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Baby Fox Trapped In Pipe Can't Wait To See Mom Again | This mother fox waited patiently while rescuers saved her trapped baby - the moment they reunite is magical 💞
Footage provided by ViralHog: (facebook.com/viralhog/)
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1-Sen, 2018

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melody dramatic
melody dramatic Soat oldin
Aww thanks guys this is soo heart warming to see
Dolls for Eva
Dolls for Eva 5 soat oldin
2 savvy fun Sisters
2 savvy fun Sisters 5 soat oldin
Yeet! Got em'
Yeet! Got em' 8 soat oldin
Wouldn't be funny if the baby fox fell back in the pipes again?
Koala RBLX
Koala RBLX 18 soat oldin
omg i think im gonna cry!
Cyan SlimeM
Cyan SlimeM 23 soat oldin
Poor baby fox
Creativefoxy Animations
Foxes are sooo cute
itzme guys
itzme guys Kun oldin
I felt sorry but I just couldn't stop laughing when the baby fox was took out
U MAD 2 kun oldin
Should've shot it, they ate 3 of my gold fish and 4 baby goldfish in my pond
banana hands
banana hands 3 kun oldin
Good job men
Mia Ravenscraft
Mia Ravenscraft 3 kun oldin
Oh noooo i love foxes this can't happen
Elizabeth Perrrotta
SO CUTE! Awesome that you help such animals.
Britney Mirabella
Britney Mirabella 4 kun oldin
the dodo makes me want to cry
The Dodo
The Dodo 4 kun oldin
Happy tears, we hope? 🤗
•Roxy TheWolf•
•Roxy TheWolf• 5 kun oldin
1:55 the right front leg was broke!! Look at it it's twisted
Daequan Loco
Daequan Loco 5 kun oldin
My brother was like is that a cat because it was wet and then i told him its fox then he saw the mom ad a fox and was like oh i knew it was a fox LIKE WHAT!?
Matty Arts
Matty Arts 6 kun oldin
Robert Clarke
Robert Clarke 6 kun oldin
12345 LuckyTheWolf
12345 LuckyTheWolf 7 kun oldin
my fav animal there the best animals living! :)))) thanks dodo :3
Edwin Steffen Bouman
The real Blue
The real Blue 8 kun oldin
Just seeing the thumbnail made me cry...
shadow foxy on fire
Best yt channel ever
sans galaxy mangle
sans galaxy mangle 11 kun oldin
Adrian Parkour
Adrian Parkour 12 kun oldin
Awwww and thanks for saving him
kit-kat kitty
kit-kat kitty 12 kun oldin
aww so cute!!!
Sabrina Massa
Sabrina Massa 13 kun oldin
This made me cry♡
YimmY 13 kun oldin
did i just notice mama's leg is broken?
foxy galixy wolf
foxy galixy wolf 14 kun oldin
Awwwwww a fox is my dream pet im crying
Joki Boki
Joki Boki 14 kun oldin
The Mom looked back and around to see who the savior is Awww
Lillian Germosen
Lillian Germosen 15 kun oldin
Poor thing I'm glad he's saved, it probably smells down that pipe, that's why I love foxes.
Martine Steur
Martine Steur 15 kun oldin
The people who dislike are not meant to be in this world!
Gretchen Boyer
Gretchen Boyer 15 kun oldin
Christine Thompson
Christine Thompson 16 kun oldin
How nice that those terrific guys saved the baby fox. Otherwise it would have been so sad for mom and baby. God bless you good guys.
Pavithra Karthickpandy
Now I know what the fox says...
Jody Conrad
Jody Conrad 17 kun oldin
Crystal 36
Crystal 36 18 kun oldin
Omg poor baby😭when they got him/her out he was all shocked cmon that was kinda funnyBUT WHO WHO WOULD DO THAT TO A POOR BABY FOX???
Diamandis Themis
Diamandis Themis 18 kun oldin
Of course there will always be a cancerous hunter so the fox or any animal is injured.
Flamin Hot Doritos
Flamin Hot Doritos 20 kun oldin
Oooooh so that's what the fox says
Pixella Pixel
Pixella Pixel 20 kun oldin
Hey bring the fox out and his face 😂😂😂 he straight up was just 🤪🤪🤪🤪
Tamara Mosley
Tamara Mosley 20 kun oldin
This is sweet
Brenda B Uribe
Brenda B Uribe 20 kun oldin
lps merelaine l
lps merelaine l 20 kun oldin
DangFat Myth
DangFat Myth 20 kun oldin
You just got a sub :)
monotone screaming
monotone screaming 21 kun oldin
May I just ask, what happened to the mama's leg?! Last time I checked foxes don't have legs like that-
Kayla Tatabod
Kayla Tatabod 21 kun oldin
His face when he came out is me on friday
i do weird lps vids for no reason
You earned a sub Is me Yay
i do weird lps vids for no reason
Poor fox and poor baby fox:( She's ok
taya longora
taya longora 22 kun oldin
Bless u amzing 👍👍❤❤❤
GiantMilkBot 23 kun oldin
2nd3rd1st 23 kun oldin
And 1 year later they both got shot in the annual big fox hunt.
