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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges bacon expert Eli Cairo of Olympia Provisions to guess which one of two bacons is more expensive. Eli breaks down streaky, turkey, Canadian and Euro before making his guesses!
Visit Eli at www.olympiaprovisions.com/

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Bacon Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Bacon | Price Points | Epicurious




29-Noy, 2018

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Brandon DPersonal
Brandon DPersonal 16 daqiqa oldin
Canadian bacon is a scam. It’s just really expensive small ham.
Brandon DPersonal
Brandon DPersonal 21 daqiqa oldin
These damn cutaway commercials are really annoying.
WelfareChrist Soat oldin
was anyone else actually offended when turkey bacon came up?
Eoin Bonner
Eoin Bonner 2 soat oldin
So basically you guys built a wall and invented AMERICANBACON. Congratulations. Meanwhile climate change and retardism still plagues the amerikkkan nation.
Vish Ay
Vish Ay 3 soat oldin
I was wondering when i saw this video that i saw this guy somewhere before then i realized that he was on it's alive with brad from Bon appetite
Krissinator 3 soat oldin
How do you find all these sexy people with piercing, beautiful eyes?
Jason Bonely
Jason Bonely 3 soat oldin
Damn. I've seen this video on my feed or like at least a week or two now, and haven't clicked it on it because I assumed it was garbage due to the STUPID, CLICKBAITY TITLE. Then today, it autoplays today after other video, and what do I find? An interesting and informative video that goes way beyond what you'd expect from the title - this ain't some dumb Buzzfeedy video with a guy eating exorbitantly expensive stuff... it's actually INFORMATION that could be useful in your day-to-day life. So that's awesome. Too bad I missed it for weeks and only happened upon it by chance (i.e. UZvid WANTED me to see it). I feel like there has to be a better way to title / brand these videos to distinguish them from the rest of the "cheap vs expensive" trash out there on UZvid. Anyway, great video!
C-Notez 3 soat oldin
Mmm perfect crunch yeah let’s get in there! 😩
blindfire56 3 soat oldin
Why do I do this to myself I am so hungry
dsndicmsa 3 soat oldin
so great how you advocate withholding antibiotics from animals.... yay for letting an animal suffer from a easily curable illness
cartohead 5 soat oldin
“Oh my God, that is so good. Yeah that’s awesome.”
bigboss1118 5 soat oldin
And they said the perfect job didn’t exist
vosskGDH 5 soat oldin
is this halal
PRose84 7 soat oldin
today I learned that my "raw" bacon is actually cooked.
Monxer 7 soat oldin
>Better healthcare Yeah that's what Canada has the highest malpractice rate out of any developed country lmao
TheMrWillje 9 soat oldin
Shoutout to the person who does the art on the chalkboard for these videos. Always so great.
BillHicks420 10 soat oldin
Just to brag a bit, I guessed that turkey bacon B was the expensive type from 5:45 . Skipped right to the price reveal. Just look at the color differences. Turkey A has an artificial bologna color and texture to it. B at least looks like real meat.
Simon Wu
Simon Wu 10 soat oldin
Liquid smoke have a distinct flavor can't stand it
dustin brownlee
dustin brownlee 10 soat oldin
I laughed when I saw this come up on suggested, and couldn't not click it. Not disappointed lol
M. Rozzaq Yusaliano
M. Rozzaq Yusaliano 10 soat oldin
Here's a challenge, take a shot each time he said "Bacon"
Megan Kohtz
Megan Kohtz 11 soat oldin
In New Zealand and Australia where I grew up, bacon has the loin and the entire belly together.
Wylde Wheaton
Wylde Wheaton 11 soat oldin
They have the best career in existence
David Chan
David Chan 12 soat oldin
Bacon cause cancer.
Purple Giraffe
Purple Giraffe 8 soat oldin
This ignorant comment gave me cancer.
zero crusade
zero crusade 12 soat oldin
Try cheap vs expensive weed and have Snoop Dogg as jugde please!
bennemann 13 soat oldin
An Epicurious-brought expert made a MISTAKE on the price point? PREPOSTEROUS! I DEMAND MY MONEY BACK!
Tsachi Granot
Tsachi Granot 15 soat oldin
Eat Bacon. Cardiologits need to make a living too.
Baconer 20 soat oldin
My name suits this...
Rachel Dobbins
Rachel Dobbins 21 soat oldin
I've never seen anyone get it wrong. What's interesting is based on his description, I thought he was going to pick the opposite way. I think he identified the reasons they were cheaper and more expensive, but then just guessed the wrong way.
veralynsage 21 soat oldin
Eughhh I can’t even eat bacon but this is making me extremely hungry
Kirsten Bassett
Kirsten Bassett 22 soat oldin
This made me crave a plate of bacon so badly!
