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Average Andy with the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders

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Ellen sent her Executive Producer Andy to the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum to train and perform with the Los Angeles Rams cheerleading squad! Watch as Average Andy dons the uniform and goes on the field during the Rams vs. Green Bay Packers game.
Find out how you can catch more NFL games by going to NFL.com/Ways-to-Watch.




7-Noy, 2018

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Shahbano Malik
Shahbano Malik 2 soat oldin
My most favorite Average Andy episode
Alexandra XD
Alexandra XD 3 soat oldin
My elementary cheer routine was 20 times more complicated than what those cheerleaders just did... But Andy u did amazing despite the basic routine u were given. You worked with what u got. Let's pray for Andy guys. 😪😪
Thomas Skodzinsky
Thomas Skodzinsky 3 soat oldin
Andy: "You know what Ellen never does?" Cheerleaders: "What?" Andy: "Give me this kind of encouragement."
Amelie Mews
Amelie Mews 4 soat oldin
*Andy dancing represents me in all my school festivals*
Beatrice Francois
Beatrice Francois 4 soat oldin
Yay ANDY !!!!
Varian 5 soat oldin
Ona Liegh
Ona Liegh 5 soat oldin
Andy practicing is me at Zumba
galaxydollies83 Studios
U danced in nyc tho
Pinky Lolly
Pinky Lolly 5 soat oldin
How adorable !!!!
kasey Reed
kasey Reed 6 soat oldin
Thank you Andy 🤗🙂☺😀 1st time & you did awesome
Xx21 FlawxX
Xx21 FlawxX 7 soat oldin
Andy every day is getting harassed by Ellen- everyone is more then average
Caroline Bortey
Caroline Bortey 7 soat oldin
I wish we got to see more of Average Andy 😁❤
Jazzie Wiliams
Jazzie Wiliams 7 soat oldin
They be doing Andy so wrong 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Liliana Martinez
Liliana Martinez 9 soat oldin
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai 10 soat oldin
U N K N O W N 11 soat oldin
I keep laughing when he dances BAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHXD
Rosalia Ivonne Moreno Sifuentes
Go Andy!, Go Andy!, Go Andy! 😘🆒😉👍
Rebecca Grooms
Rebecca Grooms 13 soat oldin
Aww look at him!! 😂 he's so happy and it's making me happy 😁
mak knight
mak knight 13 soat oldin
Rip STL Rams
alien 13 soat oldin
I looked so happy performing. I love it!!!
Pennywise LOL
Pennywise LOL 13 soat oldin
Andy is like the Joven of ellen😂
ItsmeeFaye 13 soat oldin
We love average andy ❤️😂
Pretika Sugrive
Pretika Sugrive 13 soat oldin
When he said "I haven't danced since my bar mitzvah" best thing ever😂😅
Dumuzid Heshpytai
Dumuzid Heshpytai 14 soat oldin
We love Andy😂😂😂🥳🥳🥳✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
Mayson's World
Mayson's World 14 soat oldin
I've watched all of the average Andy shows I have laughed a million times each
Travis Scotts Belt
Travis Scotts Belt 14 soat oldin
what I just watched is legendary
Anthony_of 14 soat oldin
Seeing this as a male cheerleader reminds me of my first days
Jen Boutros
Jen Boutros 14 soat oldin
aw he was so cute!!!!!
Bia Graczyk
Bia Graczyk 15 soat oldin
this series is my favorite thing on the internet.
Dali Alta
Dali Alta 15 soat oldin
andy is a whole mood.
nigel s
nigel s 15 soat oldin
Oh soccer game
McKinley West
McKinley West 16 soat oldin
Omg! Andy is my spirit animal 😂
Beautiful leaves
Beautiful leaves 17 soat oldin
Yah gotta love Andy
J Lee
J Lee 17 soat oldin
Great job Andy!
Hydroxyn 17 soat oldin
Andy Is The First Cheerleader I Think In 2:03 There's Another Man
Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson 19 soat oldin
Hey ps how do we get tickets to come to your 12 dayz of Christmas ellan thank u 💘
Jacqueline Johnson
Jacqueline Johnson 19 soat oldin
Hey ellan and andy n switch wow me n my aunt gerry watch u guys every day thank u ellan for always putting a smile n laughter in out lives god bless u all keep up the good work
Im only here for the memes and the food
Andy is way too precious oh my gosh. You could see hin get more into it and oh my gosh my heart
Tom Holland is my husband
Their clothes are kind of inappropriate...
Mariana Ruiz
Mariana Ruiz 19 soat oldin
Avarage Andy 😂
Sonja Martinez
Sonja Martinez 19 soat oldin
That was awesome! 😂
Amélie Me
Amélie Me 20 soat oldin
He actually looked like he was having a lot of fun 😂😂
kyrsten collins
kyrsten collins 20 soat oldin
i havent cried laughing so hard this much !! THANK YOU FOR THIS !!
Victoria Krug
Victoria Krug 21 soat oldin
