BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")

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Digging into the multiple choices and realities of the latest Black Mirror episode BANDERSNATCH. Learn all about the MANY different possible endings as well as the "secret" one and how to get them.
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9-Yan, 2019



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Nathaniel Cobb
Nathaniel Cobb 15 soat oldin
the first ending i got was with collins daughter
Js Xx
Js Xx Kun oldin
I loved pouring tea on the computer over and over. It doesn't change anything, but I figured if Netflix was gonna keep giving me that choice, why not pour tea out of a mug that keeps refilling?
Anthony Delfino
Anthony Delfino 2 kun oldin
You skipped the abrupt ending where you tell Collin to jump to his death instead of jumping yourself during the LSD trip, and then you get attacked by Pax in his apartment.
Laura Shuford
Laura Shuford 4 kun oldin
Moral of the story: don't take your kids toys, it will result in your wife's death
David Troia
David Troia 4 kun oldin
Wait.. Netflix has an interactive show where u can decide what path the character can go?!
Jasher Fox
Jasher Fox 11 soat oldin
Yes, just played through it, pretty good way to waste a couple hours.
Caden 5 kun oldin
Forgot about when you pick PAX on the safe in Stefan’s dad’s room and the Pax monster comes and attacks Stefan
Bertel Kuhl
Bertel Kuhl 5 kun oldin
When I watched bandersnatch I was really confused so thanks for making this video 👍
Nurf .
Nurf . 5 kun oldin
Is this a movie or a video game
Nurf .
Nurf . 5 kun oldin
That Shirt tho
Barreled Squid
Barreled Squid 6 kun oldin
My favourite endings were the ones where he fights the therapist xD if you jump out of the window its fucking gold
Papito Hernandez
Papito Hernandez 6 kun oldin
I am very grateful to know all the true the ignorant and stupid true, about how the games, the television, the programs, the shows, movies all this sick ideas to keep the coming Generation, not all but a reasonable number, berry distracted from the dark true them can't see, and happened in their own face, but they keep them very distracted, stupid human's jajajajajaja, stupid humanity, ignorant soft weak people😉open your eye
Taylah Renee
Taylah Renee 7 kun oldin
Explain Flight 7500
James Sanchez
James Sanchez 8 kun oldin
What I dont remember seeing the part where he fights his dad if he doesnt try to escape from the window.
Memeasourus Rex
Memeasourus Rex 8 kun oldin
And,there was a third meaning.those one armed tan scary ass tyrants from code Veronica.
LoneStone Gaming
LoneStone Gaming 8 kun oldin
I found 16 endings I think
Ninya 9 kun oldin
The binary symbol was actually also from series 2 of black mirror,white bear
dinn 9 kun oldin
bandersnatch was so good tbh :,)
ColourRedCalls 10 kun oldin
Why do you yell? You have a microphone
ryanomega_316 10 kun oldin
Odd that you didn’t talk about the ending where Collin comes back to life and you have the option to kill him or let him live, but the film is a lot to take in so I get it.
DarkRubberDucky 10 kun oldin
Markiplier did it better.
flame army
flame army 11 kun oldin
When I first played this movie/game I got the secret ending on Accident
Dr Strangelove
Dr Strangelove 11 kun oldin
There's another ending with like this zombie thing that jumpscares you. Pretty shitty tho.
Lambert 11 kun oldin
where's Sans when you need him
Catherine McNamara
Catherine McNamara 12 kun oldin
How do you unlock the pearl ending
Mediacandy 12 kun oldin
Did anyone get the bit where he Stefan chose the compilation tape on the bus and then when Colin asks him what he listens to, the says the Thompson Twins instead of the compilation? I got that once (I know it's not an ending) Up until that point every time he chose the compilation on the bus, when asked by Coling what he listens to he says compilation, and when he listens to the Thompson twins on the bus he tells Colin that he listens to the Thompson Twins?
bottomtext 12 kun oldin
Please don't talk so loudly, it made the video unwatchable as it hurt my ears.
ColourRedCalls 10 kun oldin
I can't understand why people yell on their youtubes
No Expert
No Expert 12 kun oldin
“Massive meta overload”. Nice.
slimsalamander 12 kun oldin
All the while, he was just creating RDR2
Rd Castillo22
Rd Castillo22 14 kun oldin
definitely, I love the ending when I chose 'Netflix'. That's really a funny ending.
Joseph Benavides
Joseph Benavides 14 kun oldin
I was watching the movie through a website and very much loved the movie came back to this after I watched it, and I had no clue that u can actually choose your decision! That’s amazing! I had no option to choose mine decision when I was watching it!!
