Avengers Infinity War Cast Is Hilarious (Making Fun Of Benedict's First Name)

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Avengers Infinity War Cast Is Hilarious, They Will Crack You Up Funny Moments 2018 Try Not To Laugh Bloopers Tom Holland Mark Ruffalo Chris Pratt Benedict Cumberbatch
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14-Avg, 2018

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joshua cruz
joshua cruz 37 daqiqa oldin
Don cheadle is a very stupid name lol
Lena Kars
Lena Kars Kun oldin
He’s name is Benedict!
Daniel Archer
Daniel Archer Kun oldin
With one flipping of the bird, the universe is mine to control
Wolfie.11 2 kun oldin
Interviewer: “Which MCU character’s name would make the worst baby name?” Me: "Killmonger" Josh Brolin: "Don Cheadle" Me: ... Me: "HOW DARE"
#Kiara818 Is Fab
#Kiara818 Is Fab 3 kun oldin
"He just bit my glove" dunno why but that cracked me up 🤣😂
Qui_Gon12 Gaming
Qui_Gon12 Gaming 3 kun oldin
He just bit my glove- Cumberbatch
Christian cabemb
Christian cabemb 3 kun oldin
shuri is getting wet over evans
Queenfastfeet Plays
We save the world We are Avengers We'll probably be doing these movies 'Till we have dentures! Yeah we're hoping! To escape without a scratch! We must protect the pretty face! Of Cumberbatch!
Chan_ Draws
Chan_ Draws 4 kun oldin
They have a group chat
Gesjht o
Gesjht o 4 kun oldin
Is anyone else annoyed by the editing in this video? Him replaying the same joke again is more annoying than everyone's annoying friend that repeats every to you despite you just hearing it. Please make it stop!
Tony Licup
Tony Licup 4 kun oldin
Is that the soul stone? Oh! it's the Rosetta Stone. Hahahahaha
Anthony Peterson
Anthony Peterson 5 kun oldin
Avengers Infinity War Cast is Mildly Amusing.
Samuel Wittenberg
Samuel Wittenberg 5 kun oldin
In love with how much Chris Pratt is totally in love with Chris Hemsworth lmao
Emma Narine
Emma Narine 5 kun oldin
2:02 *_TASERFACE_*
Marsis Cool
Marsis Cool 5 kun oldin
Marry Hemsworth,kiss Evans and avoid Pratt! If Asgard wasn't destroyed I would go there.
BrushFD 6 kun oldin
Let’s see shirk try to build an iron man suit in a cave
Joy Okwuonu
Joy Okwuonu 6 kun oldin
Omg why is the Olsen girl so bitter about groot and rocket....like u just sound silly and shoot red shit from your hands, you're just as important as heimdall....and he was better!
Peter A
Peter A 6 kun oldin
Arkatoreus 6 kun oldin
Would be much better without the rewinds.
MiTo 6 kun oldin
where is bradley cooper ??
Kim Jazmin Babasa
Kim Jazmin Babasa 7 kun oldin
were together forevaah
Thatz 7 kun oldin
Names for Rocket Raccoon: Starlord: Trash Panda (even though it was used just as an insult) Thor: Rabbit Scarlet Witch: Squirrel :D
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar 8 kun oldin
I just realized everyone on that bus is dead.
Thatz 7 kun oldin
Ankit Kumar wait Thanos is still alive :D and warmachine
DreyZinho !!
DreyZinho !! 8 kun oldin
Música Brasileira no Final do Vídeo kkkkkk
Aprilhippie 9 kun oldin
Elizabeth.... HE’S A RACOON!!!!
nhil gallanosa
nhil gallanosa 9 kun oldin
I love this.. this vid made me laugh so hard... omg ... and I love the "we must protect the pretty face of Cumberbatch" coz I'm a huge fan of Bendryl, urrmm.. Benebro...urrrmmmm.. Benedict Cumberbatch!!!!
