Atheists and Christians Debate Truth And Belief

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8-Okt, 2017



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Henrik 45 daqiqa oldin
"pineapple belongs on pizza." K
Gabby Lopez
Gabby Lopez 3 soat oldin
Maybe the old guy interrupts others, but this only means he has lived a life in God's presence and finds love and peace through him. It's difficult to understand atheists point of view on God when we have lived a life with God and without him and can only find joy with him:)
Just Music
Just Music 4 soat oldin
It's ironic how that one lady is an atheist but her name is Christine.
HV Jaybo
HV Jaybo Kun oldin
“My dad said i was going to hell” **Denounces God** makes no sense but ok. Your Father does not decide if you go to hell or not. No mortal can decide who goes to hell or not. Only God decides that. Smh
TombWraith Kun oldin
The Bible says she's going to hell though. So, I guess your asshole God has spoken.
sarahmjfan Kun oldin
The old man is so dogmatic.
Megan Simpson
Megan Simpson Kun oldin
I am a Christian and I think a lot of things that the old guy said didn't make sense
Mr Bone
Mr Bone Kun oldin
Jesus loves you 😎
Monica44ish Kun oldin
The old man really passed out his card after annoying everyone lmao
Jacqueline Abbaticchio
god exists, without a higher power how did we come to be, man cannot make a man without the matter that was already provided...god states how it is, do not bend...defend him at all costs
Maksie0 Kun oldin
That's an argument from ignorance fallacy. Just because you don't know how human life came to exist through natural processes, doesn't mean a god did it.
phoebe brendler
phoebe brendler 2 kun oldin
at the end when the old guy hands her his business card and she rejects him LMAO
Totaler Krieg
Totaler Krieg 22 soat oldin
@TombWraith Why atheists are a collecttive, who follow rules and are trying to argue with the religious about who's right? I spoke to MANY. Atheists are a collective, trying to "convert" to a way of seeing, a religion or a cult. I do not fall in your labels you sheeps. You will try to sell me atheism iif you reply, by justifying it.
TombWraith Kun oldin
+Totaler Krieg Not at all and those who think so do not understand what religion or atheism is
Totaler Krieg
Totaler Krieg Kun oldin
Hahaha, atheism seem to be some sort of religion, too though.
Chryseille Alexis
Chryseille Alexis 2 kun oldin
why does it seem to me that atheists oppose Christianity more than any other religion?
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 2 kun oldin
Largely I suppose because lobbyists in America attempt to alter the constitution or create strawman portrayals of secularists. Although gay conversion camps and shunning by Jehovah's Witnesses haven't helped...
Talon Sage
Talon Sage 2 kun oldin
Pausing again...can we switch out nasal author for a better person of faith? I beg of you. Pretty please? *sigh* Well, I by damnit WILL enjoy this video. I will not let that blight ruin this for me!!!
Talon Sage
Talon Sage 2 kun oldin
Holden Leathers
Holden Leathers 2 kun oldin
Old man talks: I skip ahead 10 seconds.
Holden Leathers
Holden Leathers 2 kun oldin
The old man represents every reason I don't like most religions (the religions, not the people themselves)
Karla Chim
Karla Chim 3 kun oldin
Women in green and old guy 😔😔
xandria nealy
xandria nealy 3 kun oldin
I really thought the old guy wasn't gonna move on statement #7
Hollow nite
Hollow nite 3 kun oldin
Okay okay everyone hates the old man but come on cut him some slack. He perhaps regretted it and besides he just didn't know any better...
Etienne Fletcher
Etienne Fletcher 3 kun oldin
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Morgan 3 kun oldin
Not a fan of the old guy or the lady in the green shirt honestly, they both seemed very antagonistic at the others
Andrew Morgan
Andrew Morgan 3 kun oldin
I take it back, I’m including the lady in the tank top, she’s super antagonistic as well
Warui Kazhu
Warui Kazhu 4 kun oldin
I agree with the old man tho. God sent us a holy book to be our life guards. How do human knows that killing is bad? because it's in holy book. How human knows what's wrong and right??? We were born as a pure baby with nothing in our brains. Our brains develop as we grow up and contaminated by people around us. They taught us which wrong and right. And they got it from God. HOW HUMAN WAS BORN? the very first one. We have religion and we got the answer for it but what about atheist? I want to know. I'm just curious. please let me know.