Jeremy Swanson
Jeremy Swanson 23 soat oldin
i like this guy, do more with him
Eric Singley
Eric Singley 23 soat oldin
He should have went full Ron Swanson and thrown the turkey bacon directly into the garbage...
Eric Singley
Eric Singley 23 soat oldin
I felt like I was watching Antiques Roadshow... but for bacon...
Doopliss 23 soat oldin
Canadian bacon 100% looks like A, i've never even seen B before
Griffin Mietzner
He must have become extremely bored to learn all this
Eldin P
Eldin P Kun oldin
I'm muslim, I can't even eat bacon. what am I doing here?
Kberry1249 sal
Kberry1249 sal Kun oldin
What the name of the uk bacon
drspastic Kun oldin
American bacon is just fat
Ben Willock
Ben Willock Kun oldin
I'm not being funny but that's not how you cook English bacon... we would consider that burned.
Kevin Tunney
Kevin Tunney Kun oldin
I used to eat that German bacon raw every morning with bread and herb and garlic cream cheese for breakfast while in Germany. I miss those days
Roy Briggs
Roy Briggs Kun oldin
"Canadian Bacon" you mean peameal bacon?
Rose Juliette
Rose Juliette Kun oldin
I hate bacon but I love this series.
Jim St. Paul
Jim St. Paul Kun oldin
I love this guy, you can tell he's knowledgeable about his work, but also having fun with it
Dylan Le Lerre
Dylan Le Lerre Kun oldin
Love me some thick cut smoked english back bacon. Best for a bacon butty.
Xilly666 Kun oldin
We all love him and brad together!!!
josh vick
josh vick Kun oldin
how do i become a bacon expert? i want that job and job title
Emir Aryaputra
Emir Aryaputra Kun oldin
wait... i dont even eat bacon
Gaming with Adonis
so 4 for 4....so can I tell people I'm a bacon expert?
Arina Nuha
Arina Nuha Kun oldin
Brad bring me here
Richard Jenssen
Richard Jenssen Kun oldin
Anyone on planet earth could tell if it's cheap or not..
N0NYA Business
N0NYA Business Kun oldin
Isn't that the same guy brad Leone went pheasant hunting with on bon appetite
Avirup Roy
Avirup Roy Kun oldin
TL;DR "Do to a deli that'll be able to slice that belly..."
Troy Padilla
Troy Padilla Kun oldin
He looks like the meat expert
kgkustomz97ser Kun oldin
This guy has some serious discipline. How do you NOT finish the whole piece? IT'S BACON!!
Nivea Soto
Nivea Soto Kun oldin
Who else hates crunchy bacon bacon is sooo good but chewy bacon is way better tha
Macy Allen
Macy Allen Kun oldin
Canadian Bacon B looks like the basic vacuum sealed packaged Canadian bacon that I get at stater bros for $4 in the same aisle as the regular bacon. Not gonna lie though that’s still what I use to make eggs Benedict.
deandre king
deandre king 2 kun oldin
This type of expertise you just can’t teach it
deandre king
deandre king 2 kun oldin
My guy from the new bon appétit hunting video:))
Hunter Glass
Hunter Glass 2 kun oldin
How does one become a Bacon Expert? It sounds made up, but brilliant!
Ярослав Абрамовиц
eyy, meat man returns.
Varunan 2 kun oldin
His accent went from British to American at the start, also wasn't he already on the show? (Not that that's a bad thing of course, he's a really good host)
TheBlackMario1080p 2 kun oldin
I'd like for this bacon professional to elaborate on a "bacon memory of the year". What was his most memorable?
Satchin Joseph
Satchin Joseph 2 kun oldin
This video is not kosher.
Senux 8
Senux 8 2 kun oldin
this bacon is really good too tough lol it's bacon when is any bacon not good bacon?
Shabir Din
Shabir Din 2 kun oldin
Hey! It's the guy from Bon Appetite episode where they hunt pheasants!
jeh0o0 2 kun oldin
I’m vegan what am I doing here
Alyse R
Alyse R 2 kun oldin
how did you get it so golden?! that looks amazing! I can never cook it like that
bennies fried chicken
wtf's liquid smoke?