Corey Sheldon
Corey Sheldon 9 kun oldin
I ship Chris Prattsworth
andrew Lor
andrew Lor 10 kun oldin
Kate Reyes
Kate Reyes 10 kun oldin
At 9:36 in the video look at toms face
Zev Long
Zev Long 10 kun oldin
You repeat things a lottttt
Thiago Mestres
Thiago Mestres 10 kun oldin
Ah my favorite actor *Benedrill Cumberbatch*
Thorki Odinson
Thorki Odinson 11 kun oldin
TOAN WIT DA SHOT!! 11 kun oldin
Your from earth no, I’m from Missouri
TOAN WIT DA SHOT!! 11 kun oldin
U should make one on bumblebee fam. I see no bumblebee and Hailee and John. All I see is that lame ass film Aquaman
TOAN WIT DA SHOT!! 11 kun oldin
Look at the way Sebastian acts around Anthony and look at the way he acts around Hiddleston
dan Matasa
dan Matasa 12 kun oldin
He sent a Group Text out which just said “Assemble” lol 😂
Seracen 13 kun oldin
Wakanda or Asgard....Well, one's a technological utopia, the other is basically Valhalla (wine, women, and action all the time). Take your freaking pick, hahaha!
James Wood
James Wood 13 kun oldin
Falcon sùuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks
Nicholas Stulga
Nicholas Stulga 13 kun oldin
2:21 Tom sounds hilarious here
rsx123 13 kun oldin
lmfaoooo Captain America Chris Evans sent a group text to the avengers cast to go out for drinks by simply saying "assemble". That is the greatest thing I've ever fucking heard. That should be a meme on 9gag at least.
lalisa_manoban 48
lalisa_manoban 48 13 kun oldin
Shuri is the most relatable person ive seen in my life
Ayaan productions
Ayaan productions 13 kun oldin
Where is Thor
clevawoman 13 kun oldin
hemsworth, hemsworth, hemsworth. They are tripping lol
Dayton VXLLXR 14 kun oldin
Wheres chris evans in all of these interviews?
S Irvine
S Irvine 14 kun oldin
Anthony always puts Tom down ahahahha
Tianna Hope
Tianna Hope 14 kun oldin
I love Chris Evans, Captain America is my favourite avenger but I HATE his beard it needs to go!!!!
Anushree Dutta
Anushree Dutta 14 kun oldin
Doctor strange and spider man there so good together
Escapehack 14 kun oldin
"Já viu rico namora pobre?" 13:08 🇧🇷
Abdullah Naeem
Abdullah Naeem 14 kun oldin
Tony made his first suit in a cave with next to no resources and people say Shuri's the better inventor
Frost .j
Frost .j 14 kun oldin
Search the funniest Australian actors every single one I saw had the cover of Chris Hemsworth
Neyney Gaming
Neyney Gaming 15 kun oldin
Benididct filled with sadness* : he just bit my glove
The Rogue Sparrow
The Rogue Sparrow 15 kun oldin
Sarah Gunderson
Sarah Gunderson 15 kun oldin
0:38 “oooooooooooooooo”
Nereida Sotelo
Nereida Sotelo 15 kun oldin
Cassidy Hogan
Cassidy Hogan 15 kun oldin
what’s the song at the end???
Willis Vlogs
Willis Vlogs 16 kun oldin
Start pronouncing the Chrises with the first letter of their last name at the end Chrisp Chrise Chrish
C-lite 16 kun oldin
Where's Nick Fury?!
Karla Animates
Karla Animates 17 kun oldin
"We save the world....we are avengers....we'll probably be doing these movies 'til we have dentures...yeah we're hoping to escape without a scratch......we must protect the pretty face......of cumberbatch!" *benedict cumberbatch does a honored face* Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂aahahhahahahhaahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhaahhahah(i'm serious.....I didn't stop laughing)
Emily Jackson
Emily Jackson 17 kun oldin
The one where Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth were doing an interview was uncomfortable in a good way
Christy Russo
Christy Russo 17 kun oldin
It must be so fun to work with these people
Hana Noor Azam
Hana Noor Azam 18 kun oldin
What was sang at 5:12?
Roxana Williams
Roxana Williams 12 kun oldin
Secret lovers
Clara Oliveira
Clara Oliveira 18 kun oldin
“It’s a great time to be.. Chris” I died
kat gacha
kat gacha 18 kun oldin
When they had the gantlet I really wanted them to snap
Michelle Dobson
Michelle Dobson 18 kun oldin
Loki getting back at Thanos by not needing a toilet stop. Payback's a b*tch.
