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‘Avengers: Endgame’ cast members Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige open up about their journey as the original 6 Avengers, Stan Lee and much more.
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'Avengers: Endgame' Cast Full Roundtable Interview On Stan Lee & More | Entertainment Weekly




10-Apr, 2019



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Entertainment Weekly
The end is near. We assembled 6 covers with the founding Avengers! Check them out with Anthony Breznican's full cover story: bit.ly/EWAvengersEndgame
Will Canales
Will Canales 2 kun oldin
So great since no captain marvel on here. Thank goodness
Love In life
Love In life 3 kun oldin
Please translate in hindi
soyzangetsu 4 kun oldin
why Hemsworth was not interviewed that much? I fetl that was rude during the big first part of the interview!
Christopher de las Alas
Scarlett is so humble, sweet, yet really strong. Can't imagine anyone else playing Black Widow.
TheGuy 38 daqiqa oldin
Love how carefree, happy and laid back they are when Brie "SJW" Larson isn't there...
jesse rentas
jesse rentas 41 daqiqa oldin
I'm passing out as soon as endgame starts
Savleen 44 daqiqa oldin
Imagine this interview with brie
LendinArcomond 45 daqiqa oldin
Such a positive atmosphere without Brie Larson 🤗
DOI LEE 58 daqiqa oldin
Sweet...a Brie free interview :)
pantokrator1988 Soat oldin
i see no brietard i press like
spooky electric
spooky electric Soat oldin
Robert's Stan impersonation is spot on! Wow. This was a great roundtable, but it made me a little sad since it sounds like this is the end. I know Cap's hanging up his shield, but it feels like this is the end for more than just him.
Visual Adventures
Visual Adventures 2 soat oldin
So glad they kept Bree lawson out of this interview. Scarjo should have been the first female lead movie. That captain marvel turd maker could never come close to Scarlett Jo's acting chopps !
Rob. brown
Rob. brown 2 soat oldin
Truly amazing. I wish to have such a close knit bunch of friends one day, like a proper family
Daniel Vargo
Daniel Vargo 2 soat oldin
If she does a blackwidow movie she should have her be a gymnast instead of a dancer! BECAUSE Scarlett does tons of gymnastics moves that are AWESOME!😉❤😊
Honest Intellect
Honest Intellect 2 soat oldin
the marvel is a gift to humanity .
Mikey Acuba
Mikey Acuba 2 soat oldin
Whoop great interview with somebody missing!!!!!! Nice get that booty double in there I'm sure they like here better
Zebrion 2 soat oldin
The biggest heroes of the MCU are the casting directors. After seeing them in action, I can't imagine other people playing these characters. Name someone who would make a better Tony Stark. I'll wait.
Cursed Crusader95
Cursed Crusader95 3 soat oldin
Look how much happier they are without Brie Larson.
Joe Tenuta
Joe Tenuta 3 soat oldin
I grew up with all 22 marvel movies, and let me tell you in 30 years i will my kids that these heroes transcended my generation, i will be able to tell them that marvel changed the way we watch film today.
Damon Hatcher
Damon Hatcher 3 soat oldin
Thank goodness no Brei
Barry Parsons
Barry Parsons 3 soat oldin
Where the hell do i get the hat that Kevin is wearing??? anyone??
Lt Dan
Lt Dan 3 soat oldin
Im going to miss every one of them except Mark Ruffalo
Eddie Santiesteban
Eddie Santiesteban 3 soat oldin
Watching this makes me want to cry, I love them so much. Probably going to cry myself to sleep at the theater in a few days
Veronica Romo
Veronica Romo 3 soat oldin
Wait... But I want to hear about Romeeeee!
Cheezemo 4 soat oldin
Love Renners face when the interviewer brings up the lack of female super hero's... seriously bringing up this Brie shit! at 8:38 lol
Nenad Podjebavić
Nenad Podjebavić 4 soat oldin
no chesee yeeeeeeee
jason schifo
jason schifo 4 soat oldin
Seriously, they all look dead tired...was this done first thing in the morning?
Mark Oliver Mitra
Mark Oliver Mitra 4 soat oldin
kudos! no Brie Larson! Let go of Brie Larson MCU!!!
Julian Lalmalsawma
Julian Lalmalsawma 4 soat oldin
Funny thing is in real life they're far off better and happier without Captain Marvel
Sohom Banerjee
Sohom Banerjee 4 soat oldin
at 6:22 Scarlett Johansson said what someone of my age especially feels. I was 11 when it all started, now I am 22. I literally grew up with all of them!
Nia Arora
Nia Arora 4 soat oldin
Love how at 4:30 Robert kinda comforts Chris when chris is talking. Evans is one of the most beautiful man.
