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Baby Fox Trapped In Pipe Can't Wait To See Mom Again | This mother fox waited patiently while rescuers saved her trapped baby - the moment they reunite is magical 💞
Footage provided by ViralHog: (facebook.com/viralhog/)
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1-Sen, 2018

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DoopyDoop Doop
DoopyDoop Doop 3 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Wolfie Star galaxy
Wolfie Star galaxy 5 soat oldin
😓💔 my heart sank when I saw that pup so dirty and helpless but the mom..wonderful mother ❤️🙂
My_Gender_is_Poptarts _
The mom first left paw scared me it was shaped weird and the way she walk with it 😣
Murad Corchado
Murad Corchado Kun oldin
1:35 when there is no school for a month
The Republic of Ustio.
Come to think of it, how did the poor thing even get in there in the first place????
Lilac Goldpetal sketch
My spirit animal is a fox and this made me so happy
CandyGamer 2 kun oldin
What does the Fox say? 0:27
Saem Shams
Saem Shams 2 kun oldin
Awwwwww i am crying of joy awww
Shannon Gardner
Shannon Gardner 3 kun oldin
I noticed the broken leg on the mom the moment I saw her walk poor baby I wonder what happened
Jessica 3 kun oldin
Awww...the mom has a SERIOUSLY injured leg. 😭😭😭 She's getting around with pressure on it ok so it may be an old break that healed like that w/the bone completed snapped.... SO sad!! While breaks like that on the lower leg could be caused by being struck by a car or one of probably MILLIONS of ways living in the wild, but sadly it's probably from a trap💔💔
dayonna williams
dayonna williams 3 kun oldin
I swear the dodo team you all make me cry with these sad storys I love what you all do
bob duncan
bob duncan 3 kun oldin
Now I know what the fox says
Alexander Dancer
Alexander Dancer 4 kun oldin
The baby fox had his mouth open the whole time
Amy Goldman
Amy Goldman 4 kun oldin
Your the best
signoaspire 5 kun oldin
1:33 when all the drugs kick in at once.
22Amber Sargent
22Amber Sargent 6 kun oldin
The baby fox looks so shocked to see light...i think thats cute
Heru- deshet
Heru- deshet 7 kun oldin
Too bad mom couldn't be captured to heal that broken leg.
Soph Gacha xox
Soph Gacha xox 7 kun oldin
What about the mother's foot? It looked injured to me like .... Bent
Lavenders Family
Lavenders Family 7 kun oldin
Roses are red Violets are blue You think he’s cute coz I think so to 🦊 Have a nice day 🙂
I is Luna
I is Luna 7 kun oldin
So cute I love that amazing experience
Night Light
Night Light 7 kun oldin
At first I thought it was a chicken
nah fool
nah fool 9 kun oldin
Mackenzie Lewis
Mackenzie Lewis 9 kun oldin
Poor little Fox it's face was like😮 when they picked him up
Mackenzie Lewis
Mackenzie Lewis 9 kun oldin
What does the Fox say? AHH AO AHH AHH
sv vs
sv vs 9 kun oldin
The mother's front left leg is broken… may be fault of humans… I hope she will can live with her baby for long long life and far from humans because they are not all as their rescuers
Kimberly Garcia
Kimberly Garcia 9 kun oldin
That was so sad
Kira Judd
Kira Judd 10 kun oldin
Awe the babyy
The priencess that is pretty
Something was wrong with Er right foot
Rosi XD :D Gacha games
The baby red fox was so cute
Delaynie Vega
Delaynie Vega 12 kun oldin
Why was the baby foxes mouth open
Skii T
Skii T 13 kun oldin
Aww poor thing, so glad he was saved! His mom was so worried.
Yeet_Gaming 13 kun oldin
black ops zombies lover
God bless you
Alyssa Drach
Alyssa Drach 14 kun oldin
Different ¿
Different ¿ 15 kun oldin
I know it’s not time for a joke but... *What does the Fox say?*
Mako_slimes 15 kun oldin
Did anyone see poor momma faxes front leg😢☹
Athifah W
Athifah W 16 kun oldin
Poor baby fox and mum with i think broken leg
Mika Kaakinen
Mika Kaakinen 17 kun oldin
Wonderful job guys!
anne marie stewart
anne marie stewart 18 kun oldin
awesome love it
Rosie Animation
Rosie Animation 18 kun oldin
Thats how baby fox sound like? Oh my xd glad to see it safe!
Snazzy Valღ
Snazzy Valღ 19 kun oldin
this is so magical
XD EpicboygamerXD
XD EpicboygamerXD 19 kun oldin
I cried during this 😭😭😭 I love 🦊
Gabby Elizabeth
Gabby Elizabeth 21 kun oldin
When they first got the fox he would've bit him whenever he got the change 😂
Rosa McConville
Rosa McConville 21 kun oldin
Why did people dislike this?
Justus Fensune
Justus Fensune 20 kun oldin
Don't know, I'm glad they saved the fox though.
DDM LH DM 22 kun oldin
Ashe Anteh
Ashe Anteh 24 kun oldin
legion999 25 kun oldin
Isn't her leg messed up? It's like it's bent the wrong way
Shut da hell up
Shut da hell up 26 kun oldin
poor doggo
Sarah Trachtenberg
Sarah Trachtenberg 28 kun oldin
The poor baby fox must have been so scared. Thanks rescuers!
Chicken Noodles
Chicken Noodles 28 kun oldin
Yeah the mom has a broken leg not even gonna help😂?