Chronos 14 kun oldin
My head hurts after watching it
Divyansh Bhuwalka
Divyansh Bhuwalka 14 kun oldin
The first ending explained was wrong. The man-child rated the game zero. Get the material straight
Hugo The Spook
Hugo The Spook 14 kun oldin
In this episode, we don't get a ending explained... We get more.
Justin Kydd
Justin Kydd 15 kun oldin
This reminds me of Undertale
Camille Malm
Camille Malm 15 kun oldin
I think I was able to get all possible endings except getting on the train with mum. I knew that would kill Stefan in both timelines. I reached the credits without choosing it does that mean I got all possible routes completed? I feel like it took me 4 hours 😭
FuzzyPineapple 16 kun oldin
Now I’m left forever wondering if someone is controlling me *[Agree?]* *[Disagree?]*
Brendan Cormier
Brendan Cormier 16 kun oldin
What was the game it was rereleased as after it was picked up by a new company? Or just rumors?
Ivanoi Bido
Ivanoi Bido 17 kun oldin
YoureAwesomeMyDude 19 kun oldin
This is no where near all the endings
Ryan Branigan
Ryan Branigan 19 kun oldin
I got the 5* ending my first time through and honestly thought it was the best/intended ending but apparently not. Second favorite is the getting killed w/mom on the train
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez 19 kun oldin
There's so many different endings you'll go mass just trying to see them all
Sabrina Islam
Sabrina Islam 19 kun oldin
I got an ending where Stevan's dad's beheaded head was lying on top of his shelf as Stefan peacefully completed his game And also got reviewed 5/5 by that dicksuit
Cade Boy
Cade Boy 20 kun oldin
It took me more than halfway to realize I could actually use the remote
Tea Siboni
Tea Siboni 20 kun oldin
OEDODRAGON 20 kun oldin
Kinda interesting, well it's interesting listening you talk about it, but I wouldn't wanna watch it myself.
The frumious bandersnatch...
Sinclair Andrews
Sinclair Andrews 20 kun oldin
I got this from a friend and neither of us knew it was Interactive. As our copy was just an hour and a half long.. cuts back and shows all the alternative endings.. I enjoyed it alot. Makes much more sense why it paused for a sec at the record store and computer and all that.. I didn't get to decide.. like him.. I just watched everything unfold.. and it was amazing.. especially the LSD scene... I love mind benders like that
Jace L.
Jace L. 21 kun oldin
Butter batch
Mia Ravenscraft
Mia Ravenscraft 21 kun oldin
Bop it
Cosmic Bunny
Cosmic Bunny 21 kun oldin
Netflix won in controlling everyone with so many scenarios to choose from.
Ted Malchev
Ted Malchev 22 kun oldin
got all of them
Mr Sunshine
Mr Sunshine 22 kun oldin
Who else came here after getting caught for killing dad
oo 22 kun oldin
sTEfan not steFAN
Sam M
Sam M 22 kun oldin
I thought you would play all the alternate endings, a little disappointed with this
Muhammad Brata
Muhammad Brata 23 kun oldin
my cracking window love your voice
Galore Globe315
Galore Globe315 23 kun oldin
This is like Telltale
Willow Mouse
Willow Mouse 23 kun oldin
you missed a couple.
i PRO 23 kun oldin
Inception But speak a bit slow dude
Taylor Tea
Taylor Tea 24 kun oldin
My favourite endings are the one where Stefan dies on the train with his mum. Something about it was sad but also touching. And my other favourite was the “me and my friend From the future!” I just found that whole scenario hilarious!
oisin white
oisin white 24 kun oldin
If you chose suvier puffs you do not get the secret ending
Mateus Ciftci
Mateus Ciftci 25 kun oldin
I got the five star ending
Gaurav Rana
Gaurav Rana 25 kun oldin
You forgot when he chooses Colin to jump
Roger ogg
Roger ogg 26 kun oldin
Also when you get to choose between pax or Jerome davies to type the password. Either one you get scared.
Damion Klassen
Damion Klassen 26 kun oldin
I got the ending where he goes and dies with his mother when he’s a kid and the one where he just dies while talking to the therapist
Tectal Harbor994
Tectal Harbor994 26 kun oldin
(This is my opinion) I think that the 5 star ending is the true ending
ren EX
ren EX 26 kun oldin
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm suger puffs (;
KissMyAspergers 27 kun oldin
"Assumedly" that's... a word? I was taught it was "presumably".
S.P.S. G.E.
