Backpack Kid... Don't Do That

Ryan Trahan
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backpack kid got himself into some serious trouble
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9-Yan, 2019

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Raphael Villa
Raphael Villa 2 soat oldin
1:21 lmao oh yeah yeah
Joshua Frampton
Joshua Frampton 3 soat oldin
3:30 Stole another dance. "Swipe It."
maddie psaila
maddie psaila 3 soat oldin
“his new music is 30x better..... what’s thirty times zero?”
Kaira Burrage
Kaira Burrage 4 soat oldin
Wow such complex lyrics 😂💀
ur mom 01
ur mom 01 8 soat oldin
hOw ArE yOu So CuTe OmG
Drunk Big
Drunk Big 8 soat oldin
Fuckback kid lookin more dead inside than me
Tdog0234 16 soat oldin
Back pack boy has that face that makes you what to beat him up
ActorsOnBudget 21 soat oldin
i made some memes about this kiddo. Please watch them and give me ur opinion ;)
Gucci FlipFlop
Gucci FlipFlop Kun oldin
Oh my gosh is that I Set My Friends On Fire’s cover of soulja boy i hear?
OliviaB Kun oldin
“We stan a hygienic king.” Ryan Trahan 2019
Natalie Whitfield
Paul McCartney, move over. Freddie Mercury, shook Beyoncé, quaking Backpack kid, HE BE FLOSSSSIN
Alexandra Gris
Alexandra Gris Kun oldin
I just made a pun: The backpack cringe
Alexandra Gris
Alexandra Gris Kun oldin
Backpack kid: Cringe Ryan: Cringing
The Popular Sloth
Shakespeare standard you say? Actual Shakespeare quote from Macbeth: What you egg? (Then a dude stabs another dude)
FireBall gamer
FireBall gamer Kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
TenTe ttv
TenTe ttv Kun oldin
123 yeet
Summer Planitz
Summer Planitz Kun oldin
Love the ISMFOF plug 🤘🏻
Nora Gardner
Nora Gardner Kun oldin
The kid practically has no forehead so its very distracting.
LIMI E Kun oldin
*“Genius iz not okay”*
John Thomas
John Thomas Kun oldin
olivia fairley
olivia fairley Kun oldin
he prolly has drugs in that backpack
olivia fairley
olivia fairley Kun oldin
8:09 and 12:45 r the best parts
olivia fairley
olivia fairley Kun oldin
i wanna go to Paris
Naeva Hernandez-Souki
Please react to Loren's genius rewiew lol, thx.
Anya Dewabrata
Anya Dewabrata 2 kun oldin
oh my god this is why i love your channel
공원유나 2 kun oldin
Didnt he sue bts for gogo?
Meme Myster
Meme Myster 2 kun oldin
I be flossiiiin
Meme Myster
Meme Myster 2 kun oldin
I be flossiiiin
Edgar Vasquez
Edgar Vasquez 2 kun oldin
1:01 5:29 puberty hit him hard
Sauce 2 kun oldin
Woohhh I lost my motivation in life after I watched his lame mood n hype and the same straight face through out the song 😂😂😂💔
I agree why tf is he wearing so many coats jeez.
he sounds like that dude who sings the "to the left, take it back now y'all" song
the most wanted
the most wanted 2 kun oldin
Laura Cross
Laura Cross 2 kun oldin
Trigan Vlogs
Trigan Vlogs 2 kun oldin
Subscribe to me now : uzvid.com/u-triganvlogs
ella finch
ella finch 2 kun oldin
Why does 4:20 look like backpack kid 🤭🤭
Laura Canela
Laura Canela 2 kun oldin
2:40. Im dead.
Matthew Desrochers
Matthew Desrochers 2 kun oldin
7:50 I laughed way harder than I should have
Ella Rogers
Ella Rogers 2 kun oldin
Elliot P!ATD
Elliot P!ATD 2 kun oldin
Why does the the kid always have so many sweatshirts/coats on
Grace Elizabeth
Grace Elizabeth 2 kun oldin
"Honestly, I don't really care about the money, like, I'm just worried about my birthday tomorrow" lmaooo this kid is fucking adorable
Beados J W
Beados J W 2 kun oldin
React to bitch im a cow plz
creeper 988
creeper 988 2 kun oldin
2016 oh my God this is super popular 2019 why are you still doing that doo doo dance
Jamima Hernandez
Jamima Hernandez 3 kun oldin
Umm Phines and Ferb did
Hugging Hhkf
Hugging Hhkf 3 kun oldin
He looks like a drawing from diary of a wimpy kid lmao
JohnQ0610 3 kun oldin
Genius forced it on the on him so hard😂 and now he gets hatted so hard😂
Karlumberto Kats
Karlumberto Kats 3 kun oldin
He's a cool kid. I like him...
Regular What ever
Regular What ever 3 kun oldin
Regular What ever
Regular What ever 3 kun oldin
I first I thought this is was probably 15 or so but now I think he's like 22
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 3 kun oldin
I Want To Be Tall
11 kun oldin