, I really liked the asian guy and the Christian girl.
Sir Bob Vegana
Sir Bob Vegana 3 kun oldin
Awkward moment 12:05
Nana Kwaku Akrofi
Nana Kwaku Akrofi 3 kun oldin
The old dude is annoying
Nana Kwaku Akrofi
Nana Kwaku Akrofi 3 kun oldin
Is God above the law?
Vana Gaugau
Vana Gaugau 3 kun oldin
BTW everyone is made good it may be their actions that are bad but no one is made evil.. I thought all Christians at least believed that (just my opinion)
Rebecca Shaw
Rebecca Shaw 4 kun oldin
that old fart was annoying as hell
Joshua Capps
Joshua Capps 4 kun oldin
Why are people mad at the old man? Is this not a debate? Now in a normal public discussion his approach is less then adequate. However, when it comes to popular debate, his response to statements are logical.
_Allie_ 4 kun oldin
I’m a Christian but we don’t claim the old man 😂
kittysrock16 4 kun oldin
That old guy really needs to stop yikes
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Why cant we just be one big happy family
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Hm Grraarrpffrzz religion, like atheism, has had both positive and negative effects on the world. You’re only looking at one side, that’s close minded
Hm Grraarrpffrzz
Hm Grraarrpffrzz 2 kun oldin
+Federal Bureau of Investigation Maybe the effects of religion on mankind and the world explains my bias against religion? :) Sounds more reasonable to me. Whether I believe in the existence of deities or not has no impact on my statement. Looking at the effects of religion has.
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Hm Grraarrpffrzz are you an atheist? Because that would explain you obvious bias against religion in that statement
Hm Grraarrpffrzz
Hm Grraarrpffrzz 2 kun oldin
Because Theists dislike other Theists for worshipping the "wrong" deity, and Atheists dislike religion because it fcks up everything.
HiByebtwn 4 kun oldin
Literally yelling at someone, “You’re going to hell.” is a deeply un-Christian thing say.
Aquilla Fleetwood
Aquilla Fleetwood 4 kun oldin
Everyone sins! You are not born sinfull! Jesus said, Forbid not the children to come to me, such of these are the Kingdom of heaven.....
Aquilla Fleetwood
Aquilla Fleetwood 4 kun oldin
Satan owns the fence! Christians, if you try to sit on the fence, you are lost! Enough said!
uuu yfydhchc
uuu yfydhchc 4 kun oldin
The old man it really annoys me but he is right.... Those are fact :))!
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
They aren't facts. They're beliefs.
RatchedMercedes 5 kun oldin
I hate how they show no respect to the elderly and how they aren't even giving him a chance and even thinking about that what he's saying just may happen to be a fact
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
Because it isnt a fact. A fact is something that can be proven. I dont care what your age is. Dont expect to be treated with respect when you give none.
claudiarose_xo 5 kun oldin
Oh my lanta, the older Male is quite feisty. Needs to take it down a couple knotches. He also needs to listen. No point in showing up to be the only one voice being heard. You can see the wtf looks on the womans faces like oooooo mane I'm mad but have to contain it. It is possible sir to be respectful regardless of different viewpoints.
pokemonlover132 5 kun oldin
Not gonna lie, as a fellow believer I really thought the lady in blue was amazing, seemed nice and listened well and was always open to opinions.
Allison Harmon
Allison Harmon 5 kun oldin
Im sorry but how do you believe in the supernatural but consider yourself an atheist I would have loved to hear more of her side of the conversation that just doesn't make any sense to me. I would genuinely love if that was explained to me Im very open to learning and I am very willing to say when I am wrong so with that being said I currently agree with that man on that topic lol
Allison Harmon
Allison Harmon 4 kun oldin
Sorry switched profiles. Oh okay. Thank you for the clarification! I was definitely wrong and that makes more sense. I think I’ve always just related there being an afterlife with there being a god (gods etc) I feel like the two are always portrayed hand in hand which must be where I got that atheist didn’t believe there may be an after life. But assuming is clearly never the right thing to do! I feel like many people I know are misinformed on atheism then, which is kind of scary. Thank you for teaching me something!
