BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")

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Digging into the multiple choices and realities of the latest Black Mirror episode BANDERSNATCH. Learn all about the MANY different possible endings as well as the "secret" one and how to get them.
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9-Yan, 2019

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Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez 36 daqiqa oldin
Do a video on Are You Afraid Of The Dark?
LSD-Rick B-172
LSD-Rick B-172 57 daqiqa oldin
Netflix needs to do more of this!
PJD Soat oldin
Sugar Puffs Now 2 Accept Refuse No No Phaedra Throw Tea Over Computer Go Back Shout At Dad Visit Dr. Haynes Bite Nails Take Them Go Back Flush Them Hit Desk Pick Up Book JFD Throw Tea Over Computer Netflix Try To Explain Tell Him More Yes Leap Through The Window Talk About Mum No Visit Dr. Haynes Pick Up Family Photo Netflix Try To Explain Tell Him More Fuck Yeah Fight Her Kick Him In The Balls Follow Colin No Stefan Go Back Colin Pick Up Family Photo White Bear Symbol Back Off Get Rabbit From Dad PAC P.A.C.S. 20541 Get Rabbit From Dad PAX White Bear Symbol Kill Dad Bury Body Yes He Jumped Chop Or Bury? Bury Body Kill Him Chop Or Bury? Bury Body Chop Or Bury? Chop Up Body Throw Tea Over Computer Get Rabbit From Dad Toy Yes
Edweirdo Totes
Edweirdo Totes 4 soat oldin
Is this guy a fuck?!
KingRoyalFame 6 soat oldin
wait so do you get to pick the choices or does the movie pick for you?
Smallgang 6 soat oldin
I got the 5 star ending First , is that weird
Ompom 7 soat oldin
I freaking loved this game I mean movie thingy
Morgan Yoite
Morgan Yoite 8 soat oldin
The 9th ending in my opinion is the most black mirror ending
Shi Eun Lee
Shi Eun Lee 9 soat oldin
If you don’t talk about the mom the scene where he goes through the mirror becomes him touching the mirror and it cracking hella loud. All my friends and I nearly had a heart attack😂😂👏🏻
Alonzo Harris
Alonzo Harris 9 soat oldin
It's not out on Netflix yet
Sierrah 11 soat oldin
Bandersnatch is just an early version of the white bear park. Change my mind
Olivia Eyes
Olivia Eyes 14 soat oldin
I didn’t know you watched prevenge!!! I love that movie!!! You should review it :)
Dan Donnelly
Dan Donnelly 15 soat oldin
I really wasn’t paying attention to any of the messages and storylines because I kept trying to remember what else the actor who played Collin was in. It’s like you recognize him from other things but he’s not that famous at the same time.
milinwan 15 soat oldin
Does anyone else wish there was a storyline within the choice of working within the company?
harmonic bibles
harmonic bibles 18 soat oldin
Please button your collar down.
Srđan Mitrović
Srđan Mitrović 18 soat oldin
Unfortunately I saw this movie on my flight, I didn't have any choices... it just rolled
adi survivorfan
adi survivorfan 19 soat oldin
mindblowing af
river hensen
river hensen 20 soat oldin
You missed a few endings
bing bam
bing bam Kun oldin
the therapist is so creepy looking
Kalo K
Kalo K Kun oldin
Remember you CANNOT kill the agents... They will KILL U
Ian Bunch
Ian Bunch Kun oldin
Wasn't Netflix sued for misusing the "choose your own adventure" trademark?
Seal Kun oldin
There’s an ending where you see a bandersnatch
Bruce Anderson
Bruce Anderson Kun oldin
I seen this movie. It was pretty good. 3.5 Out 5
ThatGuy Man
ThatGuy Man Kun oldin
Did you get the broom closet ending? The broom closet ending is my favorite
Some Dude
Some Dude Kun oldin
Woah the thumbnail moves mah dude
NateBit8 Kun oldin
I did not pick frosted flakes because it bothers my teeth also it was exciting to get 4 out of 5 stars.