Great job, Andy!
Jessie Graves
Jessie Graves 21 soat oldin
This is marvelous.
Shelby Bruce
Shelby Bruce 21 soat oldin
That was awesome 😂
Irasema Flores
Irasema Flores 21 soat oldin
Thanks to Andy the rams won, Ellen give him a raise
Shelby Bruce
Shelby Bruce 21 soat oldin
I want Andy's job. It would be so much fun
Unicorn_ 2
Unicorn_ 2 21 soat oldin
I actually cried 😂
Lunababy :/
Lunababy :/ 21 soat oldin
People probably thought he was from make a wish
hfb 22 soat oldin
Awwww he looked like he had a blast and the cheerleaders were so sweet to him!
Macy Ruhl
Macy Ruhl 22 soat oldin
I’m crying 😂😭 This is the best one I’ve seen yet. It beats him hitting the contortionist in the crotch.
Natalie's Vlogs and D.I.Y
Brianna NavarroXOXO
Brianna NavarroXOXO 22 soat oldin
So everyone gonna ignore the fact that Andy does juul😂😭
Gwen Tripp
Gwen Tripp 22 soat oldin
Did Andy have a juul at 3:00 or before 😂
JBoyd 22 soat oldin
ah snap andy juuls!
Allyana Magallanes
Allyana Magallanes 22 soat oldin
Who wants Andy to be a zookeeper for a day
kelley jerred
kelley jerred 22 soat oldin
Omg that's so awesome andy
tagUR IT
tagUR IT 23 soat oldin
Almost looks like Alec Baldwin giving instructions..
TeEra Richards
TeEra Richards 23 soat oldin
*Turns out people come to football games* 😂😂
Rebeca Velazquez
Rebeca Velazquez 23 soat oldin
Andy’s daughter is sooo pretty
SquishyDino 23 soat oldin
He should be the cheer captain . . .
Thomas Fisher
Thomas Fisher Kun oldin
I bet that cheerleader squad turned Ellen on.
Maria Chebbab
Maria Chebbab Kun oldin
I wish if Ellen was my friend 💔
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis Kun oldin
No one that works with Ellen is average
Siobhan Power
Siobhan Power Kun oldin
I think your job is great andy i would lv it
Hangin With Lo
Hangin With Lo Kun oldin
This was awesome!!
Mint Ragoons
Mint Ragoons Kun oldin
Gotta love Andy!!! Go Andy!!! ❤️❤️❤️
asino thou
asino thou Kun oldin
blah Kun oldin
Hahaha he did much better with the RAMs than the Rockettes
Defne T.
Defne T. Kun oldin
Andy is amazingly funny
GoldPlaysYT Kun oldin
I’d like this better if I wasn’t a packers fan
MissxPetrovax3 Kun oldin
Seeing a video of Andy makes me happy
c gar
c gar Kun oldin
Lol lol Oh my gosh, so funny! Andy is such a gem. A national treasure.
_glitterfreak_ Kun oldin
i love ANDY!! he is so cool actually!!
IIJackson214Xx Kun oldin
"All I have to worry about right now is my wiener" Hahahahaha had me dying
Potato Cat
Potato Cat Kun oldin
gladys regalado
gladys regalado Kun oldin
He is no average anymore😂
Lara Bernal
Lara Bernal Kun oldin
Honestly Andy is better than many people in things, like when he was following some of the dance steps? Im pretty sure I have made a hundred people cry from repeating one step a thousand times just so that i can get it right 😂😂
Lara Bernal
Lara Bernal Kun oldin
Andy deserves a biiiiiig raise ❤️❤️👌🏻🙌
Monique KyahLove Wilson
Andy has actually lost a bit of weight!
Rondalyn Reynolds
I love Andy making himself so vulnerable, for all of us who are just average. ❤
Anouchka Kun oldin
Andy is not average, he’s so brave to do this.
The dislikes are from cheerleaders all around the world cos Andy slayed HAHAHAHAH😂😂
Bhavik yadav
Bhavik yadav Kun oldin
Could you atleast send the andy average song.....its funny.
Lina !
Lina ! Kun oldin
I aspire to be as awesome as Andy
vinnesa gozali
vinnesa gozali Kun oldin
Finally new Average Andy video 😭😭😭❤️❤️
salma anshur
salma anshur Kun oldin
i love andyyy
Elijah Haring
Elijah Haring Kun oldin
All the girls are so hot
Monica Ardila
Monica Ardila Kun oldin
Awesome Andy
Alina Lavlinskaja
Clara J
Clara J Kun oldin
Pretty sure the “ ‘Andy’s Coming!’ Challenge” first started as a prank on Andy😂😂💀 Andy, Ellen, and tWitch are my main favorites on the Ellen show😩😍❤️
Joeys Gone Wild
Joeys Gone Wild Kun oldin
This was by FAR Andy best performance on Average Andy like if you agree
CARDMAN 22 Kun oldin
0:52 when you have absolutely nothing to describe someone, so you make something completely generic
Jasmine Mobley
Jasmine Mobley Kun oldin
Andy needs a raise lol
danceballetacro Kun oldin
what did he do to deserve this
Oceana Blue
Oceana Blue Kun oldin
My teacher is in this vid... leggo
Loganatorexit Kun oldin
CA got a team...since when
Lovely Abergdio
Lovely Abergdio Kun oldin
If Ellen's Executive Producer is considered as "Average". Then, I'm really waaaaaaaayyy below average. 😕😑😂😂
Bernice Marie
Bernice Marie Kun oldin
Andy is me because I can’t dance😂😂😂