Big Woo
Big Woo 4 soat oldin
Chris "Tapestry" Evans lol
Emma Eades
Emma Eades 4 soat oldin
I love how Robert's shirt is a perfect cross between Chris and Scarlett's 😂
Leslie Cortez
Leslie Cortez 4 soat oldin
It kills me that Robert Downey Jr is getting old.
Glenn Bankson
Glenn Bankson 5 soat oldin
Thanks for not putting Brie Larson.
Miss Nivi's Lifestyle
Stan lee❤️
Glenn Bankson
Glenn Bankson 5 soat oldin
Not going to see the movie in theaters due to the fact that Brie larson will be in the movie. I refuse to go see movies that has racist and assholes in them.
Livy R
Livy R 5 soat oldin
dang, they all seem so relax and chilled out, and like they;re actually really happy to just be there sat with their friends, y’know, during the interview. Really nice interview!
zklughers 5 soat oldin
I love it when the praise is given to Kevin he takes it for a millisecond and then gives mention to the true people who created this successful franchise.
jj Sen
jj Sen 6 soat oldin
BCuda Buddha
BCuda Buddha 6 soat oldin
Extremely happy that Punt Brie Larson isn't on here. Hate that %##&%
Sammhain65 6 soat oldin
probably been brought up many many time's but I love that Feige has 22 films worth of Baseball Caps Don't even know why it's just really cool
ria fojas
ria fojas 6 soat oldin
I was waiting for the shawarma. I guess it’s out of stock. 😉
Tehleel Nazir
Tehleel Nazir 7 soat oldin
Man. Why is this so emotional?!
Sharmaine Narciso
Sharmaine Narciso 7 soat oldin
Literally crying every minute of this vid 😍😭❤️😍 my avenger heart ♥️💗
epicDoC 7 soat oldin
Notice how they all got along without a certain cheese larson
Grosen 7 soat oldin
How did they even let Ruffalo in on this one? Thought they had banned him from doing press cause he spoiled too much? lol
hteekay 7 soat oldin
I'm just glad Blarson isn't there to suck the soul out of the party
Tyler Pfaffenbach
Tyler Pfaffenbach 8 soat oldin
Where's Brolin?!
Nenharm 8 soat oldin
Man they are so happy without Captain Marvel there.
Bruno Lucas
Bruno Lucas 8 soat oldin
The difference in the atmosphere on interviews with and without Brie Larson is jarring. My god was she a miscast.
TrusT InK
TrusT InK 8 soat oldin
Best part of this interview: NO BRIE LARSON lol
Emanuele Pesoli
Emanuele Pesoli 8 soat oldin
I don’t know what will happen tomorrow evening when I’ll see the movie but whatever will happen I just want to thank every single one of you for your amazing work. The first ever MCU movie I watched was The Avengers (2012), after seeing that I had no choice but to watch all the movies that came out before and after that one. I’ve grown with you guys, I’ll never forget you.
Adam Willis
Adam Willis 9 soat oldin
Love how they excluded captain marvel hahaha brilliant
Travis Russill
Travis Russill 9 soat oldin
When they talk about female superheroes look how quick Scarlett compliments Joss ( a Male) for bringing female superhero to screen. If Brie was there she would've said something 👏something👏something toxic.
Peak Head
Peak Head 9 soat oldin
Nice, no brie larson.
Florangela Duque
Florangela Duque 9 soat oldin
Is there a reason behind Black Widow's hair color change(red to blonde)? As in is it maybe mentioned in the comics or something? Or is it just a random thing (like maybe she was doing another movie with blonde hair?)
Elxer 9 soat oldin
They didnt bring Brie larson... 😂 thank god 😅
Christopher Belardo
Christopher Belardo 9 soat oldin
No joking around, is Chris Evans sick? He looks very pale. And yes I'm aware he's white.
Mama Goat
Mama Goat 10 soat oldin
Thank you veryyyyyy much
Doug Moore
Doug Moore 10 soat oldin
Heroes know to stay off politics (that means you Ruffalo)
James Lu
James Lu 10 soat oldin
brie larson wasnt invited
Tsvetelina Krasteva
Tsvetelina Krasteva 10 soat oldin
What about Ripley? Lara Croft? I mean there were female superheroes like no shade because Scarlet Johansson handled the question in a perfect way but still there were female leads before that too!
Atalay Dedemen
Atalay Dedemen 10 soat oldin
thank you for gathering the "real" Avengers.
Justice Cruz
Justice Cruz 10 soat oldin
21:35 was the PERFECT TIME for someone to say 'LANGUAGE!!' xD
Avocado_ V
Avocado_ V 10 soat oldin
I just noticed they're all american except Chris Hemsworth😂😂
Weareight 11 soat oldin
7:46 I start to cry.
