Bacon, Pea & Goat's Cheese Frittata - Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay
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This fritatta recipe fuses a range of flavours. A great alternative to your average omelette. A breakfast dish that's simple to make and perfect for kicking off the weekend in style.
Gordon Ramsay Ultimate Fit Food: amzn.to/2FznHtk
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1-May, 2014



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YETI Official
YETI Official 8 kun oldin
Gordon! Save Marco from Knorr!!!
Mustafa Kamal
Mustafa Kamal 13 kun oldin
aryan kumar
aryan kumar 18 kun oldin
Gordon Ramsey you are eight wonder if the world
TRUMP will change America, wait and see
This guy. Gorden gets me so HOT, Dam i am going to look at porn now ahhhhhh --- never mind "DONE" !
Zeitgeist NPC
Zeitgeist NPC 29 kun oldin
"I wanna discover these pockets of creme goat cheese" In whata time we live...
Sam Czarina Baron Sung-Marquess
That's why, Mr. Ramsay, you are the chef and I am not!
Antony Manuel
Antony Manuel Oy oldin
What a mess!
SSJ2B Vegeta
SSJ2B Vegeta Oy oldin
I need a Gordon Ramsey alarm clock that just wakes me up like "C'MON YOU LAZY FUCKING BAG OF SHITE! GET UP YOU FUCKING DONKEY!!!" 😂😂
Anstria Tarot
Anstria Tarot Oy oldin
Gosh that looks beautiful. Nor sure I'd put peas in it though. Tiny broccoli florets maybe.
Prince Zeddie
Prince Zeddie Oy oldin
Gow zis
Romana Pisárová
Please cook some vegan food :D
яєɱεʍвerⓜⓔ 2018
i don like those green beans
jorgene tapawan
jorgene tapawan 2 oy oldin
i have savory eggs
Palos Sebastian
Palos Sebastian 2 oy oldin
these youtube haters are buzzling insects compared to gordon ramsay.. hes rich hes famous and hes a chef god.. and you youtube haters are what???? fucking couch potatoes
xBacon Stripsx21
xBacon Stripsx21 3 oy oldin
What heat are you suppose to have the oven at???
Eddie Gooden
Eddie Gooden 3 oy oldin
This shows who this guy really is in real life.
MA 3 oy oldin
Fucking hell. Can I have that kitchen please Gordon Ramsey? Haha
KFC Goku
KFC Goku 3 oy oldin
This video legit gave me a boner. I wish I was kidding... or do i
C P 3 oy oldin
Season bacon? Really?
ThinkTank G
ThinkTank G 3 oy oldin
SCP 1678
SCP 1678 3 oy oldin
Hey Thotty DaGod, saw you comment Ed on the Scrotum Chin over 9000 joke, but are you going to quit because your a god?
broly man
broly man 3 oy oldin
What could you use other than bacon??
RedroomStudios 3 oy oldin
serve with salsa and sour cream!
TenderHeartSarah 3 oy oldin
I’m not sure what the temperature of the oven should be
drew6955 3 oy oldin
If that was on the British baking show mary and Paul would say "beautifully done but its just a little undercooked, to bad"
Filip Swagson
Filip Swagson 4 oy oldin
"I quite like it thick" -- Gordon Ramsay
Iain Wallington
Iain Wallington 4 oy oldin
Does anyone know what brand and pan g is using
Maria Frieda Markgraf
I shouldn’t watch this while fasting.....
Ahmed King
Ahmed King 4 oy oldin
Wtf y bacon shit it's haraam
Blueskadoo 4 oy oldin
"Just shake, and say a little prayer." Too true, just like an omelette,they break into a hot mess very quickly.
analogdistortion 5 oy oldin
Great music! Can anyone ID it for me?
Shekat Hearl
Shekat Hearl 5 oy oldin
This is the 1st time I have watched a video of yours not on tv. It is really pleasant to watch when your not all amped up, watched 4 more. Can't wait to learn more.
Stephen Sargent
Stephen Sargent 5 oy oldin
He'd turn a poofter straight
africanpride69 5 oy oldin
You make my heart flutter. Why do you speak like that?
Meister Lampe
Meister Lampe 5 oy oldin
What i love about this man is - you can see the passion for food in everything he cooks. He loves what he is doing and he does with passion and perfection. I really whish i could find something for myself to be so passionate about. Thank you Gordon.
SAAALT Productions
Bro I bet his sex is crazy yet leave you mortified in pleasure. Just like his food😂😂💀
معرفه معرفه
great recipe 😍
J35h13 5 oy oldin
Thank you, Gordon.
frittata. . . . its what a flat earther lives on
to season your food . . . . leave it out for salt, pepper and. . . . spring, summer, autumn, winter,
Reuben Osborne
Reuben Osborne 6 oy oldin
I put mine in the oven for 45 minutes like he said and it's burnt to a crisp.
Angel Hidalgo
Angel Hidalgo 6 oy oldin
Te amo Gordon eres el mejor 😋😋😋😋
GamingTaylor 6 oy oldin
Into the over for 45minutes? No one has time for that!
Ruben Jurolan
Ruben Jurolan 6 oy oldin
How I wish I can taste that😊
Eleni Kara
Eleni Kara 6 oy oldin
Why do I keep punishing myself at 3 am ... ahhh !!!
logical wallby
logical wallby 6 oy oldin
i think gennaro is still much more fun to watch
Jewel Naraine
Jewel Naraine 6 oy oldin
beautiful recipe and delicious
Sugawara 6 oy oldin
After this show, his sister cleaning all the kitchen stuff.
manish batta
manish batta 6 oy oldin
Salt pepper his in all dishes . Virgin olive oil.