Cassidy Wichowsky
Can you stop yelling pls
nikos themelis
nikos themelis Kun oldin
The therapist looks like Princess Leia
Hawa Sankoh
Hawa Sankoh Kun oldin
I made the right choice killing dad
mikesgirl8304 Kun oldin
I wonder what happens if you go through it and don't make any choices?
Sloth Squad
Sloth Squad Kun oldin
Panwage Pennywhistle
I didn't take the offer at the meeting. Just cause I was like, "Fuck you guys, I can't masturbate at work all day."
Khan Hudair
Khan Hudair Kun oldin
Am I the only one who got 15 endings??
Mohsin Saeed
Mohsin Saeed Kun oldin
Maaaaannnn..... U r amazing.💐 Hats off So eloquent... It's like kinda impossible to summarize all this is a 17 min video.
Jade Alise
Jade Alise Kun oldin
I was so confused when Colin died, Kitty came to look for him, and then when I went back from chopping the body to just burying it, he was alive again and no one said anything
Lunna Locca
Lunna Locca Kun oldin
It’s like when i dream and sometimes i make the wrong decision and I die then my dream restarts all over again exactly the same as before except the second time I’m fully aware of what’s going to happen next and I pick a different route then live to see how the rest of the dream plays out. Happens to me all the time lol
Alli Ghoul
Alli Ghoul Kun oldin
You really get to make choices in a movie?? I'm trying to learn more about black mirror. I have SO many questions. Is this a series? a movie? Is Shut Up and Dance related to it?? Halp.
Grant Lauzon
Grant Lauzon Kun oldin
5:06 he’s a man child in the sense that he’s man that looks like a child.
Tyler Phillips
Tyler Phillips Kun oldin
What happens if you don’t kill you dad
Sl0wp0ke King
Sl0wp0ke King Kun oldin
I got the secret ending first try haha
Rasodori Kun oldin
This "Movie" fucking sucks. Waste of time. Makes no fucking sense at all
Derek Curtis
Derek Curtis 2 kun oldin
Wait, where the heck are you given the option to kill kitty???
Lose 2 kun oldin
Who else says this video is too dam long
AllyCat 2 kun oldin
I tried it multiple times and at one point I got an ending that I thought was the twisted ending but you didn’t mention it here. So now I want to know how many endings there really are. God damn.
Moritz Paul
Moritz Paul 2 kun oldin
lol i have seen all of them in the movie....maybe i've spend to much time...
gangstalishis 2 kun oldin
I watched this on mobile and didn't get any of the interactions.
deez nuts
deez nuts 2 kun oldin
End of the video "these are only some of the endings" Title: ALL endings
Elisa Lotto
Elisa Lotto 2 kun oldin
I don't remember in which timeline it was - because I came back many times - but my favourite scene is was Stefan show in October the unfinished game and tucker gives 1 more day , end Colin goes like : ARE YOU STILL HERE !? WHY Don't YOU GO ALONG ... okay I'll do it for you : and he claps his hands and it goes to next scene hahah geez selfawair colin was my favourite
Michael Meade
Michael Meade 2 kun oldin
Headcanon: In this episode, it is shown very clearly that Colin creates a game for Tucker Industries (or whatever the company is exactly called) named Metalhead. This made me think, what if the episode in series 4 named Metalhead is also a game? My idea is that the Callister corporation in series 4 episode 1 (U.S.S. Callister) put a lot of money into virtual reality gaming, and that one of their projects was to create open-world VR experiences based on classic games. The whole episode of Metalhead is just someone playing an updated VR version of the gaming classic, and the game has been stylized into a black and white aesthetic to pay homage to the more classic era of gaming that the original Metalhead game premiered in.
Tyler O'Hara
Tyler O'Hara 2 kun oldin
thisamericandyke 2 kun oldin
did anyone see what happens if you let the other programmer die? i think that was the main choice my friend and i didn't explore.
Fredrik Ljung
Fredrik Ljung 2 kun oldin
I killed Collin and the father
Zoinkedscoob 2 kun oldin
My first ending was the five star review
Donkeh BOI
Donkeh BOI 2 kun oldin
What's a netflix?
Tyler Pierce
Tyler Pierce 2 kun oldin
Good review but I think you mixed up a few details related to the gamers review of bandersnatched. When you accept you get zero stars but you said in this instance you get 2.5. Later on in your review you mention getting zero stars but at that ending you actually get 2.5. Good review though. Just these and a few other things that seemed really off.