TombWraith 4 kun oldin
Killing is not inherently bad. You think its bad because you grew up in a society that taught you killing was bad (which by the way, the Bible fully supports slaughter). Nothing is inherently wrong or right. Its called subjective morality. There are plenty of people who know right from wrong who neither know nor believe in God. We evolved. You have no answers. You have beliefs. The difference between us is I can admit I don't know.
Jade Healey
Jade Healey 4 kun oldin
I was sorta hoping they would ask the old man if being gay is ok
Nallah B
Nallah B 4 kun oldin
“It’s take energy and effort to understand someone.” @ 9:45 👏🏿👏🏿
Nallah B
Nallah B 4 kun oldin
This older man is hilarioussssss
inasa 4 kun oldin
*sips tea*
Alia Mahmoud
Alia Mahmoud 5 kun oldin
The old guy was legit getting on my nerves. He was being so rude and not letting anyone talk. I’m a Muslim, but I still let people believe what they want to believe. The old dude was just telling people they’re wrong for they’re belief. “It’s not a belief, it’s a fact” Smh 🤦‍♀️
SenpaiLiv 5 kun oldin
The old man seems to have very similar views to my dad. Not in the topic of religion but in the fact that he cannot separate his opinions from facts. Facts need evidence and proof, opinions are your personal views. Just because you believe something to be true, it does not make it a fact
Oh Wowow
Oh Wowow 5 kun oldin
You could not have said it any better.
Aaron Covert
Aaron Covert 5 kun oldin
God never said youd go to hell if you have a divorce. I think a lot of people who hate the Christian faith is because they had someone in their life that twisted the word of God.
Aaron Covert
Aaron Covert 2 kun oldin
+chris sonofpear1 thats a very good question. I dont believe it weakens it. I could be wrong tho. But i feel sin nature or not, if youre free to do as you please you will find it. Think Adam and Eve. God said i give you everything. But don't eat from that one tree. The tree of knowledge of good and evil. They had free will to do so or not. They ate from it and evil is tied with sin. God warned them if they ate from it they will surly die. So i believe we choose to sin. Sin to come into our lives and thats why Jesus says deny yourself and pick up your cross.
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 2 kun oldin
What is sin nature and does it weaken free will?
Aaron Covert
Aaron Covert 5 kun oldin
+TombWraith could you share where you got that in the Bible?
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
+Aaron Covert If the Bible is to be taken literally, its a monstrosity. Actually, no it isn't. A woman is supposed to take her punishment. Only if the man's abuse escalates to where her life is at risk can she leave. And if she does, she cannot remarry, as that is committing adultery.
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 6 kun oldin
I believe in God but I respect everyone regardless on what they believe in as long as they don't hurt anyone. Even if we were born without religion, I believe that we will still identify which is right and wrong.
Lacie Benefield
Lacie Benefield 6 kun oldin
"iM sTaTiNg FaCtS"
Lacie Benefield
Lacie Benefield 6 kun oldin
im a christian but that dude just pisses me off, like come on dude dont be rude or tell someone they are wrong bc if you do that youre not a good christian.
Brookes Gafeney
Brookes Gafeney 6 kun oldin
At 8:00 she asks if he thinks forcing his opinion is gonna get him anywhere and he interrupts with "im giving facts", then at the end proceeds to hand out pamphlets. This is the point she was trying to make. I cant tell if he was intentionally being provocative with the pamphlets or not but if you refuse to listen to others and sympathize and just hit them with "facts", you cannot expect them to take your pamphlet.
SugaInMyTae 6 kun oldin
When the old man started talking I covered my speaker
Johann 6 kun oldin
I don’t know much and I‘m seldom sure what to believe in, but I‘m comfortable with stating that assuming you‘ve figured it all out is an arrogant and sometimes dangerous road to walk
angeldust girl
angeldust girl 6 kun oldin
I believe in god and that everyone on this earth was created by him
angeldust girl
angeldust girl 2 kun oldin
+chris sonofpear1 idk
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 2 kun oldin
Were demons created by same...?