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
+Allison Harmon I called you wrong because you stated you agreed with the old man, who neither knows what agnosticism or atheism is. Therefore I concluded that you don't know what these words mean either, or you would not have agreed with him. In doesn't put you in a separate category because atheism refers only to the belief towards God. Most atheists I know who believe in the supernatural have had a supernatural experience that science has yet to explain. Someone telling you they are an atheist only tells you they dont believe in a God. You can be a spiritual person and be an atheist. Logical atheists understand that science does not have all the answers. Yes and no. I know several atheists that believe in some kind of afterlife, but do not believe in God. Therefore, they're atheistic by definition
Allison Harmon
Allison Harmon 4 kun oldin
+TombWraith I did say IM very willing to say I am wrong, your comment didn't really give me an answer to my question though. You just stated what I am already aware atheism is (as far as I am aware) and called me wrong which I would prefer you didn't do with out giving me a real answer. I'm just confused about how believing in a supernatural doesn't put you in a separate category as an atheist. I guess I just need to educate myself more, which I am trying to do! I just don't understand how still believing in a myth allows you to be an atheist as I always believed atheist believed strictly in science, as in your here and when you die your not anywhere but in the ground. I don't believe there is any real science behind an after life am I incorrect on that?
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
Because there are many phenomena that science hasn't quite explained but can be seen, heard or smelled. God, let alone a specific God, has failed all of these tests as of yet. Therefore, I do not believe in one. Agreeing with someone does not make either of you correct. You are both objectively wrong.
Najma Abdullahi
Najma Abdullahi 5 kun oldin
Oh my fuckin god the old man’s voice pisses me off almost as much as what he says
NateIsLame 5 kun oldin
I want to hang out with the Asian fellow.
Maite Gonzalez
Maite Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
Nancy is a queen.
Tori Hop
Tori Hop 6 kun oldin
The old dude is not representing us Christians well at all, and he is lying when he says that he doesn't ever doubt. Everyone has their doubts sometimes. I really hate it when some people try to shove their beliefs down other peoples throat, because it makes other Christians look bad
Set Apart
Set Apart 6 kun oldin
I’m a Christian youtuber. Can y’all sub to my channel & help me grow
Jonah Heal
Jonah Heal 6 kun oldin
Not exactly like watching Jordan peterson and Sam Harris but interesting anyway
Sean Michael
Sean Michael 6 kun oldin
Horrible choice in selection by choosing the weirdo know-it-all... You guys need to reevaluate this topic and revive it with better intellect... Just saying
Dasha Poz
Dasha Poz 6 kun oldin
Their faces when the older man said that his beliefs are facts!!💀😂😂
John Doe
John Doe 6 kun oldin
The old man was right about her being agnostic, because atheist DONT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING SUPER NATURAL. Argue all you want but it’s a FACT
TombWraith 6 kun oldin
No, it's not a fact dumbass. I'm an atheist, and I believe in some supernatural phenomena. NOWHERE in the definition of an atheist does it mention ANYTHING about the supernatural as a whole. Atheism is only the rejection of a belief in a God. By the way, everyone should be agnostic. It tells you nothing.
Will P
Will P 6 kun oldin
If you’re an atheist Go into a sauna and stay for four hours than magnify that heat by an unmeasurable number. That’s what your life will be like if you don’t become saved. I may not go about this in the right way but I care so much about people. And it saddens me seeing all these lost people in this comment section.
Maksie0 6 kun oldin
Prove it.
Victoria Dale
Victoria Dale 6 kun oldin
I have never understood those who believe that shoving their religion down someone's throat will somehow convert them. Living in a place where religion, specifically Christianity, is prominent, I see this quite often. Attacking someone with your belief and telling them they are wrong does nothing but push them away.
daniel nystedt
daniel nystedt 6 kun oldin
The term agnostic is all too often applied incorrectly when it comes to a belief in a higher power. The old man is partly right by saying they're agnostic, but totally wrong when he says they're not atheists. Gnosticism comes from the Greek word for knowledge and knowing. Theism comes from the Greek word for God, and a theist is someone who believes in a God, while an atheist is someone who does not hold that belief. Many incorrectly envision these labels on a line spectrum with "theism" and "atheism" on opposite ends, while "agnosticism" covers the vast middle. This is what leads to the confusion. Since the opposite of theism is atheism, and the opposite of agnosticism is gnosticism, you need to picture these four terms on an X & Y axis. That means there are four possible categories and labels. A gnostic atheist is someone who KNOWS there is no God. An agnostic atheist does not believe in a God, but also does not know for certain. A gnostic theist is someone who KNOWS there is a God, and an agnostic theist is someone who believes in a God, but doesn't know for certain. Final thought: for those people who like to fence sit and say they're "agnostic," maybe there is a God, maybe there isn't, they're actually a (gasp!) agnostic atheist!!!
