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Backstreet Boys - No Place (Official Video)

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I’ve been to Paris
Made my way down to Rome
Seen the sun setting on the beach
In Mexico

But I could care less
‘Cause I was all alone
And there ain’t no way to touch your body
Over the phone

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

You’re my daybreak
You’re my California sun
You’re my Memphis, New York, New Orleans
All rolled into one

In the city, the country
The mountains or the sea
Wherever you are baby
That’s where I want to be

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

No sight ever left me breathless
The way you take my breath away
No scene ever left me speechless
But right now I’ve got no words to say

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
No, there ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

Brett James, Joshua Miller, Troy Verges

Song Producer:
Steve Solomon
"No Place" Official Video
Editor: Andrew Putschoegl
Producers: Sam Houston, Andrew Straw




4-Yan, 2019

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^-^ ♡
Karla Mora Weffer
Charlys Cardozo
Charlys Cardozo Soat oldin
los niños han crecido!!!!!
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith Soat oldin
Over 8 million views it's still rising I am so proud and happy for my bsb boys this is pure love,devotion and commitment
Juniffer Amorganda
i'm 16 and i feel like i'm 8 years old again
Mickey Archos
Mickey Archos Soat oldin
woahhhhh loved it they really know to blend in the music industry even after old times
Natalia Waszczuk
Natalia Waszczuk 2 soat oldin
Baylee looks just like a mini Brian
yurayma torres
yurayma torres 2 soat oldin
I Dont Read Your Replies
my niggas
Ailith Twinning
Ailith Twinning 2 soat oldin
10 seconds in "Oh dammit, BSB picked up on pop-country too." 80 seconds later: Crying.
HolyTalentMusic 2 soat oldin
@BackstreetBoys Excellent!
Örlogskapten 2 soat oldin
Oh thank god a song without talking about fucking bitches. I was looking through the music tab and a majority of them just suck. At least its not my type
Crys Nascimento
Crys Nascimento 2 soat oldin
BRASIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Riyou Yolmo
Riyou Yolmo 3 soat oldin
One of the greatest legends for me , n just loved the song ☺️
Luzena Reyes
Luzena Reyes 3 soat oldin
Crackhead trolls hate good clean song they like shitting around in UZvid they like crap shit r&b and moron 5 songs and bitch wrohe slut music artist.
Rose Briones Madlao
Rose Briones Madlao 3 soat oldin
I think this is what you called 'better place' which is being with their own family.
Diedre Eggleston
Diedre Eggleston 3 soat oldin
What I've heard so far is great. I'm going to get the album when it comes out!
Janne Kely
Janne Kely 4 soat oldin
Amo eles de paixão❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
VL Hlupuii
VL Hlupuii 4 soat oldin
❤️💓💕💖💗💝 as always!!!!!!👍👍👍
treepizzle 4 soat oldin
Good song
Maximiliano Gastaldi
Oww que hermosos !! Que hermosas familias. Maria Inés de Argentina.
Ifke Rawung
Ifke Rawung 4 soat oldin
AWWWW!!!! THEIR KIDS ARE SOOO CUTE!!! Backstreet Boys make the best music!!
Lina Roy
Lina Roy 4 soat oldin
i love this song
Pearl G34
Pearl G34 5 soat oldin
I love this song! I keep on hearing it everyday! Love the end of the song AJ daugther she is so smart and cute!
Jesse Bryan
Jesse Bryan 5 soat oldin
Anyone else think this sounds very similar to Thomas Rhett - Die A Happy Man?
scar face
scar face 5 soat oldin
wtf their wifes look 10 years older than them
Zvezditsa Zasheva
Zvezditsa Zasheva 5 soat oldin
😍💞 amazing
phoenixmoon3 5 soat oldin
