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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges bacon expert Eli Cairo of Olympia Provisions to guess which one of two bacons is more expensive. Eli breaks down streaky, turkey, Canadian and Euro before making his guesses!
Visit Eli at www.olympiaprovisions.com/

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Bacon Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Bacon | Price Points | Epicurious




29-Noy, 2018



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dim scrawl
dim scrawl Kun oldin
how does one become a _bacon expert?_
Scar H.M
Scar H.M Kun oldin
Is it Kosher though?
Stephanie Lim
Stephanie Lim Kun oldin
How do I get this job?
FeAr 2 kun oldin
gtfo im a bacon expert.
lao khang
lao khang 2 kun oldin
If I can, i would stick my hand through my phone's screen and grab some
Firecat0 2 kun oldin
"Best bacon memory" Wish they had had him test beef bacon
Its Adan
Its Adan 2 kun oldin
Dis same guy was a meat expert like a few vids back
ermonski 2 kun oldin
Even a bacon expert can't say anything bad about cheap or expensive bacon. Because it's bacon.
SNKRhead Games
SNKRhead Games 2 kun oldin
Did I just see him eat raw bacon?!! I wouldn’t even eat bacon cooked. A pig eats it’s own poop. It is a filthy animal
norcofreerider604 3 kun oldin
As a Canadian I don't even recognize "Canadian Bacon" B as Canadian Bacon.
simmojosh 3 kun oldin
The euro bacon is called back bacon in uk. DOes anyone know why this is if it is still from the same place as the american and canadian
RagingGoblin 2 kun oldin
Because it's from loin and belly.
Chandler Johnson
Chandler Johnson 3 kun oldin
7:26 do do-do do do dooo~
Seth Petras
Seth Petras 3 kun oldin
I love how they took the meat expert guy and disguised him by putting a hat on him
Robinson Joe
Robinson Joe 3 kun oldin
There's nothing Canadian about Canadian bacon. It's a bastarised crappy version of peameal bacon.
Russell Chapman Esq.
After watching this video I'm not sure he is a bacon expert. In mainland Europe they don't do bacon, speck is not bacon, in the UK you can get dry cured, naturally smoked bacon without the nitrates if you go to a real butcher shop.
Pansexual Snake
Pansexual Snake 4 kun oldin
When I get bacon from work I prefer the center cut for breakfast or wrapping, but I love ends for snacking and anything that requires bits of bacon.
Natalie Silsbury
Natalie Silsbury 4 kun oldin
WTF, you DO cook English bacon. You have to. You just don't cook it to a crisp. It shouldn't be crispy. If it will crack if you bend it, you cooked it too much.
Natalie Silsbury
Natalie Silsbury 4 kun oldin
Is it just the USA that cooks their bacon about 10x longer than it needs?
Carson Todd
Carson Todd 4 kun oldin
If by better you mean years to get treatment then yeah. - A Canadian American
AcE Films Studio 755
Ryan Steinberg
Ryan Steinberg 5 kun oldin
He’s a bacon expert. The fact that they had turkey in there is a disgrace
A fat cat from sweden
I dont cook bacon a lot.
I_am_a_Rook_main 5 kun oldin
Did you see how expertly he distinguished each bacon? YOU CAN'T TEACH THAT
Sydney Sacino
Sydney Sacino 5 kun oldin
For being a meat expert he seems to not know a lot about the meat industry and how it affects your health, his info was wrong
OCEANPHEONIX 5 kun oldin
7:26 di didi di dih
Bunny Forlife
Bunny Forlife 5 kun oldin
I'm no expert but I could guess all of them perfectly by just looking
gone forever
gone forever 5 kun oldin
I live in Ireland, and here we call English Bacon “rashers”, and they’re kind of a staple 😂
domushen 5 kun oldin
Thought you were gonna eat this raw :( No problem, still enjoyed the video
BeC0o1 5 kun oldin
This guy eats bacon for money. Earth is not a fair place for everyone, confirmed.
Nyx Nyx
Nyx Nyx 6 kun oldin
He just eats the "raw" bacon lmao
RagingGoblin 2 kun oldin
I don't exactly understand what's so hilarious about that though.
Ryler Tufo
Ryler Tufo 6 kun oldin
He looks exactly like what you'd think a bacon expert would look like
marc ausn
marc ausn 6 kun oldin
so the expert mixes bacon up with ham.... real expert... in "europe" we fry belly bacon the same as in the US... but the Schwarzwälder Räucherschinken is usually eaten as it is. It is way too salty if you fry it in the pan. You can use tiny bits of a cheap one as an addition for fried potatoes, Casseroles, sauces and so on in the fried state.... Or would anyone of you eat fried slices of Prosciutto di Parma or Jamon Serrano??? Btw, your so called American bacon is called Bündle/Bündchen/Bundfleisch or Bauchspeck in German, and you can buy it in thicker slices (smoked or non smoked), too. But you should buy it "fresh" from a good butcher, the packed ones ar mostly gross in consistence and taste.
