Bacon Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Bacon | Price Points | Epicurious

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In this episode of 'Price Points', Epicurious challenges bacon expert Eli Cairo of Olympia Provisions to guess which one of two bacons is more expensive. Eli breaks down streaky, turkey, Canadian and Euro before making his guesses!
Visit Eli at www.olympiaprovisions.com/

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Bacon Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Bacon | Price Points | Epicurious




29-Noy, 2018

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Michael William Davis
Michael William Davis 14 daqiqa oldin
Please, Epicurious could you do a cheap vs expensive cannabis epi? Thanks, you're great; loving these shows!
Matt Torres
Matt Torres 7 soat oldin
I know you've done alot of meats but... Deli meats??
Random Person
Random Person 9 soat oldin
The funny thing is most people shopping at a fresh meat store would always go for the processed option. They look more uniform and it's more so what they're used to purchasing in their pre-packaged processed versions. Selling high quality meats is simply not easy, people don't want it. lol
Josh Riggs
Josh Riggs 12 soat oldin
The only thing I don’t like about bacon is it shriveling up. Just kidding there’s nothing wrong with bacon
fana406 12 soat oldin
Daddy issues I need some of your bushyness in my mancunt
Useless Gain
Useless Gain 20 soat oldin
i think they went to portland and found the first guy with a fedora to eat some bacon for them
Steven Lord
Steven Lord 23 soat oldin
You can't teach that
Salty Bacon
Salty Bacon Kun oldin
Patrick Fang
Patrick Fang Kun oldin
I live in Vancouver and never in my life have I seen Canadian bacon advertised as ham. It’s either bacon or ham.
Sass enach
Sass enach Kun oldin
Only americans call that stuff canadian bacon... we don't even sell it!
exzeroex Kun oldin
On the turkey bacon. Bacon A white streak makes me think big time mass produced conveyer belt extrusion product while bacon B is more of a smaller time craft project.
Ian Bower
Ian Bower Kun oldin
He's a TRUE expert, he cooked his bacon in a cast iron skillet. which is the KEY!!
Wookien Kun oldin
lol "euro bacon". We eat streaky bacon like murica.
Benvel Kun oldin
Rock Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Rock
drunkdeity Kun oldin
Going to say as a Canadian I wouldn't even touch the cheaper of the Canadian bacons.
Robin24 2 kun oldin
There’s no suck thing as a perfect professi-
Gerardo Palomera-Vasquez
He's super adorable
Simon Harte
Simon Harte 3 kun oldin
"It's a unique product for sure" haha, sneaky way to diss a bad turkey bacon.
JT 3 kun oldin
take a shot every time he says "bacon"
art에반 3 kun oldin
Taunic 3 kun oldin
hmmmm better healthcare
Peter Lee
Peter Lee 3 kun oldin
I just love watching this guy, i feel like a meat expert right after the video_0)
Razor Chuckles
Razor Chuckles 3 kun oldin
3:22 Is he trying to get sick?
Wanderer Z1
Wanderer Z1 3 kun oldin
one correction, Speck is not northern italian, but more of a central/southern Austrian and also Czech cured Bacon, the only part of Italy you find this in is in the italian Province of southern Tyrol which used to be part of Austria.
Mofu MAPOTI 3 kun oldin
I'm glad they included turkey bacon, being Muslim, I can't eat pork, and I never see any reviews on things that I like 😋🤗
Just ask the mouse
Just ask the mouse 3 kun oldin
Little Bit annoyed that he was forced to compare english Bacon vs German Bacon... Like there are good and bad Versions of them aswell...
Oliver Webb
Oliver Webb 3 kun oldin
He ate raw bacon and panicked the producers immediately BAAHHAHAHHAHAHA "I'm sorry should I not do that?!"