its beautiful and i love it so much. I listen to it a lot. This video is perfection. I can't wait for the new CD.
Hey this’s Dina
Hey this’s Dina 5 soat oldin
Love y’all forever 💕
Paola Jeon
Paola Jeon 5 soat oldin
I am actually a BSB fan since mid 90's and this literally made me cry. I watched them go through a lot and seeing this makes me happy. Damn happy.
Priscila Mangueira
Priscila Mangueira 5 soat oldin
Não me canso de ver, amo muito😍
Danielle Crumley
Danielle Crumley 5 soat oldin
couldn't care less* (sorry for doing this, I'm annoyed at myself honestly) LOVE YOU BSB
guidofski 5 soat oldin
Danielle Crumley: I hear you, I know people hate the grammar police, but I guess we can't help it sometimes. ;)
Danielle Crumley
Danielle Crumley 6 soat oldin
I'm a huge BSB fan and I'm not the biggest fan of kids, but.... I must say, their kids are the real stars of this video
Rory Hoban
Rory Hoban 6 soat oldin
25 years later they’re still making great music!
Nuli A
Nuli A 6 soat oldin
Sooo proud of these guys!
Lilia Rikowa
Lilia Rikowa 6 soat oldin
Beautiful, happy families! 😍 Brian's son is the spitting image of him!
Kimberly Allen
Kimberly Allen 6 soat oldin
Wow I really love BSB! I hope they keep coming out with new music!!!
Val Santos
Val Santos 6 soat oldin
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Love them
Renumat 7 soat oldin
I just herd this song then looked for singer. I can't believe is it one of my favorite band. I love this song.
Hilary Antwi
Hilary Antwi 7 soat oldin
This is beautiful
Walgai Marak
Walgai Marak 7 soat oldin
Hello my love , no place like you
Dommie Kattam
Dommie Kattam 7 soat oldin
"Theres no place like you"......😭😭😭.....asf.... Real lovee that God blesses... Happyy familyy, love is the greatest things that He gave.
Sandra Bernal
Sandra Bernal 8 soat oldin
ya esta el 4 tema se llama breath
Jodi Alegria’s
Jodi Alegria’s 8 soat oldin
Officially my favorite song of 2019❤️
Fernanda Durães
Fernanda Durães 8 soat oldin
Beautiful song
Fernanda Durães
Fernanda Durães 8 soat oldin
Ameiiii a música!! Kisses from Brazil 💚💚🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷
Leiasings 8 soat oldin
Faizan Ashraf
Faizan Ashraf 8 soat oldin
now matter how many people listen to you ...but i will always have a place in my heart for u guys
Faizan Ashraf
Faizan Ashraf 8 soat oldin
I have started listening to them since 2003 and I am still listening in the 2019..backstreet back, Siberia, crawling back to you, everybody now, and answer to life and I still need you. last but not the least never gone... I am your huge fan and I still have all these songs as I am emotionally attached to your songs...love u where ever you are in the world write.. because your in my heart
Lalremsanga Chhangte
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Their voices are just soooooo beautiful .
Besma Assia
Besma Assia 9 soat oldin
*_* my song of the moment
luna editz
luna editz 9 soat oldin
Song of 2019!!
Shirley Estrela
Shirley Estrela 9 soat oldin
Ali Om
Ali Om 9 soat oldin
Oh my Gosh, it was wonderful. I saw that video and memorized my younger life. They are like time mashine.
Jung Ng
Jung Ng 9 soat oldin
It's sad to watch em get old😥😥😥
Lerona P
Lerona P 9 soat oldin
This is sooooo good ❤❤
Pranay Chaturvedi
Pranay Chaturvedi 10 soat oldin
Whole teenage I related to their songs and I hope someday I relate to this one too
Cristopher Guzman
Cristopher Guzman 10 soat oldin
What a great fcking song and video, they match perfectly
angelita duarte
angelita duarte 10 soat oldin
I Love
sil vegas
sil vegas 10 soat oldin
I love this song, and very nice families have it. great ... greetings from Gesell, Bs.As., Argentina
ღ Ju ღ ツ
ღ Ju ღ ツ 10 soat oldin
Soo good!!! BsB forever in my heart