So bassicaly im monky
0:13 Gordon Ramsay sucks at cooking. Yeah, he totally sucks.
Spunkymunky 7 oy oldin
Very decadent. So much cheese. I just made a Friday Fritata. I took all the odds and ends from the fridge. It's my way of making way for the groceries I'll buy this weekend!
Gregory Everson
Gregory Everson 7 oy oldin
i do that and/but make a casserole, i take my left over bread ends and cut them into small cubes, spice them up (add oil so the spice sticks, you know mix that shit in a bowl) and put that on top of the casserole, nice crunchy topping
Montse Chavez
Montse Chavez 7 oy oldin
Yo quiero ser su aprendis
Matthew Corcoran
Matthew Corcoran 7 oy oldin
“Good start to your weekend” mate by the looks of this it’s gonna take me the entire weekend to do.
Asus McTablet
Asus McTablet 7 oy oldin
For all you dyslexics out there, that's BACON, CHEESE, AND GOAT'S PEE.
Nikolay Hominyuk
Nikolay Hominyuk 7 oy oldin
is anyone else high right now ?
Charles Cielo
Charles Cielo 7 oy oldin
I want to know the song that starts at 3:18 can someone tell me the name of the song😫
marymonk 7 oy oldin
This is delicious! I just made it. I did not have peas so I used fresh zucchini instead. I baked it at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and it was ready right at 45 minutes.
Allison Linner
Allison Linner 7 oy oldin
I've never seen a man be so reverent towards food. When he started whispering I got kind of turned on honestly.
Drink Beer 2
Drink Beer 2 7 oy oldin
So full of shit
NG Slot
NG Slot 7 oy oldin
WARNING: don't watch if you are hungry😉
Tina92316 7 oy oldin
I appreciate a lot about Gordon Ramsey but just wish he used less or no animal products sometimes.
Gregory Everson
Gregory Everson 7 oy oldin
fuck off vegan, just dont add the meat, do you know what DOMESTICATED MEANS? animals cant stay alive without us
bleu 253
bleu 253 7 oy oldin
한국인 없나??
T S L 7 oy oldin
Who here just made this at home and it turned out way worse than ramsay's looks 😅 but still really good for what you can do as a cook???
Timothy John Raymundo
"Then add some pee" hahshsha
Rock The Human
Rock The Human 7 oy oldin
You are like god's chef
Muro 7 oy oldin
what kind of infinity stones are these?
Brother Ronardo
Brother Ronardo 7 oy oldin
Noooo I hate green beans!! I just hate them.
Rodriguezz 7 oy oldin
3:56 It looks like a child was born lol
Dr Phil
Dr Phil 7 oy oldin
I’m just watching cuz I’m hungry
clonetrp _̂͌̅
clonetrp _̂͌̅ 7 oy oldin
i wanna fucking eat everything this man cooks😂
mezanine10 8 oy oldin
lose the peas
shefin mathew
shefin mathew 8 oy oldin
Ur recipe is quite expensive
eiebsrebla 8 oy oldin
Just realised the cameramen probably get to eat all this food... I’m ever so slightly jealous.
Jean Pablo
Jean Pablo 8 oy oldin
but how hot should the stove be??
Clive Souffe
Clive Souffe 8 oy oldin
TeacherTeacher 8 oy oldin
I just come for the comments 😐
SniperRose 8 oy oldin
Thought it said Bacon & Pet Goat
Muro 8 oy oldin
such humble man he is only mortal like us
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen 9 oy oldin
What's the song that starts playing at 3:18? I heard it one time in Anthony Padilla's old draw my life.
Daniel Astbury
Daniel Astbury 9 oy oldin
4:21 "You pulled out right?" "Sure..."
Deanna Duncan
Deanna Duncan 9 oy oldin
The way he talks lmao
Benny Adriansyah
Benny Adriansyah 9 oy oldin
Mix that with a good cup of coffee, and it'll start any day very, very nicely.
sean78745 9 oy oldin
my go to is a basil bacon and spinach, the best breakfast ive ever had
Ashutosh Nagaria
Ashutosh Nagaria 10 oy oldin
Melanie Paquin
Melanie Paquin 10 oy oldin
Nice kitchen. Yes, some mushrooms be good too. Beautiful dish
smzaccaria 10 oy oldin
He never says what heat to set the over to, any suggestions?
Gregory Everson
Gregory Everson 7 oy oldin
350F-375F im guessing
moneymaker0886 10 oy oldin
Fucking piss me off with all this freshness and perfection. Yeah am jealous. U don't need to say it.
Gregory Everson
Gregory Everson 7 oy oldin
most people cant afford market fresh everything
Rinna Rokudo
Rinna Rokudo 10 oy oldin
drooling alert
Chromiia YT
Chromiia YT 11 oy oldin
Ester Melendez
Ester Melendez 11 oy oldin
I love how passionately expressive he is when he describes each ingredient
Kirk Dillon
Kirk Dillon 11 oy oldin
Soft and creamy in the center. Food porn.
Muro 11 oy oldin
Vedant kale
Vedant kale Yil oldin
Spending more than an hour to make something that can barely fill 3 people's stomach for freaking brunch is not very productive. But he did say during the weekend so I think that explains that.
Jorge Borbinha
Jorge Borbinha Yil oldin
Whoa Gord​on, you left the stove on when you went to the oven. You should go back and turn it off.
Natesh Srinivasan
If he eats his own food, he must have been dead at least 20 years back
Izamanaick Yil oldin
Hakuna Frittata
matster shardel
matster shardel Yil oldin
Wonder if Mr Oliver would agree with this recipe?
Mephs420 Yil oldin
I thought it was called quiche
Bili's Food
Bili's Food Yil oldin
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