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Sv murv
Sv murv Soat oldin
0:46 Dora refference
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers 10 soat oldin
Ok first of all they were being Soo supportive I mean even tho he didn't know the dance or messed them but he did a great job u can hear them say go Andy u got it they were being Soo supportive Soo cute!!!!! And near the end of the video when they were cheering Andy lol it was so adorable lol
Ashley Hernandez
Andy did so well ! 😂
Curlyhead_ Zharii
Andy is soooo funny 😂. He’s the best
Curlyhead_ Zharii
Omg you can tell Ellen truly loves Andy 😌
Balaji Sahu
Balaji Sahu 2 kun oldin
I think I saw Brent rivera's crush dancing
Anna Lucky
Anna Lucky 3 kun oldin
I was there that game it was awsome
Natalie M
Natalie M 4 kun oldin
This is my emotional support daughter lol I’m dying
Victoria Pina
Victoria Pina 7 kun oldin
I added this to my “Feeling Sad??” Playlist just to make me fell good about my self and to remind me that there are people like this in the world 😂 😂 💀
Gacha crazy !
Gacha crazy ! 7 kun oldin
When they started dancing he just LOST IT 😂And he was in his own world
Karla Hurtado
Karla Hurtado 8 kun oldin
Andy is funny 😂😂
Linutee 23
Linutee 23 8 kun oldin
He's so cute 💖💖💖 omg I'm crying 😂😂😂
ICloudydust 9 kun oldin
This is HILARIOUS! Andy is the best!!!
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box 9 kun oldin
My firend made me join the cheer team at my school and that's is exactly how I was during my first half time
Bush baby Studios
Bush baby Studios 10 kun oldin
Can Andy do Allstar cheer next?
Leah Ginsburg
Leah Ginsburg 10 kun oldin
sophia maria
sophia maria 11 kun oldin
“my emotional support daughter ” 😂😂😂
Naimo Ahmed
Naimo Ahmed 11 kun oldin
bad dab
bad dab 11 kun oldin
It hurts my eyes to see andy dance like me 😂😂
๔єlคภєy 12 kun oldin
Imagine if they tried stunting or tumbling with him 😂
Katie Productions
Katie Productions 12 kun oldin
I bet Andy was like looking at the girls thinking the fact they even try
net surfer65
net surfer65 12 kun oldin
Andy do lost some weight for these years due to all those years
It'sChloe Here
It'sChloe Here 13 kun oldin
If that was me I would have messed up and embarrassed myself
Adriann Acup
Adriann Acup 13 kun oldin
I miss having the Rams in St. Louis 😭😭😭 we have no football team now...
Loraine Umurwaneza
Loraine Umurwaneza 14 kun oldin
Please make more
Allison Panzica
Allison Panzica 14 kun oldin
I'd love to partner with Andy so it can be Average Andy and Ally. I have a very contrasting personality to Andy so it would be hilarious
mary lancour
mary lancour 14 kun oldin
There playing against the packers that's my hometown team
Faith Alarcon-Calden
Vivian Le
Vivian Le 16 kun oldin
Average Andy with the USA volleyball team 😂
holsteinchick 16 kun oldin
taylor jeernigan
taylor jeernigan 16 kun oldin
this is hilarious 🤣
Stephanie Hawley
Stephanie Hawley 17 kun oldin
I feel bad for Andy,but it's SO SO SO funny
rosetta Christopher
rosetta Christopher 18 kun oldin
Am I the only person who has a playlist just for Andy😂😂?
Val3rie _1627
Val3rie _1627 18 kun oldin
Who noticed that MylifeisAva was there
Aquadog Gaming
Aquadog Gaming 19 kun oldin
Was it just me or did he looked he really tried???
Younita 20 kun oldin
You should make Andy wear that woman suit
Markus Odland
Markus Odland 21 kun oldin
Bethany Webber
Bethany Webber 22 kun oldin
Wow I'm really impressed by now average Andy did!😂
•City_Stone• 22 kun oldin
*RAMS C H E E R L E A D E R S* ●w●
Sarai Isaza
Sarai Isaza 23 kun oldin
I know the feeling Andy, I am not a person who likes dancing, I appreciate it but that's it, when my cousin ask me to be part of her dance crew for her birthday party, I was feeling so nervous but at the same time excited to get out of my comfort zone, and let's just say I did a pretty average job! Hahaha. Glad you are testing your limits, well that Ellen is testing your limits, is never to late to learn something new.
iram hasnat
iram hasnat 23 kun oldin
he is not average he is awesome,andy.