•Dimond firefox•
This is why I love foxes..........but the mom was worried poor mom
Casper Wallace
Casper Wallace 26 kun oldin
Thats great - pity mums leg couldn't be checked......
Luna# crazyfox
Luna# crazyfox 26 kun oldin
Animals have feeling thats why Internet don't drink milk because you need to take the baby cow away from it's mom and that ist sad!
Luna# crazyfox
Luna# crazyfox 26 kun oldin
I ment I my phone Changed it to Internet! 🤣🤣🤣
YouNeverKnow 27 kun oldin
The mother fox has a front paw injury
Squidie Diddie
Squidie Diddie 27 kun oldin
What was wrong with the moms leg?
Gacha_ 3vie
Gacha_ 3vie 27 kun oldin
Keira’s Club!
Keira’s Club! 28 kun oldin
Multifandom Person and animator
Paisley Playz
Paisley Playz 29 kun oldin
0:04 what does the fox say 😂!?
Paisley Playz
Paisley Playz 29 kun oldin
By the way I’m not being an arse about that like I generally felt so bad for the baby fox and thought it was adorable how the mother and baby have that bond
lavagirl 8
lavagirl 8 29 kun oldin
The but in his cam lol but cute
Aakash Waiba
Aakash Waiba 29 kun oldin
What happend to the mom's leg
Isabella Barbosa
Isabella Barbosa 29 kun oldin
God bless you guys. Your the best at saving animals in my opinion
Tamao Umbreon
Tamao Umbreon 29 kun oldin
Thank you to the people who saved the fox kit
Manga Lover
Manga Lover Oy oldin
Moment of Truth: 1:18
Doktor Fickle
Doktor Fickle Oy oldin
TOO.... puurre...
M Dbs
M Dbs Oy oldin
She’s an awesome mum even when she has a broken leg
Hikari The Hyena
What’s wrong with the moms leg
DiamondGamerYT Gaming and Blogs
That answered the question: What does the fox say?
foxxy cousins
foxxy cousins Oy oldin
Antonio Cortez
alexa sangel
alexa sangel Oy oldin
i think the fox got in because she opened it and accidently fell and thats how it happened..
Brite Bomber
Brite Bomber Oy oldin
Muffin Hughes
Muffin Hughes Oy oldin
If Australians cared as much as they do about Aboriginals, that side of the world would be a better place.
rashid iqbal
rashid iqbal Oy oldin
kid_next_door 9012
OMG that is so sad a babby fox that's sad mN
antonio wright
mama had a broken leg
Icon LPS
Icon LPS Oy oldin
Cynical_ Acorn
Not being rude just saying could they have helped the momma foxy she was clearly limping
Claire Eiford
Claire Eiford Oy oldin
We need to ban pipes. Too many babies are getting stuck
Nathan Lee the wolf boy
I'm mom ran over a baby Fox on axadent with a 🚗 car
Tam Pham
Tam Pham Oy oldin
The fox mom left foot look weird
Ticci Rara SFM
did anyone notice the mother fox's broken front leg??
Jenson Nguyen
Jenson Nguyen Oy oldin
Millie Jones
Millie Jones Oy oldin
You are amazing people ☺️
Awesome man Rackley
😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢 it’s so cute☹️☹️☹️
DaQueenAniyah Oy oldin
tristan brogdon
This is so heart breaking and awesome at the same time☺️thank you for this video
Jam Slam
Jam Slam Oy oldin
What if that's not it's real mom and we witnessed a foxnapping?
vino kumar
vino kumar Oy oldin
Poor 🦊
Enjoyable Experience
Aww poor fox :'(
SARISS80 Oy oldin
You trying to get me in troubled with DEFCS jr?
hidder Ultimately R
Which idiot built the hole without a steelnet at the surface?😡
born jan 23 1998 -death june 18 2018 LLJ
We figure out what does the fox say
Lina Sky
Lina Sky Oy oldin
The Fox's mom may have not shown pain on it but it probably wants to walk again on its paws to run from predators and stuff udk what goes in a Fox's head u should've called a vet so they can shoot her with a sleeping dart and fix her leg and when she wakes up she will be outside with her baby around alot of meat and water
Queen B
Queen B Oy oldin
The babys face when he came out was like "oh my gawd I'm freeeeeee!!"
Your much better than peta, i hope you realise
SwiftFox Skittles
When he took the baby fox out of the pipe the fox was like wahhh...
Frisk Flowertale
Thank u for helping that poor baby fox 😇
Leo Hörnkvist
Nice i like it
Lil Daws
Lil Daws Oy oldin
Hey what was wrong with the mothers paw?