Squid Master
Squid Master 6 kun oldin
What a job. Being a bacon expert. Is he taking apprenticeships?
keychu 6 kun oldin
uhm. im from canada... that's... not what /we/ call canadian bacon?? i mean, we also call it pemeal. but all my amercan friends call it canadian when i serve it to them. sO im super confused
R.D.J. 6 kun oldin
In the netherlands we eat bacon raw for breakfast with a slice of bread
R.D.J. 5 kun oldin
+Terbyn yeah😏 we also use weed instead of lettuce on our sandwiches...😎
Terbyn 5 kun oldin
You're that high even in the mornings?
JAY 1981
JAY 1981 6 kun oldin
Hey should have had Kevin Bacon with im trying bacon
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith 7 kun oldin
@Epicurious, could you have the experts tell us some.of their credentials on vid?
Dylan Courtney
Dylan Courtney 7 kun oldin
The UK bacon or whatever he called it we call rasher bacon in Australia
xikliv -__-
xikliv -__- 7 kun oldin
I like his authenticity.
Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist
I hear you have to have a minimum of ten years of college before you can become a bacon expert.
Mathia Bergeron
Mathia Bergeron 7 kun oldin
Just discoverd that canadian bacon exist! And im canadian... never once saw or eat it...
Billem Billemsen
Billem Billemsen 7 kun oldin
This makes me want to eat bacon… Also, i just watched a guy eat bacon for 18 minutes!
Seek & you shall Find
Can I have this job!!!
Bi Mi freeeeeee
Bi Mi freeeeeee 8 kun oldin
this dude absolutely gained a pound after this video
CarpRunner 8 kun oldin
I don't think these are videos of them guessing.
rob flynn
rob flynn 8 kun oldin
"Bacon expert" 1) Eating green bacon is not a great idea 2) The emulsion is the mixture used, emulsification is the process 3) Whole meat cuts can still be formed without using an emulsion
SeungHyun Shin
SeungHyun Shin 8 kun oldin
Really like how honest they are
MrSockez 8 kun oldin
People who prefer turkey bacon over real bacon are the same people who ask to see the manager (I bet 20$ I just made a white lady named karen mad)
Julie Julie
Julie Julie 8 kun oldin
only you guys call ham slices bacon. We canadians call ham ham, and bacon, bacon.
Despacito 2000
Despacito 2000 8 kun oldin
Is it weird that I like Canadian bacon more than regular bacon
Courtney Pearce
Courtney Pearce 8 kun oldin
Despacito 2000 no, both are great tbh, I also love Canadian bacon
Hodor Of House Door
If I had to guess, he is probably a expert on Deli meats, and bacon just goes along with that.
Hodor Of House Door
I am Honestly happy that he got Turkey bacon wrong, because it shows that he has his priorities straight, and doesn’t eat Turkey bacon.
A Boy Is Noone
A Boy Is Noone 9 kun oldin
I wanna know how many other people sat through all of this just to wonder what your doing with your life
Animalcart33 10 kun oldin
there are so many bacon i didnt know of
Macaroni and Cliches
What's the word for snobbery for people who don't know what they're talking about? That's what I get from all those "turkey bacon isn't bacon" comments who think they have something to prove about their masculinity It's kind of ironic that it gets the fat/lean parts backwards in its coloring though
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke 10 kun oldin
The Canadian bacon doesn't have a peameal crust :[
Junokaii 10 kun oldin
Maybe it's different out east, but as a Canadian, I've never seen that kind of Canadian Bacon in my life. But I like that kind of bacon, but I figured it was a British thing. It's definitely better that way. But I could tell Bacon Eh was better.
abc def
abc def 11 kun oldin
the best part is when you put it in your mouth
Prime 902
Prime 902 11 kun oldin
How do you become a food expert wtf
Awesome randomness
Awesome randomness 11 kun oldin
Hello from Canada 🇨🇦. Also we don’t just eat Canadian bacon 🥓🙃
Faupauzi _
Faupauzi _ 12 kun oldin
When you realise The Bacon Expert was the same as The Meat Expert video
shallowlord 12 kun oldin
So i'm better than the expert.. I only had to look at them to know wich is more expensive...
Eliz Da Unicorn
Eliz Da Unicorn 12 kun oldin
where do I sign up to be a bacon expert?!
Jyotiraditya Satpathy
Do a cheap vs expensive meth
Justin Racine
Justin Racine 12 kun oldin
We all gunna ignore the beautiful chalk work in the background
Dippin Redneck
Dippin Redneck 12 kun oldin
I got them all right just by looking at them so does that mean I'm a bacon expert?
Death Ball
Death Ball 12 kun oldin
Love how he tried to not diss turkey bacon
Lover Land
Lover Land 12 kun oldin
Can you say, worms!