S.P.S. G.E. 27 kun oldin
why on earth can you not choose to work in the office? i tried 3 times and every time it said wrong path and made me pick again
Noah Alexander Harris
wish I had seen this before trying all options lol
assassinman35 28 kun oldin
I just picked a random one for the first 2
assassinman35 28 kun oldin
I swear to f***in God, when i "played" the movie, i was fucin shook, damn. Creepy af m8, recommend that you "play" it, (WARNING: I am NOT responsible for any injury/mental problems that occurs during this)
Old Man Frank
Old Man Frank 28 kun oldin
*Bandersnatch* The main character doesn't feel like he has control of his life and he feels someone or something else is controlling his life; us, but, we, the 'controller' is also being controlled by the creators of the show.
Bison Bust
Bison Bust 28 kun oldin
I got the secret ending the first try
assassinman35 28 kun oldin
Damn.........I messed up a few times, and killed the dad........(movie) FYI in case anyone hasn't played it (I didn't chop the body tho(movie))
Orion Scion
Orion Scion 28 kun oldin
3:49 So sugar puffs or frosties?
VCres1000 28 kun oldin
Me and my girl did this high and was bored after like 3 endings lol
BANDERSNATCH Group published The Wheel of TIME.
Rasmus Tagu
Rasmus Tagu 28 kun oldin
what about the scene where the mirror glass brakes instead of being a "portal"?
76HabeasCorpus 29 kun oldin
Charlie Brooker is a fucking sage.
SHANGHAI Chang 29 kun oldin
I’m i the only one that Colin switch his hand when he does the gun hand when the main character presented with his choice either working in the office or at his home? It might be a secret clue.
Susannah Dean
Susannah Dean 29 kun oldin
This was such a snooze fest
Big10fluff 29 kun oldin
No. No. No. Just got around to watching it on Netflix. Did the choices thing. This kind of thing is still in its infancy. Eventually, the movie forces you into what IT wants you to choose via putting you into a loop if you keep choosing the same "wrong" path. That's not freewill or free choice, or even controlling the character...contrary to what the characters are paranoid about in the film. There went the compelling link. Unless, of course, you grasp for a life jacket...by saying that the fact that they are controlling my choices means they are controlling me...just as the film's characters claim that something is controlling them. Kind of like a weatherman with his percentage chances for rain.
Tia Campbell
Tia Campbell 29 kun oldin
What happens if I chose not to go with mom when I found the bear???
LeonDasOriginal 29 kun oldin
I watched Bandersnatch for the first time and i got the secret ending, how lucky is that?
kaine bolts
kaine bolts 29 kun oldin
I got ending 7
drsatanrx 29 kun oldin
The ending with pearl makes more sense if you tell collin to jump during the drug trip rather than doing so yourself.
Brusier Weight3009
The action/window ending is fkn hilarious.
Favian Razel
Favian Razel Oy oldin
The Stanley Parable is better than this "thing"
Juno Oy oldin
I saw this video being 17 min's and I thought.. yeah it's going to miss a lot... hahaha
Fabry Oy oldin
The mirror in the dream sequence just got crack on mine, and instead of dropping my te on the computer I could just order them to smash them.
Random Dude
Random Dude Oy oldin
Has a million permutations but 10 endings* Me: 🤔
Lucky Shot940
Lucky Shot940 Oy oldin
Don Mega
Don Mega Oy oldin
when reality stops meaning anything. it's just random nonsense, as is the movie. the storyline is something an AI would write.
VARJA Oy oldin
This kind of game/vídeo is not the first or only one type on Netflix.
Thrifty Freebies
I’m disappointed there didn’t seem to be a ‘do nothing’ option where he exercises free will and does something different. A third ‘mystery option’. After he started going mad because he suspected he was being controlled, I tried backing off and letting him do his own thing, and it didn’t change anything; it still picked one of the two options for him.
Bot.o Oy oldin
the tv review endings aren't endings, they're dead ends. Endings have credits mostly.
Mace Oy oldin
Emanuel Castillo
God keeps making shitty decisions for me too
Bad Gyro
Bad Gyro Oy oldin
I might want to watch this but, jeez, that voice. Borders on screaming. Can't you tone it down? I made it to @1:37.
Amaryah Basi
Amaryah Basi Oy oldin
It’s wild to me that characters believing they’ve met before is so crazy to some people. Idk if I’ve just played Undertale one too many times but I’m used to it? Like Colin goes “we’ve met before” and I’m just like “ah yes. This”
amohotepv Oy oldin
all I know is Bandersnatch is the name of a robot thing to fight the spirits in the Date A Live anime
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