Reese Pattison
Reese Pattison 4 kun oldin
Canadian bacon is so insulting to Canadians just because bacon in Canada is basically American bacon. Canadian bacon is just another thing made by Americans that is just a false stereotype about Canada
vane2760 vane2760
vane2760 vane2760 4 kun oldin
Bacon to me is just bacon ok so Canadian bacon-bacon American bacon-bacon Turkey bacon-bacon
Sierra Long
Sierra Long 4 kun oldin
The cheaper Canadian bacon kinda looks like bologna…
Sophie Wilkinson
Sophie Wilkinson 4 kun oldin
You overcooked the English bacon... it’s better when the fat is soft but the edges are slightly crispy, then you cook it without getting rid of excess fat so it’s not dry. Personally I think you are a disgrace to all the English bacon eaters out there.... 😂😂😂 plus this is just my view no hate.... and I’m hungry now
Sophie Wilkinson
Sophie Wilkinson 3 kun oldin
Exactly 😂❤️❤️
Corleone 3 kun oldin
Right? The lean part should be more like a meaty ham, the fat in between should still have a little chew and the outer edge crispy
Ah Hin
Ah Hin 5 kun oldin
I saw Eli then I came =]
snake381 6 kun oldin
They recommend fully cooked bacon! Hahahahaha, USA - always funny...
TwoPercentEmpire 6 kun oldin
I always get excited to see the expert fail. Reminds me these are real people lol
flautist02 6 kun oldin
Anyone else getting Ron Swanson vibes?
David 6 kun oldin
Like American bacon but friendlier with free health care ROFLMAO!!!!!
Jacob S
Jacob S 6 kun oldin
umm i believe that I could qualify as a Bacon Expert
Dr Scott
Dr Scott 6 kun oldin
I wanna be a bacon expert.
David Brownell
David Brownell 6 kun oldin
How does one become a bacon expert? Where do I apply?
alphadexxa 7 kun oldin
Turkey is not bacon. The only real bacon is Danish bacon, it's very much like the american bacon, but it's better.
Soggy Waffles
Soggy Waffles 7 kun oldin
Welcome to the next episode of why is this in my recommended
deathbymonkey21 7 kun oldin
Did anyone else have to pause and go grill up some bacon?
Anthony Armstrong
Anthony Armstrong 7 kun oldin
He looks like a bigger bearded Sean Evans of Hot Ones
Puzzlebox 101
Puzzlebox 101 7 kun oldin
Oh god I’m so hungry
Pierre 7 kun oldin
Isn't Euro Bacon "A" prosciutto?
Sbordoman Radio
Sbordoman Radio 7 kun oldin
so the british copied the bacon making ways of americans and canadians, and combined them, not that americans and canadians basically come from england?
Herbert Günther
Herbert Günther 7 kun oldin
You'd propably get strangled for putting black forest bacon in the pan here in germany :D
LS D 7 kun oldin
Muslims hate him
Anthony Floyd
Anthony Floyd 7 kun oldin
Canadian here. We don't even have that second "Canadian bacon" up here. You ruin everything, America.
Izzy 7 kun oldin
I'm a vegiteran. Its 2 am. Why am I watching this.
lucas blake
lucas blake 7 kun oldin
What the hell is up with that American bacon ? Is that what you guys eat over “across the pond” . English bacon is a more substantial meat , and is so much nicer (in my opinion)
Marc Richards
Marc Richards 7 kun oldin
Lmao all those who won’t eat hotdogs but eats turkey bacon all day😂
upqrade 8 kun oldin
I just want my bacon.
matt cajigas
matt cajigas 8 kun oldin
Who is handing out these bacon degrees
Crotha 8 kun oldin
That is the same guy as the Meat Expert, isn't it? Nice seeing him back here :)
NOS Huffer
NOS Huffer 8 kun oldin
Why is he reading a cue card next to camera
Harris Lam
Harris Lam 8 kun oldin
i will eat TF out of that Canadian bacon. It looks lean and healthy.
Mien Fuera
Mien Fuera 8 kun oldin
Is being a bacon expert a paying job because if it is I’m jealous
Abdullah Almasri
Abdullah Almasri 8 kun oldin
I've binge watched all of these "experts trying" videos I am scared they'll run out soon. I am muslim and dont even eat bacon but am obsessed with these videos XD pls keep uploading
Floris Van Impe
Floris Van Impe 8 kun oldin
His love for bacon is palpable
Bjørnar Lied
Bjørnar Lied 8 kun oldin
This guy looks alot at Wikipedia
Francis peña
Francis peña 9 kun oldin
That lame turkey bacon would probably be called the lowest of the low Only villains eat that
Maxwell Rice
Maxwell Rice 9 kun oldin
I'd really prefer he didn't push his political agenda in this video. Organic bacon isn't nessecarily better.
niloofar alavi
niloofar alavi 9 kun oldin
These videos are great because: 1) educational 2) simple and honest 3) chalkboard artist 4)this channel listens to people 5)super entertaining
Silver Strings
Silver Strings 9 kun oldin
Nooooooooooom you cooked them in the same pan!!!!!!!