DEADSLAYER 465 6 kun oldin
I read a thing where a PRIEST of God. Raped a Girl,for god. So,christians. Is god a good person or bad?
DEADSLAYER 465 6 kun oldin
I really want to Hit the old man
DEADSLAYER 465 6 kun oldin
Christians: God is good. God is Worth everything. God loves us all! Aetheists:But how about the criminals? Does this so call God love even the evilest beings?
DEADSLAYER 465 6 kun oldin
The christians,are pissing me off. Im an aetheist. The old man,made me, want to Hit him.
That Potato
That Potato 6 kun oldin
That old man is pissing me off.
X•Neko Grace•X
X•Neko Grace•X 6 kun oldin
Yeah but im confused about my religion...im only 11 but I really am confused and kids at my school always ask me my religion even thought thats sad because were only 11yr old.
Chempaka Kraemer
Chempaka Kraemer 7 kun oldin
The young christian guy is so chill
Just Mrki
Just Mrki 7 kun oldin
Christians arent all the same. They are also people and most of christians want good in the world and want everyone to join god and go to heaven. We all sin. Learn that
Just Mrki
Just Mrki 7 kun oldin
Also the old guy said one thing right: We live in imperfect world
Mc Mr Scotland
Mc Mr Scotland 7 kun oldin
I really hated the old mans accent and that he is a twat (Edit- and that he is a twat)
Anthony Pappas
Anthony Pappas 6 kun oldin
The edit says the same thing as the original in case you didn't notice. You're welcome.
flawlessduck 7 kun oldin
You can't admit there are divine values yet dictate the rules on the values. You can't say it's the absolute truth if it's beyond your reasoning.
flawlessduck 7 kun oldin
Christianity fundamentally is neoplatonism sprinkled with dogmatism, which contradicts itself.
PyroCham 7 kun oldin
12:38 I'm not even surprised that the old man got rejected by her. I'm sure the majority would do the same as he didn't show any kind of respect for another persons belief.
Jay & Rengin
Jay & Rengin 7 kun oldin
Binged almost all the Middle Ground episodes, and the old man is EASILY the WORST casting member of all episodes!
GetOffMy Lawn
GetOffMy Lawn 7 kun oldin
The old man omfg
Sophie 7 kun oldin
I think both sides were misrepresented. I’ve never met a Christian that is like that old man and some of the people on the atheist side seem like they can’t even hear one thing about religion.
Wait What
Wait What 7 kun oldin
the moment Jeremy agreed that pineapple is okay to be on pizza, i knew he was *no good*
Alicja Lawenska
Alicja Lawenska 8 kun oldin
I like pineapple on pizza it's good :/
Chippin' Tip
Chippin' Tip 8 kun oldin
That old man just bothered the heck out of me. He wasen't being respectful at all to the athiests and was telli g them what they are and what they should believe. And, no. Thats just not right
eric jaeger
eric jaeger 8 kun oldin
He is right about her being agnostic though.
TombWraith 7 kun oldin
+eric jaeger She said that she doesn't believe in a God. That makes her an atheist. She never claimed that there was no God. She just simply doesn't believe in on. By the way, if she did claim there was no God, then she certainly wouldn't be agnostic as an agnostic claims not to know. She would be a gnostic atheist or an anti theist
eric jaeger
eric jaeger 7 kun oldin
TombWraith a person who believes that nothing is known or can be known of the existence or nature of God or of anything beyond material phenomena; a person who claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. She said that what she believes is not that there is no god. An atheist is someone does not believe in a god. That criteria doesn’t fit her so she’s agnostic.
TombWraith 8 kun oldin
No he wasn't. Agnostic is someone who doesn't know whether or not a God exists. Everyone should be agnostic.
Chispaluz777 8 kun oldin
To be honest, those were some pretty bad representation of us Christians. - proud Catholic!