Angie MontoyaCuri
Angie MontoyaCuri 24 kun oldin
Andy is me
CocoPets AR
CocoPets AR 24 kun oldin
wow he is so brave to go up with all those people watching
xRosetta Yellowx
xRosetta Yellowx 29 kun oldin
You know what ellen gives andy... Not encouragement
_dyinginside_ Oy oldin
"you can see... stuff" i'm wheezing help me
Julia Sanchez
Julia Sanchez Oy oldin
At 1:01 when the girl goes a beat early lol
rasheka carter
andy you did great lol
Conny V
Conny V Oy oldin
He is so lovable in all his exquisit dorkyness. What I am waiting for is a 4 am workout session with Andy and Mark Wahlberg though. 😂
Lora Tana
Lora Tana Oy oldin
I'm sorry did you say average?
Serena Hounsell
Just me melanie
Cute andy
RicoLord1 Oy oldin
I bet Everywone laughed at that Football Game.
Kira Dugdell
Kira Dugdell Oy oldin
What if Ellen sent him to dance moms
Rosana Pozo
Rosana Pozo Oy oldin
Andy cooking with a professional chef!
Saurabh Sharma
At least he has the confidence of performing in front of thousands of people.
Jeo Games
Jeo Games Oy oldin
Andy with the diver was my favorite
SUPERGIRL The Second Last Kryptonian
Andy needs Chest Day!
i can feel through the screen your pipi
Vlog It: & Discuss it
The blonde cheerleaders are so pretty and stand out
Kallie Denney
Kallie Denney Oy oldin
Good job Andy
You should send Andy to the New York City ballet
samantha torres
I love the cheerleaders for being such cheer/dance girls and yelling the moves at him! Like that’s what it’s all about, pushing everyone to look good!
Martine Mathijs
Go Andy...go Andy....yeaaaaaaah....!
Reese Overton
Reese Overton Oy oldin
that was actully really good
Regina Phalange
I’ve been a cheerleader for months now and I still stand out exactly like Andy
Amalie Mirzad Kristoffersen
Isabel Oy oldin
he nailed it!
Earnest Simmerton
lol they were playing the packers, I’m from Wisco
David G.
David G. Oy oldin
If things keep going this way, in a few more years you guys are going to have to start making a segment for Alpha Andy.
Jacob Meyer
Jacob Meyer Oy oldin
He looks like Jared from subway
Ashley Matthews
If I was super rich I’d just hire cheerleaders to boost my self esteem 24/7 😂😂
DarkYuvGib Oy oldin
fucking king
Mari Style
Mari Style Oy oldin
I danced with that choreographer! He is so much fun
Chasse Oy oldin
Andy is literally one of my favorite people in America!
Kei Ran
Kei Ran Oy oldin
Okay this is off but the dude with the makeup that highlight is blinding
DanVlogs - Fun, Vlogs and Tips
If cheerleading was easy, it would be called football
daily fortnite
They are all thicc
Akío Aslan
Akío Aslan Oy oldin
Talented men
Vaibh K
Vaibh K Oy oldin
Omg he's so so so cuteeeee ❤❤❤❤
Unicorn Outsiders
WHOOO!!! GO ANDY!!!!!😃
Jasmine Lacanaria
Jenny Oy oldin
This has to be the best one yet!
Gillian Oy oldin
Best one yet. 😂
Brigette Matthews
Give this comment a like for Nacho to teach Andy how to play polo!!
B1N68 Oy oldin
andy is really funny
Jeanae Rowley
Jeanae Rowley Oy oldin
Andy is such a great sport 🙌🏻
Saydee Chavez
Saydee Chavez Oy oldin
Boo rams like if agree
Matt Tavenner
Matt Tavenner Oy oldin
😂😂😂😂😂😂 I nearly cried the whole time
Jessi Oy oldin
Yes boy I do cheer too SLAYYY
Matthew Levy
Matthew Levy Oy oldin
He looks about like Elon musk
Emily Louise Parker
We love Andy!!
Nathan Riess
Nathan Riess Oy oldin
Make sure nothing fills with blood while he dances with them.
2011whack Oy oldin
Love the ellen show but Andy comes across as a spoilt child. I'd say he talks down to people like he's better than them.. or so he believes anyway..its somethong ive noticed in the past .just an opinion
LDuncs87 2 oy oldin
He’s adorable
Juventine Asingei
Andy is actually getting in shape
PRAY40G_scythe 2 oy oldin
I went red watching this
Ogor2 ogorr
Ogor2 ogorr 2 oy oldin
So cute! Much love...
Reinebow 2 oy oldin
Andy should guest star at Kevin Hart’s What the Fit.
Kanon Ningthoujam
Andy is so so soo funny
anna cutis
anna cutis 2 oy oldin
Did no one else think on 2:11 she looks like mylifeasEva?
4 kun oldin