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Our journey across Australia continues on to Melbourne where we dive head first into the thriving arts scene and get unexpected news about Aaron’s lost drone. SUBSCRIBE for more Will Smith: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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22-Fev, 2018

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Krisqwop YT
Krisqwop YT 19 soat oldin
Who’s here when the that’s hot meme started.
L1GHTSTR1K3 4 kun oldin
Hahahaaaa that’s hot, that’s hot
Ali Yılmaz
Ali Yılmaz 4 kun oldin
Bak o maceracılar benim le dalga geçtikleri için ölüp yaralandılar allah hava yapacam diye kendini ölüm tehlikesine atanı sevmez hava yapacam diye hem kendi canını hemde başkasının hayatını riske atıyorsun allah sevmez bunu ölceksen benim için ölde sana sonsuzluk vereyim sizler hava için ölüyorsunuz boş muhabet
Gabriel Molin
Gabriel Molin 7 kun oldin
When will you be on Hot Ones!?
Chogiam Veles
Chogiam Veles 7 kun oldin
Greetings from Rassia🇷🇺🤘
Chogiam Veles
Chogiam Veles 7 kun oldin
Greetings from Rassia🇷🇺🤘
Kabeer Davis
Kabeer Davis 7 kun oldin
1:53 When yo greedy uncle eat fish skrait from the fryer.
Fleurs Sv
Fleurs Sv 9 kun oldin
“I just burnt my face!” “Yeah” hahaha.
Rico Suave
Rico Suave 14 kun oldin
Intro so littt!!!!!
CRITTa BUG 15 kun oldin
Yaaaas! Go the Aussie meat pies! Love my Australia! Did u try Vegemite?! If not I will teach u how to vegemite the RIGHT WAY!
Kamva Mantanga
Kamva Mantanga 17 kun oldin
I love your vlogs I hope to meet you one day huge fan like your so jaden Smith
David Payton
David Payton 18 kun oldin
Aussie pies good? Lol
Casey Hearn
Casey Hearn 18 kun oldin
Australian Pies are terrible. If you want a real pie you need to come to New Zealand
BackSpacəTM 21 kun oldin
I eat my meat pies with a fork and knife not with my hands
The Loudest Rager
The Loudest Rager 24 kun oldin
Go on hot ones!!!!! @Will Smith
Esmirna 2425
Esmirna 2425 24 kun oldin
Yayoi Kusama’s hamparte...
mymadmother 27 kun oldin
It's better when Billiam Smift has his lines written for him
Chad Reid
Chad Reid 28 kun oldin
I’m from Australia and it was not hot
And And
And And 29 kun oldin
Im checking his food because he got the fountain of youth
The Dx Gamer Show
Eizen Manansala - Speedcuber
Xaviera Figueroa
hey margot robbie is Australian
Sina Mohammadi
AHAHAH every aussi knows the pain of biting a meat pie.
Lo Marie
Lo Marie Oy oldin
So we just gon ignore the shot in the beginning...I bet Will be going off on people all the time. I love who he is on camera though!
Alexx S.
Alexx S. Oy oldin
will smith is bringing the YOU back to the TUBE...this is what vlogging really should be like
Samaah Oy oldin
You cant have an Aussie meat pie without tomato sauce!!
Katrina Burrell
I love all of the art. Most of the street art reminds me of my town in Venice Beach California.
Cooper Morehead
Will Smith - NZ does better pies. Aim for Pukekohe..... Fish and chips too! The BEST in the world.
Mi padre Llora Mi rancho
Wait what just happened at the beginning?
idiotbox mel
idiotbox mel Oy oldin
Four n Twenty pies supposedly have camel in it... not all Aussies like that brand
Aric Banga
Aric Banga Oy oldin
in the intro I saw the mueseam stuff from camp at my primary school 4 grade lololol
Cassius Reynolds
Bruv, Aussie pies are nothing compared to New Zealand pies 🤦🏽‍♂️😂🤷🏽‍♂️
Dada Hap
Dada Hap Oy oldin
Get with me will @DadaHap
Kristin Trisha Deetlefs
Such quality content. Your energy evokes such resonance 💚
Temi Amon
Temi Amon Oy oldin
will smith is tryphobia!
Keith Ng
Keith Ng Oy oldin
Love you Will Smith, from a great fan in Melbourne, Australia, you are the greatest 😊🙌👍
Mary-Anne Slaven
Yay! Drone found. I am loving AA as Will's sidekick, the personalities of people are growing on me. HUGS from Australia.
