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Baby Fox Trapped In Pipe Can't Wait To See Mom Again | This mother fox waited patiently while rescuers saved her trapped baby - the moment they reunite is magical 💞
Footage provided by ViralHog: (facebook.com/viralhog/)
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1-Sen, 2018



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fabio pedrola
fabio pedrola 2 soat oldin
Somebody knows if exist some technics to fix that bad healed leg?
Julieta Ballester
Julieta Ballester 6 soat oldin
Nature is beautiful.
Chris K
Chris K 14 soat oldin
The mother’s leg was caught in a trap before ... poor girl her foot is crooked. Please stop hunting wildlife!!! Save all animals. This planet is their home too!!!
Chris K
Chris K 14 soat oldin
Why don’t they leave some food to lure animals when rescuing ?
Chris K
Chris K 14 soat oldin
This channel is the best!! Changing the world with more compassion towards animals!! Keep up the great work!!
QTee 18 soat oldin
It was so sweet.. the mama fox looked back as if to want to say "thank you, thank you so much" 💗
QTee 18 soat oldin
And on a far less irritating note.. oh the poor little foxy
Danny,Rainbow,Galaxy,And The Crew
My heart has been filled
Jay Murphy
Jay Murphy 23 soat oldin
So sweet!! Bernie 2020!
B F Kun oldin
Wonder if Mum spanked him.
jim k
jim k Kun oldin
Made their way to bite your kids at the bus stop. Too close to humans.
John Augsburger
John Augsburger 3 kun oldin
Doug Carroll
Doug Carroll 3 kun oldin
Great work m8
Darina Zauskova
Darina Zauskova 4 kun oldin
Yeah baby Yeah
Yeah baby Yeah 4 kun oldin
This is what life really is !
Bill Yost
Bill Yost 4 kun oldin
Am I the only one that giggled and got goose bumps at the end? This is EPIC!
Olivia Bernjak-ord
Olivia Bernjak-ord 4 kun oldin
Did anyone realise the mother fox had a what looks like a broken leg???
Jia Polly
Jia Polly 5 kun oldin
That was cute
Chris Bessant
Chris Bessant 5 kun oldin
Wonderful! Good job everyone - I'm so happy for them :)
Shaleymon Hosein
Shaleymon Hosein 5 kun oldin
I'm crying so much 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Natalie King
Natalie King 5 kun oldin
Well done guys 👍
Johnny Magic
Johnny Magic 6 kun oldin
Rahima Ferdowsi
Rahima Ferdowsi 6 kun oldin
I've been stuck watching this channel's videos for the past couple of hours and I can't stop.
Fed up With Lies
Fed up With Lies 6 kun oldin
Lovely rescue. Thank you for doing it! God bless you.
Dramawind 7 kun oldin
0:13 is that Tarantino?
The baby fox reaction knowing it cover in poop
* arwen's_gacha*
* arwen's_gacha* 7 kun oldin
Poor baby and poor mum her leg must have healed wrong
comedy circus
comedy circus 7 kun oldin
Great job and God bless you all 🙏
its_CookieG Gamer and Adventures
1:28 the baby fox is freakin out lol XD at least he lived
Cheese is Good
Cheese is Good 8 kun oldin
That fox looks like my dog
iloal100 8 kun oldin
porque no aprovecharon para capturar a la madre y arreglarle la pata.
Olzor 9 kun oldin
0:01 *YOU DIED*
Alexia D23
Alexia D23 9 kun oldin
Idk why but this reminded me of the classic Disney movie 'The Fox and the Hound' So cute to see the mother waiting around desperately for her baby and then finally reunited ❤ thank you for saving this little family!
Crappydesign 9 kun oldin
What's up with that Fox's leg
Apoapsis Periapsis
Apoapsis Periapsis 9 kun oldin
When that fox came out he was like, Fox: ( screaming inside calling for help )
Marco Felix
Marco Felix 9 kun oldin
Still better rescued story than peta
Cheryl bryan
Cheryl bryan 9 kun oldin
Beautiful 👍👍👍👍👍
Cortlyn Fields
Cortlyn Fields 10 kun oldin
Hahaha that noise😂😂
Amelia The Diva
Amelia The Diva 10 kun oldin
I feel bad for the fox and mama 😥 good job! We need more animal rescues!! Who’s with me?
LeahPlayzRoblox 11 kun oldin
Im so glad there are such kind people in the world
Itsannaplays Itsannaplays
That is so cute!!😇😇😇
moo kun
moo kun 11 kun oldin
I love foxes so much! They're such lovely animals 💕💕💕 Well done for reuniting mama and baby!!! 😭✨
Matea Animalover
Matea Animalover 11 kun oldin
This is so beautiful, they are so cute but mommy fox had a broken leg
Kiera H
Kiera H 8 kun oldin
It was broke but just healed at an angle 😩😩
Black Widow
Black Widow 12 kun oldin
1:28 The Fox Is Suprised
Loser Men
Loser Men 12 kun oldin
I cant tell if its deadly or not
『ɪɴғɪɴɪᴛʏ 』
Poor fox.. it was like a statue..