Oh Wowow
Oh Wowow 5 kun oldin
I believe everyone was created by speghet monsta
Aiden Tak
Aiden Tak 6 kun oldin
0:07 I'm going to respond that same way I would respond to baptists. Her father is a real Christian, but a Christian with a fucked up view of what the bible really means. He believes in a human's false interpretation of a holy word. And because of that experience, God became a hard taskmaster. And when she says I don't want to believe she emotionally does not want to believe. You cant hate the nonexistent
TombWraith 5 kun oldin
And how do you know you in fact don't have the false interpretation?
frank littleton
frank littleton 7 kun oldin
Me and my wife love your episodes! With the growing media coverage, you should have a Hebrew Israelite vs Christian episode.
Mabelina Durán
Mabelina Durán 7 kun oldin
"Saved by the bell" hahahaahahahha Oh man!That old guy is so lost on Earth.
Ohhhellnahh 7 kun oldin
the 1st question tho
Nikki Brown
Nikki Brown 7 kun oldin
When the asian guy told his coming to faith story it made me so happy. Good for him & God bless him! Everyone in this chat is really brave & i felt like this was a good discussion
Ahmet Eren Çakır
Ahmet Eren Çakır 7 kun oldin
mauro conti
mauro conti 7 kun oldin
old man was way too agressive
Ildefonso Martinez
Ildefonso Martinez 7 kun oldin
No disrespect intended, but can you guys do a PART II on this? I gravitate to the structure of the segments and questions in your more current video content on Middle Ground. This topic is extremely taboo, but we need to have these conversations, and I feel about only 30%-40% of it's potential was fully realized in this one.
Izzy McCartney
Izzy McCartney 7 kun oldin
even though i am an atheist, i really respect that asian dude
Izzy McCartney
Izzy McCartney 7 kun oldin
that old dude needs some thc
Makenzee Adkins
Makenzee Adkins 8 kun oldin
This is my least favorite episode that I’ve ever watched, I thought I would really like it but no. All the other ones I’ve watched, I haven’t watched all of them but, they’ve have conversations but this was a lot of just arguing.
kylie 8 kun oldin
nobody: old man: Y O U ‘ R E W R O N G
Adrianne Deforest
Adrianne Deforest 8 kun oldin
You can’t base morality off of your personal opinion. That would be a mess. You can’t base morality off of what’s best for most of society. Slavery. You can’t base morality off of anything except God. Many have tried and always failed. You can figure out via logic that morality can only exist with an all powerful, all knowing being that created the world and the rules
chris sonofpear1
chris sonofpear1 2 kun oldin
Jehovah seemed a bit impulsive to me... Plus, possessive love?
Maksie0 7 kun oldin
Basing your morality off of a god is just going with said god's personal opinion. What morality is really based on for the vast majority of human beings is the promotion of well-being and the reduction of death and suffering. It's really that simple.
Angie 8 kun oldin
Americans seem to be so so so backwards when it comes to religion. From the point of view of Europeans, it's almost like they are in the Middle Ages when it comes to this. I've lost count on how many times I've heard an American say "it happened because it says so in the Bible", and similar stuff. I can't wrap my head around it. That book was written by *people* about 2000 years ago. Nothing more, nothing less.
Ren the Trash Master
At 7:55 the two persons on the right are so tired of what is going on xD It is like when your friend is having an argument with his mom and you're just standing there, extremely uncomfortable, waiting for It to end
BAZE 8 kun oldin
In my opinion no human in existence other than someone mad with false beliefs would say they or anyone else would or should endure a lifetime of suffering for an eternity of peace.
Emma Caitlin
Emma Caitlin 8 kun oldin
The older guy annoyed me so much!! I’m a Christian and I do not stand for that at all. That being said, some of the atheists were rude too. I like it when people like the younger christian guy listen and don’t judge as well as respectfully giving their opinion.
rjh00 8 kun oldin
Uff at first I thought the Old guy was just kooky, but nope, I think actually he is just an asshole.