Kayli Robles
Kayli Robles 2 kun oldin
I wish you would have killed colin and explained the monster. Because then the wife comes and wonders where he is etc. I really wanted to know the ending explained for all that
Stanislaw Rutkowski
I didn't get the most important ending. It was so frustrating.
G Gamer
G Gamer 2 kun oldin
Bandersnatch? Isn't that the guy that played Sherlock Holmes?
Phieilly Dinyia
Phieilly Dinyia 2 kun oldin
I got the Pearl ending
Lol_me 2 kun oldin
Please do come back to me (2014) ! It’s pretty good!!!!
Ferdinand Lincoln
Ferdinand Lincoln 2 kun oldin
I think the best ending is when he just died because he went with his mother to the train
Ferdinand Lincoln
Ferdinand Lincoln 2 kun oldin
Cause he looks happy
mert sırmalı
mert sırmalı 2 kun oldin
I am always sarcastic
This is how I watch movies while being broke.
Gaby Nassar
Gaby Nassar 2 kun oldin
TearDrips 2 kun oldin
Into the dark, would be appreciated
UB3R_M4X1MU5 2 kun oldin
Interesting how Stephan becomes aware as well as Colin already knowing what it was
Cody Danny
Cody Danny 2 kun oldin
I spent over an hour trying to find the secret stabbed-in-your-dreams ending(not covered here) , with no sucess. IT'S NOT AS EASY AS YOU'D THINK, LOOKING AT THE PHOTO TWICE!!! Please, somebody upload the scene! Begging over here...
Kevin Stevenson
Kevin Stevenson 2 kun oldin
I got that part only thing I remember is that you can't go see Colin at all.
Julia K
Julia K 2 kun oldin
I decided for him to pull his earlobe at his therapist's office and his left hand was moving up to his ear but his right hand stopped the movement. He seemed really confused but it was so early on that I didn't understand what was going on lol.
Mawer Canicus
Mawer Canicus 3 kun oldin
Is anyone gonna talk about all the references? His psychiatrist's hospital is called Saint Junipero. Nosedive? Metalhedd, white bear backwards? No one?
Sean Marc Nipper
Sean Marc Nipper 3 kun oldin
Strange that I was shown the secret ending in my first viewing.
MKAIAH 3 kun oldin
I don't know man I got all the endings
Karin Allen
Karin Allen 3 kun oldin
Is there any way to dig down into the Jerome Davis story, or does he just appear in the book, video, and (if you make the right choice) a jump-scare flash of his face?
Karin Allen
Karin Allen 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else reach a point late in the storyline where the psychiatrist was about to prescribe him more pills, and he predicted she was about to do that, and a bunch of other stuff as well? I can't remember how I reached that point, only that I'd been choosing the same option over and over to see if anything changed - and it did. I wonder how many other cases of that are in the game. I know of one other: if you chose to bury dad several times in a row, Stefan reacts differently each time the phone rings.
Blazin Skull
Blazin Skull 3 kun oldin
can you do a video on the autopsy of jane doe? I recently watched it on netflix and just wanna see what you would say about it.
Hoonnney Baaabbeee
Hoonnney Baaabbeee 3 kun oldin
I literally spent the entire night figuring out every ending and was successful except for the secret one I FEEL GOOD
POTATO potato
POTATO potato 3 kun oldin
Ending #9 was the first ending I got
O MI Fli GII 3 kun oldin
If you say yes to doing the game in the studio he says “im trying again”
mick cv
mick cv 3 kun oldin
Crazy how far I made it with no dead ends on this movie pretty much made it as far as it goes on 1 go through 5 star ending just by random luck
J D 3 kun oldin
There should have been an ending where Stefon murders the annoying critic.
Finley Clark
Finley Clark 3 kun oldin
I decided that that Colin jump over the balcony. When Stefan was walking through Tuckersoft, Colin wasn’t there, obviously. But then, after I had killed Stefan’s dad, Colin came over to check on Stefan. I don’t know if this happened to anybody else, but it was one of the most interesting things I’d seen in the whole movie.
stirange 3 kun oldin
They should do a horror-style choose your own adventure show where you make choices for and identify with the "slasher". Avoiding traps from your prey while forcing you to do horrible things would be pretty awesome.
