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Backstreet Boys - No Place (Official Video)

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I’ve been to Paris
Made my way down to Rome
Seen the sun setting on the beach
In Mexico

But I could care less
‘Cause I was all alone
And there ain’t no way to touch your body
Over the phone

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

You’re my daybreak
You’re my California sun
You’re my Memphis, New York, New Orleans
All rolled into one

In the city, the country
The mountains or the sea
Wherever you are baby
That’s where I want to be

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

No sight ever left me breathless
The way you take my breath away
No scene ever left me speechless
But right now I’ve got no words to say

I’ve been all around the world
Done all there is to do
But you’ll always be the home
I want to come home to
You’re a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you
No, there ain’t no place, ain’t no place like you

Brett James, Joshua Miller, Troy Verges

Song Producer:
Steve Solomon
"No Place" Official Video
Editor: Andrew Putschoegl
Producers: Sam Houston, Andrew Straw




4-Yan, 2019



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Adria Moreno
Adria Moreno 4 soat oldin
Rosa Santos
Rosa Santos 4 soat oldin
Lola McPherson
Lola McPherson 6 soat oldin
There ain’t no place ain’t no place Like you 🤗
Horse love Legolas
Horse love Legolas 6 soat oldin
Sophia Jimenez
Sophia Jimenez 7 soat oldin
Nice I love
Juvanna Bäßmann
Juvanna Bäßmann 9 soat oldin
amazing love this song soooo much :)
S T 10 soat oldin
i dont have special one but i LOVE this song very much☺️ heal my MIND cure ane FIX my thinking way☺️ full of LOVE inside make me SMILE❤️
かえぴょ 12 soat oldin
Thomas 13 soat oldin
I am sure all three have special moments away in the woods away from their family's.
Pinay Dreamer
Pinay Dreamer 13 soat oldin
They all have beautiful kids.I wonder if there will be a new generation of Backstreet Boys.It gives tears in my eyes knowing this video.They never gets old.I always love them.
Martina Moya
Martina Moya 13 soat oldin
Este video me pone sad yo tengo una relacion horrible con mi papa😔😔😔😔😔
mandyjw6 15 soat oldin
That song gave me the feels
Carey nguyen
Carey nguyen 16 soat oldin
I love this song so much! #FAMILY😍
Lauren Niemi
Lauren Niemi 17 soat oldin
As a 90s baby, this makes my heart SO HAPPY
KORENA GUTIERREZ 18 soat oldin
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........................... que hermoso ver a mis bebés con sus familias es perfecto
Kim Patterson
Kim Patterson 18 soat oldin
will always love them! beautiful song and video! keep singing boys!
sanaz z
sanaz z 21 soat oldin
I think I got something in my eyes *cries*
Pillow Case
Pillow Case 22 soat oldin
Who’s here at 2019 this is a great song
Llama Eats
Llama Eats 22 soat oldin
Somehow these guys still impress me even though they've been around for decades
Salimata Traore
Salimata Traore 22 soat oldin
So sweet
Yulia Ublinskykh
Yulia Ublinskykh 22 soat oldin
Голоса не изменились! Они такие же классные, как в мои школьные годы! Я помню это классное время, беззаботную юность))
Claudia S.
Claudia S. 23 soat oldin
Such a beautiful song and video with their families and showing us a glimps of their private life. Keeping it simple, yet very meaningful. 😍❤🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺 Love it. I am so getting their DNA Album.
Claudia S.
Claudia S. 23 soat oldin
BSB Any day, any time. So awesome they are making great music again! 😍❤ They get better and better. Love this song.
mary horton
mary horton Kun oldin
1:55 baylee singin along
sweetrose ann