Tommy M
Tommy M 8 kun oldin
Who invited the old guy
MegaHerbMan 8 kun oldin
Mr. Old guy is a bible -thumping, dipshit.
Ogulcan’s Odyssey
I hope the old man has a stroke
Oh Wowow
Oh Wowow 5 kun oldin
+Alpha K Hey! yes.
Alpha K
Alpha K 7 kun oldin
Hey! No.
Jules Thompson
Jules Thompson 8 kun oldin
Everyone: Jeremy: *YOUR WRONG*
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 8 kun oldin
I'm agnostic, which side do I go on😂😂😂
TombWraith 6 kun oldin
+shoto todoroki If I ask you if you believe in God, and your answer is anything other than "yes", you are an atheist.
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 6 kun oldin
+TombWraith one of us is confused, and there is 50/50 percent chance between us
TombWraith 6 kun oldin
+shoto todoroki So then you're an agnostic atheist.
shoto todoroki
shoto todoroki 8 kun oldin
+TombWraith I believe god may or may not exist, because both are equally possible
TombWraith 8 kun oldin
+shoto todoroki There is no such thing as just an agnostic. Do you believe in God?
Abby Leaf
Abby Leaf 8 kun oldin
the older guy could be more respectful of the athiests and I'm on the Christian side
Micah De Asis
Micah De Asis 8 kun oldin
When he says fact to prove a point based on his beliefs.... Everything I have studied and time spent studying all cams back. I wanted to throw all my science books at him and my math books to show him what facts looked like. lol
Micah De Asis
Micah De Asis 8 kun oldin
cracked nebula
cracked nebula 9 kun oldin
Lol.. "i dont think that its a fact" man religion people these days 😒
Trinity Summerlin
Trinity Summerlin 9 kun oldin
The old man rlly was rude n not gonna lie so was the green shirt lady, close minded people are so annnoying
Ashlyn Olivia
Ashlyn Olivia 9 kun oldin
Athiest: *exists* Old man: *wrong* Y’all knew he was boutta be like that as soon as he agreed with pineapple on pizza
Haifisch Nikez
Haifisch Nikez 9 kun oldin
The old man is ma boy💖💖
Aspen H.
Aspen H. 9 kun oldin
there’s no proof of god, it’s just as simply as that. religion is man-made.
Oh Wowow
Oh Wowow 5 kun oldin
+cracked nebula lmao
cracked nebula
cracked nebula 9 kun oldin
+Gaston Gourmand wut?
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 9 kun oldin
No. You don't like your mind right now! You're stacking up problems, that is so unnecessary! You wish that you could slow things down! You wanna let go, but there's comfort in your panic!
cracked nebula
cracked nebula 9 kun oldin
Thank you
Takahara mikan
Takahara mikan 9 kun oldin
So.. the old man is the reason why other people see Christianity and christians so negatively. Let's just respect each other and not impose our beliefs.
Erin Hoffman
Erin Hoffman 9 kun oldin
Do they make the chairs squeaky on purpose?
Yogirl Briabria
Yogirl Briabria 9 kun oldin
that asian guy was the cutest! he was so sweet and how once when he asked her a question and when she was like no don’t say that he was like I’m so sorry and he is the cutest sweetest person ever. I would love to meet him.
sunlitekid01 9 kun oldin
Somebody shut that old man up
Hannah S.
Hannah S. 9 kun oldin
i want to pity the old man and be like "he's a human too it's okay" but mAn it's hard to
Hannah S.
Hannah S. 9 kun oldin
~god is *fact* ~
Michael O
Michael O 9 kun oldin
If the Atheists are right then we all go to same place after death. Which is nothing. But if the Christians are right about what happens after death...
Maksie0 8 kun oldin
So then the next step is figuring out who's right.