Nitro Shibe
Nitro Shibe 3 kun oldin
I got the P,A,C,S ending initially I think because that' where I wanted the plot to go, I always been into mk ultra and stuff like that, so I think my choices shifted to that.
milinwan 3 kun oldin
Alternate ending, works within the company and has adventurers within the company.
Eddie_ _
Eddie_ _ 3 kun oldin
So its a show not a movie i didnt know that and i got the ending where they release the game and the dad in my story got killed :( and stefan is in jail rip :(
Dtobez 3 kun oldin
I didn’t put toy the first time cuz I did lsd and killed myself so when I got to the locked drawer I put pac because I remembered it
arizona iced tea
arizona iced tea 3 kun oldin
i keep getting these weird demon moments, i still believe there has to be a route you can take that clears the demon ending thing. At one point when you get to see the video of the guy before him going crazy i got to see a drawn version of the demon or something. And i kept getting some endings where he kills you
abhinav tripathi
abhinav tripathi 3 kun oldin
D fact that we get an option to control Pearl's actions in 5 Star Murder may be a reference to Elon Musk's theory that we are not in base level reality.... Because Pearl signified the real world.... And yet she was being controlled by someone... Also, the black mirror is our laptop or mobile screen... And the fact that most people are ok with letting the dad get chopped up for a 5 star game rating is kind of a joke on our own psyche.... Damn... This show has so many levels....
nomeutente61 3 kun oldin
Amazing, halfway through I started realising that I got completely different choices than you while playing!!
Brad Ozzy
Brad Ozzy 3 kun oldin
What was very intriguing about this movie was that it led me to the "5 star murder path" on its own. After I spent a good 2 hours on it trying to figure out what i was doing wrong it just sort of took me in the right direction with the choices. Does it do this on its own if you were to never choose anything??
Brad Ozzy
Brad Ozzy 3 kun oldin
It became a battle against my own will to make choices based on insignificant details, and that's where I found the philosophy in "Bandersnatch"
The Jacob Show!
The Jacob Show! 3 kun oldin
I got the pac ending as well!
Michèle Vanessa Lavoie
I got an other ending not mention in the video.
Lou Rousseau
Lou Rousseau 3 kun oldin
Since you are timed and presented with 2 choices, I figured that not choosing would still be a choice. By literally never choosing, I was able to go through most endings. Once I got to the "secret" ending (where Stefan listens to the bandersnatch tape) it cut directly to the credits, not giving me the "it's rewind time" option. So funnily enough you can enjoy a big chunk of this interactive movie by just watching it like you would every other movie.
Emilio Gastelo
Emilio Gastelo 3 kun oldin
I’ve gotten every single ending it took me a while but I did it
Chad Thundercock
Chad Thundercock 3 kun oldin
Pretty meta watching this movie considering Deltarune also tackled the "You have no choice" idea
Fitz 3 kun oldin
How do you kill Colin and kitty? I know the ending is the same but I’ve never seen the option to kill either of them (unless you’re talking about Colin jumping off the building but that’s his own fault)
CoyoteHasMarinara Wawa
Am I the only one who felt fucking insane after this movie
Rowan 3 kun oldin
When you had to call the therapist after killing Stefan's dad there was another number you could dial, I think it led to Colin? I don't remember
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza 3 kun oldin
Turns out I accidentally got the secret ending with out realizing that’s what it was so that cool.
Chibi Kermit
Chibi Kermit 3 kun oldin
Watching this was interesting af lol
Feckless Records
Feckless Records 3 kun oldin
Is it strange that I got ending #9, where he gets a 5 star, first go? Okay I got the first one where he says yes and it ends there but, at first it was my friend and I trying to make the decisions and soon it was just me because my friend was starting to get bored/disturbed. I wanted to plunge him so quickly into conspiracy and pain that I think I scared my friend 👀 I still wonder if they take data of everyone's picks or if it was truly for fun but holy shiz it was good, I went back trying to get every ending I could but now I gotta try that last "secret" ending