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You know you're a true friend when you spend 18 hours baking an EPIC Harry Potter birthday cake!
Did you see the time that I made Christmas Sweaters?!uzvid.com/video/video-Z-PPYfyJoOk.html
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MY HOUSE CAUGHT ON FIRE & yet the title of this vlog is about baking a HP birthday cake for Kyle! TRUE LOVE!

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Hey, I'm Lilly Singh and I make comedy sketches on my main channel iisuperwomanii. You’re currently watching a video on my second channel, SuperwomanVlogs. My vlogs are all about my puppy Scarbro, behind the scenes, bloopers, extras and more.



9-Iyl, 2018



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IISuperwomanII 8 oy oldin
I SAID I'D NEVER BAKE A CAKE AGAIN... But if I did, what sort of cake should I make next time?! 😆
Gacha Girl
Gacha Girl 15 kun oldin
Unicorn baby!!!!😋 P.S. Love you Lilly
DetroitsVeryOwn Brian
IISuperwomanII I say make a Batman cake! That would be EPICALLY AWESOME AND BAWSE!
Anureet Brar
Anureet Brar 2 oy oldin
A harry potter one but based on a diffrent house!
Shine Snivy
Shine Snivy 3 oy oldin
IISuperwomanII why didn’t you just cut both of the cakes in half so you don’t need to make so much cake
Random Rachel
Random Rachel 3 oy oldin
Veno Amata
Veno Amata 4 kun oldin
Rosana Pansino will dam right be proud of you!!!! :)))
Potatoes Are Life
Potatoes Are Life 5 kun oldin
Corn is great.
Ethan tubera
Ethan tubera 6 kun oldin
Rossana Pansino has left the chat
Alexandra Martinez
Alexandra Martinez 7 kun oldin
I wish that was my bday party (anyone hufflepuff?)
Eu A
Eu A 8 kun oldin
This was actually really fun?!?
-TrueEquestrian -
-TrueEquestrian - 8 kun oldin
*any Hufflepuffs?!*
Nancy Weber
Nancy Weber 8 kun oldin
If I could have a cake make, it would be a Betty Boop red velvet with cream cheese frosting cake. That would be so awesome for my 60th birthday in May, but I live in florida lol.
Potatoes Are Life
Potatoes Are Life 5 kun oldin
Happy birthday to you, considering I doubt I’ll see you when it’s your actual birthday. Many wishes, happy birthday!🥳
Nancy Weber
Nancy Weber 8 kun oldin
Omg you did an amazing job! I don't even like Harry Potter and I can't believe how big you made it, and how much work you did.
Parmeet Kaur
Parmeet Kaur 11 kun oldin
Love you lilly 💜💜she is sooo cutee despite of being so busy she mamaged to do all that she is soo humble i love her
Mugdha S.
Mugdha S. 11 kun oldin
The Harry Potter inaccuracies are killing me but I still love you
Ms. Rosa F.J
Ms. Rosa F.J 12 kun oldin
I would've ate everything halfway... WHAT CAN I SAY PEOPLE I GOT A VERY SWEET TOOTH😂😂😂
Potatoes Are Life
Potatoes Are Life 5 kun oldin
Same. That cake wouldn’t have stood a chance...🤣
Chloe Youngkin
Chloe Youngkin 12 kun oldin
Harry potter is the best and that cake looks amazing
MOJISOLA SANUSI 13 kun oldin
girl i wish your are my friend
MOJISOLA SANUSI 13 kun oldin
mkay lily the amazing baker
Ronin McAllister
Ronin McAllister 13 kun oldin
Huffelpuff is da best!!!!!!!!!👑💂‍♀️👸💃🦄🦕🦖
Slotha Nator
Slotha Nator 13 kun oldin
Hold up her BBQ was KITCHENAID!P
Emma B.
Emma B. 13 kun oldin
U DONT PUT THE SNITCH TRU THE HOOPS Quidditch rules: 1:The CHASERS get the QUAFFLE trough the hoops to score 10 points 2: the BEATERS try to hit the BLUDGERS to the other team to knock them off their brooms 3: the KEEPER defends the hoops 4:the SEEKER (Harry) tries to catch the SNITCH to end the game and score 150 points
Tim Roe
Tim Roe 14 kun oldin
Every time she said Harry Potter I got 10000% more hype than I already was
Esme Erika Kálovcová
Your a bawse
Olivia Cassie
Olivia Cassie 15 kun oldin
That Newt Scamander wand tho I WANT!!!!