sweetrose ann Kun oldin
love how y"all got the family in here. Hard to belive my first concert to see y"all was with my best friend rachel at fox theater belive was 1996 when we were 16 and then ga phillip arena right after they open and damit im making shure I am going month b4 I hit 40 always been a fan
Ray Moraa
Ray Moraa Kun oldin
They should be called backstreet Men
Xochitl Genao
Xochitl Genao Kun oldin
waww que hermoso video
Saylor Werthington
The chorus sounds so much like See You Again by Charlie Puth. That’s literally all I can hear 😂
nakajorge1 Kun oldin
Me encantó que hicieran un tema con sus familias. Los amo!!! Y no entiendo cómo hay gente que puso dedo para abajo.
Kaz Kaz
Kaz Kaz Kun oldin
Awww ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
Jessica Diaz
Jessica Diaz Kun oldin
Excelente video, nada como la familia ...
【26 YEARS】BSB - Best Selling Boyband
18 million views!!!
wcwsting Kun oldin
Mejor nkotb. 2019 boyz un the band
Cintia Vasconcelos
Que lindo ve_los com suas famílias... Meus eternos meninos...amo dmais!
Hanis Kamis
Hanis Kamis Kun oldin
love BSB to the moon and back forever! since their 1st album! (^__^)
Smiley Bear Shop
this is so sweet!
Deri Mi
Deri Mi Kun oldin
jose gutierres
jose gutierres Kun oldin
PerfectoS guerreros y HOMBRES
Kalyn Payton
Kalyn Payton Kun oldin
This is purely amazing
Ruel Dino
Ruel Dino Kun oldin
All of them got little backstreet boys and AJ have two pretty backstreet girls!!!
Tina O'brien
Tina O'brien Kun oldin
My new favorite BSB song. Been a fan for over 20 years. Love you guys
Mari Terezinha
Mari Terezinha Kun oldin
Eles são dmais 💝
dennisjesus100 Kun oldin
90 kid's !?
My Son Is Dustin Henderson
Brian's son is hot
Avry Maier
Avry Maier 2 kun oldin
I love this music video good job Backstreet Boys
Danielle Dixon
Danielle Dixon 2 kun oldin
This song is so touching and the visuals make it 1000x better!!!! Backstreet Boys are the BEST!!!!
shalini sil
shalini sil 2 kun oldin
Wow brilliant. Didn't even know that they released a new single 2 months back
Sonaplis 08
Sonaplis 08 2 kun oldin
Whoever said BSB were gay in the past,kill yourself
Bianca Nunes
Bianca Nunes 2 kun oldin
Amo eles
Laura Dawson
Laura Dawson 2 kun oldin
Love this song
aita KK
aita KK 2 kun oldin
woooow just amazing song ...such a lovely families ❣
Polly Marques
Polly Marques 2 kun oldin
ʆѳѵɛ ɓรɓ ♥♥♥
TINA CONDIC 2 kun oldin
Backstreet Boys you come in my birthday
TINA CONDIC 2 kun oldin
Backstreet Boys please come in my house 🏠 🏡
TINA CONDIC 2 kun oldin
Hi my name is TC Tina CONDIC Really Really Like this song
【26 YEARS】BSB - Best Selling Boyband
18 million views Coming!!!
Ashish Uttamchandani
Only song i love and thats great..
Tarryn Claassen
Tarryn Claassen 2 kun oldin
This is so beautiful.. I may have even cried a little. My sister and I have been BSB fans since we were pre-teen and its incredible to see how the guys grow with us over the times. We all have our own families now too, and we still both listen to BSB.. with our families.
Beverly Pil-ey
Beverly Pil-ey 2 kun oldin
one of the BEst!!!
Melissa Brown
Melissa Brown 2 kun oldin
Their music made so many good memories for me during my childhood and Im so grateful for that. So glad to see them making thier own children's childhood great too. Its wonderful they're making music again. Love love love Backstreet Boys!!!!
Beverly Hart
Beverly Hart 2 kun oldin
Good music lovly familes
bricia G
bricia G 2 kun oldin
Amo BSB ♥️🇧🇷
pisceanholocaust 2 kun oldin
Nice! I'm becoming a Backstreet fan again!!!!!!
Zima_Shirina92 2 kun oldin
My heart just swelled up with so much emotions. This was so beautiful and pure. (∩ˊᵕˋ∩)♡
Noel Lomax
Noel Lomax 2 kun oldin