MY NAME CHEF 2 kun oldin
Some Americans say Australian bacon is ham and what I say to that it fricc u at least our bacon is at least 60% meat instead of American bacon witch looks like pure lard and I think all American and Australian can agree that Canadian bacon is gay btw Australian bacon is British bacon but better
Zac H
Zac H 2 kun oldin
*bacon expert* eats bacon uncooked and questions whether he should have ate it, seems legit
MzClementine 2 kun oldin
MmmmmmmmmmMmmmm bAconnnn...
maywenearedhel 2 kun oldin
I hate Canadian bacon. But then, I'm not a fan of ham. Or really any pork products. Streaky bacon is awesome, though.
jCurrran 2 kun oldin
Imagine having a kid in your belly for nine months just to grow up and be a bacon specialist
John Doe
John Doe 3 kun oldin
There is no such thing as Canadian bacon. Anywhere in the world other than the USA it’s called what it is, back bacon.
DeltaKillR 3 kun oldin
You guys know if you ask for bacon in canada you will most likely receive normal "american" bacon, right?
merrilew 3 kun oldin
Too many commercials but excellent content
Broken Wave
Broken Wave 3 kun oldin
If i met this guy at a coffee shop and he said he was a bacon expert i wouldn't question it for a second.
Hashuu 3 kun oldin
Why am i watching this i eat hilal
Kelly Luo
Kelly Luo 3 kun oldin
Why is he so focused talking about the bacon u know what I would do EAT IT ALREADY! XD
Alexandre Boutaud Valarini
Again: Don't eat raw pork.
no, thnx
no, thnx 3 kun oldin
He's also a pheasant hunter and good boy expert.
lovelinissm 11 soat oldin
+no, thnx I was hoping someone would say this
no, thnx
no, thnx 3 kun oldin
"you can't teach that"
elchasai 3 kun oldin
price point is used instead of price because...When you're a trend-forward, pro-active, and aggressive node in the volatile matrix of a fast-changing marketplace, it's task-adaptive to adopt language that secures and retains your strategic vantage by effectively re-labeling whatever variables and parameters you can isolate... in a manner that outsiders might find confusing... just like a squid sprays ink to ward off predators. Good corporate-language is effectively value-adding, by making simple things seem complex. Remember: If you're paying someone to do something, every bit of obscurity he or she attaches to what he or she does raises his or her apparent value...
Manogna Chavali
Manogna Chavali 3 kun oldin
Kinda like what you did with this comment
fedebestia 3 kun oldin
As an Italian and lover of speck, I would suggest anyone to try it raw before you cook it, because cooking it makes it a lot more intense. Anyway, look up recipes before you tackle it and I assure you you won't be disapponted, enjoy!
Sandra Johansson
Sandra Johansson 3 kun oldin
swedish bacon ftw. we treat or pigs fair and with love
Jason White
Jason White 3 kun oldin
1. Turkey "bacon" is not bacon. 2. Being a Bacon Expert sounds cool but you did not have to be an expert to determine which bacon costs more. If you eat bacon then you know. 3. Bacon is awesome in any form or cut.
Lanora Ruiz
Lanora Ruiz 3 kun oldin
Turkey is the only meat I eat and even I don't like turkey bacon 😝
KANG 3 kun oldin
Where’s vinny? 😢
aposslex 3 kun oldin
Bacon expert! Eats it raw,... “was I not meant to do that” :/
aposslex Kun oldin
Nico Nico Douga you can get really sick from eating raw pork. Please don’t eat raw pork.
Nico Nico Douga
Nico Nico Douga 2 kun oldin
Theres no rule on how to eat bacon its about the show maybe they didnt want him to eat it raw its the same as qhen someone says which one is the cheaper in the first second
Nolan Friedline
Nolan Friedline 3 kun oldin
I thought this was going to be too long, and I did run out of bacon half way through, but I loved every second of it! I totally called that turkey bacon "A" was the cheaper one. Euro bacon is something I have never seen before, and it was great to see real Canadian Bacon.
Triranta Adek
Triranta Adek 3 kun oldin
I just can't get over him eating the bacon raw..
Lucas Pierri
Lucas Pierri 3 kun oldin
I feel like these videos are way too long .
noisyturtle 3 kun oldin
Rice expert please!
TheWooN1nja 3 kun oldin
The perfect job comment doesn't exi.... oh
Gregor Clegane
Gregor Clegane 3 kun oldin
PETA can't force me to bring home the bagel. It's bacon for life!
SnowToad 3 kun oldin
I want to be a bacon expert!
Micah Luarez
Micah Luarez 3 kun oldin
omg finally somebody made a mistake lol!
Jacob McGuire
Jacob McGuire 4 kun oldin
This might be a dumb question but are these people actually experts? Or is it more like, due to their field of work, they can be considered an expert because of how often they eat the food?
SIT DOWN 4 kun oldin
Please do an episode on tea.
Deivid Sama
Deivid Sama 4 kun oldin
Man, you can't teach that! i hope someone gets the reference
Megan Bradbury
Megan Bradbury 4 kun oldin
an episode on wine??? :)