Dragon Energy
Dragon Energy 14 kun oldin
Emma Icestar
Emma Icestar 14 kun oldin
1:56 wtf
Aubris Fox
Aubris Fox 14 kun oldin
I love the kind half of this world 💗
Little Mia
Little Mia 14 kun oldin
Awww! Thats So Sweet Of You! Thank You So Much For Helping The Baby Fox Out Of the Pipe!! Im So Happy And Grateful That The Baby Is Safe With His/Her Mother Now! I Already Know Hows The Baby Feels When He/She Sees His/Her Mom! I Love Foxes And Cats! Foxes And Cats Are Cute!!😍😍 Imma Like This Vid And Like My Own Comment Since No One Will Like My Comment ;w; (Sorry For My Bad Grammar;~;)
Jayden Ruff
Jayden Ruff 15 kun oldin
1 like = 1 saved animal
Marissa Burdock
Marissa Burdock 16 kun oldin
Damn that lil guy looked shook when he came out.
Bread Kitty
Bread Kitty 16 kun oldin
What does the fox Say? Barrrrrrbarrrr
Thomas Paul
Thomas Paul 16 kun oldin
The fox cub was like the hell??
Mimi The cat
Mimi The cat 16 kun oldin
Poor little guy. How did he get stuck in there?
Amanda Payton
Amanda Payton 17 kun oldin
Moms front foot was broken or something. Good job guys 💙
Vanesha Jagroo
Vanesha Jagroo 18 kun oldin
Wow.... so now I know what the fox says😂😂😂
Teresa Mcquillan
Teresa Mcquillan 18 kun oldin
aww thank you for saving that Fox foxes are my spirit animal
hoi Channel :0
hoi Channel :0 19 kun oldin
For me being a fox lover, this broke my heart...
Divya Dinesh
Divya Dinesh 19 kun oldin
Micah Ott
Micah Ott 19 kun oldin
What a sad day but than it turned into a beautiful day
Wrytard WRYY
Wrytard WRYY 19 kun oldin
Mom Mom I am on TV
Kawaii Onee-chan
Kawaii Onee-chan 19 kun oldin
0:10 sound like mama tattletail finna pop out
DANNY Danny 19 kun oldin
I just love these vids
Polar The Ice/ SeaWing
What does the fox say? AEEEHHHHHHHH!!!
Krystal Fischer
Krystal Fischer 20 kun oldin
I think that you should put more heartwarming thing, for example, put funny animals. But great job with what you already do :)
Hi it’s me
Hi it’s me 20 kun oldin
Aww it’s so cute ❤️🥰😍 but a little sad 😔
mathew samuel
mathew samuel 20 kun oldin
So sweet and sad❤️
yung blade
yung blade 20 kun oldin
Now I know what the fox says!
Steven Hawkin
Steven Hawkin 20 kun oldin
Now we know what a fox says.
F l o w e r
F l o w e r 21 kun oldin
Poor baby shook.
Spirit wolf and panther legend Legend
That was so beautiful 😭☺
Dilara Fakhratova
Dilara Fakhratova 21 kun oldin
Whats wrong with the moms left front leg
CotonCandyGamer Kira
The little foxes face when he pulled him out of the cage *Too CUTE*
Sophia Tritz
Sophia Tritz 21 kun oldin
So cute
XxSpoild MalkxX
XxSpoild MalkxX 21 kun oldin
I rescued a white puppy once like a weak ago!
Maddie Brown
Maddie Brown 22 kun oldin
1:41 me after a roller coaster
Soren Pinetrack
Soren Pinetrack 23 kun oldin
We now know what the Fox says
Lilly Wilkins
Lilly Wilkins 23 kun oldin
Oh my God I love this I love foxes!!!!!!!!🥰😍🥰😍🥰😘😍🥰😘😍
Fluffy Tasha
Fluffy Tasha 23 kun oldin
This was so sweet I cried alot
emily 24 kun oldin
And he is so adorable 😘
emily 24 kun oldin
I love these videos so much 🌸
Bane Wolf
Bane Wolf 24 kun oldin
That baby fox looks cute
Kaidence johannesson
oh my gosh......
Boo Riley
Boo Riley 24 kun oldin
You guys are so nice. That was so cute.
sadly dead
sadly dead 24 kun oldin
The 277 dislikes are from fox trappers
Jennyy :D
Jennyy :D 24 kun oldin
1:26 ”holy fox man”
gasha vibe
gasha vibe 25 kun oldin
Okay so after the fox hit the camera when he puts it back THERE WHISPERING
Carson Maggart
Carson Maggart 25 kun oldin
Is she front left leg broke?! The moms!!!!
REDUS KING 25 kun oldin
0:36 buttshot
OJ Brooks
OJ Brooks 26 kun oldin
Help the mama
Ellery Johnson
Ellery Johnson 27 kun oldin
Wtf that looks more like an opossum than a fox.
Bella B
Bella B 24 kun oldin
Nimisha S
Nimisha S 27 kun oldin
It is the rescuer's love for animals. Did you guys even notice that he put his bare hands inside the pipe to save the fox pup.
Tamarack Trout
Tamarack Trout 27 kun oldin
That was so cute and happy it almost made me 😢
Nightpony inRface
Nightpony inRface 27 kun oldin
^^ so nice to see the baby fox was ok. & His mom is with him again.
rotini 27 kun oldin
me: is sad *dodo uploads a new video* me: never mind
PurplePigLover 27 kun oldin
1:34 5 year old me finding out the tooth fairy and Santa clause isn’t real
superduper7cockatielz 1
His shocked face lol
puppylover hai plz sub.
The mamas leg to the right looks backwards
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