B And E Gaming
B And E Gaming 19 kun oldin
Lol The thing about this film😂😂😂 5:00
Nathan Foster
Nathan Foster 20 kun oldin
Is it just me, or does sebastian stan look like Joey tribbiani from freinds.
tiffany marie
tiffany marie 20 kun oldin
elizabeth olson has never watched any of these movies lol
Alphaphoxx 2969
Alphaphoxx 2969 21 kun oldin
7:34 When they're talking about the soul stone, and Seb let's out that nervous laugh, my heart just melted.
Arius Phoenix
Arius Phoenix 21 kun oldin
12:59 I’m killing this glove! 😂😂😂 He had me dying when he was fucking either and talking with the glove on 😂
Karol B
Karol B 21 kun oldin
9:39 and 10:19 is probably the only moment, when someone showed me the middle finger and I'm not mad at this ;)
tommy telgenhoff
tommy telgenhoff 22 kun oldin
killmonger is the worst name for a child ever
Navya Chauhan
Navya Chauhan 23 kun oldin
Sebastian Stan being excited for Boom Boom Woosh at 6.26 is the reason for our existance.
Rowan Bradford
Rowan Bradford 25 kun oldin
1:42 You will not make Spiderman Homecoming better you are not as cool.
Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider 26 kun oldin
“Benedril Cumberbatch” 😂
fruitoson 26 kun oldin
i like bernard
Alais Penzleton
Alais Penzleton 27 kun oldin
Sebastian is really handsome
kate ruest
kate ruest 28 kun oldin
CrazedSuspicion 28 kun oldin
When James Corden told Josh that he needed to be in 3 or more Marvel movies to use the bathroom 😂
Monsterkillinggamer 28 kun oldin
This video would be very much better without the black/white cutback of the exact same clip played 1 second ago used several times
Daniel gh
Daniel gh 29 kun oldin
3:39 i just imagine hulk hogan doing falcon and say "am gonna fly brother"
Citra Iswara
Citra Iswara 29 kun oldin
Oww they really have a group text? That's awesome, we should make a spin off based on that lol
Trop Ix
Trop Ix Oy oldin
I can’t wait to see Benedryl’s second Doctor Strange movie. It will be great.
Aphrodite OnEarth
I'd live on my knees for MmmmmMmm'Baku
Emilia Ceniceros
Anybody know the outro?
Peter Quill
Peter Quill Oy oldin
I would create so much crazy crap with that gauntlet 😏
Farah Boowian
Farah Boowian Oy oldin
The best thing in your channel that in the first video friends song and you post about marvel, my fav tv show and my fav studio
anubhav rout
anubhav rout Oy oldin
Man Anthony is awesome
Decriminalize Darwinism
James Corden is garbage like what the hell is this who watches this s*** hot garbage.
Faizan Max
Faizan Max Oy oldin
seannyboooy Oy oldin
When Anthony was like “i wasn’t in black panther!!” Lol
Oğuz Barış GÖRGÜLÜ
Salute for the most loveliest creature of the world Bernardo Cucumberneck!
I was crying from laughter when Liz kept calling Rocket a squirrel!
Lam Lo
Lam Lo Oy oldin
:Which *character* name would be the worst for a baby? Josh Brolin: DON CHEADLE.
Jadyn Lee
Jadyn Lee Oy oldin
the tree and the squirrel HHhHHhHHHHH
Ok Kitty Rabbit
OMG, no! The whole repeat crap. Just like those Korean talk shows do. Annoying.
Nitanshu Tiwary
My life goal is to sit in between Tom hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth... And then peacfully depart to hell... 😏😏HOW FASCINATING THAT WOULD BE....
Ashby Symms
Ashby Symms Oy oldin
Kiss: Hemsworth Marry: Evans Avoid: Pratt
Elle Dion
Elle Dion Oy oldin
What is this disrespect? You don't make fun of Benadryl Cucumberpatch's name And oml Lizzie said squirrel twice 😂
crackdchosen1 Oy oldin
“How’d I end up in Wakanda?”
Ramona Oy oldin