Sia Sharma
Sia Sharma 15 kun oldin
this is triggering so many Potterheads #Ravenclaw
Anime Gamer
Anime Gamer 16 kun oldin
Potterhead way u @💕😂😂
Sahaj Kaur
Sahaj Kaur 17 kun oldin
Girl you should know you've just made a cake that I've dreamed of baking for life!!!
The ACE Army
The ACE Army 18 kun oldin
Like if you’re in Ravenclaw! 💙💙💙💙💙💙
Ali Stanford
Ali Stanford 19 kun oldin
Good effort but as a Harry Potter fan I’m a little bit affended
My Food-world
My Food-world 20 kun oldin
My mum HANDMADE me a cake Harry Potter for my eighth birthday and it was lit EPIC
Mickayla XD
Mickayla XD 20 kun oldin
How to cake it who?
Nicoo Karzy
Nicoo Karzy 21 kun oldin
I an og Harry Potter fan so I just would like these to be cleared up. The snitch does not go through the hoops, the quaffle does. The snitch is part of quidditch, but it has nothing to do with the hoops.
Teagan Schumacher
Teagan Schumacher 21 kun oldin
A super women cake.
Nicky Lettau
Nicky Lettau 21 kun oldin
And you have Newt Scamanders wand, not Harry Potters
Nicky Lettau
Nicky Lettau 22 kun oldin
2:54 you don't put the snitch through the hoops, you put the quaffle through them
Slytheirn Queen
Slytheirn Queen 22 kun oldin
What house?💚💚
Melissa Bas
Melissa Bas 23 kun oldin
One with me??
-cup0ftae 25 kun oldin
Unicorns 4 Eternity
Unicorns 4 Eternity 25 kun oldin
Parth Bhammar
Parth Bhammar 26 kun oldin
I wantttttttt
Aman Niran
Aman Niran Oy oldin
U r really bad at Harry Potter IT TORCHERS ME jk😂😂
Erica Pittman
Erica Pittman Oy oldin
When you were listing off the elements of the cake I was dying because A: you said SNICKERDOODLE and B: you said THOSE HULA HOOP THINGS THAT YOU PUT THE SNITCH THROUGH. Error fixes) A: snitch B: hoops that you put the QUAFFLE through.
Bhagya VD
Bhagya VD Oy oldin
You're so talented person 😍😍i love you're vlog
Alison Noonan
Alison Noonan Oy oldin
if you are a Gryffindor, give this a thumbs up
Anwesha Chowdhury
Any Percy Jackson fans here who are simply jobless...
abooseg223 Oy oldin
Where is Harry potter's mouth
Ima Hufflepuff
Ima Hufflepuff 😂😂😂
Abigail Rose
Abigail Rose Oy oldin
That voice crack at 18:21 tho😂😂
Thatonelittlegachabear :3
3:37 LOL
miky crowely
miky crowely Oy oldin
I am over late though
miky crowely
miky crowely Oy oldin
Omg you are soooo supportive I don't know anybody who would be willing to do that no matter how tired they are
Abby Rose
Abby Rose Oy oldin
Lilly should have made the snitch a Ferraro Roche and glued wings to it
Maison Lee
Maison Lee Oy oldin
Lilly, please reply. I don’t mean to be rude but I have a test on the Hindu religion. Is brahma the all powerful god and all the other gods are forms of him or is it the other way around just a question and I know you won’t see this but I’m just asking thanks!!
Kaya Debello
Kaya Debello Oy oldin
Joseph Murphy
Joseph Murphy Oy oldin
it is pronounced fon-dan-t
Thegreat mandm
The bludger goes in the hoop Lilly...