J Yong
J Yong 11 soat oldin
So glad they didn't invited Brie Larson to this interview. There is just a weird vibe from the actors when she is included. This was a very fun a relax interview.
euroovca25 11 soat oldin
scarlet in flawless... my god is she gorgeous... and a real badass!!! movie hero, i cant wait for her stand alone movie !!!! BRING IT ALREADY!!
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts 11 soat oldin
Chris Evans was the only interesting person in this interview.
Akshina Liyanage
Akshina Liyanage 11 soat oldin
It’s always nice to see the original avengers together in an interview!
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts 11 soat oldin
it would've helped had the interviewer mechanized or had better questions.
Sherri Asenova
Sherri Asenova 12 soat oldin
Yeah avengers is about the battle of good vs evil, but also about how difficult sometimes it is to distinguish between the two, and how sometime in the strive for justice you cross over to the evil side, and you oppose your friends for what you believe is good. That is why marvel universe is so amazing. The good guys are likeable, the bad guys are likeable and relateable. Ahh just cannot wait for the movie.
allyiah simon
allyiah simon 12 soat oldin
Does chris evans ever just look into the mirror and marvel at his everything wow
Miles Kun
Miles Kun 13 soat oldin
What I Expect From This Video: Its Gonna Begin And Its Gonna end...
PHXNTXM 13 soat oldin
2012 - Freshman Year: The Avengers sitting at a table eating shawarma together at lunchtime 2019 - Senior Year: The Avengers posing at a table for their senior pictures for Entertainment Weekly It really puts a tear to your eye when you think about it. They all grew up so fast! 😭
Thomas 14 soat oldin
The White Avengers should have been the title. SMFH!
our favourite singer
our favourite singer 14 soat oldin
The amount of white at this table 😱
Dan Rico
Dan Rico 14 soat oldin
Why do I feel so emotional watching this. Bruuhhh
Martin Brewster
Martin Brewster 14 soat oldin
Great Interview
Hama Amori
Hama Amori 14 soat oldin
oh look.. without Captain Marvel... They seem to have fun on interviews...
Xander X
Xander X 15 soat oldin
Damn that would be insane to interview all of them..... I would pee
Jungle Theme
Jungle Theme 15 soat oldin
lol old mates reaction to the female super hero question is like the whole fucking point hahahha.
Samira •
Samira • 16 soat oldin
- taehyung
- taehyung 17 soat oldin
“The movie will begin, and then it will end” - Jeremy Renner, an intellectual, 2019
jamdragon007 17 soat oldin
como me baitean con los subtitulos
Mike Garrens
Mike Garrens 17 soat oldin
The original 6
Karl Carlysle
Karl Carlysle 17 soat oldin
This is the Original MCU team. They will literally be the guys that made Marvel movies works after years of TV hiccups. Take a bow guys and lady. God Bless you folks for side cerely great acting bringing these characters to the screen. Yee hee!
Dickheads Rebuked
Dickheads Rebuked 17 soat oldin
lol screw Star Wars at this point.
David B
David B 18 soat oldin
I wish there would have been a time where Disney made their F4 and Chris Evans as Cap looked at whoever played the human torch and made a witty remark like “I’ve seen it done better” or something
Jaz D
Jaz D 18 soat oldin
Captain America definitely Dies in Endgame.
StickGaming123 18 soat oldin
This can be a podcast and I would watch it
Dope Chicken
Dope Chicken 19 soat oldin
They all look happy, oh yeah because there's no Brie Larson around
Mister Gildory Twinkle-Sparks
We should get a Hawkeye movie.
Mister Gildory Twinkle-Sparks
Chris Evans is so quiet, it's hard not to think that he'll be the one to bite the dust in endgame.
LadyDyana 19 soat oldin
Mark is super careful with each words. And chris was prepare to stop him when he spoilt anything. Lol
Zara Enea
Zara Enea 19 soat oldin
rdj is BIG aries energy
invest smart
invest smart 19 soat oldin
Yes no brie Larson
Zeemas 19 soat oldin
Wow, an interview segment without Brie. Great, now I can watch in peace.
Notaforumguy007 19 soat oldin
I feel like mark's literally envisioning the story of endgame and trying to describe it being a vague as possible to avoid getting in trouble cause you know to some people spilling the details is an itch that needs to be scratched and right now hes got a cone around his neck preventing him from scratching but hes trying his damnedest to scratch it. Everyone's literally trying to catch on to his train of thought in hopes they'll stop him before its too late, hell chris looked like he was ready to take him out casually putting his hand on the chair.
MrJellyton 20 soat oldin
i can't stop smiling watching this whole interview. absolutely unreal.
idris aleeyu
idris aleeyu 20 soat oldin
Where is scarlet witch 😭😭😭😭
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