Colland 8 kun oldin
Each person from each religion claim that their god is real. If each person claims their god is real and say all the others aren't. Which god is real? Oh wait... no god is real.
Anthony Pappas
Anthony Pappas 6 kun oldin
There's no way to know for sure.
Brothers By the Blood
Hey lmk for the next one. I’d like to speak for Christians. :)
lostleopard 9 kun oldin
This just goes to show that there are extremists in any group and that individuals vary vastly within those groups; one person’s attitude cannot represent an entirety, non-religious or religious. Jeremy was set in his ways and in what he wholeheartedly believed to be true. He went about this debate the wrong way by outwardly telling others that his beliefs (beliefs based on faith which are generally improvable) were fact. As a Christian, I can say that yes, there are many of us who are like him and speak to others (especially non-Christians) in a manner similar to his. I can also say that, no, it was not condonable nor is it standard Christian practice to do so nowadays. The only “truth” that Christians should be speaking with any conviction is that God loves each and every person on this planet exactly the way they are. No if, ands, or buts about it. That’s it. Of course there’s more to the religion itself, but to others who aren’t part of it and don’t want to be preached to, that’s all they should hear. They should not be belittled, argued with (unless it is a consented debate), or (God forbid) ever be told they’re going to Hell. God loves you unconditionally for who you are, whether you’re a believer or not. End of story.
kadddl 9 kun oldin
love your videos but you should work on the light problems with the different cameras
Rob Walker
Rob Walker 9 kun oldin
I think at one point in my life, I was Jeremy. But friends kept loving me and engaging with me. Finally, someone asked me: What are you afraid of? The waterworks started. I don't know Jeremy's story. But I hope his unwavering conviction is not based on fear.
Dara Conner
Dara Conner 9 kun oldin
That old guy is annoying. He thinks he knows everything.
MyNameIsNathan 9 kun oldin
i would've clapped that old motherfucker right then and there, big chungus style
alex 1234
alex 1234 9 kun oldin
4:03 The old man annoyed me so much.😡😠. For you it might be a fact and it is ok, but it is not ok not to listen to them and there opinion and just tell them that they are wrong.
d a s a n y
d a s a n y 9 kun oldin
The old man rly bothered me everytime he spoke. I’m Christian; however, there’s a certain way to say things.
Cakey 9 kun oldin
84% of people here dont like Christians
TombWraith 9 kun oldin
No. We just don't like that old man, who happens to be a Christian.
Lara Bia Oliveira
Lara Bia Oliveira 10 kun oldin
The old guy was so rude! “I’m just giving facts” no you’re being disrespectful
Audrey Snider
Audrey Snider 10 kun oldin
i cannot watch this video because of this old guy. “you are wrong.” that’s no way to talk to someone on an episode called MIDDLE GROUND
Audrey Snider
Audrey Snider 10 kun oldin
omg the old guy was so mean, like hear others out omg
Noah Walsh
Noah Walsh 10 kun oldin
12:51 ugh that was cringey af
Gay Jesus
Gay Jesus 10 kun oldin
This is why i dislike speaking with Christians. It's just impossible to reason with someone who has been brainwashed since birth to believe a myth.
Anthony Pappas
Anthony Pappas 6 kun oldin
That goes for all religions really.
שי אביב
שי אביב 10 kun oldin
very nice
Darya Sahar
Darya Sahar 11 kun oldin
Darya Sahar
Darya Sahar 11 kun oldin
smoovechi1 11 kun oldin
All the getting up and going back and forth to your corners is a turn off to "Middle Ground".
Anthony Pappas
Anthony Pappas 5 kun oldin
They should stay seated in the middle and raise their hands if they agree with the statements.
Madisyn Freedman
Madisyn Freedman 11 kun oldin
They should do can Protestant christians and Catholics find middle ground
Madisyn Freedman
Madisyn Freedman 11 kun oldin
TombWraith exactly why they should make a video about them
TombWraith 11 kun oldin
+Madisyn Freedman No they don't. They just have different ways one gets into heaven.
Madisyn Freedman
Madisyn Freedman 11 kun oldin
TombWraith yes but they still have a different beliefs
TombWraith 11 kun oldin
+Madisyn Freedman They are all denominations of Christian's.