Olivia Seeley
Olivia Seeley Oy oldin
Omg I love Harry Potter I wish you could make that for me omg that is the best thing I've ever seen
Jelly Mad
Jelly Mad Oy oldin
7 years later, finally another Harry Potter cake:)
superwoman, you should watch rosana pansino because she make super cool baked/cooking stuff
Natasha Chicombing
You should make a BTS cake
Jazzy Hickman
Jazzy Hickman Oy oldin
Do you like Harry potter and If you do what house are in
Jennifer Magill
You could BE ON A BAKING SHOW LIKE NAILED IT or be an perfounial cake baker
Lauren Jung
Lauren Jung Oy oldin
At the last part when she said " now we have things to do" , yeah that sounded wrong. Like real wrong
Alisiah Crawford
Make a stranger things cake 🍰
Shimark Mazen
Shimark Mazen Oy oldin
Wow I didn't know you could bake
Harry Potter nerd
That’s awesome
Celine Al Botrous
Oh yeah yeah
XxMollxX *Mollie Cahill*
Anyone else see the og Harry Potter cake
Kaela’s Lazy World
Baking starts at 4:17 then again at 14:19
William N
William N Oy oldin
Rachel Wolf
Rachel Wolf Oy oldin
Okay that Harry Potter extravaganza is amazing, Lilly!
aaron whitlatch
For me I would eat the cake and say I did not make one
Shameera tan
Shameera tan Oy oldin
I love Harry Potter and this cake looks yum. Anyone watching this on 2019.
Lillian Fritz
Lillian Fritz Oy oldin
I felt so sad when I heard the "knowledge" of Lilly's HP experience, but at least she knows what a Gryffindor is
Tragon Lady
Tragon Lady Oy oldin
You know you don’t have to buy a cake leveler, right? Knives work just as well 🔪
Jessica Cook
Jessica Cook Oy oldin
Proud of you!!
Karma Karma
Karma Karma Oy oldin
Humayna 2 oy oldin
Wow you are so good at Baking you did a darm good job
Harry potter lover
wow that's so nice
Thumbs up Harry potter fans
Asha Murphy
Asha Murphy 2 oy oldin
Good job
Jay Clarke
Jay Clarke 2 oy oldin
Rossana Pansino is shook
Denise Castro
Denise Castro 2 oy oldin
you no at the end of the vlogs when she get hit by a tomato is that lilly on her period
Lilli's Realm
Lilli's Realm 2 oy oldin
Hearing Lilly talk about Harry Potter triggered me al hard lol
Mimi Cares for Kids
It's Nearly Headless Harry!
advika polarouthu
how many of u love Slytherin like me??
Charlie Ping
Charlie Ping 2 oy oldin
Well done!!! I love the cake soooo much. But you don’t put the snitch through the hoops. There are 4 balls in Quidditch: the Quaffle, 2 Bludgers and a snitch. The quaffle goes through the hoops and it is the job of the keeper to keep it out. The game will end when the snitch is caught and the winning seeker’s team earns 150 points. You get 10 points every time a quaffle is scored. Gryffindor is the best house Byyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee
mariea Ali
mariea Ali 2 oy oldin
Scarbro cake
Mary Daniels
Mary Daniels 2 oy oldin
Her hp knowledge is way off but I don't care. Luv her anyway.
Rachel Random
Rachel Random 2 oy oldin
I was like “why am I having so much fun binge watching right now?” So I googled your Astro chart and it turns out your b day is 3 days after mine! I also found you from your astrology video hahaha
Perpetual cherrypie
after watching your videos I feel less depressed... you are an angel 😇😘
Dinesh Satija
Dinesh Satija 2 oy oldin
You are so hardworking...omg...love u....my inspiration😘😘😘
natalie diaz
natalie diaz 2 oy oldin
Love you lilly you do what you want the vlog of five years ago its fine if it aint the best as today we still love you is was you first time
Andrae White
Andrae White 2 oy oldin
Hey be careful tho
Emily Schrader
Emily Schrader 2 oy oldin
2:51 Lmao 😂😂😂 You know, the hoop things you have to put the snitch through
sara lucia
sara lucia 2 oy oldin
Lilly you should make a skittle cake
Kaelani POCKSON 2 oy oldin
Hi lily, my name is Eva and i am 10 years old. I live in new zealand and I love making cakes with my mom. I have all those tools you used to make the harry potter cake. I think you should make a unicorn cake because you love unicorns so much. 15/1/2019
Ariya Kaushek
Ariya Kaushek 2 oy oldin
who cleans that?
Kensley's Life
Kensley's Life 2 oy oldin
Any fellow Ravenclaws??
Fabulous Me1213
Fabulous Me1213 2 oy oldin
Lilly is amazing at baking
Emma Jaraczewski
Emma Jaraczewski 2 oy oldin
Omg nice delicious cake you bake really good Lilly
Medina Hadziefendic
I wished this for My 13b-day (the cake) i dont blame lily for not knowing much about Harry Potter i am a Gryffindor
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