Steve Synan
Steve Synan 9 kun oldin
Although I respect his knowledge with real bacon, I was surprised he guessed the turkey “bacon” wrong. I immediately knew that B was more expensive. B looks like actual meat whereas A looks like Play-Doh.
Jackal Nerf
Jackal Nerf 9 kun oldin
Michael Fretwell
Michael Fretwell 9 kun oldin
Being fat doesn't make you a bacon expert.
2KIceman 9 kun oldin
I wonder if he’s vegetarian
Gregor's Evil Twin
Gregor's Evil Twin 9 kun oldin
Just got here after bread guy, who was about as dry as the food he was reviewing. This guy is fun, I like him.
Ethan Klein
Ethan Klein 9 kun oldin
Where's the meat? American's eating straight strips of fat... real bacon is British/Canadian.
deathqb 9 kun oldin
I thought it was grown up Bobby Hill from the thumbnail
Puzzling Bear
Puzzling Bear 10 kun oldin
how many lives has this man lived
Ange Liota
Ange Liota 10 kun oldin
Am I the only Canadian that thinks both those Canadian bacons look inaccurate.
Aleksandra Tomczyk
Aleksandra Tomczyk 10 kun oldin
British bacon, or what British call the Danish bacon, made in Denmark. Also comes smoked...
ImLovingThis One
ImLovingThis One 11 kun oldin
At 16:03 you can actually hear him crying out of joy
elias altenberg
elias altenberg 11 kun oldin
no chinese bacons :(
renragged 11 kun oldin
Isn't it dangerous to eat pork raw? I'm so confused...
bustosricky 11 kun oldin
The friendlier and with better healthcare line made me sick to my stomach, which I can't treat since I'm from the USA. Damn you, bacon expert!
Magicsnakes 11 kun oldin
AJTokez 11 kun oldin
Good stuff
mcgoo721 11 kun oldin
All meat in the US is antibiotic free, and organic is just a trumped up marketing scam.
Zu bakx
Zu bakx 11 kun oldin
Something is off about the sound quality. Not only in this video. It isn't sharp and clear. I like the content, so please, for your own sake. Up the sound quality! :)
MotoYoshi 12 kun oldin
I wonder if he taste like bacon if you cook him....
Cat 24
Cat 24 12 kun oldin
Eh... turkey bacon isn’t real bacon. Can’t blame a “bacon expert” for not knowing. :)
Hans Yolo
Hans Yolo 12 kun oldin
Ok, that's it, I'm not going to college. I'm going to become a Bacon Expert
EggyRepublic 12 kun oldin
Son, what do you want to be when you grow up? A bacon expert
DoppelSöldner 12 kun oldin
Could you do an Episode of "Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Meth" ?
Anthony Falcon
Anthony Falcon 13 kun oldin
Lean meats are of lower quality, taste worse, and have less nutritional value. The more fat the better. Why do you think Wagyu is so expensive and tastes so good? Why do you think the more well-done a steak is, the less flavor/tenderness it has(more cooking = more fat loss). I don't like my bacon crunchy. I don't like my ribeye steak well done.
MKM 13 kun oldin
They never seem to go by taste for which one is better... just how it looks and how it's made etc.
Winky Tinky Doo
Winky Tinky Doo 13 kun oldin
Im a masturbation expert
NOPE 13 kun oldin
£9.20 for 0.4Kg of bacon is insane why is it so expensive in America
Lola Moon
Lola Moon 13 kun oldin
*Even I knew which was the expensive turkey bacon.😂*
Andulvar 13 kun oldin
That was a bit of a bs move on this channels part. Turkey and beef bacon isn't bacon.
John Glen
John Glen 13 kun oldin
This dude really ate raw bacon wtf
Paly Maker
Paly Maker 13 kun oldin
he looks like a younger version of Mr.Pearson
michael close
michael close 13 kun oldin
watching this makes me pleased to be an aussie. our bacon is the loin and the streaky so canadian plus american like the euro shown but longer.
Finn Katte
Finn Katte 14 kun oldin
I like canadian bacon, and turkey bacon. I like turkey bacon for the exact reason mentioned, I don't like pork.
Crazy Fun
Crazy Fun 14 kun oldin
That was not Canadian bacon ! That is Ham .That is bacon in England !
Crazy Fun
Crazy Fun 14 kun oldin
I want your job !!!
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