Alle do Nasc n
Alle do Nasc n 10 soat oldin
Natalie Hanss
Natalie Hanss 10 soat oldin
Dream To Be Youtuber
Dream To Be Youtuber 10 soat oldin
Karly dido
Karly dido 10 soat oldin
Ana carmen Gonzales
Ana carmen Gonzales 11 soat oldin
I love you
Dani lim
Dani lim 11 soat oldin
In love with this song this new album promises. Current without leaving the essence and originality loving!!
Jascha Joshua
Jascha Joshua 11 soat oldin
Im getting old
Mariarosa Spatola
Mariarosa Spatola 11 soat oldin
Questo video è meraviglioso Mi sono commossa I bambini poi sono favolosi grazie Bsb ❤❤
Anu Chowlu
Anu Chowlu 11 soat oldin
One of the few music bands where you see no haters in the comment section! Only love for the band! That's Backstreet Boys for you 😍😍
Grasi Silva
Grasi Silva 11 soat oldin
Brasil 2019
leon Cleary
leon Cleary 11 soat oldin
I can't stop listening to this song..
MONSTEREK69 69 11 soat oldin
Very beautiful music! Kto z Polski?
Eduardo Díaz Valencia
Like si eres de México 😄😄😄😄
charl and francina goliath
love it , sometimes i dont know if im coming home. im a cop and this resenates
The Goat
The Goat 12 soat oldin
Todo mundo com a familia kkkkkkk
Katie Ellis
Katie Ellis 12 soat oldin
The "again" at the end! my daughter does the same thing, lol. So precious. Love to see a wholesome video :)
Kimberley Cullen
Kimberley Cullen 12 soat oldin
This video is perfect. Simple but absolutely beautiful. Loved how the families were singing along to the lyrics. Really lovely song, really lovely families!!! it is weird to see how they have transitioned from the backstreet boys into backstreet men, but love love love this video!
Оксана Божнюк
It’s just amazing song! Guys, I started to cry, really. Such a great composition
hiphopboy36 12 soat oldin
I remember when the BSB came out with there first video and album.I grew up with them and now they all have kids and are married and still making amazing music and videos! BSB are awesome👍😀
Tsania Queen
Tsania Queen 12 soat oldin
This song is so beautiful ❤
Titin Dhey
Titin Dhey 12 soat oldin
Just onething" awesome"
Grace MMora
Grace MMora 13 soat oldin
Love u guys forever BSB
Natural Joy
Natural Joy 13 soat oldin
Backstreet Boys Backstreet Dads Backstreet Grandpas Best boyband ever....
Brandie Rickman
Brandie Rickman 13 soat oldin
I been a fan since I was 12 years old and Nick was 7 years old and now im 31 1/2 years old feb 12, 1987 is my brithday
Hayley Smith
Hayley Smith 13 soat oldin
Love it love it 😍
Nothing Special
Nothing Special 13 soat oldin
What makes you different (OST “The Princess Diaries 2001”) uzvid.com/video/video-bjFhxBvKfTo.html
Senjam Zindarani
Senjam Zindarani 13 soat oldin
Ariana Kiehl
Ariana Kiehl 13 soat oldin
always love u bsb. from indonesia. :)
Jaqueline Silva
Jaqueline Silva 13 soat oldin
Gente, e esse filho do Brian??? 😍😍😍😍😍😍
LSV_ 84
LSV_ 84 13 soat oldin
sigan mas, nunca se sabe cuando volveran a estallar como antes....... come on sound great
Roland Taben
Roland Taben 14 soat oldin
My best band ever thanks guys for keeping the family
Ruth Malau
Ruth Malau 14 soat oldin
Welcome back ❤️
The World Of ZeroMaster
*Is this SIDO the German rapper?* > 0:48
Showbox and Clips
Showbox and Clips 14 soat oldin
There ain't no place ain't no place like you - Backstreet boys
Eden Sayings
Eden Sayings 14 soat oldin
Such a good song
MktUniverso 14 soat oldin
Muito boa!
mundo dental
mundo dental 15 soat oldin
why a.j's wife is always sitting?
Unknown Aathma
Unknown Aathma 15 soat oldin
*LYRICS* It's been a long day Without you my friend, Oh I'll tell you all about it When I see you again... (Yeah...😂😂😂)
Unknown Aathma
Unknown Aathma 15 soat oldin
*Now try singing SEE YOU AGAIN along with this* 😂😂😂