Asher 0912
Asher 0912 10 kun oldin
Why do christians always say it's their duty to spread the word of god and convert as many people as possible. Didn't know religion was an advertiseable product now. Seems pretty shallow and superficial, but what do I know, I'm just an athiest
God Almighty
God Almighty 10 kun oldin
It's okay guys, gals, and NB pals. I don't believe I myself either sometimes.
Sky ASF 10 kun oldin
this old man is way toooooo religious
Molly Byrd
Molly Byrd 10 kun oldin
Okay, but why would a city be where there are no resources available.
Panda  Lover
Panda Lover 10 kun oldin
I really wanna see a Catholics vs. Protestants video.
Jay Brooks
Jay Brooks 10 kun oldin
Here's the thing if you don't want anyone to force their opinion and belief's on you then don't force yours on them! Also just because a person who calls themselves a Christian hurts you doesn't mean God hurt you. God has given us freedom what we do with it is on us.
Onyx Turner
Onyx Turner 10 kun oldin
Atheist: so- old man in Donald trump voice: WRONG
Morgan M
Morgan M 11 kun oldin
The lady in green triggers me
RedAZurE 11 kun oldin
I’m sorry but that dudes voice...
Lynese Cuadras
Lynese Cuadras 11 kun oldin
The old guy sounds like everyone on r/iamverysmart
Chiara La Rosa
Chiara La Rosa 11 kun oldin
even his voice sounds ignorant bruh
akm960 11 kun oldin
That old man lives in the woods in a RV with radio equipment set up running his own Christian radio station with 0 listeners.
akm960 9 kun oldin
+Gaston Gourmand What?
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 9 kun oldin
No. I'll leave your door open just a crack, 'cause you're acting like such an insomniac! Why do you tire of counting sheep, when you're far too tired to fall asleep?
Justin Pearson
Justin Pearson 12 kun oldin
Christianity is the way, belief to have. Posted by the other Justin. Justin
Esther Pace
Esther Pace 12 kun oldin
As a Christian the older man Jeremy was frustrating to watch.
cracked nebula
cracked nebula 9 kun oldin
As a atheist it was even more frustraiting
Lexi Fincher
Lexi Fincher 12 kun oldin
Im sorry but i hate when ppl dont have open minds
Gsauce 29
Gsauce 29 12 kun oldin
I seriously identify with the Asian guy
culversketch 12 kun oldin
That old man with the squeaky voice irritated the hell out of me.
Shister Maddie
Shister Maddie 12 kun oldin
I respect the younger guy. He seriously respects the views of of others. I don’t agree with him, but I respect his belief.
Shister Maddie
Shister Maddie 12 kun oldin
The old guy does know Hilter was Christian, right?
Evan11 13 kun oldin
At the end of the day who cares what other people believe
Gangrel 13 kun oldin
Popcorn doesn’t exist. *grabs god*
cinephile store
cinephile store 13 kun oldin
Nothing like someone telling you what you believe.
jeremy somebody
jeremy somebody 13 kun oldin
religion is foolish.
Gaston Gourmand
Gaston Gourmand 9 kun oldin
No. Toniiiiiiiiiiiiight...I just wanna take you oooooooouuuuut! Show you up to the sky! Get this party on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire.........players! Put your pinky rings up to the MOON! Girls, what y'all tryna do? 24k magic in the aaaaaaaair! Head to toe, I'm so pretty! Uh, look out!
Trapper1925 13 kun oldin
Thing I've learned about life pain is a test
Christopher allen
Christopher allen 14 kun oldin
have scientist told us the truth about where we stand about climate change? do you think they would? polar meltwaters added weight on the ocean floor is activating the ring of fire if Yellowstone blows along with volcanic activity in the ring of fire [ you do not want to see a nuclear winter] ...but the Bible says at Revelation `11:18 the latter part of this verse "and the time came for God to destroy those destroying the earth" what do you think God we use to destroy those destroying the earth????
Marique Dorval
Marique Dorval 14 kun oldin
that old guy is honestly so annoying
RockyV 14 kun oldin
The old motherfucker is perfect example of why people hate know-it-all NERDS. He's literally that in Christian form and his ego is just astronomical. 🤦🏽‍♂️
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