Cocoa40 RN
Cocoa40 RN Oy oldin
All of this makes me want to smile!
Niccole N.
Niccole N. Oy oldin
Emily Hanley
Emily Hanley Oy oldin
But like, how do I get a gig where Will Smith is my boss....?
Sarah Obah
Sarah Obah Oy oldin
Me: why is there a giant bowl of sauce instead of the little squeeze pqcks.? Me watching Will Smith eating pie: there is a GIANT bowl of nice cool sauce right there!
King dons channel
Frog Duck
Frog Duck Oy oldin
So basically this is how you eat a pie Step 1 take it out of the package. Step 2 get the tomato sauce. Step 3 put the tomato sauce in the top middle part of pie. Step 4 eat.
Adam Mcleish
Adam Mcleish Oy oldin
Fresh prince of bell air
Vapid Tryhxrd
Vapid Tryhxrd Oy oldin
New Zealand pies are better
ahicks Hicks
ahicks Hicks Oy oldin
I love the Smiths!
Flower GK
Flower GK Oy oldin
oh my gosh the meat bite bite is hilarious Will .... LOL bwahahahahhaha love ya will
Jasimen Metcalf
Lol this was hilarious
Robert Jansen
Robert Jansen Oy oldin
So when are you going to be on Hot Ones?
Catie Koelmeyer
love will but the way he says melbourne is annoying 😂😂
Javiera M
Javiera M Oy oldin
The opening scene is the best. Aron and you friendship is the best thing. Thanks for sharing the art.
JoeTheStreetz Oy oldin
The coolest man alive Fresh Prince
EDAI Oy oldin
Kathy Roberson
Kathy Roberson 2 oy oldin
Real cool will smith, cool art love it the colors of the world.
Erica Riley
Erica Riley 2 oy oldin
Ha, I've watched this video about 4 times. Too funny.
Deema Zoloto
Deema Zoloto 2 oy oldin
u real, papa, play with Oprah, lets doo Martin Luther King live, perfom online, seek new talents!!###
Deema Zoloto
Deema Zoloto 2 oy oldin
Cassie Vee
Cassie Vee 2 oy oldin
That's actually how you eat a pie
caveman Versace
caveman Versace 2 oy oldin
Will your great but 4 and 20 are the most horrible tasting pies in the country. It amazes me how they are able to create a meat product with no flavour and just fat.
The Gamingsquirrel
And your ment to eat the meat and then the pastry
The Gamingsquirrel
Bro I live in Australia
NewZealand pies are better by the way
Andrea Akl
Andrea Akl 2 oy oldin
The why he says Melbourne, *Mel burn* I am dying
Joe Evans
Joe Evans Oy oldin
Aussie pies suck the best pies come from new zealand, they dont even sell pies in there bakerys 😒 which suck cause i had to walk around for 5 hours tryna look for somewhere that sells pies compared to NZ where there's a bakery that sells pies in every suburb. when i did find one, it wasn't even that great. Just saying
HARD BROTHER i can even get a harty mince pie at my school canteen
Carlo Angelo Pablo
Yo Will. Power of positive thinking right there...bending the universe to get what you like it's legit1 :) I laughed when you said you are NEO. I recalled something that you supposed to take that role XD XD XD XD
pepper2332 2 oy oldin
Big Deal! Man up and go do HOT ONES on First We Feast!!
Porter R.
Porter R. 2 oy oldin
Hey man I just wanna say I really enjoy your message of positivity and that it's rightfully contagious. Carry on Will.
If ever come to Chile, give a call :)
Teura Ratai
Teura Ratai 2 oy oldin
90's Baby
90's Baby 2 oy oldin
Australian Curry Pies honestly are way betterrr!
xspinzx _69
xspinzx _69 2 oy oldin
Where the Aussies at! 🇦🇺
TEEWEI K.TEUTEARI 11 kun oldin
Nah cuzzie nz all the way
Claudia Laphos
xspinzx _69 ayyyy
Nina B Sewing
Nina B Sewing 2 oy oldin
DUDE!! when we went to Iceland in May 2018- a cohort lost a wallet -- with EVERYTHING in it.. after looking over 2 beaches... gas stations .. we got on facebook.. and we had a message--- DUDE had the wallet-- agreed to leave it at the next gas station- or we'd be 6 hrs out the way where he was headed -- they left it at a station-- 2 hrs later We had it with Everything in it.. & #Nntlovesiceland #Icealand - Will Im headed back in Nov 2020 -- I wanna have tea with you #skea #skeathevikingtherapycat #ninasnostalgictable on instagram
Nick Blackmen
Nick Blackmen 2 oy oldin
Mann.. That last statement you said really just made me feel like the way you feel when you said what you said ...i love you for that i will watch you finish enjoying your life...