Mike Lewis
Mike Lewis 13 kun oldin
There are people who are professional bacon experts? I need to rethink my life.
Je Pose Ça Là
Je Pose Ça Là 13 kun oldin
I have huge respect for thoses experts, but honestly, you need to pick products wich are closer to each others. As someone who's absolultly NOT a bacon specialist, i was abble to tell in less than 5 seconds wich one was the most expensive just by their looks. And this goes for a lot of others videos. And i mean, even if their explainations are interesting, the fact that me, as a completly clueless man about bacon i could tell so easily the correct answer means that it was probably not challenging at all for them.
r2 BedBug
r2 BedBug 13 kun oldin
I’m boutta end this man’s whole career
Khush 117
Khush 117 13 kun oldin
It's the meat expert in a convincing disguise
Conor C K
Conor C K 13 kun oldin
Its always the liquid smoke
Peggy Allen
Peggy Allen 14 kun oldin
growing up in australia we had bacon that was similar to the british stuff, but it had the full length of the streaky bacon not just a part. its long so if you;re using a fry pan you need to cut it in half. its only the last 10 years ive seen american style in your normal supermarket etc.
Sir Castic
Sir Castic 14 kun oldin
*The perfect job doesn't exi...* Cue title
Spencer D
Spencer D 14 kun oldin
Mom: What do u want to be when u grow up? Me:
El Tigrero
El Tigrero 14 kun oldin
the first thing I look for when I'm shopping for bacon is if it's made from real cops, most people look for the word "police" on the package, but those could be fake, the real bacon always has a badge print on the back, so always look for that first
Mario Muro
Mario Muro 14 kun oldin
What's the name of the font in the background where it says bacon?
Vintanic 15 kun oldin
"Ok so our product is very cheap so let's make it look fancy and expensive* Most people immediately: That's the cheap one. Looks too processed, too 'perfect'.
karlwjm 15 kun oldin
Canadian Bacon, back home, we call ham.
Paul L S
Paul L S 15 kun oldin
Next do prostitute expert guesses cheap vs expensive prostitutes. Prostitute A has got all her front teeth missing, a black eye, not a lot of meat on it, its diet probably consists mainly of meth and cigarettes given to her by her pimp, where as prostitute B smells of Chanel perfume and if you notice the absence of bruising on the face, and the clean presentable clothing, I’m going to go ahead and say B is probably a high class escort and much more expensive than A, your local trailer park hooker.
Munseong Park
Munseong Park 16 kun oldin
I want this man for my father.
Breeze NNCuber
Breeze NNCuber 16 kun oldin
Is no one gonna talk about how he eat raw bacon
isi598 16 kun oldin
Germans would never cook their bacon, that's what the cheap American stuff is for... Think I'm having a seizure just watching this 🙄
David Bliss
David Bliss 17 kun oldin
so on the first bacon B was a better cut but then every part of prossesining it was worse ?
Logan Martin
Logan Martin 17 kun oldin
No one in Canada calls it “Canadian bacon”.
Peter Montagnon
Peter Montagnon 17 kun oldin
I love all bacon!!!! Everyone has it's place!!! By law in Canada all meat has to be all antibiotic free. If an animal, beef,pork ,chicken, etc has to be free of all before being slaughtered.
Aaron Archer
Aaron Archer 17 kun oldin
As a proper Canadian , I'm upset by the bacon called ours
ANDHERTZ 17 kun oldin
The true Canadian Bacon is the movie..
Ro1 Jaz
Ro1 Jaz 18 kun oldin
I dont even know that there are those types of bacon. Lol.
EmJay 18 kun oldin
Surprised he didn’t know that Canadian bacon was first made in the USA and not Canada. We go to the grocery store and ask for bacon and get the same streaky processed bacon that you do. What you call “Canadian bacon”, we call what it actually is, Back Bacon, or Peameal bacon.
Taj Oliva
Taj Oliva 18 kun oldin
I enjoyed this video.
warrenc50 18 kun oldin
How did you get the turkey bacon wrong
Alexander Friehs
Alexander Friehs 18 kun oldin
But he said A is cheaper on turkey bacon how is he wrong
J e r r y
J e r r y 18 kun oldin
Uh it’s Alive with Brad anyone?????
Dance Electric
Dance Electric 18 kun oldin
(((Turkey Bacon)))
Connor Brazier
Connor Brazier 18 kun oldin
Robert Marcus Grimshaw
Eli always reminds me of a Sesame street character come to life...
bluepirate 18 kun oldin
meat man
Oliver Repp
Oliver Repp 19 kun oldin
15:06 The Italians say Speck? Me as a German (from North-Rhine-Westphalia) pretty much never say Schinken, I (and everyone I know) says Speck.
Christian H.
Christian H. 2 kun oldin
North Italians (Südtiroler) say Speck - but they speak german like Nordtiroler Austria. In the Italien speaking Part of italy they would say pancetta or lardo but to be honest that is not the same as german or tyrolean speck.
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