looks like someone's making a come back ayeeeee
Courtney Holland
Courtney Holland 2 kun oldin
I love this song!
Pamela Rojas  Gutierrez
Moby Cazz
Moby Cazz 2 kun oldin
Beautiful song and video. BSB forever. They have beautiful families.
Tony Vintage
Tony Vintage 2 kun oldin
Arthur8182 2 kun oldin
The best boy band of all time 👌🤞
Jorge Hernández Salat
El tiempo pasa, lo bueno no... Felicidades!!!
Prime Minister
Prime Minister 3 kun oldin
With love from Armenia
Abi Yahsin
Abi Yahsin 3 kun oldin
canal da loucura
canal da loucura 3 kun oldin
Ay Love BSB ( backstreeboys ) Love music 😍
Minh Ton Quang
Minh Ton Quang 3 kun oldin
Backstreet boys or Weslife? Me? Both :>
Minh Ton Quang
Minh Ton Quang Kun oldin
Minh Ton Quang
Minh Ton Quang 3 kun oldin
Minh Ton Quang
Minh Ton Quang 3 kun oldin
Yeah me too
renz piana
renz piana 3 kun oldin
Support the legend bsb forever
Teri Claws
Teri Claws 3 kun oldin
This was so heartwarming to see them transformed from Backstreet Boys into Backstreet Men over the years!! And the first time I got to see a lot of their families! 😭 Living the dream right there. 💕
UMP_Blade 3 kun oldin
,, Oh my God we're back again Brothers, sisters, everybody sing,, - Everybody 😍😍😍
White Boy
White Boy 3 kun oldin
Omg so in love with this I’ll marry all of them lol like comment if u listen too it more than once
Leonardo Abreu
Leonardo Abreu 3 kun oldin
:) genial
Jennifer Moore
Jennifer Moore 3 kun oldin
I like how they include their families in the videos now.
David Last
David Last 3 kun oldin
Absolutely amazing.
Junior Tabuavou
Junior Tabuavou 3 kun oldin
I think these guys and New kids on the block are the only bands still together
F V Kun oldin
Well actually "New kids on the block" broke up in 1994 and then reunited in 2007 Westlife too broke up in 2012 and reunited in 2018 and are now together But the Backstreet boys never broke up and have been together for 26 years straight now .. So actually Backstreet boys are the ONLY boyband to stay together for so long
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 3 kun oldin
You are my fire my one ... Oh wait wrong song.
celi jeta
celi jeta 3 kun oldin
Love you guys....
Will Zhang
Will Zhang 3 kun oldin
Angelica angelicagutierrezchirinos@gmail.com
Lloré de emoción con ese video 😭❤️💞💕💖
Ângela santoos
Ângela santoos 3 kun oldin
how beautiful. 💖
Ida Floyd
Ida Floyd 3 kun oldin
Wow, great to see everyone, kids and all. Grew up with these guys in my ear, every song, every album. This song just makes the memories come back. Why does Brian look like Mark and Donnie Wahlberg somewhat? Lol
Shelly D
Shelly D 3 kun oldin
Love seeing the beautiful families instead of some ratchet video women. Love this video.
Federico De la torre
Just went through all their albums and I counted 22 major hits,, awesome!!!
Charlotte Hawa
Charlotte Hawa 3 kun oldin
I want it that way 🤪😳🤭🥰😍
Aly Cazarin
Aly Cazarin 3 kun oldin
Is so beudiful
Aly Cazarin
Aly Cazarin 3 kun oldin
What!😱😱😱😻¡oh my godness!
Jessa Jarrell
Jessa Jarrell 3 kun oldin
Ahhhhh Will always love you!! Lol! From the time I was 9 until now! I’m 33 😘❤️🙏🏻
Jessica Mcintyre
Jessica Mcintyre 3 kun oldin
I remember when none of them had kids bc they was kids themselves still. Gosh time flies
Wiktoria 4 kun oldin
I love this song ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Krisztina Varga
Krisztina Varga 4 kun oldin
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤Backstreet Boys 1996 -2019 08. 05. I 23 yera old and original I from 🇭🇺 fan.
Krisztina Varga
Krisztina Varga 4 kun oldin
I love alles Backstreet Boys ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I from 🇭🇺 fan.
Zoe Frencello
Zoe Frencello 4 kun oldin
Juhn - Recuerdos 🛌💏 (Video Oficial)