Yoced Decoy
Yoced Decoy 2 oy oldin
6:15 I immediately clicked close. I'm on my computer wtf
FGE_Rogue 2 oy oldin
Melborn or melbourn?
Univerz 2 oy oldin
Oh you did come to Melbourne Will. So glad you liked it. Its voted the worlds most liveable city. God love yah Will you are so connected to your fans.
James Toop
James Toop 3 oy oldin
bill smith
Jesse Wilson
Jesse Wilson 3 oy oldin
Meat pies are dangerous AF Aussie delicacy 😂😂😂
عبد الرزاق حميسي
From algeria Will
Hussein Nathwani
Hussein Nathwani 3 oy oldin
"This is a story all about how my face got burnt pie upside down"
Silent Gaming
Silent Gaming 3 oy oldin
Who here actually lives in Melbourne?
SpironpoolMA 3 oy oldin
If you lked the art there, try Brasil. Saludos over here from Puerto Rico Will
Carl Justice
Carl Justice 3 oy oldin
Yo Will I got to try one of those..Check Tanika Divine food show..Thanks💝😁
Kennie Ke
Kennie Ke 3 oy oldin
He madd silly! It's good to have that energy in the home, atmosphere, environment.
Keeleigh Carson
Keeleigh Carson 3 oy oldin
Come to New Zealand, we have the best pies!!
Marco Nobrega
Marco Nobrega 3 oy oldin
Welcome to Australia
David B
David B 3 oy oldin
Amazing artists and energy in Melbourne! Great content Will Smith 👍😁
Noor Ali
Noor Ali 3 oy oldin
Woooooow amazing😍😍
Sandra Mollett
Sandra Mollett 3 oy oldin
Will, check out "man + river" videos. Fun.
YA 3 oy oldin
Well Can you put Arabic translation in your video
Kriositivity 3 oy oldin
I like how Canada is a little bit American, a lil Australian, a lil UK, a lil France and a lil Northern Russia. It's mambo no 6
Kriositivity 3 oy oldin
maybe a lil Japan too and Italian
Virginia Reyes
Virginia Reyes 3 oy oldin
A Girl Has No Name
When the low battery notice came up I plugged in my charger but remembered my phone is already charged. I went back ten seconds to check if it was theirs😏
Tamika Montgomery
I'd love to enjoy the freedom that money provides.
MeToo84 3 oy oldin
Melbourne looks like Venice Beach.
Marlee December
Marlee December 3 oy oldin
This was absolutely amazing. I follow JamieandNikki on UZvid.......they live in Melbourne...so I’ve seen a lot of the city through their videos/eyes. But to see it from your perspective and to see some of the same art Jamie has admired, was just beautiful. Beautifully fulfilling.
Marlee December
Marlee December 3 oy oldin
Ooooooh, and I totally understand your excitement about bending the universe, bringing things to fruition, manifesting......it happens to me a lot. I was looking at an item on Amazon this pastThursday, I left it in my cart so that I could tend to my disabled father whom I care for full-time. As I proceeded through the day caring for dad (forgetting I’d left the item in my cart) my daughter returned home from work around 6pm. She reaches in her work bag and says “here mommy, I got something for you. Thought you might like this.” It was the VERY item that I wanted....down to the design, the original box, everything. I screamed! Then laughed with excitement because once again IT had happened.
JOhnny Mazoni
JOhnny Mazoni 3 oy oldin
sup brother u are the best..what kind of a music have you been listening?
Jihad Lateef
Jihad Lateef 3 oy oldin
Melbourne is Awesome 👏 I love ❤️ your vlog on this.. Thank you 🙏🏼 Will Smith for sharing this with us.. God Bless you my brother.. Peace ✌🏾
beau gartti
beau gartti 3 oy oldin
Have to go to New Zealand if you want the best pie
RenoBamBeno 3 oy oldin
Just cause will Smith told me to smell it I will...
A Special Time
9 oy oldin